The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on February 28, 1911 · Page 12
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 12

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Tuesday, February 28, 1911
Page 12
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.X ·1' 3- * PASTORS TOANOPENSUNDAy National Reform, Association Inaugurates National-Wide Movement. "FOREIGN" SUNDAY IS FOUGHT Clergymen Unite in Combatting "Liberal" Tendency Over Country. P a , Feh 27 --Special legislation, pending in -serious slates, providing for more liberal laws affecting Sunday obsenance. has roused a storm of protest which took formal shape in Pennsylvania ocla\, when a state convention was opened at Harnsburg under the auspices of the National Reform Association The proposition pending in Pennsylvania provides a way to open theaters and baseball parks to (hose -who pay admissions on Sundfn The law as it now stands is very strict in its prohibitory provision?, and this convention was called to \oice an earnest defense of the law as it stands Delegates from all sections of Pennsylvania are attending and steps will be taken making read\ for the second World's/ Christian Citizenship Confer- encrlXhlch will be held on the Pacific sloi^S In 1912. Xne of the verv conspicuous factors n the Hanisburs convention IB the Rev. Dr. H. n. George of Beaver Falls, Pa., who is hittrrlv opposed to nny and every encroachment upon the Sabbath law as it stands. Sabbath law as it stands BILL IN NEW YORK. When discussing tw s subject. Dr. George said: "There is n wide-open Sabbath bill before the Leglspature in New ^ or ' c ",, I X was )ntr °dueed by Representative McGrath. One of those who apolo- THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR, TUESDAY, FBBR BrideWhoMay Cost "Hubby"$25,000 for thp bill said: .. The bill is not intended to break down i« Am?rlcan Sabbath' Surh a proposition has in it aboul as much sense as tnere would be in saying, 'To pour water on a flame of fire is not intended to put It out,' And, after all, it is not greatly surprising that a man who can Introduce such a bill and advocate it could make such a senseless statement What doos he mean by the American Sabbath? Where did it come from? What is Its A history? Who are its patrons? And what is the service ot it? If baseball does not break it down, will theaters and horse races, and cook fights? Will house building or ax and shovel factories, or banking or storekeeping, or any other business transaction break it down? Wherein does baseball differ from other sports that it alone should preserve the hours of tljls American Sabbath sacred and holy? Or, perhaps, his Sabbath does not have quiet and sacred hours. If you open the door to one such bodily a.nmsement on -such- a day. you th 1 -w wide the flood gates that will give fullest liberty to everything recorded In the catalogue of sports, and when all are ·at agoing his American Sabbath would be a high day. ASKS SHARP QUESTION. "To a thoughtful mind It would be much more fitting to kindle a fire in all the business manufactories, and carry on ' useful, honest business, that would I furnish a living to needy workingmen. ! Why permit strong, healthy young men 1 to work off their excessive vitality In pitching and batting and catching and throwing the ball for sport only, and i prevent anxious, burdened men who are struggling to keep their families from do- in** what will furnish a. maintenance for them? Again the gentleman who would have the sports all going, and the mills all running, lie would certainly have something of an odd American Sabbath. ,. "In his disseration upon the subject, the New Tork man says: 'Clergymen of 8T Mo., Feb. 27.-Thonms N Noonan, who is a member of an old family of this, city, may lose $25,000 by his recent marriage to Miss Klla Callahan of St. Louis According to a clause In nls father's will Noonan was to lose $25,- 000 if ]f mairied before he was 24 years old The decision leMs with the othei members of the Noonan family. Noonan attempted to keep his marriage a secret, but his .efforts proved unavailing and he was recognized by scveial of his friends the day he was married in St. Charles. all denominations have been speaking out In favor of a liberal policy In the observance of the Sabbath.' How many ot these clergymen have done so? Of how many denominations have the clergymen done ·0? He also says, 'All of them.' And I. SS^ii J? 10 !!* 1 !' 1 * 99% per cent of a » so-called orthodox churches have not J t l s an false as the i » , is false, that the clergymen of «w country are In favor of the baseball DO ley of observing the Sabbath, It is only those who have carried their conti- deaa wlth them w * birthplace, and those in this , American and flcWe faith, and of fallen ln wlth f« ch that are tdday poiicy ° f ° b - says out her dearest, heavon-horn Institution for n plav dav. Men, who prefer baseball pleasure to tho Sabbath, can find localities where they ran have their delights with less opposition than they can In this country. PASTOR FAVORS VOTE. "But with no little assumption oui New York friend continues: 'If wn are to overcome the campaign of misrepresentation' ---silly twaddle--'that has been constantly urged, we must put the facts squarelv before the voters of the state' The squarer the better 'We must show up «tho absurdity of the claim that the movement in favor of Sunday baseball is an attempt to break down the American Sabbath.' What is he talking about, anyhow? What can he mean bv the American Sabbath? A play day? A baseball day? A show day A theater day A hoot and yell and howl day? When did it get Its American character? Where did it get'it? Who gave it to it? The fathers? The colonists who settled the country? The patriots who fought for It? George Washington? The Adamses? Grant or Lincoln? Astounding Information? That baseball is a part of, consistent with, a service In what a New York legislator calls the Amerlcnn Sabbath.' SABBATH SACRED DAY. "There is no American Sabbath. America never originated a Sabbath. There is a Christian Sabbath, a divine, heaven- born institution, as much a, part of God's creation as the sun and the stars, an Institution our fathers inherited, brought with them to this country, entered upon the observance of It as soon as they came here, and our long national history has had respect for It. The only day besides, Is a caricature, a tragedy, a burlesque, where men have taken the Sabbath, wrested it out of its God-made nim and purpose of a sacred rest and worship day, and prostituted It to radically and fundamentally different ends of worldly business»and labor and travel, worldly pleasure and amusement. God's day robbed of God's characteristics, and devoted to men's devices. Baseball belongs to this latter type of day, and its advocates are the advocates of a holiday, rather than a holy day." ON RAILROAD ROW. Real Estate Transfers ,and Building Permits E ?? rftr u d , K .' Barb to Mir y J- N'«wton, lot 32, block 2. Tuxodo Park addition, 40x136 r«et, improted, west side Gladstone avenue, south of New York street 11,80000 Herbert K. Fatout to Michael J Moore A, V2'. I ^ r f. l o t 43 - Boulevard Square. 43x40 feet, Improved northeast corner Ruckle and Thirtieth sti«-ets 3,800.00 Ada B, Bmfth to Marv A Kellogg et a . lot 42, Martindale's Hill Place addition, 30x134 feet. Improved, east sldo Oriental street, north of Bates Perry n Thiuh'W'Kdward Chambers et u x , lot 24, Hrown'* West Mlchl gan street addition, J2'4xl33 feet. Im proved, east side Goodlet a\enue, north of Vermont street 1.32600 iirenavWakefleld to heroy Wakefleld. lots m and 184 Brown's second sec tlon Western Heights. W a j n e Town » i i / , · , ; · · · · 7 B O O ° f * ·« · S Mara fo J' 8 » b "t Hamant, tot «0. West Park addition, 38x135 feet, \arant, east side Wurman avenue, south of New York street 660 00 Woodbury W Tullen to J B FullMi, lot 4 * Winer'* fourth West Tndlanapoll* addition, 15x1351-3 ffft vacant east side Happfs street, south of Lambert James O Barrett'toVharles'Oo'nrad et al., east one-half lot '., Bailey heirs- s u b , 4B' / ix-- feet. Improved, west side Kenwood, avenue, south of T h i r t y wmV nth , 8tr f et ' ' · · · B.500 09 William H Faust to W i l l i a m (' Velillng et ux., lot 21, block 14 Armstrong's nist addition 40x145 feet. Improved, soutli side Thirty first street, we*t of Blinlra sticet . . i 99 William r Vehling to William H w Kaust. same lot . . J oo da G Fl»hpr to Amos fj f,lldewpll et al , part Sees 27 and S4 Tp 17, R 2 Pike Township , 4 0 0 0 0 0 foble M.\PPH to Knos JVHere part south eait U Sec 2» Tp n. R 4. 80 acres. Franklin Township . 800.00 "ora f'hlsman to W i l l i a m A Masten, pait n o i t h w p s t '{ Srr 1") Tp 15, R ·1, (""enter Township 1 5 0 0 0 0 entral Trust C'ompam, trustee, to William L Mvers. lot 23, block, 3. North Brookside Park addition 40x J3B foet, \acant, \\rst side Dearborn street, south of T w e n t i e t h street '10 00 William r, Mjors to Frlelit Miller et u x . lots 11 and 22. same block 70000 ·reo! -Wilkinson Lumber Company to Eldoii T,, Djnes, lot i n n Boswell et al s O r n n d i l e w addition. I 2 8 8 6 * -feet, Improved, west Bid* Monon rail rnad, from T w e n t y eighth to T w e n t y n i n t h street . lo'.OOO.OO FJdon L Ujnes to Dynes Pohlman Company, snme 10,000,00 Jnnnlo King to John W Whltaker. trustee, lot 91. Lewis « Co's Arsenal "eights addition. 40x111 feet, Improved, fast side Jefferson avenue, tvnrth of St Clalr street i oo lolin If Whltaker. trustoe, to Joseph ' ~' " 1.80 - -**·- -- ...».,!., lot 18, CM6ve- land Placo addition, 40x131 feet, improved, west side Jefferson avenue, or Pratt street 3.75000 F-^ k##1 Why Not Now V ^ ^IBURN-CROSBVCft 6 °ui MEDAJLFLOUI I W. King ot u x . same . Charles G Pugh to same, » * · · · · » « · K * l « f C l . * * · · t · · I O, I Mary L Adklns et al to Cora I. Mont- gomerv, lot 13, Lewis Co.'s Arsenal Heights addition. 40x131 feet, Improved, west side Kej stone avenue, south of St Clalr street ... 2,100.00 w" «,' T ' Tok *' administratrix, to Roy V\. Mlchner, part northwest U Reo 17, J p i«, R 6, 7.09 acres, Lawrence r ° [BY GEORGE K. TRASK.] R ener al traveling agent of ,i o ' the hoo line, was In Indianapolis yester- aav. The Panhandle division of the Pennsylvania lailroad has let a contract for a passenger station at Steubenvllle, O., to cost $150,000. J. t. Suavely, claim agent of the Pennsylvania lines at Richmond, Ind.. is at the Deaconess Hospital, suffering from a^breakdown. O. B. Starr, general superintendent of the Pennsylvania lines west, left last night for Philadelphia, Pa., for a conference with the freight traffic officials. y. E. Gibson today takes the position of commercial freight agent of the Missouri Pacific, with headquarters at Lake i naries, La., succeeding J. w. Haley, resigned. ^ The staff officers of the Lake Erie Western held their regular monthly meeting yesterday at the office of the general passenger agent. Both the freight and passenger representatives were pres- a *l ts city passenger and tlck- th Bls Four ' and R - v ............... 1,20000 n? oke to *ame, same tract.. . . 1 00 Trust Company, trustee, to John L .., Ke "P. ot 692, Garneld Park addition, 38x127 feet, Improved, northwest corner Boyd street and Southern a\emm ...... A I «« B «"»« *o John W. Murray' et'ui.'.'io't'm Northcroft addition. 40x140 feet va- wn«' P i as A "I 116 Br0arl way. south of Forty-ninth street . . 626 00 Same, as executor, to Mary B. Hege, ' SI Ot 62 ' ? utle '"« "ddltlon. 50x16* v S d ^J vest Blfl « College ave of Thirteenth street . . . . 6 . 0 0 0 0 0 ^ H ", ry M J«hn.on. lot" m° and "' ^well's north i a "? d ' tlon . vacant, west of Wash- mgton boulevard, south of Porty-slxth NEWS OF COURTS. APFBtXATE COURT. MINUTEB. 7713 Houk is. citizens National Bank of Cranfoi(ls\ille Montgomery C. C. ADDA! lant's reply briefs 7664 The Lake Shore Michigan South- prn Railway Company vs. the Lake Shore South Bend Railway Company. Laporte 8 C Appellee's brief on appellant's petition for rehearing. 7656 Patterson vs Southern Company et al. Pike C. C. petition for oral argument. Railway Appellee's NEW SUITS FIM5D IN COUNT* COURTS. CIRCUIT COURT. 19907. Alexander McPlarn vs the Belt Paul Bonner, administrator, vs. the T . H , . " otel Company. Damages. B W. Little Son 19909 James W. Ammerman vs Alice Ammermaii Divorce L E. Reinhold. TT ? Marlon Trust Company, trustee, vs. Hester R Benlamln et al Petition to dissolve trust. Myers Fenton. SUPERIOR COURT. --Room 1-83129 Mary E McQulllen vg Thomas o?i l i l J Ie 'L, DHorce - Morgan Morgan, sal 34 Minnie E Good wine vs, Ernest Gooawlne. Divorce M M, Bachelder. --Room 2-- ent a*ent of the Michigan Transportation Com- S °' W6re ln J 1 ' McMahan «as resigned as super!, he Indlana Unlon Traction d 1 vote his a «ention to the IotB T J - r«tv. F o . r t y-«ond street south of A Witt to Mabel 'Douglass', "lot" 27' Parker'H sub part Oak Hill, vacant,' street: lot 19, Dletz's sub. Oak Hill. 40x~ feet vacant north side Glen Drive west' of Dletz street and lot 12, block 24, Sangst 0 p mcnt of a ee " h , h and 8IM SPECIES OF BLUFF. . posea as institutions fo the establishment of old would have us believe that t»» country 1s in favor of it or to favor it. while the facts are a lone individuals like himself can be In a few states, with brazen im- WWltience enough to introduce it into til* Legislature when they chance to have -- - -- of the ..n ·whittle and shout for it. are While all P atrl °tic, Christian men u t h e co . untrv stand flint- the mention of such a pro- IL S? 68110 " be squarely put Christ an people of America, have basebal .»»«rth of July, Continenti f ° r egn birth, or the quiet, Sabbath^ and see ArUtian America is not ready to sell £1am all right now, -nks to Dr. Maes' eart Remedy." "APRES MO I" AGAIN ROILS MOB Bernstein's Play It Butt of Organized Disturbances In Paris. PARIS, Feb. 27.---Organized disturbances were renewed tonight at the Come- dle Franealse, where Henry Bernstein's "Apres Moi" la being represented, Both within the theater and In the streets adjoining, the disturbances showed careful planning. A party securely barricaded in a loge set oft fireworks, stopping the performance for fifteen minutes. Outside, a troop of mounted municipal guards trotted up and down the square and prevented the rioters from forming en masse. The manlfestants threw sticks and brooms between the horses' legs and one determined rush was made to storm the theater entrance, where some of their comrades were under arrest. The troopers and police had difficulty in forcing the crowds back. It was announced tonight that the play had been suspended until Thursday owing to the indujposition of one of the performers. the Interstate Commerce not frustrate the Penn- issue of $100,000,000 ad- a «^ v,« ----··· A portion of the money is to he used for improvement, Formal announcement has been made of ±J1 U ES"^5'.""?". S^-. 15 - ^ the pro' . . . J n 'ike coal rates filed bv OM?i tln !S r *»%. 0 . hlo V the Chesapeake Ohio, the Norfolk Western, which were to have gone into effect March 15. Pi St. Louis. Peorla Northwest- flled "tides of incorporation east side Caroline street, south of .Twenty seventh street .. » . .. i »o to Marcla Wood, lot kland Park addition, n.rv. et ' lm » rt » fe d, a»t side Parker avenue, south of Tenth street . . . . i OK AA Ihrlstian W Resener ' to ' Ruby E Kesenei. lot 14 and part 13, Green's southeast addition, 39 2-3x130 feet rUS'u' " orthwe « corner Raymond and Hamburg streets ; . . . . j 00 In «. , i- i4 ' * A ' mstr( "iK Park addition! rfoxi.3 feet, vacant, south side avenue" 8treet ^^ BaT TM» Mary Harsch" to' Mark f l l f t 'et 'ui.'.' iot° 0 0 "** 0 * avenue a"-"""". vacftnt - «ast tide Ash- south ot --Room 3-83076 Claudine C. Chambers vs, Maggie Chambers Divorce Duvall D Robinson 83081. Bessie Overstreet vs. C . C. C. St I, Ry. Co. Damages. Roemler Chnmberlin. 83086. Francis J Wallace v« Beaton Spring Wheel Company et al. On contract. Mahlon E Bash --Room 4 -83073 Gertrude Dodson vs. Ernest B Dodson. Divorce Luculs B. Swift. 83077 Cythea A Morgan vs Margaret M Rose et al. To foreclose mortgage. Clarke Clarke 83082. George W. Breedlove vs. Milton F. Ault. On note. Miller, Shirley, Miller Thompson. Bell KIrkpatrlok. --Room B -83068. Marlon ( Adams Vs. David W. Wet- 83073. Charles P. Johnston vs Winifred Johnston. Divorce Herbert C. Jones. 83078. Maud II. Martin vs Edna W c««i 8i Dama R, e *' Reading Powell 830S3 Leon Martin vs Edna W. Roberta Damages. Reading ft Powell. DAY'S STATISTICS. ' , It is warrn now in the South FLORIDA. THE GULF COAST NEW ORLEANS. MOBILE, PENSACOLA offer a winter climate that is superb, beautiful flowers in abundance, the bluest of skies and perpetual sunshine, numerous good hotels, golfing, surf bathing, boating and fishing.* Let me arrange your trip over 'the Louisville Nashville Railroad through the most attractive section of the south. 1 ' . leepmf ear (reservations ·ddreu J. H. Milliken, Dist Pass. Agt LOUISVILLE, KY. 188 HOTELS AND RESORTS. ^^vx\x\/\xv^ BIRTHS. ^ .. A IA V?? S ^ etary of the state - a t Springfield, 111. The road will run from Peoria to a connection In Macoupin County. The road will furnish a desired coal outlet. Orders for direct and Shay type loco-, mot ves manufactured by the Lima locomotive works have exceeded one' a day since Jan. 1, The -company la emnloy- employ men and l8 CJt P«ting to- em- more, so many orders are In w h « 0 , ward . Elliott, president o f t h e Northern Pacific, has not received a defl- " 0 f i t h * PT« 8 W*n«y ot the Missouri ls " nde "tood he is the man- P fe terence among the several w * hlch . have been considered Mocam . . ie . *? al1 * ? elmorlt addition, feet, improved, wert side Bel' mont avenue, south of Morris street. 1.000 00 Lottie A. Klnsey to John T. Horsoh IM I' ^ merion Avenue addition, 37x 130 feet, vacant, east side Emerson avenue, south of North street. T. 250 00 pany, lot Bros Com square Lincoln Part ·ddltion. 40x141 feet. Improved. w*st side Pennsylvania street, south of Twenty.thlrd .street to Robers. 300 M relief is ready for you. sure yeu do not need it? Ufo' Hewt Remedy helped -q*Hm Hwlmw, why won't it help rm* after mjfaic too* Dr. Milei* 'HMrtHtMdy.Irttft.btttle. Be. fcl* If*t A* Hemrt Rowdy I k«4 of the aiffHMd felt T *y tout be* »try {·*, But thanks * Dt. W* H**rt ·Jl I%|*HW. I SELLS GUNS TO ABYSSINIA. Action of Japan Not at All Pleasing to England. LONDON, Feb. 27.-- England is much concerned over the report that 60,000 stands of arms and about 6,000,000 cartridges, part of Japan's spoils of war taken at Port Arthur, have been sold to Abyssinia. The price raid Is not stated, but the seller states that lie has already been paid. It Is not improbable that a good deal more will be heard of this matter, as the British government has been mak- ng anxious inquiry with a view of flnd- were°b t ought ammunltlon GIRL KILLS NEGRO INSULTER. Shoots Bootblack Who Repeats Re- M i i * . within the last week. i g o u r l a n d e d week end- i « t i , - ing Feb. 26, on the Chicago division, 6,154 L°^l e 1 C ^ r8 v on the Indianapolis division, 6,272 loaded cars; on the Peoria Eastern division, 2.885: an increase over the preceding week of 420 loaded cars and an increase over last year of 6,119 loaded cars. When the status of control of the Missouri Pacific is definitely established at the anmial meeting in St. Louis this month, the Interest which hereafter will dominate the road will assume tlie voice in the management of about 12,000 miles of .line. The Wabash will feel the new order of things to a greater extent than any of the others. The next semi-annual meeting of the Central and Western Association of Car Service officers will be held in Indianapolis in October. The delegates will be taken on a trip around the Belt and Indianapolis terminals. The Transportation) Club, Board of Trade, Commercial Club and Trade Association will help entertain the association. A rumor that the Wabash, like the Missouri Pacific, will pass from the control of the Gould family has raised the ?iiL e f St i°H n as . to "JL lint ls to be d °ne with that property. Westerners would like to Sallie T. Hayes to Silas 3 Earle's Vt'iix Part lot 193. Kuhn et al*· fl«t addY I S2 1 IM'?' 8xlBO feet ' ""^oved. "west street avenue - south of Wllklns Woman's 'Realty' Compatu to Lena ^ Ulierj. lot 22, block 1. Beatty'g addl- tloii. 37V,xn« feet, lmpme$ »... .?L Singleton street, south of 11 ayenue Mary E. Sanders to William J Hin^o^o"^."^^;^- lll( 3£ Hazel straet, north of Frrnway s«o 00 Prank Bledenmelater Pt a! to Tohn 8 Orosbv ot u x . lot 170, Trotter J . a ^*?.'! 1 "?l!l_i ta "« .''«· improved! . - · "VX'.'"; "'"' ""· J-""»Ke » Illb , out- lot 14, 100x180 feet Improved, north- StwrtV?" ° Sh . inston and W'WanV Abraham R 'Nicholas t'c . William B. Robinson to"o«or¥e M Weber, lot 118. Johnson et a"s East Washington street addition 40x130 feet, Improved, east aide Hamilton avenue, south of New York streeT 1 oo a of n t r u n k llnc »«fli« T ' lending from Kansas City to the At- TMany surmises the Am ° n * tlmt Transfers, 44; consideration... .$85,343 oo BITLDIXO PEEWITS. George Hohn. repair,, 1905 North Senate Mary E Warner, (400 1721 Nevada. mark* Third Time. PARAGOULD, A r k , Feb. Mlss U*n a Ml4i*r in Mw l«te war M tl« ftWlioa, tod WM badly -" CHAILE6 HOLMES, TCmma Wilson, 20 years old, shot and killed a negro bootblack lipre this afternoon after he had thrice, insulted her today, she says Miss Wilson says after the man spoke to her the second time she obtained a revolver, thinking hp might talk to her again. When he did sh« ^?A h ;fef m fe! B m u _ y ' shp ·· FATHER CUTS BABY'S THROAT. Attacks Wife With Razor and Fatally Wounds Himself. CLEVELAND, O , Fob 27--Following Win**, Delaware Co, 1 Ha*rt Remedy in thouMnds of homes as a » be relied upon in a quarrel with his wife this afternoon, Anton Scesclk killed his baby by cutting Its throat with a razor. He then at- c n g l l e lent last merged into the Rock Hmry Rochatt, dwelling Washington yard, near Thirtieth, $3,000 the Penn- «v , n enn- syhanla railroad bv the Norfolk Western for the purpose of testing its ra- pac ty has hauled a trnin of elgl tv-flve loaded steel cars over the low g ade of the middle division of the PenniyfvTnla TM" train was the heaviest ever imuied over the Pennsyhanla by one engine It s of mallet compound type If continued tests prove as successful the rail- " Joseph Kamsey, former president of the AV abash, and now president and virtual owner of the Ann Arbor road, one of the best and most successful among the smaller lailroad systems of the United wf n«« K'* plann ?? the elec tnncatlon of ?ro ho. betwe en Toledo and Ann Arbor. He has contracted for a number of electric igasoline cars of the lareest siTM and lilgh f peed n I, understood' ffl J e ^ e)e 5, t , rlc m "ors will be emploved bu'sineT R of .L he ^fa°. r .? f "n^ el H SyIVanIa rai| accepted thp resignation , , , ,, .,, -- ...M. ,,,,,- . - Pugh under the nrnvidinn tacked his wife and after severely wound- °L the company's pension plan to take In *. her, cut his own throat, inflicting a cfrect Maroh t. Mr. Pugh reaches the orobable fatal wnnnd. · B tt retiring age of 70 years today In - - - - - ing his i otirement the board gives nltloni of Ijls I6ng and efficient service' reception willV tendered him V^of/ DANVILLE JURY ADJOURNS. IMNVILLE, III., Feb. 27-When the (frand jury assembled tills afternoon JudKfl Kimbrough informed the members that he believed Foreman Woodyard would !e able to return to his duties ne*t Wednesday He asked the j u i y whether it pncferrod to continue without Mr WwdTard or await his recovery. Tho jury dtclded o wait until he recovered before Continuing Its dutlw, and accordingly it VM adjourned until next Wednes- ^ I'^Wti 4- reception will tendered him today 1A the directors' hom of the Pennsvlvan a b ,y th « officials of the road James Me* S e ?t. lms been ] p le^«l a director of the Northern Cental road, a subsidiary of the Mr. Pugh. to succeed boule- near . «,.iu ucuia ^BQJ, j i U 3 rarK, bov Pearl Halcomb, 229 North Be\ille, "»-··= and Ella Blacketer, 2007 Sheldon, itirl Richard and Ethel Debaun, 1537 Fletcher, William and Martha Duncan, 339 North Ta coma, ffirl. Harry and M j r l l e Hindman, 411 North Grav bov. '' William and Sarah Milligon. 1337 Udell, boy fcdnard and Juna Fischer, 1126 West Thirti fifth, girl Mort and Lottie Jones, 135S West Rav, bov Ross and Louise Carter, 805 East Nineteenth boy. ;ln m . esJftnd Eu "'« Pelrce, 2011 Talbott, bov. Clifford and Martha Goff, 412 East Marke't nov ' Frederick and Marcla Esch, 13 North Cruse, John and Muriel Brandon, 2436 Plereon, boy James and Kmma Crump, 915 Fayette, girl Frank and Bertha Dolen, 224 West Ray girl John and Maud Davidson, 620 Weat Nor wood, girl i Jacob and Theresa Yanzer, 17 East Ray, girl Walter and Julia Hayden, 435 Abbott, girl. IttABRlAGE LICENSES. Samuel O Arbuckle and Lena M, Waggoner Angus T Blush and Mary T, Downing. Charles Hurt and Hallle Duhamel. Claude F. Myers and Geneva A. Bales. Grover C. Parr and Modessa L. Bates, David W. Fosler and Katherlne L. Krausi John C. Bean and Ruby O. Watts. George E Mathis and Chloa M. Wlggam John Roche a"nd Amy Foxlow. Duncan Fergerson and Mary Harding. Luclan De Mar and Beatrice Johnson Jesse S Moore and Llazle Van ,Gorder. \Voodlelgh Rest and Cordle Ewlng Howard K West and Josephine A. Jackson Abraham Simon and Rae Efroymson Raymond Duncan and Lottie Janowiak. Robert R Johnson and Emma Hlnes, DEATHS. Wlllma Burk, 4, City Hospital, accidental burns Elizabeth W. Platt, 73, 2250 North Delaware, chronic interstitial nephritis. Ferdinand L. Adams, 42, City Hospital, gunshot wound of head (suicidal) Lydla Ann Cory, 14. 2234 Depot, diphtheria, Dora Meller, 37, 609 North TacomaT croupous pneumonia. U K «U» John Wesley Crowderg, 8, 530 Willard. nul- monafy tuberculosis Lewta Henry Willis. 40, 3538 North Illinois, chronic Bright 1 * disease Thomas Durham, 61. 1716 Arsenal, gangrene of right foot. Minor Smith. 10. City Hospital, epilepsy. Margaret E. Webster, 58, 1067V4 Virginia, mi- tral insufficiency % ^ C ,V- -if ·4 n Blanche Hyson, double, Twenty-fourth, M.OOO K m^v t M ^° n ' admion ' m o So«th Bis «, Twenty-first marck, 5160, Frank Ittenbaek Son. and Montralm, 11,350 , , Cottage r-on»truotion Company four rj. near Tenth and OlnVy $ 6 4 0 0 $i Bauer, addition, 1901 W C V t ' 4 c h , M n , R nois, repairs, 2023 North Senate lioo Br ' nea°r Wade, addition, 315 Ogden, $260 SHQOTS ALLEGED COAL THIEF. BRAZIL, Ind.. Feb. 27--Howard Parker, 18 years old, was shot and seriously wounded by Park Gassoway, a Vandalla railroad detective, about 9 o'clock tonight. Parker, in company with seven other men, it Is alleged, was in the act of stealing coal from a flat car on a side track. » World'sGreatestAthletesTrain at HOT SPRINGS, Arkansas You business men, on whose physical and mental fitness depends your business-getting power, need for health's sake the waters of the Hot Springe, Arkansas. There is vast significance for you in the fact that the world's greatest athletes can restore ginger, vigor and energy quickest at Hot Springs in preparation for tho season's battles of brain and brawn. Two Weeks Cost No More Than Living at" Home Hot Springs is the world's fashionable playground-a mountain reiort in the center of nature's wonderland. Besides it is the world's 4 greatest natural saqitarium, for its marvelous radio*ctto waten (resulting from wonderful radium gases) effect quick restoration ol the vim sapped by the strenuous business year. There is no substitute for these famous waters. For that reason the United States government own* and control* the Hot Springs, Arkansas, and regulates the charge for ba|;hs, so that every purse is accommodated. Every year 150,000 persons take advantage of Low Round-Trip Fares ^ in * ol l course available f °r visitors at $1.00 per day; $5.00 per week; $25.00 per season, including clubhouse privileges. Tennis fashionable dancing parties, metropolitan theaters and churches' mountain trips, horseback riding over scenic mountain roads, fina Kentucky thoroughbred saddle horses at $1.50 for entire mornine's ride, and a score of other pastimes to pleasantly while away the time. Climate is perfect; mean annual temperature 62 degrees. Luxurious hotels, medium price hotels, highest class boarding houses. Springs owned and controlled by United States Government · ' which regulates prices of baths. , »»««««, For further detailed information write to Georee R Sec'y Business Men's League, Hot Springs, Ark. Iron Mountain Route ON LfFE'S STAGE. Loulsvillcf Courier .Tomna! ;;Toti seem th erf," «ald tho actor »'«·" «*I1 thk hodcarrier. , $l!IoO Rb * rtl '' bulldln|: ' Court *nd Noble, n T n '.r°t«ntn! a A% P «" 1 Ttm ° M ' Ash1and ·«« F I, Gray, double, Good and Dcn-«. $2,000 ASKS NO DUTYON GIR^HORSES War Department Prepare* to Accept Belmont's Hor§e§ Now in France. WASHINGTON, Feb. 27.-J IK lge Advocate General Crowder, having decided that the War Department it at liberty to accept the fine stallions, Henry of Navarre and Octagron, from August Belmont for the purpose of improving the breed of the United States cavalry horses the War Department today called upon the Tiea»ury Department for permission for the free importation Into this country of the two animals named, which are now in France. Since Mr. Beltnont gift the War Department has received several tentative offers of fine breedlnc "l 1 ," 1 ^ 8 .JT 0 ? 1 other homemen, some 0 ? which will doubtleii be nccapted i A HEALTHY, HAPPY OLD AGE May b« promoted by those who gently cleanse the system, now and then, when in ncpd of a laxative remedy, by taking a deseitspoonful of the ever refreshing, wholesome and truly beneficial Syrup O f Figs and Elixir of Senna, which i*, die only family laxative generally approved iy the most eminent physicians, because it acts in a natural, strengthening way and warms and tones up the internal organs without weakening them* It is equally benefi- ficial for the very young and the middle aged, as it is always efficient and free from all harmful ingredients. To get its beneficial effect* it is always necessary to buy dm genuine, bearing the name of the Company- California fig Syrup Co.--plamry printed on tfotTootoieveiypackage, Ition Sleeper and excellent Dining Car Se"nrice"i, For train time and r*te call on or address r C. D. BOYD, T. P. A. 516 State Life Bldg., IndUnapolii, Ind. ATLANTIC CITY NEW JERSEY The sunshiny days at this glorious resort are delightful. The famous Boardwalk at night, under a myriad of incandescent electric lights, resembles fairyland and is a wonder and a delight to tjie visitor.' Leading hotels always open. TRAYMORE GALEN HALL CHALFONTE HADDON HALL 4'^ Try The Stir's "Wait Afe" tor RttglfcJ 1 · .-.···-,·. · * . - ' · ' · '"' · -M

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