Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 20, 1928 · Page 11
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 20, 1928
Page 11
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*<3W**™r ,J- WtrT^E™£(V IWaWWSWffiaWWffaBKT <*W *WWPJ«*tciSfc*JS«aws.~™w«e f- fjfusft" ~ff} _^—=v~^ ^ *-~ ~- *s- ^^- vn -"*^ £3-s£ ^ T*# t™**A* ^ ^ ~~« j%«~s la^jM'^Sa^^ «»„,' 7* v T'- 1 * , . »«-HF- ^ite*^,*-** ^<£ %m+^ ^' ~* £* e-v<* *«3VV$ *^-W.T •)*<*[•«, W v-* f-'s.-U IT Off*** jfn* fcstr* or**, essetiy I win S. IH*M, Stealing. pfwwa w. rrsra*?, wjr fw I^SfTiriSBj jn euf wrflffi station, f^Wtw h**s* jWfltertSKj th* H«av fruslSMr Interior* "thsro ltS« o*w, Gold '&-MU (ft! SUlCft *9S m*T)d*tfl eo throiiahfmf.. Own «nd in**? wll! Ilk* if. in im JffeSSJC 'W cost-h. n*w in April. look.*. ,_ Ore T»«w. tire* nhow no wtar. Ton pjx" &{»«*''ft»i*r>T"5hiSi"'ttrooa *ttl like th* ei??*sy »pj»*ir»ncf«. lyrr- /hioroufcrtbrtdii, W. C. Peisgh. *pot light, window shade* *»4 *? mu*»e», j KM S ROC BOARS, ' wny, pwfi*mts. »m». ff(?w !»<ST«^ tar rM. e Fr»nk Forth, on* mil* * ( 1 1 -. M v f • "t* ibrwt will "For S«il*> 15 ASK "36 nm »l«fen s in e??ry w*y. A elw&wi »r at ft p\irpr!»lng price. TJDEBAKEH '28 (standard eo*ch, jhuis like new. good »11 through. prlcwl vsrjr Io» today. •34 Matter frtx with balloon anrt California type top. "24 Bis cyltnd* emio*. Ju*t eompietcly •34 touring, *n ne* Um>, motor ]tl«t, overhauled, tod«.y ftt S80. 8THCK tourings, nil in g«x condition, ail pood going today Bt Junk prices, 918. »2 lad MS. "TWO POPOK coupes at $S25 ftnd J2QQ others itt nil prices. 3W OOWK PAYMENT. Ewy t«rm« General Motors Finance offering exceptional! tow rateft. AH c*rs fully B\iarBnte«sc CITT MOTOR wroth of Co}*t», Senate 8. jpfjtfttiH^ (QfitniR. -*nd quality. Ward 2 4, sterling. SbftnS, of Pratri«ritie. Fotthr? mwS i 49 ""f6f""««a*. A, D. 8tan!ty. SfcerMnf , U«rati« 4. CftU County 9«9-3. SB "§tbicB" SALKI SALE! SALE RELIABLE USED CARS! *24 IU8O Mdan, new Dtieo. gootl .tor, tires and Ulterior. (376. *** WltiLYB KHIOHT eedBn, T«ry good condition. 9300. 3PORD cmipe. ready to glr* milea of Aerrtce. »J25. •i7 CHBYSLlm 70 six sedan. A-l condition throughout, «3S5. •S8 CimYSLKR 70 elx mxl&a. '*nd i*xiiui sitm good. 87B3. •85 HUDSON coach, good rubber fcnd jpalnt, motor perfect, 9480. &ODQE toxiring, runs tine. 900. , fill prteeo. Dili* "MB! Tvrma Open Monday, Wedncs- y And Saturday nights a&d Sunday BELL MOTOR SALES 421 LOCUST ST. PHOIfE 983-J TOED CABS— FORD I .-. • ..... : 1*24 FORD tourlaf. goMt aid*, cur- laina. A good- cw. CHEVROLET coupe,' TELEPHOKK 66S Htm 513-515 LOCUST ST. i. ' •TODATTS B^T BUYS— HTJICK Master • six sedan, four-wheel brakes attd complete equipment. This far ia in very best of condition ^hrougnout. Very moderately priced J&37 CHBY6LSR 70 rumble •eat, four practically now Ooodye&r tire*. Motor In very good condition. She will turn 80-65 mile* per hour, OLTMAN MOTOH CO. 1933 FORD tudox coach, BUIC& coupe. A-l ah»p HASH els roadster. Ch*ap. IMAHASH 4-door coope, good 1824 K&SS 6 4-paasenger coupe, A-l nape tluoughout. 1IS8 FOlfttJ coick, VABB SALES OAKS— SX sedan, driven 84 miles. K. aik coacb. A-l shape. FOHD coupe. ' IAHAU PAIQE a«dan, used only aa "~ janstrfttor. "S7 BS8BEX coupe, like &ew. RffiCONQmOSlSD and ready to Wa'jftaot you to drive V. m BSOWH UOTOK ™_^ 8Mt»q, late mo«tol. good tfaroufbout. Qooa buy for winter, t^ice «aw; C^U at 510 Went ftaventh St. • ' T7fo¥ siOc or trad*. If you tion. Ste , Jor perfeci lubjrica- & r. Vlnrlag. Texaco 8«r»ic* ,*J8 »te^ A»e^ BkKk *^M»> ^Si«» r et 'aSTZTlK Get. 4 Business Serete* thy'8 fe*d store. Phone 92S-W Tftrnpico phone. 8)tippin|; Awn. at Aritew»" "Sale _ _ if JPORD~ ^OTaor~SiSioT~»<riir "tires; wrtr^ffrr. incwaator luid thr*e dock*. Phone B97-W. ______ __ HBfMINufON automa-tle »Sot gun, aao. McCiw's Berrtce Statloo. Ju*t fnMft l*an park, deliriously •««- eoned. "fry a poufid for breakfast, Youll want more. Sterling Market, glO law Tbrd B _ ^ _ a»c «aUon. bring your own ecsnfeuner*. Ai»o p««r«, $1 bu. Winter apple*. aU vari«ti«e, reasonably priood. Hay Scott, ItocR FsJls. Route 1. Tarnplco phone. _ SWEST p*ar~~ci<ler, brtng your own containers. Henry Thome. 3V, mllss eouth of Bock Falla, Phone County ClOf . rlty |JK^»tt|- *TPl in p*ft'p»y*B#»t. well iroprt»-<r#d productive ar».d on cfrmnf. rv& eld** to W. 8. Mectfly. Bt:*r!".nf . <wl« 1 00 ' ACRE FARM ' "iif '*So~ p*r " acr«V"ot rn*Jw riigrj«iy ts«wwn St?rJ!nR nn Dlion. Rtnith »M» of rlTrr. I, 0 Snavply, iAwrrn«« Btdg. iieMw* tor 8aN» COXY wiS a'ttraeitve""ii» ; e~?txjfnr*'tori »»ffl a hwlf IIOUM, p»ct'f»l!f with garug*. Everything l»i firit oandlUem. for quick »al* prlofd nt *4350. MortBagft (3900. r^centlj- r*- Bcrifwl for lhr*« ypafw. SM> on ptcmiara, 8O3 ninth AT*., Ster- llfkg. Fhons SS3-J. location, In terms. Not much e»*h t!m« on balance. Po<t- March. W. 8. Mcdojr, agent. lot lOOslSS. on paved stre«t. A bargain if taken »t one?. S*« o-srnpT on prfrols«s. 1505 Sixth Aw. VALOlTrlgnt' V^m hardwood noor«. s»«ll«>nt location. thr*e-car garage, friendly _ , - __ SES~SK, buy, save" mon#yi "Sood homed cheap, 01000 to 85000 with one lot. to two t>cr*» of land. Phone 631 -J. Jonaa H. SWEKT C1DZB. aUto a few Rhode la- land Bed pullet*. W. J. Scott. 410 East Tenth St.. Rock Palls. OlljilUf. Phone County 0O3-3 Bnos Book, APFUB8 and potatoes. Btore. Plicrao iTOa. PJ£ABS; also pear cider. Oeoree Bruns, four milee northwest of Sterling. ALLEN'S parlor ftiniaoe la so beautiful that, it hsxmonlws with tIB very latest furniture. Xtl Batumi walnut effect is mechanically nspro* duoed In poxodata. »U exuuncl BoW iqr A. OrEoak, 111 W. Third »OHQlCr thia aala aad etratlan nutt week at Mylla and Buwtls. SIB fiaet Thira at. Open »««- «xl week, new motor. 98; ball bearing wringer, like naw, 93; new ciothea rack. «1. toos-rtrst SiNtNQ RpbM culte. lee it at ot 1037-J. VICTOa VSSrolirwRE~lili reotsals; Mild oak unholatered rocking chtir. Call at COS 18th Avc. Phone 1TSO-J. Inquire 16S9-W. 1009 new Seventh Ave. v Phone FOB BABOAXNS In shoes, doat forget to caU at 810 Lccunt St. H. «I. Mueller's tsaaemant. • , . - CASH 9QK AHIMAUS Koobatte fi&ft AHOKAt CASH f or «iead antmatfi Phone 106X1 or S34-W. Works. Bandfflrtag quire lOU«le««Ute CtoUtJ 033-1. Abe Beiff. ate and eight feet. W. a McCtoy. use la* dote In, SLKEPI»6 room at St.. nodi fUte. ass. batn, tarnished to» ligiit bcai»k*sp- ing, atoUnn. 't9 adults. 4O8 Bust ' boasekeaping. 60t Hast Sauead vim bought U «odt F*Us. ia CHICAGO (By A»oct«!U>a f ar na»t, tnatar, g«» <ui- eis«w?a are wtldicg. mel Ftm :t, 8 W. S'ourtb ftt. wwk, Artr OaU «* t«Kt room, Oct. for Sale M »Ib~P^^61ffir"S]ij'¥"a~flne~hon\e •lie »n Oltman Park Addition, Rook Falls, Patred road, good water and drainage, electricity. S«e L. H. Olt- m*n. Legate LEGAL NOTICE State of XUinot* 1 \u, Whlt*side County J In Circuit Court , October Term A. D. 1928 Martin Junssen and First National Bank of Sterling. liUnoia, in. KJ«*nor Delp, Boy Delp, W. XL Wyman, the Uose* Dillon Loulae Eaton. Agnes Pierce. T»tf. 40*8. Public notice la hereby given In pursusoios of a decree of aaUS court mad* end entered en *h« 18t*t- day of October A. IX 1823,, the under- atgbsd. Rectal JSMtwr tn Chancery will, on tto* l»Ua day of %Howmber A. D. 1B33. at the hour of ten. o'clock tti th* forenoon Of that day. at the eouth "ftofet daw~or~ta* ~city"Sail Buikllng, in the City of Sterling, IU1- ustda. in said < »y?^r •*U | *AP > £y d*r for cash, the following dencribed prcmlBca, to-wit: Part of Block "I" In Wallace and Gait's Addition to the City of Bter- llng. described as follow*: Commencing at th* Southeast corner of said Block "J" and running thence Northerly on tiia Easterly line of s*id Block -1" to the point of intersection with the Southerly line of that part of Block "I" conveyed by David X*. Martin. John W. Martin, and HelUe Haven* Martin to Charles P. Dow by warranty deed dated November 21th, 1820 a&d record*! November Steta. 1920, in Book 240. page 414, in the Recorder's Office of Wfaiteaide County, niinois; UMtnce Westerly cm said Southerly line to the middle point thereof: thenoe Southerly to a point on the Southerly line of «ald Block "I," which point is tb* middle point on tit* Southerly Un& of that part of e*4d Black "I" conveyed by Frank U W«- uey and Clara C. Pitney to John W. "fiartin and David U Martin by warranty deed dated December M. ttl*. and recorded January 3rd. 1910, In Book 237, page 471. in said Recorder's Office; thenoe Easterly on tha South eriy line of *ald Block "I" to the piaOi of beginning, situated In WhlUaide TTi* ''r-iT *) IPS! nti* In pw-'rr RIWVJ *h»,p» th" tf^n F»Ton»W« wither over lh« corn bflt today, t-c^^ther with whMit ww*- lifm. hM » fi^'.dctl hr*r1«h effect at tlm« 011 th* rorn market. M«pwt* of Picelisnt shipping <jpm»twl. htrc- «T*r, ftnrt K*nllnM *of corn r*c*tpt« hpr« todmf. on!y S! c*», I\y1j>«»d t4j bring about price «>.!!!?*. WEFKI.Y OftAtN AM» FROVIStO^S Chicago, Oct. 30. — (A. P.) — Grain *\ithor!U*n are ptxetlcally urmntmow that J?urf>p* t» bttTlrte American corn ifjr. ».na that foreign d*m*n<j tslriw proml»« oi being th* b««t *tta«iw<l for ytiArm. EotSrnat*« currenthicr« today s.r* that 35,000.000 bu.ihpis of United SUkte* corn h»* betn sold for enport no for th!« (season. Largely influ«nc«a Ey *xport pr«» p»ct«. ttt« corn nrntScet ihl* morning with a «go w«n» 1-4 tc 1 6-B *nd 1 3-4 crnt» » busht) hlgh- rr, whcrca* wheat wwi i 5-8 cents to 2 1-8 «nd 3 1-4 cents down, oats irary- ' T frcwn 1-4 cent of fto 8-8 «mt up, and provisions Bhowtng 35c to *1.13 drop. Report* indicate thst torn* of the European shippers who have sold Jnlted Btst«s earn ahead for export are abort of the amounts n«ed»d to meet what existing contract*? call for. Widespread rains have been delaying the conditioning of new domestic »rn, and (stocks of eld corn are rapid- y approaching eero. Aside from the corn export situation, friends of hlghtr prices for corn contend that many farmers thla Maeon are Inclined to crib more of their corn than usual, and that a big movement ol new com u needed to replenish commercial stocks. It lit also crttd that a considerable amount of the n«w crop has already bo«n or feeding purposed inaatuuch as the eeding ratio U a profitable one, al- hough bog prices nave fallen aharp- y. However, the trade to by no means losing sight of the fact that If husking and cribbing of corn becomes gneerol, and the moisture content ia ow, producers with a large surplus may ba disposed to market holdings .> IS "n 30 tb«' <* llglu for ooo. Oct. 20.~{A.P.V— T quot*tlen« ar* a» fol- Butter tubs. receipts 8,783 receipts iicchangiHl; tint-hanged; poultry eftsitr; receipts 3 cars; 26; cprinsn, 38 1-2; roosters, 30; turkeys. 25«j»0; duck*, it a 35; ao^at. Fata tors welpt* l&a c*r», on troek 44 csrs, tnUl U. S. shipment* 10*77 curfi; tmding ratri<?r *5ow. msrket rmther *low, market about steady. Wisconsin nacked round writes, 00 a- 60. mostly around 80« 8.5. Minnesota and Korth Dakota sacked round whltm. 051,60. meetly 8O«$90; sacked Red River Ohio*, a.gO«l.OO. South XMccu sacked Early Onios. 83@fi5. F Y RF FXP I Dy ijAl TO TOTAL OF ABOUT fMMM In some quarters, talk is beard that the United States has mloqed the market abroad for a. wheat crop outlet this season. World stocks of wneat have tnarmsed ifri.oooxiOO tmahela in the lost three weeks, the biggest gam on reco&d for any similar period. Oats prices are apparently following .corn rather than wheat. Domestel consumer demand for prorlslons continues irxoellent, but transattaaUc call Is uncatlafactory, and prtoc declines hare been accelerated by Jieavy njarksUogs of hogs. LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (U. 8. Department of Agriculture) Chicago, Oct. 20.— (AJ>.)— Hogs re- oeipta e^OO: fairly active around teady with Friday 'a average; fthippers lightb uyers; top. »6.76; bulk good assorted hogs. *fl.ftO@9.eO; shipper* 600; holdover 300. Butchers, medium to choice 250-350 b.. t9.i6ae.78; soo-aeo ib., ., . 160-200 Ib., >94)0@9.7&; 130-16C County. UUnol*, Ox no much thereof R» may M. neeeeaary to sstifiiy said d*cye*. Dat«d thifl 30th day of October A. D. Jacob J. Special Mauler In Chancery of said Court. Edward P. Mee. Boildtor for oom- WOT. 8 THE MARKETS CHICAGO CASH GSAIH Chicago. Oct' SQ,-~<A.P.)~-Todsy'a stash grain nmjiLirt tguotationa Aio as Wheat—No. 3 hart. »M8 1-4; Mo. 5 b&iti, *1X31; Ho. « storUusra Cora—Ho. 3 yellow. $1.06^1.07; No. 3 yellow, »ij06; No, 4 yellow. 9-831 1.01; Ho. & yellow. »l®91J-3; Mo. 3 w/olte. ai.07; Ko. 3 white. *4»7 a 1.04; white. 4t«*il»4; Wo. wait*. 41 l-3«t» 1-4. By»—No. ». 41.00 1-2; Wo. 4, BS. Bsutey, 66*73. K4NUE 118! cmtwf 11 €S Ib.. PackOng sows. «B JO 06.90. Pigs, medium to choice 60-130 Ib., 18.40 eO-18. -• Cattle wwaipta SOO; c«ni»r«d to a week ago red Bteets and yearlings 7&c to tljA lower;, deiawxi f or shipping ateers absent »t,w«ek^»ad. tb*t outlet being praetksaliy dated by the Kosher butcher*' atrlia 4» Kev Brade &c«vy ate«n lost Boost dunns; tM ««ak_ iacreaaed supply ex ted st*era to irua during the next few montaa a .p > re«a < mate bear- Wtt factor; qualltf lig&tr Btockera held tqp but lover graKs* tad maaty feed- en lost 36 to 70 cento; fat cowa and euttea about titeady; butcher h*lf«rs 60fl higher; bulls steady to 2Sc lower; vealtare gljoo to «1J» lower; ertrema top oa fed ateers Inload lou, aiT.SO; part loads. * WEEKLY BUTTER BEVIEW Chicago, Oct. 30.— (A.P.)—Butter buyers at present are unusually con- senrative. ehowing tntertat only in quantltlM needed for Immediate trade. Furthermore, as ft rule, pur- ch«.wni are inclined to seek price txmee*slons before miylng. No very material accumulations, howercr, are reported concerning the better grades of freah stock. On the other hand, there is considerable piling up of medium and undergrade stocks in some quarters. Many own- en of storage good* are meanwhile apparently ajuOojut to dtspoM of their holding*, •-tut ft: prices of fresh than the cost of Production con year. that prevailing are often loae butter. to txoeM last ftlARKET WlnaeapoIU, Oct. 20.—(AJ».)~?lour unchanged. SblpmenU 43.738 bar rel*. BCTTKB-KOO FttUKEfl Olslc*iso, Oct. " «M futures doMt * Butter—Storage •tandutu. Dec., 40; Jan., 4« r tor standards, Nov., .pec., FIHANCE »ew York, Oct. 30. r«£djustideHU t>r counts imparted an (A.P.)— Inten- epectOAUVe ac- irregular price 1. tread to the opening of today's atoctc market. International Nickel which scored ft spectacular advance Better- day fell back 4 points on the first ' '•, General Motors 11-3 and Bssdio Curtiis opened a 1-2 polnta higher aad Clreene Copper ana American Machine & Foundry each advanced about a point. Dunhlll International, Mathleson Alkali and A&aoooda Copper moved into new high ground. Speculators for the advance quick* ly obtained control of the prioe movement, lifting a score of ism** to new high records in almost bewildering fashion. Trading continued on an ertonncan aoale, blocks of 1.000 to newly 15.000 ahares changing nanda at ff**fiMmt tnturvai*. Inurflfittonal Nickel, which „,„,„ 4 polnt» tower at 180. qulfikly nm up to 167. Jumping from i«4 to 187 be' Mum-M Ooworauon tan One block of 14.OW " ^A- changed n^mPrjft,^ ft.TSHif SKE rOOLTDeKr—Bcft Mftsswl! snrt Psrtcw KrnisM-r. Jwt ti"i 4*rs in Ot«-.. ?«xt In their Rtt*itipt to fly from Rockford, 111. t« 8%«d«n, nre «bown as ih*r vtitt*^ PI^.^TI* r%s«!Mr»» ttw» other day. L«ft, to rlstht are: Mrs. B»>rt H**scJI. Bert Ilft*se!J. Prs^tteit Coo!idK»>. P^rferr Krim*T »r»d Mrs, Fanny D. Kramer, mother of thp flyer. In front, of Hasscil Is John, oti? 1 of his fwir ., The governor s*n«rt«i hit, for revision of tlifi prohibition find wa-s npj^aixled and cheered «hrn 1\? declared: "And vou can makp up your mind? that if I take the oath of office on the 4th of nest March ** prf^Sdpnt of the United Statea and 1 swwur Iwforc high Iscapcn that I shall uphold Ihe constitution and tho law of this country. I will do H." On water pomCT, the ncmine* sak- cd "what about the great, half-completed power development at Muacte Bhoals, rind the devplopmcrst at Boulder Cnnyon on the Colorado river?" "Tufee it from mc^" h€ declared, "leave the great water power resources In tlia hands of the republican party arid In the next four jeam they will be under private ownership, and operated for private profit and for private gain.** lOtmtsnuea tmm one) had held the contract lllegftl and improper. Attacks S«n, Borah. The governor opened up on Senator Borah ol Idaho, now stumping the country Jn behalf of the republican ticket. The" noinlnc« said that "men will take when presidential elections are away off" and told his audience that the Ittahoan in RpeaSdnjt on -farm relief in 182S had saJd the problem still was with th« famier. "Yea, Senator," ho continued, "In 1928 it i» still with him." The nominee then accused Borah of having voted against the "only bill suggested" to bring farm relief and offering nothing: 'In its place. Oov. Smith declared the Idsho senator had not always liiought "so much" about Herbert Hoover, whom he is supporting. "He waa not so kind to Mm only a comparatlveJy few years ego," he went on. "He had a little different Idea of him when he was food administrator." The democratic candidate quoted from Borah's speeches in the senate and said. he regarded fhem as a "rather severe Indictment of tho efficiency of Mr. Hoover in the handling of the .food administrator's office." "He »ald something else " the governor added. "Listen to it: *No man who has such perverted view? of decency ought to b« entrusted with unllmitid liower to deal wittj one hundred million dollars." "Now, I confess that that is Jumbled In the record, but I ask Senator Borah, to whom, did he re- ferf" Gov. Smith, gaid Borah had once declared that "Mr . r o ^ l»ted .the moat fundamental principle* of Uw constitution of this country will not have very much regard for a statute in Europe." "This to my way of thinking is a very polite way of calling a man a law-breaker," the nominee added. up t . ahantt *M hand* at 447-4. followed la a lew mlnutM by a block of 11JOO at 4A and tfeab a further to 49 1-4, up 1 1-4 and a new high record, Peak prices also wwe ran*. by Rational Tea. American ered LATEST COPYRIGHTS By your Favorite Author Gate K»f- 8m* Unmtlttatf .Aims fftarisb Our Reading Library Qwen Book Store Corporation, Kroger Stores. Johna- Manville and Simmon* Co.. the gain* ranging from fractions to 4 point* Packard was in brisk demarid at higher price* but Hupp and Hudson turned reactionary. Foreign ««otoang« opened steady. "fc »t«rtlng cftble« «Ji|[htIy lower «t •4.84 15-16. ' LOCAL MARKETS STERLING MARKETS <K«port«a 6y puion Hevator) Cora, 89. OaU 88U • . Til . O«-t. Vi~ 'Th<» division of highways ' avarrl of road more th»n SSiXS.OOS. end section.* wew: 49, section H5, Cook oounty. W. A. Black Co, Chicago. 131 9.! 1 3 09. Rcut* 113. wction 1(HW. Rsuato- kee. Carrtfron 4or««, Krokyk, Xcrw«» 971JM9.4*. Rottte 119. action II4B, Venalslon etniaty, W. C. j Company, Montkflk), IncL, f97,Tyi.* |44. W1FK OF ' rRIKCIPAJ. PA«S«B AWAT Pens, IH-, Oct. 2»— (A,?,*— &firs. T. J. McCormiek. wife of tli« prkarfjskl Of tJb« lA8ali*«-Prry to-nmshlp hijh Kchool and widely known B» sa e»tor, died PWday. Girls Wanted For Factory Work The Burgesa Battery CJompany has several good openings for women workers who desire to earn good wages. Modern conveniences for the welfare and comfort of employees havt been installed by this company. Applicants must be over 16 years of age. Make application in person to the Employment Department. Burgess Battery Company Freeport, Illinois Now every mm* can Acre a compete WORKACE ELECTRIC WOODWORKER Price, $89M Fast, Accurate, Economical Woodworking Machine A complete electrical shop for the individual workman. HAGLVND HARDWARE & SPORTING GOODS CO. 211 First A ve., Sterling Phone Mais StO Why Take against damage suits for personal injury or property damage; against loss of your ear by fire, theft or collision—when you can buy dependable Automobile Insurance. Get in touth with us it in to& £§!«>, 9 Gaulrapp $18 */t First

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