The Rutherfordton Tribune from Rutherfordton, North Carolina on February 18, 1904 · Page 1
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The Rutherfordton Tribune from Rutherfordton, North Carolina · Page 1

Rutherfordton, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1904
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rr wtithenorMon 1C VOL. IV. NO. 7. RUTHERFORDTON, N. C. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 18, 190 81.00 A YEAR. Eg- '" , A88UME8 SERIOUS ASPECT. FEMALE WEAKNESS M2 1-1 Conjrrosi St.' Pobtlakd, ilii.ts. Oct. 17, 1902. I eiiisider Wine of Cardui j:ipaiMor to n. doctor's luodicino I eTer uied ad I know whereof I speak. I suffered for aai month with suppressed menstruation whioa completely pros-trt?d uit. fains would shoot through my back and sides and I would havo blinding headaches. My limbs would well u and 1 would feel so week I could not stand up. I naturally folt discouraged for I seemed to bo beyond the help of physicians, but Wine of Oardui cam-) an a Ood-sond to me. I felt a change for the better within a week. After nineteen days treatment I menstrunUd without sutfencg the ironies I usually did and soon became regular and without pain. Wine of Cardui is simply wonderful and I wlsii that all sutferinf women knew of its good qualities. Treasurer, Portland Economic Leecue Periodical headaches tell of female weakness. Wine of Cardui cures permanently nineteen out of every twenty cajcg of irregular menses, bearing down pains or any female weakness. If you are discouraged and doctors have failed, that is the best reason in the world you should try Wine of Cardui now. Remember that headaches mean female weakness. Secure a $1.00 bottle of Wine of 13 twafi 1 Jagy Til International; Matters Consternation Among Russian Officers. New York, Feb. 15. International matters are assuming a very serious aspect, according to a Herald dispatch from St. Petersburg. One of the most serious bits of news at this moment is th alleged confirmation of the statement that abroad the Japanese vessels of war attacking Port Arthur were a number of American naval officers. This report has caused something akin to a feeling of consternation among the Russian officers. The emperor has issued the strongest orders, continues the dispatch, that no news whatsoever, be communi cated through the headquarters' staff. Further, he is deeply annoyed at the attitude recently adopted by the Russian press of writing upon the political situation in a way calculated to raise enmity toward Russia by England and also very specially, America. For instance, the St. Petersburg Ga1 eette has been prohibited, not as gen-; prally Is supposed for publishing false ! news about the war, but because of an accompanying article declared to have been highly insulting to England, ; The emperor is said to have decid-! id that no details of news are to be given out except upon matter of major importance, that Is to say, of big: engagements. He does not wish that all kinds of small affairs shall be given undue importance. It is definitely stated that Kuropat-1 kin has resigned his position as minister of war and wil be given an appointment as governor of Turkestan. ONE OF CZAR'S SHIPS I IS BLOWNJY Mi Ninety Oaa cf Crew Drown In Harbor at- x ort Arthur CAUSES APPREHENSION. Far PROGRESS OF TiiL LASTERN WAR Report cf Landing at Port Ariruir cf Japanese Troops with Loss of Two Roflimenti; has Leon Denied. St. Petersburg, Feb. 12. A report has been received Irom Viceroy Alex-ieff saying that the Russian torpedo transport Yenisei has been blown up as a result of accidently striking a mine at .Port Arthur. The Yenisei sank, and Captain Stepanoff, three officers and 91 men were lost. -1 According to the Novoe'Vremya, the Yenisei was laying mines at the entrance of Talien Wan Bay with the object .of closing it against attack from the sea. Observing that one of the mines had risen to the surface, the Yenisei approached for the purpose of lifting it up, when the vessel came in contact with anotner mine, which exploded and caused the disaster. Possible Action of Germany In Eastern Situation. New York. Feb. 13. Possible action hy Germany is regarded here as a factor in the Far Eastern situation, and is causing apprehension, cables the London correspondent of The Herald., The St. Petersburg correspondent of The Daily Telegraph, already quoted as having cabled that he had information on "unimpeachable authority for stating that if the fortunes of war prove adverse to Russia, a diversion, which may lead to far-reaching results, is confidently expected from Germany," further says: "Already proposals are affirmed to have been made by the chief of that state, which, if accepted, will considerably complicate matters. "The German government will support Russia diplomatically in action taking to bring the alleged evacuation of Wei Hai Wei before the Hague tribunal. REPORT IS DENIED. COMMERCIAL BANK. Report of the condition of the Com mercial Bank of Rutherfordton, at Ruth-rrfordton, N C, at the close of business, on January 22nd, 1904. RESOURCES Loans and discounts, $30,408 85 Overdrafts 1,521 24 Fnrnitur and Fixtures 1,000 00 Due from banks and bankers. 24,347 14 Gash on hand 6,578 08 Martial Law at Vladivostok. New York, Feb. 15. Martial law has been proclaimed here, says a World dispatch from Vladivostock by IrZT Z , . , . . , . It had sunk Jar way of Shanghai. Russians having , provisions enough to last eight months may stay. Said Japanese Troops Have Not Landed at Port Arthur. St Petersburg, Feb. 13. The Associated Press is authorized to deny the report that Japanese troops have landed at Port Arthur with the loss of two regiments. Nothing is known here officially regarding the movements of the Vladi vostock squadron, but the reports that apanese transports off SLEW FATHER TO SAVE MOTHER. Total $09,855 31 LIABILITIES. Capital stock $10,000 00 Surplus 2,500 00 Uudivided profits 228 68 Deposits subject to checks. . . . 55.634 21) Due other banks f26 19 Cashier's checks. . . SGtJ 21 Total ?69,855 31 I, J. F. Flack, cafhier of The cial Bank of Rutherfordton, do solemnly swear the above statement is true to the lK?Ht of uiy knowledge and belief . J. F. FLACK, Cashier. State of N. C., Rutherford Couuty. Sworn to and finbscribed before me this 1st day of February, 1904. C. P. TANNER, D. C. S. C. Correct Attest: T. B. Twkty, Johx C. Mills. Sixteen-Year-Old Youth Shot Bowman 1 to Death. ? Roanoke, Va., Feb. 15. Details of a ; patracide at Boderfield, McDowie i county, W. Va., Sunday were received ; here. j James Bowman, aged 16 years, shot and almost iastantly killed his father while the latter was severely caastis-ing his wife, mother of the lad, in their home. The older Bowman scolded his son and wh:n the boy's mother interfered her husband upbraided her. A general quarrel followed, and Bowman turned his attention to his wife. The boy demanded of his father that he stop whipping his mother. The senior Bowman did not heed the worn-tng and the boy fired on his father with a shotgun, the contents taking effect in the head. Bowman died in a few minutes. The bov went to Welch, and gave himself up to the au thorities. Wonsan and destroyed Hakodate are generally discredited, it being pointed out that it is impossible for the squadron to have been in two places almost simultaneously. A naval expert says that if the Hak- adate story is true Admiral Stackel-berg (in command of the Vladivostock squadron) will be able to come south i by the eastern coast of Japan and cause enormous -havoc along the shore i and to shipping and ultimately effect JAPS ARE VICTORIOUS ! OVER RUSSIAN BEAR They Put Several of Czar's Ships Ovlz ot i-uiiieai. RUSSIAN VICTORY ON THE YALU. Private Advices Received at Vladivostock State that Chemulpo, Korea, Has Been Occupied by Russian Soldiers and Marines. London, Feb. 10 A special dispatch from Toklo, dated today, says it is reported that three transports of the Russian volunteer fleet, conveying about 2,000 troops, have becri captured by the Japanese off the Korean coast. St Petersburg, Feb. 10. Some of the newspapers here pimt extras claiming a Russian vicioiy at Port Arthur. Three Japanese warships and lour torpedo bots are reported to have been seriously crippled. One reports says the Japanese battleship Shikishiraa was sunk. The people are demonstrating, but there is no official confirmation of the report and the announcement is discredited. Vladivostock, Feb. 10. Private telegrams received here report the complete rout of the Japanese by the Russians on the Yalu river. Thesa advices also claim that Chemulpo, Korea, has been occupied by Russian soldiers and marines. HALF A MILLION IN PENSIONS. In Three Weeks that Amount of Cas!i Has Been Disbursed. Atlanta, Feb. 12. Stai.2 Treasurer R. E. Park has paid out Iroia this state treasury sines the payment of pensions began on Jan. 0, siore than 475,0G0 out cf the total state psn Bion fund of ?870,000. At the prcs ent rate the total pension fund will have been paid out before the first ef March. The counties in the state which have the largest population jand largest number of pensioners have all ben paid. The payments for the last wee!; have averaged ? 50,000 a day. TIk amount paid out Tuesday of this week was $43,C70, while the total pa:c out Wednesday was $03,445. The counties paid were Heard, Wilcox, Muscogee, Terrell, Pike, Pickens and Franklin. The ordinaries ct most of these couaties presenter; themselves at the office of the ststa treasurer and received chects for full amount which they will distribute on their return home Among the ordinaries who were a the capitol were Judge R. G. Craia. of Heard; Judge J. M. Warren, oz Wilcox; Judge William Redd of Muscogee; Judge C. J. Cornciison, oi Pickens, and Judge T. J. Crow, oi Franklin. THE Era OPERATES Double Daily Trains Carrying Pullman Sleepers, Cafe Cars (a la carte) and Chair Cars (seats free). Electric Lighted Throughout BETWEEN Birmingham, Memphis and Kansas City AND TO ALL POINTS IN Texas, Oklahoma and Indian Territories AND THE far West and Northwest THE ONLY THROUGH SLEEPING CAR LINO BETWEEN THE SOUTHEAST AND KANSAS CITY Descriptive literature, tickets arranged, ana through reservations made upon application to W.T. SAUNDERS, GeN'L Act. Pass. Dm. F.E.CLARK, Thav.Pass. Act.. Atlawt. Ga. JOSIAH PATTERSON DIES. W. T. SAUNDERS Gen'l Agent Passsnger Department ATLANTA, GA. Is Former Tennessee Congressman Claimed by Grim Reaper. Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 12. Former Congressman Josiah Patterson died here today from a complication cf dis- i eases. He was widely known throutrh- London, Feb. 12. A special dispatch j out the country as ' a lawyer and j from lien Tsin confirms the report ! statesman. He enjoyed the full conn-; that the Manchurian railroad ha, i dence of President Cleveland and dur been blocked by the blowing up of a ! "g the latter's sesond term of office of iiiitherf ordtoD . statement of the' condition of Bank of Rutherfordton, as "made to the Corporation Commission, at close of business lannarv 2nd, 1!X4. on FOR NEW DEPARV.NT. D. W. Smith, Attorney at Law, Rutherfordton, N. C Practice in all State and United States courts. Special attention will be given to e lamination and investigation or ti ties to real estate, the drafting of deeds, mortgages, wills and other legal mstru mcnts, the collection of all kinds of claims whatsoever, the management of estates for enardians, executors and ad-niinihtrators, and continuous and painstaking attention will be given to all legal business entrusted to him. Office upstairs, first left hand over Thompson & Watkins' drug Ktore. R. S. Kuves. W. F. Kucker. Eaves & Rucker, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Rutherfordton, N. C. Careful attention to details of all business ontrusted to their hands. Practice in all State and Federal courts Rooms 1 and Mills-Dickenson building, up stairs. Phono number 5. Geo. C. Justice. W.C.McKorie. Justice & McRorie, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, Rutherfordton, N. C. Practice in all State and Federal courts. Itoonis 8 and 9 in Mills-Dickerson building, over Mills store. Office 'phone 518. Matt McBrayer. B. A. Justice. McBrayer & Justice Attorney at Law, Rutherfordton, N. C. Rooms 3, 4 and 5 Mills-Dickereon brick block, up stairs. Office 'phone 58. Legislature Passes a Bill Creating Do-partrrtont of Immigration. Columb-ia. S. C, Feb. 13 The legislature of South Carolina has passed a bfll establishing a state department of commerce and Immigration. j The bill is elastic In character and enables the department to look not . alone to securing settlers ot desirable 1 eharacter, but to inducing all kinds of ; investments in the state. The move i3 du-? to the peculiar con- ditions prevailing in the south resulting from the cotton growing and manufacturing situation, the demand for farm labor, the probability oi the opening of the Panama canal and the development of theWest Indian trade. Once the department is established, other southern states will doubtless : move on similar lines. j i ! I VICEROY ALKXJE1EFF. "Germany's lixeti resolution is to win Uack Russia's friendship," th edispatch concludes, "but the proposals which have emanated from Berlin are definite and concrete andif accepted are likely to interest Europe more Iceenly in the Far Eastern war." bridge on the line and that thirty Russians were killed in the explosion. it is reported, the dispatch adds, that the Russian steamers Nonni and Moukden, belonging to the Chinese Eastern Railroad company, have been captured by the Japanese. London, Feb. 11. Lloyd's agent at Shanghai, cabling under date of yes- city today. terday, says It is reported and generally believed that a Japanese war ship has destroyed the Russian mail steamer Mongolia, bound from Shang- i hai for Dalny. J The cablegram adds that the three j Russian warships damaged by torpe- do boats at Port Arthur, have sunk. 1 Mr. Patterson boldly championed his LLoans and discounts measures ia the lower house. i Air. Patterson was appointed a member of the Shiloh park commission by the late President McKinley. His son, Congressman M. R. Patterson, representing the same district as did his tather, left Washington for this I FIVE MILLIONS IN BONDS. 8UMMARY WAR NEWS. FATE OF VARIAG'S CREW. RAISED ORDER FIFTY TIMES. BXXEKAL GEKTARO KODAVA. 0cond chief of staff of Japanese army. a juncture with Admiral WIrenius' squadron on its way to the Far East from Europe. . Viceroy Alexieff's silence about the Vladivostock squadron is explained as follows : j For strategic reasons the viceroy, as oommander-in-chief, is empowered to ; dispose of the ships and men without consulting headquarters. The enu- 1 meration of the Russian ships engag-.j ed at Port Arthur was purposely omitted in the official reports as it would 1 have given a valuable clew to the enemy. " i A private telegram has been recelv- J d from a resident-of Port Arthur in which the sender claims he saw one Epitome of Events of Interest. Regarding Struggle. ,The surrender of Port. Arthur by the Russians is - denied, but England prophesies that within a week Port Arthur will be in the possession of the Japanese. ' England believes the Russo-Japanese war will be over by the first of , July, declaring that present indica-1 tlons are that Japan has made every plan and taken every precaution for a , vigorous and rapid campaign. Admiral Stark, in command of the . Russian naval forces before Port Ar-; thur, has been recalled by the czar because of his defeat. He will be succeeded by Admiral Skrydloff. Land battle is anticipated at any i moment in Korea, as Japanese army j is pressing forward towards the Yalu ! river to meet the oncoming Russian . forces. ! German cruiser has gone to Port Arthur to take away all the German women and children to a point of safety. It is officially denied that the Russian war lieet, reported yesterday, is in the Kaiser Wilhslm canal. " The Ferman government has denied the us eof the Kiel ship canal to the Russian war fleet, and the warships Two Hundred Reported To Have Lost Their Lives. j 'New York, Feb. 12. About 200 of the Varlag's crew lost their lives when . the big vessel was destroyed Monday by the Japanese off Chemulpo, according to a World dispatch from Tokio. The crew of "the Russian cruiser numbered 570. Many lost their lives under fire, but a large number were drowned in attempting to escape. The men loyally aided their officers and it is said not one of the latter was drowned In getting ashore, i Many swam to the foreign men of war in the harbor, which promtly lowered boats and went to their rescue. Besides the French cruiser Pascal, the Italian cruiser Elba and the j British cruiser Telbot aided the refugees. One hundred and fifty, many of them wounded, reached the Talbot. Sir Cyprian Bride, the. British ad-! miral in command of the station, has ordered that the wounded Russians shall not be handed over to the Jap anese unless they so desire. The Japanese did not lose a man. None of the fleet was damaged. The engagement was watched by four foreign warships, including the United States gunboat Vicksburg. Seaboard Air-Line Authorized To Issue Bonds to Large Amount. Petersburg, Va., Feb. 12. A meeting of the stockholders of the Sea-hoard Air Line Railway company has been held at the office of the compa ny in this city and a resolution was adopted authorizing the directors tcf issue bonds to the amount of $5,000,-000 for various purposes of the company. Certificate holders are giver tbe first opportunity to become subscribers to the bonds. 'fhomas F. Ryan, T. Jefferson Coolidge and Blair & Co., of New York, will underwritJ the issue.. Overdrafts - - -Rutherford coanty bonds Banking house, f urnitcre and fixtures j Other real estate i Cash, and due fron thanks County and U. S. claims Total - - ' - LIABILITIES. Capital paid in -Surplus fund, -Undivided profits, Time deposits Check deposits - Total .... MILLION VOTED FOR LEVEE. Mississippi Senate Passes Bill for a Big Bond Issue. J&ckson, Miss., Feb. 13. The senate has passed a bill allowing the Mississippi levee beard to Issue 1,000,000 in bonds for levee improvement purposes. A resolution was unanimously passed by the house inviting Congressman W. R. Hearst to address the legislature. 19,187 63 1,144 50 1,200 00 5,000 00 1600 10,679 73 541 81 37,r69 87 10,000 00 -3,000 00 267 09 5.791 12 18,711 G6 $87,769 87 I, J. W. Dorsey, acting cashier of the Eauk of Kntherfordton, do solemnly swear that the above report is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief J. W. DORSEY. North Carolina, Rutherford County. Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 29th day of January, 1904. J. F. FLACK, Notary Public. Correct Attest: T. C. SMirn, D. P. Morrow, J. C. Walker CAUSED SENSATION. Japanese warship sink. The fact i have been started to the Orient around that no mention was made of this in Chattanooga Postoffice Officials De- the viceroy's dispatches does not dis-ceived by Clever Work. i prove the story, because the viceroy Chattanooga, Tenn., Feb. 15. One; is fearful not to. announce anything outside of personally established facts. It is pointed out on high authority that the Japanese are not likely to admit such a loss, and it is recalled that during the Chinese war they were first secretive about the casualHes. The telegraph line between Port Arthur and the Yalu river is believed to be broken, which explains' the' absence of direct news regarding the naval engagement off ChemulDO. How- of the smoothest pieces of forgery in the history of the city and one which deceived the postal officials has come to light. A few days ago James Munro, a negrc, purchased a pair of shoes from a local merchant and tendering a money order for $50, on the Chattanoo-. ga postoffice. It was cashed. Later it proved that the name of the office had been changed from Anniston to Chattanooga i ever, little doubt Is entertained here by Norway. BIG FIRE AT TOPEKA. to escape the "advice" and that the amount had been raised from $1 fo 550. A. J. Whisnant, Kesklent Dentist, Rutherfordton, N. C. Office up stairs in Thompson-Dicker-son brick block. 'Phone No. 50. J. L. Geer, Dentist, Rutherfordton, N. C. Rooni 21 over Carpenter & Taylor's store. Office 'phone No. 69. Solomon Gallert, Attorney at Law, Rutherfordton, N. C. Office 'Phone Number 49. Col. Henry Granberry Dead. New York, Feb. 15. Colonel Henry Granberry, 96 years old, who, in 1831, put down an Insurrection at South Hamden, which became known In Virginia history as Knapps' war, is dead at hia home here,. He owned a large tibacco plantatlen in Virginia, but had lived here since 1811 and claimed to have voted at every presidential eltction 6ince the Jackson campaign. Colon ?! Granberry was known as General R. E. Lee's double. as to the fate of the Variag and Ki-rietz. The blowing up of the Russian torpedo transport Yenisei as the result of accidentally striking a mine at Port Arthur, was telegraphed here yester- Large Mercantile Company's Building Burned Loss $400,000. Topeka, Kans., Feb. 13. Fire today destroyed the Parkhurst Davis Mercantile company's building and stock at First and Kansas avenue, the Sells building adjoining, occupied by the MeCormlck Harvester company and W. i. Schick, as a store room. Total loss estimated at $400,000. The principal loss was sustained by the Parkhurst-Davis company and is estimated at $250,000, with $125,000 insurance. The loss on the Parkhurst-Davis building, owned by Jacob Ful-vane Is $45,000; McCormick stock, $30,000, and on the Sells building $30,- New Court House for Glynn. Brunswick, Ga., Feb. 13. The superior court of Glynn county, has adjourned, and the grand jury made j many important recommendations, j Among them were one for a handsome s new courthouse for the county. The present building will be sold, and the ; funds used in the erection of another building. The action of the Fulton grand jury with reference to the mat-' ter of revising the present state statutes in regard to lending on chattel mortgages, was heartily indorsed. Many other interesting matters were touched upon by thS"body. Prominent Citizens Charged with Being Connected with Blind Tiger. Selma, Ala., Feb. 12. The Dallas county grand jury adjourned at neon, returning 71 true bills, 35 of which were against persons charged with running blind tigers outside of the city of Selma in violation of the prohibition law and including some of the most prominent citizens of the county precinctsl The finding of the indictments has caused a profound sensation. L. Grayson, Books and Stationery, Hutierfordton, M . C. Newspaper and Magazine agency, full snpply of tt xt-books for the public schools at contract prices, Testaments and Bibles in various styles of binding, school .. J and ofiice papers, a full line of deeds and j other legal blanks, blank books, religious; and secular loos. works of fiction, ions-tain pons, inks, pencils, writing tablets, current literature,, works of art. etc. - THE ONLY BOOK STORE IN TOWN. D. F. Morrow, Attorney & Counsellor 'at Law, Rutherfordton, N. C. Practices in State and Federal courts. Careful attention given to all business entrusted to him. Call when in the city Charlotte, N. C, Feb. 13. Fire at j rtffl,. it nf Hnn, of Rnthfirforilton. town on the Atlantic! Pi,n0 ,,n-.i,rJrt BUT TWO HOUSES STAND NOW. rue dl TV unci VtllC, IY. Vr.y V lJCa UUl I Entire Business Section. Wintreville, Coast Line, near Greenville, burned every store in town except two. Loss ?12,000; insurance ?3,000. D. M. Long's cotton factory store at AsEe-ville burned today. Loss $10T000; insurance $5,000. The Industrial Club and building also burned out. day, , but the news was not given out j 000. During the progress of the fire Have You Indigestion? If you have indigestion, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure will cure you. It has cured thousands. It is curing people every day every hour. Yon owe it to your self to give it a trial. You will c ontin ue to suffer until yon do try it. There is no other combination of digestants that digest and rebuild at the same time. Kodal does both. Kodol cures, strengthens and rebuilds. Sold by Dr. T, B. Twitty. The City Drug Store and Crow-ell & Wilkie, Forest City. until the names of the officers killed were known, so as to avoid needless anixiety to the relatives of the surviving officers. The first feeling of depression is disappearing and entire confidence is expressed in the ultimate success of th Russian arms. Mutineers Captured. Manila, Feb. 18. It fe reported hre that 13 of the runaway mutineers of the Vegan constabulary bav been captured. Buy It Now. Do not wait until you or some of your family are sick nigh unto death, and then send for Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, but buy it now and be prepared for an emer gency. It is the one remedy that can always be depended upon in the most severe and dangerous cases. For sale at Dr. T. B. Twitty's Drug Store. several thousand cartridges stored on the third floor of the Parkhurst-Davis building exploded, and half a dozen spectators were hurt slightly by flying shells. . The fire was started by an explosion of chemicals in the Mercantile company's building. Detective Kills Negro. Savannah, Ga., Feb. 13. Detective Frank Wall shot and killed Dave Watch, a negro. The detectives had gone to arrest . the man, and Watc drew a revolver, whereupon Wall fire' Strike Breakers Jailed. Savannah, Ga., Feb. 13. Charles Aulick and F. J. Fisher, of Tampa, J Fla., were arrested here on warrants j sworn out by D. F. Smith, ot that city, charging them with violating' emi-! gration laws. The two arrested were gathering up nonunion men to go to ; Tampa as strike breakers, the build-; ing trades being on strike In that city. They had about 20 men ready to go when the emissary ot the union man of Tampa descended upon them. A Mother's Recommendation . I have used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for a number of years and have no hesitancy in saying that it is the best remedy for coughs, colds and croup I have ever used in my family. I have not words to express my confidence in tins remedy. Mrs. J. A. Moore, North Star, Mich. For sale by D. T. B. Twitty, Druggist. Turkey and Bulgaria. Constantinople, Feb. 12. In diplomatic circles here the fear is Increase ing that. Turkey and Bulgaria will takt advantage of Russia's pre-occupaticr in the Far East to settle their differences. Turkish securities have beeo falling since February (J. Released on Bail. Knoxville, Tenn., Feb. 13. Judge Sneed in the circuit court today granted bail to those under arrest charged with murder and assault in connection with the trouble at Coal Creek last Sunday. J. B. Reed and Edward Bolton were released on ?5,000 and Colvin Burton's bond was fixed at $10,000. The Coal Creek Ccal company, which employed the men as guards, signed the bonds. Mysterious Circumstance. One was pale and sallow and the other fresh and rosy. Whence the difference? She who is blushing with health uses Dr. King's New Life Pills to maintain it. Bv gently arousing the lazy organs they compel good digestion and bead off constipation. Try them. Ouly 25c at Hutchins Out for Congress. Tallapoosa, Ga., Feb. 13. G. R. Hutchins has decided to come forward and enter the race as a candidate for congress from this, the seventh congressional district. He declares himself a firm prohibition Democrat. Mr. Hutchins has served this city as its chief executive several terms. Nearly Forfeits His Life. A runaway almost ending fataLy, Carroll W. Downey,. Physician and Surreon, Rutherfordton, N. C. Ail calls, both by day and by night, will receive prompt attention. Office rooms 22 and 'Z'A over Carpenter & Taylor's store. Office 'phone number 122, Residence 22. J. H. Campbell, Photorra pher, Bartlett Building, Up Stairs, Main St., Rutherfordton, N. C. All work guaranteed to give eatisfac-tion. Charges reasonable. W. A3 Thompson, Physician and Surgeon, Rutherfordton, N. C. , Office in drug store in Thompson-Dick-erson building. Office 'phone No. 81, residence 'phone 71. Walker McDowell, j Barber. .- j Over Carpenter's store, Rutherfordton, 1 M. f5. Polite and coui'teons treatment. Everything clean and tidy, moderate. Charges started a horrible ulcer on the leg of J. I x. irniafis.1 B. Orner, Franklin Grove, 111. For four ( J . C- ti W 1 1 X . Justice of the Peace, ' years it defied all doctors ana all reme- i flies P.nt Rnckl fin's Arnica Salve had I no trouble to cure him. Equally good ! Office up stairs in Mill's "building; for burns, bruises, skin eruptions and j room No. 7. Will give prompt and care- T. B. Twitty's and Thompson & Wat- piles. 25c at T. B. Twitty's and Thomp- ful-attenjion to all business, intrusted to kins', druggists. 1 son & Watkins drug stores. ,khn.

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