Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 30, 1968 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1968
Page 8
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Tuesday, April 30,1968 Lions Club Sees Film bridges, tunnels,.and t«ltod£y|| $CO||t§ HOPE (ARK) STAR, Printed bv Offset JOHN S. DRAPER At its regular meeting yesterday at Town & Country the Lions Club heard remarks and saw a film presented by John S. Draper, manager of the Texas Eastern Transmission Company's Bodcaw station. For a large company, Texas Eastern is quite young. The firm was organized in 1947 to take over the famed Big and Little Inch pipelines that were built by the government at a cost of over $146 million. The Texas.Eas- tern group paid $143 million for the lines, almost the full cost. Since the original purchase of the lines from the Gulf of Mexico to New Jersey other lines have been laid to the northeast part of the U. S. Today the company has 9,000 miles of lines. The movie showed how a line is laid through swamplands in south Louisiana. The pumping station at Bodcaw is part of an enormous system of stations, valves, pipeline, State Bank No. 81-518 REPORT OF CONDITION OF Bank Of Blevins IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON APRIL 18, 19G8. ASSETS Dollars Cts. Cash, balances with other banks, and cash items in process of collection 170,492.13 United States Government obligations 228,709.00 Obligations of States and political subdivisions SJ'55'J! Other loans and discounts 4jj,J8o.Ji Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank premises ^36.00 Other assets i',™ o< TOTAL ASSETS l,062,ljG.J4 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations . . Time and savings deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations Deposits of United States Government . . . Deposits of States and political subdivisions , Certified and officers' checks, etc TOTAL DEPOSITS 954,4-17.27 Total demand deposits 502,457.70 Total time and saving deposits 391,989.57 Other liabilities CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Common stock- total par value No. shares authorized ..... 1000 No. shares outstanding 1°0° Surplus Undivided profits • • TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 481,080.94 377,989.57 G57.G2 92,040.64 2,678.50 13,393.95 25,000.00 50,000.00 19,315.12 94,315,12 1,062,156.34 MEMORANDA Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar days ending with call date Average of total loans for the 15 calendar days ending with call date _ Loans as shown in item 7 of "Assets" are after deduction of valuation reserves of 7 , , I, P.C. Stephens. Cashier, of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that this report of condition is rue and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief. ' P. C. Stephens Frank McLarty Harold M. Stephens Directors State of Arkansas, County of Hempstead Sworn to and subscribed before me this 26th day ol April, 1968, and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bajik. My commission expires 9-7-1971. June C. Reynolds Notary Public structures and represents an In' vestment of $3Vz million In this area alone. Program Chairman Bill Gun* ter introduced Mrs, Draper^ Bob McCoole of Sears was the guest of Jim Argo, ARMY PAYS from Page One Worcester, Mass., and General Motors' Hydramatlc Division at Ypsilanti, Mich, Each firm received a two* year contract calling for prod* uction of 60,000 rifles the first year and 180,000 the second. Harrington & Richardson will receive $15 million the first year for a unit cost to the government of $250 a rifle. The second year the firm will receive $27 million or $150 a rifle. Government costs under the contract awarded to General Motors are higher; $316 a rifle the first year, $200 the second. The difference between the two contracts brought swift challenge from Sen. George S. McGovern, D-S.D., who told the Senate the awards serve "as a painful question of the Pentagon's ability to handle the taxpayers' money wisely." The Army responded by pointing to differences in wage scales between Detroit and Worcester. Labor Department figures show the average manufacturing em- ploye In Detroit in February 1968 received $167.74 a week. The figure for Worcester was $118.89. GM and Harrington & Richardson were among four firms with which the Army negotiated after it bought the manufacturing rights for $4.5 million from Colt. The prices include the expenses of tooling up to produce a new product. BUSY WEEK from Page One an all-day event for Conifer Council Cadettes entitled "The Uin Popularity." About 200 Cadettes attended the function, where Miss Vonda Kay Brown, Arkansas State Froestry Queen, told the girls how to develop an attractive personality. Mrs. Floyd Taylor of Texarkana had a personality clinic, telling the girls what exercises to take, how to sit, stand, and walk, what to eat, etc. After lunch in the college cafeteria, the cadettes were taken on a , walking tour of the campus. During the afternoon rsession,"' Miss Betty Ruth Honeycutt represented the local unit in the "Miss Model Cadette Contest." One of the most enjoyable events was the Panel Discussion presented by 7 college boys entitled "What Boys LiJce About Girls." The boys were most Informative and candid, and the girls learned a lot. The day's activities were concluded by attending a session of a rock-and-roll group, "The Arrangements," in the college gymnasium. Mrs. Howard Jackson, leader, and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Honeycutt chaperoned the event. FATHER OF From Page 1 ting trimmer haircuts. You can't call a girl an old maid anymore until she buys her second cat. Every time I sit next to a pompous, dressed up, mid- dleaged dame at a public banquet, I hope against hope to see her pick up a piece of fried chicken in her long white gloves and unconcernedly gnaw it to the bone. That's my secret idea of class - utter class. I would fall in love with her on the spot. As long as Ed Sullivan doesn't learn to play the xylophone, the television industry would still seem to have a bright future, The first thing a big executive does when his doctor puts him on a diet and the water wagon is to cut down the entertainment allowances of every other member of the firm. Even on the rainiest day, everybody has a smile for a girl who comes down the street carrying a bright red umbrella. Nothing quite matches the surprise that sweeps the face of a Texan when he first tastes barbecued ribs in a Chinese restaurant — and finds how good these delicacies really can be. But he'd rather have an oil well go dry than admit they are better than the ones he gets back home on the range. An American begins to grow up the day he realizes that some of the things he gets back when he sends away a box top and a quarter aren't worth the box top, let alone the money. The gentleman in the green eyeshaiie who proofreads this .\ Last Saturday at a local stock pond Club Scout Pack 67, Den 3 caught some pretty fair fish* They were chaperoned by Mrs. Bob Tolleson and Mrs. Rufus Herndon ffl. Boswell Files for Governor LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Ted Boswell, a Little Rock lawyer, formally filed today as a Democratic candidate for governor. Boswell announced Monday that he would seek the office, running as a reform candidate. He is the fourth Democrat to file. Others in the race include Little Rock insurance executive Frank Whitbeck, Rep. Marion Crank of Foreman and former Atty. Gen. Bruce Bennett. CLUB WOMEN from Page One Mrs. Wilton Mullins, Council Photo shows Ted, Robbie and Blake Tolleson, Rufus Hern* don, IV, Richard Wilson, Paul Prentlss and Ray Walton. MR., MRS, JIM From (Page 1) for governor in Arkansas, The Johnsons, flanked by a small group of supporters, came to the Capitol with two cardboard boxes filled with petitions to place former Alabama Gov. George Wallace on the ballot as a third party presidential candidate, The Johnsons completed the Wallace filing first and then Jim went to he Democratic party officials to file his party loyalty pledge and as a candidate for the Senate. After Johnson completed his filing, he received an emergency telephone call in the secretary of state's office, It was that Vir- President, will give brief reports only moments later on the County Project and State ginia filed for governor, bring' Spring Board Meeting, **..{, ~^« B . ing another round of shouts County program" committee in- from their supporters. It was not eludes Mrs. Jimmie Griffin, chairman, Mrs. Homer Poindexter, Mrs. Howard Garner, and Mrs. W. T. Keys. Mrs. Wilton Mullins, council president, will preside and encourages all Extension Homemaker members to attend and invites visitors interested In hearing the program planned disclosed what the emergency call was about. The Johnsons declined to hold a news conference, saying they had to hurry somewhere else. Johnson is 44 and his wife is 40. Johnson won the Democratic nomination for governor in 1966 but then lost to Gov. Winthrop The council meeting will intro- Rockefeller in, duce Extension Homemaker Week, which will be observed in the county May 5-11. Newsbriefs '• PORTLAND,-' Ore.' (AP) IJjl Mrs. Elmer Kimble says the secret of staying married 75 years is "when you get mad, just get up and walk out." The Kimbles celebrate their 75th weddinga nniversary Wednesday in a nursing home in Portland. Kimble will be 101 years old May 15. Mrs. Kimble is 92. YATES CENTER, Kan. (AP) tion. He has previously served on the Arkansas Supreme Court and in the state Senate. Mrs. Johnson will be no new- comerrto politics since she campaigned extensively for her hus- baWin 1960; : making appear." ances at various rallies as well as television. Johnson is a self-avowed segregationist who has spent the last two months pushing the campaign in Arkansas to get Wallace on the ballot. J. P. "Sonny" Lybrand, ex- cratic party, said there was nothing in the party rules to prohibit the Johnsons from filing , . - Thieves got away with $650 as Democrats. I column sometimes tile with his selli trou- from a safe at the Cantrell Motor Co., although tear gas bombs, placed in the safe for protection against robbers, exploded properly. Another break was reported the same morning at the National Guard armory four blocks away. Two gas masks were taken there. CORONA, Calif. (AP) - A fire in Temescal Canyon spread so close to a nudist camp that many of the 200 sun bathers fled its path. Several male nudists took up stations beside the fire-fighting crews numbering 300 or more. "Some of those guys were helping fight the fire in their shoes, and nothing else," a spokesman for the state Division of Forestry said. PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) - Arizona's decision to remain on standard time this summer has caused one major addition to the format of a Phoenix television news broadcast— the soap opera report. Officials at KTAR-TV say the switch to daylight time in most of the nation led to a rejuggling of schedules, eliminating the NBC serial "Days of our Lives" from the station's lineup. To provide some relief for the loyal fans who called to protest, the station expanded its evening news to include a report of the day's events on "Days of our Lives." MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - Helen Caspan, a typist for the city liired last October with, a warning to lose weight, has been fired after gaining 14 pounds for a total of 230. The 33-year-old woman, 5- feet-10, said she tried pills and dieting but became so nervous from the pills and so hungry from the diets that she ate more tlian before and gained weight. The city said her health was in jeopardy, nuking her too much of a risk for the city's health plan insurance to cover. CALL(PR7-2598) WE WILL INSTALL FAMOUS QUALITY There had been some speculation that since they were pushing a third-party effort that any attempt at filing as Democrats would be blocked. However, Arkansas Democratic party rules only require Democrats to pledge support of party candidates within the state. The maneuver came as a surprise to almost everyone despite the fact that Johnson hinted last summer that running for governor might not be such a bad idea. Sources close to Johnson told The Associated Press Monday that he definitely wanted to run against Fulbright but that his staunch supporters were demanding that he get someone in the race for governor, Mr.Math said he was grateful to the many persons who had been interested in his running for the senate, "However, I will not be a candidate for any political office," he said in a statement, He said that during the past year he had made talks on the dangers of communism to the United States and the free world and had supported the U,S, effort in Vietnam and Southeast Asia because this nation has a vital interest at stake, "I have stated that I have no desire to re-enter politics or to run for the U,S, Senate," he said, "I have spoken out as a concerned citizen and shall continue to do so" No Cigarettes to Minors UTTLJE ROCK (AP)~Theat* torney general's office said Monday that cigarettes can not legally be sold to a person under 18 years of age. Morris Rickel, principal of the state School for the Deaf, asked for the opinion. He said the institution had permitted students to smoke at the age of 16 with the consent of the parents or guardians. Rickel said the school administrators would probably revise the rule to comply with the law. INSTALLED IN YOUR HOME (IN THIS AREA) FOR 5 DAYS FREE. NO OBLIGATION 103 fiin The YORKTOWN Model GJ 699 23" diag., 295 sq. in. picture RCA VICTOR MW iistn COLOR TV WITH SUPER BRIGHT HI LITE COLOR TUBE When you're first in Color TV, there's got to be a reason. And 38% more highlight brightness this year is just one of the reasons why you'll prefer RCA Victor Color. 649 95 SPECIAL' ' ' ^J • MB ^J I f^\ ILm • • • WHEN YOU LOOK AT AN RCA TV BUY A $3.79 RECORD ALBUM FOR ONLY Th« CARRY-ETTE * Model EJ-5O5 14'di«g.. 102 »q. in. pIctMf* 289 THE TAUNTON 20' di»$.. 227 iq. in, **«>£* * * * • 569 95 CO U3 S, film RADIO * TiUVIftlON * Service Phone *-•*-,

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