Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 28, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight Hillman Tells Of Contributions To Groups Of The CIO (I'.y irnlli'il 1'ivss) Chairmrni Sidney Hillman of tho CIO I'uliilnal Action Commi says that if th.' crO group drp od' on money to do Its \vnu u.1 luivi- litlh- hope of muui'SS Ti-stlfying before Uu> huuMii coin- mittec investigating camp.'ilgn >' x ' p.'tnlituros. nilhnnn declaivd that two CIO sponsored political groups have received voluntary conti'ibu- tions from individuals totiilin;; only d- work it .. Hillnmn complained to the house committt-c that other political or- ;:aniv.alions were not lu'lng subject- p<l to congressional itivi-sllgalinn!' Hillman said that th.- CIO I'oliti- f.-ul Action Commirti'i- and tin- broadi-r National CiliKens Poliiiral Action Committee have conducted their rilTairs openly rnilman Miiid the ohji-ctiv.-s uf thu two CIO comrnitU'.-s \w>r.' to plao» political Issues bofoi.' th.' public, to encourago tho largo.-:t possible vote in the l!i-M elcclioa and to place tho n-eord of i::imli- dal.'S hi'Tori; I he pllhlif, SUHMAKINK I.AfNCIIKD Groton, Conn... Aug. 'J.S—i'JI')- Tnc Kl.Tlric Bruit c-omptiny ha:-. launched its seventeenth snhr:i:ir- ine of tl»> year. The new Mil> the ('nheyon slid down HIM ways under tho sponsorship of Mrs. T. i.ossC'i.oley i,f Chevy Chartr. Maryland wil'e of Ihe i'orin.'i' s director t.f iviTir-t' tirrsnnni'l at the Navy department. Temperature Report , .After a. moderately warm or moderately cool (strike out thu in.....i^.i^iv.-; v.x-uK-erid, the wualhflr today continued moderately cool or i: J .» ui'i'ali'iy warm, which ever you prol'or. J'-ioit HiM-man.s. however. Maid it was cold tlii morning ubmil .1 :;;0 o'clock with the very breath I liming ilit" va;>or. The temperature ;:ot down to 53 at that Vim.;. Ued just reached for n. couple of mure blankets and a. hentim;. pail, and tlmn was coiul'cirtuhle until t'u' alarm went o;T at 7 this rnorn- Midnight 3 a. m. . il a. in. . . ;i a. in. . .. Noon . . , . '1 [) m. .. Quadruplets Born Sunday In Gainesville, Ga. 70 .SO Si O Weather Report o O— — • u Massachusetts, Rhode. Island and Connecticut Mostly fair and not so cool tonight. Tomorrow' some- high cloudiness and moderately warm. KastpnM to Block Island — No small craft or storm warnings. Gainesville, Georgia, Any. 28 — (I, ^, —(juaclruplet boys born yesterday to HID lil!-ye:ir-okl farm wife of an army private are reported in good condition. The parents arc Private and "Mrs. Charles l_eo of Gainesville, Georgia. .Loe is stationed at Camp .Blanding, The mother— who also has a three-year-old daughter — is resting comfortably. Medical records show quadruplets are horn only once in about "iVr.DtlO births. NAUGrATUCK DAILY NEWS ... Predicts Labor Shortages Soon MONDAY, AUGHT8T 28,1941 OPA Is Seeking Injunctions Against 7 Stamford Women After Nazis' Defeat 28—(UP)—The is seeking fed- Twenty-Six Killed In Plane Crash In Scotland K;ist Canaan. Funeral sorviees will ,-i I'trrniiim for George East Canaan who was fulfil!y injured when strHt.-l; l>y an automobile. The 7.Vye;ir-old m a n wtis walici'iv; uloni; a highway when an automobile struck him. 'Police art; hnldini: John Pipa us driver of the car. London. A\\<£. 2S —CUP1—Twenty- six persons were lulled today when a plane, believed an American Stty IX'IDItKD . I .Master nniil plane from the Unit- I ;>d Slul'-'S, crashed into ;i dwelling 2$ —(UP)—I at Prostwidi, Scotland. 10 held this ! The victims included seven crnw. Cowdri\v o:" i men. .1-1 passi-nKers and five occupants of tin. 1 demolished house. The plane is reported lo have circled iwicc before it cr.-ishcd. Pi-i-stwick is one of the world's busiest air junctions and the custom terminal uf the trans-.Atlu.ntie ferry route. Hartford, Aug. Connoctciut OPA oral court Injunctions to restrain Stiufiford women from further black market buying. Tho women—a.ccording lo .OPA Enforcement Attorney J. Stephen Knight—arc accused- of buying butter at«more. than coiling prices and'Without ration coupons from H.-.'TsJalo Farms, Incorporated, Bronx. N. Y. The president of the company—Samuel ^Havtstnin—was sentenced to a jail term, and fined in federal court last Juno. Named in the OPA complaint, are: Jessie M. DuBnis, Alice R. Kilcoyr.f. Gladys P. Guorrl'ch, Chnr- loT.le H. T-Tnnloy and "Ullin.n /.f. Hnnl<\v and ILillinn P. Alli'ii—all 'of Stamford; and Louise L. MacDonald and Giirnetl: Allard of Riverside. . Boston, Aug. •United Business 28—(U P)—Th Service predicts CO)4ONK1"S IJ'INDING Erid(,-i-'pnrt, Am','. 2S—(UP)—Cor- oner Theodore Stoibler has found Philip Scaramir/xn criminully responsible for the death/if. his wife, Susie. Mrs. ScaranuiK/.o died of stab wounds ullrKedly inflicted by her husband with a butcher knife during a qtuirrcl over some property. Scaramux/.o is Ijcinj? hold in nounTy Jail. that some 5,000,000 persons will bi. jobless in tho United States with in. six .months after Germany is do- foated, The service said—in a post V-Day busin'etwc Torecast —• that laboi shortages will quickly give away to surpluses aftei- l.ho Germans quit T-'ibor troubles will increase, the service said, because of Union demands for annual wages and higher hourly rates to offset loss- of overtime pny. ' The service predicted that recon- version would be "accomplishec .withmin three l.o six months aftoi V-.Day. Shoes, foods and appare: prob.-i.bly will come !lrst, and new nutomobiles late next year or early in ISMfi, tlio service added. •Some reduction in corporate taxes was anticipated soon after Germany falls but any'substantial cut in individual rales are out of the picture until the Japanese war also is concluded. KUSlfiNS POSITION Of every 11,000 air cadets in tho U. S. Army. 9. r ,7 complete their primary, basic and advanced training without any" injury due to aircraft accident. Durham. N. H., Aug. 23—(UP) —The assistant to l.ho- president at tho University of Now Hamp- L'hire has resigned. Dr. Arwood S Northby has accepted the posi- tion'of director of tho division of student personnel at the University of Connecticut. He'bcgins his new duties on October 1. IJL'V WAI1 ISONOS AND STAMPS U, S. cloud MARINE TANK IN GARAPAN—Leaving of dust behind, a U. S. Marino Corps tank rumbles over the main street of, capital of Saipan, on its way to thu front lmes._ HANDICAPPED PEOPLE AID WAR EFFORT—Seattle, Wash.— Every foreman at the Lake Washington Shipyard wants Floyd Kin drick on his crew. Kindrick's lefi arm was amputated after a rail road accident; now"" he's a highly skilled cheet-meta! worker. YORK MARINE IN ACTION ON SAIPAN*— Corp. Howard F. MeNamnra. of 8W2 212th St.. Bel- IMre L I M. Y., examines dummy Jap nflo, found at Cliau Chau, used by the enemy on Saipan Island to train members ol the home guard. — HECK OF A NOTE!—They're lost and don t give a darn if they never net found. The dogs are enjoying the stay and finding the chow excellent at the Women's Pcnrsyl- vania Society. 1 — 'T"T BLOOD FROM ECAUTIES—Hollywood, Calif.—Too bad pln-upn don't 30 along with blood plasma—when the donors look like this. They lined up when the Red Cross mobile blood banx rolled around. «*roS} • 4 FRONTIER DAYS SHOW—Cheyenno, Wyo,—The atmosphere of the old West is recreated here once 3 year, during the Cheyenne Frontier Days celebration. This year the five-day show, the 48th to be held, drew a crowd o'f 0,000. __^^__— JUNIOR C H A R M —Little f.clt ctrawbcrrlea are appllqucd on light blue wool jersey for this Fall dress in sizes for the small figure. ^_ — P/ioro York Dress 7ns(i(u(i; Frclinfi Foster, shown here, Ir. the author of the popular column in COLLIER'S "Keep Up With The Woi^cJ" which has been adapted for radio and airjd regularly Sunday niahto at 10:30 P. M. (CWT) over the DONNA DAE, pictured here, Is the lovely ballad singer featured with Fred Waring and his Pennsyivanians. Donna will be heard on the bandmaster's n'cw Thursday evening half-hour show which airs over the Blue Network at 7:00 p.m. (EWT) starting September 7. '' DRESS .REHEARSAL—Cans Da- Icy and Robert Young check up on their scripts before the opening broadcast of the new "Maxwell House Coffee Time"'program, which stare Frank '.'Tall Tales" Morgan. The hilarious variety show will be heard over NBC each Thursday evening beginning August 31. ' THE BOOK CORNER JOHN P. MARQUAND, Pulitzer prize-winning novelist and well known magazine and detective story writer, has joined the famous editorial board of the Book-of-the-Month Club, It was announced today by Harry Scherman, president. Mr. Mar- qiiand, who has had two of his novels—"H."M. Pulham, Esq." and, more recently, "So Little Time"—chosen by the Club, thus forfeits the right to have any of his future, novels selected as a book-of-the-month. It has been a rule of the organization, since it* inception in 1S26, that no judge may have one of his own books selected for distribution. The addition of Mr. Marquand to the board brings the total up to its original number of five for the first time since the death of Heywood Broun in 1939. His appointment follows closely that of Clifton Fadiman, in May, replacing the late William Allen White. In addition to Mr. Marquand and Mr. Fadiman, the board includes Dorothy Canfield, Christopher Morley and Henry Seldcl Canby. . .^_^__^^^^ Correspondent Tells How French Welcome Yanks At the Rhone River, Aug. 28— (UP)—United Press War Correspondent Robert Vurmillion now is abile lo give a first-hand account of the pleasant duties of a liberator. He and two other writers unexpectedly found 'themselves cost in Che role of liberators after crossing the Rhone in-a flat-boUomed scow. Ten thousand inhabitants of I he town of Be.iucaire welcomed the correspondents—who explained in vain that they were newsmen not the vanguard of Allied invasion troops. The mayor greeted them with dignity and delivered a prepared s p f. c c h , ... thanking the Allies, through the visitors, for their aid in the liberation of France. A laughing, weeping, cheering mob followed the embarrassed correspondents as they fled back toward their flatbont. One girl volunteered to kiss them goodbye, then' the deluge broke. For the next, few minutes Ver- rriillion and his two buddies found themselves the center of the ardent affections or a large portion of the female population. A housewife waded hip deep in the water to give them a fond farewell that rocked the boat. They finally managed to break away when little boys began climbing, into the skiff... .wanting to kiss the "liberators" too. Vice-President Henry Wallace Visits Hartford Hartford, Aug. 28—(UP)—Vice- President Henry Wallace is on his' way back to Washington after a tour of New England cities. The vice-president wound up his trip with a visit to Connecticut where he told a crowded reception n Hartford that -he is bringing a more optimistic report than he anticipated back to President Roosevelt on plans being" made for post- ,var employment. Wallace said that all New Eng- and cities and states arc working on plans to combat post-war unemployment, but he emphasized" that they were still not dealing vith the issue on a large enough scale. "he biggest post-war probiom— Wallace said—will be to provide -10 per cent more jobs in 1947 than here were in 1940. The vice president also scheduled i stopover nt Bridgeport before re- urning to Washington. Local Soldier In India Mrs. Catherine McDermolt of M"tiin street has received vord that her son, John of the Jnited States Army, has arrived in India with another contingent of American overseas forces. The soldier who holds the rating; of corporal has been in the service for some months, and he is very well known in Naugntuck where he has always made his home. His address is Corporal John McDermott, A. S. N. 31022117, A. P. O. II00-1. Casual Co. 10$, in caro Postmaster, New York. X. Y. of KICKPING PLEDGE Washington, Aup. 2S—(UP) — The War Shipping- Administration reports that jl maritime unions have lived up to their no-strike pledge 100 per cent. The groups arc said to represent a larjtc mnn- foor of the 1513,000 men in the Merchant Marine. JEWELRY STOLEN Hyannisport, Mass., Aug. 2S — (UP)—The theft of jewelry worth $7,000 is being investigated. Mr. and Mrs.. William J. Blair, Jr., told police that the jewels were taken from their hotel room while they dined. The Scwickly, Pcnn., couple said that only a portion of the haul was insured. Alaska is said to have resources sufficient to maintain a population of about 10 million, equal to that of Finlaiul. NOTICE District of Naujratuck, ss. Probate Court, August 28th, 194-1. Estate of Jakob Lukaszyk aka Jultulc Lucnsayk, Beacon. Falls, in said District, deceased. The Executor having exhibited his administration account with said estate to this Court for allowance, it is ORDERED—That tho 12th day of September A. D. 1944, at 10:30 o'clock in the forenoon at the Probate office in Naugatuck, be and the same is assigned for a hearing on the allowance of said Administration Account with said Estate, and this Court directs the Executor to cite all persons interested therein to appear at said time and place by publishing this order in some newspaper published in Now Haven County and having- circulation in said District, and posting- a copy on the public sign post in the town of Beacon Falls, whore the deceased last dwelt, and by sending, postage prepaid, a like notice to all parties interested and outside this District at least fourteen days before said day assigned STEPHEN J. SWEENEY. Judge. 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