The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine on May 2, 1911 · 10
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The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine · 10

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1911
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THE BANC OH DAILY N KWS TUESDAY ALIY 2 1011 ! ft FORTUNE IN BOOKS 1 D t ’ - — 1 WENT UP IN FLAMES o I Mm Early Bangor Records Which tan Never be1 Replaced V Destroyed TO $300000 Collc- tion of Volumes A ! 1 r f n TO v All ©rders Promptly Executed TTIat SS'rjf trudn feared fat tm wa reenjmiyDT nS me f tbe fiueet m the mintry enutaitHbi? many m file is which mild fie funjiul in few if finv idlcr hi ram' Home years ago Prof IIittldiKon of Die Fntversitj of Manic was nuked to iwtmt n iu-t of volumes reeded to) eom p'iete the eol'ectuui of useful arta-e-to OAMCOR OPERA HOUSE k At AN K A UWhN WEDNESDAY MAY 3- Matinee and Ntght I MR ’TOBY' LYONS THE CDMltS OPERA COMEDIAN' 1 ’ in the Musical l ari© ( WHAT WRIGHT LEFT Fr'i-NHiM Pc 3V 3V and 60cl Matinee entire bah 10c entire or 20c ho many years -the Jesdruetioa ot BangcFs1 prktle-i booEs— baa happened tyt jiCdhim: has j 1 1 been printed of their loss fer the rutlH tent reason that a few other fUnga happened at thj mine time 5L Curran tin librarian rettiwd the nd tiding iu Bcfnn where she Las beta for several tlajs hut a News repot fer found Miss Jew ett at ho has teen her pun-cipal assistant for many yehrs To Lemn with perhaps the earliest authentic records of Bangor’s history peiished in the flames These were contained In the thirtcen Volumes of a publication kuown eueccwsiiely as the Bangor Weekly Register the Register and Penobscot Advertiser and the lleg-lster (1M5 to 1S2M Other pnee’esa records of early history —priceless because they can never be rf nlarcd— w ere JcwmvJ-wyt lofume 2 of the ltati? Daily Union ilk'll 110) in twenty-one volumes of The Jeffersonian 1MJ)- lMiOh and in certain files of the Bangor Daily Whig and ICotirier Whether there are any duplicates of these old records ift problematical and it fa likely that all of Bangers’ early history as recorded in the newspapers is now in the Whig files of the Daily News library Old files of newepnpeis 1 in other Maine pities include Volume 2 of the Augusta Age f ISdftt and Volumes 1 ard 2 of the Portland Argus fl!33-1841) Of the books the genealogical collee uakf it w i-' one of the finest in tiie country "You have two-thirds )cf qll that are r quired ” he apwired i Since Ihi U the hr-t has la en greatly in oieftM d— w huh will give borne faint idea of its) value There-wire complete files from the first Issue published of the country' most important migirines or several of thdm — including the S xi liner’s Eit-t ell’s JJviug Age Die New England the North American Review and Ifiit-nam’s which was famous in its day There were very extensive collections iilso of Harper’s the Century IJppm-'uuJ-4ULJ ' " UTuditjl-Tnuidica-tions Of all the newspapers magazines and volumes named the vast majority can never lie replaced The fiction department of course can be heavy though the lose here is t When Miw Jewett went to the ll- hrarv 27 years ago it contained 19000 volumes — on Sunday afternoon 70000 volumes were dost roved in the flames No not quite 70000 for about 4ot)0 were in circulation— a little nucleus' with which to begin the weary work of reconstruction The value of Dove 70 Out) is pact computfttiort but $duO-000 is not an excessive estimate ! MEKOLIf SAFE & LOCK CO Manufacturers of Safes and Locks BARK AMD SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT WORK I Xpert in 017 tO §1)811 sit LEAVE ORDERS AT NEWS SI ii lie liras Short Stories on Ntany Sub-ects of Interest to Many Bangor Peopla tr now IV Ni h l backs and hearses is located at ISO Birch street T T Hall & Co will be Iterated 154 Exchange street tins mormug at III The Pleasure-Seeking Crowds Groped Their Way Through 1 Pitch Darkness 1 We wish to inform our I 1 customers that we are not i damaged by firej and are in I a position to perform our f I 1 usual good service to trade wv jr businet-v : change street 1 Miss Elizabeth I Firtb public sten-ographer is now' located at 70 Exchange street with It W ist-wy er The tip-town office ofi the Stlckney A Babcock -Coal Co ie now lo rated with V Y Palmer City Hath Ralph B AAhito tmdcrHkca may be I found ot Wood A IfuggardTs Brevver or at 119 Parkview avenue 1 The Boston Dye llou-e L J Fles managir will ft coopt ordere ns usual at the main establishment iu Brewer i Dr X R Ilaryey will be found ' at the office of Dr A I Chase 01 Main street Teh ill 1 The Blue Label Charity hall td have been held cm Monday night was indefinitely postponed i ! Fearl A Dennett Real E-dato Co has leased an off no on the iued floor of the Columbia budding Black Brothers real iptatc have tkken temporary quarters in P J Byrnes’ office 23 Hammond street Dr E B Sanger’s office is now at the comer of Pine and State street His residence is at 227 State fetreet 'The offices Of J F Woodman & Co and the Bingor Ice Co are with Curtis & Tupper 3 llaimiicmd street j The5 card party to have been given in The Colonial Tuesday night by a number of Bangor wpuaeu is post poned -AT1I payments due f ture Co should be paid F W k Reed 45 fttree The Opera nouse whs sold out for Madame hherrv days ago and the overwhelming cahmurj winch dmeended upon Baugor didn’t prevent the majority of those who purchased tickets - from attending Tneie was no tloctikitv iu the theatre of nuir&e but the big gas i bandolier dul valiant service anl they imd fitted up a partial row of gas foot-hgl ts It was irnim-Sible to get anv idea of the si enery lm‘t the actors were fairly viHtlde when they stood "stage front” Any sort of criticism of the perfomm nee under thee conditmos is impossible although both actors and audieine made the the ie-t of theatre them fitted Toe pktuie wulnil in well with fhe strange s enc-s wituout And strange scene indeed were en-fictcd when the periormam-e ended The big audience sfieamed into a pitch-black t— not a ligSt ‘anvwlerc save for angry red glow still rdleeted in the Right of wav to the East Hole of course cut off at Hjote street so We are pleased to state that owing to the general size and variety of our stock we are able to meet all demands for Furniture Floor Coverings" Hangings Etc that' may arise at this time Every piece is plainly marked and t i Exactly the Regular Low Prices Will J Frevail bocal as well as out-of-town orders5 will be promptly 'handled under -our usual “satisfaction guaranteed" i V 84-88 Hammond Street e M -rey Fund at the tore of 1-2 llatotimnd Thanking ‘ you 1 for past favors and future'Ones we are J j ! Respectfully yours ( BANKRUPT’S PETITION TOR DISCHARGE In the matter nipt Hqnare or down ’niort ftrect &ul tficnco tttross the innroad hmlgd dimg helplessly I coils a fid happy To fbe Hon Ctirence -- A'pmcu helplessly to the arms of tpeir es- a fid happy indeed were tlmv who had escotts Never was daiknes dei ier and in it lurked many daugets imagm-arv nnd real 'Jheie w ere several caniigcs end Urns© went thnnigli -FianUm street wlieic tl e light of emoulderiug flame camsod Dm bor-ea to rear aud citncc Httrcly tit e Btrangwt after-theatre spectacle a Made city ever witnessed 1 THE WEATHER WASHINGTON ’May l-Foieenst for New Englatid-Showcrs followed by -clearing ami tmuh redder Tuo-daj Wcsiui"-!ay fair brisk west wimlri probably high over couth portion BOSTON May 1 — Foiecimt for Boe ton an! vicinity— Clear1 pg Tuesd-iy edncfsday fair c-ildc r Tuqs 1 1 v iiifit and edncfj lay Moderate to busk wc-st w Hide Dibtiict (’iiiir of James Sawyer Bank- la Bankruptcy Hale Judza cf the t of the Lnlte-i states for the Dlstrtst 6f Mllie James Sawyer of Bangor County of Feme m paid Distili that ou the u paot he was cli tv a ij tilged -liankrupt un- dcr-Jha Acta of ruptcy that he ivngri s rclauug to bunk-bys iluiy snrrciuic'i ed at! his ptoptity aifl right v of property Riri bus fully— e unit meets of bald Court touching here fore he ui with alt Die juiutre-Vcts and of the oidi a of bis bankiuptcy t piajs Ihat fie may be da cha ige from a ccpt such debt from euOi disc Dated tins 20 Oa Di's 2oi h on reading the Ordcicd bv be had up ?u June A I in the orot and ctnte of Manej ret-pe t fully rcprcecit® U diyof lVbruqv last cried by the Court to have a full dis- l debts plovable against his estate under sail baukiiiplcy Aits ex- law as are exi pted ly tat ge h dsy of April V D1 1911 JAMEs W1E1L Bank uiL ORDER Or NOTICE THEREON DMrlct of Maine ss ' day of April K D 1011 SHOWERS Haynes Chalmers Co Wtu 7 Oil i t'-n Co under taker5 can fqund ttt 13'J Ntate fttrcc-t or 23 Parkview avenue If flit ton Eye mau-ar-C i Tll Fudcvw oo-l Typewriter Co IIS I'ti fianle street bao 50 nc-w xuacblncw which vfero eluppcd from the factory lead) for Uusiui-hh Tije fact th it our best growers are I mw h unLitig and oclling Lirgo ipnttr- ties of Red Itpsei Teh pr i n that itus I flanadiau brand Liuxt be of veiy fine I quality The meeting of the 2dh Oc ntury Chib to have hi n held m the t ohmial touight i hat be i ii pisfpined until f ur-Dtf iioSue Men)" r ot the chib arc hc-remth duly ijmilal t i bf'lm stnileut- ot tie bn vcrsjty of CUSSES Sl’SFEHlD AT I : ' THE UMTE3SITT OF KAWE s M r 1)1 ()N() 51a Hay t-ULms t at t e Pivc-v ly eff M iie t ty as i any of itlw p ff i' s al y tlse w!h oi me ffasrs of the I'mvi r-ty lt r ’ irg in gejirdi th jn My i tfie A r nfia'-tirf I S s ' 1 1( f I y it ' 1 1 i 11 i e h Sail ! -S In I ig I i e 1 wa rna I- for u or c t tl e Fiv e -i ot hi v at flu' mis td i 8t P lfi TS i Dm ( i j h i rf ore of thet bull lings di arfojtd - fir-) 1 st Mght t tin )i uigor an- i N-m iufv The offu igs f jrv cli ce i the tu-e of tLa r itfy t lay mil it he factifi of if e In t 1 xd d si t if to accept I h Lt vs fy-of M iuc’h ls-c ly Dm 1 re is 1 1 : v u gj’ law 1 hr tty g nui nil g)o t 1 igy 1 gfk-j valued at iipvyuii i f ¥i(Mrri was pfn tn idly chtrt 1 ’Tin 1 -s i oi y p irvily ooveiel Vi m nr l tv 3! Dm- hod of lavy o’clock T in 1 1 y morif irjj They are n pe paed for itittius W II Tn i A for th-Fum Muiu: c ‘ar now ) tied i ov ei v 5 U ' Tle IF that preht wi I meet at 9 nig at the c-emtli fed iJ 1 1) me pro WAHlllNETHN 5fay 1-A dicturb-niitc of narked mteiihty that wa ventral Sunday nubt oic-r Iowa ha- moved to the lower lake regnm attend-td by taim-in the middle Atnuiie eta Us and Nevv England This dhUirbne was prededisl bv abnormally high tesu-pertrire ip the Alla title etaH and w be mg fedibwed by decidedly colder weutherJ v Tlii mdieatuuH are that the wen Dior ovei the cSHiiitry cast of tiny Rh ky ifnnitituiis will N genii illy fair ’I ucL ay an J Wgijnctel ly ptacdei howenr )y a'rntvi mt Tucftthiv In the Now lhig-kiiiriiiii rmrthem New A'ork fill timpf i itite will ail Tuesday ' tluiiiiegliout the Vtl lutiv htatew Hnu-'ii warn itgw weic dicp'cjed Monday night ofi the Atlanta const from I Li Her ns to Cape C id The winds a long flip -V w E'ljini exyt vv till bo braA pu ibly hah m er Sdi!3 porufin! in d tie-Attaiifie mid bri’k (cud high c-t dihitubdit’ig d''J1 Tueftuuy mht The Quality of a Clarion is dlstinAly different Evcry bran h of its manufacture is’ ttudiel with minute care The rebuli ia a cookirf range that for 'design fit and finish is vrusurpasieJ ? E gone 1 l‘- i in p- r Plot1 -i! In a gen’s ti sn “ r ict f’l U- Y'KEEE HELP CARE FREW ‘a I nnivtug aloiii t h r r-’nftr e-ment-i dcpn-trncft Imd hi cm jtc III ! tl ruhibi 7 f-r A emnlci tr ( ii I I i i-t git ’ h t Pit ror p ii eg T e Tr o pot 11 i ! o g on the way m A - HU an I W it fvit Pm fi of tiofte f Jo I m 4 T ti c lit a r t-l iT 1 4 hOe Wag i t c u (if S c t v i f Id i 15 men It tof-k crcgi Ard I y ifxqm ty matn- iUj 1t( tl i 1 ie i 1 Joi’i ii i nf arrymg Meal t- 0“ 1 ijfi v Hoi h ew of about 15 ft t i cl U oO P I t a i I ' the (ft ’ IT H3 b Dl I re t Vd tri 'C ) D e qjpy u ff- V n oi j g t ' t ot t i i ? ft' i r r I 4 g H t’cte - i i a ’y to a i C'tli re Ttour J r g3 a ’1 dv- - t S ! rSjtiois CIS to Mu 1 mu t ‘-Mir- t Mm uo A '1 ftit I that all o o ii otJltled I ’lip c n o ft t'fibe t tig 1! I! t ft 1 !U 31 t ii ’I in Ritio -bii fill Uf of Io-lon hi opeite lie j i un d by bum IlOI id lRrrg A joit in Ti ge It 1-1 t i - oiiuii ha Hbiriiiin V m‘ 1 4llt CU 1 ftl'e 'll S fit) ' bo t ( it Dc B 1 1- J 1 1 ij ii - WHEM CROUP ATTACKS THE CHILD lie Prejoirecl— Srtml for Y our Doc tor bin Use HYUVfEI itie Mi'uit iiuc foregoing pctSlbin It H tne I’nuit 'Unit a hearing tfic ftiune on Itiij tub ilay of fait before said Court at l'oitland in ftaid District at ten o clock la the forenoon and that notice thereof be publisocci In Bangoi Pcly Nic a iiewi-p111 1 iruted iu mud DHtrlit nd trat an Known crediut and other p r sous In Snti retd may afipetir al ttie raid time aud j lace and allow cause if ary tlisjv have why the prayer of fcud peu tloiuet hi'idd lad be planted And U ia fuitlver lirneied by the Court That the Chtk shall irnnd by tnail to all known miiuois toiuaa cf aanl jetdion m J this ordi r addr sa to them at their pi 1 -'h ot rcHidime aa elated V itin -a the llonoiable Uiatenre IU1 Juogc cf the raid Court aril the si it lluo f at Borttard In salt bm’riet on the -’'nil d ly of April A 1 rill tb H J JAM! A II 11 EWE Y Clerk A tiue copy of petition and or' r thcreoo Attest JAM1A U HEW EY Cirk Colored Post Cards cf all Public Euildings and various streets Wholesale and Retail Stock UH0AMAGED All whoiesaie and retail order tilled promptly POSTAL ART SHOP Casement Bass Bldg F W K REED Prop : WOOD & BISHOP GO 40-42 Broad Si -’N iFuRNPURE O0’ 2 Stale Investment it ii' V hi V ll ill l I 1 H 1 tun li up w h re a t rnii a i I 7 laid W M I 1 1 a ifiDy on h ml 11 ’ ! 1 t ! I UtUJI W ilh 1 11- III tUltlll t 1 ii 1 o' 41 tun V Him) I jiil c t li J nm 1 )S j f I aim 1114 if ois E a n j Bv oiUf ftinlk ol tin tin ( 1! j in t ir ty i a 1 V in fii- D nDf-J m riitiAdftnnl Ivn tvt Uirj t1 v coni' 'i i 'tl aw 1 fir' - ft f 1 (' je silo' r Ctt c 4 lb tr ail J wi I go rne-i' td far-F-f t ii iaf'i if o’ her ciak-ji g fall t ’4i run b!e fTth-ie y-r ji f'rtT tc tik f J 4 tr he iia-iie fur LcAiwicuC Lai is t it woiih ui c £ 1 r it ('' -I Vs I 1' 4’ n ! ficen 5 nr f VH 11 t 1 i Dr ill I ! i a 11 r 1 DV11 Brew-r I '! ' Bc all d legit I In j'rufc'l ft V t I'lla 1 ’or 1 n1 dib-gft s r" t i tan I t b that t Dre wen- J -1 1 ft Ere-wi W ’ fur i a LH tMun-1 1 coublMift (we of J i 1 1 u i it! c ' 1 4 is ib i carrfi'd aw n fit ilui if w ts tlimliS Sit f 1 ifetu Ii tly I fat! 1 In Mat 1 mt fc mi t ihv ti Jvu lay afierit m an I f it s(i n IK to w art Hi r d 1 r ' ) the dad te CHE an It l chgtoli I y in kr ku ( with 11 Ifor mt 1 i i ’f I p t reef fo iitt I Mr r ’in g D a 11 ! INI M i 1 1 till 1 ill 1 r 1) ’ ll 1 I ll ill I) tl fit 1 lit - t f t - Vi ii i-i 1 in t at 4 ill k h Iftii! ml it d f I 4 th-' 1 Mt! Hill In (I ili( 1 1 Up M of I b w 1 noli ID ft ebifil La- a Dittb f m c 1 t High i in ) dif--ii -1 n m C D Dennett Gen Apt Mass Accident Co and Cier Fan 'or Cantts Uo 7T(PM p W of A is now on CltOcS bl OpbO'iu Wr it ar Laund y 1 Hepa itii t f-tr-et hnd th( ctt U jrni August a and WuSilViD' gvT Bvvli itnij ktrl Ct-illfU Btrci fa ti ui m t i r CM J ii ui 1 It u f u 5t Iti 1 rt a 1 1 j‘l 1 j tin' tn fittll tin i( ftt USI-m f tun 11 Hlll 14 1 U fion t J palt W 18 cliatsu y Ot jasauicsi 1: 1kg fills - t J H ’ HI 1U i j I HI Cjl I ini'Mi I i 1 1(1 1 llll I I h di'iD tr mu i f 1 ll if 4 ii r nu 1 D 01 ( ) n! w j It DitcP itnE i is 1 lip t x ljditin d Ii ur 1 it ut m 1 m e ! us !' all I U i fs cf 1 in1 luii -I tld - t It that 1 (in a hifid I al 1 !-!)( I t Cl df " i ijt) ft i )( aw lift! t B 1 y lli VI ini al fs lint fUD er ’in 1 3 fiu ac fa f 1 mit lit i 1 iiruiug lfi li H Ih u si- 1 ji j t 1 h Hi' 1 il-i mum Mlfc 5 a ( I h ot lUuiii 1 1 It ! Tl H - n - 1 til 1 1 B' I 'tt 1 11 ih t“ i I ill t if t goat ntl I I 1 a u i 111 ll V h all V n a kixwift ii ! c ID Cl ! ill 1 l!fi h M n i p 11 r ifitecj 1 I las itliitiift 1 lauji Mre fin t !!'-e It C'k M mb2s CAPPEHTER anil EULOER rfiutr Mftau nd I’ulntlng 1 iroiujtly ttittu)fci l no COURT STREET t T““ ill" CuXHTD i? CO’ H'e c'd'ii high-grade rBc good purchases for cons rvairce invesiors - Ciiculars cn request t r A Eastern T rust & Banking ‘Coi 'BANGOR dlE JI— - ET3 n )V ©EPtilE irlctuvllsifii' nre here from the Remington and 1 1 Sherman Vault Co Boston and business nun by leaving u rJ stcur: simf Dquiiin thir services can at the Bangor i louse addressing A LA 1 LIB who is tl eii expeil in charge of the work S

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