Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 20, 1928 · Page 10
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 20, 1928
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

n " T •> "PBA V ~~-£££S£v* . "~?*?%r^t-"r»&£%3J~SS&^?g^~' if ., ij- -«i ,.-'«!"•;'*•. -.. -*,.., . ' . * ™^ J ^"'L ^..*T*rtvMa • JR fl* V f^ff ,. NO\V fmm hn pt?«i, OAN HARVKF. ? f-«=-s»p* fnjtinr: *t*9 MvHI*. test !Mm for thf ri-9H»!y Injar^d. hni S^-tlr** Jn nffiw nfi'l <!AT. R«tl» wen flfffr t» her thTp smfl -fcrrr aeeef her heart dictates O»n. 8h? oHmr bill next dsr to pay the CiO ON" \VJTff THE STOiRT. CHAPTER V. mii?t nnt Rrpup wl'h Alc.«tfr ir* nbout money. Jerry toid She niu?t h? nonchalant — certainly hr wouldn't- admire humbleness, and it was but fair that he rhoulrl benr (he expense to which In* hnci put hrr. She could return what V.RS left of thr hundred dol- If.r* nflcr the doctor was paid. Shi? flashed a sunny smile at. him. "Lucky for you I didn't break nn arm," ?>he said. He regarded her gravely. "I'm glad you didn't, of course," he replied, "but I'd he happy to assume any liability I might Incur- with you " Jerry was slightly confused by his remark, nnd her confusion annoyed her. He hadn't done anything to cause her to add a double meaning to the things he said. She turned quickly toward the house — Dr. Belden's office was in his residence. Alcstrr smiled as he watched her "Not BO dumb." he told himself complacently. Wlhcr. Jerry returned she handed him some folded up bills. "Thirty-two dollars." she said. meaning the change. "What is Dr. Belden, a billionaire?" "He's a renowned surgeon." Airs- j tcr told2 her. "What did he say nbout you " J Kc took, the money because some- j things in Jem's manner made him j realize thnt he could not pay for j her injury with dollars, except iu', she must pav for it. «hp hs>'l thotmh' *t fir 1 ??-. Ther* ws* ». fount sin in *. mn?p ftr I**** prnarh*<? fh* fn^f^n^^ th* tl^v^r s^~t'n£ f^p^n for thTr* $nd ^ hurlv rrj'ors-d itwn in uniform prefer! JPTTV surmiiwi (list h» niu'-t b* . * frequent- visitor h<re And for ' an instant, she frit that fh<* door- j man regarded h<r in what miRhi S «!»rm. 8h»> rou'd n«f decide which. Thev *'Te shown to ft p!fS"HTit- !y placed table- nn R screened porch. Je.rrv noted that it had s more luxuriant centerpiece than the other tablr 1 *. It seemed, In a way «he could not rlrfine, to be * special table. The wc.lter hadn't, ex- actlv shown thrm t/> it, but when he led the «•«>• to that end of the porch Aip.ster had indicated that they would sit there. Again It seemed to Jerry that sriie Inspired something like comterna- tion when the waiter glanced at her. She became self conscious. Her drew of course! She knew that Mie wasn't dressed as the Rirls of AlrMer's acquaintance drer.sed. Oh why had she been too Indifferent about camping to care what she wore! All those pretty, dainty things in her suitcase! She must get them tonight when she went to town with Myrtle and George. She wondered what time it was and how long It required to have tea in the Rollins: Stone Inn. She hoped they would wait for her if she were late. There seemed to be no hurry about bringing their refreshment-; Indeed, Alestcr did not bother to Rive an order, Jerry expected him ' to nsk what she liked, but he didnt' do that either. j They talked. He'd been asking' her questions all afternoon. Jerry , thought he must be deeply inter- < csted in her to want to know so 1 much Hbout her. Where did she come from? What did she do? When- did her family live? Prctrntly, when she was wishing that he would talk of something! else, a waiter appeared with a tray and Jjrry found a tall glass fillejj with amber fluid and tinkling Ice set before 'her. It looked like tea. There was also a plate of tiny paper- "ffS. f~^. ., ' %^^-"~~S^^r- ;;> Cl A MJKJT t SUPPOSE, -tm/vr AC£OTA»W APOUKIO. A' X R 1M tf-CH |pf iWci-15 AMOS \s M/ip Ai H ME. /LlM-f MARTflU «'—- rfe rt: ' l' u * P»T or? OIMHL •» MM KKVK(. we /» TL6AS JA\ <T, •—* fiti I "t>r POOPS "Tb "PEEK IMS i] W Atu~TH r TLtsAS MLASTA l 't C5LJMPEP od"T oM MV ^-% J?6C3 ''' ,AL£ Y>A W,PER " / - UAiCLB AMOS SAIP AW ,PO<3 WASM 1 / / MlCKEL r — BUf ( WoR"ff-l A ^foo H vfeatl po<3 ' A i C0HPLB OF TV>tSA\P5 I ?^ /"- P «3'«J« »T ttt SALESMAN SAM IS JrA SOUP Moui Maybe Twos. Stale "^—Bfe-^t! GOT MOCU I'LL a littie loo eagerly. He was glad she. thos? who scorned small change usually wanted something worth while, he believed. He liked costly things himself—even expensive playmates "I'.ui Jiot LO__ ha_ye any excitement for a v.iiilc." Jerry said, ahcT laughed softly. Rscitcmcnt! Why. not *8 hours l.'aci: tlie bottom fell • out of her world and n had been a tragedy. And now the knew that it had dropped her risht into an entirely new universe, a universe that hitherto h?.d been only a dream to her. "In that case I'll have to see that you're kept, quiet." Alester assured her promptly. "Can't go back to camp. Dan's taking the plane over to the hanger, I think No room to take it off where it is." Jerry wished he hadn't mentioned Dan. For the moment he was. out of her mind. She'd been petting a tremendous kick out of spinning along on a work day in a car that would have drawn a crowd even if it had been parked on Fifth Avenue. Thoughts of Dan dispelled some of her thrill. She didn't want him to Dunk that she had refused his offer to bring her to Dr. Belden's Mmpjy because Alester could account for more pold . . . but that was precisely why she had refused him! Jerry felt decidedly uncomfortable. "We'll drive out to Port Jefferson and drop in for tea at the Rolling Stone Inn on our way back," Alerter was saying. The prospect of a drive appealed to - Jerr-y -—-pef haps-»- «e«s« ef-tnotion and constantly changing scen«s would he?P her to think as she wanted to think. This wax more than she'd ever expected .014 Ot life—and her enjoy- aient ot it was clouded because a man with dark blue-gray eyes had magnetism in his touch, it setmed cruel to Jerry that the realization of more than her wildcat dreams would be w> marred. She told her- uelf that she was beginning to dislike Dan Harvey. » • « There had been dajs when she worked ui the humid, breath- ies satmosphere of Fane's on which i'ie'd have been tempted to gamble with her toul at slake for a drive like this. The sweeping, wooded hills, the sudden descents upon little harbor villages, the landscaped ground* of beautiful estates, tisa luxury and oi.ieed of the nigh-powered motor car — «H were exquisitely new to *derry. They teemed to release a to feci as if she weje fairly~so*r- iog over the earth. And yet tier siatioii was diuuutjd troubled at. lunch. But Alester ignored them. • j not even suggesting that she have one. - * * , She looked around for sugar for her lea. There was none. Alesttr lifted his glass. She gmildn'L take trswlthput sugar. -Will you please have the waiter bring some powdered sugar?" she asked, wishing, her -didnt sound so timid. The next time . . when she was better dressed . . . anrl people didn't look «U her so strangely. . • • "Sugar!" Alcsler repeated. "I don't think you'll need it with this.' No one ever has improved upon Shin's mixing." Jerry wondered what he meant. ePrhaps iced tea came to the table already sugared at the Rolling Stone Inn. She told herself that she must be more care- j ful about making stupid breaks. She said nothing more about sugar but lifted her glass and took a drink from U. Instantly she set it down a startled expression on her face. This was not t*a! Alester was watching her. "What's the matter," he asked. "Don't you like it?" Jerry stuttered. -Her throat tingled and her eyes smarted. She liad almost choked over the strong beverage and only an heroic swallow- had saved her from greater distress. "It's too strong." she managed to say when she could lake away the napkin she had hurriedly pressed to her lips, "I'm sorry," Alester said. "1 should have ask*d what you'd like." Jerry smiled at him. hesitantly; "I'd~iike"~t«a~' Then more 'boldly, "with sugar." Thi* wasn't at ail the way she had planned to act when she got "her chance." Where was her insouciance, the woinan-of-the-world air she meant to assume? She glanced anxiously at Ale&ter. But apparently he was not noticing her simpleness. His attention was held by someone who was approaching them unseen by Jerry. And his face wore a very odd expression. (To Be Continued) By Small v,-» ______ . . a tMU.orr. Cm*, tn MU tatvta. me. Dangerous Business i»ad been angr&W^uJ to one wlw 41 Vert Je«ersoiu they tum«d bA^c, iiOaitd, aad daove far b>«ad tfa« »p««il tiwi cu their way to the "tan; ..... ftnr-ttjguiht of uoder the hood held power Jo nearly » iuwwlreel hor«»' tr tod told her FORMAL JEKSEY A cardigan suit of red )ersey lias a iiuftll collar of black Persian lamb and a stunning, fitted basque of black velvet. Worn with a black turban and smart black shoes and gloves, it becomes a strikingly formal' little outfit. ' j MS SMJAX-V.OVWED *) /V^e /OEMEfS TO JUAT <MA1L AM / PUT /^Al LS IT INSIDE OP ME AMD MOM $A,'D iTGOOt-D . SCAB&D klLUSD ME Sv Blower SOOTS AtiD HJ2K BUDDIES Ouch! you EVJER s&e A/^VBODV POT MAILS .*.. un «at wow- OH vt*». *»W\ 5OV5\. ,OW> C«KPPV- DOKfTCMER X»£X»0"— TVUT (AFW VS TVS: «t«\ OWt *, '<•*, MOM'N POP OH Fop Smells a Rat Oowaa All M«t«t »i*4 ' tepairta* ear Cluttorkam Tin Sk&p at ifaMCitti « fll Ui A TOUGH To LJW 1W WMt ^T IkW yp* Tw SETttfi."fii» DO VCH) M6R.N SHBIMP PAg£P ME to t«f

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