Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 23, 1964 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1964
Page 8
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8 - Thurs., Apr. 23, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts SWEETIE PIE ^^^^ IN HOLLYWOOD Behind SeUen' heart attack By Kate Osann By Enkine Johnson "Why don't you try making another hi-fi cabinet? We're almost out of firewood!" TELEVISION IN REVIEW By EICK DD BKOW HOLLWOOD (UPI) - Such cxeifement! Wednesday the World's Fair opened in New York. Today is Shakespeare's 400th birthday. Sometime this year is the 400th anniversary of Jlichelangelo's death. And, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, the Swiss National E.v- position opens ne.xt Thursday at Lausanne. Wednesday night, NBC - TV came up with a 90 - minute World's Fair special. And if the fair is really planning on a time capsule, it can leave out this telecast — except for a tour of the international area guided by that enormously ingratiating and comic Mexican star, Cantinflas. With his baggy - pants costume, lightness of step and inspired participation in a Spanish dance, he at least saved part of the show. Not only did Cantinflas emerge as the personal star of the show, but his sequence was perfect in what the telecast Silence golden also grounds for divorce LONDON (UPI)-Elhel Essex got a divorce from her husband Sidney Wednesday on grounds of cruelty after testifying that he did not speak to her for more than four years, and com municated by an c.vchange of^ notes. The long silence began in Oc (ober, 1959. she said, after she went to a show with a woman friend. Her husband accused her of going out with another man. should have offered overaU but didn't — flavorful hosts plus a wide - open look at what view ers really wanted to see: The spectacle, the grandness. To begin with, the advertised title of the special, "Opening Night at the World's Fair," was misleading. It was not really about opening night: Most of the footage was filmed and taped. This led to an almost entirely wrong approach. Basic ally, this program should have been a journalistic story, giving the viewer the experience of being truly there at the fair on opening night. It seems incredible that when one has live material as spectacular as a World's Fair, one would choose rather to think that it needs a "production" or to be dressed up as a "show." What could possibly match it? Outside of the Cantinflas por tion, the program was hke one big institutional ad. Fred MacMurray, Carol Channmg and Lome Greene were also guides, but were given plebeian' banal, cute material that seemed iU- equipped for anything but plugging the exhibiUons of business firms. The great Marian Anderson narrated a reUgious passage — but, for some extraordinary reason, we did not get to hear her smg. HOLLYWOOD — (NEA) — It is frightening and awesome to see an otherwise healthy man of 38 struck down by a heart attack. In the case of Peter Sellers, the wondrously talented British comedian-actor, overwork was responsible for the serious heart seizure, an occupational hazard for all stars suddenly "hot" on the box office. At the time Sellers was stricken, S20 millioa worth of films, mcluding the one in which he was working and two others being planned, were rid mg on his talents and his zoom ing audience popularity. A film which brought him to Hollywood for the first time is his fifth in less than two years. He started work in the movie immediately after completing the fourth a few weeks ago in London. To men who work at jobs in volving mainly physical exer tion. acting perhaps seems like child's play, somethmg to be laughed atraut in terms of being gruehng enough to cause a heart attack. But "grueling" is the word for acting, as any actor will tell you. In addition to its physical demands, there is a high degree of emotionalism which, for some actors, can be more devastating than physical exertion. This was the case with Sellers, an intense actor of many faces and many moods. Last December, I spent several days in London talking with him and about him, on the set where he was starring in the film, "A Shot in the Dark." Give him a role to play and Sellers is a genius. Everyone agreed on that. Sellers was modest, saying. "When a role is completed, I e.xperience a sudden and horrifying loss of identity. It is because 1 have no personality of my own." Seeking escape from Peter Sellers, he has rushed from one role to another during the past 10 years, sometimes playing as many as three parts in the same picture. In "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb," Sellers appeared as the President of the United States, as a mad sci entist, and as a British Air Force officer. From what his friends told me in London four months ago, the heaviest strain on Sellers was the emotional pressure. "He's so insecure that emo tionally he's like a child," one said. Another said: "He is a tormented man. You can see it in his face. He's either up or down emotionally. When he's down, there is no- thuig anyone can do for him." When stricken, Sellers was nearing the peak of his career m costly films aimed at the international market. Until two years ago he appeared only in low-budgeted British films which, surprisingly, did better business in the United States than in England. Among them were "The Jfouse That Roared," "I'm All Right, Jack" and "Only Two Can Play." The Pink Panther," currently in release, is his funniest role to date. He was working with Dean Martin and Kim No vak in BiUy WUder's "Kiss Me, Stupid" when hospitalized. He had just been married, for the second time. "I hope the boys never start sending plastic corsages!" What happened to 'em? F \Ts\ hint at break up of Communism in 1948 Northwest shuttle trip being planned WASHINGTON (UPI)-A converted submarine chaser carrying a party of scientists, sailors and adventurers will attempt a round-trip shuttle o'l the fabled Northwest Passage this year. The vessel "Northland Princess" will journey from Vancouver, British Columbia, east to Frobisher Bay on Baffin Island and back again. If successful, the privately sponsored expedition will be the first voyage through the passage in both directions in one season, the National Geographic Society said Wednesday. Th» Channel Swim: Gary Crosby stars on CBS - TV's "T^vilight Zone" May 22 as an opportunistic rock 'n' roll sing or who has a nightmarish encounter with a beautiful backwoods girl. E. G. Jilarsball portrays an aging long - haul truck driver who begins to doubt his abili ties on the same network's "Suspense" May 6. Employment experiments urged by state LOS ANGELES (UPI)—CaU- fomia growers were urged today by a state Department of Emplo >Tnent official to imder- fake "substantial domestic labor experiments" this year while the Mexican bracero is still available to offset any failures. Don Larin, Deputy Director for Farm Labor, told a meeting of the state Board of Agriculture that pilot projects this year would increase the prospect for "desired results" next year when the bracero program will no longer be in cxistance. By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Antiy** In Vienna, earlier this month, a United States diplomat with long years of service both in side and on the fringe of the Iron Curtain was speculating on the date when it might be said the first cracks appeared in the structure of world Communism. This correspondent had just returned to Vienna from a brief visit to Budapest, Hungary, and had suggested that one such date might be the 1956 Hungarian revolution. The American diplomat made it much earlier, placing it in stead at June, 1948, when Josef expelled Yugoslavia from the Cominform for hostility toward the Soviet Union and deviation firom JIarxism-Leninism. "The Yugoslavs," he said, "by turning to the West for help demonstrated that they could hve without the Soviet Union despite Stalin's best efforts to squeeze them into submission. Lesson "The lesson was not lost upon the other satellites." The Hungarian revolution marked a turning point, in that it led to increasing Soviet con cessions to the rising sense of nationalism within others of the satellites. Soviet efforts later to turn the tide and to restore total Moscow authority, as in the Soviet attempt to isolate Albania, failed. And this, finaUy, brings us to the events surrounding Soviet Premier Nikifa Khrushchev's celebration last week of his 70th birthday. Prior to last week it bad been widely suggested that the Russians were ready to call a for a showdown in their contin uing quarrel with the Red Chinese. That the idea now seems to have been dropped is attributed to the caution and advice of SPRING CARPET SALE DU PONT 501 NYLON a loop pile from DuPonff finesf nylon — Continuous filament, won't fuzz, pill, or pull out . . . YOU SAVE 30% While it lasts WOOL PILE SCROLL TEXTURE WILTON BROADLOOM Closely woven Wilton construction for extra wear. YOU SAVE 40% $5% EXTRA HEAVY PLUSH HERCULON PILE BROADLOOM New sensational fiber. Hi-lo, random sheared or muted tweed. 3 styles, 27 colors $795 NO MONEY DOWN — 36 MONTHS TO PAY. THREE FINE STORES TO SERVE YOU REDLANDS — 100 Orange — 793-2389 YUCAIPA — 35119 Yucalpa Blvd. — 797-1121 HIGHLAND - 2720« E. Baseline — UZSiSi Talntr 7lu salelUte leaders who attended the birthday festivities. Two conclusions may be drawn. One is that the sateUites op pose an open break with the Red Chinese because of the factionalist it would encourage within their own parties. The other is that, despite his own great power, Khrushchev is not entirely a free agent either within the Soviet Union or within that portion of world Communism which sides with him agaust the Chinese. To maintain his position, he must play a politician's role. Stalemate So far as the Red Chinese Soviet quarrel itself is con cemed, there is amounting he lief that it has gone beyond cither Khrushchev or Red Chi nese leader Mao Tse-Tung, and that it could not be eliminated with the disappearance of cither one or both. Mao, as leader of the world most populous Communist na tion and a veteran revolution ary, regards himself as t h logical interpreter of Leninism Both Mao and Khrushchev quote copiously from Marx and Lenin to defend their position But, more than an ideological quarrel, this is a struggle fo world power between nations and individuals that have disocvered there is no such thing as coequal dictatorship and as such it must continue. And as of today there arc three kinds of Communism— the kind practiced by the Soviet Union, the kind advocated by the Red Chinese and the nation alist Communism rising in t h western sateUites. Oh some are still around, glamorous too Mint gets its zinc just in time WASHINGTON (UPI)— The Denver Mint came close to halt ing the mmting of pennies re cenlly because it did not have enough zinc, but other sources of metal were found in time. House subcommittee was told Monday. Anthony Bertsche, an assis tant admmistrator in the Commerce Department's Business and Defense Services Adminis tration, told a House Interior subcommittee that the Denver Mmt told Washington at the time it had only a few days' supply of zinc left. It was understood that the shortage developed a few months ago, and that supplies were found to keep the mint go ing without interruption. Small amounts of zinc are used in pen nies as an alloy materiaL However, Interior Committee Chairman Wayne Aspinall, D- Colo., prepared a letter to the director of the mint asking for all details of how the shortage developed. The mint shortage was dis dosed m a discussion of a recommendation in government circles for releasing 75,000 tons of zinc from the U.S. stockpiles. By VERNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPI)— ^Vhat- ever happened to the war-time glamor girls who drove GI's outta then: cotton -picking minds? Remember 'em? Betty Gra ble, Rhonda Fleming, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, Esther Williams, Jane Russell, Lana Turner. One of their number, blonde Virginia Mayo, is making her first HoDywood movie in seven years. She co-stars with Rory Calhoun in "Young Fury," a western with a two-week shooting schedule in which she portrays a mother. It is the fate of all glamor girls who stick with movies to gravitate from sexy roles to the soul-searing assignments of mature" parts. Translation: Second banana to younger leadmg ladles. You got the picture clearly a few years ago when Lana Turner played mamma to Sandra Dee. And just as inevitably Miss Dee, Tuesday Weld, Shirley MacLame, Natalie Wood, Elizabeth Taylor and the rest of today's hotshots will be playing matrons ere two- decades pass. Betty Grable is in semi reUrement, living with husband Harry James in Las Vegas. She makes occasional television appearances. Rhonda Fleming, now a grandmother, makes video guest shots and a rare movie. Rita Hayworth just completed "Circus World" in which she is billed after Italian sex kitten Claudia Cardmale. Ava Gardner must content herself with faded, been- around-too-Iong women, such as she portrayed in "Seven Days in May"—with not too many close-ups, please. Esther Williams hasn't been in a bathing suit in a movie in years. She keeps busy in stage productions, but not on Broadway. Jane Russell sings a bit with two other girls in night clubs. Then: agents are not besieged with offers as they once were. Their names don't rate top billing anymore. Yet each is a better actress than she was in her salad days. And some are even prettier than they were. By the same token the men who collected their pin-up pic tures aren't the gay blades of the 40s either. With paunches and balding pates, tliey find themselves sighing wistfully at the Sue Lyons and Carol Lyn leys. Miss Mayo speaks for all her group when she says, "They don't make women's pictures anymore. You rarely see script for actresses. They're mostly written for leading men. I'd like to play more glamor ous roles, but they're not writing them anymore." These scripts are stiU around, but they're going to Lollobrigi da, MacLaine, Wood, Taylor and Novak. At least for the time bemg they are. Ramona to have extra performances Two c-ttra performances will be given of the famed Ramona Outdoor Play, in Hemet, on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. May 9 and 10, it is announced. The extra performances are being staged to replace the rained out performances of Sunday, April 19, which had to be cancelled. .All persons holding tickets for Sunday's performance, dated .April 19, will be honored on Sunday, May 10, it is announced. Those holding tickets may use them on that date. It will not be necessary to exchange them, says Willyd Councilman, general manager of the Ramona Pageant. For those persons who have been unable to obtain tickets, because the regular scheduled performances were sold out, will have an opportunity to purchase tickets for the extra Saturday performance on May 9. The cancellation of the play Settlement seen as victory for President WASHINGTON (UPI)—Members of Congress viewed settlement of the long-standmg railroad dispute today as a triumph for collective bargaining and a personal victory for President Johnson. Both Republicans and Democrats hailed the agreement removing the threat of a nationwide strike. There was no speculation of the political effect of the development in an election year. But legislators e.xpressed candid relief that the touchy issue would not be dumped back in their laps so close to national elections. Only last .August, Congress passed the first peacetime compulsory arbitration bill m history to block a railwalk- out. on Sunday, April 19, marked the sixth time the play has been postponed, because of rain, in the 37 years it has been staged. That performance would have marked the 147th. Some Lucky Person Gets If Electricians toil with Abe's spasms NEW YORK (UPI) - Tech nicians toiled today to eliminate the electrical troubles which prevented the Hhnois pavilion at the New York World's Fair from opening on schedule Wednesday. The foul-up caused a life-like reph'ca of Abraham Lincohi to go into spasms while delivering some excerpts from some of his speeches. Futura Portable Phonograph And 25 Records Come Saturday, May 2nd, someone's going to flip when he learns he's the winner of this battery-operated, electrically amplified portable phonograph in a molded case of tough washable Tenite Poiyollomerl PLUS 25 POPULAR 45 RPM RECORDS! Ploys all three speeds! 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