Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 20, 1928 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 20, 1928
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

T, i f *- \1 ••1 1 WStft 1T*-T»<1 bt of Esppelin's Dream Tlw siTh'sS in AiwT*en of thff iT*>st d'.r 1 .- §1b?< s Or»f 7,p-nTw-i!n shown »»st po'vfr t.h«f Hf; in the hftnds of •Srswitnsr. Tti? mftsi who !.- c-a!!«d *r»<jl practical ma? ssem to ruVe the fb*jt mJirajrs, sooner or lat^r, Tie bidding of s?>meor.p who can forgft |ty and devote himself to \1r4oTtt. st th? Count Zeppelin w«w a dtrtim«r. Whfn !M n-ed as mUtta.ry observer with the federal during the American ctvil ww he WHS to the hslJoon sccUou. tlten bpini{ tried out, as an experiment, tlir twllfions not highly rff«rtlv<*; but their use tn- d the young Osrramn with the beginnings of his erpsst drcwm— * drcftm ot e.n eirshlp that could sail through the skies with and efficiency. For the rest of his life he devoted himself to this dream. A! the dawning of the century hr launched his fiist dlrlgiblf. It WRS «i snccrss— nn nma^lns sucwss, for Uiose dayr>. 7.cppclin bccamr famous. His \f.ry name be- r»mp, in the public mind, synonymous wltli (thp word dirigHjlc. Today the old count is drad and gonr. SBut his dream la Just beginning to reach Its Jull development. The mighty airship that bears his name crossed the Atlantic against adverse conditions, carrying a score oC i>as- Bengers in luxury and safety, with a crew of tome fifty men in Addition. The feat, nat- UraHy enough, took the world by the cars. Bolid financiers are twginning to bcliere that the dirigible can be irlade to ring cash regls- • tcrs. To be sure, all of this about the potency of dreams and dreamers is fairly old stuff. But In an age where we pride ourselves <sj our Jiard-headedness and practicality, it is wortii ; keeping in mind. And there Is oae more point to it. The dreamer who makes his dreams come true is not the "idle dreamer" ol tradition, I To play with a dreaia to the hacfc (A your mind, turning it oter every jiow and then but letting it always remain a mere fancy, its ^ to accomplish nothing. A real dreamer, of '• tha type of Count Zeppelin, ir- necessarily <£» of the busiest mortals on earth. }le. gives himself to his dreuoi so wholeheartedly ttwt he can neither thiok- of »w ww* «t »py«- thing else. The tack of mafcta* a drptoi POJBC troe can be defined as socoeaoe b&B BTOius— one per ceot cent perspiration. This comblnatioe—the abijity to something new and the entfgy to mafee M a jrtality—is somewhat rare. Wheti ft docs occur, however, the world moses. A new continent is found, a new machine is invented to lighten the dradgcry 'of KLUUons, a Quicker method of comniunlcaUoa is developed, or the bonds of time and space which bold man- Jtind in a circumscribed orbit »re iooseoed. The transatlantic trip of tbe Oral Zeppeiia ts just another case in point. The Underworld "400" Some tilings in this world are a bit puzzling to a man wl>o isn't on to everything. Here is a little story to jwove it. But before you read it, consider these fairly well-known f»cts" Police officers and detectives are maintained to arrest lawbreakers. Carrying loud* ed revolvers is against the law. So Je tjo&fcing whisky or beer. So is the wliwg of these commodities. So is murder. Got those? AJ1 right. Now for the story. In Chicago the otjber day there was buried a man named Lomhwxk*, who h*d foex-a down. In bright daylight, at busiest street corner. Lombardo w« a man, gangster, beer runner, and so es. His funeral, consequently, was far gaudier than most law-abiding citiseos c*ua ewr «spij$ to, There were twelve pftlifaeams, to The very cream of C&icago'^ urulerwQrld pneaeat The crowain* gicwy jtay in it** tact Chat Al Cspone bltaaif woe fwessftt, to -This—great tjarong*, surrounded t»y an alert He was affable and During all of Ihis, of of Just went. the crowdfi. U te h**4 they were doing tb«re, *w$. may. A reporter wfeg »U«« all tlie mourners sheok tien&i %-ttiJ hands. The right hands, it se«ma, were reserved for the "sudden use of pistols, should that become advisable, Kow, viewing ttu! story in the light of y# f«©t* «te«tt polic« and lawbreakers deu what do you make ot *H (4 C&pone is tlte ner. extortioner uak«£ #11 men With him were w@f e Vie* ttef t# Imesf si Yet Bo did his • tj- f .' , r hfei «5 ); . MP Is wt or dl'-tan* f-tt'sr*; l«r frcwn it.. t h" rlrf**"!. i;i-!«:nf1 a *jrnrTiiris: tiwt. a ?n'r-f=trr ?^ 1!"" pjl'-sd f'! '!•'. A LITTLE ABOUT EVERYTHING fur ri)sf. OfJfif<> holriTS rn'Rhf I might. Ix; Hkr t!i' ytnins scorns thrni. fn bny m Thfy who Tl'!f-y rmv iw.vrrty rnrournE'f-s rrirof, hnit it jir>t s'orns Hint, u-ny brrp.issc poveity cncourngw? -convict ions. If rvrr t?irrr ir; n cnur,^ wliosp barkers »re without fjiorpttnn virluou 1 ;, fnir nnd Mine. ».U mfn will RUppnrt it. If rfopl? hrslt«f«? to nccrpi your J.K'lirf. maybe thfy ntr nfrnld arrrptnnrr would make them the kind of fellow you arc. Of c«urs* wnmrn ran ^(and mor* saf- fcrlnjf. Think what mrrc corrwilk cl- garrttes did to yonne; male amatcars. It may ix- all right to livr lodny on what you will rani next wcrV:.' Hut it's Eoing too far when you live on wlisit the grocer wiU earn next week. Prnisp always seems a little offrn.sivc If it merely eciiocs ycur good opinion of yourself. Americanism: Worrying beuuue you can't hire anybody with teas? enough to do the work you would do yourself if you weren't MJ prosperous. Mr. Coolidgc doesn't like to hear anybody Kwcar. One must pet f«d up after so many years In public office. Good times arc those in which people accumulate the debts they must pay iu b&d There's no shortage of servants. Everybody important enough to justify having a has one. A r»iddlc-c4asa faomp is one in whirls the rwE showing the m»st wear if be- tweeu (he gajca^e *nd the dinlnf aome peopTeTuive sense and others with a man who can't see the corrupUoo in to own party. Manuiaclurers tpeusl nioi* to null aa article than to make it. But it's Always ixarder to catch fish than to dig bait. When prominent men call one aaotbfx Hers, the public takes tbe broadly toJeraet view that both are right. A novelist prompts bis heroine to kiss the liands that labor lor iier. You tequeutly ee« an American wife give her Jm&b&nd a Uttte pecking on Ute nose. , Correct this sentence: "Well, yes," said the •voter: "they use trickery to get into power, but they won't stoop to dishonor after they're elected." SIDE T4LSS OKMSBV AND LOCXWOOP (Ruth Cameron* "Yes, but," said the Authornian yesterday when he read the proof ol ray article ou '•Which .would you rather apt" And this was the substfttice ol lii& "but." "The world needs both Si^pds ol pepple. You think that Ortnsby, Uie man who is contented with his small shop and enjoys his hobbies and doesn't try to work up and era- ptoy a iot of meti, is mOIy » «KJKS t,uew«tJul e&au, wad you kind of- look down ou Lockwood. tbe shrewd, busUing type. «ribo e«te to be » joqwtructor a»d iouii^s to fwUUos, tout forget tliat we need tbe Ixxicwocds just as tlte like having g&s iu your kitchen, dont you, *tid Lockwood wws oiie of ttm pttgi w&e l^j^Ms^ jt! They said he made some money ©»t of the deal, but you got the gae. didn't And when we had that pageant 1/ock- w»s one of the men who back it. and Uked tlutt. It's true & lot pf tiw £&&#$ be <fc«S he does he lUtee t»sfalirity MOli Ibe imporUincp. but what of Uwt if we ali bafiefit by them? ,"Of courj>e he's shrewd; it he weren't h« wouldn't liave worked up to Uiat busnieas ew- <j*e or six wim Vem up tf mad it work, s»l*r Us fer, t*wi J ltd to pis UK; af nt id- if pw »*»* a suited to be moot «l oa if so sexteg to u* «»¥(«."- ¥<aa «te * Wile mnd you of A»*erk»'& it. however, with change of seeu*? VVhfch W««M V* "And il ypu were going oae or U& «tter of tta, be Kigj-rted to? It 8»mi&d to you to be friwuLs .,.,„„ „ sti good facing thtijr wi!0 or Mrt. Oiiuvby wouJdnt owjd twud K liiiie hardsr aud <ibrewd«r.'if U altf aiitti't Jiiivf to kt-ey &ttt?t tte J| if tfXt^i [•^' c «' "*** \ f t f * r * T * f * to rv-v «* In ths crnjntry. in f.hf old. hr»m* f pm AlpH« s.nrt "For rrimf' is bf*>rt in But Ihf nvsn who br-thTK w-'f.h plant ' And U friend to U«» !'it?mbl?«t flowsr I'M* f», likely « fr^nd in man to bs."' THE im>!ONAKT MAN (Walt MfiAOn) A chronic RtBtc of JndljrnutloTi Is what i« •wront with Richard Roe; he never fwM £he blith* c>latifsrj «i»at optimistic peonte tatnw, WhPiif'rr he reads the dsily papers be finds s tnir- that vrinftB Ills heart, iwrne t*oflUclan cutting capers thnt rnny upset our applecart, The way the grafters grt our money disturbs his soul by day and night; he is no timid-hfartrd bunny— hell fisht the Rrafters, Ifft and right. He reads Uie city Council's doings, dlshwrfrra toxworn people's knle, amJ hp declares, with loud brshrewlnRB, that all those rn^n shoald IM> in jrul. Tlicre's always to excite him. Mime dark ftbuae is or there. Rome public blund*r!ntB of- fright him, and so ho raves find msds ttm hair. So Richard** fnce is .sr-amcd and hag- gnrd, his tair ts gray, his ryrn are dlmt tw crawls nlong like any Iniris.irtl. for wmib's C-3ChaUsU<l ftU UIs Viin. We older lads arc fueling nifty, because WP do not fume or fiws; nnd he's an old. old man nt fifty, his indignation's made him tliur,. It's good to eprnd somn time resent Inp such evil?; as our ryes behold; it's wiw to M>aid some time la- tracntinK the virtue* we ndniirrd of old. It's fine to do .some small reforming, to make this earth a better globe: but there's no sense in nlwnys KtormiriR. and nutting ashes on one's robr. It's better far to Ring and twitter, and let some age-old evils slide, than to be harsh and mnd and bitter, with harpoons aimed at every hide. A grievance live.", we cannot steer it aside with nny rigmarole; nnd indignation warps tbe spirit and sours the current of th« .soul. (Copyright. 1028, George Matthew Adams) BErWslrOTEiOQK THE WEAKLY NEWS Weaihcr: Partly bum. KXTEfc! Mysterious Veils! Puds Simkins and Shorty Judge was down Pudses cellcr practising how loud they could yell for help in case of mcrder or fire or •something, and Flatfoot tbe cop rang the bell to see if anything was R matter and they saw him through Uie celler window aod quick ; out. tbe buck way. .. PAGE Mr. Sam Oro£« spent last fiattlday Sunday visttiog Ms ant, BayJuf be would proberly of tojojwd hlmMOf aiudi better if he hadent of spent so much ttooe wandering if be was miestag acytiiinjt. Batiiday afterrsoom Mr. Benny Potta went «s«j Mr. Psudsfttoi*^ ba* Mr. «Mflm went to Mr. Leroy eheostoti beast, so Mr. Potts w*Gt to Mi. fihoo^ecs boaue but fi£r. Sbooster cad Mr. SkotlJus bad both to Mr. glasses Ma§e» btroae, w S|r went to Mr. Ma^ees houae acd Mr, *ad his 2 guests WKB Just in tb* act of being put out on account of Mr. Mftgees i&pecting company, so Mr. PotU toviKd »U to liis house ware a pritty good time had by all eJOJOugh no jrefres&smte served. POME BY I wish I could waJfc a titc rop« And eouud like a BaiiMc box vcn I O Id lov« to fitmigliteo oat hee« And epil tSirois^J «jy t»tii> *»d ia-rfc Chinese. FREE MEDICAL ADVICE By Dr. B. Potts, rskwire Deer dexter. I am very tickeUfih* »•«! d.0. P, fiimkios. Loo SMILE AWHILE (Tom 8ims> tie>P«»rs «e Must fc* » pretty » ft new dkguite. Dr. Eckener of the Graf Zeppelin certainly bas pa-jsed up a lot of chances for publicity. ApiwwtUy **e i«w«Ut iUD&f bi« owe of Arf«ito» didat r »nnoiie«cmpot dur- e Job, W|* E»id C*e » ing hie speech lor Kopper i year on the AmwtaUJ «ta#fc 4JI h&ve heard Casey at the Bat more tisum nitw tiates ju» #ea4io£ toiw their cympatliy. you not last long. The ladles aurt be running around continually without any mooey. average voter is gotaf tg be election day wh*a t»« §««» to lewris tti*t seftlwr Mm. nor WUliww AJk» WM«« id Just beettuse you're » mious dont tove to weju 1 pttis S f*4 r, toe, the ifesi of us* aay, fete at eow* Maybe Banter fa Get 4%n« WiUi may not b« *» good « provider, but pcrbi^is IK'S eaffikr to get along witj» eaaast b»v« oppseiw Ba yau u^lit &s well b« you have i*t your frt«uds or retetivta. tag th*t seamiiie el»e is pi-abaW eavy wmeoae eke. - Smith druws on his famOiflf "red. herrJnf" to nrovf> this to his insurer*; and rrwj !»s John W. "; to »B Admitting: It Is wrong, that ji!m{»rB~-3^7 pljia—are gm!lty of _^_ „„., us b»? fair »8<i *r*piy u» «§»« _,_, to the 26,«^ ftopubltenni who an? te let to S«T, there w*re In that hou»» n(, night. What the fire in th<> bia; xml* in !"f>e whow long licking flftmss Jl»<lc fiirnttiirfi nnd rvopir !p«p info activity on the walls, and 7-fiT«? HttJe Jumps that o»ily " to the weird effect of the Rhs- , Uie .thought of going out Into tti» black c«wm of R nail and 115 the uncertain depth of K lotiPlj floor, might have tested the oof little girl of five, whsse 7 o'clock jumping to Smith. OertataJf nojecmftgt?'of * r. : ^ ; n-Vip,VfRlorn'm group of people has a ewracf—*• '•— • • - - - - - -' prejudice aad generally it is rn evenly distributed <jS3*lity. nil love our "convletiraas." Thus the upplicatioa of Deraocra- i!o rcnsoniiw reveals trw «f*rttof , condition of nine C'Riiwllc "Wgols"i to one Protestant "bigot," which' ought to slant off the lamentations of Gom-nor Smith and his upolo- gist* Their ill-*dvi«*I tactics are OR- gendering tnuth Wttemcw the radnds and isstrts of * Iwr of rtncare pet^is wto air ful to ethics and prin th«y believe to, •without to wctariartsia. Itoesc men demonstrate Dersocmtte ciumslnpss e® convincinglf that great numbers arc being driven out, never to return. I have nat come in cwloct with, any [x-reoiu who are no*, willinic to shout from the houaetope their ideas rcRarding Governor Smith. If « whispering campaign is really being waged against him it must be that, by the same token, there is a «tmi- lar campaign in his farar. for toam else can we account lor tie qutet, effective fonce that U able to garner so b^f a vote in roetalbbed Bepub- llcan Philadelphia and dclive- it en nmfi&e to the Governor? Notwitli- fitaoting this, nobody has heard HerTwrt Hoover or any of his man- flew* shedding tears over the defection of Catholics from the Republican ranks. , betftirm? was fast approaching. fSh« had bern broiiejht up without fenr cornplej!. Bhc was »ccu»- to RotfiK to tjpd, having th« turnrd out, and the door closed Wittiout worrying Rbout goblins. No "Orphan Annie" liad been telling her tales. And everything would have been w«H tortjjit If her mother had CAS- uaJly taken l*er up to the room with the btg four'postcr, heard her prayers, covered fser up, closed the door and gone oat ngnin. Tlmt would pr»t3*8$f liave been the end of it, But ttols in the conversation the child htart. Mother spajsking. "It's nearly Natalie's bedtime. I must lake her up soon." "Does she go to sleep by herself?" This from one old aunt. "Oh yes, always. I never stay with her at all." "That's sptendld!" from the other old aunt. "Tom's children won't do that. They're afraid of the dark. I sUways tell ttiem there's nothing to be afraid of in the dark. The dart •won't hurt tfccm." "Yes, I ewen open all the closet doors and pake up the chimney and under the bed and everywhere to show them there's nothing there." said the first aunt. "All nomwnsp, children being afraid of the dark, and witches and spooks and things. ite yesterd*?'* nrjrort of « frtan ihg ship was « . , . -. _. ****** v*+v^\t\.9 niiu o}JWJ<va HIJU 1.1HU10). J^.ta'aly the Happy Warrior hy_Yaato brought your child up pro Month After Month Watch your mileage grow when you use the Rugged Tread, Heavy Duty-Balloon. Its Bcrvicc, traction arid easy etcering will prove a tire revelation. Thie is the tire that is built Extra Heavy throughout. There are extra plies of Fisk Filler- less Cord and an unusually thick tread. If you are looking for a tire to give you excess mileage and a special sturdy tread, you can find nothing to equal the Fisk Heavy Duty Type. Tire Vulcanizing and Repairing Hankenson's Tire Shop Open Evenings and Sundays Locmt St. Tele. 3S6 Says It with mileage" The candy that will satisfy that longing for something good. The fijjfiist Boxed candy you can buy—Cream centers, chewey pieces, nut centers, nut combiaatioas, cordial cherries, all with rich chocolate coatings for which these makes are famous. , Hal/ pound sizes Pound Size Package $1.00 and $1.50 The Comer Drug Store Loctut and Third Streets

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