Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 28, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 1944 of 0 Cost 8 rfl. •tilling "•o lo. 'n«r to Rir crop • »» to av cr- ;NAUGATUGK DAILY NEWS jWomen's Activities—Personal '& Social! Women's Clubs' Conference To Be In New London (t l.x expected that several monitors of the Nnugattick Woman's flub will attend the New Kngluncl conference of Stntt* Federations of Wmin-n's Clubs to be held September. '12. t," and VI jit the Hotel Grls- w.ilil. Now London. Mrs. VV,llll«m Nttli!i\ Jr.. n nu'mber o( tho .board nacl chairman of Industry Is planning to be present. I ' Mrs. Robert T, Baldwin, .state jirosidt'nt, .\rr.i. Jmnos C, Cm-mark, r-rrslili-nt in' the New ICnglnml Con- ,'oiviu'i'. and. Mrs. Ljuirn Halo Gor- run. vlci'-i'iTsldent of the ConlVr- rncr "'ill preside m tho so-islonti, M'hlfli include business, 'and ad- ili-rsses by Dr. May Hall fi'Ssmr of social science, New Haven Touchers' college; Cnrl A. Cray, pivsidont of the Granby Manufacturing Co.. Dr, Lyndon O, Brown, of Stewart, Brown and As- soeinios. Distribution Consultunts .Mnrki'ting Research ,ancl the "Alms and Policies of the Two XCnjor Political Part I as" by a. representative of each. An Operalog of Vordi's "I_a Tra- vinta" presented by Florence Mar- timil.'i CVntcr, MOpnitio find Murlo 'Afl'h.'iuscn Jpn.ton nt thu piano wi follow the Zodiac dinner on Tucs clay evening. Mrs. Lal'Vil Dickinson, prcsidcn or the Ot-nora! Federation of Worn en's Clubs will give an adclres Wednesday evening, .During th dirnu:' hour the Connecticut StnU Churns will present a program tin tier the direction of Mrs, Eclmunc S. Mali; with Mrs. John Dow acconifi.tnist. Tops In Her Line +++W++++++++++-++++++J Mrs. Ncrma Paul Organist At Wedding' Mrs. Norma Pnul of Walnut street presided at the organ at the u-eddinp of Minn .Elizabeth A Miller to Harold K. San ford Sat- unliiy afternoon in the; Niiuwitu Mcthodisit church. The program in- eluded "At Dawning." "Schubert's Serenade," "Oh Promise Me." "Because" and "I Love You Truly.' William Eoyd u-as soloist. Spent Vacation At Bay View Mr, and Mrs. John Kissanc and son, Robert, and thiMr daughter, Mrs. John Dowlinjf, returned -S«U- unliiy from Bay View. Milford, whi-ri; :hey .spent a two weeks' Joint Birthday Party Attended By 35 Persons A joint birthday party was hold Sunday 'at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond ' Hotchkiss of Oak street in honor of their son,; -Rny| mond" Hotchkiss, Jr., IE yoars of age and his grandmother, Mrs. Oliver Johnson of Roxbury. An outing and roust were hold at Lake Quassapaug on Sunday after- Three, fen. Merrill Is Home From Burma For Vacation North Woodstock, N. H., Aug. [S —-(UP)—The lotidor of; Mcrrilj'; Marauders is home from Burin for his first vacation in /seven years. Brigadier General Frank D Merrill—;Vvho led 'a picked force o Chinese and Americans to 1 during victories—says lie's just going to sleep, fish and write letters while he's in North Woodstock. General Merrill won't prdoict the date on which the' Pacific ends. And he. says lie doesn't particularly earn for the title'. "Ma- •iiiidcrs" for his men. He says that noon fincl the social festivities i'ol- thn troops arc just using orthodox lowed later lit the home of Mr. and' Mrs. • Hotchkiss. Games wore •played and prizes awarded to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones of Beacon Falls. Mrs. Oliver Johnson and Bert Mtihaffey •' or Naugatuck. Dancing and musical entWtain- mont also were enjoyed. Many gifts were presented to the guests of honor by the'35 guesis, present from Roxbury, Southbury Beacon Falls and NHUgatuck, American infantry tactics In rough country. Tossing u coquettish sinilK your way is pretty Miirl Kanl. She has just lifi-n chosen Xow York's Most Beautiful Cigarette Girl over a goodly ntintliur of other altruclivL- conlL-.-tuuts, (Intorna- tioiial) Ruth A Is Honored At Pembroke College Mr.-Mrs. E. 0. Hess Present At Eastern Star Slipper, Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Edmund O. Hess of Bristol terrace wore present recently at u pot-luck supper ami meeting or the Naugatuck Valley Custom Star Association of Past: -Macrons and Patrons of 19-10-11, held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reynolds, Seymour. Madame Chiang, Seriously III, May Come To The U. S. FJak Towers That Failed to Halt Allied Forces A. C. Henry W, Pope Leaves For Denver Aviation Cadet Henry \V. Jr., loft today for Lowry Pope, Field. -Miss Ruth A. Jletx, daughter of -Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo \V. .Met/, of Platts Mills, has been admitted to :he honors program of study at Pembroke college, Brown university, Providence. R. I, The program was dcsifined Lo t,-ivu oxceptionnl students a broa'd- :r opportunity for developinf,' thuir ndividual interests. Miss Motz is ilso on the Demi's list for hi£h icactcmic standing. Her parents it-c former -Xruifratuck residents. Mr.-Mrs. William Vacationed In N. H. Mr. and Mrs. William Xoblc, Jr nf N'ew Haven rostd, hav..- returnc from a vacation at .Humpto J'.cach. N, H. DuBois Family Visited In Bay View Mr. and Mrs. Lionel DuBois ... their daughter, Miss Penrl DuBois <>•: May street, have returned from Hay View, Milford. where they Itod Dr. an«i Jfrs. John S Stanley Osborne At Waterbury Hospital Stanley Oshorno of Grove street is 'i patient fit th« VVjilcrbtiry hospital u-hvro hp In recovering' from » n-cent operation for appendicitis. Vacationed At Bay View, Milford .\risw\x J,,.no Smith and Lllllfin Sridlusky have returned to their (mini's (, n North M;iln jctrr-i.-t after vjit-ii! inning ut Piayvlew, Milford. ?icnic 'Supper At Home Of Rhea Mowrey A picnic 'supper by the Vv'esleynn ervico Guild will be held this ovoInj: at G:30 o'clock at the homo of Miss Rhea Mowrey, S't Rockwell avenue. A business meeting »'il! folloiv. Denver. Colorado, after spending -several clays win-, his pai'onts. .Mr. and Mrs. Henry W, Pope of High street. Wnshinprton. Aug. 28—(UP) — Chinese Finuncc Miniater Kunp says Madame Chi.inR- Kai-Shek is seriously ill — and that she will come to the United States In a few weeks for medical treatment, Kunfr is a brother-in-law of Madame Chianp. The wife of the Chinese gen- ornlissimo now is In Rio de Ja.n- •o with her sister. ' Madame Chiang 1 1-ist visited ' the United States nearly two years ago. At i that' time .ihe received treatment | of an old injury at the Columbia Medical Center in New York. China's first lady will return to I the .same doctor who treated her i in 19-12. ! \ Vault ./<;«[> driver stops his cur to look lit some KtViittercd rink tower* after their (funs hud liocii completely Kilonced by repeated Allied l»rml)|ri K H. The Ntriicturen, mounting heavy anti-aircraft culls, guarded Na/.i marine burriicks In Anders, France. This in an official U. S. Signal COI-OH photo. (IntcmatlonBl) American Tanks 90 Miles From Germany (Continued from Pntjo 1) wounded or captured IC.OOO Germans in advancing- -10 miles. The survivors arc in full retreat northward. Rome dispatches label that cleanup as probably the most import- Lint victory since Uic Allies hit two weeks Edward A. Haniey Returns From Hospital Edward A. Hanlcy of 7S Curtiss street has returned from St. Francis' hospital, Hartforcf, where he wns a patient for the past few weeks. St. Francis Outing Is A Fine Success (Continued from Pafrc 1) Return To Home In Washington, D, C, Mr. and .Mrs. Arthur York returned Sunday to their home in Washington. D. C., after u visit with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peterson of Millvillo iiveiiu','. New Yorkers Are On Visit In- Town Airs. George L.awson and daughter. Angola, o:' isVw York city are tftipsts of Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Buckmiller of Park avenue. The visitors have recently returned to this country from thu British West ftcts taken part in' by youngsters who did a grand job before not only ,1 highly interested audience of adults, but by a highly skeptical audience as well "Among those who took pan in the Amateur Hour were Muryann -Moon, with a tap dance. Barbara Gulakis, a song, the trio of Is";incy Klupis, Mary Beardsley and June Scat Kids Grab Sinker And Hot Coffee Paris broadcast says train service has been resumed between Paris and it suburb and mail is being delivered again. But French partisans and Allied troops have been given orders to shoot on sipht Na;i snipers and armed collaborationists, as a result of two attempts o assassinate General De Gaulle In the air war, its still a on sided show. Allied formation struck toward the continent from Britain today, and Berlin says other formations—presumably 1>on Beardsley with song, Ji'.ckie Christy, song. Diana Depslcy, sonfr. Carol Ann Cokowski, song. "PaUv" Bradshaw, song, the trio of Safly Thurston. Eileen Phillips and Ruth Carroll, song-, Mary Lynch, song, Brian O'Neill, sons, 'James Moore, Song, Sally Thurston and Joan Dunn song, Margaret Froclich Betty Ann Johnson, song [mlies where they heir homo. formerly made VIrs. Paul Smey Undergoes Operation Thn condition nf Mrs, Paul Smey I' '17' Loutisbury atn?ct in report- Catherine Kissane. song. James Fitzgerald, story.' Ceorgc Froclich actod as mastei of ceremonies, and the judges were John J. Wrinn. Stephen Knaplk and Ernest DiMaria, Follov.'ing the entertainment program dancing was enjoyed in the pavilion until S o'clock when the outing festivities came to a close. Tho cooking for the event was in charge of Alex Schmitx and Rocco Mariano, and the delicious pro- I'.-iir at St. Mary's hospital i ClUClH thcvt thoso tvv ° Kcntlcmen ...... ..., ......... u_ _____ ...... .'_.'! turned out were enjoyed' to the ut- FIRST STEP IN EASY WALKING- I Norwash Shoe Store Vntorbury,' wluM'o she underwent fin operation SfUurdiLV. Officer Ray Carlson Starts Vacation Police "Olllcor Ktiymond Carlson started his annual vacation today. Early Harvesting Of Crops Advised Amhorjit. Mass., Aug. 28—(UP) -All grown fruit and vegetables should bo harvested an soon as ibid. ThiU's the advice of Hoy .E. Moscr of Mn.ssnchuHdtts St.ito college — state supervisor of the emergency farm labor program. Mower says n c/tiic;; harvest will « prevent destruction of crops by 5 I nn curly frcuze, drought or torrential rains. SCHOOL SUPPLIES • SCHOOL BAGS • • PENCIL CASES • • INKS • • PADS • • PENCILS • • COMPOSITION BOOKS DICTIONARIES FOUNTAIN PENS ERASERS SCHOOL WALLETS PENS — KVJ2KVTIIIXG VOU N Your Stationer most. There was food available from the time the outing opened right up until the /Inal events wore concluded. The food spread included, ham- burgs . cooked with sweet peppers, frankforts. 'pickles nncl relishes, Texas onions, sliced tomatoes, fresh picked corn with plenty of butted, birch beer on draught, soda and other refreshments. The guest of honor at the out- An Advanced Hnmburjrer Stand, Eoiifrai.'ivillc—(UP)—If you arc a SCAT kid skiddinpc your schoone: to the line across thu muck of. the strip, they'll pitch you a sinker and a hot cuppa five jerks after you drop out of the driver's scat. If you are the 'particular' type, you cnn jret a double-decker or 'a Dajfwood special on the jump. The Terry-and-the-Piratcs talk, for the orderly ones who like understandable sentences, menins that f'you arc a South Pacific Combat Air Transport (SCAT) pilot bring-- inj,.' you;- C--I7 in across the muddy landing- strip you can pet plenty o:' coffee, doughnuts and food from the Cross canteen at the uiifre of .the rlcld. The Red Cross operates canteens, which the Gl'S call "hamburger stands" all along the SCAT routes north from Bougainville, and have oven installed circulating' libraries so that passengers and crew can take along- H book or magazine. The books and magazines are cx- chanped at stations further along-, nnd eventually come back again. That's how the library "circulates," One of the finest canteens, cre- med by combined efforts of the Army Engineers, the Scabeos and the Quartermaster Corps, is on Bougainville itself, the SCAT pilots report. i -Manager of tho unit is Leo Hcn- riing, New York City, assigned to the base Red Cross • offlcc of the Service Command. Edmund H. Poggi, Jr.. Wllkes Barre, Pa., supervises its activities. thi; Riviera bca(*h<js ago. The Americans now arc at Mon- tciiniar, half way between the Mediterranean and the great rail city of Lycjn. And L-yori iuelf. is only SO miles away. A British radio correspondent j e~rn'"EngIafid "af7er"a 'lull of 31 (heard ,n New York by C-B-S) j hours. The extent of the day's ter- says the French patriots have cap- j ror raids has not been disclosed, tcred Lycm, while an American Italy—were over lower Austria. Yesterday's widespread blows, iiguinst Germany were followed up by an RAF Mosquito raid against the industrial city of Mannheim And today the Nazis resumed their 1 flying bomb assaults against London and other areas of south- spoui-head from Grenoble is closing in on thu city. " Most of two German divisions arc revealed to have boon wiped out in the fighting for the great naval base of Toulon, now com- pletoyl liberated, and Marseille— in which some Nazis still hold out. More than 7,000 Nazi prisoners have been captured in the two port cities. Great mineswccpinf. Jn Eastern Italy, Polish troops hnve advanced another sever, miles and are approaching the important Adriatic coastal town of Pcsro. ELECTION- ORDEUED activity is under way along Die entire coast of southern France n preparation for increasing the .andiug or supplies in cap'turcc port areas. At the eastern er.d of the Riviera 'rent Americans are less thai; 'oui- miles from Nice. Meanwhile. Paris is well on •oad to normalcy after its most exciting week since the revolu- ion.*riiousands of tons of food arc icing rushed to the French capi- al's hungry population, and a KCGISTKATION WEEK! Fall' Term Opening- Sept. 6th Office open daily <i a. ni. to 5 p. m, Phono -I-.S772 Post Junior John J. Fitzgerald, pastor of St. Francis' church, who with his assistant pastors, Rev. George Dunn and Rev. Albert Taylor, attended the event. Many parishioners extended their personal felicitations to the popular pastor, and he received a warm greeting from the hundreds in attendance. Among- the-women members of the club who aided in the prep- 1 Needs An Ark To Move Pets Kansas City, Mo.—(UP)—Mrs John Price of Johnson county, Mo. is in the market ark.' She's moving to Santiago,. Chile, to join her husband, who,.,is first ecretary in the British ./embassy. And she thinks an ark—or something 'similar—will bo needed to ransport her two daughters and heir pets: Winston, a striall snnp- P'ng turtle; Arimc'nta and Jemima, ducks " General Smuts and Bonnie, Scotty dogs: Porridge and Henry, the cats, and Aicv, the wild rabbit. Peter Paul Inc. NAUGATDCK, CONN'. Boston. Aug. 28—(UP)—A secret election has been ordered at the General Electric company at Piius- lleld. The National Labor Relations Board ordered the elections—within 3p days—among too) designers at the Plastics division plant. The employes arc to decide whether they wish to hnve the United Electrical. Radio and Machine Workers of America (CIO) as collective bargaining aprent. SWEENEY'S ART AND STATIONERY STORE iration nnd serving: of the fooc ,v c r o WAC Sergeant Marj^arc fJasslintfer, Eleanor Hasslingci Mildred and Marion Holland, Mrs Lynch, Mrs. Bernard Sul Ivan, Mrs. Leo Happy, nnd Mrs ohn' Clark. Valuable aid was g-iv en the club by Edward Hennessc.\ in the soft drink department, and Ray Currier. Club members who worked long and diligently to make the outing a success were President Thomas X- y n c n, Chairman Allen," Louis Trlano, Harold Trcstrall, Bernard Sullivan, James Kennedy, the food chairmen, James Moore and Henry Doly, the ticket chairman, John F. Doe-Kan. John Fitzgerald, Alfred Fratesi. and John Clark. • In- vnluablo. assistance was also given by thciD. Thurston's Sons Ice Co. and the Naupatuck Chemical. Chairman Allen and President Lynch expressed themselves as greatly pleased with the Outing and its attendant details nnd already the groundwork Is buiiig tentatively laid for a 1 large event of the same nature Tor next season. "Clynu's of Course" That's right, dyne's is the place.' to- go for 'handsome gifts, -pitta. that are treasured Just a few J; steps from Exchange Place.' ;; Drop in. We've' been" helping- 1 ; Waterbury' pick gifts for ^20'-< { years. 1 ' i { CLYNE GLASS SHOP i 20 .Harrison Ave. Waterbury] Manufacturers of Nation's Largest Selling CANDIES and CHEWING GUMS GIIEAXKR SKUVICE from your clothes when they J Brighten up your tront door! .Protect rour frontdoorngainst the %vcatncr. ano brighten up tne entrance to your home at 1 cne same time. Murpny Airplane Super-Spar Varnisn ;s famous tor its lasting qualities — and. it dries in 4 hours are cleaned regularly hy our; CO a finish ttmt does justice to the r»vn*>rr \fnrl-tiii-ni T>r-^>*i r .«. „„*,, 2 . • ! ovpcrt workmen. Prompt scrv- • ice. D. LIEBERMAN 26 CHURCH STItEKT finest woodwork or turniture. 10-JAR CANNERS. $5.98 Also CAWNI>TG''JABS:"-' •-' ... *-•" •" r ,'.V ' and ACCESSORIES',.'.. NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEAItY BDILPING Tel. 5212 ' BUV A>*n SAVE AT TILE HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. . ' TEL. 4880 ROCCO KA.DO, Prop. CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL.. 3507 NOTICE District of Na.upcn.tuck, ss. Probate Court, August 2S, 194'1. • Estate of Joseph O'Mcara aka Joseph O'Mara, late <?f Naugatuck, in said District, deceased. Tho" Court of Probate for the Dislrict of Naugatuck hath limited and .-allowed six months from date hereof for the creditors of said, estate to exhibit their claims for settlement. Those who neglect to .present their accounts, properly .attested, . within said time, • will- be -debarred a recovery. All persons' indebted to said Estate arc requested to make immediate payment to ' • . . MARCUS H. WEISMAN, Administrator c. t. a. Ill West llain Street, Waterbury, Conn. Pci- Order of Coiirt. Attest: ' Stephen J. Sweeney, Judge. Wanted Part or full time help, male or female. No experience necessary.; CITY BAKERY I 171 Maple Street TEL. 8678 - Prompt, Expert WATCH & JEWEtBY REPAIRING William Schpero Jeweler 180 CHURCH ST. — .1 FIlRht Up — GREAT OAK FARM OXFORD UOA1) Tc-1. 5049} MILK — EGGS Delivery To All Part* Of COMMUNITY BAND NOTES The Naueatuck Community bund will resume ilji weekly rchcnrfitln on Monday evening September 11, Daniel Oemcke, 'conductor, ... announced thl« 'morning. Thin practice nesHion, which is BtiJl two weeks in the offing, is the Jlrnt meeting: of the group since . the final concert almost two week* ftRO. The rehearsal* are held in the music shed on the TutUe houic .. The band had a successful -ten- son" presenting: four well-received concerts this past summer. The effort and the success is remarkable a.% 17 members of the group have . left for duty in the U. S. Armed Forces, leaving about 20 musician* to carry on. Bing Crosby's Voice Made Big Hit In London Svea Lodge Meets At Pythian Hall Tuesday Oscar Anderson, president* will preside at a meeting: of Svea lodge, Order of Vasa, Tuesday at 8 p. m. The group will hold its session at Pythian hall. Kenning- A. Johnson of Manchester, district secretary of the order, is expected to attend the meeting and address the gathering. Headquarters of the U. S. Manes was moved from Philadcl- BDY WAR BONDS AXD STAMPS ' phia to Washington,.D. C., in 1800. London, Aug. 28 —(U P)—Bobby socks must not J>e> the English fashion this season because It was Sing- who caused the swooning in jondon. All traffic came to a halt in the Soho section as Crosby'* golden 'Ofce gave out with "Pennle» From •feaven' Trom an upper window or a restaurant. Hundreds of disappointed l»ns vho were unable to /jet in to beat ing's performance at the All Ser- ices club refused to go hoflnc un-' 1 he had sung "just one song-." who ever thought SYNTHETIC COULD COOD! THE NEW U.S.ROYAL Even tire men had their fingers crossed when tftey were faced with the job of building tires entirely from the new government synthetic rubber GR-S. Many' said it couldn't be done. But it was done! And in record time! Today, the new U.S. Royal DeLuxe synthetic tire, when driven at wartime speeds and given the kind of care any good tire deserves is doing a job so good that it's close to pre-war performance— and improvements are still being made. When you are eligible for new tires, remember, the new U.S. Royal DeLuxe synthetic tires are good tires! VENTILATED! Th, open . ftpaced tread design and deep-cut shoulders ollow codling air to circulate freely drawing heat away from th« body of the tire. This is vitally important in synthetic lire*. IFS SAFETY BONDED! Ev«y cord is bathed in ft vpccinlly compounded solution that locks the cord» firmly into layer* of nynthetic rubber cushion. Safety Bonding meont extra miles of safe *ervioo. • IT'S MILEAGE-TESTED! Jn the laboratory and on tb« road, U.& Royal DeLuxe eyntbotic tire* arc mileage-tested, proving over and over again that "U. S." nynthetic tire* arc good tirct! TIRES ARE SCARCE Firtt c»ll on mu«t (o to our fi(ht> inf forces. The rnt of u> have the job of ouldnc out- pMHent tiros last right on through" tho wnt if powble. K*wwd« down. K*rp*ir prw- •ure op. Recap in tirael BUY WHERE YOU SEE THE U. S. TIRE SION This is the sign of a local, independent buaineu built on experience, knowledge, skilled service and products of quality. L. P. RACKE 600 High St. Naugatuck, Conn. Tel. 2800 J. C. RAYTKWICH, JR. 106 So. Main St. Naugatuck, Conn. Tel. 4098 s i* I 1

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