Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 19, 1928 · Page 13
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1928
Page 13
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i:'i « .U'ii i «- 1 FH! , FT- in. O>,ln £? *"*! % K -~* An F, By Paul R. ' jfAw»eSat<<>»1 Pr?*n Sporte Writer) f Ohtow. Oct. 13.— <A|*.>— So rfis- itict are the odds Sn fa?br of three that old man wpwt, th» finWfemsn Tfho has per- frequently on Mi* gridiron so far thi« orison, sdn hfive fin op* xrrturttly for n big pflr-mtxtn in the Ten tomorrow. Of the four rfrnfrrpncf jmly the InrHAtm-TJltnolR eon'Mt, is regarded ns ft toss-up by critics. <n In that gamp constdrrnhlfl sur- jrlse would he evoked if the Hocwlprs t the Illini for tlic first time in ten attempts since 1303. Bat the other three games would upsets of the most stunning rlety !f Michigan (Mealed Ohio State, Chicago stopped Minnesota nd If Purdue out-scored Wisconsin n «ach instanc*. the under dew sltven hits worked long and tours tn practice this week to nc- ompl!sh tho seemingly impossible md coaches at Minnesota. Wisconsin and Ohio Stmtfi have put on fhrii glummest miens to forestall ovct- confldence. Their ranks thinned by injurle: and their morale lowered somewhat >y defeats by South Carolina. BIX: owa, Coach Amos Alonzo stasg and his University of Chicago Maroons Invaded Minnesota today with defeat regarded as a foregone contusion. Captain Saul Wieslov, dependable tackier; Rudy Leyers, tar fullback; Wayne Cassle. fuard and plaoe kicker, and Joe Garen, pudgy tackle, were so badly Injured hey weren't even taken to Mln- neftsota; while several of the other (stars may not get Into the Rams. ^Minnesota, however was virtually Stree ot Injuries nr.d showed vast improvement In blocking and run- felng Interference, i Michigan, defeated In ita two Itmrnes against Ohio Wesleynn and Indiana, wasn't conceded much of EI chance to defeat Ohio State at Columbus. Coach Tad Wleman has ^attempted to bolster his team's of- Jfenxlve and cause trouble for tho buckeyes, who are undefeated. Thirty-one Wolverines, accompanied by •coaches Including Fielding H. Yost, invaded Columbus. The game is ex- jpected to attract 02.000 spectators. f Badtera Carry S3. , Wisonsin's 22 to 6 victory over Notre Dame has made it a favorite bra- Purdue. Coach Glenn thlstle- thwaltc of the Badgers has drilled them vigorously all week for the game, while Purdue has been throw- tog up R tight defense. The Badger*. §3 strong, stopped over hero last night, and proceeded to LaFayette today. •• Couch Pat Page had three elevens ft Illinois today *nd th*Hooslers were on edge for the game. Coach Jgtfb Zuppke holds them in high regard, and has indicated he would send his veterans against Indiana ftt the outset. 1-Northwestern probably -will eend 1ta Btrongest team against Kentucky fa their intereectional game at JCvariston tomorrow. With the ex-i ieptlon of Quarterback Lee Hanley, ill the Northwestern players are in ood shape for the first time this ieason. The Kentucky Wildcats oznpose one of the heaviest teams the country, averaging 192 pounds i the line and 175 pounds In the ackfield. Iowa has merely limbered up in reparation for its non-conference •ame with RIpon College of Wls- onsln. failing to engage in one crimmage during the entire week, oacb Hurt Ingwersen said he prob- bly would. use second' string men gainst Rlpon. »^. * *r ~ -wtf~*«?i * ••atftvy ftfV^f inf r SPORT NOTES j Tho sun rlws Baturdsy morning nt 6:18 and sets at 5:13 p. m. Pmil Sonneman In all set to go out and plunk down a few duck* and gecfic. He will have lots of company. Manager C. P. Bowlesoy ol Ih6 Sterling horseshoe pitching team who has charge of tha prize tournament to be held on the Lawrence park courts Sunday afternoon, is anxious that all of the pitchers turn out for-this big event. He hM a jiumber of prises to distribute for various things such as high score, high number of ringera, high number of doubles, high total of games and ottoer events. The members of the sterling township nigh school football squad went through a good practice last evening. Coach Beheld gave them a hard workout and instilled plenty of pep and fight in them. If they maintain that pep and fight they will ba victorious over the Dlx- on teams at Dlxon tomorrow afternoon. A large crowd of local fans will follow the team to lend moral support. Can Sterling beat Dlxon? Rock Falls is all ready for Mt. Morris tomorrow afternoon. The game will be played on the Rock Falls high school grid field, The game will start at 2:30. Coach Akey has hi« boys all set to go hard. Or* of the high school conf«r«>t*. of Ortffe 'raa c.hrw4tt «• prwkS»nt; and Sypt. Wlfnon nf JIDW incluflH l«an«.»)r, Mount, Carroll. MinedWETlll*, To''-. FOrreston. Byron, L*»i RiTtr ond Onsgwi, A toMkPtbftll sch«Sii!e b*»n drawn up and W season will gpt underway on Jan- osry 11, 1629. Infit«8d of th*> "round robin" plan, it wa« d«;1ded to book only on* conferrnc*! with each team. Each tram will the privIlpR® of booking nwrnerous non-conference games, ? 'ip 1 i?^ ft p*of ^*-e"*,r !»-• fill OHIJOK WIGGINS IS GTVF.N BUBPFN ;•» --ATI— n«ht- f fipV '- fi GOLF ASSOCIATION P3UAHS UGHTIR BALL Oct. 10.— (A.P. 1 )— Tlir United, Butes Golfers' Association is expcrSmentinf with Rolf balls of various Ri»P8 and weights with the intention of producing a better ball for all-around tournament play, but no change is contemplated b«fore 1930, if then. Mflvln A. Traylor, pmident of the association, reports. Experiments were started follow- InR another outburst of criticism this summer that the present reftil- ntion ball was too lively and that long distance hitters like Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen had too much of an advantage over specialists in Iron play during the championship tournaments. The U. 8. O. A. plans to make the golf ball a trine llrsrer and somewhat lighter if any change \s made at all, TrayJor said. VINCENT RICHARDS TO PLAY PRAGUE NET STAR Chicago. Oct. 18.—(A.P.)--Vlncent Richards of New York and Karl Kozelun of Prague. Czecho-Slovakla, will renew their professional tennis rivalry In a match &t the Chicago Coliseum October 31. flf Snrtir th» !« the l^f'-.t o! Com' 1 ! wrath. For fouling OttO V«n Poraf in their watch Wednesday night, the commission fined Wiggins t500 and imspended him for six months. The suspension- is eff«Uve in 27 with the Illinois Commis- f.AI.T AN!) COMO ! < r»jn "f!! Of« *<'• mnd M r = •f-n^rv pf c- • p n' *h" -T f" A{-' rt fcs>- Mr" T ^ I -;lrr fl f f; r f"ti«m Orr-j Mr- .' t.i 1 I t'l Oo'flll* fnr \\f f««V TfnU »r>d Mr? Mr- f '-" .', ri)iitT» to CiTflnti'l W'-Hnf.' wrrf ^u r *'^ «' tl>i* IfrntUni fif t'l'tr «.'-»/• f t J f!iii(rh!--r Mus W O. WlnV 'f r 'n 'ine «n'1 Mi Winfr --,' fsr) rn i<u Mr nn't Mr Onno ot'*n fnmilv R i- trtiiin'nR bv tliP wnv of Ftffpor*. Mi"-. 1 ; Powell, whos* liotne ,?prWT. s «'il! F'lmlsv p!'?t-« «t th* n hr-m«> nfar Polo Th"y Pd tlif> hirthday party 8»t- Is in Pai.i st n ! Si Tlif Juiuor Kings a' UIP home of Miss Fern Mo y Pn.turday Rftfrnoon. Mr. mid Mrs. Fronk McDenrmftn .m Sunday nt the Earl McDear- fnmlly of Colet*. M!»*3 Freda nrrtsy r\nilh«{ n»ul trmii.hifid over for i!i? follow intr dfet. Amontr tlw ll>t of Rt!f'; ! 3 «iio were mention^!} in Monday.i nrcount of the party th? followinu were also present, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hummelman and . <» A«Kr»'H''' w M1J 7 -, m _ f«.(r In til* null ft ? Th» <Kvz,i"$>mms' VMjasansM f ~>' • ii*.s,si«,SUi..t j*! A>SpiSK.^4.v-^ - • - -« »- Demtfay London Sayt: - • • Wear Wilbur Coon Shoes for Style and Comfort FIGHTS LAST NIGHT (By The Associated Press) McKetsport, Pa.—Johnny Carey. Erie, outpointed Allen Beatty, McKeesport (10). Buy your coal now and save money, as the price will advance soon. We carry all sizes and grades of coal and coke at lowest prices. Phone 770 D. Manfield —Power GASOLINE donl iatfQ to stml a little comfort DECAUSE of their special *-* mena Wilbur Coon Shoes fit with. glorious comfort from the very fitstl Your foot rests snug In Happy case. No gaping sides, no slipping heels, no wrinkles at the arch. A built-in steel support relieves arch trouble! ' —Getaway I Just a few reasons why Mrs. Loudon choose the Chevrolet. If you want beauty—If you want individuality—If you want up-to-the-minute smartness—let the Chevrolet be your choice, as it is mine. It's the new style—the new mode in motor cars. I've enjoyed the Chevrolet very much while in Sterling. »—Mrs. Dorothy A. Loudon Lloyd-Smith Chevrolet $U»$1$ l&emt Street Tele. §8$ No Other L ked Six like This ~* Successful Six The Cabriolet 'Body by I- it ktr ' Study a« thoroughly as you please ike entire range of automobit** produced today, you must finally conclude that in all the world there ia iso other low-priced six like dac. nod Win, Wkodl Extia For ©f all the ftbtes avalkbk at Uitk &• $745 oaly PoatUc offer* bodies by FUhtr—a 186<uMc Inch orou^ficw iader hsiuL Only Poiitke such stamina and long life. And only Pontiac ofiera special factory cquiptnent including six wire wheels and tirea with the two spare* cradled in fender wells at slight Additional cose. With all these exclusive features Pontiac Six has established itself %§ foremost among ail low-prictd tlscs. And with good reason, for wlk*f« else can yew find Mich advantages for as little a» $745! iCdMM Mtfeted JOHN HOPPLER & SON . . . „ . .isi-~— More than 200 I to 12—AAAA to EEEEE In all leathers and fabrics, for any occasion. Try on a pair &od know the comfort of a ehos that really fit*. &CON3CA JOTOI Peters' Shoe 8 West Third Street WAS FIRST At tbe Arctk To BosSd Be Lose Eadk> ZENITH IS FIRST! Ia< See ike new 8-tulw Itsilik in our Freeman's Electric III Kmt Third m,

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