The News Reporter from Whiteville, North Carolina on November 13, 1924 · Page 5
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The News Reporter from Whiteville, North Carolina · Page 5

Whiteville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1924
Page 5
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V THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1924 THE NEWS REPORTER PAGE FIVE LOCAL I Ml Henry Gore, of Waxhaw, is everal days here. ii'; Frank Hester and children ing relatives in Raleigh. 1 Mrs. R. C. Sadler were n Tuesday. in Mrs. J. R. Ardrey, of Wil-;pent Sunday here. . Walter H. Powell is in Macon, v business. uirsday Afternoon Club will week with Mrs. E. K. Proc . , s Margaret Waters, Etta Mae L vliy Davis spent Tuesday in ington. ure Wil Seth L. Smith is spending a in Wilmington where the palians are in meeting. Mr Oscar High spent last week- enl ter. n Southport visiting her daugh-Mrs. Chas. E. Turnbull. Mrs Felix Smith and children went to Sellers, S. C, last week to be with relatives there. Misses McPhaul and Moore spent last week-end in Red Springs with Mic? McPhaul's parents. Rev. and Mrs. L. B. Pattishall are in Wilmington attending the Eastern North Carolina Methodist Conference Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Brown, of Chad-bourn, were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Proctor Sunday. M . v.! us Talbot, of : the last week-end ;ir -nts. Mr. and Mrs. Hallsboro, here with I. T. New- . V. B. Dickson and Warren aiming, S. C, have been guests r. Dickson's daughter, Mrs. Wal-F during the oast week. :;tt night at Evergreen High Friday night to be given by (nh and 11th grades and rhc i s. Prices, 15 V, i-rvb'uly come. and 25 cents. Ii. and Mrs. Elmer Kokanour, of Silvan Surings. Ark., were on a visit i Mrs. W. G. Burkhead Tuesday while- on their way to Florida for the winter. The concert of the Orphans Sing' inir class at the school auditorium Friday evening was one of the usual nature, entertaining to the crowd which was present. Miss Gladys Baker, formerly Domestic Science teacher in the Whiteville high school, was in Whiteville this week demonstrating the Florence Oil Stove. Miss Baker came from Wilmington to Whiteville. Th ere was a baptism at the Whiteville Baptist church on Sunday of twenty-four candidates from Corinth church. Rev. G. Van Stephens, of Chadbourn, was the preacher in charge. . Miss Eunice Black who f6r the past eighteen months has been employed with the Liberty Clothing Co., of Wilmington, has resigned and will spend some time with her parents here. Rev. I. T. Newton conducted the funeral Sunday afternoon of Mr. Geo. Creech, whose home was across the White Marsh. The deceased had suffered a stroke of paralysis, and 'hp en(i came on Saturday afternoon. H" was a brother of Mr. Jim Creech- Mrs- G. O. Rogers delightfully en- tfliraincd the Thursday Afternoon f'luh last week. After several games f Mah Jong, the hostess, assisted ,,v Miss Katherine McLean, served a ,; lious salad course, followed by ;ik'' and coffee. Messrs. W. C. Powell, J. E. Tho mpson A. F. Powell. Jr.. and H. M- I.umsden spent Armistice Day in Wars... Messrs. Chas. F. Schulken an'i J. D. Lewis spent the same day !n Durham where Trinity and Wake Foi'"t met in their annual football Rame. Many people in and around town are at their homes with mumps. There There have also been several cases of influenza lately. Miss 4 Eunice Jnn. Miss Rachel Grady, and Miss Lis Moore, all of the school, faculty, have had to say in their, rooms for 8everal days.-. Misses Dorothy Smith, Louise Smith, and Margaret Register were guests in the home of Mrs. Blanche S. Lewis Saturday and Sunday. They came from Wilmington by automobile with Mr. John Carter, who spent the week-end with his mother. One of the best pictures ever shown by the local theatre was on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. "Scaramouche" brought many out- of-town folks here, and Mr. Wishart I is to be congratulated on the calibre j pictures he brings to the county cap- ital. ! Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Best, Mrs. J. T. McKenzie, Mrs. L. V. Grady and Miss Rachel Grady were among the Whiteville people attending the wedding of Miss Emily Williamson, of Cerro Gordo, and Mr. J. P. Smith, of Wilmington, on Wednesday evening. Miss Zelma Maultsby is now in the Superintendent of Public Instruction's office. For the past three years Miss Maultsby has been assistant to the Register of Deeds, and with the going out of the present Register of Deeds, she will take up work with Mr. Mclver. Whiteville plays Chadbourn in basketball this afternoon. Whiteville has been beaten only once this year by girls of any other school, and are booked to win. They were defeated at the hands of Hallsboro earlier in the season, but won out during the fair, claiming the county championship. The Men's Evangelistic Club of FayetteviHe will hold services in the Westminster Presbyterian church on next Sunday, Nov. 16th, at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. These men have gone out from their town on many occasions and carried with them stirring messages to those who have heard them. They are members of different denominations and carry with them words that impress all who hear them. Rev. R. D. Bedinger, of the Pre byterian Congo Mission, spoke at the Westminster Presbyterian church on last Sunday. He gave a graphic description of the interesting mis sionary work in which he is engaged and made a deep impression upon his hearers. The accomplishments of ' the Gospel in the heart of Africa j have been nothing less tnan miraculous. PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES SENATOR, REFERENDUM AND CONSTITUTIONAL MENTS AMEND- President Davis Coolidge .. LaFollette 2,757 . 1,629 26 United States Senator F. M. Simmons 2.848 A. A. Whitener 1,426 ! i ; 1,793 ! Port Terminals For terminals Against terminals 1,247 ; . j World War Veterans Loan Fund For loan i'DU'W. M. Duval 211 Against loan 656 J j. c. Ward 38 Limiting State Debt For Limiting 1,537 Against Limiting 57 Increase Pay Legislators For Increase 932 Against Increase -- -- 1,199 Sinking Fund Amendment For Amendment 1,124 Against Amendment 521 Exemption From Taxation of Homes and Homestead Notes FOR Abater Kent Radio and several bargains in Used Fords and Used Studebakers Come in and see them WhitevilW North Carolina. For Notes 1,567 Against Notes 654 VOTE OF TOWNSHIP OFFICERS RANSOM TOWNSHIP For Magistrate C. Flynn (dem) 117 For Constable W. C. Page, Jr., (Dem) 169 S. WILLIAMS TOWNSHIP For Magistrate (Democrat) S. H. Boswell 257 E. C. Watts 269 F. C. Wright 270 For Constable I. R. Norris 269 C. S. Faulk 37 WILLIAMS TOWNSHIP Fcr Magistrate Wm. Hinson (Dem) 291 D. D. Mercer (Rep) 164 C. L. Price 158 J. M. D. Stanley 150 For Constable W. A. Cribb (Dem) 266 J. B. Beck (Rep) 149 BUG HILL TOWNSHIP For Magistrate Glenn L. Holmes (Dem) 46 C. L. Cox -- 36 WHITEVILLE TOWNSHIP For Magistrate i K. D. Hardee 489 S. V. Stanley 479 iH. V. Cook 490 For Constable Brice Th-son .. 469 TATUMS TOWNSHIP For Magistrate (Democrati) G. M. McDaniel 209 N. A. Shipman 212 F. .H. Britt 212 (Republican) D. C. Billiard 195 T. A. Tyler 193 Robert Bardey 195 For Constable (Democrat ) T. Oberry W . 2i:; Franci (Republican ) Fields 191 BOGUE TOWNSHIP For Magistrate (Democrat) E. Cook 206 Bruce Reynolds - 205 A. D. David N. Council 205 (Republican) David E. Sandstrom 86 L. M. Pierce 87 W. H. Thompson 88 For Constable J. D. Tedder (Dem) A. H. Flynn (Rep) 206 82 LEES TOWNSHIP W. W. For Magistrate (Democrat) A. Register B. Long 229 227 230 Lorenza Stevens For Constable (Democrat) LUMBERTON HOSPITAL BURNS On Monday night the Thompson hosnital in Lumberton. a wooden structure, was completely destroyed j by fire There were twenty-six pa tipnts there for treatment at he time, and they were all saved by he roie work. The superintendent of the hospital stated that none of them suffered unduly frdm the shock and excitement. The level heads of the graduate and nurses in training were responsible for the easy manner in SALE H W. F. SPEARS 4 5f SSSS which the situation was nanaied. Two of the nurses took patients from j 4-u ; v,v the upper story m their arms. Dr. T. L. Johnson, superintendent of the hospital since the death of r,. tiov, ;,cf -ov-tt ! Dr. Thompson, inspected every room after all patients were supposed to: have been removed. He assured him- self that nobody had been overlook- ed. The loss was about $40,000, 1 . , with some insurance. , Dr. Johnson was once a practic- j ing physician in Whiteville, and his ! . . , -. ,, . : ir.enus m me county nope mat me chains and thirty-two links to a stake. time will not be far removed vrhen he j thence due north eight chains and will have another hospital erected. fifty links to the crossing at old field ' . branch ; thence with said branch i u n- i about north f ortv-seven, east twenty C. D. Harrelson s Hogs at Fair , chains to the run of ffum swamv j thence down the run of said swamp It was the opinion of many of the to the beginning;, containing; two.hun-. ., , L, , , - . . ! dred and- eightv-three acres more or visitors at the recent county fair that j less Excepting about ninety acres the exhibit of hogs put on by C. D. I sold to W. E. Hinson, S. E. Todd ajid Harrelson, of Tabor, was one of the best things seen. Mr. Harrelson ex-; hibited a litter of ten Poland China , pigs that were six months old and weighed 1905 pounds. In another pen was the mother with another litter of eight pigs a week old. Such an exhibit as this shows what can be done with hogs when good blood is properly mixed with the. proper kind of feed and good attention. How about planting those shrubs and trees about the house this fall? Don't forget that this is 1 way to add j value and beauty in one operation, advise horticultural workers of the State College extension division. NOTICE MORTGAGE SALE tnt ..T.-f fv.o nnwar coio n.i tained in a certain mortgage! HooH mario anH ovopntoH nn the 23 day of September 1922. by and i between D. P. Todd and wife S. C. j Todd to the Tabor Motor Co., to se-1 of even date herewith, due and payable on the 1st dav of October, the payment of said bond at maturity the undersigned, mortgagee, will offer for sale and sell for cash, to the higest bidder at the courthouse i door, Columbus county. North Carolina, at 12 o'clock noon on the 8th day of December, 1924 the lands described in said mort-gf" to-wit: Lying and being in William Town- ; ship, Columbus county, North Caro-1 !ina, and described as follows: Le- ; ginning on a water oak at the mouth of little branch in the run of gum swamp. And runs up said branch about south forty five west fifteen x IT ooe iror z z V V y I WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED v r t t r Many Special Money-Saving Values To select here is to be sure of low prices without any sacrifice of quality. t 2 V ? t r t t y 1 L POWELL ! y t y y y y y y j y y y y y y ? f y i mm chains, l hence south iiity seven: ard one-half west eleven and one-half ; cnains zo ine iorK oi saia Drancn. - . , half, west thirty chains and seven- : ty - ne links to L. r. Grainger iine thence north fifty-four west eieht , v , . n , ti,cnce north forty-four and one-half west fifteen chains and fifteen links i to a light wood stump: thence south' A - I 1 1 A1 A. A L Lm ;M an" Ji "Tu cnains to the Fair Bluff road, thence l .,-th said road north f orty-seven west : seventeen chains to a spruce pine on the norffi side of said road;thence north twentv-five. east seventeen i iB. O. Luge. Ihis mortgage is given subject to one held by J. A. Parker for $400.00. Said mortgage given to the said Tabor Motor Company in cludes the home where I nowlive. Dated this the 8 day of Nov. 1924. TABOR MOTOR COMPANY, Mortgagee. Powell & Lewis, Attorneys, (out dec 4th) LITTLE RESULT GETTERS Ten Cents Per Line Ten cents per line, six wordi make one line. Count words in your copy ana sena casn or ? i i i siamps xo cover numoer oi i- serxions uesirea. Koods. Cribs Sulkies. Child's High Chairs, etc. Oscar High, Furniture department. , SEND US your shoes for repairs, Worrells Electric Shoe Shop. Whiteville, N. C. ICE CREAM Butter Cup, everyday at Oscar High's, try it. OATS, FULGHUM and Rust Proof Oats, winter and Abbruzi Rye, Vetch, Rape, New seeds. Cabbage Seed 'by pound. Oscar High. WANTED-Write E. N. C. A good Squirrel dog H. Sheffield, Vineland, lain Vi. V o "Complete Furniture Store" Whiteville, at Vineland, N. C. 0 MAN WANTED Wfa. Gibson made $256.55 last month selling Stark Trees. Many clear $2500.00 per year who have never sold trees before. You can do well or better. We want a good man in your neich borhood. Liberal cash commission paid every week. Clean, healthful and steady employment. Largest Nurseries in America. Finest stock, reasonable prices, easy selling Stark Snoc'al-ities sold only by us. Large selling equipment free. Write today for particulars of this money-making work irivinK references. Stark Bro's Nurseries, Box Rf Louisiana, Mo. REWARD of $5.00 for information leading to recovery of bull puppy, 8 months old weight about 50 lbs, color, black, white breast and feet. Answer to name of "Nig" H. N. Rogers Fair Bluff, N. C., It FIELD SELECTED Cotton seed for planting. This section is in the heart of the best cotton growing area of the Carolinas and seed from here will produce more and mature earlier. Our quotations today, fob shipping station for Cleveland. Wannamaker. Mexican and all varieties in five bushel bags are per bu. $1.75; 100 bus, $1.50; cars bulk $1.15; all prices subject to change without notice. We require 30c per bushel with order and will ship "t once or later as desired with attached lading for balance due. Our reference. First National Bank. Du" Good Seed Distributors, Box 98, Dunn, N. C. DRY OAK and Pine wood for sale. See or write W. J. Fisher, Whiteville, N. C, Rt. 3. out nov 13 FOR SALE S. C. White Leghorns Cockerels birds from this flock won first prize at Fair. Arthur Collier, Rt. 1 out nov 20 ORGAN FOR SALE Good as new. Price right, cash or credit. C. F. Shelton, Chadbourn, N. C, out Nov 13 UKLiAJn rUK 0AL.L, Good as new. Shelton, Chadbourn, N. C, out Price right, cash or credit. C. F Nov 13 ORGAN FOR SALE Good as new. Price right, cash or credit. C. F. Shelton, Chadbourn, N. C, out Nov 13 LOST, LOST, LOST Between Whiteville. and Lake Waccamaw, Sunday, Nov. 9. leather hand bag, Contents wearing- apparel., lugrgrer, 1924. Liberal reward for return. Inform News Reporter. W. F. Lucier. Out nov 13. Read our Advertisements. m. Ik CO C. . . . . 4 i I ? t v i r y

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