The North-Carolina Journal from Halifax, North Carolina on February 1, 1796 · Page 1
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The North-Carolina Journal from Halifax, North Carolina · Page 1

Halifax, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1796
Page 1
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4 ;' T H E NO RTH- G AOLIN A J O U R N A L; ;:. "y- y; X??rixtkd by A B II AH A MHQlDGE,j JoijiT Printer to :: t he i St a T.k- w i th ' 1 I -W Ihh S. ? ? i & i-2 tOL. per Ann. y' .;.';' i..; M ; O N n - A' Y, ..Fk b ruarv; r, 1796. No. 18 f- '- Ab VE'iTl sem'ent s o f not more than: 20 Lhies inierted for 3. 4 of a Dollay the" Firft Time, and 1 -3 of a Dollar ieF each Continuance. T None need be feni v rottut tht mpvey. f."y is Features tf the People of ' ;; K; fmnce have lately accepted yy ' ' " Trrtt- T.TTft. ATtVW RflllY. , ' '''KVmnVClVil nt the Council 'of Ancients., which 'I :.a,a e 5fiTn whiV.are or have been JL com 'icm jv ....-.-.,, ... v. . . -iiin rnmr uavc Ln n u cicit iiin vu ' rne time, of their, eleaioii ; and th.e..Cm 0 ttve 'Hundred, a nnmbfr iiere invariable. 1 e pment - Member 'are eligible ?t S until the ?th yeaf f the Kepublic this will be aliuweu ; tnea it wm c uptc TiiU Csmmaju Huupt cannot deliberate without20o Members being relent. - l ney atone prop umjs, nr, as they term, refi!uupr)s, piHl decide at the third reading vhctfter tjiey jnau De tent in mc uw i"uc. ' When the Council )f AiH'nts approves of the re-Jution )t becomes a law. Its afl'eut is tlms exprell-cd " The Council of Aaciept approves." . Its dif-feut tlui The Conilitut'iqn anpul?, when the decree is informal,, or contrary to the Confhtutian. Vhen iley cannot approve thsTpruiclple of the. law, propofed, ' The Council of Ancients cannot adopt. ' This is underftood'of the whole, which cannot be a? gii,i pfered HtitU yesr (hall c'apfe ; though it .-m-y be broken into parJLand prefented at any time. ' The AflCients can irrevocably change the place i fitting for both Houfes, ivhich irtutl be in one Com wiiaiT tVef cm neither of them deliberate in the pUce they huve abandoned,, afterwards. f V-. . The perfonal freedom of the -Members is suaran-' teedl by the Leya-iture, except when feized .mi rrante delnli, and then nottcmnft be given, and the Houfe decide upon the arrett. Thirty days after the Rpiratio.J of their niiflion, their perfqns re luvio- lable -': ' ':- ' 1 ' ' -' ; t'',-: ' i'-. . The Executive Tower, Is a de!?Ka'tton from the' Lcginative body to a di. reaory of Five Members which it names. 1 he Council of coo forms by fecret fcrufiny a lift of Members for the Direftory : and the Ancients by the umeine-thot! eleftthe five who. are to fill the oflice.. They mu ft be 40 all of them at leaft. 1 , . ;L ; The' Pireaory is partially renewed by the mtrq. iuaiod of one new member every year : for the tour - firit years, it it decided by lot which member goes out, and he is not re-elisible until an interval of ftveyean has elapfed. ReUtions in the Hgat line cannot be m po wer fct the fame time, nor fucceed cath4pther with out the lame interval. In cafe of death the member is repiacea m ien aays, 3nd the fucceffor completes only the wrm of Ins pre-deceror'spowerr Each member nrelides three months alternatively. He has then the Jignatnre and t&e cul- tody of the Seal. . . ' ' Three members of the Direftory mod be prefenr to deliberate ; they may do fo without a fecretary, and recUter their deliberations in, particular book. The Direftory, conformably to the Taws, provides for the internal anWxiernaI ffety of the Republic. Itdifpofes abrolutely of the armed force without any ' intervention of the LegiHature or any of hi mem-bers, even for two year after th' expiration of Jts funftiohs; 'rr;.:-.' v; i'y ? The Direftory names the Commauders in ..Chief, and the Miniltefiof'ftate, and recalls thofe powers at , pleafure. ' 1 "' '. . , . - But the Legiflatlye .Body determines the numbers and attributes of Minifters,: thefe are fix at leaft, eight at molt. ' ' ' '.' ' - '' -p- . ' The Direflory nominates the receivers of all taxs and contributions, and the adminiftrators of the rta tipnal property ? it prefents yearly accoiint-of the finances of the ftateV It may fnggelt any objea to the cpijideration of the 500, but not in theiorm of laws. The DVreaory nuift'refide 'in the fame Commune t LtrtitU RnHipsi aiid the falarv of each member U fixed at the value of 10,221 qumuls of VBCat. ; .... ; . ..... ,. '."''' ' ' " iimiii in 1 . '.!' tJti XT. A n V.T;T H I A. Tanuarv a The brie Mary,' Captain Robertfon, arrived yefter- av In X50'day! irom tne iiie or rante, vucie mcy. . J . , -i- o t.... in 11:11 left the lllips ueorge oditiay, 4i 4uuci , ji.iuci pi iw, Morton, and fchooncr General Green,' f lodge, of Philadelphia. The French frigates Prudente nd'Sy. bille returned from a cruit with feven prizes, and 111-" formed that they fpoke an Americiiii fldp from Bolton or odicui, wuiv-u i-v ivf.fc """'i , v not mentioned. T h 'town "of Tnncomale, in the Jfland of Ceylon, was reported by piifoHeri arrived at .the Ifle of France, to have beert taken by the Bri- ' The Marv touched- at tlie Cape of Good-Hope, Xvhich Hie fonnd in pofTeflioh of the BritiHi, forces ; k.i. nmrt vaminipjl 1 hv Admiral Elohinftone. then lyinp there with fix fail of the line, who politely each of the brig's papers.1 Captain Robertfon, left h f fini- All thf 1 rfh of Oftober. "'"' Accounts from China,' via Calcutta. .Ijrpucht here ' by the brie; Mary, from the lib of France,, mention a very melancholy accident which happened to a wor-Kt vn. o jfiH m -llfnr !i:ivi(T.qri. Cant. Tohn Kenridt of the American Ihip Lady Wafliington, while fct the Sandwich Iflandsi f The commander of ano-thfr ..oii-i ....itVi' r' fh,''1ntiriii- ro Caotain Kendrick. Have orders tofnlute the Lady Wadiington. His guns rtv ImAeil with hail, which were suftftuuteJy uejleatcd to bf draw 11, one of .the fltot ' (truck Ciptain Kenrick on the lieacl, and killed at tr: lame time aft oncer and two Teamen. The prises taken by the Prtidente and Sjbelle were country fliipji, one cf them of uoo tbns was left -ii tne btraits ot Malacca, tiny days bttore, and not oe ing arrived at the time the Mary failed, fuppofed to; ue retaken. ' ' .-.'.'.'. , A gentleman who'arrived yeftcrday from the Ifl of France, iufonns tliat'a corvette' had arrived from r ranee, and failed immediately for the coalt of .Malabar. This vefl'el (as our Informant was, told by ,u pcrfon in the adnilmilratioti) had on board Kataux, toiiniiillioner fi oin die National Convention to excite Tippoo to war with the.Britifh. He had atready land ed, aiid the yetld remained, on' the coaft waiting his return. ; -,'''.''' -'-' '.-.'..'-. The (hip Robert Morris, Captain Hay, of B6flon, was call away at Table Bay about the 20th of Sep tember lalh She was from Calcutta bound to Ham burg. Part of her cargo faved. - j tront Mr.' W. Chrki Supercargo of the Mary, xve nre favoured with the fxllowing Propofals for a Capitulation drawn up by the Commif- fary and' Council of .Regency for the Cape of Good- tiope, and. agreed to by the Hon. George Keith Elphinfton, Vice Admiral nf the Blue, & commander in Chief of his Majefty's forces in the India Sea: Article I.,' The cattle' and town 'halt be fnrrender-ed to a detachment of his Brtta'nnic MaieuVs troops. Tliis capitulation being fisned, this evening the ca'itle and town mult be ("urrendered to his MajeJ's forces agreed. ' . :r. : :. ' II. I he .military Iaii march out with all military honours, and being iiiarchcd put, hall lay down their arms, and be prifoiiers of war agreed- III. ToftKh mditary officers, who. upon their word of honour, will not fcrve againtt i Great-Britain, during this war, m ght deltre to depart from hence, might be pprmitted under a neutral flg ; but, "in that cale, at their own expeme, with liberty to realize their property, a'ndt to carry it' with them rapreed-In the' mean time they fiiall remain prifoners of war on theirparole at Cape Town. '' ' IV. The officers who might defire to remain here AVithput anyferyK i V. All tlnncs that belone to the company ijiali bf 1 iaithtully delivered, without releryatin, by the no tary i but tne property or tne company, naval and military fervants, and alfo tlie burgers and inhabitants. mall remain free and untouched, as well as all that belongs to churches, orphans and public inftitatlons-- agreeu 10 in us iuneu latuuuc. VI. All fervanti of the -company.-out of pay, or in the fervice of the burgers, permitted to remain in this colony agreed. ' v " VII. 1 he inhabitants ot tins colony Hiall preferve all thofe privileges which they at prefent enjoy as well as the prcfent public" worfliip, without any alteration agreed. VIII. His Britannic Majeity mail continue the pa per money in the prefent -value, to prevent the total ruin of the inhabitants. This article replaced by a- nother. . ! IX. Iso new taxes fhall be introduced, but the pre fent ones modified as much as pothole, in condition of the decay of the colony agreed, ,."';". X. The Conimilury mall be at liberty, afterthe de livery of all that belongs to the company, to depart from hence on his word of honour, and g( it he choofes on beard a neutral vefiei agreed. 1 ; 'XI. It Avail be permitted him to carry with hn all that belongs to him, according to his declaration upon his word of honour, or to realize the fameAvith-out any hindrance agreed. . ..:':..: -r-'-.i'i XII. It mall be permitted him, after declarine faith fully all the papers, plans, &c, that belong "to -this go vernnient, to retain all Inch papers that belonc to hmu which he may waiirfonheTrindicatiorrof hiscontltifr during his miniltry, in the fame manner that he ni'gbt have done, had he been i djfeharged by his fovereigu aereed. , ''-'""i.-':'.';-',;": "'-.'. '':" '-'''' Filially. No one fhall be prcfled into his MaieftVs, forces, or engaged, but ot his own accord agreed, A periotfical work in Germany exhibits the following eftimate of the expehces and loli of men incurred b the powers at war, from 1792 to 179$ iiiclu- live-: ',','.. : - - " Men, Money, r lorins. Aultrian Monarchy,.. 150,000 -The Lmpire and Prulha, 6o,oco Great-Britain, ' 98,000 Hslland, ; 9,oo Sjain, r? .y i4.0Q., Portugal, r v , 5,000 Tsaples, . Papal dominions, , . Sardinia, ' " , f 50,00a Ruffia, . : .. ao,oco,coo 100,000,000 6oo,ooo,ooq i6o,coo,cco 480 ooo,oc -r,40,OOO,00O 40,000,000 ,10,000,000 38,000,000 5,coo,oco Total prance, - joi,coo i672,bcOiOpo ' :i : ;r ,. l,COC,0Co' 2803,5C0,C0O Total of both parties, 1,501,006 4475i5occo ' ! And all this becauf two er three Kincs would teach the French how to take riare of their owii a25rs.i Look at this ye friends 'vf royalty and anarchy ?' See the frightful butcheries of Uie huiaa JracofruifflI fields . once rlothed with grMin; and ' a'doVned with fljwers, now covered with human carcass ret king in -p,ore I Seethe peaceful fwain,-while whiAling aloi) Jiis furrows, thtvrn before the battle, and his furrows flreamtrig with blood I See the fond parent and hro' ther dragged from the' tender endearments', of family rappiriefs, to-hew down their fellow mortals, aui , murder' raen hora they' neve fa w and never learnt to hare 1 See hoiilVs ami cottages the peaceful fiiel -ter of harmlefs rultics, Involved in flames, and whole cities tumbling iuto ruins I View thefe horrid Tccne 1 and learn to abhor the tyrants y ho plunge "their fellow beings into fuch deplorable Wretchednefs I Learn to deteit the Monarch, the Prince, the Noble, the Anarchift, who are the fourccs of fuch calamities, and venerate the conltitu'tton and Jaws of that country, which deliver yah from the povve'r of thofe but- f " .cliers of the h u man race'. . 1 , POIlTSxMOU 1 If, (England; OAober'tj'.' - We think it proper thus early to. announce to our female readers the approach of Leap year." a perloil generally agreeable to them from thelicenfe it afford y. or luing to tnofc who either want courage or inclination t prefer their, fuit. This early intimation; is' particularly Hece'flary, as 1796 is the only leap year that r will weeur for the enfuing it lit years, the Snn-rcala- ' ry day being left oiu in 1800 by the ibtue 24 Gko. II. c. 22. . Every hundred year is difiinguiiht-d in tliis? manner, except every fourth hundredth from the year 2060, which is to be counted Bilfextde. " coocx'xxxcpxxc . h A N D S for SALE. FOUR hundred "and twenty. one acres in Montgo- ; mery county, on Ptcdee river: whereon is 'n fmall plantation, joining the lands of J. Collfon and T Blewett, equal in quality to any ori the river. : fify acres on Long creek in Montgomery county. -tocY acres ori a Branch of Long creek. ' 100 acres oii the head' of Ugly creek, joining the t ands of Drury Collier in Montgomery county. ' ' 100 acres, including the mineral fnrinri on RnrVv river. Note Thefe fnrinffs are well known thro'N- & S. Carolina, and their medicinal qualities well sp- oya acres m Richmond tountv. on Peede rivet- -- jiiiuwu uy uw udinc 01 uie uooie ijoncis; wncreonia a large plantation in good order for cropping. ' ooacreson Rocky ,riyer in Anfon county j where on is a large plantation, a good dwelling-houfe, out-houfes and orchards. : ; , 15c? aires it? Anfpn cqnnty, on Savannah creefc, whereon is a large apple orchard. - ,' 630 pcres pa Flat Fork, in Anion cousty j whereon is a faiajl plantation. ' . 733 acres on Gould's Fork of Brown 'creek, joining land of Bunyell Lanier. - 3C0 acres on GouldVFork, joining the ab6ve. ' J -4S0 acres ori Brown creek. . . - 100 acres on Bwyn creek. , - ' v " 640'acres on Gould's .Foijc,' Joining Capt. Patrick' Bogan and Jqhn May, jun. " 30a acres on -Gould's Fork, joininjr JaitiM Bopgan.. s 109 acres joining the town of Wadefborough, ttt" Anfun court-houle. . - 1 80 acres on Joness rreek, whereon is a plantation; 10 acies whereon is 'a -tan-yard, a large eonvetiienij houfe, and other things neceffary for carrying on the tanning bufinels j all in good repair, joining the town ' of Wadelborough.' . 48 Lots(fomeof which are Improved) in the'towxt of Wadelborough. ! '' . ' ' ' , 20o acres joining Borwtll LanTer, on Gould's Fork; v 300 acres on Jones's creek,vjolning Wm. May.' , 360 acre3 on the Featherbed branch. ' r . 200 acre! on Goula's Fork: The' above lands are equal in quality to any In their iieighbtiurhoodrnd wilt be fold on the moil reafonV -able terms. One-fourth'of .the pur'chafe money to b paid on executing the titles, the remaining three fodrths iitone, two and three years. For further par ' titulars enquire of the fubferiber in Ahfoh county. ' s ' Wm; Johnson. . " I OR S A L , - . A TRACT of Land, lying in Northampton county, on BridgerV creek, adjoining the 1 oads lead. ?ng from Suffolk to Halifax and Tarborotigh, con--, taming jjoo acres ; on the premifes are two plan'tati' ons, two good dwelling-houfes, two barns, kitchens ' and other convenient hoofes: likewife an excellent apple and peach orchard, together with an exreedini good fpring. For tenni apply to the fubferiber, eu ; the premifes.' , . JOHN VEAL. . ; , i December eJ. . jti 4.f F o r; S" A L E, 7 : . FROM twenry'to' thirty thopfand acres of Cum ; berland LAND, fin the countie of Davidfon, Sumner and Tenneflee. As they are among the fu lti : . located lands, 1 fuppofe tljem equal in value to any . there. I will fell the whole or in parcel as may fuit ' ' die purchafer. Cadi, pub'lc fecurities, or approved bonds with annnal and pun&ualintereft, will be tken ' inpayment., 1, . ' , . , J.-G. BREHON. s Warrenton," Jan. 3. ; , 8 9 i A good price in calh will be dver. fo$ talloY'. Etxquire of the Printer. II

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