Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 27, 1973 · Page 25
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 25

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1973
Page 25
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Market Reports Today ^AtBSBtrnQ GRAIN MARKfit t«iimiier Orili A Sufpty Co. MMMt mtjr either re up or down by 1:30 t.m. When iinai bid •rrivei. 11 :M 6'eioek bid. m.iCm (Old) 11.50 New Com ..|L3« No. 1 Beans (old) ....|7.07 New -14 .26 Orain ^uful>ti CHICAGO (UPD-Wheat was teta|iti«lly lower, eorn lower aiid iioybeans mixed at noon to* day on the Board of Trade. Prices at Noon Wheat 2.43 off 2V^ 2.34 Off 3% 2.33% 0ff4yi Corn 1.60% Off 1V4 1.603/4 off IVa 1 .61 offl% 1 .57% off I'/i Soybeans 6.99 up 15 6 .63y4 up 15 6 .32% Up 10 4 .47 off 10% May Jiy Sep May Jiy Sep Dec May Jiy Aug Nov Ntw Yfrk itfltkl NEW YORK (imi) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral ld%, Int Marv 27% '••^ Int Nick 30y4 Int Paper 3SV4 int T&T 33 »/4 Iowa P&L 23 Johns-Mn 23% K^necott 26% AildChem33% Alld Strs 24% Allis Glial 9% Alcoa 55% Am Air 18% AM Can 32% Am Cyan 26% Kresge 36V4 Am Dist 25% Kroger 18V4 AimElPwr26 Am Mtrs 8% Am T&T 51% Anaconda 20% Arlans 1% Marcantik Exehanga CHICAGO (UPI) - Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Ex change today: High Low aose Prev. Live Beef Cattle Jun 44.22 44.00 44.15 43.87 Aug 44.12 43:70 44.00 43.76 Oct 43.65 43.25 43.35 43.42 Dec 43.75 43.50 43.65 43^47 Feb 43.87 43.60 43 .87T3 !50 Apr 43.57 43.32 4156 43.25 Live Hogs ^ ^ Jun 36.65 36.25 36.60 36.20 Jly 37.35 36.97 37.32 36.97 Aug 36.15 35.70 36.00 35.75 Oct 34.40 33.97 34.40 34.10 Dec 34.60 34.00 34.00 34.10 Feb 34.65 34.20 34.80 34.50 Apr 33.95 32.80 33.20 33.25 Frozen Pork Bellies May 54.60 52.80 54.60 53.85 Jly 54.25 53.65 54.25 53.70 Aug 53.72 53.25 53.72 53.35 M 50.85 50.10 50.77 53.60 Mar . 5P.40 49.95 50.32 50.15 May - 50.00 49.85 Chicago ^Grain Ranga CHICAGO (UPI) - Grain range: Higlh Low Close Prev. Wheat May Jly Sep Dec Mar Corn May Jly Sep Dec Mar May-74 Oats May Jiy Atl Rich 77% Avco 11% Bea Fds 25% Bendix 39% Beth Stl 28% Boeing 18% Borden 22% Catplr 61% Celanese 34V4 Cessna 24 Chrysler 32% CUies Svc 49 Coca Cola 139 Lib McN 5% Litton 9 Lockhd 7 Mar Oil 35% Maytag 33% McD Dgls 35 Merck 91% Minn Min 78% Mobil Oil 68% Monsanto 51% Nat Bis 47 Olin Corp 15% Outtkl M 37y4 Owens'lU 35% Penn C^n 2% Penney 80 Pepsi Cola 85 Pfizer 39% Oolum, Gas 30% Phil Pet 46% Comm Ed 33% Procter G 99% Comsat 46% Cons Ed 24% Cont Can 27% Cont Oil 33% Dana 36% Deere 38% Du Pont 169% Eastman 132% Exxon 97% Falstaff 4% Firestone 21% Ford Mtrs 60% Sperry 38% Fruehauf 29 Std Bds 50% Can Sko 27% SO Ind 89% Gen Dyna 19% Stvns JP 28% Gen El 60% Stude 45% Gen Fds 25% Swift 25 Quak Oat 36% RCA 25% Rep Stl 29 Revlon 58% Safeway 33% St Regis 41% SanFeInd 26% Sears 95% Shell Oil 48% Simmons 21 So Pac 34 Gen Mtrs 70% Gen Tel 27% Gen Tire 21% Goodrich 24% Goodyear 26% Greyhnd 15% Gulf Oil 25% 111 Cent 20% III Pwr 29% Inland Stl 33% IBM 407% Texaco 39% Tx Inst 168% Un Carb 42% Un El 17% Utd Corp 8% US Gyps 23 US Stl 33% West Un 24% Wstghs El 31% Weyerti 55% Woolwrth 21 245% 241% 243 245% 236% 231 232% 237% 235% 230% 232 237% 236% 231% 232% 238 236% 231% 232% 237% 161% 160% 160% 160% 161% 159% 160% 162 162 158% 159% 162% 158%156% 157% 159% 161% 160 161 162% 163% 162% 163 164% (old) 92% 87% 90% 93% 96 2% 93% 97% 93% 97 Oats new) May 92% 87% 89% Jly 95% 92% 94% Sep 97% 93% 96 96 Soybeans May 699 699 699 684 Jly 663% 658 663% 648% Aug 637% 627% 637% 622% Sep 540 529 539 525 Nov 455% 445 448 458 Jan 457% 445% 450% 458% Mar 457 446 451 458 May-74 456 446 449% 459% Dow Jones Avoragos NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p.m. CST stock averages: 30 Indus 923.95 off 11.81 20 trans 183.96 off 2.24 ISutils 107.14 off 0.48 65 Stocks 290.04 off 3.27 Webb Recalled HOUSTON (UPI) -Right- hander Hank Webb, who appeared in six games with the New York Mets late last season, was recalled by the Mets from their Tidewater farm cli^ of the International League Thursday night. To make room for Webb on the roster, the Mets sent outfielder Rich Chiles to Tucson on 24-hour recall. First baseman John MiUier of the Mets will be out for at least four or five days with a pulled hamstring muscle in his right leg. Milner suffered the injury when he stretched for a throw in the ninth innUig Wednesday night. Claims Against Company Officers Becomes Problem Gdlcsburg ReQister-Moil, Golesbufo, Friday, Apftl 27.1973 23 By LEROY POPE NEW YORK (UPI) - A successful manufacturer in a midwestern city was flattefed when the president of a bank asked him to join the board of directors—but it led to disaster. Business today WANT ADS PAY DIVIDENDS! Orioles Honor Robby BALTIMORE (UPI) - The Baltimore Orioles will honor former teammate Frank Robinson when he makes his first local appearance here on May 4 with his new club, the California Angels. Robinson, 37, will be given his old uniform. No. 20, which the club retired after he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1971. Baltimore General Manager J. Frank Cashen also announced that a cash donation will be made in his name to a Baltimore drug abuse program. Within a short time the hank and its board Were hit by a large liability claim as the result of a careless mistake by one of the bank's employes. The manufacturer, an elderly man, protested in vain that he knew nothing about the matter. He had to settle the claim, and it took most of his personal savings. This is an admittedly extreme example of a mushroom ing problem — huge claims against directors and officers of corporations for damages resulting from matters for which they are not directly to blame. The risk has become so great, says Donald R. Frahm, a vice president of Continental Casualty Co. of Chicago, which writes directors' and officers' liability insurance, that many business executives now are refusing to serve on boards. Some companies are buying insurance for directors as well as increasing their fees to get desirable board members. Directors' liability suits have increased much the same way as medical and legal malpractice suits and for much the same reason — partly because lawyers can make huge fees by iling them on a contingency basis, and partly because modern social patterns demand greater professional and commercial standards of responsibility. The Securities and Exchange Commission, for example, recently has been campaigning against so-called "rubberstamp directors." It wants directors to ake a more responsible and indenpendent posture toward companies on whose b6ards hey serve. Frahm said that even though 70 per cent of the companies on ^ortune magazine's list of 500 op corporations have directors and officers' insurance, many small companies do not have It. Some insurance agents told United Press International that directors' liability insurance is not always easy to get. Steart, Smith Mid-America, Inc., a large marketer of liability insurance, said claims under it have grown 900 per cent between 1966 and 1970 and still are growing. He said the larger claims rtn anywhere from |i million to more than m million. Examples of claims for which dii ^ectors were sued along with the company and its officers included: —A fonner officer complained he was illegally discharged and demanded $6 million. —Former employes claimed Dutch Shell May Diversify^ Sears Car Rental LONDON (UPI)-Royal Dutch Shell Group disclosed Thursday that its top management Is con- siderhig diversifyhig from petroleum into coal and nuclear energy. Chairman F. S. McFad- of l%ell Transport & Trading Co., which owns 40 per cent of the Royal Dutch Shell Group, made the disclosure at Shell Transport's annual meethig. CHICAGO-Sears Roebuck & Co. announced Thursday it will launch a new countrywide automobile rental service May 1 as an expansion of the service it launched in 1971 in cooperation with Budget Rent-A-Car. they were fired so outside directors could put in their own men who would funnel business from the company to the directors' companies. —Stockholders sued directors for selling a subsidiary too cheaply or buying another company without adequate investigation or paying too much for it. NEW YORK - RCA Corp. says it has obtained $3 million worth of orders for color television broadcasting equipment from stations in Australia, where color TV broadcasting is to be initiated in 1975. WANT ADS PAY DIVIDENDS! Gigantic Basement Sala APML S7 - 1. I APRIt. M - |.S Humidifier, ilab marble, very Jin^^'^'lf". tools. ture ' 1498 Willard St. BArKVARH SALE 769 E. Grove FRIDAY - 3 p.m. - ? SATURDAY - g a.m. - ? SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY FOR SALE 1206 International Tractor Good Condition Phone 343-2576 Call Evenings MOVING SALE Sat., April M - 10 a.m.. ? 918.920 N. Seminary St. (COME TO BACK) Stroller, infant bed, chairs, end - - lamps, toys, dishes. tables, „ clothes, etc. Packers Accused MILWAUKEE (UPI) - The Green Bay Packers have been accused of tampering with linebacker Jim Stillwagon, the Packers' fifth round draft choice in 1971 who has' been playing the past'^two seasons with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League. The Argonauts have filed a complaint with CFL commissioner Jake Caudaur charging the Packers with trying to lure Stillwagon, the Milwaukee Sentinel reported. Packer Coach and General Manager Dan Devine has denied the charges. Delta Airline Profits Soar ATLANTA (UPI) - Delta Air lines reported Thursday its net income for the first nine months of the current fiscal year increased 120 per cent. It also reported a 70 per cent increase for the first quarter of 1973. Delta official Robert Oppenlander said the firm's net income was $45,150,000 compared to slightly more than $20 million for the same nine-month period last year. Much of the increases were credited to the merger between Delta and Northeast Airlines last August. Oppenlander also reported in­ creases hi operating revemies, revenue passenger miles and cargo ton miles. WANT ADS PAY DIVIDENDS! BASEMENT SALE 1069 E. Fremont FRIDAY EVENING AND SATURDAY, 10 a.m.'l p.m. Chest of drawers, headboard fof double bed, several tables, Wood comb, storm & screen door 32"x 81", men's suits & coats MM 42. Ladies suits & dresses size 14 — Electric drill, saw & tools, paint sprayer with motor, glass Jars 8t bottles. 3 FAMILY GARAGE SALE Luggage, dishes, clothing, men's ladies, Jr. sportswear size 5 to 9. Braided rugs, fostoria, addin machine, * things, kn and much misc. ewelry, some ek knacks, curtains ing old Sat., April 28 — 9 to 5 1050 N. Aeadtmy WANT ADS PAY DIVIDENDS! GARAGE SALE (Rain or Shine) Friday, AprU 27—a-l S«lu'-'«av. Anil 21—«-? 1509 Monroo (Corner Oarto" <> Monroe) Lots of lai'ge men's clothing. Ladies, childrens and regular men's clothing and misc. GARAGE SALE 166 HIahland Ave. SATURDAY 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Radio-record player combination, black and white console TV, lawn furniture and other furniture, misc. small appliances. Luggage. Good clean children and adults clothing. Many other misc. items. Wringer washer and tubs. M Retponsiblo for Ace.ldenli EXCELLENT NORTH LOCATION NEW SANDLER-BUILT BRICK and fRAME 3 bedrooms, fully carpeted, full dry basement, large double attached garage. Large trees and nicely landscaped. $31,500 Ph. 343-4907 or 343-5138 MOVINO OUT SALE 946 S. C£DAR ST. Salurday, April 28-8-4 Clothes for men, women, children, all sizes, furniture,, dishes puzzles, vases, nlc-nacs, some antiques. Com* See, Some of Everything Fresh Catfish BUFFALO ond SCORED CARP Wliile They Last COFFEY'S FISH MARKET 1280 S. HENDERSON OPEN HOUSE Sat., April 28 11 A.M..4 P.M. WHEATONWARE 160 W. Fourth St. • Hostess Susia McCutchaon Valtaro • Demonstrator Maud!e Roberts BIG BACKYARD MOVING SALE 471 N. Breed St. SATURDAY, APRIL 2S t-4 Set of Encyclopedias, radios, comforters, towels, army cot« and uniforms, childs table and 2 chairs, school bench, pots pans, dishes, picnic basket, old bottles, boys roller skates, size 8, electric floor polisher, clocks, toys, games, ladles, mens, boys, girls, baby and maternity clothing and many misc. M«t«l icumnm, fsaiittiftfi, fh«e-' r«me,, poljr-ddlfnef ttktidtH. of gift ideas. loti WHOLtSAil A RITAIl Bentd Corp 40e lb. Bulfale SOe lb. %moM Pith FISH HAWK MARKET: Oflwawka, III. Pbone Il74llt MAHAR'S HAS "PLANTS" VEGETABLES & FLOWER PLANTS Onion Plants, Burpee Seeds, Fertilizer, and Many Other Garden Needs. Raise a "Thrifty Garden" at "Thrifty Prices." COMC SEE US AT 306 E. SOUTH (Flrsl House Eait of ChfUilan Chuteh) KNOXVILLE, ILL. Open Week Daya I a.m. -1 p.m. Don't Dig Up Your Seweil Call 343-6913 — or Phone 3424430 No Chargo If W« Fail GUARANTEED WORK FOR YOUR Painting AND Decorating Needs^ INTIRIOP aiHl IXTIRIOR Ph. 342*7129 ReWaLAROSEMC. PILOT CLUB GARAGE & BAKE SALE Soturdoy, April 28 9 A.M. to W 1716 N. Ktllogg Not responsible tor accidents Sewer Pipe CONCRETE & ClAY 4" fo 24" GALFSBUKG Builders Supply Co 600 E. MAIN STREET Phone 342- 415'j WANT ADS PAY DIVIDENDS! GARAGE SAIE 816 E. DAYTON Salurday, ApfU It — »m - 1:00 Clotlies, curtains, toys & games —some are new. 2 new laundry carts 2 b/w TV's, iialr dr.ver, some new merctiandise, oilier misc. Not Responsible for Accidents JOHNSON BLACKTOPPING DRIVEWAYS, PARKINO AREAS k ETC. Phono 876-2291 For FREE Estlmataa GARAGE SALE FRIDAY, APRIL 37 — S . • SATURnAY, APRIL 21 -1-3 1067 Garden Lano Clothes, curtains, table & ciiairs air conditioner, stroller, some antiques, girls Schwinn bicycle and misc. - NOTICE - DeVORES MARINA BUSINESS In Oquowka will now be optrofing from the TIN SHED this will be our floor heodquorters. HOURS: Sat. 9 AM • WEEKOAYS PM SUN. 1 PM 9 AM . 6 PM 6 PM TIP Of the WEEK Mosquitoes are fussy. They like shade and light colored clothing, especially on fishermen. So, wear dark duds and stay in the I sun as much as possible. Jtm Hagxelius Is this the year you'll air condition your home? Talk with us about gas air conditioning by Serve!, a great name in air conditioning. 1343 SoMth West St. -• GalosbMrg » Ph. 343-314S BACKYARD SALE 147 Virginia Avtnuo Friday Eve. & Saturday 9-S Clothing and misc. items, bicycles for sale, '66 Chevy and chain saw. DRIVEWAYS TO ROCK 343-4584 or 343-6419 3 FAMILY BACKYARD SALE 742 Lawreneo Avenuo Saturday. April 28tb 9 A.M. - I P.M. (Rain et Shine) Clothes, Including maternity and baby clothing, several formals, health 4 sun lamp, typewriter & stand, camera, dishes, old Jewelry, sleejping bag, 28" boys bicycle, books, radios. Many odds and ends. Nol Reapenslbl* for Accldentt C&H MARKET Now Open KNOXVILLE ROAD TOiVtATOES 3 lb. *r Fresh Foods and Vegetabias Plants A Flowers FOR SALE 1931 CHEVIE COUPE 327 Cu Engine See Saturday or Sunday 1356 Fiorenvo Ave. C FAMILY GARAGE SALE 1349 REECHER AVE. FrI., - 4 P.M. tiU • Sat., 8 A.M. - ? Radio, sewing machine, typewriter, books, handpainted pictures, iniants, childrens, teens, mens & ladies clothing, appliances, crocheted items, many misc. items. Botement S0I9 Tools, garden and hand; clothing, collectable dishes, pottery, etc., ironrite, easy combo washer, small dinette, old time side oven gas range, 50 lb. Shakespeare bow, many lamps, much misc. 971 BROWN AVE. 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