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Montpelier, Vermont
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-r 'sr- fUnnlpIter Euenmg At! CENTRAL LEADING DAILY Weather Report High Winds Tonight with Rain Saturday Set You're Safe Sure With Anti-Freeze VERMONT'S CAPITAL CITY NEWSPAPER Member Of The Associated Press Since 1900 Foiuidd By Hiram Atkins In 1863 VOL LVII NO 264 MONTPELIER YT FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 10 1954 PRICE FIVE CENTS Blow Threat Personnel Bd akes Action On Skillin Mother And 2nd Big Son Suicide To New In Hardwick England May Strike Late Tonight Hardwick Local and state authorities continued their investigation today of what appeared to be a double suicide of a G8-year-old Hurricane Edna Heads North Entire Coast Alerted Asian Treaty Looks Nice On Paper Boston (A5) The weather bureau said today that if the forward speed of Hurricane Edna increases a definite threat to New England of hurricane winds and abnormally high tides would result by late tonight Storm warnings were displayed Washington county senatorial seat aspirants cluster around smiling James Brock center who served as moderator at last candidates meeting sponsored by the League of Women Voters Left to right are Mrs Mildred Hayden the Rev Gerald FitzPatrick Donald McClelland Paul Guare Brock Donald Smith George Sibley Gordon Loveless and Evo Luccina Guare and Luccina are Democrats the rest being Republicans Not shown are Charles Barber Democrat and William Scott Republican Although the size of Moderator smile would indicate he was running for office himself he made it clear to the photographer that such was not the case Liz-zari photo Over WOO Killed In Algiers Quake The state personnel board yesterday recommended to Governor Emerson that a employed by the state be dicharged from his job with the Free Public Library Commission within two weeks time The recommendation was made in the case of Glenn Skillin who has appealed a selective service classification of I-A-0 which made him eligible for non-combatant military service Although discharge from state employ was demanded by both local posts of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars the personnel board did not admit this was the reason his firing was recommended Personnel Director Norman Davis said Skillin was only a temporary employe and under newly adopted regulations persons cannot be retained as a temporary slate employe for more than a six period Skillin hfts been with the Free Public Library Commission for nearly 18 months Davis said that Skillin told the personnel board at a meeting this week that he felt that his job was only temporary and that he was working out two years of Army service The personnel director said the board had no other recourse exceot to discharge Skillin because of the new regulation regarding tempor-ay employes Skillin told reporters he had nothing to say about the matter When Skillin first entered state employ the selective service system and the state had an agreement whereby conscientious objectors could work out the duration of their service in state employ But with adoption of the new regulation limiting employment of temporary held to a six period the pact was declared void Most Local Primary Interest Centers Around Senate Race Eight Senate Hopefuls At LWV Forum along the entire New England coast and whole gale or hurricane warnings may be displayed this afternoon the bureau said Small craft were advised to remain in port and all interests should remain on the alert for later advices this afternoon the chief forecaster added The report said precautions should be made without delay for the possibility of the hurricane moving close to southern New England sometime At 10 am EDT the hurricane was located about 200 miles south of Cape Hatteras North Carolina It was moving northward at about 10 to 12 miles an hour and it is expected to continue at the same rate during the next 8 to 12 hours The Weather Bureau here said winds will increase late today and tonight and will reach gale force mother and her 37-year-old mar- ried son Hardwick police officer Cecil Thomas identified the victims as Mrs A Kinney and her son Robert He reconstructed the double tragedy as follows: Mrs Kinney wife of a prominent Hardwick physician disappeared from her South Main street home sometime yesterday morning Her disappearance was reported to Hardwick police by her oldest son John around 5 Dr Kinney was away on a fishing trip and did not return until last night Search was started for Mrs Kinney and her body was recovered early today from the Lamoille river near the Jackson bridge just west of Hardwick on Route 15 leading to Morrisville Officer Thomas said that shortly after the recovery of the body her son Robert apparently took his own life by shooting himself with a shotgun His body was discovered by his wife The couple have one child The Hardwick police officer said he had talked with Robert late last night while searchers combed the river for the body of his mother and the son seemed to be depressec at the time Assisting local police in the investigation were state troopers from St Johnsbury and headquarters in Montpelier Caledonia County Sheriff Carroll Lafoe and attorney John Downs of St Johnsbury It was the second time in recent years that tragedy has visited the Kinney family Several years ago another son Dr Michael Kinney serving with the armed forces was parachuted nto the wilds of Alaska to rendei medical aid to members of a airplane He failed to survive jump By GEORGE A MCARTHUR ALGIERS Algeria -The earth still trembled at Orleansville today more than 24 hours after the disastrous earthquake that wreaked a death toll estimated at more than 1000 Europeans and Algerians Another 2000 were believed hurt Shocks less violent than the first were felt five times last night and this morning One lasted several seconds bringing down unsteady houses and great pieces of shat- By JAMES MARLOW WASHING TON itfPThe new agreement among the United States and seven partners to defend Southeast Asia against any Communist attacks looks nice on paper It has been called a triumph of American foreign policy It has also been shrugged off as weak This is one agreement whose effectiveness depends entirely upon how well the eight nations which signed the United States Britain France Australia New Zealand the Philippines Pakistan want it to work It could be stronger But if it were the Senate might balk It could include more members such as Japan Nationalist China South Korea but they may be added later First reaction after reading this agreement signed at Manila Wednesday might be: see how-much it means the first time the Chinese Communists put it to a est" But the Chinese may be afraid to test it fearing that the United States might then go to var in Asia The agreement will have proved i success if without a shot being ired it deters the Communists rom aggression In Europe the Russians have not moved since 1949 when the Western including the United States Britain set up NATO the' North Atlantic Treaty Crganization The 14 NATO mem-ers are pledged to help one another automatically in case any ot hem is attacked The Manila called he Southeast Asia Collective Defense doesn't go as far as NATO The eight partners agreed inly to "act to meet the common danger in accordance" with each member's "constitutional processes" That looks like a wide-open escape hatch Presumably this language means the American President and Congress and the governments of th( other seven partners would make heir own decisions on whether tc get into war in Asia tered walls Blasted buildings in tomorrow morning the heart of the town were crum- Residents of coastal New England tiling into the streets flooded newspapers and radio sta- There were 2000 rescue workers tions with calls on the latest and as many more troops on the progress spot about 100 miles west of Al-1 it was only 10 days ago that giers The French army which Hurricane Carol the new storm's rushed all available troops and predecessor smashed into New ambulances to the area also sent England killing 68 persons and four bulldozers and eight big water causing millions of dollars in dam- By Stan MacPherson Interest in the Washington county senatorial race may be the sole reason why a goodly number of local residents might troop to the polls to cast their ballots in primary election A fast check of several downtown meeting places including barbershops and the ever-popular street corners found little if any interest in either the campaign for governor or lieutenant governor And when the word is used here reference of course is to tile campaigns waged by Republicans as Democratic candidates at the county and state levels arc already assured of nomination While it is true that people are willing to stop and talk about the forthcoming elections very few are carrying the torch for any single The consensus in Montpelier is that Lt Gov Joseph Johnson will not have too much trouble carrying the day in his quest for the governorship Most local voters unlike considerable numbers in other sections of the state give State Senator Henry Vail a ghost of a chance to defeat Johnson Although local residents are quick to pick a winner in the contest for the gubernatorial nomination very few will hazard a guess as to how the contest for second spot on the ticket will turn out By JACK RUTLEDGE MEXICO CITY UP) Ex-President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman of Guate- mala flew into Mexiean exile day as threatening crowds screamed Criminals! at his departure from his homeland The chief of ousted pro-Communist regime landed here before dawn in a special Mexican plane He was accompanied by his wife their two young sons and 17 of his supporters All had been refugees with hundreds of others in the Mexican Eight of ten aspirants for state senator nominations at next primary appeared at a meeting sponsored by the Montpelier League of Women Voters at the Union School Auditorium last night Presenting five minute speeches during the hour-long program were six candidates for the three Republican nominations and two candidates for the three Democratic nominations Republicans present were George Sibley East Montpelier Donald Smith Barre Town Gerald Fitzpatrick Montpelier: Mildred Hayden Berlin: Gordon Loveless East Montpelier and Donald McClelland Montpelier Appearing for the Democrats were Paul Guare Montpelier and Evq A Lucchina of Barre William Scott of Barre Republican and Charles Barber of Northfield Democrat were unable to be present Moderator for the session was Attorney James Brock former judge of the Montpelier municipal court who introduced each speaker with details of biography and background The meeting was opened by Mrs Charles Piche president of the Montpelier League of who explained the purpose in sponsoring the forum SRe introduced Mrs Robert a member of the League who directed the plans for the meeting (Continued Parre Five) tanks along with eight tons of bread and other food 50 field kitchens and 35 cooks to mftn them The mayor of the city was quoted as saying: had to evacuate 95 per cent of the houses but we evacuate the town going put everybody into Rescoe teams returning here said identification of European (Continued on Page Five) to-1 Vest Pocket War Continues On China Coast age Planes at Quonset Point RI Naval Air Station were brought to inland bases and extra watches were ordered at the base to secure all equipment Beach home owners and other residents of the shoreline also were taking precautionary measures as they prepared for the worst while hoping for the best The weather outlook caused Lt Col Philip Keating to call off all weekend training plans for the 89th Fighter Bomber Wing and 24th Squadron at Hanscomb Field in Bedford Cel Keating commanding 2234th Air Force Reserve Combat Training Center at Bedford post-(Continued on Page Five) McCarthy Winds Up Testimony Lined up for lieutenant governor embassy in Guatemala since the Leading Democrats Backllarriman Names Ready For 18 More Tropical Blows US Has More A-Weapons In Arsenal By FRED HOFFMAN WASHINGTON IJPI Chairman Lewis Strauss of the Atomic Energy Commission says the United States has many more atomic-weapons in its arsenal than it did a year ago Strauss was tight lipped yesterday When reporters sought to find out about US and Russian progress in the atomic arms race The AEC chief told a news conference this country has weapons by a widp margin than we had a year and he said the production rate is mounting rapidly But when asked whether the United States has any new weapons Strauss would only recall that he had said a spring series of weapons tests in the mid-Paeifie very fruitful" A newsman asked if there had been any new Soviet atomic blasts since the United State announced detection of a Russian test about a year ago After some thought Strauss replied: is a field where I ought not to He cautioned newsmen not to "draw any inferences" from his reply The AEC chairman said that all likelihood there will he continuing tests of new at the Marshall Islands proving grounds Other sources have reported a new test series is in the works for next spring Strauss also said he knows of no plan to move the testing area from where a mighty hydrogen bomb was detonated last March setting loose a radioactive cloud which drifted beyond the warning area forces of Lt Col Carlos Castillo Armas forced Arbenz out of office June 27 Castillo now president finally granted the refugees safe conduct permits out of the country in accordance with the traditional Latin-American right of political asylum But the new Guatemalan regime announced it would seek the extradition of those wanted for pumerous murders tortures and other crimes it has laid to the former government Associated Press Correspondent Alvaro Contreras reported from Guatemala City that strong cordons of military police were needed to protect Arbenz from the large and angry crowds which gathered last night first at the Mexican embassy and later at the airfield The ex-presid9nt and his party were spirited out of a back door and taken safely to the airport by a circuitous route Ike To Meet With Pop GOP Men Today TAIPEII Formosa Chinese Communist artillery batteries and military bases on the mainland coast opposite Formosa were bombed and shelled the fifth straight day by Nationalist planes and warships today A Defense Ministry communique said only that results of the latest attacks were being assessed The pocket war" over the Nationalist offshore island of Que-moy 120 miles west of here and just seven miles off the China coast began a week ago today with a five-hour Red bombardment from shore batteries Although the fight showed no sign of cooling Nationalist officials today flew a group of newsmen to Quemoy for an on-the-spot inspection Among the group was Associated Press Correspondent Spencer Moosa The Defense Ministry said Nationalist planes yesterday destroyed 18 Chinese Communist surface craft including several motorized vessels They also bombed Communist fortresses at Aotou and Shihmutou satellite bases to the big Red base at Amoy All are within artillery range of Quemoy Nationalist warships were credited with inflicting heavy ddmage on Red fortresses- at Wuyu Cape Chenhai and other tiny Red-held islands in the Amoy area The continued attacks on surface craft along the China coast would indicate confirmed Nationalist fear of a Communist attempt to jnvade Quemoy which is defended by upwards of 30000 Nationalist troops There lias been no official indication an invasion might be imminent however President Hides Freight Elevator WASHINGTON 0B Sen McCarthy finished testifying in his own defense against censure charges today and won agreement from the special Senate hearing committee to examine the "hot document" of the McCarthy-Army dispute and decide whether it will be accepted as evidence Chairman Watkins (R-Utah) ordered a recess of the hearings until 1 pm (EDT) He said the committee would examine the paper meantime and announce when it reconvened whether it would admit the 2V4 page paper which has heen gingerly handled by two Senate committees Also scheduled for the afternoon was the start of cross-examination of McCarthy who has been his Wn star defense witness His counsel Edward Bennett Williams asked him only a couple of questions before the public session was called off today Then he announced that McCarthy was ready for cross examination At a closed-door session just ahead of the brief open hearing the committee decided "at least to the controversial paper which McCarthy has heen trying to get into the current case The disputed paper was produced by McCarthy at the recent hearing on his dispute with Army officials but members of the committee which investigated that quarrel refused even to look at it And Atty Gen Brownell ruled it should not go on any public record McCarthy offered it at that time in support of his contention that his investigation of alleged Red infiltration tit the Army's Ft Monmouth radar laboratory was are House Speaker Consueio Bailey of South Burlington former Gov Harold Arthur of Burlington and Attoney Geneal Elliott Barber Jr of Brattleboro All three have impressive records as vote getters and the few people who are talking politics these days in Montpelier are divided us to whom will win Mrs Bailey astounded the when she defeated five male candidates to become first woman speaker of the House Some say continue her winning ways and be first femaio lieutenant governor Others are quick to point out that Arthur has a hard core of votes that he can depend on and these may he enough to hoot him home a winner come Tuesday Although ho is a former governor Arthur was never elected to the post He moved up from the lieutenant office when Ernest Gibson was named to the federal court bench in 1050 AtWncy Gen Barber demonstrated two years ago he could pile up a big vote by winning the GOT nomination for attorney general by a huge margin He hus considerable support among the legal fraternity in Vermont and will draw heavy support from the more liberal wing of the Republican party Yet despite the fact that there has been some name-callirig in the gubernatorial campaign which usually attracts interest and despite the fact that a woman is running for lieutenant governor the Washington county senatorial race wi be the drawing card as far us Montpelier goes Tuesday There is no contest for city representative and Rep John Wack-ermnn will be re-nominated The Democrats did not enter a candidate for representative in Montpelier this year But seven are seeking the Republican nomination to the three available senatorial seats tin largest number to toss their hats in to the ring in recent years Heading the list are the three in cuinbents Mrs Mildred lluyden of I Berlin the Rev Gerald Fitz-! Patrick of Montpelier and li William Scott of llarre Integrity Of News Editors Musi Be High NEW YORK iff) Four of New York leading Democrats have formally endorsed Averell Harriman for the party's nomination for governor All may not be clear sailing for the millionaire New Deal Fair Deal stalwart however because some powerful backers of Rep Franklin Roosevelt Jr threaten a flobr fight at the Democratic State Convention But the leaders' endorsement probably has assured Harriman of a majority of the delegates A statement backing Harrhnan was issued late yesterday by Democratic State Chairman Richard II Balch and Democratic National Committeeman Carmine De Sapio who also is leader of Tammany Hall the Manhattan party organization The statement here the inscription that it was "concurred by Sen Herbert Lehman who is vacationing in Idaho and New York Mayor Robert Wagner who has rejected bids he seek the gubernatorial nomination The statement was issued at Democratic State Headquarters after several top party leaders had failed in private efforts to persuade Roosevelt the only other active contender to bow out in favor of Harriman Several upstate Democratic lead- MIAMI Fla When Hurricane Edna makes up her mind and moves off the weather scene names are ready for 18 additional tropical storms this season Edna is No 5 so named for the fifth letter of the alphabet Her predecessors were Alice Barbara Carol and Dolly That makes a total of 23 names Grady Norton chief storm forecaster in the Miami Weather Bureau said that number should be more than sufficient since the greatest number of tropical storms ever recorded in the Atlantic-Caribbean-Gulf of Mexico area was 21 in 1933 The entire list of names is selected by the Aif Coordinnling Committee on Meteorology made up of Air Force Navy and Weather Bureau men at Washington In selecting a name they study how it will transmit by radio to ships and airplanes at sen with a minimum of confusion Gilda for example formerly was called Gail but that confused with gale winds and the name was changed Names remaining after Edna are Florence Glide Hazel Irene Jill Katherine Lucy Mabel Norma Orphn Patsy Queen Rachel Susie Tina Una Vicky and Wallis Norton frequently gets requests to name a hurricane rifter a favorite girl friend or wife "I do it" he replies "I By RVIN ARROW SMITH DENVER President Eisenhower arranged a political meeting today and aides predicted more of the same sort of restrained campaigning he has been carrying on for continued Republican control of Congress He scheduled a breakfast session with the GOP chairmen of 21 Midwestern and Rocky Mountain states The Republican leaders are meeting in Denver the President's vacation headquarters to figure out how best to try to elect party candidates to the House and Senate in November White House Press Secretary James Ilagerty told newsmen the President had no advance plans for any speech at the meeting Eisenhower told Washington news conferences weeks ago he would do no barnstorming for individual Republican candidates for Congress He said that instead he planned to get around the country this summer and fall to plug the records of his administration and the 83rd GOP-run Congress So far he has been doing just that Party candidates have come away from the summer White House saying the President has wished them luck in their campaigns and that he wants them to win But since he came to Colorado Aug 21 for a work and play vacation there have been no out-and-out Eisenhower statements endorsing individuals WEATHER REPORT i-lfe DOWN Live SUNAPEE NH lfl Gov Hugh Gregg of New Hampshire says the integrity of news editors must be "even higher than that of public He toldmore than 100 persons attending a meeting of the New England Associated Press News Executives Assn yesterday that "irresponsibility in news editors can be more damaging to the public welfare than irresponsibility in public officials" Gregg said that by the more fro-quent use of by-tines reporters they art licensed to express personal views on personalities or issues in news Ho termed that "a dangerous trend" The governor paid tribute how- to the Associated Press saying: great Associated Press organization which reports the news In every corner of the world and (Continued on Page Six) ers declared their continued sup-1 needed The paper purported to tic letter from the FBI to Army in- DENVER iP The lowly freight elevator at the Brown Palace Hotel has acquired new prestige It was called into emergency service the other night for a distinguished visitor when the regular elevator jammed President Eisenhower didn't mind at nil It was just a little slower that way getting to the nintli floor for party with some golfing friends port of Roosevelt for the nomination Harriman 62 issued a brief statement last night saying he was gratified at the support of the four top party leaders He said that if nominated he would lead a vigorous fight for the Democratic party's principles which "I deeply lie lieve are vital to the welfare of the people of our state" (Continued dn Page Six') telllgence reporting on jicrsonnel 1 receive a list of names und orders at the laboratory to use them in sequence 1 follow FBI Director Edgar Hoover orders" said it was not a letter but con-! lamed Melinite excerpts from a longer confidential FBI memorandum The committee recessed at 10:18 nm until 1 pm to examine the document and to check on some "other matters" Hurricane Edna expected to be near southeastern New Englund cnrly Saturday morning Cloudy with occasional rain ami increasing winds tonight reaching to CO mph south portion and 20 to 40 mph north portion late tonight and Saturday morning Rain followed by gradual clearing (Continued on Page Three).

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