Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 19, 1928 · Page 12
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1928
Page 12
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'A5SET7T, T"I? THAT, jo. TO TROTTBT..R XO ARRRfll iRATi HUSBAND! Til , COURT Believes Administration Of Affairs Should Be Fre« Of Spoils Politic? Mnrrir-on. 1)1, Oct. 1J» --An Import «m* feature of his pro- Kr«m for efficient p.rirntn!Mr«Mon of th* Pint? (tovernmpTit !« fh» !m- provFrrwnt of *'«(*» Institutions and ertsnslon of work in mental hy- plenf, Louis L. Km in er son, rppub- 3!<i*n nomine* for frcrwnior, raid here today. "Illinois has Rome splendid Institutions for th» carp of insane and dependent wards," hp said. "During the tour nf the stair Sn this campaign I have Islted most ol the cities where ilicsc Institutions arc located. Their groups of substantial buildings Bnd thrir extensive grounds arc mifflcifnt evidence of the great advancement of Illinois in humanStarlfmlsm since the days of Dorothy Dlx, the splendid woman who first spurred the prople to re- alise their obligations to helpless members of society. "But much remains to b« done In the care and treatment of these unfortunates nnfl especially In pre ventatlve measures to «heck the growth of mental diseases which Increase the population of the institutions at such an alarming rate, "Some of our Institutions are over-crowded, The first thing nee- eitMuy is the construction of build- Ings to provide adequate housing. The building program should be based upon requirements. Medical and professional staffs of the highest type obtainable must be maintained end the managements should be a* efficient as In the best managed private hospital. "It Is, however, in scientifically conducted research work to determine the cause and proper trent- Srieiil Of thsanlly and degeneracy and in a carefully planned state program of medical hygiene that the greatest benefit Is likely to be found. Insanity Is Increasing and the burden of housing and caring for state wards grows year by year. Any measure which will check the growth of mental diseases is of the greatest importance. I can think of no activity of the state government In which there is more promise of lasting good to the entire people than in the proper administration of the welfare department. "Fortunately we now have In this state the groundwork for a program in mental hygiene. This program should be conducted and extended under scientific direction. "I believe that the whole subject is worthy of the most careful study. I am convinced that the state institutions should be entirely free from spoils politics. The care and treatment of these unfortunates Is too important to be entrusted lo any but the most highly qualified." f^*^T> r^^lflfns \T\ t^^ vfrfnliv of 'dsif'. Is. no-*' fin Snmft?« ftf t.hp pottnty J«ll, tinder bonds of is.POO, «h)eh be we.s unabl* to furni*h. and JR bound over *o the action of the grand fury for the .?n.niis.ry t^rm of c<turt. >dt bom?, isnd the wife iand children who CRm? her* frnm 1 ind'snn left their domicile And went to tiir hfrme of Jrtends Ijeiow Frlp.j The husbsnd and father learned of th"ir wherrabouts. and on Tuesday wriit to Molina whrre he Indulged In r on>pth)n(; so mur-h s*ron(ter than soda wRfer that lie fi&m wn< not hlm^lf. In an Intoxicated condition he hired a iaxi to fake hhn to 11 home where his family is located and an effort to get his wife out of doors but was not successful ! due to some of th< s family at whose | home he had called. The sheriff's office was notified and Deputy L. W. Harrison went down Wednesday afternoon and placed DeMuydt under arrest. He was brought to Morrison I «uul Riven his hearing Thursday afternoon before Justice G. W. Howe with the above result. DyMuydt appeared to be very dense when it came to talking, but it was noticeable that he was exceptionally keen in his understanding when things were mentioned which did not meet with his approval. wb'r'n it ^i"5 wnipht- to whet.hT or not th* trusts bad authority to u*« s psrt of thr Incornf from sn rsta,f» for the wippnrt of or>« of thn b*iteflclftr!es of th»> wiy. The win clfflTly s1«tM that such tis* should h» made of some of thr fund* KO derived. The fSrpt pan?! nf jurors has been tH*tn*s«*d. an dthe ^pcond %'enlrp which w»« to rrport next Mondnv h«s ftiRo hefji notified that it nrrd not report. ERIE BRIEFS Erie, 111.. Oct. 19 — (Special.) — Allen James of Piedmont. Calif., was an arrival Thursday for n few days visit in the home of his father Charles James and other relatives. Allen Pratt returned Wednesday evening from Salem. Iowa, where In company with his brother, Clinton of Rock Island, he had been visiting their brother, Manson Pratt and family. ( The John Van Campen family, •who have accompanned the W. J. Fenton house for the past few months, are moving in the Allen Pratt cottage. Mrs. Mattie Burns of Davenport is the guest of her friend, Miss Ruth Wonser. Mr. and Mrs. John Russell are moving from the tenant house on the Dave Guthrie farm where Mr. Russell has been employed for the past seven years. Mr. Guthrie's son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Guthrie, will move into the house vacated by the Russels. WILL PREACH ON PARABLE OF THE MARRIAGE FEAST Morrison. 111., Oct. Z9,—fSpeclal) — The theme upon which Rev. Dlcrks of St. Peter's Lutheran church will base hl«s Sunday sermon is announced as "The Parable of the Marriage Feast." as found in Matthew 22:1-H. The only activity or the week announced is the meeting Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock of the Sunday school teachers. The latter on Wednesday evening gave the children of the church a delightful birthday party, which was attended by 70 to 80. The tables with decorations appropriate for each of the twelve months were arranged, nnd everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. LYNDON BRIEFS Lyndon, ni., Oct. 19— (Special.)— Harold Shaw, who has been spending some time in Michigan where he has been working, is visiting his father, Dr. R. H. Shaw, and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Shaw. J. J. Simmons of Byron was here on business Tuesday. The Ladies club will be entertained on Thur&dny afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. P. Holt and Miss Kittle Holt, the other hostess being Mrs. Mahala Cndy. Mrs. Alice Maberry left Wednesday to go to California to spend the winter. Jerry Hess of Sterling has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. M, Dawson. The freshmen have chosen a Hal- low'en party, as their form of entertainment for the sophomores. The partx will be held at the D. F. Millikan home on Friday night. Mrs. Lottie Dartmoor, of Clinton, In., was here on business Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Passmore of Chicago were motorists to this place on Thursday, where they stopped for awhile. Mlsa Ruth Teach and Miss Helen Ahrens..who are taking the teachers' training course at DeKalb, write in praise of their work and their pleasant surroundings. Miss Pearl Harnlng of Chicago visited over Sunday at the home of her sister, Mrs. George Round. C. O. Webb has not been so well for a few days Just recently. , Little Miss Dorene Gibson is staying this week-with her grandmother. Mrs. Anderson, at Galva. Mr. and Mrs John Johnson re- • turned from their wedding trip to; Wisconsin and are now at home to, their friends on the farm Just north' of town. They were given a warmi welcome by their Lyndon neighbors j and Mr. Johnson "set 'cm up" in royal style. ALKY RUNNER PAYS FINE OF $1,000 AUD COSTS, RELEASED Morrison, 111., Oct. 19.—(Special) —Philip Ooldrrmn, who WHS arrested Wednesday sfterr.oon with 125 gallons of alcohol In his westbound automobile, just after it had gotten inside the oast city limits, appeared in county court Thursday, paid a fine of $1,000 ajMMftsed against him by Judge BlcKlgett and departed from the city. The judge also assessed the cost* of Mia case against Goldman as a part of the sentence NOT REPRESENTED AT MEETING OF SCOUTS Morrison, 111., Oct. 19.—(Special) —Morrison was not represented at the banquet niven In Rockford last evening at which time Bert Hassel und Parker Cramer, the Rockford- to-Stockholm fliers, were given their home-coming ovation Sn connection with some of the Boy Scout activities. Several Morrison men had previously made plans to be present but cancelled their program on account of Inclement weather, other engagements, colds, etc. Will Board Out Fine Morrison. 111., Oct. 19.—(Special) —Mike T. Ryan, who claims Dixon as his home, was brought to the county jail by Deputy Chnrles Biddies of Sterling, following the former's arrest and subsequent fine of $100 and costs on a charge of disorderly conduct. Ryan could not raise the necessary amount and will board out the amount as a guest of the county. It will take him 41 days to do this. Marriage Licenses Morrison, 111,. Oct. 10.—(Special) — Marriage licenses were issued Thursday to Joe R«yes and Dollie Oalindo, both of Sterling; Harry Anderson of Porreston and Tille Dur- nnd of Shannon; and LeRoy H. Woessener and Ada M. Hlllerus, both of Sterling. MORRISON BRIEFS Morrison, 111., Oct. 10.—Latest re- .ports from the bedside of Clarence Reap, who « nt the Scerling hospital are that he is making such splendid recovery that his removal from the institution appears to be a probability by the end of the week. The Paul Richmond home is under quarantine -duo to an attack of diphtheria suffered by Mrs. Richmond. Fortunately the attack is not a hard one. and she seems to be recovering daily. F. C. Barnum attended a meeting of the Rock River Valley photographers convention which was held last evening In Sterling. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest DeWeerd and Herman DeWeerd left yesterday for Hudsonville, Mich., where they were called by the serious illness of their brother, Micholas De Weer.d. On account of tne funeral services of Mrs. James Miller, which were held this afternoon, the meeting of the stewardship circle of the Presbyterian church was not held this afternoon. The Misses Mary and Jessie Barnes expect to spend the weekend with their brother Charles in Chicago. Mrs. L. C. Young haa left for Columbus, Ohio, and was met in Chicago by her husband. Mrs Curry is reported aa being quite ill at the home of her dsugh- te*. Mrs. Ella Crump. DeVoe Double Daylight The Whitest of all Enatnel Finishes. It stays white. Wonderful hiding- power. Spreads easily. A lasting finish for kitchens and bath rooms. Three finishes—Flat, egg shell gloss and high gloss. Recommended by'Dorothy Loudon. Pall Clearance Sale of Wall Paper tiow in progress. Better Paint Store .4. T, CQNDE IW West Third St. Phwte OF H^ Til. {> *«!t<'"; in fvil hnvr- r fnliowine o his'r an:! >» Oa Sh* Bill*' e.«f3 ' |Sf> { rmiU! glf*. <-rf AT First f...!.itrwr».r! r '*£r\ TX-~^-c*i ~ w l ft ftv*~ l!k*fft jftfigytj !.>- y W «*.sj«T!»i Of I,,7 Vlr» presW^nf, VlrRll 6*crctary, Helen H. Treftm.trer, VJrjrll Witnwi»r, Reporter. B«rnlf« r, Iren«> Carlson Presldrnt, Krlth YotiMf. Vic* ps-fslclrnt. Zvln. B«ll. Berrr-tjiry snd trea.rar^r. ftr-rF.fn, Reporter, Ada Burns. Class advisor, Everett Small. President, Paul Hilbish. Secretary and treasurer, Wllbrrl Miller. Reporter. Ruth BldSinger. Tretltm&n. Claw advisor, Martha Sfclnner. President, Robert Flnnlcum. Vice president, Audrey James. Secretary and treasurer, Albert Miller. Reporter, Marian Marshall. ENTERTAINS~THi EEXE W.F.M. SOCIETY Erie. Ill, Oct. 19 — (Spec!*!.) — The Woman's Foreign Missionary society of the Methodist church met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Alice Mllicr. There was n good attendance, The recently elected officers were Installed by the pastor, Rev. A. L. Shute. The devotional service was In charge of Mrs. Lou Miller. Miss! Katherine Pierce was program lead er. The subject for the year is "Af rlca," and the first chapter of tb text book was presented. A fine report of the district meet Ing at DeKalb was given by Mrs. A L. Shute. This was the day for the quarter ly tea and the refreshment commit tee was as follows. Miss Kettle Slay maker, Mrs. Josic Pfundstein, Mrs Lou Miller. Mrs. Catherine Uriel tmd Mrs Alice Miller. W, a.m. Momfnt frptsWp, 10:SO. f**v. K, F- Irvln. «p»o4lfaj'j».«f^c of ih? lilinoi* RTnod, will d»Jtv*r th« tn*s- f.npc both mnrtifnf snd erenlnjr. Th« r,uth*r League ».t 8:fi.J will he w>n- <i!!f-t»d hy MlMr«d .nnt; toptc, "Can All Be MlwdonarSea." Ths esMifsr- pnrf of nortlwm initutta synod -will !v held !rt the Chudwlek church October 80-31. Hop? ISTRnt«l!cal ti'- F. W, D»«tsche. p«ster. The ••^rv!w« which hare been In the psst two wfl«%» will over Sunday and mudc at that time «.s to whether they shflil continue teyond th*n. Hrv. B. O. Ebwly, the wilt preach e«ch «ven!nf this except Saturday fend at' both ICPS on Sunday, Sunday school night will be observed on Pridssy nlRht. A special feature of the serv- !."-fls hM be«n «p*€!al mxwlc each evening by different persons of the ! church. Sunday service: 9:30 a. m.. ' Sunday Kchoo!. 10:30 a. m,, preaching, Rev. S. O. Eberly. 6:30 p. m., Junior League, Mrs. Laura Oetz. 7:30 p. m., preaching and evangelistic service, R«v. 8. O. Eberly, ± i ^_^ • - - -" «• Mw.wsnk «f*»w fcf Mrs. Ms-! t!*rt* T nary iwtetf of t.h* Otn- by JK^ ch'ifch fnterti»fn*>d fb* ralss<on.i!'7 (society of t-Mf Mei-hcxilsi efrorch at the horn* of Mrs. O. C. "rite Morris on Ttwwlsy aflwnoon from S to 5 o"clc*ck, ft* a farewell cwrtMy to Mrs. P. H. Mawm. Mrs. Miwon has hwr* tft» president of the former society and Ms taken a d«p Interest In the work of both auxiliary undetiei. That tb« Methodist, society would be snients of the afternoon was a surprise, which Mr*. Mason lenrned only after her arrival st the Morris home. The following prosr«m was srlven: Prayer, Mrs. Mason; flonj?, "FYom Oreejiland's Tcy Mountains," by bofli societies; rradinir. Mrs. Mill- You . Farmer Fenton U. B. Church Fenton. 111.. Oct. ID.—(Special) — Fenton U. B. church services will be as follows: Bible school, 10 a. m. morning worship, 11:00; ' subject "Christ the Son of Righteousness,' text Matt. 4:2; Christian Endeavor, 7:00 p. m.; topic, "How Does Law Increase Freedom?" Rom. 13:1-8; Rachel Ewers, leader. Evening service, 7:45. The question and answer method by the audience is proving quite popular for .the evening service. The lesson for Sunday evening begins with "The Raising of Lazarus" and continues through the last week of Christ's life. Bring your Bibles and take part in this educational program. Rev. J. O. Neal pastor. Rally Open To Public Morrison, 111.. Oct. 19.—(Special) —Attention has been called to the fact that Borne of the newspapers of this section have EO worded their announcements of the big^republlcan rally and barbecue to be held Saturday at the home of Mrs. Ruth Hanna McCormick near Byron £n such a way that it might be interpreted that the affair is not for the general public. This paper has been requested to announce that everyone who is interested is welcome. This Lady's Health Com. pletely Restored By Amazing New Vegetable Compound "When I have received such amas> ing benefits from it, there is surely no reason in the world why I should not indorse Qly-Cas," Mrs. Irene K. Yencer. lor 19 years a resident of Postoria, Ohio, living at 5U Lynn St., recently said. MRS. 1BENE K. YENCER. "For over 2 years by liver had caused me trouble," she continued. 'My skin was yellowish and I was so weak I had to lie down several times before finishing my house* work. There was a constant soreness across my back and my kidneys disturbed me so at night. 1 didn't seem to cars for food at {til and had a rock-like feeling in any stomach. My condition was just &U I had di»y spells (tad was losing weight. I had tried many ways to tad my health troubka, wh«i I learned of Gly-Cas «*$4 ;heu, itt only a few days, my eojuij- finally began to improve, '! a siogle ache or pain now. The di<tay spells, b&ck have ail ed, my coaiplexioai h«s cleared C t'*t better, enjoy my uteaLs the fomer awful un d a-clui# . This wonderful Gly-Cas u uiy jfnUHudt'." Oiy-CA» Mild ui eter!m£ «t diicki drug store uitd ai Ruck fsli* chy's; Tawptco. H: fc; Cam; We will pay the following prices for your produce. ABE HOWE NAMED S Th, Springers and AS FIRE 0HIEF over 26c Jb, 4 Ifis. Springcra up to 5 ffis. 23c tb No. 1 fir own Eggs, per doz 4(k No. 1 White Eggs, per doz 38c Morrison. 111., Oct. 19.—{Special) —At their regular meeting: held Wednesday night, the Jackson Hose Co.. selected a chief to take the place nmde vacant Rt the September mectSng by the resignation of Lloyd Knox, who IIM removed to Crystal Lnke, Rl. Harold "Abe" Howe, who has been acting chief since the former officer left, was officially named to continue, and bis previous position will from now on be filled by Joe Wilson. Mr*. f« th«t hlp» H CHANGES NAME i Pelham, N. Y.—Alfred and Al- '• phonse Hell suffered considerable j embarrassment because of their j family name. 80 they sought and were granted to change it to Helll. Biackhawk Produce Co. Foot of Second Are., STERLING TELEPHONE S33 Do .you fear middle-age} Women who approach middle age in good physical condition have little to fear. If you are nervous and run down, you should begin at once to build up your general health. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Exercise regularly but not too strenuously. Eat balanced meals. Sleep at least eight hours every night. Take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound four times .a day. This dependable medicine will help to tone up your system, improve /^ the appetite, induce natural sleep and give you the reserve strength you need. Vegetable LYDIA E. PINKHAM MEDICINE CO.. LYNN, MASS. and to give you yourself lasting satisfaction and pride in your selection, we as Gift Counselor? suggest — COMMUNITY PLATE We vault! tike to *how you the whale range d! Commttairy't beautiful iadividuaJ piece* — complete K($, &oia the xs-kas Petit fo* : . the ubk &iivcr of fosiuou, i» <tba emu loaded »» Oppold's Jewelry Store 9 Ea»t Third St., Sterling Announcing FOR SATURDAY, OCT. 20th at the LADIES' LEATHERETTE BEDROOM SLIPPERS Red, Blue, Brown WE SUCCEEDED IN SECURING THIS SPECIAL PURCHASE WHICH WE ARE OFFERING YOU TOMORROW AT THIS REMARKABLE LOW PRICE. Shop Early—Avoid the Rush Sterling Bootery 322 Locust Street STERLING, ILLINOIS To Democrats who " ^ have Sometimes husbands and wives differ on politics and patterns. A case from our note book: Husband— heart set on brown. Wife— mind set on blue. We showed browns— blues— and then came a brownish blue that brought both candidates on the same ticket. But why shouldn't we be able to please a couple— when we ate pleasing hundreds? Bradleu-B&ynton Co. «SF **^

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