Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 16, 1896 · Page 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1896
Page 6
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6 SATURDAY EVENING,. OAKLAND TRIBUTE! MAT 1G. . . . ; . . ; aj NEW The Merrymakers Enjoying a -. Medley' of Good Things. PEASANT PARTIES ARE HELD. Mymen Kept Busy Disposing of Many Matrimonial Affairs. 50SSIP OF THE WEEK. The Meddler" Gives News About the Upper Crust. WeH, it bas been, decidedly dull. ery soon I shall be dating my letters Caetle Cra or some other bonnie tlace. whither all of Oakland will have own quite gayly and gladly. Oak-land will be a deserted as 1 last years' bird's nest tor even life here is an insufferable bore. There foas been nothing this week worth going ito and we have all been bored to death, so dont't xpect me to be breezy or interest tag or rven sufferable for it's quite an impossibility. In scrawling my little grumble I almost forgot Belli e Hutchinson's tea on Tuesday afternoon, which was really a very. pretty affair. There were almost seventy-five there all from the younfe-er set. - Mardie Hutchinson, Mina Prihgie, Coralfe SeVby and Ida Belle Palmer, an in pretty gowns, assisted Beffle in receiving at her first blgr en-lerttainmerrt.jwhldh was ber very own. Amy Requa, looking very swell in "a stunning- spring sown, was among the guests. Claire and Mae Tucker have been visiting Mrs. McNear this week. Claire's waaing ataiy is noi sea yex ana cne ram-lly mourning, from which it seems as Neighborhood CBub. corner of Third and Franklm streets, is giving a tea this. Saturday afternoon and evening The hours are from three to nine. There win be tea. in the afternoon and Professor Griggs of Stanford Universitythe same who made such an agreeable impression at the Woman's Con gress wmi speaK tn the evening-. Tt directors a.re y! Tuimr rrmmMmmt- Miss Ruth Palmer. Vfc President; Miss wace ue Temery. Secretary; Miss imt. Treasurer; Mrs. Palmer. Miss Pendleton. Wlu TJiiMmt. vri 1 1 . - .in.u v, mi ma l ice McChesney. Miss Weltanan, Miss inpnas, Miss no&t&l. TueSdaV. Ma.1T 1h atwl Wulniiaihv May 20th. from in a m o p v n' P. Grunke will trive e-n exhibition of his peaming at 'Ms studio. 530 Thirtv. eighth street, near Telegraph avenue. Mr. Grunke is a talented and hard- wrvrlrtnor mw1m ...... .1 . bcnom ana a woTKer in sereraa Branch- es or art. 1 - Highest of all m Lexresins Fmaf latest U.S. Gt Report I XV -- J F f W 111 1 1 1 r , ,. . . rjoauuianr pure SIP h" MJ I to shine brothers of the bride and her father. Who nvc hr mrorsv XT).. Knai. worth, a. littM- -wu. maid nr tw. Miss Janet Bruce of San Francisco and nary umey or Oakland were the bridesmaids. Maid of honor and bridesmaids wore white mull over wratfc with Pink sashes and amvail Minil L-4Ho ChiD hats trlmnwd mi-)! nlnlr vtnoo The bride's gown was of cream white on other scenes. THE . MEDDLER. MOSHER HUNT. A. brilliant company gathered at the residence of Mr. and Mrs, H. E. Mosher m Nfles Monday evening- hut to witness one. marriage of their daughter Maude am vntr .......... satin trimmed with . mir mm .d I Loren Hunt of the State ITnlverKtov. made with extreme simplicity. Her veil was fastened in her heir with a pearl O.J1U niinusul TwYn mr mY.m. n I 1 . - wuquet or wtoite rosebuds and ferns. uwwer or members ot the groom's fraternity and some members of the wuworaty or fjauEornxa Ulee Club Over a hundred invit&tkme bad been sent out. Most of the recdjxients being present to person on the happy occasion. The hour for the ceremony was p fw sang the briSaa oSorus from Ien Franco IZTT as the party advanced m thiTSS I 7 f1 BerkeIey came on the C The stngers were Mr. Bakewefil. Oscar Mr. Frank. Rev. FrmloirioV TT u.. Pastor of the Church.' rjerformed th vjicmuny. me cnuron, ltseir had-been o'clock train and were conveyed to the house in carriages. The rooms of the home had been ar-twticaJly dcioorated in .-. event under the supervision of Chas. tels. Prentiss Gray. OUver Smith, Eu-5v 5. 5alAnd Raymond Taylor. Elila De QoMa and Emil BendcL THK UUTCHIXKON RECEPTION with Hot evening Was T , ' The o'clock: w.'.. acteg until u KsSL Manrt ria RrvrM wl.. nB' Harw nuraunson gave a very Xr ilirns- Flo Page, Flo r. Pfeasaat reception this week in honor 22 rml xZ of their tro-m 11 .m. . tana MatUe McKav: MMm. r. z7 lain of ST " ".T I Jo. Me. Mrnam " BrowrT asslifrit 2l1Bne Hutcblnstm were aon!iL,S5eiTm Mrs. WatkJn- "MhST60 wepe Misses W bSS?,?1 S!ty- EDa Ster-nice MnT?'.1 Bennett. Ber- KnlwSr and BTorrlRU-Howard. Win J?rown' 0411 "ngTSLwree hTvS!' StU4rt RAW" THE NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB TEA The Neighborhood Club House will GrilXV to 9 lessor Ortggs will make a Mk .... " v'r' utn Palmer ui Grace De Fremorv xri- tTI. r MU,S Thomas. Luita Booth " -rman. M. M. M. CLUB PARTY. An enjoyable party was given by the Olney and Leonard KeUer. THE ROOT RECEPTION. Miss Zoe Root gave a. vnr i . informal reception Saturday evening kk ""w ana airs. Inland Coillns. nee Miss Edith Warner, at her hcT i"5 Oak street- The twuse was very daintilv dnw in tiTlf w" enJoyy spent with wurcu. Among tnose pres. iiWerMi8S Ro' Mr- Mrs. La. land Collins nriu tw. . - v.. libs tjrer. trude Hl.1nvr rn nr.. . TT J .I'OUUd. Jill 3. XVOOt. rrW"" Maey.- Joseph- THE M'KBE TEA. Miss Mc Eee save a a i r. - w MWV ASlUtp y in nonor of Miss Claire Ralston. who has receotlv renmuw s . - uia . . wrowmuiiy am. 'wa in nws. m . asl r . " . - iT1B "wna i mi iT8 wn.ee in receivtng- were ' Mi ton, . Chabot, Miss beautifully decorated bv H I ts, v." TT, ! 'u1 "l -na- rir mmiIb t ' - T . - - . v viLKU! njcn oaQooL whose Last evening Caroline LWtle and Vlr- white rose garlands were Btretohed to 7, Known- Liht Ihie de Fremery gave an everHn of I the back of fviTJL I L.Sful Draacbes of bamboo and - - - V"t song and organ at the out-of-way little 1'iymoutn Avenue onurcn on Thirty-fourth street. It was for charity for xne Denent of a ladles' aid society, a-nd there was miiftA n rmr1 nrtm. gramme was really very atttractive and was enarmangiy rendered. Thursdav mrpnino a wVl mo -.1.. " c by the little Church: of the Arlvmt in East Oakland. The affaiir -was under cne direction of Mr. Crlchrton Smith and the mustcal progmnrme was as follows-Glee, "Pagoda Bells?' Cromer susses iiarroid. S raider, Messrs aiouia ana smith. Song, "Welcome Pretty Primrose".. ' Pinsuti mips La Jeunesse, Recitation, "Reverie in Ohuroh Mies Edwards. song. "Sweethearts" SuJlivan Mr. Kicniard I. MouQdl faong. "The Mans-pn- rswu" i- "Juanlta" valentine Law. Glee. "Peacefully eiumbering''' Storace misses Harroia, stalder, Messrs Mould itnrl nmWni Song, "Twickenham Fferry" Molloy miBs ia jeunesse. Song, "Tell Her 1 Love Her So - v P-J e Faye Quartette. "We laiir TT Sleep Schumann vxrace cuaiaer. Herb. Harrold, Val. i.w, teo jriaat, 1 Mrs. V. IVTarnhnll ura 7 " awvuiytui' 101. Mr. and Mm. TVim xr-a t A - V Oil Htnemere for a month before leaving v-asuc raij. xjaiter, cne wntole fam- 1 . . " 1 iKuiu -w-srii avrora tpttih Anrf n 1 1. At the conclusion of the church ser Uh wTi. U v Moaoan" Ice, a luncheon of salads. I were huug. A canopy vice, a luncheon of salads, strawberries, fees, cakes, and noffa wna by girl friends of the- bride in one of l"w grape aroors or tne brides orchard home, Los Olivaa. There were 150 guests and the arbor was decorated with pink and White sweet peas. Then tshe bride ran away to change her gown. The newlv wmMh nmii. were driven to Decoto. starting- amidst wbJite rosea, covered the bay window uu ciieuuea over vriiA v, - room in iwhioh the bridal couple stood. Over their heads hung a large floral horseshoe of white roses and maiden iMj-zi tern. CM- a. . " bridal. party Richard Hunt, a brother a shower of rice and old shoes. At 1 01 the Kroom, sang to fine voice, with Decoto t'hev tonic t!h train fni a I Dian Kmmniiiln.t -.ia .r' . reJ. t. i. "IT" I o, ."". .e inaoe " iunuj v uMjoniai. ". cuju uuea jo true sxraans of m ,m"u luc, win jive m new nuuig maron came the brMp' n . -r-- - - . wiiiuu B uirwin xne 'Dertlbiboned adalA beh built for them. After the bride Bishop Nichols wth Rev T G oZn and irroom were erm. nu.t. , : vrump for San Francisco a sT.1 , k. ""V6?. he groom j,d " I ". umu, air. Miairlc Rmnmdll r J Santa Barbara. w OaManders wn 4ft mit ho' tt. I .t. v-iKiT was tne onry one present, it mih tcch ' rauiju, was all very romantic 1 The bride and groom took a tue n.t 8sj Oiumttn or, a puffed over to Fo&som street Wharf. nucre viixry loos a coacn ana pair and drove over ton and dale to San Mateo. They wanted to be alone n.rwi ttym Kn. uir wish. Mra Prentiss SeJby gave a party to Edith Selby test Thursday which was adXurnedto.TJT1 quite an interesting- affaM The c nt I U,B raie wbere the elnce, wffll retard it. Preparatknis are goong on apace, however, for Myra's and Harry's weddtag. They say her trousseau is very stunning indeed &ind WB ve very complete. Class Day. the Zet amd Tf. K. E. fraternities and the other college societies In Berkeley gave big luncheons at Milch there were a lot of Oakland people among tfhe 150 who were present. The Class Day exercises were very pretty and sylvan under the trees of the aimphiitheater. On Commencemenit Day there was another large crowd. It is a shante that the Harmon Gymnasium is the only place (they have for Commencement exercises. The facuKy and students fill It to overflowing. The result was that Wednesday an overflow audience sat around and waited for the exercises to be finished so that they might present their congratulations. There .was another luncheon at the D. K. E.'s Commencement Day. Other entertainments During Commencement Week were the Glee Club concert, tfhe Commencement hop on Monday evening, the Skull and Keys theatricals and some incidental festivities among the inhabitants of Berkeley. Altogether it was a very merry week among the college lads and lassies. The Monday hop was very jolly. The crowd was limited to 260 persons which made dancing comfortable. The floor was very good and the music superb. There were lots .of pretty girls some to simple, eome. in elaborate gowns. Of them all. I tbmighit Carmen Moore looked very pretty and bright. . . There are a few entertainments in the future. Miss Edith Wade gives a luncheon next Wednesday to a few! friends. Mrs. Bug-bee entertained a number of friends this Friday and the paper called the Hustler that the Hush y rei out is one or the cleverest thinsrs in amateur iniimtWsnr stand that it is in greet demand among kindliest little sHuh in nri4 , w.u, no Ullgin- faced and merry as a freshly scrubbed kouui ooy. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bray and Miss Blix Smith left on Monday for a drtv- in7 -crip xnrougn tne Yosemlte valley, iu De gone overa morrora. ur. and Mrs. Merrimam Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thomas, Miss Mayme Merriman and Mr. Merrimain, Iwho were so urrforturaaitely burned out of cneir joverv mme. ins-iMirTA A-m . . t-T .-R,U- ing for the present with Dr. and Mrs a. r . Memraan jr.. Tiney wlQ- prob-abry rebuild their borne during the auiuincr. Mrs. George C. Perkins and the Misses Pamsv am A TWnv " nuu Grace MennSnger of Alameda were the quite an hi terestlng. affiaiit The guests were wi very young, "Wirucui t synony " nun very gay ana very. Jolly. They were Miss Chrissle, Taffi Miss ocium. aicjEiiratn, miss iseatrioe vroo-mam. Miss H&ittle Klttrldge, Miss Alice Coffin, MJss Grace Gorrtll, Miss Bessie Paimer. Mtos. Edith McDonald, Miss Pauline Fiore, Miss Abbie Clift, Miss r lorence bnaron. Miss . Irene Baker, Miss Gertrude A linn . . Waiiaw nmL t, .. - " - w, t.y iiurrew, jaax xart. joan Hoffman, Oiarenoe Creed, George Sessions, Paul Seibv, William 01nv . wiuiom. n m J A1VIU, Howard Beck, Harry Fose. D. Beiden, sxmui fTwnoisco. Lastly came k rr-i i IV. sroom stepping f oLrd ?Sn?ny hy Crump and" conmleted by the Bishop, was moat fcm-Dwasive. The . bride's .h-, 'TZ. couple kneHai mJ rwQve "me tiessing bcy iweaent tbeo tendered the chiBdren and among tte PrSltvSte K, HaL!- Beiden, dress was of White organdiead elders as well It Is toe frtendS tll?hkeTlrie' OharleB Pringle and Valenciennes laces over paliblue 7u waing supper was served. The ten hrcciu uuiivprrrpn Jrrutv 1. bower of rnee-n .mm -tf. . , ground and hung wiith lamps and Oh In- ,l10a SP?C;UJ tPan bore the guests - Will VJalKUHiTrn JITuI Bom TT1 j fo,., i T . T iJKJiaco to wirUh point lace, sprays of orange blos- i'u . uouquex or white rum and maiden hair w "1"" T:i ndarfd KarlHoffmaa - Ornaments. toiLS- cvi . - w wwiitnius. ,'.: I. , I France girls gradute and we shall have anoth- I Ttle bride's mother was dressed in . am. TlhMra 1 a TiTlI7 I WtMl iwtfn 1 Wlmfted instead of being hI In the evening, Tiere were many beautiful trw as Of Von . .t In Mm. Am-.. v. I Worn Ktr i-7I .TOWBBtu vOHetS dlanoua muslins instead -of rustling A lanre number of cr-w . ., wiuiB., ime grwiviaxing ex- I venwwe. cut glass. nv,. " " erolses will be held, on theeminary tags and dainty brtKnrav-grounds. 1213 Madlsbn er-An. lov n ttylLJrJ0 "nowed the bein the open- air..- The gWs are friends. The1 ktoWs Ytr Catherine ICmiiA- riHtt -ilh ..... I ""r1 8 " the hnriA - 'MmaB-acsiup nufl n. iiiiLiniMiii ma. a Dennlnger, Agnes Maude Fowiingr Ve- I The bridrnM'. , . aeaa By1 ra McCord ICMi. ,2 T-oiT JDTld.ma(1 avor was a cIovm. Mary Ellen BWltattWoS the beat TATw . ..... " -V w I Mnviu-IUIIL U1D IsTTIirVa rw . . .w m timt MifcO. MabeJCampben.. Maude f Sine and wJinT nd very ortv Vrt,,n ln ,.TZ7I' wnite guests of Mrand MrsTAs: Evans Minnie Pmtt whits of San Jose during the OarntvaL foflks party at .the Cambrtlnome of vtA. The most important engagement Al-j sTiieaa. aas xiao xor a long time la that of Miss Gertrude Peck and Herbert A. Pace. The IWk Uva Vn .oim. style on Central avenue and used to! nve m uuKiana once upon a. time. Ger- iruae is une eiaest aauginter. No date tor uie weoxiing has as yet been an- uuuucea. ' ... i Tne WeorLInar rf MH TahmIU -bii worth, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Ellsworth said Robert Price in Tfiles On TuradflfV nnta ATI A rmm9 s-ii a prettiest weddings of the season. The folks party atItbe"camrSomeUon vice. tV?.- unestnut stre rm Th,,ioT. Tt I a.C .-.iiie ana wank was danciwr. muste-and SiW Jf names the witnesses to & mvti. .tit . aHg. msioei ""Jnweu, miss aua Hrne. Miss Pratt, tlss, Miss Genevieve' Cterperter. Miss rauniBon, miam xeua-MCKHiiean. Miss 'u juiBsee r aiirrnua.. Miss Blr ELLSWORTH-PRICE. Mies Jehnle Ellawvintn i.,,.v. Mr -nrt rr. Lcr or ey. itbe Misses Fa1tymm. :hji tm. I . " v. Ellsworth. wi j, . . , . , , aju- , marncwl tit l . eie itaooans, Messrs. , Carrntoe, Baoo. I mnm ice of San Bruntsch. HHler. Allen. Sharon, 10 at the Niles First Conrre- M. M. M. Orchestra last 1IVM ? TJrz. '. . J5Wn.Miss Chabot. TWi.. tag at fflie home of Miss Florence iWMta.. Grant. HLrhland Tflrir tv,- -v,-. . klnson -.fr8 Kowle- Miss Wat , " i . id. urestes Fkm i .i . . .... . a uiuuKsira renoereo snonnA oiink. selections, after which Gordon H. Grant anuusea tne guests by singing- several THE DAMON RECEPTION. JTfYSrv H . comic aoiurs-Dann t '7v amon tendered c. h ments were Indulged in until 12 o'clock. hm "Jysaatbemum Club at hia when a dainty supper was served by PVftTlW, iaon Avenue Wednesday decorated! .1 . .. i , .vamnv mil. . uie voune- maiea nr i ine iwiub Those present were: Miss Grant, Miss- i J a Profusion of flowers. Tj. aiary ana Bertha Stalder. Miss Tha-: J"0" venng- amusement a . w r. uri Jn-rvi vri.. t Business mmMno . . rl a short ... . . ... - 1 k a . . ' 1. f xrwror j ax vis, miss Lundy. Miss r. eang was held and thfni Miss Hostetter Miss Williams, Mias President: T. L. Jorcian, verl--n?: Follomgby, Mr. Grant, Mr. Jarvls. Mr. , fffnuel Levy secretary' Zl IU(K3ta A JHsTTuVrt oav i . Stalder. Mr. Walker. Mr. Stewart, Mr! .aiorenouse, Mr. sessions. Mr. Pringle, Mr. Kemp, Mr. Collins, Mr. Ireland and Mr. Valentine. THE W ATKINSON LUNCHEON. luncheon Mrs. Watklneon gave a Wednesdav in honor of Mixa Rklitt Rai sum, wno returned recently from the 'Jordan. tam. ana wwose engagement with Dr. Bullitt of Louisville. Kv.. has bon an nounced. . The deenirajf tm wsm tirely to white marguerites and maiden uiuir icth. inose nresetut mt Inuoheon were Miss Ralston. lOiMm.r--rms. At - Those nresfxrvt m. ... ber Russell. Ann r&tt FinkanirtiPrtt rL ,t?8t.e(lt' Mmnis Sll: kT-? Blake, VelPr. Jos. Hikv; r."1- Tornson. Haus. Mra-ifar MandMrsT ALAMEDA'S Shakespear's FLORAL PETE. Waltz. Miss Grimes. Miss Knowles, jn-cxiee ana xars. watKinson. THE GRANT PARTY. A very dedtebtfiil mmtv 'As Tl TJL- Till th. be given by Oakland mnd a Miss ( tuers on one of the evenings of the Ala meda floral fete which wh v , May 2Sth and 29th at Captain Thomn- play will be given beneath the trees by by Mrs. Gran a " 5 T . TcT" J ""a-.MeavUle Sny. teenth stm-nt wi,..,. i.in . iir!rr2: oa oast W4U Xn.T-VT" "wie exquisitely dec- tTT1" ; Miss Geo. BIMo dltl ?th smilax and 5S . .-..Geo. Murdoch r. v ' "u 11 w spacsons r - ur. j. j. Medroa tems. TbA mi.. nva "ia m cara Louis Butler ' ' "s ana rnumq V" Mr. PbMlln- Orlando Adam Touchstone A. P. Leaoh L P. Allen l Phlll nur. Louie Butler ATJLD SIMMONS. A very nrettv wMiiiina. . day at tbe First PresTvt '2f "X Miss Lizzie Auld of this city Si ta .! V: ' ' rir M?Mn UIULrXl 111 maivfaM -r-. . MliOO JU1IIM. tlfTTW mens ot S.rU"'J'BiiZ ;M-.d MaureV . -iTAjjara jiut.ua XlUSBe-II f."? xete is given for the benefit of the' rin wmronree or the Woman's Exchange. A lantATTI ramaVitt I.- i ,lveninr May 28th in which " " " tMuruoi- The Exeraittv ai vvmuinj ui. toe ior , x. x- i.-ia.ric Mm Kaser, Cushlng, Curtis. Marchall. Dus-inberrv. Rob Cnrunt t.i, muv aixnmac (jnrtst, Laurie. gaoonai Church at 3 o'clock Tuesdav afternoon. Miss Ellsworthis a vZ . .u uaAiana and Sajn ST. The North Oakland Trinra ... . - - - P.u ncn wuingBoi tne season. The I win givve a garden party this after-I aeautifuffly decorated. FpUTT ceremony was performed in the First j noon flrom 3 to 7 o'clock at 1215 AlSe roses were diaDed ovMTh!?0' .'of Congregational Church at three o'clock I street. AM Oakland is invited and ruvi- I above the Tin in! rn-i. ' . sinning ana the bridal orooen was quite a Pie wffll go from the tdT TTTZ ed Mrnnv ' V" " ' a haT- the tea at tfhe :N.iThihnrtwi i..v . Un hiu . . . . w Pnjc 1 1 j , . . M1U iiuiun o muuriiaoie tor a wnoie day TENTH AND BROAD WAV, OAKLAND, CAL. Is what you want and you can have it T . iS thOUK-h. rWjthof a mlf-v rf-hk. m.". I ua-ie. x nere is Mentv f thn. for everything In Oakland. The patronesses of tfhe Kindergarten fete are Mrs. tr" -"rs. j. js.. McLean. Mra W. H. Chiioortnv. nr.-. o rT fe?01" Rlton aid Miss Mrs. Howard ta Mot " Wntne IjTw n. I, A vuhsjssj ini o. XV4U- J?3 ay xur wttnen are not active? This ninwn. .i w.-f oCSufTrajrlets Clubs at hour is at two o'oloc, I thmlTand the speaker of the afternoon wilt miss Sarah Severance. Theyekneot On Friday ev entow -h tnLh Clara McChesney sit hroir b! SOCletV. The -mnm-. 7 .. " I j . V . rfiw .roses ar- , "1c. m oanKs and masses. .Tlhere were about ana -.t "rviT u,nere i ojhi vine mnma n-St1: oded. Miss McOhes- S-k ?Z.' r', modish SdtWhiie ??Se wPe etretched to the vi me aautcn. , ciirtni. . charming effect. . B ,uw- Promotly at the 1 rmrtlrWay? a a. the musks of "Lohengrin," the bridal party entered the church, preceded by the groom and his best man and brother. John Price. Th mh. i " in with her father, was preceded by ner sieier. xuiss Hushe Ellsworth, who was maid of Honor, and the bridesmaids. Miss Jennette Rn. r a Francisco and Miss Mary Olney of Oakland. Just as they proceeded down the aisle, "Faithful and True" was sung by the following gentlemen of the University Of Califorrvla. rsi n.. . Bakewen, Mr. Parsons, Mr. Frank Os car Taylor and Mr. Rixford. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Frederick H. Maar, the pastor. The bride wore a beautiful gown of ivory whfte satin trimmed with noint lace. Alt the eoneliMlon of th. ... .,i luncheon was spread at Los Leva's, the orchard home of the bride. ' The tables were set in the grape arbor, where covers were laid for over 150 guests - The decorations were Dink and wnft sweet peas. - . i Mr. and Mrs. Price ..will spend a month in the south and will make their YON HAN DA V vmiD nrriT . KnoT h"" .1 '. AN ANNIVERSARY BALL. mmm facial .soup, , t x . ' 50c per box HALTED LH-RcspiUI Sizi 53.00 in SELTZER i6c eoc, 40cU7ac '758 ... few Time Owl . Drnsr Co. HURD'S HURD'S T STAflOllEHY Hisfs Iroh Unsn lata Pcsr Acsuiar price zsc or. . Our price xce quire Cruis's Supfna Crsn lots ( T 1 ! . . o- r -o-l" - I V z:MmKUm OT Wie mrr-1 Oar pnee 30C quire soPre tn,--r7T;,?r,,w7.;)i. r. f -f1- arnes sang very wai STere fSLfSi HURD'S flraJ"7 pame1S man Bnii An. rt..- wwT . - ,iwO- ' ""v riaaiy aeserves. What a lot 'of madiVai-. ' r " uwwDden to finish at the TTnlvenitv n r.t-t 1 of the-Thomas fVhms v-.Z!T1S wtn.be. nresent, TtJl Oeicnslarr Lcsn fits Ps;? i- Kegular once oc oer lb. J'"----. We cut to 33c per i& 1 - Kerular orice ;oe oer lb. . v, We cut to 30c per ib. OoHeare and Rn,i, - i"" -Uis Wednesdav aAarM; JZZei J"! leg are Jessie &ra i. ence Lea raT- K?r- srwTTir..- tve . 1 - The Toung Ladies' Institute No. 24 gave their sixth anniversary ball at Masonic - Hall. ; Tuesday rntnr t was a very delightful affair and u mneh ' ea loved ; tv all ru...,,! .m.. mr mr - mJ - ifiBVUba - 1 If" hall vwas very prettily decorated with pun u iig iLuu iiowers. - j : tuc avnmnM vhn na ' -r- . "se me axuur were as roiiows: ; ArrangementsMrs. Doyle, Mrs. Ho- gariy. am jauinerney. Mm. Whelan. im . nTariAM- li wv . . jo.ro.' bib xxarnngton, Miss Moloney. .. . - . vioor jmmiTxee-iw v u.M . . Mdnerney. M. Swas. c. rant t . -ir cer, jars, xicwryi mi. tiaugney. f loor Manager Mae McCarthy. Mrs. O'Connor. Kate Cuneo,Mra Kretz, jonia i nm, abon jaarwooo, J. Jsr THE PINNKT PABTT. I A' 'charming little party was Hn last Friday evening by, Mfcseees Grace Pinney , and ' Helena HaUetts. ; The Coyle. Ml Tr. . ad mm i TV ,', LOT VI i onae s " bridesmaid, and George A. Simmons, brother of the groom offlcd- naa i-iie bride wore a r somJ11 becoming gown of white satin. Th. ia. i uTV fastened with orange blossoms. ..T- Mrs. Simmons will spend their boneymoon n th. asm, m make their future home in Haywarda A SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT. A ban and social entertainment was given last Saturday night at St. Paul's Hall Ban Pablo which was attended by a numoer ot uaKlanders. The pro gramme was as follmm Violin Solo Miss Rose O'Brien .accompanist MJss O'Brien of Oak land Recitation "Peonle will Talk.- Mtia Uom4. T) ..... viuko ana r'lano Miss Rose O'Brien, Master James ITASflV Song "Rose Dream "..Miss Elsie TTmh "For AU Eternity." Mr. Wilson uibirumennu Jsoio, A Monkey's Prayer t ' Hi:;' .......Miss Mamie SUva Recitation "A Yankee in LoVe" ' : .Prof. Fred A. Cook fuuit . . TV c Meer o t-'nrt tm-a lurmf Misses Eva and Alice Chichester, Mamie SUva, Mabel ,Lewia, Esther Dooling. May RoseV- Cornet solo t . ....Mr. Kennedy of San Francisco. Song..., Ben (Bolt" Miss i Annie Curran, Clarence . Lawrence. Song. "Angelina". .... .Willie Douglas Instrumental duet.. Miss Libbie Flanagan and Miss n.a.vcuiaugn ox uaKiand. Song. "Paddy Flynn" ....Ed. Flanagan of Oakland. Tableaux............ .. ............ "Rock ot Ages." "Old Oaken Bucket," "Maud Muller," "California Sunset, represented respectivly by the Misses Amelia and Nellie Clark, Maggie Rose, Mae Stickles, Lizzie Mc-Gan, Mamie Lynch, Bert Davis, George Valencia, John Lucas and Fred A. Cook. THE j OLNEY RECEPTION. Mrs Olney . of East Twenty-third street tendered a reception . to : her daughter. Mrs. Clark, during the week: The house was beautifully decorated A. M. HickW xf.- t V' Wood. Mr Tf ""e7- Po"rd, nd Mrs. Bmnob, wbJle tha .. . . vmvc ftUI.. unitarian Miss Fitw n. tZZZ'u Lrncn. Mrs. Wm. VfL- .Cl? Episcopal . " : m re. winter. Pres-berian-Mrs. Barton, Mrs. BarreS andMra E. L Smith. Method EpS p jiT , foaro. Mrs. a . -mi w. jonns, and -Mm Waiterson. Tiamat -iri airs. rLZZ.; man Uaitbolic Mrs. C. BartletUMra Shea. Mrs. G. R. Rqs-setter and Mra. a nanui)i . , . w ... attiiuus mm Aira Mutter, i MRS. MAUVAIS ENTERTAINS Mm Zeno Mauvals mtartajni m.' -. r wV ineieenran uentury Club last Wfn. aay. DaJmty refreshment.i vf .. during the afternoon by Mrs.F. C. W aXSOn . assisted ' hv rw. -r w "e Alias uussle Evans. Amont- tine laaiee present were Mesdames De. a. xi. ujasoock, James Evans, Von Helm. Maitr4vin tt xt!ii- tvii. . , v.. 11., JIVK, '. " IfUUUlC. THE BUHUER RECEPTION. Mrs: Marion Humber was tendered S3 reception at the home of one of her sis ters. Mra G. N. Walton, No. 831 Mag nolia, at., last Wednesday evening prior to her departure for her home in v aoiona. ts. aj. me evening was scent in music ana au sores or nurw and amusements and at 11 ran n'oirt- guests were ushered into a beautifully; decorated dining room, where kiwvtw' . - -trirf. was servea. At 1 :30 a. m. the mmtunr Alw UiWn7tDOU, wasninar jurs. n unrrwr a mM ease journey name. . Amonz those nriwnt -vmv XT Mra S. A. Deckard. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. iucis.een. mt. and Mrs. Sol Palinbaum. Dr. and Mrs. John R. Fearn. Mrs. Mar 'Saws For Sbylish Millinery Iadies sfcotild call on the Misses Jones & Hayd en, Formerly Mrs. Laymance's head trimmers New parlors; Nos. 22 and 23, Bfake.BIock, Upstairs. ' . ?SfT.PedvrR?B Berksley. San' Leandro ot Haywaros, . wuetHer vane nnrnkiu ti. v v " erEpSi9HA;"L Ht"""?.101??.1:?.?? r?EI?HT wliUMUt tK offlveWlOVIDED orders are accompanied : ta ruu. ruiUi UST Peacils.pnBPnfintdaM , . w.ww.... -.,.. 1 1 1 1 ii inn - - - -: . ..TirainfT ua npfpna ' h.ii. Iak-M-cllae-fU Uae Percy Davte. jjhT rSk. room, were beautifully decorated wth - . . ' I ei HolllS. Lulu Foster . I W.nsa. mmmi ft. . . , . Rose Matbewa xun ' IZmZJ 1;. VL.VZ. -"f T- . -1 ouikiut. a eiiva ha .n w I know. Thiere imt itu. wtkw . Mw"'' iniies . iew . .. .over. . 1mm t guess you bave the best of it1 A. r ravers were tomaies fliiad - n. and candles and tied with pink ribbon. Among we guesis were Misses Daisy Beiden. Helen Caaje Rm.i. -. wit lie Reed, Florrie Malone. Noel De Gol- ta, vriaruse loose, urace Rutherford, and Master Edwin Beck. Mark Dan- iV- 4mt ?7M ia ft KmSmm lm mTL tm. " 1HI fHmri MSw ir. www wm w9 viih feather, ribbons OoUtt uadet mnd titet) mttdtiu , many mitetllaniet 0 Spring Headgear can biound asa oougiu at in ion. prt9 a - . . "THE WONDER" A D18TIXCTI0N WTTff ' ; - - ' DIFFERENCE t 8u stOZuMry tor lave Jem tprlng vetittttlhtr mUZintry ; Bmt the WONDER " Has an tbeprlns Novelties. ' STORES--8an Pablo, near 14th. ' i New Broadway, naar 14th- - . ' ' Washington, near tOth. ' -x ' . FOB THE KEXT TEII DAYST7 " ' ; ' A Iarge Water Color Portrait and one dozen Cabinet Photos For 03 only A OT hiss t. First-class work for almost nothing. Call at once at Etndio and see about another special Premium Portrait that is offered in connection with above. - J. D. OTTNAT, ni9 Je2"0" Cor. xjta,

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