The Evening Times from Sayre, Pennsylvania on August 25, 1986 · Page 12
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The Evening Times from Sayre, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Sayre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1986
Page 12
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" ri"rr rrrri i" Pi i rrri inTy'nr"T,irfri '" i ' i n' rr crTi4,ruii , j i nr , , , 1 2 - THE EVENING TIMES, MONDAY, AUGUST 25, 1 986 loviet spy developed contact legally Through academic association NEW YORK (AP) - Back in 1983, a scientific affairs officer with the United Nations chatted up a then-Queens College student from another country. The FBI says that the relationship that developed between Gennadiy Fedorovich Zakharov, a Soviet citizen, and the permanent resident alien involved nothing unusual. But the relationship became illegal, the FBI says, on Saturday night when Zakharov picked up some classified information from the student. Three special agents immediately arrested the suspected KGB agent on a subway platform on espionage charges. "The FBI's intelligence officials have stated for some time that the Soviets and their surrogates have an insatiable appetite for our scientific, technical defense information," Lane Bonner, spokesman for the FBI in Washington, said Sunday night "Academic contacts are not unusual. Often, they are not outside the law." Zakharov, who faces arraignment today before a federal magistrate in Brooklyn, had tried to get the student to spy for the Soviet Union, the FBI alleges. The unnamed informant was a third-year student majoring in computer science when he was approached. ' Zakharov, who was assigned to the U.N.'s Center for Weird pastime pays off for 16-year-old j SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) - Cindi ghelley's friends think she's weird. Instead of participating in cheerleading or hanging out at arcades after school, she rushes home to check on Tanya, her heifer, Misty nd Megan, her goats, and the sheep, ponies, beef and dairy cattle, cats and dogs that share her family's 10-acre farm in the Rochester suburb of Parma. On Saturday, 16-year-old Cindi's 850-pound Simmental heifer, Tanya,' won second place in the Summer Yearling Heifer Class at the New York State Fair here. The judging was based on how well the animal conformed to the characteristics of the reddish-brown European breed. The prize was a red, white and blue ribbon and $20. She also placed third in Senior Showmanship for grooming Tanya for the fair. And, Cindi came in first place as part of a Monroe County livestock judging team and ninth place in individual judging. Misty and Megan, the goats, are scheduled to walk around the show ring at the fairgrounds Monday, when fair judges will examine their body structure and coats to determine if they are well-bred and healthy. The 1986 fair, which opened Fri- day, will run through Sept. 1. Joe LaGuardia, the fair spokesman, said 72,130 people attended the fair Sunday, bringing the threeHday attendance to 176,558. Cindi goes to the fair for fun. But she also has her eye on profits. She plans to sell Tanya there this week for more than double the $500 she paid for her in March. "A lot of my friends think it's weird that I spend so much time with these animals," said Cindi. But preparing for the 1986 New York State Fair was hard work. Cindi said the challenge was evident when she tried to teach Tanya how to show at the fair. Tanya balked at having a halter on her head and being led around the field by a person. She even dashed away leaving Cindi running behind, trying to hold on to the halter and eventually sliding in the dirt. But persistence paid off. Cindi said that after practicing a few days, Tanya gave in and now walks like a champion. Besides the combs and brushes for grooming the animals, Cindi arranged to transport five bales of hay, eight bales of straw and a wheelbarrow to clean up behind the cows. Science and Technology for Development, told the student that be needed assistance in obtaining material on robotics and computer technology, the FBI claims. Because Zakharov worked for the United Nations, "He was not supposed to show any specific loyalty but here again he was spying for Mother Russia," FBI Assistant Director John L. Hogan said at a news conference in New York Saturday after the arrest. The student went immediately to the FBI He, in turn, cultivated Zakharov and from May 1983 through March 1985 the student provided Zakharov with unclassified microfiche stolen from various libraries and information centers, according to the FBI. "Zakharov met with the student on many occasions during that time and reportedly paid him thousands of dollars to obtain a wide spectrum of valuable but non-classified information, concentrated in the areas of robotics, computers and artificial intelligence," FBI Director William Webster says. In September 1985, following graduation, the informant went to work for a Queens firm that is a subcontractor for the Bendix and General Electric corporations, something Zakharov allegedly had encouraged him to do. The company manufactures unclassified precision components for military aircraft engines and in radars. Zakharov now wanted operating manuals that would enable the institute, he allegedly said, to determine what the informant's company manufactured. U.S., Canada study regulating Great Lakes levels WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States and Canada have ordered up a new study of water levels on the Great Lakes, hoping that this time the results will justify regulating the swollen waters. The lake levels, now reaching record highs nearly every month, will be studied by the bi-national International Joint Commission in its fourth look at the problem. Three commission studies in the 1970s and early 1980s found that the benefits of building new dams, canals or other water diversion projects or altering existing ones to better regulate lake levels were outweighed by the construction costs, loss of hydroelectric generating capacity and adverse effects to the shipping industry. Backers of the new study say the cost-benefit scale could tip this time due to the recent decline of energy prices and the increasingly severe erosion, flooding and damage being suffered by homeowners and communities around the lakes. The commission is expected to begin planning the new study at its Sept. 9-10 meeting in Washington. An interim report on short-term steps to alleviate the current crisis is due in a year, with the final report due in May 1989. Lake Ontario's shoreline is the only one touching the five lakes that so far has escaped serious damage from high water levels, according to commission spokeswoman Sally Spiers. No matter how the study turns out, she warned, it offers no immediate relief to homeowners whose homes are perilously close to the water with the fall storm season approaching. Hirschfeld claims TV stations interfering NEW YORK (AP) - Two local television stations have refused to run the campaign commercials of Abraham Hirschfeld since he was knocked off the Democratic primary ballot for lieute-moTh, gOvcuiui, uie millionaire developer has charged. "I don't understand how these two stations took it on their own to deny the people of New York the right to vote. This is a democracy," Hirschfeld said at a news conference Sunday. "WNBC-TV and WABC-TV have made a decision that even the judicial process in this state has not yet made in final form." This was, he said, "a continuation of the constant harassment of my campaign." "We hope that there was no political influence exerted on them by the governor's office," added his campaign spokesman, Lou Gordon. "It's typical of what's been said by the Hirschfeld campaign," Gov. Mario Cuomo's campaign spokesman, Gary Fryer, said today. "It's silly. It's just stupid," he added. "If Lou Gordon paid attention to the campaign rather than making stupid statements, his candidate would be on the ballot rather than sitting in an office somewhere." Cuomo has chosen U.S. Rep. Stanley Lundine of Jamestown as his running mate. On Tuesday, a state judge ruled that legal technicalities invalidated the petitions filed by Hirschfeld, removing his name from the ballot in the Sept 9 primary. On Friday, WNBC-TV and WABC-TV sent word to the Bloom Agency, which is handling advertising for the Hirschfeld campaign, that they would not run his commercials as a result of the ruling, Hirschfeld said. Gordon said WCBS-TV, WPLX-TV, WNYW-TV, The New York Times, Albany newspapers and statewide radio and television stations are continuing to run Hirschfeld's ads during the appeal process. On Tuesday, the case will be brought before the state's Appellate Division, Gordon said. "In March, when I was an announced candidate but not yet officially on the ballot, I gave them (the TV networks) over $1 million of my campaign committee's money to run my campaign's political ads and they gladly took every penny," Hirschfeld said. "And they ran my ads. No problem." Bud Carey, vice president and general manager of WNBC, said the decision to pull the ads was made "because Hirschfeld was declared not a legally qualified candidate by the courts. Should he be placed back on the ballot, then we would be happy to put back his commericals." No one at WABC was available for comment Sunday, said Anna CarbonelL a station spokeswoman. Hirschfeld also called on Cuomo to sign into law a bill that would make changes in the state election law, which would reinstate his candidacy and others that have been knocked off the ballot for similar technical violations. As for the future, Hirschfeld remained positive. "I fully expect to be back on the ballot," he said. 'Stocking strangled defense begins COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) The prosecutors of Carlton Gary have rested their case and now the defense of the man accused of being the Columbus "stocking strangler" has its turn in court. Defense attorney August "Bud" Siemon was scheduled to begin his case today. The prosecution rested its case against the 35-year-old Gary on Friday after calling 136 witnesses during 10 days of testimony. The prosecution has term by Gary across several states, including some or all of seven strangl-ings of elderly women in Columbus. Prosecutor William Smith introduced evidence he said showed Gary had a history of committing crimes and then blaming them on someone else. Gary is charged in three of seven "stocking stranglings" of elderly women in the same neighborhood in 1977 and 1978 Florence G. Scheible, 89, and Martha Thurmond, 69, in October 1977, and Kathleen Woodruff, 74, in December 1977. Siemon has battled the court continually over procedural matters, contending that Gary cannot have a fair trial unless his defense is financed at least as well as is the prosecution. Siemon is working for free. Several times during testimony by prosecution witnesses, Siemon asked few, if any, questions when it came time for cross-examination. "I'm not nearly qualified" to cross-examine the witnesses, he said at one point. "How am I supposed to cross-examine an expert in enzymes and proteins and bodily fluids? It's something people get Ph.D.s to understand." And Siemon has indicated that with insufficient funds, he will be able to call few, if any, witnesses in Gary's behalf . In yet another discussion of defense funding last week, Judge Kenneth Followill told Siemon: "We've worn that subject out. Right or wrong, I've ruled." Siemon also argued unsuccessfully last week for a hearing and expert witnesses to establish that inhumane conditions at Muscogee County's jail have had a detrimental effect on Gary and spawned a failed 1985 escape attempt. Training starts for female sanitary workers NEW YORK (AP) The first women to train as sanitation workers in the department's 105-year history probably won't receive resistance from coworkers, a spokesman says. "I think all along, since this is not one of the lifesaving services, we haven't had the same kinds of concerns as raised in fire and police departments," said Sanitation Department spokesman, Vito Turso. "The main concerns (of sanitation workers) are to make sure they hold theiftweight, both literally and figuratively," he said. "We don't want to have to work harder to do their part of the jobs." f Two women are in a class of 137 that begins a three-week training program today and will begin street sweeping or garbage collecting assignments Sept 15. The trainees, who receive a starting salary of $23,100 a year, were chosen randomly from a list of 44,000 applicants who recently passed the agency's new physical test with perfect scores, according to Turso. Some 45,000 people took the test While Turso refused to release the identity of the women workers, he said one was a 22-year-old Laurelton, Queens, resident who comes from "a long line of sanitation workers." He said her uncles and other relatives work or have worked for the department. The second woman worker is a 31-year-old Brooklyn resident who has eight brothers. "She's probably very much aware of what it's like to be in a male-dominated environment," Turso said. "We're sure both of them will be up to the task," Turso added. The landmark occasion, however, has heightened the controversy surrounding the Department's new physical test "This occasion gives me the opportunity to repeat once again that the union's opposition to the new sanitation worker's test is in no way an objection to women on the job," said Edward Ostrowski, president of Local 831 of the Uniformed Sanitationmen's Association, which has challenged the test in court 629 Sew an enchanting old-fashioned doll and her wardrobe for an ideal birthday gift. Pattern pieces and directions for doll & wardrobe incl. Send $3.25 plus 75c postage, handling, for each pattern. Send to: Lain Wheeler NeeHcraft Dcpt 135 tin Evoiiig Tines 6214 HorttM Blvd., Woodside, NY 11377. Print Name, Address, Zip, Size, Patten Number. NEW FOR ONLY $1 96-page, full-color Catalog of Crafts patterns, books, supplies, crewel, cross stitch, needlepoint, latch hook, quilting, and more. LAURA WHEELER CRAFTS Classifieds Get Results E LEGAL NOTICES ANNOUNCEMENTS 3E AUTOMOBILES NO TRESPASSING: Chemung Valley Airport; Cole's farm & property. ATTORNEY Robert C. Knight, 105 Center Street, Athens, 888-4200, is available for real estate, wills and estates. CREDIT for typographical errors will be allowed only when error is reported to the Classified Department at 888-9643 before the second insertion of advertisement. COPIES That Fit . . . when exact size and. quality reproduction is important, THE EVENING TIMES can help. Our new copier has enlargement and reduction capabilities that will reproduce your copies to the exact size you need. Copies made in seconds for as little as 20 cents. . 201 N. LEHIGH AVE., SAYRE. LEGAL NOTICE Because of Labor Day, the regular monthly meeting of the' South Waverly Borough Council will be held Monday, Sept. 8, 1986 at 7:30 P.M. In the Borough Hall. South Waverly Borough Council mary Mcdonald , Secretary August 25, 1986 EXECUTRIX NOTICE Letters Testamentary on the Estate of Gerald Peterson, deceased, who died on July 13, 1986, late of the Township of Athens, County of Bradford and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, having been granted the undersigned, notice Is hereby given that all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment and all persons having claims against It must present them duly authenticated for settlement. FLORENCE PETERSON, Executrix Wolcott Hollow Road r.d.i Athens, Pa., 18810 DeSISTI and KEEFFE, P.C. Attorneys at Law 325 N. Keystone Avenue Sayre, Pa., 18840 August 18, 25; September 2, 1986. REGISTER'S NOTICE 1. FIRST AND FINAL ACCOUNT OF WILLIAM G. SMITH, EXECUTOR of the Estate ol Harry W. Smith late of Wya-lusing Twp., Bradford County, Pa., deceased. 2. FIRST AND FINAL ACCOUNT OF MARIAN CASE AND LYMAN INMAN, CO- LAtwuiuiwui uio i.iiaLe wi Sadie J. Pierce aka Sadie J. Inman late of Troy Boro, Bradford County, Pa deceased. 3. NINTH AND PARTIAL ACCOUNT OF KENNETH A. BID-LACK, SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE of the Estate of Kileon Packard late of Canton Twp., Bradford County, Pa., dGC0dS6d 4. FIRST AND FINAL ACCOUNT OF JULIA E. WARNER AND HAROLD E. WARNER, JR., CO-EXECUTORS Of the Estate of Ada E. Warner, late of Sylvania Borough, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, de- 5. FIRST AND FINAL ACCOUNT OF CARLOTTA MUNSON, ADMINISTRATRIX of the Estate of Elizabeth Kellogg, late of Smithfield Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, deceased. 6. FIRST AND PARTIAL ACCOUNT OF THE CITIZENS AND NORTHERN BANK, TRUSTEE, under the Will of Lotta V. Minehan, late of Warren Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, de-; ceased. 7. FIRST AND PARTIAL ACCOUNT OF THE CITIZENS AND NORTHERN BANK, TRUSTEE, under agreement with Dr. E. E. Humphrey, R. Laning Humphrey and Colette H. Parsons. 8. FIRST AND FINAL ACCOUNT OF RICHARD ALAN MERK-ER, EXECUTOR of the Estate . of Marion P. Merker, late of Granville Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, de- . ceased. 9. FIRST AND FINAL ACCOUNT OF THE Fl .ST NATIONAL BANK OF BRADFORD COUNTY, EXECUTOR of the estate of Edwin A. Hoadley, late of Wysox Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, deceased. 10. FIRST AND FINAL ACCOUNT OF ROBERT P. TOWNER AND PAUL H. TOWNER, CO-EXECUTORS Of the Estate of Ethel P. Towner, late of Canton Borough, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, deceased. 11. FIRST AND FINAL ACCOUNT OF EDNA FISKE, EXECUTRIX of the Estate of Mary E. Moore, late of Athens Borough, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, deceased. And the same will be presented to the Orphans Court of Bradford County at a Court to be held at Towanda, Pa. on the 8th day of September, 1986. SHIRLEY ROCKEFELLER Register Augus15,11, 18,25, 1986. WANT ADS Rates and Information PHONE 888-9643 Want Ad rates effective September 1,19(4. Regular Lin Classified 1-2 Days 66t per line 3-4-5 Days 55c per line 6 Days 50t per line 25 Days Monthly. 43( per line A minimum of three lines per day for all insertions. Skip date ads are charged the onetime rate. Count 4 average-size words per line. Add $2.00 Service Charge for Blind Box number. Credit for typographical errors will be allowed only when error is reported before the second insertion of advertisement. Note: Refunds held for 90 days only. Classified Display Open Rate J3.20 per Inch per day Minimum 25 inches per month $2.55 per inch Minimum 50 inches or more $2.35 per inch Service Directory Minimum 3 lines $5.00 per line 25 Days 1" Display $30 25 Days Classified Contracts 6-month Contracts Line rates, minimum 3 lines daily 37 per line Classified Display with line contract $2.35 per inch Legal Rales Per line 55( 1st Insertion 28c per line each additional insertion Executors and Administralive Notices 3 issues-.-. ... $35.00 Affidavit $2.00 Classified Word Ad Deadline Noon Preceding Day 10 A.M. Saturday for Monday Ad Classified Display Deadline 2 Days Before Publication By 2:00 P.M. Publisher reserves right to revise or reject at his opinion anv advertlsinn rteemftri ntv lectionable either in subject matter, phraseology, illustrations or for any other reason not In keeping with the policy of the newspaper. PERSONALS 1 DIVORCE $175 TOTAL FEE Court costs additional. No fault stay at home. No travel required. Local filing & appointment available. Attorney D. DeAngelis. For free consultation, call toll-free 1-800-872-3011. SPECIAL SERVICES PACKAGES taken & sent U.P.S. Not an agent of. BLUE SWAN AIRPORT, Mile Lane Rd., Sayre. '888-2625. LAWN & recreational equipment available for rent. BLUE SWAN AIRPORT, 888-2625. HOUSEHOLD MOVING & STORAGE. Local-long distance. Insured, 25 years experience, Complete auction service. FRALEY'S, 565-4627. AUCTIONS E llNNOUNCEMEHTS 3E AUTOMOBILES BR. DONALDS. DAVIS, DC KANER'S AUTO SALES Chiropractor i & U-SAVE AUTO RENTALS 607-565-2731 J Rt. 220, Athens. 888-2281 Penn-York Dodge 102 Spring St., Sayre, Pa. 717-888-2367 rt. -r OK USED CARS Many Makes and Models MINT CHEVROLET, Inc. M$pm(Sl,Sajri-US-9691 FOR NEW OR BETTER USED CARS CROFT FORD, INC. 205 $. MAIN, ATHENS 888-2366 1966 VOLVO 122S. Good engine, body needs work. New fenders for Installation. 888-3962. 1976 CAMARO, V-8 au- tomatic, good condition. Penna. inspected. $900. 888-4387. 1972 FORD Brougham LTD 4 door. Air, V-8, uses regular gas. 62,000 ac- : tual miles. $795. 717-888- ' '501. Sheddens Auction Service R.D. 2, Gillette, Pa. 717-596-2774 AUCTION: Every Friday, Saturday, Monday nights 6 p.m. Consignments welcome. FRALEY'S, Rt. 34, Waverly, N.Y. (Wanted Households). 565-,4627. MOTORCYCLES BICYCLES I ATC 350X, 6 months old. Just like new. Approximately 36 hours riding time. $1500. Call 717-265-9096. 1977 HARLEY Sport-ster. New chain, tire, custom tank. Much chrome. Runs great; extras. Must sell. $2100. 607-699-3756. E TRUCKS HEAVY EQUIPMENT I 1976 CHEVY 4x4 Pickup. $2800; 1970 Nova. Call 717-247-2241 after 4 p.m. WANTED AUTOMOTIVE 3 Aft J WANTED TO BUY Late Model Clean I Used Cars t WILLIAMS FORD $ York Ave., NortkTowanda . 2SK.2107 r' r E SERVICE STATIONS 3 ARNOLD'S AUTOMOTIVE, INC. Automatic Transmission Rebuilder General Service t Repair Penna. Inspection 717-247-7616 E EMPLOYMENT MAINTENANCE person wanted. Apply in person to Apalachin Truck Stop, Rt. 17, Exit 66, Apalachin, N.Y. Ask for Doug. ICol.xl" Classified Display Ad Only $3.20 per day Reaeket 25,000 leaders PERSON to work on potato harvester. Inquire , Tioga Point Farm, South . Main St., Athens be-i tween 8-5. No phone calls. PART time employment opportunity. Work 2-3 daysweek. Supervisory background helpful. Will train others. Send brief resume to Times Box 623, Sayre, Pa. 18840. I MENTAL Health Professionals Wanted: The Tioga County Mental Health Clinic has been awarded a grant through the Office of Mental Health for establishing a model program to deliver multi-level treatment services to severe-' ly mentally ill adult patients. An opening is available for a Clinical Program Director and the qualifications requisite for that position include a professional degree in mental health and experience in administration and supervision. A second opening is available for an Administrative Assistant and will involve mainly non-clinical duties. Requirements forjhis position include experience in clerical work, budgeting, scheduling, staffing, personnel, accounting and general administrative skills. Salaries will be commensurate with education and experience. Interested in-, dividuals should for-; ward letters of interest and resumes to Daniel. R. Coughlin, Director of Community Mental Health Services, 231 Main Street, Owego, N.Y. 13827. Telephone number is (607)687-4000. Please be sure to specify which job you are applying for. BRADFORD-Tioga Head Start has an immediate opening for a teacher aide in the Athens afternoon classroom. 30 hours per week, September through May, minimum wage plus. Applicant must have experience working with preschool 'children in a classroom setting. Successful applicant must obtain child care clearances. Call Catherine Kittle, 717-638-2142, ext. 35 for an application. BTHS is part of North Penn Comprehensive Health Services. An equal opportunity employer. NEED extra money? Friendly Home Toy Parties has immediate openings for managers & demonstrators in this area. It's easy, fun & profitable. We have over 700 exciting toys & gifts featuring the new animated talking doll 'Cricket' which will be TV. No cash investment, no collecting, no delivering & no service charge. All you need is a desire to make money, have fun & a few hours of your spare time. No experience necessary. Call 1-800-227-1510. Position Available Sayre Area High School Social Studies teacher, mornings only. 1 year position; Pa. certification required. Contact: Mr. Henry Soil High School Principal 717-888-6622 Applications will be received until August 29, 1986 WANTED: Neat, honest, reliable persons to work as cashiers in local food market. Must be able to work evenings, weekends & holidays. Part-time & fulltime available. Reply Times Box 622, Sayre, Pa. 18840. EXPERIENCED book-keepersecretary. Apply Don Merrill Motors, Chemung St., Waverly, N.Y. HELP wanted: Parttime dishwasher & fulltime pastry shop clerk. Apply in person at Barry's 66 Restaurant, Rt. 17, Exit 66, Apalachin, N.Y. POSITION AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE PLACEMENT Village of Waverly seeks qualified applicant for waste water treatment plant. Mechanicelectrician. Must be familiar with 440v motors & controls. Contact Sondra for Village of Waverly 607-565-8106 COST ACCOUNTINGSI MANAGER Manage & expand responsibilities of existing Cost Accounting Department with a progressive company. Required: BS In Accounting, S plus years experience Including budgeting, forecasting, standard costs ft experience In developing computerized cost control systems. Send resume including salary history to: CONTROLLER TAYLOR PACKING CO., INC. P.O. Box 188 Wyalusing, Pa. 18853 Ai equal opteiWh employer lMlfciJlivJlJJ w m. mm m. w . V. ,

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