Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 28, 1973 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 28, 1973
Page 5
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i$ter-Mdil, Gdlesbu ill. < ByFRAHCEd DRAKE Look ifl tli6 section In which your birthday comcB ind find what your outloolc is, according to the stars. l^RMONDAV, APRIL N, ms March jll to AfriltKAriM) Some aiHcward situations can be w(^ed on sueeessfotty; an otqiondnt nutde an ally. Adroit tliiniting is the answer phis shrewd bit o( diplomacy AprU n to May ti (Taurus) Use care in handling both Job and family affairs. Don't take success for granted. It must be eanted->all the way. May It to Jane U (Gemini) Some trends changing. Synchro* nize your activities to accommodate. Curb a tendency to become overly emotional in a relatively uiUmportant situation. Jane » to July 23 (Cancer) You may be faced with some intensified imssure in job areas. Don't be dismayed. You can handle all ably. As with Gemini, however, don't battle over trivia. July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) Your tenacity and driving power can help you to win big gains now. In your upward climb, however, be careful not to ride roughshod over others. Aug. 24 to Sept 23 (Virfi Fine Mewury influences now stimulate your mental agility and keen perceptkm. Take the reins firmly in hand and drive straight and sure — to success. Sept. 24 to Oct 23 (Libt Don't be overly concerned about the behavior of associates. Make suggestions where you think them appropriate, but only IF they wi\l aid and IF the time is ripe' Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio) You will do yourself a big favor if you do not overtax yourself, and your sixth sense should tell you whether you ARE overdoing things or not. OxTb spending. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittarius) — Certain complexities need unravelling, and YOU can right them. A good day for handling tricky situations, mediating disputes. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) — Stellar influences indicate some indecisiveriess. Counter by urging yourself into positive action. Handle each situation as it presents itself, evaluate each on its OWN merits. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) — It is within your realm to elbow some competition deftly out of position now. But don't sit back when you have the advantage. Keep thinking, maneuvering to REMAIN ahead. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces)— You could make a profitable financial deal but, even if asked, keep the details to yourself. Some would gladly try to take advantage of your good fortune. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with great artistry, a fine mind and a willingness to work hard to reach your goals. You are a person of high ideals, with built-in magnetism and a strong feeling for tradition. However, you incline toward stubbomess and your extremist attitudes often lead others to find you dogmatic. Try to curb these traits since they alienate otiiers unnecessarily. You can achieve notable success as an artist, interior decorator, designer, singer, lecturer, musician or horticulturist. Airman Mm W. Ogle^ sbn of Mr. and Mrs. DiVM W. Ogb, km Rduto X im graduated recently witi h6nors from the Air fVirce's air craft mechame bourse conducted by the Air training com mand at Shep* j>ard AFR^ Tex tie is behig signed to LUke AFB, Ari2., for duty . with a unit t>f the Tactienl Air (Command whteh provides lUr suimort for US. ground forces. Wt J f Air Force Sgf. Roland K. Canlkloi, son <^f Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Caulklns, Brim(ield» Rintte 2, has arrived for duty at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz. Re Is a vehicle repairman, assigned to a unit of the Strategic Air Command. Re pre^^Nisly served at Udom Roya! Thai AFB, .Thailand. Pfc. Larry 832 S. Chambers Lejeune Corps S. Sgt. and Mrs. Robert McDowel! and daughter arrived in Alpha recently from Germany, McDowell served in the Air Force for 5 years in Germany and England. Following a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McDowell, Alpha, he will report to Luke AFB, Ariz. Sy DtdC IQi^Nill HOLLYWOOD (N&A) When Oscar night, im, rotla MiMfid uie oMs lure that AMU Wiineri win oe JacK uem- mon, for "S^ve the Ti^er," md Glenda Jackson, tot "lYie mtk.'* m wauis, "the NelMi AM," is jus^ tiMy proud of (hat pic- tiire. St's another great his- (orioal f ilm kom ^ master ctf ihat genre. Ilie Uvety Arto thftt's the tmMe. Prttdac- ers cin get tiyped, too . So WMis deliberately is gO' far am tkm history for his next feiw films. Ourrentiy shooting here is "The Don Is Dead," another iM ^adraiRa. After that, he'll do "Panic," a suspense film, end "Ihe Night I Caught th« Sehta Fe Chief," by an Eng. lish writer. THE LATTER film will be dinected by James Ceilan Jones, a young'English (Erector Wallis found and s^ed to do "The Nelson Affair." WaMis {ducked Jones torn English TV, as he had done History Makers Hal Wallls, left, and English director James Nelson Affair." NEA Cellan Jones chat during filming of "The (College Appoints Anderson earlier with Ohades Jarrett, did "Maiy, Queen of and "Anne oif the iwho Scots" Labor Unions Settle for Less WASHINGTON (UP I) Labor unions are settling for less this year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports. BLS said Friday that major ^contract settlement in the first three months of 1973 first increases year wage averaging 5.3 per cent, compared with 7 per cent in 1972 arid 11.6 per cent in 1971. When fringe benefits were included, the first year increases averaged 7.3 per cent tin the first quarter of 1973, compared with 8.4 per cent in 1972 and 13.1 per cent in 1971. There was a similar decline in figures based on increases for the life of each contract. BLS also reported that labor costs per unit of output rose at an annual rate of 6.7 per cent in the first quarter of 1973, compared with 2 per cent in 1972. Thousand Days" for him. "I in England, prepar- AitmiMinnH Chtpi Nelsori,'" WaUis says, The appointment ot Thoniasjoites clone "The L/ Anderson as acting director of adniissipns at Knox (>ollege has b^en announced by Ivan C. Harlan, dean ot admissions. Anderson has assumed the duties of Allan P. Christiansen, director of admissions, who suffered a heart attack April 22. Christiansen is a patient at Cottage Hospital. A 1966 graduate of the college, Anderson has been a member of the Knox staff since graduation^ He was employed first as an admissions counselor and then as assistant director of admisstons. Since 1970 he has been assistant to the vice president of finance. As acting director of admissions, he will assume responsibility for Knox student recruitment. hile an undergraduate stu- t, Anderson, a native of Kewanee, was a reporter for the Galesburg Register-Mail. He and his wife, the former Sue Fuerst of Kewanee, live at 900 W. Dayton St. They have two sons. Forsyte Saga" for the BBC. I liked his work land he was ertthu^aslic albwt my proj^. TOs was his f iT ®t feafture.,, "The iBBC <k)es some fine thihgs — TV of substance — land its direob(»rs aire capable men. I see no reason why a man who does good TV cannot do good features." Wafflis, like many cotttemiporaries, isn't bapipy with the current state ci fihns. r "I AM very depressed about movies ^today," he says. *'I hate to see it falling ofif the way it is. But I am hopeful tlhe trend in Joday's pictures wiU pass — ttihe 'Deep Throat' too r 4 • Now YoiiKnow... The oHdest national an4iiem stMl in use is tiie N^theriands', based on a 15th century f9lk song. Our Kifchan li Op«n Monday Nights SI^ECIAL Knotty Pine WATAGA Village will meet Board to Meet VIOLA - Viola's Board of Trustees Monday at 7:30 p.m. to transact any remaining old business before seating newly-elected officials. Retirement Party Set for Teacher VICTORIA - Mrs. Ethel Mae Holmes Nelson, a first grade teacher at Victoria Grade School for the past 20 years, will be honored at a retirement party at the school Sunday from 24 p.m. The public is invited. Mrs. Nelson began teaching at Pleasant Hill in 1931 after she was graduated from Bradley University. NOW SHOWING SUN. MAT - p 4 p + v^ri + CORNER TAP MAQUON, Music JUDY JOLENE With BURGESS April Danci SUNDAY SPECIAL YOUR CHOICE Rib Eye - M .90 Catfish.... '3.00 Baked Potato - Toned Salad KITCHEN OP£N 12 O'CLOCK KNOTTY PINE TAP if * ••44 fc*4'-'**d i _ _ w m * - * - • * 4 4^4 .---V- ~ • 4 I V m' * f - 4 I • p 4 4 . . 1 _4 * - F it i 4 V 4 ^ ^Jhinkcftheperfoctcrisne... LAURENCE OLIVIER TWENTIEIH CeHTURY-KW *7hea go one st^ further MICHAEL CAINE &a&ed cn Uw 'Gifw Award WmAinft Broadway Ptw CINEMA & II NEXT TO ARLAN3 N HENOERSON ST GALESBURG ^SSS^ HELD OVER 7:30 & 9:15 SUN. MAT. 1:45 WATAOA, ILL FIRST PTIST CHUKCH They've come a long way ance that summer of COnmR OP CHERRY AND TOMPKINS Ame Bapt Women's Sunday Church School 9:30 A.M. (AN AMERICAN BAPTIST CHURCH) WORSHIP SERVICE 10:30 A.M. Theme: "Rejoice in Hope" Miss Imogene Smith. speaKev KX-INGMAN—MINISTER OF MUSIC >N G. CHRISTENSON—JAMES E. MILLER MINISTERS BAPTIST HOUR" RADIO WAIK U A.M. Class GS and 'Last Tango in Paris' trend. They're not movies, itihey're stog films. "People aiPen't going to the movies so much any more because there's nothing ito take a family to. Pictures of sijb- stance do good, long-range business but tihe fpomographic and near-pomogirajphic do not. "THE PROBLEM is we get a lot of wheeler-dealers and st^tfpshooters in ^ business. They've never made a titfh ill their lives and tfiey «fiMc BH it is is easy nwney." Wallls, a vital, 74, obviously is stiU a$ busy and produe^ tive as ever. He thinks ifMiybe he should slow down dome, but he can't. "I keep telling myself," he says, "ithat 1 shouldn't be ^ bt^y, thait I ireally want to cut down to one or two pictures a year. Theh I get excited about a pitx>ject and I go ahead and do it. I enjoy it — I don't consider what I do as pumishing work." ONE THING he won't do is television. He has never done any TV and figures that now is no time to take on extra work. He thinks **The Don Is Dead," which stars Anthony Quinn, Angel Tomipkins and Robert Forster, is looking '*Iit's nothing I haven't done before," he says, "but, lately, Tve become so identified with historical films tha t people have forgotten I can do some- hing else." COIMt The best ouRVMnl on (Marlon Bfwtdo oame from his ''Godf^tiMr" co-8taf« Robert DuvaU. nho tdd me. 'l ink Marinn spoke up about a milliocMmt- o4 )all doilars too late" . . . caiaries Onodin, '"Ihe Heartbreak Kid," aaid he didn't mind not being tmnkiaited im- til he got all dressed 19 in his tuxedo to go to the affair. '1 figured that sinde I went trtMMe 1 ntight as well have been ncminated" . . . Jeannie Beriin said she was "beyond nervous — I was numb." f 9 . M }' MEMORIES OF OSCAR, 1973 The day after he won his Oscar, Joel Grey received 162 congratulatory phone calls — his wife, Jo, kept STARTS SUNDAY THE DEAD ARE ALIVE Hmwt Movie ALEX CORD SAMANtHA EGOAR On. Shaw Each lfl«ht at 7 :10 ADULTS ONLY $1.00 INDS TONIGHT SWORD IN THE STONE CHILDREN Me— ADtltrt 11.00 ORPHEUM OPEN 1:4SPM u\\ AM ns SHOWS AT 2 PM NOW! Horror Holds BOX OFFICE OPENS 7 PM FEATURES 7:15>9:10 PM Now Bridegroom Goes Astroy SHOW "THEATRE OF BLOOD" 2 • 5:25 • 8:50 PM TIMES: "DR. PHIBES" At 3:45 - 7:10 PM THIS CRITIC DIDN'T LIKE Showing! Before The Honeymoon Vincent Canby of the New York Times says: BEST AND THE MOST ORIGINAL AMERICAN COMEDY OF 1072. As startling in its way as was 'The Graduate!" One of the year's best films! The funniest film of the •Newsweek New Yorker N.Y. Times ^Peut Ringe* Circus Mageiinc "Best supportfnji 'w 4 • PLUS llnited Artists •National Society § of Film Critics **Oest supporting actor, Eddie Albert! ^National Society or Film Critics VINCENT PRICE JOSEPH COTTEN V ft PdtorTMf Ptcturw InterrutttnAl Neil Simon 's ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^r^^^^^^^^ ^^^^p^v^^^^p^v^^v ^^^^^v ^^^P^^V^M An Elaine May Film Office Opens ot 8 Ends Tonight! They Were To Hot To Hondle SHOWS START AT DUSK or W«r* Th«y? THERE ARE SEVEN BASIC FEMALE RESPONSESI These girls experience QUEEN of the JAMMERS'. s A FILMPEOPtE Pr«ent«tlo« byMovMUb A TRANS-AMERICAN ReleaMi COIOR • ITMIMI PLAYIOY MAQAZ1N£S'PUYIUTE OF THt VUlT CQLORjfOCiUtt* A ROGER CORMAN PRODUCTION. An AMERICAN INTERNATIONAl Starts Sundoy! RECOMNENDED PRE-TEEHAGERS CARe OUT OP IKS HEADLINES! SEE THE SLASHING MASS4C|?£ OF 8 INNOCENT NURSES! ^ I ^0 CAN A MOVIE GO TOO FAR? ... ITS JUST ACROSS THE STREET FROM iSEVENTEEN. IS YJNO. EVEN FOR ER THE WORST, SYET TO AVOID FAINTING KEEP REPEAIING, \]S ONIY A MOVIE ONLY A MOVIE \ ONlY A MOVIt .) \ ONir A MOV It / Ohlt 1 MU»ll L f-^^^ .... A PlACt NOIHING IS FORfifODEN! NO-ONE UNDER U APMITTED WABNIN6I LEAVE THE (HIIDUN AT HOME. Ne OMit IfaMlei'I 111 I) I

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