Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 22, 1928 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1928
Page 3
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f: r r%ii I 'ij *- I L' f I' I . f i s * r i • , ii n ' H s vn ., <n f f*-'! I \n .a ' Illinois C. of ?1, the *h J. . Fsiu* A*scei«- nt the RterUns-Ho of Cotnrr>erc.p. . of th* m<->rrsr>tn? divii«lon f?f the Iocs! a*,«oH!>Uott. Mr. «nd Mrs. C T,.. SterkfT *r>rt D, W, Gran- I 3on. They were fill fitriwd at the ! trrmfnrlMi* ami-Mint of votfc. the II- ' linois Chamber of OommPrrp it dn- !ns in mpny direction 1 ; for ihp «•/••!far* of the Rf-?>f-f. I--argf> mretlncs were held of v«r- i Sous division'.. such n" R special ' nwtlnR of tlw transportation division of the mprcf»nt!]f> affairs division at thp Thursday luncheon, with the Oold Room of the Con- BTC.W Hot*! completely filled for the unnusl banquet in th* evening. At the Annual banquet General Lord, director O f the United States budget, delivered one of the strongest ad- <lress*s on the budget system that was ever presented to the peopl" of the state. It la hoped that the high point* of this eddrpM will be printed for distribution among the members of local associations throughout the state. When the people of Illinois understand that the directors find the members of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce pay their own expenses from far distant parts of the state »s well as while in Chicago, and contribute their time and money without compensation in any way in the hope of advancing the best interests of the whole state, they will understand that nn organisa- tion that has grown within eight yearn from 300 member.n to nearly 40,000 and from $.3.000 Indebtedness to a $40.000 surplus, laid away to help this state, they will understand that such an orRaniratlon working solely in the Interests of the state with unselfish motives Is having a large influence In the general progress being made by Illinois. MISS REMINGTON ON COLLEGE PAPER STAFF AT DEKALB The Northern Illinois, the journal of Northern Illinois State Normal college at DcKalb, a weekly paper published by the students of the college, lists the name of Miss Priscilla Remington as one of the staff reporters in the temporary organization- for the opening of the college year. The permanent organization will be effected about Thanksgiving time. Miss Remington's experience as Sterling town- .ship high school correspondent for Tho Daily Gazette Demonstrated her ability to write newsy items concerning school life, and last week's issue of the college paper slrowstliat she is keeping up her good work, as a conspicuous first page story concerning the college lecture and entertainment course, was written by Remington. Result of Tribune Poll • The result of the straw vole taken on president and United States senator by a representative of the Chicago Tribune in Sterling and Morrison was published in SaUirday's Tribune. In Sterling it Is: Hoover f>3. Smith 31. for president Glenn 40, Ccrmak 26, for U. S. senator. In Morrison the straw vote shows: Hoover 68, Smith 10. lor president; Glenn 46. Ccrmak 10, for U. S. senator. NEWS OF LODGES Sterling Camp No, 12, Modern Woodmen of America, held a good meeting Friday nlsht. Plans were made for a big meeting Nov. 10th, when a class ol candidates will be initiated. The district deputy and other members from Dixon were guests at last night's meeting. W0RE POWER PER POUND Power Our coal gives more fc*at»--y.hieh makes more power for your use. r ^eeci power and yoii^ ^t what you need fron. thi g KO3 i, It has more B. T. u.'s per pound than cheaper coal— This cleans more power with less coal burned, whieh sHeaias- a- eavitjg tox you. nay U By Bonny Blue Coal 'JCMLMPUONE MAIN 657 PEOPLE'S ICE & < COAL CO, J M rXiU^o i vI'lA"' THREE ACCUSED OF KIDNAPPING OJRL * rrriiic^ ^'.iliic irofi 1 r ! Ion>e f elonhonc i f* "fur •it... URAF SBEFPEIJUM BROUGHT• < Ti«8 i 'Pic < nmR FOE THE r.AZETTE.-Thi.s pinum W a.- brought to ths United States Tor The dwelt* find KEA Berries by tlw transatlantic airship Graf ZrpiwUn, being nmon«r its consignment of mail. It shows the trans-atlantlc airplane Brrmrn as H now appears on exhiW- Won in Berlin, having been Ween back there from Oreenely Island. In front, i* n, larec- picture of its flyers, Ko?h!, Fif.J:rnaurie« end von Huemfeld. Soon, the Bremen is to be presented to a New York museum. YOKKTOWN BEIIFS York town. 111., Oct. 22.—John Oudgell went to Chicago Wednesday and purchaser! a dredge, Mrs. Anim Swaraon. who was taken very til Sunday evening, is somewhat better. O. D. HIHabrnnd of I'corla called on J. L. Bherc Thursday. The Ladles' Aid of the Yorktown Christian church held their annual bazaar and supper Thursday at the Hall. In spite of bad roads a large number attended: The proceeds to- talled over $100. The hall and tables were prettily decorated in Halloween colors and autumn leaves and sumac. Supervisor T. A. Drnyton motored to Princeton Friday. Mr. and Mrs. George Worth of Davenport, la., arrived Tuesday to spend a few days with Mrs. Ida Anderson. A. A. Shore made n business trip to Tamplco Friday. The new ruling which makes it compulsory to test cattle for T. B. In Bureau county has caused considerable excitement, during the ptr-t few days. Several state vetf-rinnr- irms rmvfl he«n busy Rivinj? tcstr- and checking up on reactors. KENTUCKY HONORS FIRST WAR VICTIM Calhoun, Ky., Oct. 22~-tAP.)~- Kcntucky paused Saturday to honor the first American toldicr killed in action in France — James Bethel Grcshem—la ',vho:,e memory the handsome new memorial bridg? spanning the Green river in McLean comity was ready for dedication this afternoon. Hundreds of former comrades in arms and friends were augmented by many leading citizens of the county and state to participate in the ceremonies. Greshem was killed on the morning of Nov. 3. 1917. [Moose Radio Station ! Objects To Wave Length ' Wa.shinnlon, Oct. 20.—(A.P.)— I Headed by Secretary Davis of ths i labor department a delegation of ' officer;; of the Loyal Order of : Mixi'e called on the Federal Radio 'Commission today to request a ; better wave length assignment for !Station WJ.ID, ojwrated by the Moose nt Mooseheart, III. Under [the new allocation of stations ef- jfectlve November 11, WJ.ID was as- slRncd a frequency of B30 kilocycles with its hours on the air limited to ciavtlmf At *oon »l T ou throat inflammMion tntjon or clifficiilty in ewallouins, take ( T«miUin*--th« wle, dependable eore throat rouedy. At drugf iM«, 35c and 60c. Ho6f ^al «te $1.00. Ro(.kf.?rd. Ii!. Oct. 22~ (A.P > — Two mm RIK! a woman Rrrnvd of kidnaping Anna Domino trfre idrn- tlfircl by (>m Rirl AS the trio who ifvi h'r from In front of h»r and took hsr Brro" the statr line to Jaii^svillc. Wis. TIJ' > three, who wrre arrested, are Caiio Callrrgnronc. Jasper. Ln, Bo«a and Mrs. A.vsunclR Ta.rnra. The •scomsn is an r>unt of Pete Bcifn, re- j«ctrtl lover of Anna who is believed to have planned t}\", kidnaping in mi effort to force her to marry him. The Rirl mid Mm, Tnram nnd La Rosa, a cousin of Bcifo, sat In Utn back sral of the automobile in which she wns carried away while Calter- drove the car. "Jt is-orth erery p? Ana skst, ({entt* ««*.!• tr, is not a Scorth joke, 1. .at \r-)>* f.fif. Of fi'-ir"? v';'! ^"r.nsMn't think r-f fining ^ntho'it a tel^phonf. but hsvi* yoij SJ-TP? thffiisht: lir,w convfTiicnf: fl^n eirffn^icn telf.pKf-.ns wouM f>€ if* royr home? J* fine? more ths.n R.ive time—it con- rf.rrr5i cnergy — it fjiminates ^fair climbing r<r rtf'h'fig from one end of the apartment to the 01 her, At yowr l>f<*<;i(is it is an evfr-r? mcs-Senger ;;ho'ju! 3ft f mergency a, v i?e in the night. An extens'nn telephone is n second in'tnimcnt: on iJic same line as the main telephone, b-!t. located is another place. Calls may he ma do or received, at cither telephone, The cost of an extension i> small —just a few-' cents n day plus the installation charge. Call cnir Business Office today and arrange fur this modern convenience in your home. JLUNOJS BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY BELL SYSTEM One Policy • One System • Universal Service Moment of Careless Bmjint] MaujCau&ea lifetime ofReqxet satisfaction of a tempting price may soon be smothered by disappointment in the article purchased. Long after the price is forgotten, Maytag perfection, its life-lasting qualities, and its outstanding advantages will continue to be a joy and an economy. It will pay you to carefully test and compare the Maytag before you decide against the many outstanding features which have made it the choice of a housewives. Find out what a Phone ...-. difference there is in the Maytag cast- aluminum tub, the gyrafoam action, the Roller Water Remover and a score of other advantages. Maytag world leadership is not a happenstance. It is the result of experienced manufacturing in tremendous quantities—advantages that are made available only by the vast resources of the world's largest washer manufacturer. The Maytag sells itself by demonstrating its superiority in the home. The Maytag is its own best salesman. for a Maytag on FREE TRIAL Convince yourself that only a Maytag can give you the ultimate convenience and service on washday.' There is no cost, no obli- // it c/ooan'f sell iteedf, don't koep it. Deferred Payments Yotfll Never Miss TOE MAYTAG COMPANY Newton, Iowa 1893 Maytag Radio Programs WCCO, Uitaxxfallt, Kd..8:jOPJJI. KEX, Portlmad. Ore.. fuS. 8:M P.M. WBAP, Fort Worth. Moo..8:JOP.M. WBZA, Buston. Sptimtfield. Kit, 7;JO P.M. CFCA, T<»onto,C»n..Tuea..TJOP.U. WHT.Chl- ca»j e .Tu«.,Wed..Tburi.,Fri..Sat..9.00P.M. SaaSrandsco. ftt.JjOOP.M. KMOX, St! ixiuij. Tut*., Ttiuf*., &it-, 10^5 A.M. wsher Maytag dealers everywhere follow the standardized rule of sending a Maytag to a home to do si week's washing free, and without obligation of any Kind. This is the way all Maytag Aluminum Washers are sold. The Maytag must sell itself solely upon its performance "m the home. It must wash everything to your entire satisfaction. Must wash everything quicker, easier and cleaner than other washers. Must wash everytlurig—^ven collars, cuffs and wristbands, without hand-rubbing. Musi prove to you, in your own home, that it is the most helpful lw>aj*-l*ucdcriug unit you have ever seen or used. Warfield Maytag Co. Phmm Main 843 13-A West Third SI, ,Mv>«« iidwc. C, B. »««»«»* Lbr. Co. ......W. UL WMW r. Eleetrie g)rf> r-onponil T>HY fiOOIlS—APPAHKIr—C1H!«A ' »Fas President Chester's Were Serving Sterling This old and reliable store has been giving the utmost in value since the time of Its birth nearly sixty years RRO. In fact it was founded with that idea in mind and has built its reputation thereon. Once you are a customer at Chester's you an always a customer beeaose every dollar you spend here balances op with value. We pot forth our greatest efforts to serve you rightly, kindly, and promptly at all tlniM. We extend to yoa the advantages of stores of much larger clUes. We present a wider selection of merchandise and at greater savings. Money Saving Special For You Pure Wool Blankets Block Plaids She 70x80 In. An all pore wool blanket of much ralne. It is handsomely woven and colored in orchid, bine, gold, and rose block plaids. Sateen bound. Gives warmth without weight. Reg. $12.50 You'll find this to be an exceedingly good blanket and you'll feel that your money was well spent after you give it years of wear, Oregon City Woolen Blankets 72x84 Inch This is Chester's most beautiful and one of the very best blankets we show. We are proud to display it for the approval of our most discriminating trade, lit is tastefully colored in novelty plaids and satin attic bound. 72x84 Inch Oregonian Another blanket of best wool weave -th*t"wttt please the customer who knows the economy in baying the bett. This blanket comes in novelty plaids and is bound with lustrous amtin. An exceedingly serviceable blanket Part Wool Blankets eSxSO in. Block Plaids "No-Koia" part wool blankets vf the famous "Nashua" brand; the mark tfeat spelis quality. $4.50 70x80 in. Plaid Color Slumber Throws ALL PUKE WOOL SIZE 60x70 IN. SINGLE A very beautiful covering for the couch, or day bed, or for an extra bed covering. They are eminently successful as a decorative item when used in the bedroom in combination with a plain colored blanket and a checked blanket with colors in harmony or of the same hue. Basket Weave, Plain or Patterned Bound or Fringed f,,_,. Kenwood Old English Print LUNCON CLOTHS SIZE 54x51 INCHES Many fall occa&ioiut will see o u e of tlu;»e dotlut of Old English floral prints in u&e by tmwiri women of Sterling - Rock Kails. They arc tunart; they are serviceable. ENDURING BEAUTY AND COMFOET KENWOODS—• THE DE LUXE BLANKET Genuine Kenwood Blankets ane all wool and a specially selected grade of new tonf fibre wool of Australian growth. This wool is lighter and warmer than any other in the world. TWO WEIGHTS PLAIN OB CHECKED Kenwoads, 72x80 /«. Pure, New Wools $14 The beauty and color of tfeese blsukets, eniusjwed „ by Ins- urious satin ribbon end* and a lovely BO ft, ficeey texts** makes them fsjfntiai t» tfe* correctly appehtted All »<jol-4attj fibre, new that retains its lustre the years. (Plains arai checks) Kenwood*, 60x80 In. Pure, New $12.50 There will be a homey, to the be4roaui where the aseut Ittclisdts one of . ail wuoi blankets* Their Mft, f»*y, lug baJk and e*lut* will strike a haruaoiiuing note is any Ibwtvy quality part weol ket» la piaU* c^ars and bl&ck U at will," Hallowe'en Carnival Cloth New Fall House Dresses ll New W<x>t $16.50 1869 - Q

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