Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 1, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 1, 1968
Page 2
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uarits '» .(A£) •*. in Yd*k Times Beck ft* died Monday, nedr, Boimher , ^hosi e was William A<P, WW!e^fee§fttly finished editing latest, annual "Sesl Detee* of the.Yeaf,' 1 . tide Sbufnwifife, S5, fofffler jfiveftlfe aetot ^ht> appgaM m th§ "oaf iflang! 1 hibvie^ died l N*e, (AP) w El- Clifton, Daniel, 83, founder and director 'of the Phartnaceu- tical Research Foundation at tfte University of NortfrCaro' llna, died Tuesday, He was the father of E. Clifton Daniel Jr., managing editor of the New York Times, who married Margaret Truman. « Jerusalem •- Sofc/ecf of < UN Debate UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) - The U.N. Security Council continues debate today oti the situation in Jerusalem, riieetlng on the eve of a military parade that Israel plans to hold in the captured Arab sector of the city despite a council resolution opposing it. p Muhammad H, El-Farra of tFordan was the only speaker listed for the afternoon meeting, the council's third on the complaint he filed last week against the parade. He was expected to press the council for action to jjtop the march, which will com- jnemorate Israel's 20th anniversary, but there appeared to be .nothing effective the council $ould do. ,f El-Farra in a statement Tues- jday night accused Israel of -"glaring defiance of the authority and will" of the council, .which on Saturday unanimously adopted a resolution calling on .Israel not to hold the parade. •9, Israeli Ambassador Yosef Te- •)coah rejected the resolution. * Czechs To/if Stalinists )|| c'j; ''^tjMj^fi V^IHJVKV'I _ r ;,,, ^ , U'V. fio Be Purged s PRAGUE (AP) — Czechoslovakia's interior minister promised Tuesday that his depart- <ment and the police would be •'purged of old-line Stalinists. He also announced that wire-tapping equipment is now outlawed. "Three or four deputy minis- •ters together with other top officials will be replaced," Interior Minister Josef Pavel told the Czech news agency CTK. He 'added that personnel changes %ould go "down to the ground." <•'' Pavel pledged a careful inves- r ligation of all officials who took 'part in the Stalinist purges of -the 1950s and said all "defaulters will have to answer to the law or will be dismissed from the police force." The shake-up in the police department came to light on April 12, when Pavel disclosed that he was separating the secret police from the regular civilian police services, This move was recommended in the Action Program oT party chief Alexander Dub- cek, helmsman of the new liberal course. At that time Pavel also said he was trying to remove from the force "people who violated the law," Three Appeal Conviction, Get Lawyer UTTLE ROCK (AP)- Three Negro brothers, who claimed their constitutional rights were violated when they were convicted of raping a 74»year*old w|ite woman, were appointed art appeal lawyer Tuesday. Circuit Judge William J. Kirby of Uttle Rock appointed Dale Frtee, a Wttie Rock lawyer, attorney for Henry Lee Manning, 31, and Eddie Manning, 17, both of Aitheimer, and Arthur Lee M&flJtfngi 22, of Scott. Hewy Caning told Kirby in a letter last week that their rights were violated when their ittbw, e, V, Trimble of i4t, tie Itock, failed to appeal their 40 year sentences, Kirby treated the letter as a petition ajjd told Prjco to prepare a proper legal pleading stating the Issues tn the No Classes at Columbia; 720 Arrests NEW YORK (AP) - Columbia remained a university with* dut classes today as the admin* istration of the strife»torft Ivy League school called upon faculty and students to meet for discussions of the campus crisis, The administration acted in keeping with a resolution; by a group of 500 senior faculty members asking for "a day of reason and reflection." The university said the school would be open but there would be no regular classes, About 12S members of an ad hoc faculty group voted Tuesday to "respect" a student strike. There were indications, however, that the faculty of about 4,000 was substantially split over whether to back the strike, The senior faculty meeting did not endorse the strike, A student strike was announced by J, Michael Nichols, executive vice president of the undergraduate Student Council, a few hours after 1,000 city policemen moved onto the campus during the night Tuesday and stormed five university buildings that had been occupied and barricaded by students, A hundred youths and 15 policemen were reported injured, none seriously, in the club swinging, fist fighting, pushing, hauling and kneeing as the embattled demonstrators were routed from their strongholds. Police said some of their men were bitten by girl students. A total of 720 persons were arrested on trespassing and other charges. Of the total, there were 628 arrests in the actual routing of the demonstrators and 92 on (AMO STAR, Wfltiilbr Offset Kfwditf* Meet Speaker City's ol St. Asm th* Divine d #mSJ)| toe worlds fa 9 uis 5 of worship. M u> «% Qjjjy by in Ruup. \i»ly. Weather Experiment Station report for 24- hour s ending at 7 a.m. Wednesday, High 80, Low 45 Forecast ARKANSAS - Clear to partly cloudy tonight, becoming partly cloudy to cloudy Thursday with a chance of showers and thundershowers Thursday. Not much temperature change. Low — Henry Haynes photo with Star camera J.S. DRAPER AND K.G. HAMILTON Weather Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS .25 the edge of the melee. Nichols said: "The strike we tonight mostly in the 50s. are calling for has a widespread basis of support. Consequently, it will not be necessary to seize any buildings. We may picket, but that has not been decided yet." Undergraduate militants'" High LOW Pr. sought Tuesday to promote a Albany c i oudy 66 36 .11 general strike by students and Albuquerque, clear 74 47 **%}%• _,,,_. « Atlanta, clear 75 50 Their principal target was Dr. Bismarck, clear 86 50 Grayson Kirk, president of thegojge c j ear 83 40 25,381-student university, who Bos t on , cloudy 60 44 had called in the police to break Buffalo, cloudy 54 38 up the disruption caused by the CfticagQ clear. ';, ;:: 68 46 60(Ho»700.studentSi whose sit-ins Cincinnati 1 cloudy ' "'" 71 "46 to protest some university poll- Cleveland,' clear cies began April 23. Denver, clear "Kirk must gol Kirk must Des Moines, clear go!" groups roaming the lit- De t ro it clear tered uptown Manhattan cam- Fairbanks> c i ou dy pus shouted. Fort Wortn c i ea r Kirk-who had said he called Helena, clear in the police because the univer- Honolulu cloudy sity was "paralyzed by the ille- Indianapolis, clear gal acts of a minority of its stu- Jacksonville, clear 81 dents, aided and abetted by an j un e au> cloudy 46 unknown number of outsiders" Kansas City clear 83 -declared he had no intention LO S Angeles', cloudy74 of resigning. Rockefeller 71 .01 Winner in Massachusetts Louisville, clear Memphis, clear Miami, clear Milwaukee, clear Mpls.-St.P., clear New Orleans, clear New York, clear Ckla. City, clear Omaha, cloudy Philadelphia, clear By PETER BREWER Associated Press Writer BOSTON (AP) — Gov. Nelson phoenixT clear A. Rockefeller of New York, Pittsburgh, clear who wasn't a candidate when ptind, Me., cloudy the polls opened, emerged as ptind, Ore., cloudy the apparent winner today on Rapid City, clear write-in votes in the Republican Richmond, cloudy presidential race in the Massa- st. Louis, clear chusetts primary. salt Lk. City, cloudy 79 The Rockefeller victory would san Diego, cloudy 67 give him the 34 votes of the gan Fran., clear Massachusetts delegates on the Seattle, cloudy first ballot at the Republican National Convention, Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy, whose name was the only one printed on the Democratic ballot, made his expected showing, capturing a majority of the Democratic votes, He was assured the 72 votes of the state's Democratic convention delegation on the first ballot. McCarthy also made a strong showing in Republican write-in votes. Rockefeller, running ahead of Richard M, Nixon, Gov. Ronald Reagan, and Sens, Robert F. Kennedy and McCarthy as write-ins in the Republican balloting, also drew ahead of Gov, John A, Volpe. Volpe's name was the only one on the ballot in the Republican race. The latest returns gave; Republican, 1,675 of 1,734 pre- ciiwjts? Yolpe 29,182, Nixon 25,705, Rockefeller 30,514, Reagan },813, Kennedy 1,378, McCarthy 9,393. Democratic 1,675 of 1,734 pre* cincts: McCarthy U4,183, Johnson 6,409, Kennedy 62,172, Humphrey 40,779, Tampa, clear Washington, clear Winnipeg, cloudy 58 34 75 40 82 51 65 38 51 31 77 49 81 43 85 73 47 59 35 59 57 74 52 80 58 87 61 86 78 63 81 50 84 55 64 40 94 62 60 36 52 40 61 43 .02 85 51 75 41 83 60 47 58 60 50 58 42 84 66 69 45 58 39 71 42 48 54 42 .14 .02 .38 12 .07 .02 .07 Abroad U.S. Is Termed Violent By ROBERTBERRELLEZ Associated Press Writer GUATEMALA (AP) - In a daring stroke almost two years after his election, President Julio Cesar Mendez Montenegrt has assumed full control of the government, which he had been forced to share with military overlords, As a result, a measure of peace has settled over this long troubled Central American country, where political violence between rightist and leftist extremists has taken at least 1,000 lives and possibly as many as 4,000, since Mendez, a Liberal, became president in July 1966. The only violent deaths of political significance since the shift three weeks ago involved i«s« than inn n,.nni „** tne leade rs of a right-wing ter- leSS than 100 precinCtS rnr ^t nreaniraHnn slain while out of 1 734 orecincts left to ro rorjsi organization, siam wniie Sort ftSctolStortoW a lead S in P° Uce custod y ***** yUfl t «UJMM;*?4*0r OeWJ 4 iea<J 01 | V pynlainorl hn» cHIl wore tte« 1,000 votes over 8ttU Insurance Rate Suit Is Field LITTLE ROCK (AP) proval of an increase in automobile insurance rates by State Insurance Commissioner Allan W, Home resulted Tuesday in the filing of a taxpayers suit and two petitions in Pulaski County Circuit Court. The suit, filed by Rep. Allan Dishingh of Little Rock in behalf of five taxpayers, contends that Home granted the 17.3 per cent increase in liability rates April 18 on inconclusive and incomplete evidence and refused to allow all of the evidence to be presented. The suit also charges that Home based at least part of his ruling on recommendations by Steele Hays, a Little Rock lawyer hired by the insurance department, who the suit said was not qualified through train- At yesterday's regular Kiwanis Club meet at Town & Country a certificate of appreciation was presented to J. S. Draper for his presentation of Tuesday's program. The certificate was presented by K. G. Hamilton, A acting president. 45TH ANNUAL from Page One with the Second Annual Hymn Festival at the First Baptist Church, Junior choirs from sev* eral churches and from the Hope Junior and Senior High Schools will perform, and the Communi* ty Chorus composed of mem* bers of the adult choirs will present several numbers, in addition to singing by the com* bined choirs and the congregation. Ch Tuesday night in the Hammons Stadium the 19th Annual Music Festival will be presented at 7:30 o'clock. A chorus of several hundred elementary school children will be conduct* ed by Mrs. Jewel Moore Jr., with Mrs. Arthur Strech accompanist. The theme song "There's Music in the Air" Will be sung by the Friday Choral Club. The Junior and Senior High School Choirs and Bands under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Keyton will also perform and there will be solo and ensemble numbers rounding out an evening of musical enjoyment. The audience will have a chance to sing with the bands and choruses in the concluding number. During the week other special musical events will include programs at the luncheon clubs and at the rest homes and special radio programs. In summary Mrs. Hyatt reminds us of the words of Mr. Charles Tremaine, the National Music Week founder:"Letmusic be made welcome everywhere in the world, between all human beings in a spirit of exchange and harmony." DANNY TURNER Danny Turner, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Z. Turner and a Hope High School senior, is the 1968 Future Farmers of America Outstanding Member. Presentation of this award was made in an assembly at the high school this morning. Several years ago the FFA chapter voted to give the award to a member, excluding any officer, who had made the most personal growth in character, leadership, and particularly dependability. Danny has, according to the FFA executive board, met these requirements. For example, as head of the cleanup committee for the recent rodeo, he more than fulfulled requirements. His crew arrived at the coliseum at 6:15 Sunday morning and had the place spotless by 8 when a general crew arrived. He was especially dependable Wednesday, May 1,1968. In the arena at the Rodeo iftke'ef* ing between the bulls and thejun* iof riders as they fell, "I know that when I give Dan* ny an assignment It will be done, He fulfills the real meaning of the key FFA word- dependable," explained Troy Buck, adviser, Proclamation WHEREAS music plays an in* creasingly important role in our world today; and ',;. WHEREAS music is one of tRe most sublime of human pursuits and is subscribed to by all races and creeds; and ,'/ WHEREAS music is the language of all peoples and one of the greatest forces in creating peace and harmony; and >. WHEREAS the National Fedeiu. ation of Music Blus— dedicated to encouraging young musicians, to increasing musical knowledge, and to advancing American music-and its cooperatingorgajj. izations join forces to direct attention to the dynamic influence of music in everyday living: NOW, THEREFORE, I, Donal Parker, Mayor of Hope, Arkansas, do hereby proclaim the weejc of May 5-12, 1968 as National Music Week and ask that ail citizens of this community oh* serve and take part in activities, recognizing the importance of music, musicians, and musical organizations to the cultural life of our City, State, Nation and World. • • t Donal Parked Mayor of Hop'^ Arkansas * : —> The planet Pluto, a mean 3.666 billion miles from the sun, requires almost 248 years to complete an orbit. 1 T ing. or actual knowledge for ,the Rep. Marion Crank of Foreman, a Democratic gubernatorial hopeful, has also charged there may have been a conflict of interest involved in Home's ruling since Hays was an attorney for several insurance companies affected by the increased rates. The petitions called for a temporary restraining order to keep the rates from going into effect until the matter is decided and asked that Home be directed to hear additional evidence and testimony before granting an "exorbitant rate increase." Move The Kitchen Outdoors This Summer (PLANT A GASGRILL AND GASLITE) \ . ••• . . .i..•••,„•. :j.:.\l-.i S/ll.1, i> ; .tii .'v!i/l .,.1 i,l. I '«' f nn'.ivrio r when President Mendez fired three top officials including Defense Minister Rafael Arriaga Bosque. The president's decision, it is generally believed here, has stripped rightist terrorists of official protection and pacified the non-Communist lent. It has also neutralized an effective source of Castroite recruiting propaganda: militarism in government. Still to be seen is just how far-left militants, given a respite from military pressures, will respond to the changes. The abduction of Guatemala's archbishop, Msgr. Mario Casar- lego, last month is regarded as a catalyst in bringing the explosive Guatemalan situation to an anticlimax few local or foreign observers had anticipated. The kidnaping of the 58-year- old prelate was the far right's boldest and most desperate bid to bring down Mendez. The now-apparent objective was to make it appear the abduction was the work of the far left and thus turn Roman Catholic sentiment against the government, which the rightists claim is Mil. trated with Communists. There was little or no public Your family will move outdoors with you to enjoy response, however, because it was quickly established that the rightist terrorist group MANO was responsible. The Guatemalan Curia exhorted Catholics to remain calm and refused to deal with the kidnapers who had issued an ultimatum that unless Mendez resigned the archbishop would be killed. He was released March 20. The archbishop had been in Mexico on church business and was kidnaped March 16 as he was being driven from the airport to his home. barbecuing at its best with a Gasgrill by Arkla. A Gaslite will add a merry charm to outdoor cooking and patio parties. MAY IS GASLITE AND GASGRILL MONTH; Get 10% off when you buy a Gaslite and Gasgrill and have them installed together. Buy with no money down in easy payments on your monthly gas bill. Monthly payments begin at $2,54 for Gaslites and $3.62 for Gasgrills. (They vary slightly with local taxes.) Buy now from any Arkla employee. Two Gasgrills to choose from: The new Arkla I, single- burner (above), and the Arkla II (below), a twin burner model. Each has its own permanent charcoal ... no lighter fuel to buy, no ashes, no mess! Front and side trays at slight extra cost. 10 models of Gaslites, including the new Coronet and Cranbrook II, with slip- out panes of tempered glass for easier cleaning. « but Sea, Kennedy of New vrnmen h for h« a native snn nf Mrt<;caphii governmem~dt least 101 tne ftf - Sacbu * P^sent- came last March 28 The shortest route from Tibet to the plains of India passes through the tiny country of Sikkim in the Himalayas. In outdoor lighting and cooking, Today it's Gas! CALL NOW RR7-6776 ARK A N S A LOU I SI AN GAS COMPANY

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