The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on March 4, 1941 · Page 11
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 11

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1941
Page 11
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THE INCOLN STAR TUE SDAY, MARCH 4, 94 1 COLLEGE . RESULTS Cy Shettnon, Huskers Acquired Prestige In Defeat WHEN the University of Nebraska lent m football quad to the Pasadena Rose Bowl last Jan. 1, the 21 - 13 reverse at Stanford U. handi actually gleaned for the institution a measure of prestige of far greater Cornhuskei s had returned home bringing with them the gaudy For the assertion is incon - trovertible that Nebraska's repu - ; tatioo lor square dealing and decency in atnietus won nrm anchoiage in popular esteem when the truth was heralded throughout the nation that the Cornhusker were strictly a homespun team an aggregation of home state boys whose ranks were untainted by the presence of members drummed up from other regions of .the national The fact that no other state nnlverslty could equal that showing did not hy any mean go unnoticed, inasmuch aa numerous writers on sports topic commented on the Nebraska accomplishment, one of them (Mr. Fred Dlfby of the New Orleans Item) going so far as to advocate that the Southeastern conference, where recruiting and aubeldl - zatloa are rampant, enact a rule requiring member schools to marshal their teams from home aUte sources. Cinder Squad Also Homespun a part of the Nebraska system, this column is pleased to be able to proclaim that the "home Sv rveiv athletic activity listed on the Cornhusker program. Not only to football and to basketball, which latter sport had its finis last Saturday night, hut tn the track and field squad which, under the tutelage of Co., oh Kd Weir, made the trip to Kansas City last week - end and all but smothered its Big Six opposition with an aggregation of athletes measuring up to every of the nomespun 2umulatlng I points v lta ninth indoor ronferenee contention. one of the 1 wearers of scarlet scan Ilea Is a home state Cornhusker. which also pertains to the six additional members of sched squad. Here's Roster Of Ed Weir's Boys column here calls Nebraska contingent fnrmH so credit ahlv City in behalf of the Cornhusker cause, names and home town residences being as follows: Gene Littler, Mitchell. Bob Bowles, Randolph. Bill Smutz, Pawnee City. Harold Hunt, North Platte. Dale Carrels. Oilier. Bob Ginn. Madison. toe Kahler, Grand Island, middleweight championship That's the how of it 16 Nebraska boys in a bundle; all of 'era legitimate sons of Corn - huakerland doing their stuff for the Scarlet in track and field: all of em bearing the "homespun" brand! Some Of This And Some Of That RaVpochaska tecumseh. Dd ' enclosure. Paul Amen and Bill " bo" uSwicii. Lincoln; ' mo'hewiss'. Arden Kersey,' Grand Island ban ANTONfoT - r'a MantM PftMff joined in with the trio and aiHrnce fttth Wltfl. unnn - ' : 1 " f : ' ' ' ,,; ' .... :,,' i' i'j i i , .. m ' ' ' ' i ' k iP hp m n 1 ' ' plPto Corh WeiSan rrn - j ! . . . .. . ! Thephog3 Allen was represented' by an outfit of MMflML gkjgpjjyka WX lLl - mucker basketeers . An Al - , JMk Ml itA r n se - "DAY VIEW, 0 to 1 shot, shook off the chal - mMmpimg episode of last Satur - & lenge of the mighty Mioland and the rest iriht in Lincoln ... The ' of the field to win the $100,000 Santa Anita HIGHS ALL SET FOR TOURNEYS A and B Team Slated to Cornhuskerland. By ALEX STODDARD. The class A and B regional basketball tournament program approaches full stride Wednesday, with four additional A centers and 11 class B meet3 joining the five which had Tuesday openings. Only meet3 delaying things until Thursday are Lincoln and Scottsbluft in A and OgalL and Stratton m B. get For Action, interest centers in the . . - JJJJL m of (h, adinc tcams vet lor actioi activity slipped into e state's outfits, includ - n. ing rubber At Auburn, the favoritesFair - aoled shoes, bury and Falls City should get! and ran through past Pawnee City and Wymore.lan hour s worth respectively, without too much of signal drills, diff unity. In the Fremont meet.! i 0 n e. Schuyler. Columns and Fremont advance into the second round, but the other game between Tekamah and Wahoo appears to be a - up. Grand Island. lower - l K.'t favorite at Hastings, goes against Central City, while Hastings faces Loup City in the only game there involving a leading team. Dor - ritht t BeHtus. An f tu toon' pruiirim strMi,j t in V";n 7.V; pho at Anpih f M n C I pwn cuy. - JBf amongthefirst !S3l.8vennJ.Ul7 JO. Wcity vV H - UlngV , oH ball UTOUlld! I "ndonT, NC?5Sentairi 7 Vs - mTcIT'tV MHV''" llnderneath the I uM - .Win waeluTlfeSi cilv football for a while now." they lAjj Norfolk v pwiierton. 9. remarked in summing up their class n. attitude. . ,A' m'i' n rMnVs ' muZ" h.'v Meanwhile, Floyd Bottorff. &ruur. 'i R"hvil,1t1 v w,nner Aiiunoe i equipment manager, was hum - ArVp?ho - w.icox v, oxford ; aim. ming the strains of "Back In The h 1 7 UuItu rio Bwood' t. iaawrSK Dees spent the morning moving carried alone bv some Nebraa - 8 1 k !f M Amoid ttvt Ms equipment to his office quar - ,n,l,Mr supk Kajfi 30. North Loup'vr ters in the stadium from his coli - aums of 1 MT t;,?v VS.rA v. rM.f nUft I seum - f i 1 Kim? Kong Was There. cntir. 7 30; How'ns vi.' vny. so His competition over, Royal c MniTUlAdm 70 " Mil rord vror - "King Kong" Kahler, whose part chur. Vso ' in the Huskers' famous roal - line i,S'lVTZny' Lwl't0 ,; stand against L.ncoln W. W,eplng Water, 1; Stanford won't Vv : ' lot as the f m . this Nlobr.'ra v.v Verdigre. 8. Elfin v.. y 0 u n g giants Kfrgl roll of fc Tg. wlnn Buttt - sptnefr. whipped past Kll'BuiCiB: L y ma n "nd 999H JT vUZ 9 St' b Shflbv , Clarkx Glen P'''f $ l "rIv .nil? - AppUtmi. t"d "ojCyunctlS half the squad jJJEL - S , Johnny Humphrlet tnd 1 ' "i r:MifWIutnerT3: the indoor layout. t QMfT Osctola Bob Hvde omah. r mn' v! wmn.rWiSttrr' "The first two elevens could 3tt nasrn omaHa; CUrtnco Htrndon. 8iy &r towrtno. ij Dwhitr v. piay a baU game tomorrow if they Grand i.und. wnwvrnvN w etVu' Uv s wmide i w had to." mused Lyman, "as I guess "1J!1Z) hmw iSSZ t V , .4 M , , P0"'y t u'V - lol'"l, - C4s 'coirrod'S the assignments." coin; Clyd Irwin. Oenoa; Don J" larlv intriguing to Nebraskans in Crtk. llncoln; Wynr flindc Naponee, touch with the actual facts . . . L.Hil,old rbuaU'ijiSi S5Mattlr filmo WU2l Will Editor McBride please co - I - Tll IZ' - 1 - , ru ' vif 'rrancis Dn Waddick' Orand iMand r'hi! rBAY VIEW UPSETS MIOLAND TO WIN RICH PURSE. 1 1 Grid Workouts Start ( At Nebraska With Squad of ( By DON KELLOGG. JT J T'S like old times. The r t out ( ititude of young, a athletes candidates all University of Nebraska' 1941 1 Cornhusker football team. Monday, In answer to Major "Biff" lones' initial call for spring practice, some 68 youths, their ranks heavily depleted by graduation and other natural causes, checked out equipment. Fewer Than Year Ago. Each was given a thorough set before the group, smaller in number by 21 than answered the ago, ,ome," declared Clarence Hern - don, Grand 1s - mho MtSMi the c ring of Petsch and the bull i laugh Harry Hopp. "But some one WW come along witn me emmer wnen we really get started." Vike Francis, who charged over with Nebraska's first touchdown against Stanford in the Rose Bowl battle, dumped his clothes in a "I weigh 215 and you may quote me as saying that I expect to have a good season." Shot Heavers Show tip. Wayne Blue, Tecumseh fullback, and 234 pounds of tackle Handicap in while Royal m m . m ' '. I . I ' j I j I I VJ I I I f pool. tng. 10 MHH Lincoln Crowd Set Pace For 'Big Six' The official attendance at the Nebraska - Kansas game Saturday night was 6.761, John Selleck. athletic business manager, announced Tuesday. The spectator total not onlv makes this crowd the biggest of the year in the Big Six, but also makes the count the third largest in Nebraska's history. In 1937. the season that Nebraska tied Kansas for the championship by heating the Ji.vhawks in L - incoin. 7,994 sawt ne game. That figure exceeded the 1936 previous top of 7,378. The largest gathering for 1SMR was h.3R7. urned out when Dr. Forrest C Phoe" Allen and his brvkrt tCft from Kansas have played th Cornhuskers. The Nebraska marks are th highest In the conference principally because no other school has the laciiities ror taking care or such an audience. Kansas, for in stance, plays its fames in Hoch auditorium, which has a seating capacity of only 3,500. CIIUTC 5jBig Ten Basket Title In Wisconsin s Bag One of the Big Ten's n ing basketball seasons passed into history today with two new cham - 'ersitv of Wisconsin's Badaers as team champions and Joe Stampf, towering captain and center of Chicago's Maroons, as individual oring king. Both the Badgers as a team id Starnnf as nn individual merited all the praise the con ference could heap upon them, for both pushed aside seemingly impossible oaas to acniev Flrat Title In 23 Yeai The Badgers, sparked by nam uene sngiuna best teamwork seen on middle - west boards, rose from ninth place in the conference standings of last year to their first undispuied Western conference basketball title in 23 years. Stampf. a bespectacled, 6 foot. equals, established his record although playing with the poorest nee. nevertheless scored 16 points to edge out Englund scoring' by four points. a smashing upset. Four lengths back. c, Baling ke. Crusader Was fourth. CYCLONES SLIP ONE OVER K.U. Iowa Stature Bob Up to Stop Jayhawkers By 41 - 29 Score. KANSAS CITY, March 4 (AP) Iowa Stat humbled league - leading Kansas, 41 to 29, Monday night at Ames, to win a chance to share in the Big Six conference basketbaii championship, but a glance at the record shows that the Jay - hawks still are favored to take undisputed possession. Dope Favors Kansas. The Big Six season ends Fri - iv with Kansas battling Okla homathe only conference team to defeat the JayhawkeYs this night. A Kansas defeat would leave the Jawhawkers and Iowa State each with seven victories and three defeats. ly since they over - ran Kansas at test. Saturday night, they capped a s'ven - fcame h ing streak by going down before Missouri, ference cellar team, 42 to 61. Also fact that they will be playing at twice before Iowa State into a 21 to 15 halftirr Thereafter the Cyclones st tvert l Howard Engleman was held to five points, but that was enough to bring his season total to 158 points in eight games and set a new conference individual scor - Ing r mi Th lotHMt mark was 154 established by Frank Grove at Kansas State four years ago. 'Ill isn ' J i j j E&.? . $ SPARTANS. CYCLONES SIGN TWO - YEAR PACT EAST LANSING. Mich.. March 4 (INS) Michigan State Ath - letic Director Ralph H. Young announced today that a two - year football contract has been signed with Iowa State. The Soartans will play Iowa State in East Lansing in 1943 and at Ames, Iowa, in 1944. nfcro r.Aar.RS plan NATIONAL TOURNEY PINCTNNATI. March 4 (API A national negro intercollegiate basketball tournament, the first of its kind, is being arranged. Leon Render, president of the Cincinnati branch of the Knoxville ; 21 and 22 - anri th least three netted to come. The three already lined up are West Virginia State college, Kentucky State college and Clark university of Atlanta. would be an annual event to determine the national negro basket ball championship. Alice Denies She's 'That Way' About Don Budge SAN FRANCISCO. March 4 Alice Marble was back in San Francisco today for her first pro fessional tennis appearance it "the backyard" where she firs learned to wield a racket an inriHntallv to lauffh oft romanti. rumors linking her with profes - Budge. Don. he's nice," she told viewers. "I love him in his but not that way " She recalled that a 1 York Gene Markey when "I hadn't t that tim llAccusing Chicaqo Uni. Editor Calls For Probe of Athletics. HICAGO, March 4 (AP) - - The University of Chi cago was urged today by the Daily Maroon, student newspaper, to "demonstrate by more than example what intercollegiate athletics should bp Instead of withdrawing from Western conference basketball, the paper stated editorially, Chicago should provoke an investigation of unethical athletic activities that may exist in member institutions. Subsidization Under Fire. The purpose of such an investigation, the Maroon added, "should not be to whitewash the record of all the schools, but to get rid of the subsidization which stu - tnteiested public realize D, O Three More Ice Games On Omaha's Home Rink j j remaining COntetfe TWTOld , i j ttia1. Psttl 9B March VlMm - j neapolis on March 12 and St. j j Randall On Floor In A.A.U. Tourney Game Halls of North Plat flingers of Omaha Manns of Sim night. Last night, big Al Randall of the University of Nebras ka was import - 4 I tld Hetflingers, d - fell, 32 - 36. The Manns beat the Nut House ' Lincoln. 36 - 34; Halls con quered Harlan, la., 40 - 31, and the R. oOiMtinft, 44 - 41, in the other games. Score of Nut House game: Pros In Semi - Finals Of Four - Ball Compel CORAL GABLES. Fla., March 4 NS) The $5,000 inter national four - ball golf tournament reached the semi - finals to day with a thrillsated gallery prepared for almost anytnmg in the way of links dramatics. Featurer in the semi - windup battles were Gene Sarazen and Ben Hogan against the defend - BUly BX.nSandrHKorton Smith nH Paul Runvan against Sam Sarazen and Smith provided yesterday's thrills, both distinguishing themselves in spectacular extra - hole matches. Hogan ' when, on the 500 - yard with a drive and a spoon and holed out with an eagle three. He putted 35 yards for the clincher, thus turning back a spirited bid by Willie Goggin and ried 38 holes by Byron Nelson and Jug McSpaden, i eight - foot putt for a gettling the issue TACKLE MIKE ENICH IOWA'S 'MAN OF YEAR IOWA CITY. Ia., March 4 (INS) Mike Enich, captain of the University of Iowa football team last year, today held selec tion by the student borty e of the Year."The stal - t Hn bv the Daily Iowan, student newspaper, receiving 749 mor votes than his nearest competitor Rill WelD. catcher on the Hawk eye baseball tea football guard, and Vic Siegel, captain ot tne were the other basketball Hnger At Chicago withdrew last year from intercollegiate football competition and recently there has been speculation regarding the n,,. ibihtv that the Maroons may riroo bic ten basketball. The Mar. S lost cage f j this and Prt ns said t! Hutchins declared that the i drawing from basketball comp having "performed an act of cowardice" when the university dropped Big Ten football. "Undoubtedly, they thought that they were doing the gentlemanly thing," the Maroon said. "They were making no allusions to the athletic morality of other schools, They were simply eliminating any potential cause of our own im - morality. Get Going Wednesday At Wesleyan. ing at afternoon slate, four more at night. Final On Saturday Slate. ly and the winner of the first - round clash btlttB 0 liege View and Cathedral are the leading teams in the meet. A scarlet fever epidemic which kept Wav - erly idle for several weeks may have damaged that team s chances. Second - round games will be played Thursday night, with the femi - finals on Friday and the championship game on Saturday, off - .nab ITU be Cliff Bosley. assistant coach at Havelock, and Warren Parker, superintendent tt Kennard. both former Nebraska Yank Slugger Stands Pat Against Signing SAN FRANCISCO, March (INS) Joe DiMaggio, the New , maintained his tight - lipped role , toward contract difficulties but the older brother Tom spoke - man for the baseball clan, served as a pinch - hitter for the Amer - I pir .id of the Yankees) give One unconfirmed report had Joe setting out this week for the Yankees' Florida training camp. He is reported asking $40,000 for $2,500 to $5,0UU in negotiations. the pncr Terry's Club Hit By Loss MIAMI, Fla., March 4 - (AP) , I Bill Iurges' illness It J iq a serious situation in the New York Giants' camp. The veteran shortstop, who had hiah hopes he had recovered Dm a head injury causea Dy pitched ball last summer, has been ordered to return to New York lor further examination. He's waiting until he teels well enough for the trip. Dizziness Comes Back. So. what shaped up as a pretty good ball club, with Jurges at shortstop, now looks like a team without an infield. Jurges suffered a recurrence of dizziness while the Giants were in Havana the past week - end. "The attack was the worst I've experienced since I was hit last June." he said. "The nerves in my fingers went dead and my left ear laso went completely I don't know what to do, but follow whatever Bill Terr ad - vises." Terry's advice, the managei 'Big Ten' collegiate comp founders of th ence intended." Mild as moonbeams... smooth as glass. And sales keep riht on growing! "Largest - selling in its class n Is what we mean bv4crowintf7 j j i , mflRVLSi The Cigarette of Quality i RIVALS RENEW DUEL ON TURE Miokind, Bay ViW On Saturday Entry List At Santa Anita. LOS ANGELES, March 4 (Ap: - Bay Viow and Mioland going to run it over again, time for $50,000, to settle alt tments whether the tour - r - old gelding of Mrs. An - iv W 9tei w :s a fink win - in last Saturday's $100,000 m the San Juan Handicap next Saturda thoroughly adequate 1 Twenty other top r oughbreds have been the rae and some one h possibly pro pari - L,,t, t , ' i,is i $n.40. whu h B;iy quarter golden gallop, Howard Horse Paaaes Peak. Some turfmen have concluded jihia mg pMkeb.iS. Thin ne won a $10,000 stake at a mile He and i relish the added distance. Bolingbroke carried 106 pounds last ;uu1 pi. ks up only one. yal Cru - carried in finishing close behind Bolingbroke. Of J urges ew York for further exami - ion or. if he prefers, the club I send him to Rochester, Minn. Recommends Operation. have it done by the physi whom he feei the most confi dence," Terry explained. "I also impressed upon him that it wu ;eless for us to go along the way e have, so long as he is etill ibject to these attacks." But Jurges isn't sure that an operation would effect Dr. J. Law ed him dur i Po es would be - but would lose the hearing in that ear. "That probably would happen," Jurges declared, "but the doctor t positive. Oreniro At Short. erry's first step to patch up . ' ., , !,. n Orengo, former St. Louis Cardi - play third, and he's never shown up especially well there. may try a trade, of course, but he hasn't much hope j. an established ftar. The Giants have neither the players nor the money to swing iuch

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