Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 7, 1878 · Page 4
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 4

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1878
Page 4
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OAKLAND DAILY EVENING TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, DECEMBER raUsnfr ffibevixw tribune sawwwsww'kwwsw KrWC waaBwawBywexwwaw NEW TO-DAY. LCQAL- LEGAL LEGAL LTUBDAY DSC. 7. 1878. a at iu par Ws WfMliMia IUmTBIBDIB u MM Uet I feeahllahew la Commercial Record. Saturday, December 7, 1878. We herewith traienrt to tM readers of th Tirnn a carefully compiled report showing L be prices current of produoe and genera) MkMilNi Th markets and price will Ntmnltr rmtched, ftBd this record revised achdfty. PRODUCE MARKET. v rTk quotations of Flour and Grain ftre MISOKLLAMKOU8. NEW SYSTEM OF JS JE3 JE3 n A. G E5 nf I "V al H 11 f 2 North Beach Cement Drain Martin, Presld't FLOUR Market flrm. Superfine qnoted at $4 24 e 3 87t ; Extra, $4 SO ftu 4 7S; Baa fftmUy ! Olvth, Jobbing at 86 63 to 4 00 bbl. silver. Good business in Oregon Ploora, a $4 766 io for ouwids brands AadttSeBOb 26 for extra. WHBaT- aalea nlppixur at 81 76; milling at 81 78: choice milling a 18 1 80 V ctl. BARLtSY fair demand and price arm. ay load at 1 06; old brewin ftt 1 85 1 46; ..eat feed, 80 6 96c; chevalier at 81.75. PUTA TOha- Coast at 81 80. Qnoted at 81 aaet 26 for Red and 81 12i for ordinary Wert 66 to 75c ONIONS Yellow aaUlag at 88 87, par oO.; Red, 81981 10. OATS -Choice lota bring fall prioo. We quote, 81 07 Jsw' 40. aM 16J1 on. silver. MIDDLINGS 822 00atS4 ton. sliver. OORN W aatav 1 16; Yellow, 81 ISA) 81 17; California Large Yellow, ft is. MKKDtt current uuoutions are fts annexed FUx.O h tfc Canary, T Mixstsxd. whlta.3KS Alfalla 11 10 Muaiard.brownlr -ITlnsotky. 444) 6c l small outSD.es ftt annexed quo. .aaaaaaaaaM I lajMaV M Bann Srusnasxa FRANCIS. Merchant Tailor I OOe Broadway S deo-s from I Oth. nr.H BEST 18 ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST. I GET DP -A- First-Class work for leas money tban San Francisco. Call and aatlafy yonrself . Remember the place, BEftm block. A DWATi Tine Selection of Foreign and Domestic CLOTHS, B BAYERS and c'ASSIMEREF, for Dress and Business salt, made In the tauwt sine ana warranted to nt. boos: Bmell W t, 3 75 PlnkeU.82iTl 85 4 6U8 40 1 Bed 2 25 12 Bayo IWILtma 4 OfJseO I fB AS Are neglected jd ooi ul. at Field was at al 68 oar Ctl. aUTTBtt AND CHEESE- We quote a follows : 40c to 430 for gooa can-taenia, the beat bringing 4So: orwo- aaon. X7t to 82 Jc . Baal am and Salt Lake lew, 10c par id. VBeaa! active, vsiiwnus, aot aw or lb. JWGS Market firm. Freeh California. 32 8JS8; Oregon. 30c;3lt Lake SB to BTjc. POULTRY-Price are down. We quote: atu M doz. 86 Oil to 88 00: Ducks, V dosen, IB8J8B; Yonnx Rooster. 86 6004 10; Turkeys B. 16 to 19c: Old Boosters. 88 50to $3 60; Turkey, dressed. Broilers, 88 60 too 60; Hrns.Tpnlr.tTtT to 62 00. GAM 10 Very little doing la this line, Venls.n. SteSc DOT lb: Kabbits. 81 60 dot Hare, $3 te 84 ft doa; English Snipe, 82 26; oomrnoa Snipe, 81-1 38; Squirrels, Larks, Plover, Doves and Car lew, 25o per do; Onali. Al to 81 52. RYE Few transactions. Qnoted at 1 13; 1 16. HAY Fair demand. Choice Wheat, 113 60 to Block 87 40; stalls 18 60; oat. 310 00. HuNKY Stocks are aceumulat ng business very limited We quote Strained 4 it to 5c: Oumb.SaUOtV ft. MELONS Cantaloupes 25c to 31 00 per Boa; Water melons, oOces) 1 tea dos BKB 11 Moderate Trade. Jobbing rate' an:UruMaB. 30ai85: Los Anneles, 8 lo $8 ; Molly Lemons, y box 12 08: California do M 810 00 to 816. Pears lb, 4 to 8c; Ooooanma 100. 84 to 85. YktuBT - beta Ws ouote Caobaire. B cental.,' 831 cents: Cauliflower, dcsen $100 Oreea Peas, new. p. r lb So to 34c; Carrots, cU, 60c to e; Turnip , ro. soc to ; . , fl2TKn Bk.k..k IML.'Xlh Marrowfat Squaah, ton, 85 to 66; Garlic, Otl 31 360183: Dry Okra. lb, 20c; Oucum- bora, xwr oa. S3 at 86: Tomatoes. box 15 to SBotar Caw Plant Lr box 76 : Beets or ctl 60 to BOe: Green Com per dox, 3 to 7c; String beans r lb t to 3o Oakland Ratals Prsitnts Market Re ported (root sales made to-day by J. 8 vroetey auo.j Gsrllc a. 3 J OB PRINTING THE Evening Tribune -HAS THE Largest Steam Printing Establishment Outside of San Francisco. Continued triumph, beat in the world is ttu verdict of all who use them. We have thousands of letters endorsing them. LOWEST PRICES consistent wiih highest stacdftrd tor Cash. NEW UPRIGHT Pianos to Sent. Motto Shset Music Books. and NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC! Notice to Contractors. Ct DB8DANT TO STATUTE AND TO oiuuoo no. B376 of the Council of the Of OUtland. adorned Heoember 3d. 187 ft. airecung tnis ncuoe, tne Assessment Mce. Notice. and will receive ftt his office In ihe City Hall, o'sloek P. M., of Monday, Decern- 1878. sealed proposals : eat work, to be done according to i for the fol- up to B ism, lowing tne spec locations contained in Council tattoo Mo. 9286 to-wit: mat Lydla street. In said ciy. from tbe wer in unrti" street eastern to Lao feet east of Curtis street, be sewered with a vtt rifled iron-etone clay pipe 8 faehea la diameter and that one lamphole with iron cover, be constructed 10 feet east from the sewer in Curtis street, according to plans and aVBciOctV lions in wy angiueer s omce. Bidders must file a bond la the aum of 81,000 each, according to law. uiera s eaaoe, uty at oaBiena, December 3,1878. JAMES DUDS, City Clark. longing to Company, uoomy, c'Hiitornia. Notice to hereby given that at a meoltng of tbe Board of Ttaateea, bald on the 8Mb day of November, 1878. an assessment (Ho. IS) of Ave dollars per shftre was levied upon tbe capital stock of the corporation, payable on Monday, the 3d day of December. 1878. In united states gold can, to tbe Secretary at tne uaxisnd office 01 tbe Company, Ho. VB Broadway. Oakland. California. Any stock upon wnlch this assessment shall ain unpaid on Tbarsov, wfUj All persons are hereby W AKIN U.U against purchase o the Promissory Notes held by the Estate of Bennet A. Dewes. against me. The said notes are three in number ; each for 00 and dated July 22d, 1876: as the same have been paid, save a balance of 157 00, which has been tendered. JAlso, tbe public are warned not to purchase the two Shares of Stock of Tribune Publishing Company, which said Estate claims to own, as the same are my property. Dated, Sept 1(5, 1878. W. E. DARGIE. Notice to Contractors. PDRSUkNT TO STATUTE AMD TO B Evolution No. 98S1 of the Com. oil cf the City of Oakland, adopted December 8, 1878, directing this notice, the undersigned invites and will receive at hto office in the City Nail, up taS o'clock P. M., of Monday, December 16. 178, sealed proposals fot tbe following street work, to be Bone according to tbe spr cine t ions contained In Coon ell Bono lution no. stow, to-wii : That B Street. In said city . from tbe west erly MPs of r-er-It a street to the bridge between Ornter and Gladdins streete. have ron- atruc'ed thereon foor-f-ot redwood plank aldewalka where not already planked fonr t At wide, or grareled wl h Ki uit Vale gravel, or fine bioVen atone, full width, and in good condition. Bidders must file a bond in the mm of 8UM) escb accorllnif lo law. Ciert's utttoe. City of Oakland. December 3, 1878. JAMES DOD8, City Clerk. the 3d dav of January, a. D , 187. will we deHnqarat and advert toed for aato at. public auction ; and unless payment la made bete re will Ba sold on Monday, tbe at day of Febrnstv. A. D . 1878. to pay the delinquent assessment, together witn coats or advertising and expensea or tale. F.B. HASWKLL, Srvtarr Omcs: V23 Broadway, Oakland, CaL T. I. Msell 4 Co., Market street, San Francisco NEW DESIGNS, Butter, rh CaL w a ttofrflr-n vm vaeeee. 4 . ixs zs Hooey,- U BMgs,bsnds S 40 aaa.d'kaSdi -a 30 ua xo I6 18 isSu Lnl.lt flams B Bacon Bast-. a a. sfcwskedbTMBt retstg.s, ff aw B Poiai1.. B Onions, a... Cabbages eacb Oiulldow's " r,loi... ajaos vsfjooa. luaSdox autaisneiajaft Aril, h'g, dx euuee, & dx. Lima Bn-1n Ho'ersdUbaTa Br'sSpro'tsyiti Deter rarc A'paragn Muahro'm Ukra. per . &ppiee,p-rDox ao mm, pr ID ?ears. per tt... Furs, per tt... Cranber'sBJIgl I'lne'ppl'se cn Bananas, di urange,d'x uemuna. i as Limes, 4) dux. W aln'f U'lwB) Al'ou'sCaiaia Fkcs.drled.wB) Chickens, each Turkeys, a- ueese, eacn.... l ducks, eacn... Strawberries. all per draw H) Q'seb'r'sperB a Currants. ...... .neriics A o tic ot 8... Peaches. Mbk Blackberries, dr Ida B 49 LZ W754 fnaS 00 so u NEW TYPE ud NEW HOE PRESSES Book, News & Job Printing OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. 406 TWELFTH STREET, Between Broadway and Franklin CITY MARKET Oyster SALOON and RESTAURANT 1 1 th Street, Oakland. CAMPBELL aPSpIaks, ProP DRALERS IK Oysters. Clams ft Shell Fish Wines and Liquors. Families, public and private parties, hotel, shipping and restaur anu supplied, CENTRAL HALL CAMBOS BLOCK, Uth Street. THIS NEW A-'l) ELEOAKT HALL IS now for rent on reasonable ter.ua for Lec ture and concert purposes, xt is in every way the Most Dtcirable Hall in the City. For terms and all particulars, exll on or ad dress, O. I. DEN1SON & CO., 952 Broadway, Oakland. MasDberrtae. -m SITouatoes, Mb tiCorn, 10SS38 i GrsDes JautsJoupea a'ch lu25 , akabarb.afB) W Melons, esch uhoc tsoctai a fx 15 tBenertal GRAIN BAGS 9to9H, CXJFFBE WequoteiCoaURlca. 171 to Mlo Guatemala, 16; Bio, 184c; Jaxa, 2j SBet Manila. 17; Sao Salvador. 171 to lttk. BUtt The eeaabuahea price lor known Brands Columbia River Salmon for forwav aalivsrj hi now ttw fw l-tts tins. Pafltae Ood, etc in bandies, and 8o to 81o for elected in caeeg. Pmnt sound Herring 40c par box. BBMSWAX Choice b-ings 34M6e lb HUTS Call tor uia Wal .at are selling at SxBJBb; Chile Walnuts, 7B8c: PeanuU, 6(6c; Ca lornU Almonds, lttsjlSc; do hard shell, 8 7c; Hickory Nats, BBBlOc; Plae Nuu, 18 to xs recan, iseniso tio txuaal r. RU1T We onote : Mew Anola ft 8 to 8c; Fears, do 7 to 10c: Peaches, do, 8 to as; nusts, do to Be: Do, pitted, do, 14 to 16c; Fxea.81 to 8c; Bstslne. boxes, 81 to 82; Do, aalvts aad juarters, 81 50; Apricots 16. ouuAK-Market buoyant. Hawaiian Re. finery rates areas to lows: Loaf, 18c; Pow-wered, lllic; Cube Crashed and fine Crushed llkjt; stotra Granulated, 11c; Yellow o.ttc; SaBaed FeUow, 9c lb, lu bbto; Ko blgaer half bbto, and Xc blither in boxes. TaAS a fair trade. We quote Toner at maaoc. Black Foochow Oolong. Japan, Drat quality, 231&3ic (at ftuc MYERS KOUMISS. HAVING BEOEIVCD THE OAKLAND Ageacy for Mpyer' Cel braiod EOUMISS, the undrsigned i prepared to furni h it fresh and genuine at all time and in any quant i y, from half-a-dozen upwards. H. KOWMAN, Druggist, 818 Broadway. Oakland WNGATE'S Pioneer Oakland ui Sas Francisco EXPRESS ! HAYS BEHOVED MY 909 Broadway to the OFFICE FROM TO THE PROPERTT-OWWEB8 O Grove Street , from Baa Pablo A anus First street, la tbe Ctt of Oakland: At a meeting or tne cjancti r tne uity or akland, hall December 2. 18T8. lbs follow ing resolution was adopted: Ri$dvtd, That it to tbe intention of tbe City Council of the City of Oakland to order tne ioi lowing street work to ne a ne, xo-wit: mat urove street, in said city, man tne eat line of Saa Pablo A'enee to the ne. th line of First street he sdewlked on each side, where not slrtsdv clanked or graveled or ooreted with SxtB broken stone, with 8- Probate Notice. TM THB JUSTICE'S COURT State of OaUforna. "COCBT OP OAM- T, tb. Coa.tr of Aka-lfu 'wpb P. Lemoa, " Plalniiff, va. v Summons, Jamee H. Davto, j Osllfonuaaeod J TM PaOBATB COCBTT OP m JOeatT Of Xl"- SaaXa of IVllftaM. JMweaj propertj iof said katato aasaay neeeasary to realxae snSVtaat inHu Inch tedaood plank sidewalk foor feet aide Tbe Clerk of thi Council Is hereby di rected t6 publish notice of said intention la tbe form of this resolution, signed by him. for a period of tea 'ays, is th OakUuv ptut evening tribosb Clerk's OxBoe, city of Oakland, December X, 119. JAMES DOTS. City dark. Notice to Contractors. Shsriff's Salo, o RDKB OP SALE AND Foreclosure and Sale. DECREE OP John E. McDonald, Plaintiff, 0. W. Kvans and P, Ferine. Defendant.. 'I "J ito.y Ko. 4873. Southwest corner of Eleventh & Broadway, Where I will continue to carry on the Express baaHsees between San i rancco and Uakland. BjrHaving had TWENTY-F1VE TEA B EXx-aBIKNCE in l he basineas, I can GUARANTEE COMPLETE SATISFACTION To all who favor we with their patronage, EF" The moving of Piano and Furniture a speciality; Also all kind of Fisight and Baggage at 'he MOST REASONABLE RATES. I Have an American Speaking Telephone in my office, and all order for freight will be promptb attended to. Under and by virtue of, an Order of Sale aad Decree of Foreclosure and Sale issued Out of the District Court of the Third Judicial Hiatrict of th Stat of Csl-lfonsla, in and for the County of Alameda, on tbe 3d day of December, A. D., 1878, la the above entitled action, wherein Jonn B McDonald, the above named plaintiff, obtained a Judgment and Decree of Fore closure and Sale against C. W, Evans and N P. Ferine, defendants, on tbe 35th day of November, A. D. 1878, for the sum of five thousand two hundred lortyslz and 88-lu0 dollars. In United State go id coin, besides Interest, 'costs and counsel fees; and wherein defendant N. P. Perlne obtained a Judgmeut for tbe sum of three thousand three hundred and forty dollar, in United States Gold Coin, which said Decree wa. on the 38 h day of November, A. D. , 1878. recorded in J udgment Bo - k P, of sold Court, at page 438, 1 am commanded to sell all that certain let, of land, tituate, lying, and baton: la the City of Uakland. (Vunty of Alameda, HUM of California, and bounded and described a follow: Commencing at a point In th - northerly line of sycamore street, dietaat three han-dred and eighty-five ;3-6) feet westerly from the westerly line of Teiegrapb Avenue, as now widened, running thenee westerly along said line of Sycamore street one hundred (100) feet; thence at right angles northerly one hundred and eUh ty-six (186) feet and four (t) Inches ; thence at riant angles easterly one hundred (108) feet and thence at right angles southerly one hundred aad eighty-six (135: feet an t four laches, to the place oi Dr-ginning. Public notice to hereby given that ea Notice to Printer. "DURSUANT TO A RESOLUTION OF X the Board, created by an Aot of the Leg' lalalure. entitled, "ftn Aot to amend an act regulating tbe collection of delinquent I axe in the County 01 Alameda, approved Apru tth, is70," approved march aotn, iuto direct lorn the City Cierk to advertise for aealed uroocaato for nrinllMr the delinquent tax list of ihe real and personal property of the City of Oakland, for the fiscal year 1878-9, notice la her by given , that in accordance with said resolution, adopted sta meeting of tbe Board, held Monday, Dec. 3d, 1878. 1 will teetlve op to 8 o'clock f. M., of Saturday, Dec. 7, 1S78, at the Cn y Clark's office, at tbe city Han, In said City, sealed proposals for the publication of said delinquent tax list, which embraces the description of eat h lot, piece or parcel ot land separately assessed, and for each description f personal property In the delinquent tax list of tbe Cny of Oakland for the fiscal year 1878-9: said publication to be made one time per week for tbiee successive weeks, in some newspaper or supplement thereto, published in the City of Oaklind. Bl idem will state tbe price for ssid publico ion for the description of each lot, piece or parcel or lard separately assessed, snd for e .ch deaorip'lon of personal property, for ths time stated, snd all Introductory matter thereto to be published free, and confining their bids within the rendition of tbe law; that the aamesbsll not exceed 39 cents for each description of real and personal prop erf so delinquent. foe bidder to whom this sward shall be made, will be required to have said matter set up according to the style, and the type to be used as oer sample to be -en iu the City Clerk's office, sod lo furnish to the Tax Collector thirty-five copies of escb and every Leue or said delinquent tax list, tree or charge, and also enter Into a contract and bond in the aum of 81.000, with two sureties to be approved by the Mayor, for the faltb ful performance of said contract; payment for said work to he made la U. B. Silver coin Tbe Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Clerk's office, City of Oakland, December 3d. 1878. JAMES DODS, City Clerk. T)UR8CaNT TO STATUTE AMD TO BK8- X oluiion ne .r tbe council of tbe City of Oakland, adapted December i, 1818 directing this notice, the undersigned Invitee and will receive at hia office in tbe City Hall, up to 6 o'clock P. M., of Monday, l e-c ember 16th, 18T8, sealed proposals for the follow ins street wort , to be done according to the speciflcanona contained in Council Reso lution No. 9370, to-wit: That Wr-st Twenty -first street in said city from ihe western line of Msrket street to the e extern line of Union sheet, be graded to the official grade, snd mat said Want Twenty nrst street be curbed Tbe people of the State of greeting to James H. Davis, tloo br'ata 7ou b ahoT. mnJf,??: 11J?.F Tmt nUl.HSI. Ih. JmiL.'. .i rww .". 11 " fkvmjow, I Bat WOT I Kmptot SttWS nwTtidntofiv?d. P Myi-mVF2 exclusive of the dsv of .er'ir- Rafter the ear. I 5?! "51tt P' toe Mme' thatior faetatonmmnae If served within 71 JKff?T? .V' r9"' ' n?lrT e townshlD In which thi. i. tmht- T wnoie, or same paruon ot toe real , if served out of ..Id township but In .Bid ifS unty. within ten days: otherwise within , ., - - i Tbe ssid rUon is brought to obtain Judg. aaainai vow tor us sam ot com. alleeed to be due aad owlac saia upienaant to pi.intin herein tor aceoun'of a ortain proaxtoeory bo's made and executed by oeteadaai and by htm deliv ered to to pi an tin aetexa witain two ; ast past, tOfeOther with In I ss eat thereon tne 1st oav of ucto'er, urn, at per mucin ana oobbs oi suii. i . - 1 - And von are hervbv notified that If von fall Jl. "icrol'rt7 ot id to as appear aad newer said comolaint, as above required, ssid plaintiff will take judgment ssalnst you in tit swat of SSSB goto coin, and totereet at one per cent per month from October 1st, 1877, together witn BUS' ordered. In tbe xVtate of said deceased , be weiore inis won, ar me Qswrti or, in the county Court Hone, in oi umaso, in aara uounty ot Al Monday ihe ninth dsv ot Denmh.r tats.ai 10 o'clock A. M. which time aad piece a e th the city I percent mlni.tratortoa.it . .. iv. ,-i Estate ea i of this ltlsfettker ordered. That a oru.i oe pnoiianed onca . w v ceesl re weeks, before said day of tearing, tax ihe Oaklsad Daily tvening TtnvnTi new-paper pubUshed in Bald County of Ala- Make legal service sad due return . At .. V-.. A - U L . - A or auuaei aireei io me western line ot aw- I i sSaL Vol October , 187. Una street; slao that two culverts with croee I t walks be constructed st tbe crossings Lin en, Chestnut and Adeline str eu. bidders must fi'e a bond In tbe sum of 81,000 eai b according to law cterk's omce. uty oi oak-land. December z. psaaaj Mass I'oou, City Clerk. ward of Contract. TlURSDANT TO STATUTE AMD TO X Resolution No. 9874 of the Council of tne Cltv of Oakland, adopted December 2. is is, directing mis notice, nonce is uereoy given Uat the said Council having in oven evening section of tbe 18th day of November 1878, oined. sxxmlned snd publicly dared all i ropoeala oflered for the louowing work upon west street, in tins airy, from tne north line of Kieuteenth street to the north line of Twenty-third etreev, as now opened, to-w,t: tnegra'iinir ana earning sain street between said lines to the official line snd grade, and btine the manhole covers to grade and protecting them by gravel hanked around said mannoles 2 leet wide. Awarded, on the said 3d day of December, 1878, the contract for said work to the lowest reHpeneible bidder, to-wit: to The Oakland raving company, at trie prices specinea in its propossl on file for said work. cierk soxace, city oi Oakland, ueeemoer i. 107B, JAMES DODS. City Clerk. Award oi Contract. JOHN TULE. Justice f the Peace of said Townahio. B. McFadden. Attorney tor Plaintiff. Notice. rPO THE PROPERTY -OWNER8 OH A Broadway at tbe crossing ! Seventeenth street, north side, in th city of Oakland: AtameetlBgot tbe council or toe uitv or Oakland, held December 2d, 1888, the follow- lag resolution was adopted: Revived, That it is the intention of the City CeaaoU of tne city of ua x land to ornor tbe following street work to be done, to-wit: That Mew Broadway, in said city, on the north side of Seventeenth street, hsvs constructed serosa Its road way a four foot plank crosswalk. The Cierk of this Council is hereby directed to publish notice of said intention la tbe form of this resolution , signed by him, for a period of tea days, la tbe Oaklsad Daily a vest ing TmatTBs. Clerk's Office, City of Oakland, December 3d, 1878. JAMBS DUD!, City Clerk. DaUd November 3d, 1878. R. A REDMAN, Probate Judge. Probate Notice. IkTOTlCE FOR PUBLICATION OP TIME -LN appoint ed for proving will in Rotate court. Slate of Csllfornla, CVmnty of Alameda, In the matter of the estate of O. SAHoHaad, deceased. Purrnant to an order of ssid Court, made on tbe Sd day of December A. D., 1878. notice is here oy given, that Monday, th 18th day v , 1078, at in Ocxoek A. at. of said dsy, at the Court-room of said Court, st toe t-ourc uouee, in tne City of Oakland, County of ftlsmeda, has been appointed as the time aad place for proving the will of ssid O. a Hoi land, deceased, aad for hearing tike application of D. J Holland, Homer A Craig, aad Charles E. Palmer for the issuance to them of Letters Testamentary, when sad where say pen-on interested may Appear and contest tbe same. (ilvaa under my band, aad the seal of said ," , Probate Court,! hit 3d day of Decern-t SBL ber, A.D.. 1878, ' ' CHAS. Ci.REfcD, Clerk. By BOO W. CaTCaCH, Deputy Clerk- Notice. PROPERTY - OWNERS ON from axgbtoeath street in the City of Oak- Notice. ORGAN FOR SALE. . FITS OCTAVE COTTAGE GEM, L length 8 feet 8 inches, depth 1 foot 10 Inches, heights feet 4 iuches. Single Reed with Tremolo, two Stops, Tremolo Forte, Price tlOu. Warranted new. never having been taken from the warehouse. For further paiticulara apily to this office. San Francisco Office, No. 6 Sacra men to Street. OAKLAND OFFICE Southwest corner Eleventh and Broadway. I. C WINGATE. Saturday, the c ember, A. D., 1878, At ten o'clock a.m. of that day; la frost of l be Court Hou-e door, of the County of Ala meda, 1 will, in obedience to id order of sals snd decree ot foreclosure snd sals, sel the shove described property, or so msch thereof ss msy be neeesssry to rslss sufficient to satisfy said Judgments, with Interest snd costs, etc, to the hi.h. st and beat bidder, far Go d Cola of the United States. Oakland, December 8, 1878. JERKM1AU TYHREL, Sheriff. IN THE THIRD DIBTRICT COTJRT OP the State oi California. County of Ala meda In the matter of the applicatlen of the Trustees of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of East uakland, Cslliornla, for au thorlly to mortar sire Its real estate. Notice is hereby given thst application will be made by tbe Trustees of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of East Oakland, California, a rellgione corporation, to tbe Dls trlct Court of the Third Judicial District of the State t California, In and for Alameda Ountv, at the Court-room of said Court at the Court Houee. in the City of Oakland, in s id county, on the 10th day of Deeember, 18711, at 10 o'clock in the forenooa of that day, or as soon thereafter ss such application can be Beard, for an order allowing the AC Ik n. f f I can ne ueara, tor to oroer allowing tne cor stow vatj wi vv potation axoreeaid to execute a promissory note for s sum not exceeding S3.WU, and also to execute a mortgage upon the real es- tstd of said corporation to secure payment tnereof . Dated this 3d day of Deeember, 1878. I CHAP O. RhED. mm I Clerk Third District Court TlTJRBUANT TO 8TATLTE 4ND TO RES X olotion Ho. 8873 of the Council of the City of Oakland, adopted December 2, 1878 di ectins this notice, notice is nereoy given that the said Council havli g 1 i open cTentr Im, .Wa ItMh -.. ,Jtf...-hM IO? IO' r lull jm kur qm. u , v- x.v.ww,, . u , u, opened, examined and publicly declared sll prupoi als offered for 'he following work upon the westerly bait of Telegraph Avenue in this t ity. Horn the northerly line of Twenty. first stieet to the northerly boundary line of said City " said line existed before the animation of territory to sMd city on the north, to-wit: tbe completion ot said avenue between said lines, ea to It" gradicg and macadamising to the official hue and gradea. except toe portion uccupied by tbe street railroad track. Awarded, on the said 3d day of December, 1878, tbe contract for aaid woik to the lowest responsible bidder, to-wit: to The Oakland raving company at me prices specified In its proposal on Oto fcr said work. . Clerk's Omce, City of Oakland. December 3, 187& JAMKB DODS, City Clerk. Award oi Contract . TO THE Linden to T weni y. second Street mod: At a meeting of the Council of th City of Oakland, held Deeember Sd, 1878, the follow ing Resolution was adopted: HooItcI, That It Is tne intention oi tne City Council of the City of Oakland to order the foUowinsr (street Work to be done, to-wit: That Linden street in aaid cfy, from north line of High tee-nth street to the south line of Twenty-svcond street be graded end curbed to the official line aad grade. The Clerk of this Council to hereby directed to publish notice of said Intention in the form of this resolution, sunea oy mm, icr a period of ten days in tne uaruaaa iwiy Evening Triblkb. Clerk's Office, City of Oakland, December 3d, 1878. J AatxCS DODo, City Clerk. Notice. Notice to Contractors. AMERICAN DISTRICT 003 Broadway, caw. Tenth street Letters and Invitations delivered day or Night ; cii julars, papers, etc., distributed Automatic Boxes placed la residences, offices ant stores for 83 SB pes month. B.R.BATES bnpt. on); second qsaltty. 8003; H B. new Hawaiian, 7 He per lb. Provlatoaa. HAMS California, 13 ft lfe D, Eartern, BACON California, medium, 13c; do igu. 13c; Clear Hravy Sides, 13; Eastern Breakfast, canvassed. 10124 LtttD-California, llAfBUu for 10 and 13A lite for ss; nf bbto, UAc; do tea. Uic; Chicago, la pails and buckets, Ugc; eastern, MiCBd BEEF From $1B to 111 9 bbl. PO BK Ex r . Prime, 81 M to 816 bbl. SMOKED BEEF 101c !. FRESti MaATB - Following are the rates rom aUoghterera to dealers; Beef. SgBBBsc per b. as to xrade; Vsal, at h9o s lot Mut-on, at 3c at tb; Lamb, 6 oio per lb; Pork, etajwi; on loot, a to 4jo per io. 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Award of Contracts P0RSCAK T TO STATUTE AND TO Resolution No. 9875, of the Council of tbe Ci y of Oakland, adopted December 2, 1878, directing this notice, notice Is hereby given thst tbe said Council having in open evening session of the I8tb day of November, 1878, opened, examined and publicly declared all proposals offered for tbe following work upon Fifth street in thi city, from the sewer in FUbeit street to the sewer in Linden street, to wit: The sewering ssid street between said points with an 8 inch cement pipe and the construction therein of 3 lsmpholes with iron covers, as per plans snd specifications in the City Engineer's office. Awarded on ssid Sd dsy of December, 18T8, the contract for said work to the lowest responsible bidder, to-wit: to William Stack, at the prices specified in his proposal on file for said work. Clerk's Office, City of Oakland, December aajat JAMES DODS, OHy Otork. Ettaf. of HENRY BBTBR, dec and. NOTICE 18 HEREBY OlVXN BY THE undersigned, Executor of tbe Estate of Henry Heytr, deceased, b the creditors of, and all persons having claims again si the said deceased, to exhibit them with the nee esssry ouchers, within four mo ths after the first pubjcstlon of this notice, to tbe said Executor, P. W. H ever, si Bis residence. No. 1618 Taylor street, city of Oakland. xv w. apsxasw. ana JOHN A PAUL, Executors of Estate of Henry Heyer, de ceased. Dated at Oakland. November 34, 1878. and em- ounce and ounce spools broidery auk, BEST IN US Supports white w.nts ek Kir is. Sold by all firatalas retailers. J. L. WETMORE & CO. jHAS. b. DEALER IN PAINTS, OILS, GLASS. Etc., 1016 Broadway, Oakland, Gal REMOVED. BE AUDRY & HcAVOT, UNDERTAKERS, Hare Removed to their new commodious store, 873 Washington Street, IN BEAUDRY BLOCK, S. W. cor. Eighth snd;wshington ste. Kvery requisite for funerals constantly on hand and famished s lowest rtes . Orders amended to day or night. 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B'47 -1 story house of 8 moras, Myrtle st. . 2 story house, 11 rooms, Uth street. is l story house. 4 rooms, Webster str 'AS 1 story house 5 rooms, Tenth street. xa l scory a owe ot e mi is, ussy st 83 3 sviry nou-e 0 rooms, rranklin St. -! story house of 5 moms on Jefferson st l story noose, e rooms, Market street. 18 -1 story house. 6 rooms. Clay stree 4VS4-3 story bouse of 6 rooms, Franklin st of 7 rooms. Franklin B40 2 s orv house IS 1 story house, 8 rooms, 8th street. story boose of 6 rooms. 32nd sti 2 story house of 10 rooms on Third st. 3 story house of 8 rooms. Uth st. Ul story house of 4 reosn, 2nd stree 4f-2 story house, 9 rooms. Brush street. 141 story house of rooms, Kirkham st SO 3 story house of 10 rooms. Fruit Vale. Aw 1 story bouse 4 room", 33d street. as 2 story house, 6 rooms. Ninth AST 3 story bowse of 8 rooms on BBO 2 story bouse of 7 rooms on West S16 2 story bouse of 5 rooms. 21st st. 8SO 2 story house of 10 rooms ou Webster st l-2 story noose of 8 rooms. Tenth st. S9l story house, 8 FIHNISHED HOUSES 851 story hou e of 8 rooms. Tel-sranh av fists t story house of 9 rooms. Filbert street 8)bb story noose of 3 $40 rear part of 81-B IsBt on Broadway. on Fifth street. SS store corner Grove and 37th 85-Saloon on 28th st. ana Ban Pablo ar Psblosv sv Money to Loan OS FAYOJUBJ.R ....AT THS . OaMMof Mm Notice to Creditors. PURSUANT TO STATUTE AND TO Heeolution No. 9877 of the Council of tne City of Oakland, adopted December 2 1878, directing this notice, the undersigned invites and will receive at hto office in tbe City Hall, opto 8 o'clock P. M.. of Monday, December 18, 1878, sealed prjposals for the following street work, to be done according to the specifications contained in Council Resolution No. 9330, to-Wit: That Twelfth street in aaid city, from the westerly line of Broadway to tbe westerly line of Market street be graded, curbed and maoadxroiaed to the present offlclsl trade, and have crosswalks and culverts with crosswalk constructed In its crossings as follows: 3 crosswalks be constructed snd one crosswalk be rslsed to the grade at the crossing of Ciay street, slo tbat 4 cro-s-walks be raised to the grade at the crossing of Jefferson street, also, that 2 culverts with crosswalks and two croaawa'ks be constructed st each of its crossings with Caatr and West streeis, also thst 2 culverts be constructed under 2 orosswalke, snd 2 crosswalks be construe ed at the crossing nf tsrusb street. Bidders must file a bond in tbe sum of $1,000 each according to lsw. Clerk's Office, City of Uakland, December 3,1878. JAMBS DODS, Cly Clerk. Notice to Contractors. THE MACKIE HYDBAULIC SEffER TBAP, (Patented Much 20, 1877.) S3 p'upp I gJM ffltli Ifiaaal aaawl HIl lluBaaal -clentiflc principles, and are against tne passage of sewer PURSUANT TO STATUTE AND TO RESO-lution No 9878 of the Council of the Uity of Oakland, adopted Dec 2, 1878, directing this notice, the undersigned Invites and will receive at bis office in tbe City Hall, np to eight o'clock P. M., of Monday, Deeember 18, 1878, sealed proposals for tbe following street work, to be done according to tbe spec ifications contained in council xtesointion Ho. 9268, to-wit: Thst Twenty-eighth street, in said city, from ths westerly line Ot Grove street to the sewer in San Pablo avenue, be sewered with a vitrified Iron stone e'ay pipe of the following dimensions, to-wit: Prom the weet line of Grovo to the east Une of West street, 8 Inches In diameter; thence to the sewer in San Pablo avenue, 10 inches in diameter; also, tbat manholes with iron covers be con structed as follows: One at the west lins of Grove street, one at east line of Weal street; Slao, that lsmpholes with iron covers be constructed aa follows: One 840 feet west of Qro.e street, one 230 feet weet of West street, snd one 10 feet east of the sewer In San Pablo avenue, according to tbe plana and specifications In ths City nglneer's office. .Bidders must file a bond in the' turn of 81,000 each according to law. Clerk's Office, City of Oakland, December 2, 1878. JAMF.8 DODS. City Clerk. Award oi Contract. PURSUANT TO STATUTE AND TO RE3-olution No. 0873, of the Council of the City of Oakland, adopted Decemwrr 3, Ufa, directing this notice, notice is hereby giv n thsl the said Council having In open evening session of the 18th day of November, 1878. opened, exn mined and publicly declared all proposala offered for the following work upon Heventeenth street, in this city, from tbe west Hue of Klrkbsm street to the eeetline of Center street, to-wit: the curbing and macadam 1 ling said street between the said lines, to the offlclsl line snd grade; and the construction of two culverts wiih crosswalks and two crosswalks at its crossing with Cypress stree t. Awarded on said 2d dsy of December, 1878, the com met for eaid work to the lowest re- sponsible bidder, to-wit: to Tbe Oakland i axing Company, at tbe price specified in its propossl on file for ssid wort. Clerk's Office, City oi Oaklend, December 3, 1878. JAMES DODS. City Clerk. Award of Contract. Tf PURSUANT TO STATUTE AND TO I Heeolution No. 9871 Of the Council of tbe City of Oakland, adopted December 3d, 1878, directing this notice, notice is hereby given i bat the ssid Council havlrg m open evening session of the :8th dsy of November 1878, opened, exsmViied and publicly declared all nropoeals offered for tbe foil wing wo k upon w ood street in this city, item me northerly line of Twelfth street to the northerly line of Thirteenth street. to- It: tbe grading, cuihiag ana macadamizing of said street between raid linee to the official line and grade: snd tbe construction oi two culverts with crosswalks and two crosswalk st its crossing with Thirteenth street. Awarded on the said 3d day or December. 1878. (he contract for aaid work to the lowest responsible bidder, to-wit: to tbe Alaaieda Macadamising Co., at the prices soeclfled in its proposal on fl'e fot said ork. Clerk's office, City of Oakland, December 80, 18iS. JAMES DODS, City Clerk. npo THE PROPERTY-OWNERS OS A Third Avenue, from Fast-fourteenth street to 12 - leet East of kast-BTteenlB street in tbe city of Oakland: At a meeting oi tne uouncu oi ine tuy of Oakland, held December 2, 1878, th. following Resolution waa adopted : Ketoivea, xnat it la xne intention oi tne City Council ef the Citr of Oakland to order the following street work to be dot e, to-wit: Tbat Third Avenue tn said cry, t mm tne northeast line of East-fourteenth street to a point 125 feet northeast or aast-nlteeuta street be graded, curbed snd macadamised to tb. official line and grade I also, tbat two culverts with crosswalks snd two crosswalks be constructed at IIS crossing with Esst-Bfteentb street. Ths Clerk of this Council to hereby directed to publish notice of said intention in tbe form of this Resolution, signed by him, for a period of ten days, In ths Oakland Daily Evening Tamtnjra. Clerk's Office, City of Oakland, December 4. 1878. jisu uuuo. City Clerk. Notice. rTHE PROPERTY-OWNERS ON CAMP-bell street, from Fifteenth street to Sixteenth street, In the City of Oakland: At a meeting or tne uouncii oi xne ussy Oakland, held December 2d, 1878, tbe follow, log Resolution was adopted : Kteivta, That it is tn. intention oi in. City Council of the City of Uakland to order tne following eireei wora to oe aone, to-wo; That Campbell street, in said city, from the northerly line of Fifteenth street to the southerly line of Sixteenth street be regraded macftdainix"a to tne omciai line ana BJBBW8 Tbe Clerk of this Council to hereby directed to publish notice of said intention in tbe form or tnis iieooiuuon, signeo. oy aim, lor a period of tea days, in the Oakland xaily hve-nlng Tkixuxtk. Clerk's urfJc, dtp of Oakland, December Sd, 1878. JAMES UOUO, City Clerk. Probate Notice IN THB I PROBATE COURT OP THB county or Alameda, State of California, in the matter ot Margrett Da vies, mi isssil Order to abow cause on sals of real estate. It appearing to tbe aaid Court by the petition this day presented and filed by Jmes Edgar, the exact! I or of the estate of Margrett Device, deceased, praying for an order of sat. of real estate, thai it is necessary to Mil th. wt.ole or some portion of th real estate be-lons lux to the -state ef eaid dscnee d ,to nay debts outstanding agdnst the aaid d masse, and the debts, expenses snd charges of administration. It to therefore ordered tb st sll net son in terested in the estate of said decs seed appear before the aaid Probate Court on Monday, the 81 h day of January. A,D 1879, at 10 o'clock A. M. of said dav at tbe Court Room of said Court, st tbe Court Houee id the City of Oakland, then and there to show cause why aa order should not be granted to tbe Executor to sell to much of said real estate as shall be necessary, and that a copy of ibis order be published four successive weeks in the Oakland kvealng Txisixx a newspaper printed and published In Said Alameda County. Dated December. 3d, 1178, B. A. REDMAN, Probate Judge. Notice. TO THE PROPERTY-OWNERS OM THIRD street, from Webster street to Franklin street, in the City oi Oakland : At a meeting ot the Council of the City of Oakland, held December 3d, 1878, the following Resolution wss adopted: Sesoi vtd , 1 hat it is tbe intention of the City OoaacU of the City of Oakland lo order the following street work t be done, to-wit: I hat third .treat la said ci y, from the fewer in Webstar street to the sowar tn Franklin street ho sewered with n 10 lack cement pipe, snd that one manhole with iron cover be cons' meted half way between Franklin street snd Wsbster street, also that a lamphole with iron cover be construct ed 10 feet irom the sewer in Franklin stieet, ami one 10 feel from the sewer in Webster street, ssid 'smi holes to be la accordance with the plans sad specifications la Cltv knitineer's fflce. TAe Clerk of this Council to hereby directed to publish notice of said intention in ths 1 or m of hia Resolution, signed by bim, for a period of ten days in tbe Oakland Daily averting TaTarax, Clerk's office, City of Oakland, December 8,1878. JAMES DODS, City Clerk. TO AS Notice. Sheriff's Sale. Jamas Kdrar. Plaintiff, R. P. Davtes and Z. Defendants.; aTVBDEB OP SALE AND 17 Foreclosure and Sale. Ho. 4.874 HO THE PROr ER 1Y OWNERS OH L New Broadway, at tb. crostiug of Six teenth street, north side, in the Uty of Oakland: At a meeting of the council of t ne wty or Oakland, helu December 3d, 1878, the Shewing Resotation was adopted : rtesotoed. '1 hat it is tbe Intention of the I City Council ot the City of Oakland to order the following street work to be dons, to-wit That New Broadway, in said ci.y, on th north side ef sixteenth street, nave con- strutted across its roadway a four-foot plank crosswalk. Th- Clerk of this Council Is hereby directed to publish notice of ssid in tention tot the form ot this nesoiuuon, sisoea oy mm. zar a period of ten days, la the uakland Daily Eve- Notice. THE PROPERTY - OWHTRS SON Ban Pablo Avenue from Fourteenth street to Brush street, in tbe City of akl-nd: At a meeting ot tne council ot tne Cltv ofOsJaUnd, held December zd, 1878, tee following resol ution waa adopted : Rttolmd. Thst it is ths ini ration of the City Council, of the City of Oakland, to order tbe following sti eel work to t e dona, to-wit: That Han Pablo avenue, In said city from tne north line or ouneen t n street to the easterly line of Brush street, be side walked sixteen feet wide with Oregon pine lumber, with sleepers lour feet spa it of 8x4 redwood, where not already done, or covered with rait Vale gravel or fine broken stone 2 i. inches thick, or with asphaltnm, and in good condition, full width, .aid sidewalks to be oone true ted on tne westerly aid of said San Fabto Avenue. The Clerk of this Council to hereby directed to publish n. tloe of said inten- ln the form of this Resolution, signed by aim, for s period of ten days In tns oakiana usiiy avening 1 1 Clerk's 3d, 1878, City of Oakland, December JAMES DODS, City Oer k. PURSUANT TO STATUTE AND TO BESO-lution No. 9901 of the council of the 31tvof Osklsnd. adopted December 2. 1878, directlrg this notioo, notice to hereby given tun tne ssid. Council having In open evening session of the 3d dsy of December, 1878, opened, ex-sminedsnd publicly declared all proposals ottered for the following work upon Webster street in said city, from the westerly lino of Hew Broadway to tn. sown-erly II n. Ol Hswtlsorn Avenue, 4o-wlt: the macadamising to the offlelal line aad grade of said street, aad tbat two crosswalks be constructed oo tb. termination and opposite th. termination of Merri- mac street; also, tsai on culvert witn crosswalk be coust rooted opposite the ter mination or central Avenue. Awarded, on the mid 3d day of December. 1878, tn contract for aaid work to the lowest t ot ooer, to-wit: to tne Atsmeas ' : luuiixtnif Company, at the prioee sped- led in lis proposal on Ste for said work. Clerk's Office, City of Oakland, December 2, 1878, JAMES DODO, City Clerk. trictiv a parfeet guard gsaes into tbe THE MACKIE HYDRAULIC SEWER TRAP Notice to Creditors. of CB ARIES R. BIBBER. dctutd NOTICE IS HEREBY G1VKN BY THk undersigned. Administrator ot ths Estate of Charles E. Bibber, deceased, otbe creditors of, sad all persons having claims against ta. ssid Psoras", to sxniott mem with tb neeesssry Touchers, witain four months alter the first publication of this notice, to the said Administrator, at bis place of busines. No. 833 Broadway, In the City of Oakland. County of Alameda, and State of OalMtsTitU PETER BMIER, Administrator of Charles R. Bibber, de- Pssed at Oakland . November 8th. 1B78. Notice to Creditors. BBa been era mined setenttfio men In ils workings In ed by the most this State, wbo hi tela and giant aav opinion hundreds of wbo have noted and also bp; in xne In addition to their unsn the have som at it will b lbs means of saving lives, sad EHaU (4 JAMBS ORIBRSON, NOTICE IS HrBSBT GIVEN BY THB UN-dersignod. Administrator of the estate of James Orierson.deceased, tetbe creditors of, and all persons having claims against tbe said to exhibit them with tbe neeesssry within fonr months after tbe first of this not lee, to l be said Admin- tor, si tbe office of a P. Daniels, No. 438 IB street, n tae city or Oakland, in the or Alameda. Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale and Decree Of Foreclosure and Sale Issued out of the District Court of the Third Judicial District f the Htste of California, in and for the County of Alameda, on the 20th dey of November, A. 11. 1878. in the above entitled action, wherein Jamee Edxtsr. the above named plaintiff, obtained a judgment and decree of foreclosure and sate against n, r. uavtes aad Z. B. Beyweod, defendants, on the 1 nn day of November, A. D. 1878, for the sum of three hundred end forty-five dollsre, In United States Gold Coin, besides interest, costs and counsel fees, which said decree on the 19th dsv of November, A. D. 1878. recorded in Judgment Book P ot said Court, at page 428. I am commanded to eell all that certain piece or parcel of land, situate, lying aad being In Oakland townshlD. County of Alameda, gtsis ot California, and bounded and described sa follows: Commencing st a point on the north line or Mariposa avenne, or wnere tne eastern boundary line of the land of Mrs Ann Holmes intersects ths raid north line of Mariposa avenue, thenee running northerly along- the satel easteUy line or said Mrs. Ann Holmes one bund re t and ihirty-fi ve feet and six lnch-s to tne boundary line or B. Jsmes, thence easterly, along the line of mid Jamee, forty-nine feet and nine Inches (19 8-12): thence at right ang, one hundred and thirty-five feet 'o t line of Mariposa avenue; thane st right angle, westerly along said serin line of Msriooea avenue sixty -two feat and seven inches (83 7-12) to the corner of Mrs. Ann Holmes, and to the vises ot beginning, and being a portion of what to known as tb. Urummeglm Tract. Public notice ts hereby given that on Saturday , the 21st ity tf D cember, A 9. 1878, At ton o'clock A M. of that day, in front the Court House door, of the County of I will, in obedionoe to said order of sale and decree of foreclosure snd above o escribed property, or thereof as may ba necessary te ran to satisfy sasd ludgme it, with Interest i to highest and to Gold cola of the United Slates. C akland, November 26th, 1878. JEREMIAH TYRRET-, sxftBBnt nine: TalBOXK. Clerk's Office, aty of Oakland. DECREE OF 1 2d, 1878. 4 Aatae xsvxaa, city Clerk. notice. noTxn rTHE PR0PERTY-0WNER8 OS THE the w est aide of Filbert street from Fourteenth street to Sixteenth street in tb Uty of Osklasd: s At a me Xing ot the council ot tne my oi Oakland, bold December 3d, 1878, the fol lowing resolution was adoptM: Kttotved., That it is tbe intention oi me taiy Council of the City of Oakland to order the following street work to be done, to-wtt: That the wwt aide of Filbert street in said city, from the nortn line t f Fourteenth street to tbe south line of sixteentn. oe moewaiara with a four toot redwood pis nk sidewalk, to be constructed of 2 inch redwood plank, and in accordance with Council Keeolstlon Ho. 8108, except was already planked 4 feet wide with 3 lack plank, or covered fall wldih with gravel sr fine broken stone. The Clerk of this council is nereoy oirectee to publish notice of said Intention in the form of thi. Resoiution,s,gned by him, for the period of ton days, la the Oakland Daily Evening Taistmi. Clerk' Oases, city of Oakland. Decern oer 3d, 1878, JAMAS DODS, city cierx, Notice to Creditors of Insolvent. TN THB COUNT! COURT OP THE X County of Alameda, State of California. xuxas Administrator's Sale. XT 0T ICE IS HEREBY GIVES THAT IN J31 fursuince t ar order of the Probate tonrtof ths County of Aimed, made on tbe first day of April, 1870. to the matter of the Esute of Henry Duraat. deceased, lbs undersigned, the Administrator of said Estate, will sell nt private sale to the highest bidder, for cash in gold coin ef tb. United States, subject to confirmation by satd I rebate court, on or after Saturday, tb 21st day ef Deeember. 1878, at 13 . clock M.aU the right, title, interest and estate ot the aid Henry Dorsnt, deceased st ths time of his deeth, and sll ihe right, title or interest that the ssid estate has, by lw or otherwise acquired other tban or in addition to thst of said intestate nt tbe I late of hto death, tn and to the following real property, situated la Oakland, Alameua County, via: Lots numbers 2, 8, 8, 18, and 17 in Mock MO. 48s) of tbe City if Uakland, aa snbdi-vided try Wat. p. board xsaa. City Engineer; aad lots Nos. 19, 30, 21, and 82 in the Broad-Way and Weston Avenue tract, OsklanA Also, the following person ! property, vis: 1 Share Brock of Benton Coal Oompany . Txxms and Condition of Sue c sab , in gold coin of the United States. Deed at expense of purchaser Bids must be lo writing, sod will be received st sop Urn. before making the sale, by the undersigned at his residence, on tne no.tawest i waat of mar set L. Beard vs. hto Creditors. to sa order of th Bon. R. A. of the ssid County Court, notice to given to all ihe Creditors of th said vent Ellas L. Beard, to be fore the said Judge, in open court, at the Court Room of aaid Court, i the City of Oak- In the eoaotr of Alameda, oo the Sixteenth day of Deeember. A. D. 1878, st 14 o'clock A. M. of t.iai day, than and thereto dv cause. If aav they can. why the of s Id insolvent should not be frranted. be d I charged from bis debts and liabilities, in pursuance ol the Statute in ruch caae made and nrovided: and la the meantime sll nro- ceedings against said Insolvent be tyed. aDated at Oaklsad, November 7, 1878. stvmai s. willib at ths litis of human live. tCTthstpurpoee is themoat important inven- j Elgh Wears prepared to furnish these trap, with fair discount to th trade. WB QUA TBE THEIR PERFECT WORKING I Rsnaawoas: I mf. LoOonte, Dr. thfvSlx Notice toJJreditors. ':?" T" tT - -. I "w- n in. wwwaowa niwrwn m arise I I 1 .nlnu Ik. ahl. nl lalill.tuiahll Notice to Contractors. the City of is-fB. airecung u invites aad Wail otty STATUTE AMD TO of ths Council of 3. TCR8UANT TO t Oak tbe d will receive at ate office in so to 8 o'clock P. M .ef Mood la, 18TS, sasJpropcwal. for of her will, within tots iba I rate. I I IVBTUADsT m " wnwwy.aaf rw. o,. fla aaatjiiratlcai of this not lew. be grade i aud embed to) th. OxTtc nt my r. Manna near Ban Lsaadr... in end rraue. Atemeda County, Onl-, or at ths tow office I Bidders must file bond tn ths sum ar B n Wsa In IhslSl. nf isaklamri rww 1 00h W OnrfllBrf te law- Usbi. Hrratiwiiv. I ia bland i""0 to-wit Tweuiy-tblrd afreet ta said avaue tohtnih avenue Una Baked WuMmbor Vb, MSB. 'Ttaptfife. TWELFTH 1 STREET OAKLAND my hand snd the seal of said Court, this lltb day of November, A. D. 1878. (saa I nyw.Bt. Dissolution of Co-partnership. y OTiCT IS HBBSBY QTTBMT b"-"" V-nlixmuF' I, Oakland Mow. i, 18TB. Dissolution. T'HB PARTNEBSH1P t btfing between U. I C. Traded te this sauaTsy O. I O.I. W.sX Oaxujra, October 21. UTS. FX W, CALIFORI November 29, 1878. D. P. BARSTOW. of Henry Duraat, de- Probate Notice 1 M THE PROBATE COURT OP TBE CO UN- A ty ef Alameda , State of CaUtornia. utDO a McMulUn en sale of real It appearlag to tbe said Court bp the pe tition this day I CB. tea sad Sled by Kutberford, the administrator of the estate of Thomas MsMultea, deceseed. pray lag for an order of le of real estate, that il I necessary lo sell the whole or eomepor- Ion of tbe real etute belonging la tb. estate of aaid deceased, to pay ths debts owt- ataadlag against ihe satd deceased, and lb debs, expenses snd charges of all Uia therefore ordered that la tbe estate of appear before tbe said Probate Court, on Monday the Blh day of January, a. D., 1878, ftt 18 o'clock A-H. of said dsy ftt tbe tVnrt of aaid court, st tbe cosulHosssb la the City of Oakland, then and there to snow came why an order should not ho granted to th. administrator to sail ao much of said real ee at. aa shall ba aeeea- sary, and that a copy of tnte eaxtar b. pob-ttebod fotir successive weeks In tb. Oak iana avening Taistnm, a rj.wpape tod aad pabltonod to i aid Atemeda K. A 8WDMAN. 4th. 1878. prin- Notico to Contractors. nyftas and win roomy, at hi c TO BTATtTTS AMD TO 3d, rl in iba city Hall, opto So elock P. M, sf Mmaaji. if, une, seated nrcpnsais ror ta. Wt work. tabs done tweoMhsr ssclacstions cranataed 3a CoatsStl No. rode, to-wtr: et line of IwtraraBh evens te th tana law

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