Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 26, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight Women Sew Powder For Mortar Shells NAUOATUCK DAILY NEWS SATURDAY, APOTOT 26, Wilmington, Del. — (UP)—Women arc* playing an Important part in tin 1 manufacture of propelUints for trench mortar shells In the liadford Ordnance Works of the Hercules Powder company, the company reveals in an nnnounce- mi-nt rt-li-asi-d with approval of the War Department. Mortars lire proving iJiu-ticuliu-ly effective, especially in tin; 'Pacific urea, and in efforts :o keep UP production of shells the rierctllos company ' s •UM'klng the help of several thou- r.uiul ii'ivv workers. rtercuK'S ivscmrch has improved Hi, 1 accuracy and uniformity of i hi- propi'llants .und have gtviUly ivduei-d cost of miiiuifactiii'i; aiul saffty. Finished trench mortar powder looks like small sciuari'S of thin rubber, from one to two and one- half inches square, with holes punched in them, The powder Is a mixture ol nitroglycerine and nitrocellulose and .Mfveriil modifying agents. The first step in manufacture ri.'.iuK* in a shiM.-t ri-semblin;,- blotting pa- p.-r und after further rolling he powder looks liki- opaque celluloid, The sheet Is again rolled to the approsinuiti 1 thickness of writing paper and must not vary in thickness more ban one five-hundredth of an Inch. Then tho process of maklnfr the squares and bundling 'them begins. The square are stacked into piles and sowi'd together on sewing machim.-s. Thi- .s.-wod shoots are cut inio strips und made into squares by a punch pross. F.ach square is thi-n weighed and U fuund too light is returned for rework. Finished squares must not vary more than S.OOOths of an ounce. Last Marine Can Claim Cognac Atlanta, On. — (UP) — When all but omr of tho First Mai-flu- Hi- vision fjist Man club dies, the survivor will claim a bottle of I'lno old brandy, now lying in a sti:i-l vault In an Atlanta hank. The fjist Man'.-: Club will admit any First Division Marine who has had battle cxperi.-nco. And the last man will claim tho cognac on AUK. 7. in sumo year when all other rni-mliors arc- dead. World War t Marine Ralph Mcdill, cditr.i- of th ( r Atlanta Constitution, obtained the cognac for the c'ub members. The Aug. " dul' 1 was chosen because that is the U. S. Navy Nurse Pictures Northwest (Continued from Pagu 1) Parisians Cheer Liberation Of Capital boat ride across the Sounil to Whklby .Islnrul has boon one of my most enjoyable trips. There is u small bridge connecting thu island with tho mainland ciillotl "Deception Paws" mulct 1 which flows the frreuncst water T Imvc ever so on—a truly pretty shade blending beautifully with the ili'Oti KuUlen yellow Scotch blooms which is plentiful aloiiK tho hunks of tho sound—not to mention the lidded scenic loveliness (if my favorite evergreens and the mountains towering on either side of the witlitiK roads. Now don't misunderstand inc. I'm nut a converted westerner. J to admit it's a bountiful place but my dear Now EtiKland has a beauty all of its own. • Before J leave Washington, I should like to take a boat ride to Vancouver, Canada. Some of my nurse friends have already been fascinated by the many eye-catcblnp sights and quaint attractions in this little old city. 1 am also looking forward to some real mountain claimbinj,' atop Mt. P.ainler which is about one- huiuirod miles distance from our hospital. I could no on and on tolling you about other places I've been but the .sandman is catching up with me after a busy day so i must bid you all KO 01 - 1 niKht and write morn the next time it' you care to hear. Oh, yes. bow could I roi-Kot! I do enjoy my work. Almost every one of these fine boys has si-en duty overseas and only by ctxriiu: for them anil talkini; with them about their experiences can 1 fully appreciate the results of the threat job they're doin;,- for all of us, They'll admit the road is totisfh r.r.d' the traveling ruffed but not one of them does much complaining. I am sending you a copy ol our little nows bulletin which [ hope you will enjoy reading. If you have seen the colorful and '•'t-eat technicolor film. "The Story of Dr. Wassell." I am sure you will find interest in tho ar- ticel about, tho real hero of the story who recently honored us by bis surprise visit. A win. Koocl-hyi! and wood Flight. Wishing you tho very best alv.-nys, I'll take leave. Your friends, MABEL CAGNO. I. r-as of Parisians line one ,,f UK- French ' Allies Driving Up The Rhone River (Continued from Pr-go J) anniversary of ( luadalcanul. tho lunding on ri...»NK SOUGHT n.ome. N. Y.. Aug. -'I', ([."!''' — A missing Army training plane is bi-iiig sought in Xev,' ICnglaad. Authorities at TlniTii- Army airfield said that the craft -missing since VVi-dnoMday - is bi-ing huim-d through New York slate and the t:ix Ni-iv Kngland states. The plane was enrouti: to Home I'lorn Columbus, Ohiii, when it disappeared. 1IK1AI l-'OK TKIA1, Boston. Aug. 25-tUP)—A Kos- bury man has been ordered held in SI.000 bail for a hearing Monday on burglary charges, Stephen Pc-U'chowlc- 1 . appeared in court with his right leg amputated as result of a wound from a policeman's bullet. Police said that Pel- ecliowic 1 / was shot last Juno when they trapped him inside a Rox- lutr'y store. The man was released from the hospital yesterday. Hard and soft varieties of wheat which ca:i be jvrown either on dry or irrijfaled, land have been developed in V'.ussia. CARMEN MIRANDA — — DON AMECHE — — WILLIAM BENDIX — And A Super-Cast GREENWICH VILLAGE' • 2nd BIG HIT • AIH.i:: I.VH1CAI.! I.OVAUI.K! '3 LITTLE SISTERS' MARY LEE - RUTH TERRY - CHERYL WALKER NOW BUY MORE WAR BONDS! NOW PLAYING THE FUN HIT! $h< couldn't My -NO. ' DICK LINDA JACK POWELL • DARNELL • OAKIE 1H.ACK MARKETS ARE SMASHED IN "THE RACKET MAN" Ht know* «l| th« iniwerjl TOM NK.AI. — JKAN HATES :I;Y »ONI>S A.NO STAMl'S pockets of enemy i-csistancn still remain—- notably at Toulon and Marseille. A I-ondon broadcast says United Status speiirlruads an; IT mill's tiiirthi-s.-u of Avisnon. Tlv.'ir march up the val'i-y "'ill f-arry them into I a complex system of rivers and canals linked up with Germany itself by way of the Ion;,' and winding niiinc. The nevi'ly-won of Arlus is about iwcnty-l'ive miles south ot Avignon. And Tarascon is half \va.v bt^twcen the two. To the northwest—other American detachments made a ten-mile marc.i through tlie Fronch Alps to within five miles of the Italian border. Tiu:y scixcd the fortress tcwn of Briancon—which is only HO miles wesi of tho Italian indus- '.rial oc-liter of Turin. United States troops who captured Cannes jabbed four miles northeastward 10 prah the town (if A:\tibcs ,a Riviera resort 10 miles below Nice. Farther west — at Toulon — "re.'icli forces have won the port's maritime arsenn',. Al'.icd warships continue to join land nrtillery in homl>ardin« .--noniy stron^p ai -' lts ifl Toulon, An American destroyer landed a small furcf of Poilus without opposition on tho Gien peninsula ••'. 1 miles below Toulon. But the arc still resisting stubbornly from a strong citadel doniinaiir.K the main roa.d from TrHilun to Marseille, At Marseilli! — French cnlumns continued iarne-sciilu attacks on unomy pockets within the city. Ttie news from 1'aris is that fresh Allied armor and infantry are pouring into the cily--follow- inf; the entrance of General Le Clcrc's second 7'"rench armored division yesterday. Today's com mil n- ir|tie from Genoral l-'isenhowur'n KeadQuartors says all resistance in the capital's soullieVn and so'ulhwn.stcrn ouiskii-ts has been overc:ome. A lieadqitartei'S spokesman later amended the announcement to soy nearly all resistance throughout the entire city das been quelled, Thousands of German prisoners are believed to have been taken. The Na'/i commander of the Puris region signed a six-point surrender demand last niprht. Allied < I ALCAZAR HOY KOGEKS in "YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS" oll'icials reveal bo then toured the city with Allied commanders—ordering his troops manning stron;,'- points to lay down their arms. Above .Paris—Allied sources confirm the- headlong flight of tho •German 'I5th army from the channel coast. Air reconnaissance reports say rotroatinjr N.iKi troops and transport are jamminj,' tho main highways loading to tho Rhinelnnd. Allied ground forces are swarm- inK in from the west, and south on German troops ^jookcted in the lower Seine. They are closinft in for the kill on an estimated 30,000 enemy soldiers squeezed against the river in a triangle measuring less than 300 square miles. American, British and Canadian forces have linked up jusi, south of the Seine river city of Rouen. They threaten momentarily to break into the port. At the same time, Anfilo-Canadiun units from tho west broke across the Jlisle river a 1 , half a dozer, points—and fanned out alontt tho Seine estuary within artillery ranso of Le Havre. T..G Havre itself is reported a "dead city." Allied troops aro moving freely along the opposite bank of the Seine—without drawing fire from the big Gorman coastal batcrics there. In soutliwost France—the JViuis seem to be on the run. German broadcasts speak of disensraging movements along the Buy of Biscay—and in the Pyrcnnes along Llie Franco-Spanish border. As for the air war over Europe —hundreds of Allied planes soared oul wver the channel toward the continent this morning. They followed up massive air operations carried out last night by more than 3,000 RAF planes over France and Germany. The British bombers riddled the German industrial cil.y of Riisselsheim with j explosives — while mosquiioos struck hard at Berlin. Other planes smashed at German coastal batteries in Brest—and flying bomb launching sites throughout northern Franco. Everything has been quiet on tiie robot bomb from for over 24 hours. .It is the longest lull London ha.s enjoyed since the Nny.i S'.-crot weapon began last Jur.o 15th. Turning to the war -in Italy — the Germans are reported to he withdrawing slowly in the tn'I". 1 '' Tiber and Arno river sectors. Eighth Arir.y forces—inching ever closer to the enemy's Gothic line —arc drawing little or no resistance from the enemy. And from Vatican City comes the announcement this morning that Pope Pius will make a broadcast tr> the world next Friday, Tho announcement makes no mention of what his message will bo about —but presumably it will concern world peace. 'Grandpappy' Is Only Male Plane In Army Gas Shortage May Continue For Several Days Boston, AUK. 2C-C U P)-Ncw EnKland's gasolinu shorta(,-e is expected to continue. (U least un..U ihc middle of next week. A spokesman for the olllcc of the petroleum administration for war says there isn't much chance of relief until then And when additional supplies of .gasoline arc available, there still probably won't be enough for heavy Labor Day weekend motor travel. The shortage—said to be a result of urffcnt military demands- has resulted in hundreds of greater Boston filling stations running out of gasoline. And the shorlafjc has caused sporadic .sei-vice .station closings in other .sections of New England, British Papers Plan To Publish Editions In Paris |«TA0kllHl» 1111 BAYBE YOU THINK YOU'RE HARDt ON CLOTHES — PUT $50 INTO YOURf NEXT SUIT—AND GET SERVICE) MILEAGE. ^ ( This $50 suit is a. bear for wear— f it's a close grained, sturdy, ^ smooth face worted in a conserv- -j ative grey tone all men like. ; Si * It's an every month in the year ; su it—discard the vest when not § needed in August—you'll find it | handy in September and later. J London. Aupr. 2G—(UP)—Several I Kritish nowsp.i|>ei-o huvo com]>let- cd pi.-ins to print continental editions in Paris similar to Ihoso of pre-war days. The Daily Express nnnouncod it had applied lo mililai-y authorities for facilities in Paris to print a continental edition and publication would start ns soon as the permits and newsprints arc obtained. The Daily announce! that it had a staff ready lo «o to Paris as soon as authorities permit. BE 1.1EV r.Tt ACC miSNT.-VL Boston, Atift. 2(i—CUP)—Officials of the First Naval district believe that tho shoollnpf of a Marine private on his Hir.Khnm sentry post wns accidental. The wounded man is Privntc Earl W. Nelson of Stratford, Conn., who is hospitali/.cd in critical condition with a head wound. Ho was found uncoscious ;it his post at Hinghnm ammunition depot Thursday. Greoley. Colo.— (UP)— In all our arms', it is ."•••'id, nnly one plane 1ms u. name which identifies it as of m.MSCtilinu jjendor. That pl;ini! is "Grandpappy." Its pilot is Capt, Carman P. Felice of Grecloy. No-; only dons' "Grandpappy have an unusual nnme; he has .in •unusii.'il ,iob— one that younger folks niiKht welcome, too. Because "Gi'andpappy" is the only airplane of i'.s kind in the army, it draws .such assignments as call-vine: pretty g-irls n round the world for USO camp shows, or taking medicine to South American earthquake victims. "Grandp.'ipliy" can carry a. pood bin lorul up *o 50 passengers if ho has 10— so be also jrcts an occasional job carrying- troops. "Grand pappy" is nominally a heavy bomber, but Ihero isn't another like- him. He was built by Boeing in lOSfl, just 0110 o!' throe planes of his design. Ono of the siiips was i-.evor completed and the other cracked up on its '.rial flight, InavitijT only "Grandpnppy" for active service. "Gmndpuppy" not thai mas-.-u- Hne name, according to Captain .Felice, because "he is strong enough to deservt- that reference and old enough to be o. (,'r.ind- TOUCH or 'FKOST Pittsfiold, Mass.. Auf:. 2(1 — (UP1 — New Enftlantlers who complained of 100-defiroe lemper.-Hures only .10 days ago aro chiinfrin^ r their tune now. .In the wast.crn part of Massachusetts last :ii^ht. a lijihi touch of frost w:is noticed throughout the coiintryside. nKFKATKI) IN SENATE Washington. Aug. 2G— CUP)— Tile j Senate has defeated the so-called "anti-speculation" amendment lo the surplus property disposal bill. Sponsored by Senator McKcllar of Tennessee, the amendment would j have {riven the (government aui.'i- i orily to recapture excoss profits i made on the subsequent resale of surplus Koods bought from the rroverment. The vote was 31 to ]S. WOMEN DISPLEASED Boston, Aup. 26—(UP)—Women workers at navy d.ocks and yards ir. the Boston area are aroused by nn order to wear slacks to work. The order was given by the commandant of tho First Naval dis- i trict—Rear Admiral Robert A. Theobald—as a safety precaution. But many of the and jrii'ls clon'r. like it. They say they'd rather come to work in feminine clothes. Led Paris Coup Capture 700 Nazis -lilies' Uiixloii Wullclw SUNDAY - MONDAY 'Two Girls and A Sailor' RESCUED* HER SON • Culler, Maine. Aug. 2f>—(UP) — A mother of thi-oe children has rescued her L-WC»-> tear-old son from drowning. Mrs Dili-ward Maker plunged into a river • and swam to the rescue of young- son David after the bey had fallen off a bridge, Mrs. Maker's youngest child is just two wcelcs old. and Jacksonville, Z r la. : Aug. 20—(UP) —A. pitched battle Wii.s fought yes- Lorday between police and 100 prisoners who' barricaded them| selves in. the Duvril county jail. The prisoners finally surrendered under tho threat that the jail would bo flooded with tear gas. Mr. Winkle Goes to War' lion- i* a. do-soup photo of T,t. Gon. .IdM'pli Pierre Kociiij;, com- niaiulor of tin: Fronch forces of (ln> Interior :iiul military KOV- crtnir of Paris. Hi- :i|i,po:il<M <<» (lit 1 I'lirisians to safeKTllaril (.heir food supplies ami maintain order un(.i| a new ;idniinis(.ra(ioii is set up. (International) Mo ' CRCOIT JfWELCMS — Serttk Moin.S*. — 4-2204 For This WEEK ^ *•*•*>**•*•**<*•> MANV SHIPS CSED Washington. Aug. 2G—(UP1 — Navy Secretary Forrestal reveals Ihut more than 1,000 vessels joined in tin! invasion ol' southern France. Amonjr them were American battleships "Texas." ."Arkansas" o.ncl "Nevada." They pumped shells into German shore defenses just as they i i did at Normandy. ., Between thorn these two Yanks captured 7011 Nazis in France. Stft. Kodnuy Cloiitinan (top"), 20, Atlinl, Ma^s., sinele-hantleill.v c;ip- turnd '100 Germans while Capt. J. JU. \Villiiisham (linltoni). Tns- c', Ala-., is credited witli 'MM prisoners, lie. drove into a Yank camp by cirelinu overhead in his plane, speeding them up with well-placed liiillcts. (International) The Copper Room Open Daily For LUNCHEON And DINNER DANCING Wednesday — and'.— Saturday Evening's Only After 9 P.M. Records! Courteous Service I-OVINE ELECTRIC CO. g Church Street ; REFILLS FOR THERMOS BOTTLES • HALF PINTS • PINTS AND • QUARTS TEMPLETON'S TEMPI-ETON'S CORNER WATERBURY DrAL 4080 O'o ToU Charge) Summer Dance j Program! For Friday, Saturday and • Sunday Evening* JOK HOCK and Hi* ROCK and RYE BOYS In I'olkoN und Modern Duct Music .Sunday Dancinc 5 U> 9 P. White* Eagli Restaurant BRIDGE STREET: Member of Connecticut: Restaurant Association. i Naug-atuck's Thrifty Saved 857,409.59 With This Bank Last Week Were You Included? START YOUR ACCOUNT NOW NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed QUALITY RUBBER FOOTWEAR N Made In Naugatuck Is Serving: All Over The World ^k m^^^^^^___ UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugratuck Footwear Plant Naug-atuck Conn. Ford Charcoal Briquets NOW AVAILABLE We have received the first shipment since the war began of charcoal briquets for civil- , ian consumption. Packed in 20 Ib. bags. Burn twice as long as ordinary lump charcoal. Quick heat in convenient smokeless form. Get a bag- for that picnic before they are gone. ^^^ f The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St Phone 5236 .

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