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Salisbury, North Carolina
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Alexandria Steam Baked Bread rec'd every day; none better. At N. P. Murphy's. 4i scriptions Called For and Medicines Delivered.

-4 Telephone, write or call at any tlcriewd let us kno wr-atjlrps? store irucds you need and we" will srnd ihem right out without' exi tra charge. 5 T. W. Grimes Drug Co. Nfxt Door to Postc-fflce.


AGED CRIMINAL ARRESTED. THE STOCK ASSURED. AAA mi) HERS BURIED. BATTLE tUm TOLD IN BRIEF. Items Personal and Otherwise Picked a All the Contract' for Depends on the Basis'ofi Prices Mr.

Lazenby Joseph Marx, an Old Farmer, located I BALL PARK FOR SALISBURY. New Grided Behool to be Paid. in New York Up on the Bounds. Mr. E.

Gregory to be Made Captain At a meeting of the graded New York, April 20. Ricnds New York, April (200 ARE BURIED ALIVE 20 -Joseph TnnnrJTA riDt? orTrn? A FIGHT IS REPORTED of the Team. schools committee held yesterday of former Cotton King Sully are We do it up-to date Printing. Shoes that will stand the racket, Marx, an old farmer of Collcches afternoon the contract for the new confident that he will be able to I ter, charged with haviDg Without any solicitation enough building was awarded to Mr. A.

at Burt's. pay his creditors in full, should RESCUING PARTY TO THEIR AID etock has been voluntarily 8ub- rsnhv. of Salishurv. after A JAPANESE CRUISER IS SUNK. murderf1 and lo Pieces a hire TOUR PRINCIPAL- BLOCKS BUMED Mr.

J. L. Watson is at home -9 i the courts decide that the settle- scribed for a base ball park in man a iew weexs ago, was iracea of the three bids consideration for a few days. iHshnrv to insure the enclosure to this city ard arresttd here mnts are to be made on the basis submitted. Mr.

BUUUIlllCW. 1U1 Lszanby's bid was UAiiiOUUJ U1U ITUI Mr. S. C. Miller went to China! Were Buried by an Avalanche Today 1 1 Ji ul of such grounds as bay be selected $16,219 exclusive of heating appa The New Admiral in Charge Says he through the ff orts of one of his i ui prices tun uajr uviuig iuc bus Grove this morning.

apartments Called Out From Several Cities- Fire Finally Controlled. in the event of the organization of ratug Rnd furni ure. The school neighbors. Marx was have I pension instead of the same day. While at Work.

Won't Attempt Sorties. a A number of prominent board and aldermen will meet Mrs. D. R. Julian has been quite tailed to Europe in a few days to sick for the past two days.

ALL RAILROADS TIED UP. Silibburiaos have come forward fa joiot session and pledged the necessary funds connrm jointly and the team is now practically a former body. the action of the The condition of Mrs. W. H.

Turin. April 19 About two! London, April 20. A. delayed A filu fiHUW BiUiiO. Toronto.

O-it Anril 20. At A General Strike of Employes Cause of Crawford is unchanged today. hundred miners were buried today message rom Port Arthur reports Mr. urory nas Tiie new building will be ready i the 7:30 o'clock this morning lire which broke out in the centre of Eev. E.

A. Oaborne, of Char- by an avalanche near the village that a Japanese cruiser was sunk Severe Storm Sweeping Through New York Today. agreed to captain the team wmcn for occnpaDcy bV September. otte, wa3 in Salisbury today. of Pragleat.

Soldiers and reecu- off Port Arthur in a running fiht the business part of the city about Badapist, April mpg to last Friday and two armored Job Printing -can be had at the ing parties were sent to the scene. ENCOURAGED- MR. HACKET York, April 20. A severe 8 lst night was put under control. It i.i will begin practicing in May ana a numbar of games that will be of interest to the enthusiastic rooter will be echeduled for the season.

SusuTob Office on short notice. a genra strike of employes all the Hungarian state railroads are cruisers were maged. of Wilkesbore, in IE. N. Hackett, Esq MrVfi.

Grant Buchanan, of PHILADELPHIA MAN'S ACCIDENT. snow storm accompanied b'y oi iua principal diocks, con-fierce Northwest gales, has swept tuning about two. hundred and London, April 20. It is re- tied up. f.

Salisbury Testerday Charlotte, was in Salisbury today. portfd from: Yin kow that; the through the upper part of the hrty large were destroy Found Lying in Unconscious Condition A BIG INCREASE. Japanese have landed troops at CALL A PASTOR. TO of Wilkes- State and the temperature is con R. N.

Hackett at Landis. Mr. G. W. Frix returned last night from a business trip to Liaoutang peninsular and a battle who is a for con The Salisbury Baptists Will Probably uauesuoro.

A white man from Philadelphia gressional honors in this district, is now raging near rort Arthur, siderably below recz'ng INSURGENTS CONVICTED. Rowan Count Shows a Big Gain on Taxable Property. Extend a Call Tonight afternoon and laBt Rfav. Dr. L.

W. Crawford, of I was found lying beside the rail- spent yesterday It is also reported that the Japan ed and the lots is estimated at A strong wind caused a rapid spread of the fire and appeals for help were sent out. The d-'piftmsnts from Hamilton, Lon don, Montreal and Buffalo responded at last dynamite was ued to Greeneboro, ws in Salibbury this track near Lndis this morn- night in Salisbury. ese flaet is making an attack from iog, to all appearances dead, says Immediately after services at the you thinfc or your A Former Insurgent General Gets Five the sea at the same time. "What do proepects for morning.

i T. W. Alexander, Esq of the nomination the Salisbury correspondent of Baptist church tonight a church Years in Prison. Sheriff JuUan stated today that there is a mighty tffort of taxpayers to" climb. over each others' shoulders in order to pay poll tax before the 1st day of May New Chwang, April 19.

For- the Charlotte Observer. The sup-1 conference will be held, the object Charlotte, was in Salisbury this Mr. Hackett was asked. "From what I have learned I nnaitinn was at first that the man I of which Is tOcall ft Pastor. Ev- eign correspondents were per afuniU Anril 90 Winnnir top the progress of the nre.

morning. had been struck by some passing ery member is urged to be pres- believe I will be nominated," he mitted today to go to Mukden and Lukban, a formor insurgent gen- Among the buildings destroyed Tae victims of measles continue train and left for dead, but unonlent. i I i ((T havn nm A st.mnarffi started at once. mere win uo uuuuiwo renlied 'in ihn rnuntv who will lo6 their the county who will loee their eral on the Island cf Semar. and are lce iiotei, ana the cus- to multiply.

ltisfctni in a mild cioaer in veatication it was found Althouarh no final conclusion has Tokio, April 20. It is announc hia hrnthr avpIIa I.tikKun. hnvt- tom house. rio-hrto vote by their'own negli their'own lorm, however. that hud hpen iaken enddenlv been reached, it is cenerallv under negh- hag nQ belie ye number of those I ed here that military headquarters gence.

The exact Mr. Robert Monroe, who came sick and had fallen bv the 'side of I stood that Key. Dr. Maitini oi been found guilty of takiDg part ic win iuo uimi yu'b iiiut WILL PUNISH LAWYERS. Newton, who preached last Sun-day I will soon be advanced and the first back from Georgia eeveral weeks I the railroad.

Neighbors soon in county." the Ricarte conspiracy sgairist tkej morning, at this will: be (installment of military attaches terested themselves and cared for ago, is improving very rapidly. "Do you think American government and each the Democratic district will be extended a call, i 0f foreign countries will be per him until he recovered conscious Judge Peebles Says Proceedings Will Come May 10th. Mr. T. P.

Johnston has almost who have failed to pay poll tax was not ascertained but it is certain that it runs up into the hundreds. Sheriff Julian staled also that there has been a big increase this year over lust in the State and sentenced to five years imprisonment and 11,000 tine. rn mitted to accompany the army. nominee in this elected I "I do, beyond ness. entirely recovered irom ma re IHPOBTANT MEETING RED HEN.

any question cent and severe iiloess. London. April 20. The Paris CLOSING SERVICE. FAIR TOMORROW.

Whiteville April 18. Judge Peebles stated today to the Observer correspondent that the. con -Mr. Hackett returned to Wilkes-boro this morning. Deputy Sheriff J.

A. Bepresentatives to be Chosen to the Pafers Publieh an interview with will Admiral Skrydlcff, the new. naval Eev. W. E.

Fenno Preaches His Last Grahd State Couhcil. county taxes. The increase amount to or more. Spencer, who has been very 'sick for a week, is improved. The Weather Forecast for North Care commander at Post Arthur.

He is a WRECK. HURT IN Sermon Here Tonight. Spona Tribe No. Improved quoted as saying he would notmake Spencsr real estate continues 1 1 BOB TAYLOR COSING. lina for 24 Hours.

Washington, D. C. Apr. 20 -Tb boom and several out-of-town I Evangelist W. Fn no close young Howard Austin Badly Injured Order of Men, will, holdr an i0lte9 but preserve the fljet for important meetintr at the wigwam buyers were there this week.

the meeting at the Baptist church While Beating Train. joint action with the Vladivostock weather forecast for North Carolin Come" to the Sun office for neat with tonight's service Last nights 1 a fleet when proper time should --nn Night of ay 2n. Austin, of Spen Young Howarq for the ensuing 24 horns ie: Job Printing-visiting cards, invi- Mwn.aMCB w8 nl eo mi 1 1 1 tempt 'proceedings against the lawyers of Robeson county would aot be brought up Whiteville, owing to his present physical indisposition, but he would most issuredly bring them op for contempt of coart at the of Cumberland county court to convene at Fayetteville on Monday, May 10. Judge Peebles says they have ix-sulted the cloth and the dignity uf the law, and they shall be punished in conscquehca. come.

lno admiral win nave Jeer, was badly hurt yesterday near Fair tonight' and Thursday tor ig at and a full attendance Representatives to 'the Gran! State Council, which meets in Charlotte next mohtb aro tcj be selected and- arrangements made for a good delegation of Saiibtiry Mil 4ttA mfcatin. aUons-not the cheapest bat best, previous services ounnt aermon was a most impressive one. It Mr. J. Shoaf is building a WM fonnded on the figure of Jean.

command of the entire Pacific squadron. Warmer. Thursday in western and beating a train. "-V a. hospital at jtwill remain nice cottage home on West Liber- a centra! portions.

1 London, April 20. News has behind the city school mittance to the hearts and lives of been received from St. Petersburg property; home. WW -4 Vy BtKlliU WS: Ci is thought that a hundred or u.crv will go to Cnf'-lotte one day Seceivedby the Empress. Tokio, April 20.

Mrs'Gfiscom that the Japanese 'forces have a mswres Deputy Sheriff Hodge Krideris The sermons or talks of the crowded house in advance oi tne landed near Chwang. wife of the American minister, and Bloodshed at an Election. during the wnicd wil be attended by hundreds of Red Men Berlin, April 20 The news of at Mt. Ulla today collecting taxes, evangelist fi i-1 lodgment in the Deputy Bice collected 1300 at hearts of his hearers for he talks Cleveland yesterday. plainly and as a man would talk to Orleans.

Anr1 lecturer's coming. Wilmington's New Postmaster. rom North Carolina and Virginia. Viceroy Alexif ff's resignation has Jl-V- ceived by the Empress in special U0 A Child Badly Hur Mrs. E.

W. SimpEon's little daughter was badly hurt yesterday af ternopn by falling upon a sharp piece of iron. le child was running with playmates whqn the ac Mrs. W. Coleman arrived in hU workmen.

He has been cusea no surprise nere. xi was audience yesterday. today in Ascension Mr. Crutchfleld to Leave, i I Saliahnrv last nicrht anrl will fnr a wonting man naving oeen me known that the relations between Sim Moore, a former G. CrUtchfield returned several days be the guest of her emPlo7 of railroad companies a the Czir and Alexiff ever since the Teachers Assembly to Meet at More- and lately a Lily White Republic how knows duncrhtpr.

Mr C. HambW numDer OI Jears nu hi morning from Richmond, ya. cident occurred. A physician was moned and the first attack on Port Arthur have where he attended the funeral; of head City. cm, was t-ht and killed by Deputy Secretary D.

Cormichael, of Sheriff Edward Smith at a polling immediately sum to reach toilers. His services in Salisbury and The body of Eccles Fisher, the Thomas Wallace Monday afternoon took charge of the Wilmington rpostoffice as post-master, succeeding Miss Mary C. Darby, whose term of effice expired in December, but she held over on account of a long-drawn-out contest over the plum. The sa'ary of tte is $2,300 a year. not been cordial.

-the Morgen his ancle. Capt. William Green, child is resting comfortably today. the North Carolina Teachers' As- booth in Gonzales. More attempt- young negro who was killed in oat learns that the Czar tele ata assistant general manager of Spencer have doubvless been a great help to many.

Philadelphia last week, will be sambly, has announced that the ed to tack up in the booth pictures hj Southern Railway. Mrs graphed Alexieff, complaining of Mr. Hammill the Bayer. brought to Salisbury tonight for meeting this year will be held, be- of negroes appointed to office by einning June 8th, at Morehead Democrats. Smith ordered him to Cratchfield stopped off in Greens efficiency in handling the Port Mr.

John W. Hammill yester burial. boro to epend a While with her pa The Game at Greensboro. Salisbury will be well represent- Arthur fleet and reprimanding him We are adding to our Job De- day bought the stock and bar fixtures at his former place of busi- City, N. C.

The program has been stop, and words followed. Moore arranged and in a ifuw davs wili tried to pull bia pistol, but the rents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Ddspn.

partment new type and stationery ed at the game between the Uni- Mr. Crutch field leaves tonight for incompetency. It is asserted in naval circles that the loss of the The considera- aees at the depot come from the press. and will, in a few days, be able to verities of Virginia aad North deputy was too quick and whipped out his weapon and killed Moore. Mr.

Hammill will don was $500. for Mobile, Ala. where he becomes agent of the Southern Rail Petropaviovsk jean only be ex resume business give you the latest in type and Carolina at Greansboro Salurtlay. stationery. Sun Job Offise.

Much interest is felt in this same. Historic Chasm Found. when the sale is court. way. Daring his residence- in plained by criminal negligence.

confirmed by the mp, April 19 In the center Charlotte, Mr. Cratchfield made a H. Wright, Etq and two although the North Carolina root- St. Petersburg, April 19. Many most favorable sons, Bc-rny and Ray, of Blocton, era are not placing any money this impression upon of the Forum has just die-covered the chasm in which Qain- disfigured and unrecognizable Mrs.

Overman at Mrs. Lee S. Overman and child Ala arrived in the city today and year' the people of the community, and the business men with who he had bodies, supposed to be from the us Cur tins perished. It was cov will spend some time with Mr. Judga Simonton Sick in Philadelphia.

Judge Simonton, of the Upittd States Circuit Court, is ill in a hospital at Philadelphia, and is not expected to return South till the first of May. Shortly after he heard the case of the Atlantic North Carolina receivership, his health failed him. Charlotte Ob Petropalovsk, have been washed ered with inscribed marble slabs, ren have returned to Salisbury and Senator Overman is expected Wright's sister, Mrs R. M. Pen- Work on New Shops, dealings, in bis of the Southern, capacity as agent regret to' see him ashore at Port Arthur.

A search dletOn. I Wrrlr nn Vio nanr caVirtna at n.n on which several votive offerings dated from B. C. 362 to the time "The Boys Are With Ke Hon. E.

Spercer Blackburn pissing through Salifcbury this morning on bis way to Statesville was aslecl what ho knew abotit the coQgres-iuntl situation. Qaoth the Hon. Spencer, 'The boys are With aj-o." And lhat is every word Spencer wou'd utter for qaotation. Mr Prown's Funeral. The remains of Mr.

Jpseph A. Brown, of the countv, who died yesterday morning, at 2 30 o'clock of "consumption, were interred this morning at 11 o'clock in the St. Paul cemetery. A large concourse of friends paid a last tribute cf respect to the memory of the dc coaeed. eave the city.

Charlotte Chroni home next weejc it beinff understood that congress will adjourn on w. Sample shoes are superior shoes cer being pushed rapidly and it has been made for the, body of Admiral Makaroff. of Augustus. cle. especially made for drummers to i confidently expected that the the inet.

server. show and take orders from. We shops will be completed acd in Legislative Timber, i Tht Fruit Crop. Railroad men say that if the Biddle Beats Livingstone. buy them at a "big discount and operation by January 1st 1905 i T- To date the following gentle give the discount to our patrons.

The Livingstone College ball North Carolina fruit and strawber Race War in New York. Hornellsville (N. Tribune: men have been suggested the Mr. Henderson Recovers. Mr.

William J. Henderson, of Salisbury, who vas painfully injured in a railrcad wreck in Ten Burt's. 1 Pay BoU Was team was beaten at Charlotte yes egislature: Messrs. T. C.

Linn, ry crops are as large as they are predicted to be, the roads will not Mr. W. D. Howard, of Spartan- The ro11 to Southern em- Willie Jones and Glen Hawkins killed a large coon last week. Waiter Murphy and W.

Smoot, be able to get enough refrigerator nessee last month, has almost' en- burg, S. who has been in PioyH in osoury sea bi open- of Salisbury, and J. S. Hall, P. E.

terday by Biddle. The score was 13 to 12 and the game was wit-nersed by a large crowd. No Smallpox in Salisbury. from the accident cars to ship them, lhe peach, tirely recovered Wright, H. C.

Lentz, A. Roth- Salisbury for the past week, with CbT Ior ine moDin ending yester-a view of locating here, returned dftv is estimated at 1 65,000. When acd is now at home on a visit. strawberry and watermelon crops rock, Jacob Thomason and Pi A. Can't Buy the Climate.

George Vanderbilt has bought to Spartanburg this morning. He tDe new. snoP3 are completed it Sloop, of the county. The only last only a few weeks, and it- is said that on each crop the same There is no smallpox in Rowan will probably move here next wm 7 oa each montn. Miss Sadie Snider Has Appendicitis- contest this year, it is believed.

353 more acres of land in Buncombe. If he keeps on, he will own the whole country, but be month. county at this time, a condition car will not mate more than two Miss Sadie Snider, daughter of will be over the legislative nomr- IN MEMOBIAM most gratifying and largely at round trips daring the shipping Mr. Wi F. Snider, has appendici Capt.

and Mrs. A. H. Cald nees. Mr.

A. D. Hart died on the season, it would be necessary to Mr Senton Back Home. Mr. Win.

A. Senton, of Salisbury, who has beon railroading in West Virginia for the past two years, has returned. Mr. Senton leave next month for Florida, where he will make his future home. tis.

The attending physicians have can't buy tbe glorious climate and health-giving: water. Toey cannot tributable to the rigid enforcement of the law bearing on compulsory well, of Georgia, who have been in Salisbury since Saturday, the secure several thousand ref rigera notyet decided whether or not Mr. Snider Will Build. I 17th inst. at his home near Wood leaf in the 71st year of his age.

be monopolized. Raleigh News- tor cars, and this is said to be vaccination. i. i -i an operation will be necessary. guests of Mr.

Caldwell's parents, Mr. W. F. Snider will; have the Observer. He was stricken with paralysis impossible.

Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Caldwell, left house which he now occupies re Favor Parcel Post Bill this morning for Asheville.

where on the corning of the 15th and Mr. Blackburn Here, Another Cold Day. moved to the rear and will short I II Citizens of Woodleaf have for Mrs. Caldwell will spend several Kw worse irom me ume No Damage to Fruit Crop. Atlanti, April IS.

The an Hon. E. Spencer Blackburn was of the attack until his death. warded to Representative Kluttz ly begin the construction or a handsome residence on! the: site This morning was one of tbe coldest of tbe month of April, and weeks. Mr.

and Mrs. Newman Leave. Mr. and Mrs. W.

G. Newman, in cjaiifioury this morning on his nouncement is made by the local He was a brave soldier daring in favor of the parcels petition way to statesville to attend ed-. upon which his I present home post bill. that is saying a good deal when it is remember i that April has been Mrs Dry Has Appendicitis. eral court.

weather bureau that the recent unusual cold snap resulted in no the civil war a good citizen and a consistent member of the Presby who have been at. troid Mill since laBt Friday, left last night for New York. Mr. Newman will return stands. Contractor of Charlotte, came up yesterday to Mrs.

James Dry has appendici a month of exceptionally frigid damage to the fruit crop of Geor The contract for the building terian church. His aged wife bur vives him. Concert by Neave Music Schoel temperature this year. to Gold Hill next week. tis and was taken yesterday after- noon to the Whitehead-Stokes san- moye the residence.

gia, with the exception of tha i and heating the new dormitory at A concert will be given by the slight retarding of its develop He was buried at Unity church the State N. I. at Greensboro, Democratic Nominees Will be Elect- itorium, where an operation will Neave Music chool Friday night Mrs. W. J.

Hairston, who has been visiting in Richmond, re ound Coat, vest and watch. meet. on the afternoon of April 18tb, has been let at a total for both of be performed. the school. in the parlor of! Apply to Sun office.

Rev. Robert S. Arrowood conduct turned to Spencer this morning. From information received from R. S.

H. ing the funeral. For Sale! 1 Second Hand Phae Don't fail to Spencer today lit lis certain tha get one of the pin Wanted! Energetic young men Paris, April 20. The Journa ton, 1 btoue horse trough and a lot Fresh lot of I owney'a candy at Kluttz Co's. 3t.

less clothes lines from J. Crawford Home made Lard 12tcts at of boaeehold furniture. W. S. prints a dispatch from its cor ro the nominees of the Democratic primary at Spencer lb ight Sells.

to sell an article of utility in estern N. and Tennessee Expenses Apply- to W. R. Price's meat market. lm Blackmer.

5t spondent at Yin Kow, dated yes Mr. Walter Purrage Acquitted. Mr. Walter Burrage, of the county, who was tried in the Federal court at Statesville yesterday for retailing without license was acquitted. will be elected.

The Ind penden We are not selling out, but we terday at 5 p. which bays it is Cox. 203 S. Main Et Salisbury, GAME EGGS gradually losing are giving thd N. C.

5td liw Salisbury public affirmed that a fresh battle is rag movement is ground. for sale 2 50 per setting. Mug Ice Cream Season! Yon will find richest and purest ice cream, made every day, at Saleeby's Candy Kitchen, 113 N. Main 296 Flavored the greatest grocery bargains they ing at Port Arthur. ever received For Sale Cheap! 1 Sewing Machine.

1 one horse wagon and our store is the wumps, Warnorses and bawls, tf. A. Jackson. Don't Wait, Buy Now I proof. Have you Have you tried Cbaee San "I have used Chamberlain' If nbt, do it now.

Max with pure fruit juices and made borns noe teas and coffaes, if uot gearing, one top hrjgsry and har Stomach and Liver Tablets, with A Thoughtful Man. M. M. Austin of Winchester, knew what to do in the hour of nead. His wife had such an, unusual case of ttomach and liver trouble, physicians could not help her.

He thr-'lf of and tried Dr. King's New Pills and she got relief at once and was finally cured. 25 at all drug stores, tried us? Moses. you are missing a treat, it is the with resheBt cream. If you can't ess.

Apply to No. 128 S. Fulton Graphophones: On installment, $1 permonth. Address Drawer Spencer, N. C.

SOt. Room and table board furnished. We are selling real estate every most satisfactory says Mrs. Phelps, of Houston, Texas. For most economical tea and coffee Street.

come, we will deliver at your day. Bargains can be had if you see us. Every one that bays from can buv and the quality is un homa no matter bow small the For the finest fUb, every day in indigestion, biliousness and con excelled. We also sell the best quantity. When up street stop the week, call Fine meats, at the lowest prices, stipation these tablets are most ex at W.

A. Brown's, I uuvatiuu uuu3umiy lavuiauio us makes money. Maupin Bbos. flour money can buy. M.

Moses at iioshers cash meat market, tf op. postoffice. and try it. i dress Lock Box 205. tf cellent.

Sold by James riummer.

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