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The People's Paper from , · Page 2

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Friday, September 9, 1898
Page 2
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y was forced to denounce that con-1 . TVkereiu? P IS O PI iS PAPER. DOCKERY AT HlTNTEnSYUJJS. The following report of Co. O. H. BELK BROS When this is tbe-issue, I cannot keep silent; I was bound to go out again in their defense. : 1 "The common enemy is the Democratic party. Since 1868, the platform of that party has been 'nigger rule.' Every two years this plat-foim has been unearthed and the 'nigger made to do duty as a Democratic platform. I ask all my col The Big 4, Equal STORE NO. 1, MILLINERY DEPARTMRx Ladies' underwear, eTotes. ribbons, itc, jn fact, a firsu furuishmg establishment for ladies. 1 his will be an entirely " - . -. stock of fresh and up-to-date goons in every particular, Uur York Millinerv is now in tne marKet maKing seiectious for department, and onlya few 4yj opening. i ored friends to take good care of their health and be certain to consult a doctor on the appearance of the slightest 'ache, fur, when J the last 'nigger dies, then ! the Democrats will have no longer a platform. Now, gentlemen, I want to say that when my party puts this single plan of abusing a part J of God's creation in its platform as the sole isHue. then I'll get out of my party, 1 have to go through a window. 'I telr you, if the Democrats gel this Legislature, the poor . whites will go under with the negroes The South Can lina Democratic election mw wiu De enacted here. In that gtate tne $300 worth of property qualification now prevents 20,0001 white men from voting legally. And there is no excuse for such a law ,uere. None of the negroes on my Dave ever run for an office, tn0ugh the negroes could rule my published weekly BY THE. 32 North College btreet. Tj. j J. P.SOSSAMON Associate Editor One dollar a year in advance. . . Entered at the Postoffice at Char- lotte, N. C. as second class matter. CnARLOTTE, N. C. Sept. 9, 1898 i. ' BRYAN'S WAltNING. ."Where thegold Democrats are nu merically strong they, will insist upon. tornnrftirr th fihlCJieO olatform. but Fi.v..(, CJ where they are numerically weak, they profess to accept the platform but will oppose every plan that is calculated to bring success to the platform." W. J. Bryan. H , . "One dollar spent in separating the rnrrn "fn will he more useful than sixteen dollars spent in attempt to overcome their united strength. Ex, tract from Bryan's open letter to New York Journal. Before the roport of the Penitentiary came out the Lawyercratic organs were swelling their lung, exposing what they called "fusion corruption and incompetency." They howled themselves hoarse. ."When the reoort came out the bowlers were panic stricken and made for tho bushes. The f ictthat bRt I showJnffever made before more than self-supporting, was too much for the howlers. They bad been paying alt along that the Peniten- t of I attack" for the "good government" crowd, but now thev'd rather talk I. STORE NO. 2. Clothing and Hats. STORE NO. 3, Dry Ghoods and Notions. STORE NO. 4, Shoes A combination of stores like dred and fifty feet, presents' a land. Think of it ! Three years ago we commenced busing here in two stores. Now it requires four stores, and then ri enough room to accommodate Why. if we were to attend to exhibit at our tront doors the d ;t thov VwhAlr tn dn it. ferent lines we handle, it would creek to. creek ; consequently we sand and one bargam3 we have outside will be duplicated on the misrepresented anything. j GKEAT DAY IN THE MORNING. Where are all these goods coming from? Our buyer must closing out factories around New he left here, intended to buy the Old North State, and ray, tho rattle at our back doors shows contract. Flying hammers and wav that about something else, the "niggor" adier general in the Governor's em-for instance rather than the Peni- ploy. Ihen wrote him that he lentiary. Before tho campaign new that this publication was done clerks rustling to wait on tne traae. ijooks use Dusiness; nd time to swap knives or wnittie you expect to keep up with the ends tho Hypocrats will have noth- in to t&k aba'it but the 'nigger. The Eansom-Simmons machine in this district have been banking heavily on the former personal ro- iatiorisbip between Governor Bus- sell and Col. O. H. Dockery, hoping that it would result in Bellamy's elccuonv In his speech at Marsh- 'ville.last week, Col. Dockery en- dorsod Gpv.Russeirs administration, lie said: "Dan Russell has been one of the best governors the State ha8 . ever bad." TheColonel said he and " Cheapest Store on Earth. j ;- 15 to 21 East Trade Street. fj' EKEMEEB Dan had not been on eood termsJnof rnn .fc-hffi-p. tht t Unnnt K - ; - 0 r mm aw vaAAVw uv i VUliiluV W but ho said they would, like all good elected. Of course, I could not be men, get together again. This elected under a law by which eight statement from Col. Dockery will and eight made seven in the Dock-carry sadness and sorrow to the ery column but 49 in the Democrat- Docker v's speech at ttuntcravillo is ' taken.from the Charbtte Observer: r ,i0 not intend to ma Ae! a , cam. paign speech, I only wish to call at- tontion to some of the leading issues to tell truth fully. I make no pro- tense to sneak any other way. I bavebeen charged with fomehinge tnat 1 want to call attention to.axr. Bel lam v has heen accusing me of voting fcgainat the emancipation of daves bv their masters in 1858. The facts are that Fleming, of An- sonintroduced a bill to allow a free negro to choose his master by going before a court and declaring his intention to become a slave. .The amount a master thus chose would pay for such a slave was to go to the school fund. The journal of the Legislature shows that Govern- 6 . - , or. M'orehead moved to postpone Fleming's bill indefinitely, and that 1 voted in the affirmative; voted to kill the bill forever. I voted with Governor aioreneaa ana otuer gooa and true men. "Then they say I was an officer in the Holden-Kirk war, when the truth is: I was called to Raleigh from Washington to. consult with noiaen at oisown instance, x vised him not to call out his StaU troops, as ho called them. but to call pui tne niuitia to put aown ivu- . a . V W Kluxism. I tola Ilolaen . that Ku- Kluxism ought to bo put down, but, at the same time, itrought to be put aown ngntiy. xxomen got raoa at me and had me beaten for office at j the next election. Some! time after this, it was published abroad at Ho!dens instance that I was a brig- to injure me, that it was false; and 1 wrote a-card indignantly denying all connection with the Holden war. This was 30 years affo. This is the latest charge they can bring against me; Why, if I am sucbi a rascalr can't they bring up some later charges? I despise a canvass in which you have to attack a man's character in order to get elected to office. You may abuse me, it you lijfcc, but 1 want to tell you that you will never make a duck wet hy nnnrinnr wntpr on itj hWlr-' ! "People have said that1! should 5Q column. It ha bean Raid that I ought to be afraid to run now again, but ! am not afraid to run now, for the Democrats are not in control of the election machinery to' count me out "I am the nominee of the Repub- licans and the Populiste of this dis- trict, I consented to run if nomi- nated Qn Qwn &lorm M platform is the tree and i unlimited coinage of silver at 16 to 1. (Mr. Renr.rter. nut that rtnwri a I am I the only man in North Carolina . , - -j I , this vear that haa rooolwA t wo rtiaJl j . - tinct nominations from two sepa- rate and distinct conventions.- My record is clean. T waa nnVi in fn. gress, and I dare ay. man to bring ud anv action of mine that waa not A tor the best interests of the people of my State. I court an investiga- tion of tbe records. "Tho Democrats are .bringing up thft VOtinor hv tht T'.orriolnfiirn rtf IfiQ " -"f-V "J UVIV1UIUI VI IUVU 0 . . ' Qf the gpeciftl tftX bonds an(j cfiar ing tho Republicans with corruption in passage of the act authorizing these bonds. But many prominent Democrats voted to' antagonize these bonds, among them, Hon. James kond vv. Osborne, of Mecklenbuig. , The were voted in eood faith. And Tom Jarvis, who is now rack ing a brazed faced horse ! over the country, voted for tbem, too! He once said he did it in order to move a ro : J .. i, . . . . . OTUBiucmuon 01 tne vote oy wmcn . u . ii rr Lue uiii iixhhr 1. ) nn nnw antra arnan 1 , m m v M w J y M W passed, that he forgot to move a re- consideration. Afterwards Tll(tTf Osborne said that he had made a rai8ta I know there are rascals in the Republican nana, ht that party docs not conuiin tbem all. (. J i tear I am going back on silver! I pledged my dy- ing father never to go back on sil- ver, the poor man's money: I am still for silver. mi j I am a gold bug. wjll next be saying l am a he-devil! Bat there are so many he devils in so many he devils in the Democratic party that I 1 afraid I could not get the , humble go over to them. fmm jrcare ago, x spoke for free , :i v 1. . B,,or 10 w against monopolies and trusts, and . . r, ., . u .nivi v 0 iDoouiiauio, protective tariff. ' 1 thought then that the Me- Kmley tariff was too high, ! and 1 think so yet. But there is a special call attention to- Local Kelf-o.,wrn. ' if M"0 I , I sunnose thevli. I 1 vention for its refusal to fuse with the Populists, unceremoniously ' re- ected the Populist proposition and instructing the Democratic com mittee not to entertain such a prop osition in the future. s "Democrats now say that all the white people must stand together. They tell us to come over and 4ielp them. They say Cleveland disap-1 pointed them; that they have come out for free silver. Now when were these men in earnest? Were tbev n earnest when they were rotten egging the Populist speakers, call ing Populists white-faced negroes, Or are they in earnest when they court you tor your votes by sweet talk about thawhite people stand- ing together and against negro rule j and in favor ot free silver. I - There are 36 members of the State Democratic committee 33 of whom are lawyers. The &vior I once pronounced a severe curse on J some lawyers of his day. If this! was done in regard to men who read the Bible, what must be the condemnation of those lawyers who I never read the Bible at all? "There are so many neizroes in I he Democratic woodpile, that I am I afraid it tbe truth were known, that I the negroes would leave my party and go over to the Democratic I party. In ray county the Demo- Caldwell, for county commissioner, but he would not accept the nomi- nation. Then talk! about Mniffeerl Who did the Democrats nominate I for. President in 1872? Old Hoi ace trreeiy, a man in lavor of mtxed schools aod sociarequality to some 1 extent, 'l hen, they say that tney I would not fuse with the Populist! I In Weldon the Democrats fused with the negroes and elected their white candidate tor mayor and gave the negroes the police officers. Yet they will not fuse with Populists Wvu00wUCjr ..u, iuW um. buiuo pic aim tuey wanvau an this for themselves ! "If I am elected, rl shall try to w make such a - congressman as you should be proud to own. I have been accused of doing more mean things to get an office and then fiiling it better after I j was in the office than any man in the State. I bkllamy's aEc ftp. "1 can not close without referring iq my opponent s reconi, as be has seen tit to attack me. r have here v mm m letter irom . . irew, tne chairman of the Populist executive committee urunswu county, in ,nvu..vrM..v.v,vuw ,v v..v tion irauas mere in taiiu , ''On the night before the canvas- sing noard met, naiiamv ana 001 Weill chartered a boat and at the hour of midnight went to South - port, convened the canvassing board all, $C whom were Democrats, and made the arrangements to throw! out the entire Populist vote of this county on the ground that the bal- lots wore not on white enough paper. And tbe votes were thrown out. Now Ballamy afAsyou Pop ulists to save him. Why did he not act fairly to save you in Bruns wick, it he wants' your aid? The man who would steal a man's vote . . ... . . . . t would steal bis pig, if he had the opportunity. You remember Peg ! Leg Wil- Haras' arrest some years ago nnder a .Democratic law tor enticinz negroes away from the State. The . 1 Democrats will not let the negro vote and -they will not let him .... I; leave. 1 This should prompt you colored people to stand tosrethr with the Populists and your other white friends, until we fasten this honest election law on the State lorever, ' 1 S&fifirka vna litn tn. ths crv of iH m; Tt -J l-U1 . r i J " j xaypucrats una uiv.u i,n0 1 . 1 . - Tf ing men Becoming to ; oraer. . ire predict that the tools of monopoly would then enact a law disfrancbis ing all who have been most oppress ed by monopoly, j those who have not a certain amount of property, Mark our prediction. Forewarned is forearmed, j Can there be a more diabolical scheme than this latest plan of monopoly? What think ye, laborers? Are you ready to march into the trap? Are yoa ready to surrender your liberties? Can tbe Hypocratic leaders be anything else except tools or fooU? Are yoa ready to follow them! Progressive-Farm er. w hen you Pops go to town be rnrftfnl tiav trtm aIIaw vnnnnlvAi tr . ' ' " oe tempted. Those Inendly Derao - craw wm - set you up to ainner at the hotel, gives yon a drink, call you a "good fellow" (too good to be in the - "fusion" crowds and in a hundred other ways they will tempt you to tall down and worship the Simmons- Ransom gold bug ma chine. 1 Sav to them: "Get thee be I ' w - 1 nina me. r I 1 I; j I i 1 I I I I ' i ; ' The'dimroycrats in Tar Heeldom are straining their lungs And using all the big type in the printing of fice to provo that negro domination is what is the matter in North Car olina. But it won't work not al together. 1 Wherein is negro domination re- sponsible for the Democratic judges who have sat on the bench in recent years in a state of beastly in toxica tion and sentenced innocent men to tbe penitentiary and allowed rogues and murders to go free? I Wherein was negro domination responsible for the lease to the Sou- t hern Railway of theNorth Carolina property which has been denounced as a midnight crime? Wherein is negro domination re- Uponsibie for the existence of one of . . . : v 1th? greatest trusts ot the century which has impoverished tho far- mer8 01 the entire statel Wherein has negro domination Deen responsible for the turning loose ot notorious murderers who were tried before Democratic judges Dd defended by Democratic . law yer? Wherein has negro domination been responsible for the disintegra- tion of the Democratic party a partv which stood for a centurv as adamant impregnable to all forces awer to its name when the roll was called for the "solid South?" Whormh haa tiArvro Horn i nation been responsible tor the I shameless record of theft and plunder at the state's capital when the legislature wa golidly Democratic? It was becanae of th Infamous proceedings of Democratic j misrule and pillage that the Populistio par Uy was born. From the ranks of Democracy came every mother's son of the many thousands of Popu lists who are ..righteous I wrath re fce led HT& Dit lhe tonsniratora of conspirators wq nA order masqueradi ng w of untrammeled De mocracy. That Is the truth of the- whole sorry business. And whenever the Democratic party will purge Jtself; when it will shake off the blood suckers and leeches which have dis figured aod disgraced it there are tnousanan wno wiu return to itn folds but they will carry the -ban- ner of revolution and surcoed. until that glad dav comes. " The cry of "negro domination wiU no longer trick the honest white men who h .mm. .,t n.. ocrstic party. rnose remaining may cry ghost and wolf but their cries will accomplish naught. The Ueraocratic oartv in iSorth f7roli Jna was beachedand burned by mvn who were "members of it. They Isouttled the ship because' it had grown corrupt and rotten. And. tbe (surprising thing about it all is that tho good Democrats remaining do not do something else besides cry "negro domination." The Farrago, Danville, Va. It is said that Cy Thompson Secretary of State, has' saved the State irom forty to sixty thousand dollars a year in the way of collect-S ing fees and taxes from j insurance I companies, etc. Its a sight how fusion "incompetency" does work when compared to the days of "good government." -.-iJr ""TH -m rm fjoiary vacuums. rne near est thing to a vacuum is a letter written merely for the purpose of keeping op a correspondence. I Glasgow Citizen. I irity versus Action. wnat is a friend? A friend is a man who I , . . ..... iii nnni tr mxrttr ionrlinn -rmn r nm. I " "6 J"- brella. Lowell Courier. I Melon's e. Decide to visit our store and inspect our magnificent fall and winter stock. Notice in par tic alar our unparalleled attractions in nita nuA ntrar-nnnto nf (ka IatGgfc and most I m .... uive careiui attention to our complete line of shirts, hosierv and underwear. We have all grades, all styles and all weights; Inspect our wonderful stock of I neckwear, collars and cuffs and I large line of special novelties' in all minor department. ED. ME LION. I Say vnn raw t.hiM A in Ponnla' Progra We offer many bargains in vehicles justi to a Dozen More. U . 1 . will elapse before our gri ;. and Gentr Fufnishin this, with a frontage of one M sight seldom seen in this Sout! the people and display our good take up the whole sidewalk. tr0 can onlyvshow a few of the tbe in stock. ; bamples placed on t inside at the same price. Nev . . - York and Boston, baid whej biggest stock that ever nit th the drays are beginning tl he is fulfilling his part of thJ cmssels opening up goods and sticks, do come in a , gauop ,11 procession making for THE II College Street. lew Ideal Sash HACKliT GROCERY. War has been declared against Spain by U. S. ' The! Spaniards have been ordered to get out of Cuba. We have declared war on high prices, on groceries and have ordered them out of the city, We buy strictly for cash aud sell strictly for cash and that puts us strictly in it. We will save you money "on any article in the grocery line. Call on us before you buy. BROWN & HELMS 217 E. Trade Street. . Don't fail to call at 217 East Trade Street for lunch or square meal: Call for what you want and pay for what yoV get. f Mrs. J. W BROWN. : GALL ON ME For crranite, rough or dressed, price to suit the times. W. F, Mosly,. i Mti Holly, N. C. now. Prices and goods are right. See our The negroes tell me that they know tho wuite people are more com pe- tent to rhle than they are. The negro is no fool.. : "In ilfi6sissippi there are 275,000 men of voting age, but only 65,000 votes were cast in ' 1896. Many white men were disfranchised. Is that your boasted freedom? lYou are now free hero In North Carolina. It behooves you to vote to re main so. In my opinion, the groat- est question with us to day is; the question of free suffrage. Jefferson said: "The question of suffrage i the most important one a free peo- UttVO w vuo.uv. x i i .j t - ion,any man who is required to pay taxes and to go to war, ought to be allowed to vote. Unless he has this right, he has no freedom. It is for Jefferson'H idea we are flighting. care not for the honors of Con gressnian lor four years. But when the issues of this campaign, the maintainance of our local self gov ernment and an honest! election ,aW' camo tothe lront i was proud, as 1 sa,(1 tore, to take tho stump For it is not "recorded in one in stance since Adam, that the Demo cratic party ever took the! side of the peoplo on these great question." Hero Colonel Dockery j launched forth in arraignment of the Domo- crats lor calling the secession con- vention of 1861 without warrant of the peoplej and also how thay called the constitutional convention of 1875 without consulting the wishes 01 lh0 people as to whether they wanted it or not. "And," saw the speaker, "Democratic rule has al- wjs been despotic; it never con trider8 lhe wishes of the people, I hear the constitution of 1868 cnti- c,8d' Bttt Thaddeus Stevens said it was lhe grandest embodiment of , huraan wisdom he had ever read, BY tbe constitution, tho wishes of the people were consulted as to their will in regard to who should nil even as humble an omee as that ot constable or school committee man. Then, you have heard of the Democratic 'bull pens', those spots where more-human liberty was de stroyedtbaa any other institution ever devised. The Republicans and Populists should not endure this. They saw whole sections jdisf ran chised. I was counted out in 1888 by Spier Whitaker and Buck Kitch en, wno Das lately worn out six pairs of now shoes hunting an office told me so in Raleigh. I would not hold d office to which I was not honestly elected; I am too high toned, t wish the Democrats kner what high-toned means. They talk a groat deal about decency, but, as for me, 1 would rather stand with intelligent, honest negroes than with so called Christian people who would steal ballot boxes." Here Colonel Dockery read from The Wilmington Messenger to the effect that that paper had said that no Democrat had been honestly elected Governor of this State in 1876. Sneaking fnrthAi ahnnt tK imacrnttn ftf nn(9rf rn,A hn 8Deaker said: "The nAmrvrto Brockway high grade side spring buggy, it is something good. We are also agents for the geuinne C olumbus buggies, as well as many ; ... ; I l ; v.;'; . - . -j makes of aU the different grades. j We are still headquarters in Vehicles. anxious hearts Ot the -Bellamyites, Wo look for them to give up in de- epair oeiore tne election comes. Tho negro lamity bowling Hypocrats may howl on, but the fact remains as firm and unshaken as Gibraltar itself that when the Populists made tbem a proposition which would have put the white people of the State together, they refused and epurnedit. They can, may and will howl on, but their cries cannot "drown the truth of the statement that after the Populists made the first effort to secure the supremacy of the while man and white metal, they refused it,cursed it,and hold it in contempt.Can they now expect to any one but a fool to believe them nincere " in their cry ot "nigger?" .Every intelligent man Bhouldjsee to it that they take him for a fool but once. Progressive Farmer. , V , 1 .. . , .... ... (initaa nrar mlmn that mrill . , r.r..v.uu " . cratic party but tho "smell of brim stone and Wall street' was fulfilled in the late Simmons Ransom Hypo-cratic convention. They are now making their calculations to rob the victims of the gold standard ot their . - J ? " vuaiiuuAiiuii in vuiu. 11 tney can aueceedjn disfranchising the. laboring man they will be firmly en trenched. Laboring men. it is time for you to wake up. , m, . a vuvm v o plans aro deep laid. i4,,w,,TO-w,m ouiwrav.c ieau- ers at Monroe were over-heard talk- ing a few days ago. One said to other 'r " We' made H bi mistnAe in fiiatnor with i PnnnlLt l.:.l not year." Uo should have said: ! "We made a big mistake in fusing with the Railroad Lawyers and Palmer 1 . and Buckner gold bugs this year.' I The Agricultural Department makes a great deal better showing lender the lusion administration t han under former Democratic ad - moro and spent 30,125 46 less than the old Deraocratio administration, This is a pample of more fusion 'incompontoncy.n i v If .one Populist in office saves the State from 40 to 60 thousand dol are a year, what could be., done if I I I I 1 i 205 South COUE TO TUE FnOHT I have opened a Racket Bar ber Shop at 215 N. Tryon St., Hearty building. I have a nice place, keep clean towels, sharp razors and above all, first-class workmen. Don't fail to call on me when in the city. The old reliable John McC ray can be found at first chair. ED. HOUSTON, Proprietor. Dr. H. C. HEIDERSOI, DENTIST ; Hunt building, Charlotte, N. C. opposite City Hall. ! Will be in his office every day except the first week in every month, begin-ning with Monday, and that week. .will be at Davidson, N. C. Dentistry practiced in all its branches. All work full j guaranteed. Announcement; , FOR REGISTKB OF DEEDS. ;I hereby annouce. myself a candidate for the office of Register of Deeds of Mecklenburg county, subject to tbe action of the People? party primaries and county convention, i R. W. ELLIOTT. By Its Record of remarkable cures Hood's Sarsaparilla lias become tlic one true blood purifier prominently in the public eye. Get only Hood's.; : Hood's PiliS are the best family cathartic and liver medicine. 25c. Vianted An Idea VtetM thbilr Jrotel yoor Mm : thr mr brine yon wealth. Writ J6ns WEDDERBtTRHCOrpitenAttflr: UOT9. wunufiOB, v. v., far tbetf tiDO prise offe o .t. At j . . r . ; : -j ing millions of property: they made Wftmfln wMf,Wfi. lKAtr m'ia innn 1-. ' -v WW J V mj V W U V LuJa lfln m in a. rnin&lion tn nwnmnt li fKnff info - w v wuw.A t III. d Yet thev will nM. let J the nnirm nlnne And thoxr onm .J . , . J around and ask you and me now to join them in a craxy fanatical ntovement against these people in order that tricksters and Democrat-ic lawyers may get an office. "Look at 1 the late Democratic convention. Even Webster Week all the offices were filled with Fop8?ment and an honest election l&w.

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