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The Paris News from Paris, Texas • Page 7

The Paris Newsi
Paris, Texas
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RADIO PROGRAMS KPLT i49U Kilocycles KFTV WFAA-WBAP KRLD 1258 Kilocycles 850 Kilocycles 1080 Kilocycles fUNOAY MORNIHO 6:15 6:30 7:00 Farm Bureau Serenade 7:30 Invitation 7:45 to Worship 8:00 Men's Methodist 8:15 Hour 8:30 Blossom Baptist 8:45 Church 9:00 Hit Parade 9:15 Hit Parade 9:30 News: Hit 9:45 Parade 10:00 Hit Parade 10:15 Hit Parade 10:30 Hit Parade 10:45 Hit Parade 11:00 Garrett 11:15 Memorial 11:30 Methodist 11:45 Church News Sunday Music Sunday Music CooperCh.ofChr News Upscomb Sgrs. C. Bridges C. Bridges Delta Delta Hit Parade Hit Parade Hit Parade Hit Parade Cathedral Hour First Baptist Church Church Church Moments of Devotion Weather U.S.A. News: Sermon Early Birds Early Birds Early Birds Scrapbook Jewish Hour Jewish Hour Concert Hall Concert Hall Concert Hall Concert Hall Thy Kingdom Come Suburban Editor Christophers Broadway Baptist Church Church Radio Revival Episcopal Hour News: Chur of Renfro Valley Gatherini News Stamps Quartet Music: News Songs of News Bible News: Gold Gate Presbyterian Hr Sunday Hit Parade Hit Parade Kit Parade Rev Marshall Steel SUNDAY AFTERNOON 11:00 1st Federal rtmn Show Time 12:30 All Star Jubilee 12:45 News; Bing Sings 1:00 Lowry 1:15 Variety Show 1:30 Variety Show 1:45 Varietv Show 1:00 Variety Show 1:15 Variety Show Variety Show Varietv Show 3:00 Billy Granam 3:15 Billy 'Graham 3:30 Voice of 3:45 Prophecy 4:00 Les Paul 4:15 Les Paul; News 4:30 Greatest Story 4:45 Ever Told New.

H. Choir Freedom Newscast Serenade Discussion Proudly We Hall Mat Melodies Matinee Melodies Matinee Highway Hdl. Old Camp Meeting Meeting Symphonetle Musical Memories Bold Venture Bold Venture 5:00 Monday Headlines News 5:15 Paul Harvey News I Sign OH. 5:30 Herald of Truth Art of Living Murray Business Parade iwn Cav of Melody Pat Corbett Joe Reictiman Presents Weekend Weekend WeeRend Weekend Weexend Weekend Weekend Weekend Inheritance Inheritance Dennis Day Dennis Day Byron, News Hei'lections Baptist Hour Hymns of World News News: Wayne King Show Symphonette Symphonette New York Philharmonic Philharmonic Philharmonic Philharmonic The Sunday Special Special Special News You Were The) On a Sunday News Gene Autry Gene Autry Hall of Fame Hal! of Fame SUNDAY EVENING :00 Church of Christ Church of Christ .30 Church of 6:45 News: Three Sons 1:00 First Baptist Church Baptist Church Bantisi Church 8-00 Walter Winchell 8:15 Taylor Grant 8:30 Dancing Party 8:45 Party; News 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:10 11:45 Paul Harvey Newg Boys Town Choir News; Sports Dancing Party Dancing Party News: Dancing Party Light In Eve. Catholic Hour Catholic Hour Ser.

In Blue Ne-w-f Dr. Six Gun Dr. Six Gun Barrie Craig Barrie Craig We the Abbotts We the Abbotts Easy Money Easy Money Fibber McGee Gildersleeve 1 Man's Family Russ Morgan News Meet the Press Meet the Press Here's to Music Here to Music Here's to Music Mere's to Music Here's to Music POLITICS SECOND Duval-Parr Made Biggest News in Texas During '54 By WILBUR MARTIN The Associated Press Stormy Duval County and its po- itical boss, George Parr, made the biggest news in Texas in 1954. A close second was the bitter Dolitical campaign between Gov. Ihivers and Ralph Yarborough.

Managing editors of newspaper members of The Associated Press Jicked these stories as the top 10 Texas this year: 1. Duval County. 2. Shivers-Yarborough. 3.

Rio Grande flood. 4. Drought. 5. Hagler murder case.

6. Desegregation. 7. Insurance. 8.

Python Pete, the snake that went AWOL, and the court-martial of Cpl. Claude Batchelor of Kermit (tie). 10. Thurman Priest murder case. Selection of the 10 best stories was on a basis of 10 points for first place, 9 for second, etc.

Other stones that just missed included a strike in Port Arthur; the veterans land program probe and the Houston police narcotics scan-j dal. Jack Benny Jack Benny Amos 'N AndJ Amos 'N Andy Our Miss Brooks My Little Margie Edgar Bergen Edgar Bergen- Edgar Bergen Edgar Bergen Gene Autry KRLD Salutt SonCT In Stamps Quartet Stamps News; Assembly of God Salt Lake Lumped into the Duval County story were many interlocking de-1 velopments. All stemmed from the' struggle between rival political factions. These included a gun- waving brawl between Parr and Ranger Capt. Alfred Aliee; investigations into alleged misuse of public funds and income tax reports; the ouster by the state Supreme Court of 79th Dist.

Judge Woodrow Laughlin and Laughlin's subsequent re-election; the 104 indictments returned against Parr and others by a "reform" grand jury; the murder trial and acquittal of Nago Alaniz, charged in a "mistake" slaying blamed on politics. Most editors simply placed all of these developments in the "Duval County story." Shivers defeated Yarborough in a heated runoff election billed as a struggle between liberals championed by Yarborougb and conservatives headed by Shivers. Late in June, the rain-swollen Rio Grande swept on a destructive, deadly rampage from Del Rio to Laredo. More than a score died and damage was in the millions. The drought, four years old in parts of Texas, was still an economic killer to thousands of ranchers and farmers in West Texas and other sections.

David Hagler of Fort Worth is charged in the torch slaying of an unknown man near Davis, Oct. 10. Frank St. Claire of Irving, who told police Hagler told him of a plot to get a body from a morgue to use in an insurance swindle, put a bullet in his brain early in December. His suicide was blamed on despondency.

Hagler is free on bond fighting extradition to Oklahoma. The desegregation orders putj municipal golf courses in some cities on a desegregated Schools remain segregated until the Supreme Court spells out howj and when its order is to take feet. i Sixteen insurance failures since) 1952 were highlighted by the failure of some this year in, which charges of laxness in enforcing laws were made. State insurance officials denied the charge. Pete, a python, left his cage at the Fort Worth zoo for 15 days.

All 18 feet and 150 pounds of Pete were found Oct. 3 about 125 feet from his original cage. Batchelor, a prisoner in Korea, changed his mind about staying with Communist captors. He was sentenced to life in a court-martial at San Antonio for collaborating with the enemy. Tlie sentence was reduced to 20 yean.

Priest kidnaped his niece, Jeannette Earnest, 11, in Fort Worth. Her body was found a few days later near Lebanon. Mo. Priest is held in jail there, charged with murder and kidnaping. THE PARIS NEWS, SUNDAY, DECEMBER W.

0. CoMwell (r Son Concrete Contractors Anything in Concrete Commercial or Residential 358 North Main St. MONDAY MORNING 1:30 1:43 :00 Musical Clock Musical Clock Farm Reporter 8:45 Musical Clock 1:00 Wond News Musical Clock Porter Randall Music Martin Agronskl 1:11 Breaxrast Club BreakfMt Club Club :00 My rrue Story Mt True Story Whispering Street Girl Marries 10:00 Modem Romance 10:15 Companion 10:30 Interlude for 10:45 Listening: Newt 11:00 Margie Lou Hubbard: Berch 11:30 Crocker: Pops 11:45 Tops In Pops RFD 1280 Cuckoo's Cowbell Capers Ch'rcn of Christ Coopei Hour Cooper Hour Cooper Hour Coooer Hour Newi A Woman'l World World Plattet Parade Platter Parade Platter Parade News Morning Morning Melodies Old Corral Old Corral Old Corral Old Corral Farm Sage Serenade Ballads: News News Farm Report News: Sermon Early Birds Early Birds Birds Newr Early Birds Oflar Cedar Ridge McBride: Bob Smith Show r.iarkt»t« Break the Bank Strike It Rich Strike It Rlcn Phrase Pays Second Chancf Back to Bible Back to Bible Dinner Bell Dinner Bell Radio Revival Music Rack Music Rack Stamps Quartet News Rural ivlallboH Morning News Musical News Top Tunes CBS News News: 1080 Clu 10BO Club; New 1080 Club Arthur Godfrey Godfrey Godfrey Godfrey Godfrey Make Up Mind Money Music Wrml.v Warren Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Gal Sunday Government Workers Are Policing Habits WASHINGTON evel government employes in Vashington are policing their read-! ng habits and thinking and are vary of their associates, says Dr. I Vlarie Jahoda, associate director of New York Universitys' Research Center for Human Rela- ions. "The idea of confidence other traditionally American being gradually driven to the background," she told a meeting here of the Washington Assn.

of Scientists. Dr. Jahoda helped conduct a recent "climate of thought" study among 70 ranking government em- ployes 12 agencies. MONDAY AFTERNOON iroo New, Eddy Arnold 12:30 Paul Harvey 13:45 News: Market! 1:00 Tops In Popi 1:15 Tops in 1:30 CrocKcr: Bloch 1:45 Martin Bloch Martin Bloch Martin Bloch 2:30 Martin Bloch 2:45 Martin Bloch 3:00 Latin Quarter 3:15 Matinee; Crocker 3:30 Treasury Band 3:45 Treasury Band 4:00 Aft Devotional 4:15 Sturiio Party 4:30 Contest of Kilocycles: ttcvtf 6:00 Studio Party; 1:15 Studw Party Studio Party Party: Newi NewB I NL-WS: Weather Philosophy I Murray COT Market Rcoort Tunes Noon Ramseur Ch. ludv and M-Go-Round M-Go-Round Music for Shut-lni Red River Valley Jamboree Jamboree Tuneful Trolley Tuneful Trolley Tuneful Trolley Newt Rhythm tn Blues In Blues in Blues Hitchin' Serenade Serenade Pout Bob Smith Road Show Roundup MkU News: Woman in Love Peppej Young Right Haoolnev Backstage Wife Stella Dallat Wldder Brown Woman tn Jurt Plain Bill Lorenzo Jones Perry Como Pays Be Married Stsi Reporter Crawford Shew Newi Jollcy Farm News Stampi Quartet Llfht Music Perrv Manon Nora Brighter Oay Hilltop Houat Houie Party House PartT News; Meet Menjoui Road of Life Ma Perkliu Or Malone CHRISTMAS LOANS Fast, Courteous, Confidential $1000 to $50-00 Signature More On Furniture And Automobile PARIS FINANCE CO.

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