Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 22, 1964 · Page 16
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 16

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1964
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

BEN CASEY By NEAL ADA3IS SHORT BIBS By FRANK O'NEAL DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD / THAT AlfANS V>B rVi •( HAVE TO KEEP 1 lOOWKe FDR "THE <. ^ \\\ TWO hmvReo / >cS, THIS IS ra / cm FLASS, CHIEF. , / rOU SAy SOM£OUB I JUST FUROWSEP \ AeUTTON...ANP -V . rou've eoT THE ''^'•^l iXs^l ACTOESSr.'WEUI 56 RISHT .wcficy ME.'...i'vE eeeN (XtLEame f, TON'T BaTTONSfORmiRTy YEARS. I'VE / BOTHER, EVEN SOT ONE OFF (rEOREE ^< M'AM. SORKT WASHINoTON'S UKIFOKM. ;1 ( DISTURBED WOULD you LIKE TO /] \ • VCU. MORTY 3IEEKLE By DICK CAV.1LLI ANDTHfS 15 A <2eSCT -GKANDFATWS2 DIDNT HAVE MUCH REerecr FOe PEOPLB. ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAJELIN ...BUT MYGOSH.IFOOOIA FELL (N HEKE.SHE COULD BE IK REAL7R0UBLE,' FUNNY...I PONT SEE HER OR THAT VASTY- lOOWM' CRITTER, EITHER; PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VEBMEEB CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER DOES THAT / HOT FROM TH' LOOK OU HIS FACE. PsycHlATRlSTUT RANGE* FKOtt INCREDUUTY -5E6M TO SB- \tO POWNKIGHT COUSmmWUJ, Mxm Muct) PROSRESSWiffl A»OW,WASH?/?. OCR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. K. ^VILLIAJIS IFTH AT FATHEAD' rtOOPLEtrtlNKaUE'S, ^HlNVSaF A BIGGER, |rlaSH60RH0OO' MUlSANCevJlTH, PlGa>4S.tLL i -N -Wru. HAVE TD HAV£ 'PS'CPcR ACCaWMOOA •fiONi&TOHOUSSTWOi THRES THOOSANiD PIGEON'S WHEM •fHEVMAk;! THElf? PERMASSENT HO/ft£ rtEKe.' r LL TURM tri£ &ARASc. pna A PiSEO!^ coTE.'-^ SUT, HOW WILL We SET TrieW Wt<3 IT ? HM—LET, MS- -THINK.' .-<C0 CASJ'T-fALkCl 'EM IHTO <50IPC PlSEOM^lS*' AS Fuemy AS\NOMENf -C<3 LET 'EfA THINK ^ •-(HEy'Re 1 MAVIN" THEIK OWNS ViAV~AN . THEYTF!AP, tUcMScLVE &.'l WHAT.'DO>CIUHAWE TO GIT OUT IN TW' SCENEEV TO LOOtf IN ATARTCHERCF IT? WHAT IF I HAD A UTT1.E HOUSE?! CAME HERETO ENJOY ACT, Nor SLRVEYIN'.' WW, ITS JUST A AUTTEB OF TASTE— FROM HECE ITS A AEIZONA SUNSET- FKOM WHERE re IS IT'S A ENGLISH I GAR[:!ew-FRO^^ WHERE "XXI ARE IT'S TH' OTY DUMP—VOUKE; O.W:..' I6-Wed ,*prtiaM« Redlands Daily Facts TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DV BBO\% HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - ABC- TVs revolutionary suggestion that baseball reduce its schedule to 60 games a season to become a television attraction has produced reactions of surprise at the two other networks. The ABC-TV idea was offered Monday. It included the sugges tion that the sport could adapt itself better to network video by scheduling two weekend games a week. A spokesman for NBC-TV says his network does not con-| cur, or think that baseball should be altered. A spokesman for CBS-TV sports said he did not agree with all of ABC-TV's points. He said it was "highly improbable" that such a change could happen to a sport like basebalL "It might be a good TV at traction, but it's not baseball, be added. Both CBS-TV and NBC-TV presently broadcast daytime Commission studies Porf Son Luis harbor SANTA MONICA (UPI)— Members of the Small Craft Harbors Commission took a request under submission yesterday for $300,000 which would be used for ultimate development of a small crafts harbor near San Luis Obispo. Tlie Port San Luis Harbor District asked the seven - man commission to release the funds to acquire 20 acres of shoreline property currently owned by the Port San Luis Transportation Co. The request will be discussed further at the ne.xt commission meeting May 18 in Morro Bay. CHILDREN RAISE FUNDS KAST MEADOW, N.Y. (UPI) —Dr. James Collins, superintendent of Meadowbrook Hospital, announced today the receipt of additional funds to fight cancer — S3.18 raised by seven Massapequa, N.Y., children who held a "penny carnival" for that purpose. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 33427 Superior Court of the State of CaU- lomia, for the County of San Bernardino. Estate of PEHCY HEEVE3. Deceased. Natice Is herebr given to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers. In the office of the clerk of the above entiUcd court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at the offices of Russell Goodwin, Attorney at Law. 30« East State Street, Redlaads. California, which is the place of business of the undersigned In aU matters pertaining to the esute of said decedent, within six months after the first pubUcaUon of this notice. Dated Aprtl 1. 1964. A. J. OHLSON. Administrator of the estate of the above named decedent. RUSSELL GOODWIN, Attorney at Law. 308 East SUte Street, Redlands. California, Telephone; 793-4710, Attorney for Administrator. (First publication April 1. 19e4) CERTIFICATE OF INDtVIDUAL nOLVG BUSINESS UNDER A Ficrmous NA.ME ClvU Code Sec. SI68-SS No. 12143 state of California. ) County of Riverside > ss. I hereby certify that I am trans acting business in the County of Blverslde, Slate of California, at Box 133. under a designation and name not showing the name of the person interested in such business, to-wit: Bunny Originals. Dated April 13. 1964. BEBNICE WILKmS, 66133 Ifith St., Desert Hot Springs, California, stale of California. > County of Riverside 1 ss. ' on this 13m day of April. 1964. before roe Dorotha M. McCarver. Notary Public in and for said County and State, residing therein, duly commissioned and sworn personally appeared Bemice WUklns, known to me to be the same person whose name is subscribed to the -within instrument, and she duly acknowledged to me that she executed the same. Witness my hand and official seal. DOROTHA M. McCABVER. Notary Public in and for said County and Stale. My commission expires July 16, 196S. I SEAL) Filed with Riverside County. Clerk, April 13, 1964. . major league games on Saturdays and Sundays. ABC-TV does not have a regular schedule of baseball contests. One television spokesman mentioned that there had been talk of a possible prime-time Monday major league game each week, but said this would have no effect on the form of the sport "The sensitivities in that area we certainly realize." he said. Daily Variety, a Hollywood show business trade paper, reported that an ABC-TV leader said some club owners were agreeable to such a short sea son to get out of their financial difficulties." A top Los Angeles Dodger e.x ecutive, meanwhile, is reported predicting that baseball will not be interested in the ABC-TV plan. And baseball Commissioner Ford Frick says he thinks the public is satisfied with the way things are cow, and he is too. In addition to baseball, ABC TV suggested that other sports could also adapt themselves better to television, to mutual benefit. For instance: —"CoUege footbaU play-off games," says a summarizing press release, "should replace post-season bowl games with a series of (regional or conference) eUmioations to estabh'sb a national champion." —"Professional golfers should be awarded points throughout the Professional Ckilf Association four to determine the nation's leading golfers" — and television would follow them. —"The United States should have a year-round program of regional American Olympics meets and one annual American Olympic event." This "would become tlie foundation of Olympic effort." —"Hockey could stimulate much greater national support than it does by establishing a schedule better adapted to television." —Auto racing, ditto. It is ABC-TV's feeling that 'an activity (television) that serves the average family 45 hours a week deserves to help shape the pattern instead of using the established methods that were formed before the development of television." OUR ANCESTORS byQuincy- •a Cm "This placa really fumpsl If s run by oi' Jack B. Nimble!" IN HOLLYWOOD Yup! Dinah Shore dials comeback By Erskine Johnson HOLLY^VOOD — (NEA) —[directors. My Closeup & Longlisots: Dinah Shore made her "Comeback" rumors true by signing up for seven specials on ABC-TV ne.xt season. She has been playing tennis at Palm Springs for the last year. . . . Diane Cilento, the earthy vixen of "Tom Jones," joins the cast of "The Agony and the Ecstasy," starting June 1 in Rome. After directing an episode of "The Greatest Show on Earth, Jack Palace says he has a new outlook as an actor. "If ail the films I've done in the past were to be done now, I know my behavior would not be the same," he says. "In the past I was not always mature in my approaches to some Th» Ch<nn <l Swim: Tonight's NBC • TV special, "Opening Night at the World's Fair," is scheduled to be relayed to a Mexican network and sponsored jointly in that country by General Motors, Ford and Chrysler ... Mexican comedian Can- tinflas is featured on the show. Yvonne De Carlo will be a regular on next season's new CBS - TV situation comedy, "The Munsters." about a family that resembles famous movie monsters but doesn't know it. NOTICE TO BIDDERS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Uial the. Board of EducaUoa of the Bed- lands Unified School District of San Bernardino County, California, hereby calls for sealed bids to be de livered to the Assistant Superintendent of the said Board at the Admin- IstraUve Offices. 33 West Lugonia Avenue. Redlands. California, until the 6lh day of May, 19«. at 10.-30 a.m., at which time and place said bids will be opened for: AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT Each bid shall be made out on _ form to be obtained at the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Each bid over $4,000 shall be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check payable to the owner or a satisfactory bid bond in favor of the owner, executed by the bidder as principal and company satisfactory to the Board of Education as surety in an amount not less than 5"-; of the bid: said check or bond shall be given as a guarantee that the bidder wUl execute the contract If It be awarded to him. ' The Governing Board of said School District reserves the right to reject any or aU bids or waive any informality in a bid- No bidder m^y withdraw his bid for a period of thirty (30i days after the dale set for the opening thereof. By order of the Governing Board of Redlands Unified School District of San Bernardino County. Dated at Redlands. California this 22nd day of April. 1964. CHARLES B. STULTZ. Clerk of said Governing Board. SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PBOP- EETV AT PRIVATE SALE No. C-185 Superior Court of the State of California, lor the County of San Bernardino. In the Matter of the Conservator­ ship of the Person and EsUte of GEORGE EMERSON ODENBAUGH, Conservatec. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on or after April 24, 1964. the undersigned, J. Earl Gladden, as Conservator of the Person and Estate of George Emerson Odenbaugh. Con­ servatec, will sell at private sale to the highest and best bidder, subiccl to confirmation by the above-entitled Superior Court. aU the right, tiUe, interest, and estate of said Conserva- tee in and to all that certain real property commonly known as 1877 Capri Avenue, Mentone, California, situated in the County of San Bernardino, State of Calitomla. described as follows: All that portion of Lot 133, Tract No. 2242, MEN-TONE ACRES No. 3. as per plat recorded in Book 32 of Maps, page 9, records of said County, described as foUows: BEGINNING at a point on the South line of said Lot 133. which is 136.68 feet East of the West Une of Tourmaline Avenue, produced North to the North line of Capri Avenue: thence East 53.34 feet along the South line of said Lot 133: thence North 0- 01' West 160 feet: thence West 53.M feet; thence Sou;h 0' 01' East 160 feet to the true point of beginning. Subject to: Current taxes, covenants, conditions, restrictions, reser- vaUons, rights, rights of way, ease-' ments, and cncumlirances of record. Bids or offers are invited for the property and must be in writing and will be received at the office of Charles A. Bierschbach. 12Vi West' SUte Street. Redlands, California, attorney for said conservator, or may be filed with the Clerk of said Superior Court, or delivered to said conser\*ator personally, at any time after first publication of this notice and before making the sale. Said sale win be made upon the following terms and conditions: Cash in lawful money of the United States of America, or part cash and part credit: the terms of such credit to be acceptable to the conservator and the Court, or cash down to first deed of trust of record; 10*1, of the amount bid to accompany the offer, and the balance to be paid upon confirmation of sale by the Superior Court. Taxes and insurance acceptable to the purchaser shaU be prorated as of the date of recording conveyance; title insurance policy shall be at the expense of the estate: escrow fees shall be paid one-half each by the purchaser and the estate. The undersigned reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Dated April 7, 1964. J. EARL GLADDEN. As Conservator of the Person and Estate of George Emerson Odenbaugh. Con­ servatec. CHARLES A. BIERSCHBACH, Attorney at Law. . 12'i West State Street. Redlands. California, Telephone: 792-2172. Attorney for Conservator. judgment on those occasions was some of unwise." The "nesv" Jack will not have a chance to appear in "Show," which has been canceled. Even his nose-bobbing didn't hold off the pink slip. Wedding bells will ring for actress Erika Peters and Sy " Decore early in September. Her divorce is final in August. . . . Warner Bros, is giving Frank Sinatra a red velvet- touch for his executive suite on the stuido lot. Living quarters, kitchens, patios and even a helicopter landing area. Half-a-million bucks' worth, they say. A $125,000 harem set built for Shirley MacLaine's new comedy, "Wrong Way Goldfarb," has a touch you would expect to find only in a girlie-girlie magazine. A rack with 23 Her" towels and one "His" towel. You take your choice soon — the big-screen version of "BIc- Hale's Navy" or the television one. Just-filmed trailers urged television fans to see the movie, and movie fans to see the television show. Still another movie about the surfing craze — "Malibu." The Wild Surf," still another, is currently before the cameras in Hawaii. ... "The best of friends" finally turned up for real for a divorced Hollywood couple. Ginger Rogers and husband Bill Marshall hired Bill's former wife, Michele Morgan, to star in a movie they, are planning to produce. . . . Margaret Whiting quotes an old time movie director. "I used to MAKE a movie in less " time than it takes to SEE on« Zi today. w His frofit span of teeth are ~ missing. His hair resembles : steel wool. When he talks ho sounds more like a cackling rooster. His name is Dub Taylor and he's an old-timer who plays bit roles around town. A horse thief is his latest in "Major Dundee," and his missing teeth won him the role. He heard about the film, and the part, and walked into di- • rector Sam Peckmpah's office. I'm Ben Priam, the horse thief," he cackled after first removing his uppers. The director studied him and said, "Yes, you are." He also plays the harmonica (a leftover from his days itt vaudeville), and admits he's a great shot with a 28-guage shotgun, which he always takes on locations. He also cooks what he shoots. "Best game cook anywhere, except Chill Wills," he says about himself. "Man, Chill can cook a quail like nobody." ; Ancient Rome Answer to Previous Purri» iluiPkli "Just a mimita, pitase! W«'r» Inching ri^t up to the holer* ACROSS 1 Ciceronian character 9 Apostle- to fha Romans 13 Dirges 14 Italian rrrer 3 5 Proper season IB Printers' measures 17 Narrow inlelS 18 Help 19 Craft 20 Simple 21 Earth (dial) 22 Boy's name 23 Trees 24102(BomaD) 25 of Lebanon 27Proportiou 29Trinunec 33 Disjoin 35 Harden 36 Of teetli ^Chinese temple 40 Facts -43 Personal pronoua 44 Strange 45 Philippine lizard. 46 Vase 47Silkwo™ (comb-ioim) 48 Asian mountains 49 Fish eggs 50 Persian coia 52 Roman emperor 53 Empty S5 Irish island £€ Rcfastened VOWS I'ffliale {comb. form) 2Beekeeper 3 TimDrousseas 4aiilled 5 Football positioa (ah.) STliink 7 Hunter SCity inCecfSla 9 Cheese latiet? 30 Sprite 11 Render harmless 12 Misplaces 21 Color 25 Fuel 26 Stagger SI Securer 28 Treaunent with 371>r<»pered iodine SSLefendaiy 30 01 an instructor • Knman hero 31 Emit rays 32PerBse - 42 Coronet 47BabylonjaS goddess , SlGnided 40Koman goddess MEngineervng 41Wcrea>mpetent degree (ab.) 1 2 3 r r" i } W rr 12 13 14 lb • ps l} Si IS ia Si a 24 zs 27 37 n 41 42 • i& 49 r 52 93 >« • 55 S6

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