Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 22, 1928 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1928
Page 5
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At, tr-t ^tvj iri IU»nfU, It by A .7 p!i*rs*t. •«mf f»ro* prjrt is fftwntW* «t*rt, *hi«h U l«*ii*d oi • rnf ffd«r»1 tu?* 1 , twr» «»ts for tmr off to A th* r»port, Iv? th* »st<*f«? <!, logothrr *jfh Ml pinning en-1 pn-jwnni? foi rnrn htwktng, WPT* th* chief farm sclivi- tfes durinff the first h»If of Octobsr. Tfi«re has b#en «omn threshing of soybeans and cJover wer. Brrmm corn hiin-Mt li over, cotton picking is tinder way, »nd the gathering of epi^ fttitl ptsrs well ftdv«nccd. O*n?r*l!y nr*?&kJnt, the report s»Sd, the state agricultural *Uu»- tion ts improved ov» that of tha pa*t two yean, with the livestock imf i»try continuing tn R strong position. Th* corn crop of Illinois, with BOTH® Bouthmt cxcepUons, is favor- nM* »nd r»t«d at 86 per c*nt of a full crop for the slat*. About W per cent of the state crop matured without «crSous frost damage. Some report* show 5 per cent of corn husking completed by October 15. but for the most part huaklng was Just getting started when held up by recent rains. The supply of labor for buskins is reported fair to ample. Supplies of old corn on farms are, Uw smallest In years. Production of Eoybenns will be large this year. Cowpeas vary from poor to fair. White potatoes arc a favorable crop. Red clover seed mostly disappointing and timothy se«<!l Is fair on reduced acreages. Pastures are fair and improved over last month. Apples and pears are about an average crop, with coloring and. quality of apples very favorable. The number of cattle on feed Is about the same as the reduced numbers on feed lost year. However, more cattle have been shjpped In and arc available for later feedings than last year, Sheep feeding operations are not much heavier than the greatly reduced feeding operations of last year. Hog numbers en larras, while less than a year ago, are nearly up to average. •V 1 \ ? ' K, c I « [! I/)* „,« .---Mi«r*Mn* th* •*!'« jii- SrrrT »;,* fyttntfn!* ir^'i nv*r" *-h*n !t wnt into Its dt-.«K»ro!n riit^ He add**! that. cjh»nn!» r>-j>^ *!fHnR In th* forward rontro] cockpit, with Mm nt the tim? it orrurrfd. napshots In natural onion mrn.v powih!" if R n?w type of roll film shortly tn br ptu on th« ffisr- krt comes up to its Inventor's claim*. MISS SKTSU ON HEE WBOOm« DAY,—Mlsa 0cUu MaUmdRlra Is pictured here as she looked on the day of her wedding to Prince chichtbu heir apparent to the Japanese throne. She and her mother wore JeavSnz their home to make ft formal call on the Dowager Empress of Japan just before the wedding ceremony PHONE 00. IN THREE COtFNTIES FOR SALE Springfield, ill.. Oft. 22—(A.P.) — —Application was Hied with the Illinois Commerce Commlasldn by the Illinois Commercnal Telephone company for permlileon to acquire the holdings of the Northern Illinois Telephone company In £aSaUe, Lee, and DeKalb counties. The selling company has exchanges at Coinpton. E&rlvilSe, Lcland, Z»*w Paw, Sandwich. Sheridan, Somonauk and West Brooklyn. They are valued at $800,000. The buying company asks perrnis- Bion to acquire "thfcse holdings and to Issue $475,000 capital stock for the flnst payment, with subsequent issues of stock to be nude. To Dedicate Memorial To The Pioneer Mothers Vandalia, Oct. 20,~(A.P.)-Dedi- cation of "Madonna of The Trali." memorial to pioneer mothers of covered wagon days, and marker for the National Old Trails Road. Is exj>sct*d to bring several hundred members of the Daughters of the American Revolution from the 104 chapters of 88 cities and towns of Illinois to Vandnlia next Friday, October 26. Indications are that visitors by the thousands will pour in hero for the occasion, which is also the annlver-1 sary of the completion here in 1828 j of the western terminus of the old National Road, and Homecoming for Vandalians Hie country over. Dedication ceremonies at the unveiling of the monument will be under the auspices of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Vandalia Chamber of Commerce. through downtown streets and tore down two politicn! banners, one a Smith and one a Hoover emblem. Police charged the crowd, attempting to arrer,t those who tore down the banners, but were prevented by other students from taking anyone Into custody. When the students recently were denied the right to register on the ground that they were not residents of the city a boycott was threatened but merchants report thnt this has not been put Into effect. Princeton Students Paraded. The Streets Princeton, N. J., Oct. 22.—(A.P.)— As a protest against being barred from voting In the coming national elections, undergraduates of Princeton University last night paraded LIKE MORAN OR MACK SHE WASN'T FOOLING Chicago, Oct. 22 — (A.P.)-When Moran (or was it Mack?) said "scat!" he wasn't fooling; and when Marie Bantore last night yelled "police!" neither was she. The action was fast. Marie was walking along. A man flirted. She screamed "police!" with in ten seconds there arrived 112—count 'em, 112—policemen. Floyd Hatchen was arrested. The secret of this police speed lay in the fact that Miss Bantore happened to bfl passing detective headquarters when she screamed, and tho 112 policemen happened to be mobilized to march to the armory where Qov. Alfred E. Smith was to spealc. m%r; T ov «}T|| RFUKF FI-* A—I Tl*» «rtor? Of the florid* ,« , ,!•„,, },, p T , ci ,], ri , ftr,,,!,^,,^ j» v »!-,?.„ thw m*n. th", rn<>~1 it fl" Hr.;<r, fr, (J-V hll ftW In f '• r>- "'"1 i.'iff v<-v n ti-» rtr- n,;«»rH| prttML t/pf tto right- rrn-t iv »' v ^f ?>in, n«-i-h W. A F»tti«>, Rfw xim P-M?I fv, >{mp]'i w '- r ' r! > <r< 1VF,N BUTLERS MUST ! "''m .»*nkmt. Mr." i» *,w. -bm- OBSBRVE THE LAWS;^^^^^!^^^; " '" • ! fifcidprt !!»<* infraction w*s rfnuy Chicago, ot. 23-.~(A.P.)—Thfpr' " nf - » s hpltioii.«! wj mlfht appp«r. <?s- nrp wmir od'l laws to watch rr,i? fnr. j I^rlnHy slnrr it wns jVnfcin*. so they p'^ii if one br ".Jriikim, Mr.- buUrr i »«vo him a ROW! talking to find 1ft to th" \H:<? pr**slrtrnt of Uir UtilTrl " R° *' 'hn». iinn in ^^ s i(^^ , Hlinafa TSifv srrestpd Jenkins (do butlers have first nsrn*--?> for rifling a bi- ryri«> without. R ISfftit on it. er IK one of th« best foods fnr blonde?:, scocrding to K wietl tion. That Nagging Backacne I* O/«cn a Warntngf of Sluggish Kidney*. d«x find you Urn* «nd itiff «ring n»wtinff btek- tche, h*td*th» and dJuy «p«l!j? Art Itidnry ntcmiom too fneumt, »t«nty or burning in patMgt? Thts* «ra oftwi »ignf oTiluggah kJdntys «nd thouldn't be UM Dion's Pilli. Dotn'i, a »timu- Unt diuretic, iacr**M th« activity of eh« kidney* «nd thu» «id them in carrying off wants impuritit*. Endornsd by '50, W. W. DurU. M , Al... M«r N. Hel* S«.. M*nt "I • «7 DOM.'. PiU» find BM up tn r»d A I «Uillr rtoaamrad il»«4 to «i»rs.' DOAN'S A STIMULANT DIURETIC ^KIDNEYS R)tt*r-MU6wn Co. MfeChta.Bufrolo.HY. We will pay you highest market price for your used auto. Sec us before you sell. Used Aofo Tires and Parts We have some very good buys in used tires. Get our prices. We sell some parts for all cars and all parts for some cars Phone 770 D. Manfteld We don't claim to be Angels or to do the impossible— But regular customers assure us that our Mml of oil, gas and groaning service pays dividends in better motor car performance If you are particular about your automobile and want the best service possible, we believe we've got it. Drive in—Learn the meaning of our slogan—* "Satisfactory Service With 'A Smile" Service 5th St. and Ave. A Station Sterling DENVER GETS NEXT OHUROH CONVENTION Washington, D. C.. Net. 22.—(A. P.)—Denver was formally chossn as the city for the next general convention of the Episcopal church to be held bccinnlr.g the first Sunday In October. 1031. The action came \vhen the house of deputies ratified the choice of Uie house of bishops. Approval of the KellQfjg-Briand peace pact was recorded by the house of deputies* in passing a resolution Introduced by "Paul Little of the diocese of Sacramento, California. DR. GABLE B. A. GEHRING YOUR JEWELER TMrd1Stfeels te at hte 8terat« offte* at GALT frem t§ A, M. F. M. XHURSDAY, OCT. «»w. tetinr&lo every fear weeks. who devote* hla on- Ura» to the treatment of such <»ndi!toij* as HIGH BLOOD PRES- HEART TRQUBUSa or JBLADDER TROU- of th« 8TOM- partial body; TION. LIViBR ULCKRS and 8KtN without th* ' the Children And They Are Bound to be Happy The care of the growing child's health is paramount with every parent—And what parent but wishes the child to be healthy! Woilue Social tneibotfx. Hs b&* had ths towt tola «ucce«s wltb hla tb«»9 ceaiUUaMi iu worui chronic c^sea. Or. ol the Si^l to tb* U«M ovei twenty - « iu this £lft«t «»«««, *nd Is thoroughly reliataa Urs- HitKeriag, do uoi fail tb* Bi«te«, bum tdke «x»y fc«tno 'expcrf* advice v.. iia uf F IV«ui» Geauiiic Osvnge BloAsoia, »ui»tidy M« with » u Ittoe They romp and play and are In continual contact with others—Necessarily their clothes become soiled, filled with germs, dust and dirt. } Their bodies, hands and facie are given many baths and washings—How about the^clothes ^qually-as^important? REGULAR DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING will keep their clothes sanitary and will aid in making a healthier youngster and a better citizen, Think This Over Parents and Let Us Aid You in Keeping Them Healthy andFit. Send Us Their Dry Cleaning. Now just a word to the parents in closing—Perhaps you also have something that needs attention at this time. Include It Too — Wl fcfbbe ' H. Q. 11.6111, M. ». **Hwiertt Dry Ctetofag «ittf Imwn&ering Fr@lecl l/w jtfcffl^A of Oiir

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