Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph from Colorado Springs, Colorado on March 23, 1965 · Page 7
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Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 7

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1965
Page 7
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r>APITOL 'STUFW^ fFom South Korea. In to 2,IM enghieering «ut addhka construction troops and eqoipmcot, Korean BjrTEDLRWIS WASHINGTON - While the Adihinistration is making much •f the fact that W other coun-jthere is a ISO - roan tries are pronding aid to South mobile surgical team. Viet Nam, the latest availablcj Nationalist China has been! dau shows that, wiUi a few ex-iready, of course, for some time c^rtions. the contributions are'^ send in ctmibat tnx^ But scarcely worth menUoning. because of the way the war is The facts and figures reveal as might be expected, that as usual Uncie Sam is carrying 98 per cent of the crisis load, both in money' and maiqxiwer. And this despite a major effort, beginning last summer, to cm- Vince our allies, particularly in being handled hoe. there is fear that the presence of Chiang Kai - shdc’s oack battalions would force Peking to react Ot'R COST: BILUON A YEAR, PLUS , The rundown of what some; Europe, th*l the bmtleii of try-,“' “friends” ore doing ing to suve oB » Red take-1'" t™“'“"P'«'« P*'over should be shared. Remember how President ticuiarly on the basis of what it is costing them to put on Johnson sent Henry Cabot Lodge " »PP«"*«* of • sharing.” to Europe in summer to get ourj Nevertheless, the information! allies behind us in Viet Nam?|I»^vide8 an accurate assess-; Lodge went from capital to ^ 1*®^ much we are be-* capiUl to make the same plea!“« if it is kept in mindi to join the U.S. in “some (d “f present our intervention the dangers and discomforts ln-;“^fh economic aid and 90,000 volved” in helping South Viet'Of our mUitary is costing m Nam to save itsdt close to 01 billion a year, phis Here it is. seven months since Lodge returned from his the loss of many American lives. Here is what our allies are mission, and what has West:doing, some deserving Kudos Germany done, for example? Und others definitely not: The Bonn government's major; AUSTR.\LIA — More than 100 contribution has been dispatch ccmibat advisers specialixing in of 26 doctcHTS or vocational teach-'jungle warfare; 73 others man- ers. Yet everybody knows that ning six Caribou planes; ini in Gomany everything is booming but the guns. How lAwut Italy? Its acceptr ed share of the Souteast Asia burden translates into a nine- man surgical team in Saigim. The fact is that on a world- eight - man surgical team, more than 1 million Viet Nronese language texts; 15,000 sets of hand tools, six large community wind mills, 3,300 tons of corrugated rooHng material, 400 radios and loudspeakers. CANADA - A toUl of $15 Tuesday. March 23, 1965 Colorado Springs, Colo. Gazaffa Talagrapk—7-A I Johnson Rocks bi Choir of Bojfhood Home He said that hour-kng excursion had to be off the record. mother he said bad m off and left it. He put it temporarily In By FRANCES lEWlNE JOHNSœi CITY. Tex. lAP» — President Johnson mixed 1 recollections, j ^ ^ « k. J * because Mrs. Joimson nlans a scenic tours with frank ^ fonnal opening in April and he ; ^ cinating “off the record“ renàn- joesnT want to give away any Lewis ranch,” a aeety propM*- iscences Sunday as be gave of faer secrets. ty Jcbnson owns and uses as a some rare inside glimpses of After everyone had trooped g^rst house. The visit there last- how the natkxi's chkf executive through the house, the Présidait ed about two hours, most of the operates said gooifin’e to his wife, an- time spent standing on the front He rocked in a chair at his nouncinng. “I'm going to see porch with the President remin- bovhood home and toured some pretty country." iscmg “some pretty country" with a -You a!i can come ak>ng if Finally Johnson decided to go convo> of about 30 reporters ytxi want to." he told the news home for a long-delayed lunch, and photographer^ gathering His helicopter rose over the Filled with stories — humo- The resu!: a 20-car motor- central Texas hil! countrv* just ros. poignant, polàicaîly signif- cade fol:owed t.he President for as the radio was announcing the leant — the Presient. in jovial a 35-roinute ride over a back successful Wasl-off of the Ran- mood. held fcMrth for more than country road, rutty, rocky and ger rocket from' Cape Kennedy three hours with a rapt au- so dry the stirred-up dust ob- to the moon dience soured the cars ahead -----In the view of While House Johnson stopped to take care correspondents who went along of a newboni Iamb, whose •NEW DELHI - India wil! step up chemical production. TWO OF ’EM IN TTIE KISSER—Actress Guroll Baker, in one of the scenes depicting Jean Harlow in her early days of acting, takes two custard pies in the face. It's a near miss at left; a direct hit at right. The unglamorous bit was filmed at Paramount in Hollywood. Miss Baker declined the use of a double. < AP Wirephotoi wide basis the most significant manpower contribution has come'million in aid various kinds. Includes wheat fUnr shipments. Leftist Woman Premier May Lose in Ceyion an orthopedics professor for the ' Saigon medical faculty. 125 jViet Namese training in Cana•da. ' BRAZIL — Surgical equipment, pharmaceuticals, foo^ President Has Too Much Work, HagertySays Dkksen Doubts Expansion of Voting Bill By J.kCK BELL President Johnson told a news In the House, where the Judi- I WASHINGTON (API — Sen conference Saturday in Johnson ciary Committee began hear- ’Everett M. Dirksen. R-Ul.. said Tex . he would like totave ^ Thursday. . . w . bill more comprdien- ... j . today he does not believe Con- the day after its introduction wash INGTON (APi gress will be willing to go much gime abcut as far Chairman Emanuel Celler. D- 53 Fwroer White House press sec- bej-ond the terms of the pending as they could go. ^ ^ • said his group would con- admini^atian bill on vxking "I agree with ttwt." Dirkser. sessions in order to ... fini-sh work on the bill within two weeks Dirksen, the Senate Republi- While the President said ht _ proposed that appearing on Radio given the right Press International's “From the some of his party members in to vote — as they are now in PeLiple. ’ declined to predict a now vice president the House, notably Rep. John V (.,eorgia and Kentucky — Dirk- date for final action but said it --- --- , K a ••IcvwCT Kaxfrkro liimcx ** it was one of the most revealing sessions with Johnson But be made them pronrnsc not to report his views. WTiile the ^w- and- tel! tour was in progress, the President kept tuned in to tl^ situation m Selma. .\la. getting half-hour reports on the progress there of the 50 -miie march in support of voting rights for Negroes — “keeoing m> fingcr< cro^-ed" there would bo no ?n>ub> .\fter .ittendini: Sundav m. ing services at tne wh.te c'ap bi'ard First Christian Churvh in Johnson City. Ji»hnson shot* hands, signed autographs, and handed out LBJ pins and pens to youngsters. Going from church for a look at his newly restodred boy-boodj home nearby, the President' couldn't resist leading a tour there. “Bird wil! fuss a little about it * he told newsmen, referring to Mrs Johnson, "but come on in and look at it " Cbapel of rnemoRies rnoRtuApy The ne^ds of the family come first at Chapel of Memoftes Mortuary where service is rooted n understanding Let Chapel a' Memories Mortuar, be at vour siOe when liie freed arises. 829 So. Hancock Phono: 632-3501 Kermit Koester, mgr. j stuffs, including at least By CONRAD FINK Ions of coffee. i*!? COLOMBO (.AP) - Pro-West- NATIONALIST CHINA - 10- today we have been overload- em conservaüves held a com-'man medical team, 86 - mm ing the presidency with mulüple; Dirksen, the Senate Repubü fortable lead todav in their elec-ifarm advisory team, nine - mani*i“ti®s for a long time now — can leader, thus placed himself wxHild like lo have üon fight to oust Ceylon s leftist,electrical power team. 200 Viet it’s getting worse instead of in opposition lo propolis by 18 year olds be g prime minister, Mrs. Sirimavo Namese training in Formosa, better." Bandaranaike. more than 500,000 farm prac-l Hagerty, Final results from 79 of the'tice booklets. 300 steel plows, in charge of corporate relatfons nati(m's 151 electoral districts 26 aluminum warehouses, farm for Americm Broa<fcasting- tools, seed, fertilixer. Paramount Theaters. Inc., gave JAPAN’S AID his views in an address MOSTLY REPARATIONS prepared for an engineers’ JAPAN - More thm $55 mil- noting at the National Asso- lion in lid, (mostly in fwrm of ciation Broadcasters conven- World War II reparatioos). Med-’tion. kal team with equippment and, Reflecting on the duties of a Bandaranaike's five years of!supplies; four electrical trana-^president and what the Ameri- rule during which Ceylon stum-; mission technicians. SO Viet Na-|can people expect their presi-^ gave the world's only w<»nan prime minister and her leftist allies 26 parliamentary seats. Opposition parties had 49. Independents had 4. An opposition spokesman said he was confid^t of ending Mrs Lindsay of New York, for beef- sen said he thou^t any such would be “long before June ing up the terms of a measure propuba! would »«ily hamper Sen. Strom Thurmond. R-S.C., aimed at ending voting db^rim- congressional action on the said in a statement Sunday that ination against Negroes in the main vxiling-righis issue. .Negroes who can read and write South Dirksen wants the bill to spell can register and vote in Selma. “I believe that the bill which requirement that exam- .Ala. A protest march to the we now have beSire Uie com m^rs named to register voters state capital, Montgomery’, got mittee Is about as far as we cmi residenls of the election under way from Selma Sunday go in ^ndling the matter at this affected. KaUenbadi with federalized National lime.” Dirksen said in an inter- jjyj pattern sliould be Quardsmen and U.S. troops pro- '•cw. followed where possible but has tecting the demonstrators. The measure was drafted by ANDREW MARSHALL BEST QUAUFIED FOR COLORADO SPRINGS CITY COUNCIL that if won he would give local and foreign capitalists more elbow room than they had under Mrs. Bandaranaike’s program of so- bled toward political insUbilitylmese training in Japan, more'dent lo be. Hagerty said. D ia L o '? '• and near bankruptcy, Ithan »,000 radios. M ambo- -He is the chief eiecuUv, of ^^“' "" u OpposiUon leader Dudley Seo-ilances. 17.5 rnilli« in consumer the biggest con»ration in the >■> “> a V kc Presient Hubert H Hum- anayake promised that if he commodity credits, building big world - the execuüve branch of cuU^ |„ cooperation ^ ^ because of exiiting phrey. .said that in most cas« Mekong bridge. the lateral *o« 1 iinent. the determmaUon ol the appIi- NETHERLANDS - Has, -He is conMnamterdixhtet 01".^“^ nManslieW predated that more cant s abdity to read snd sn^ agreed to .end . te«n.!,w nUUIn^etobUs^ It is also operating a h u geithe most powerful man in thei . ^ Service examiners • com« up for cial cialism and naüonalization of jdredge which is at the momentIworkl. The bomb’ b sitting ooj Negro« in six South- industry Top-ranking members of Sen- anayake's United Nationalist helping clear Da Nang Harbor.[hb shoulder. army party hinted that K he fmmed a man surgical team, equipment government, he would attempt Katzcfdtoch is to imfntive relations with the United States by paying coin- pensatkm for American oil properti« expropriated in 1962. The United Stotes suspended economic aid to Ceylon in retaliation for the seizur«. Mrs. Bandaranaike’s trade miniidi>r and the architect of the expropriatioas, T. B. Bangar- atne, was arotmg top Communists in her political machine who were ddeated in the voting Monday. Gotvin de Silva, pn^Sovbt secretary of the Oommunbt party, was also tossed out. Both Mrs. Bandaranaike, 49, and Senanayake, 53, a form«’ prime minbter, won scab in Parliament. Mrs. Bandaranaike allied her Freedom party with a Marxist offshoot of the Communist party and had a noKxntest understanding with the Communbts. Critkbm of the West and its cultare play^ a big part in her rwmpaign. Senanayake told the Budd- hbts that Mrs. Bandaranaike and her leftist supporters threatened Buddhism, foe faith of 0 mfflion of Ceylon’s 11 million people. He abo emphasised mmras by foe prime mioMer to strcBffoen ties with Commimbt CUM. The wimer ftces a tough job trytiM to Ceylon out of its fn*mwtnL* rionqi. Mrs. Bandaranaike b the widow of Prime Minbter Sotanon next month. “They put illiterat« on the scheduled to rolb by the thousands down NEW ZEALAND — 25 - man! “He b foe diplomatic leader; testimony before the Sen- there as long as they’re gruup. Mi.loftb.lrae woM ' C«m„.ittee Toes- ;^es.” he ««I Tbey hav«t And he is often forced by i suggested to KaUen- "" lor a technical high achool alltradition lo be n joineiun« re-| ui^ that P^P»^ ,! Saigon, aid ter a actenc* build-iluclani leader oi the hovlaltty|„,^, ^ broadened lo give ^ commillee was given an using it solely for the purpose of, ing being bum at the New Snb,brigade ... ter apeectaes andij,, .tlomey general aulhorits April»dendline by the Senate to Negroes gon Unhreraity. lappearancea at hmcheons. „ «rt in anv sute in wbich -^«1 the measure back • ............. - PHUJPPINES-HaaM men.meetings and reccpOons - , itherc was n pntterti ot mcini "I”" _ in Viet Nam, including two mod-* I About 4.500 radio and televi-),y3crimination against voters, ical teams and psycho-sioo executives are attending logical warfare detachment 'foe conventioa. SHIP SHUSHER SPAIN - Medical supplies. ' Another speaker was Rexj PARANreJS. N.J. (UPI) SWEDEN — Some assistance HowdL presided of ra^ ^ Nobe sources on Navy ships B—liranatka. who was in 1990 hr • Buddhist through foe Rad Cross. SWITZERLAND - Providing some expensive Mid daborate roicroacopic equipment for the medical and pharmacy departments at Saifon University. GREECE — Medical supplies. INDIA ~ Has offered to provide aid in foe sodal > econo^ field hut Saigon’s bureaucrats are still considMiig it OIL FOR THE LAMPS OF VIETNAM IRANMora than MOO tons of refined petroleum products. ISRAEL ~ A SjgBtficant amount of phannaceutkab. TURKEY — Some medical supplies through Red Cross. 1 UNITED KINGDOM - Seven- man police training mbskm. sev eral millioo in grants and cred-! its for laboratory equipment at Saigon U., typeaetting machin- try for governmeid printfaig office, cobalt ray cancer treats ment unit, medical and phar^ maceutical equipmeat for Saigon University, equipment for government meteoroiogieal aerv- ice, road building eqnipineiit eoncrala mtamrs and teal fishing boat engines. AUSTRIA - Metel supplies. tion KREX of Grand Junctfon, Oolo., and chairman of the NAB radio hoard of directors. Howdl said there has been a genuine r^drfo of interest in radio. During foe past calendar year, he said, NAB has added 365 AM and FM statioos to foe dueshpaying rolb. sources on especially snhmarines, are pin* pedaled hr a new sugwroefisi- tive electronic “car” made for the Navy here by the Ebctron- ics divisioa of ACF Industrbs.l The device will enable the Navy to locate and hnsb-up the nob« of vBirating machinery that otherwise coi^ he beard by ene-' my sound-detecCion equqinent. OKIIZ Wnit BEP MSTOL,Conn.(UPI)-Ii|iit wdih* chMBptoo Carlos Ortix wa taka time out from training lor Hs April 10 title defense mgnlatH IsmSCl t.«glina fal PSO- aau to referee foe Connecticut nghtareight champioMhip fight hatMSMi Roseoa Gregory i I liallimf I Deacon Johnson •‘•’»vday oight PAKISTAN-Aid foraugh Rad Cross. France’s cootribulion to the Viet Namese canat hat to ha considered apart Oram all others. Since 1060 foa Freneh have provided an cstimMfid IMO million in akL THb knks hig. hut it b more the resalt of foe fact that Franca has had a bng- fona aeenomic tataftM in a eaiadry which waa euoa pvt of its ooloaial empire. DiamoMk are a Ml’s best fricad Oilfaeyb Gin b crisp and Loodoa Dry. Gilbty’s Vodka it smart, amaeth. •piritad. No drink tvtr had battar IHtnda. lMtHah«i«<MteJGUETS «.•A. I off the ndls. for not for getting a literate elector-, ale " Need a loan? BEST QUAUFIED EXPERIENCE • Chairman. Colorado Springs Planning Commission Since June. 1904 • Over Thirty Years a Busin«s Leader • Business Manager for Colorado Cattle Company • Has Raised Six Children • WWII Veteran — Held every rank from Pvt. to Lt Colonel in the Field Artillery — Bronxe Star BEST QUAUFIED Community Service • Director. American Red Cross • Director. Goodwill Industri«. Inc. • Trustee. Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center BEST QUAUFIED Parficipafion • AUSA • Chamber of Commerce . United Statm A Colorado Springs • El Paso County Chapter for Retarded Children, Inc. • Colorado Cattlemen’s Assn. VOTE FOR ANDREW MARSHALL Borrow the low cost way at the HRST NATIONAL BANK •vm mstfi Perl ymr. Periywm. ym Nrtfwiw ymmtwMB mtrnrnmmm mrwern. S1000 S UM s 8 2248 limo sm.00 S TOJO84*40 taooo % ì 77 à O 8 924084IJO omm 8221.70 8liyM $•200 W yM Ite te nsr NATIONAL BANK. yur paymmita ara teur hraumb hdi mi tern «« lib Máte tlufoi You te ostobUi volute hmk craáB ••• te boto Ikiá of ctoáhtero b.$MtebimLte»a6ooolioátopm iMObMMlsbteiiloeemesam If | 0 o ote O te... mo te «tetoy poopli ía te btotemO tel IbfMteol of te Rrto Niliooil tel .. • craoBtotedte P<ter hwe 9 ««■ 4UI oto «m MO < OoomwHiailORoPtexwsom OiwitokOwboM bAfepb teBteBtohtatettetototote ^ i te oteMW emnref Ite teftteoaooi tote teto itoOi i

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