Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 29, 1968 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1968
Page 10
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HELEN HELP US! by Helen Botte! YOUTH ASKED FOR If I This column is for young pfeople, their problems and plea, sures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help US!, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help USI this newspaper. BRICKBATS AND BOUQUETS Dear Helen: Can we believe it? An advice columnist actually intlma'ing that when two people aren't suited — and one finds the RIGHT mate — a divorce and remarriage could be the an* swer, Congratulations t You've finally brought your type of column into the 20th century. We've sensed for sometimo you were a different breed than the other gals who play it safe—and Victorian. "C.F." described her mis- FOUNTAIN in front of Spanish pavilion at the HemisFaJr In San Antonio, Tex., provides foreground interest in this picture of the exposition's theme structure, 622-foot Tower of Americas. The tophouse contains a revolving restaurant and observation levels. Nixon on the Side Against Handouts By AUSTIN SCOTT Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) Republican presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon's suggestion that whites help develop "black capitalism" puts him well on the way to backing a small but apparently growing faction of ^Negroes who oppose the idea of "handouts" from whites. Civil rights leaders have been saying for decades that Negroes 'want an equal chance with .whites to compete in America's capitalistic system. They have .applied pressure mainly on white liberals to break down the twin barriers of legal segregation and racist attitudes. The new faction belie mes the traditional approach has run its course. It is unrealistic, they argue, to expect profit-minded businessmen to broaden welfare programs or spend money to set up businesses in slums. Furthermore, they say, such programs don't get at the heart of the Negro's problem— a legacy of psychological damage dating from slave days that leaves many Negroes with so little faith in their own ability that they can't compete in a white •world. Rather than appeal to liberals, they say, Negroes are now in a position to get conservatives to support self-help programs that are better for Negroes In the long run. It can be done, they argue, by appealing to the same instinct that has made the United States a booming concern— the profit motive. A leading spokesman for this viewpoint Is Dr. Thomas Matthew, a Queens, N,Y., neurosurgeon who has founded a string of small "self-help" businesses in New York and Watts that currently employ 900 persons, His National Eionomic Growth and Reconstruction Or- ganisation— the words chosen to spell NEGRO- sells bonds that pay 6,5 per cent interest. With $400,000 sold so far, he has financed a hospital, a bakery, a clothing factory, a chemical factory, and a construction company-ail very small, and all geared to employing Negroes who were formerly on welfare. Thus, Matthew argues, at one stroke you give whites a profitable investment, borrow their money with no strings attached, cut welfare and crime costs, and supply a kind of self respect that no amount of government- guaranteed annual income can provide, He gets away with it by cutting a number of corners, For example, his wages are generally very low, a fact he justifies by claiming that the rates are higher than welfare, He ajso says his graduates can go into the white world and sell n,ewly»iearned skills are prevailing rates, Matthew is slowly building support for his approach, an approach which he concedes would not have been possible a decade ago, His representatives have been to touch with representatives fpQW totb the Robert F, Kewie* dy and Nixon camps, Pr f Mjtfthew's Approach in sonje wsp harks back to an old WgUWiSM o| Booker T. Wash- teem, wbo wrote to the Kansas CJiy Journal groujoid 1900 that Negroes should "try to forget |hj ujHer features of racial ML- LBJ's NEW from Page One hand over the war more and more to the South Vietnamese government, making it progressively more responsible for its own survival and security. At some point along that route reduction of U.S. forces in South Vietnam would begin. It is the program often talked about in the past. But this time high officials are saying privately the time has come for the South Vietnamese "to face up to their responsibilities"— with the implication that if eventually they cannot stand pretty much alone they will have to accept the consequences. Officials said agreement on a site could be reached in a few hours with the kind of contact now possible with North Vietnam through the U.S. and North Vietnamese embassies in Laos. Or the squabbling could drag on for more weeks. The Johnson administration meanwhile is disturbed by the heavy flow of men and supplies to South Vietnam by Hanoi since the bombing stopped. Washington officials said about 10,000 truckloads of men and goods have gone south in the past month, an increase of about 25 per cent over the record levels of December and January. Thus widespread speculation about the possibility of compromise on Paris as a site for preliminary peace talks was paralleled by some rumblings of worry about what Johnson may feel he has to do about the bombing limitation if Hanoi maintains its expanding military activity, Johnson has about nine months more in office in view of his decision against re-election, and no one in high position in Washington thinks the odds seriously favor his concluding a peace agreement in that time. What he is doing in one sense, therefore, is preparing for his successor a range of choices in Vietnam policy next year, with withdrawal at one extreme and military escalation at the other. How the new dual course develops in the next few months will depend greatly on what happens in Vietnam—in the war, in Hanoi's diplomatic maneuvers and in Saigon's acceptance of responsibility. President Nguyen Van Thieu of South Vietnam and his associates should understand that in terms of U.S. policy, time may be running out for them. They could have far less U.S. support next year from a new president in Washington, with even more radical changes in U.S. policy than those Johnson has initiated. Seemingly balking at that possibility, Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky declared Sunday that South Vietnam will not stand for a peace settlement with Hanoi "that forces us to surrender to the Communists ,.. " tagonism and give more thought to improving their condition in those spheres hi wliich such antagonism does not so strongly assert itself," Nixou. whose credentials have never oeen very strong with Negroes, may well have found his strongest civil rights argument, James Marlow, who usually writes this column, is ill. lur measuring temperatures is U»e fretting point of water— 32 Uegri'es Fahrenheit. 0 mi the C scale. HOPE (ARK) STAR, Printed By Offset partners would benafit everyone. You will no rlojbt be verbal* ly stoned for writing in an advice column what, this generation knows is true: "You don't do any* oae in the family a favor when you live with a ma'e you can't love." (Note from H: You're so-o-o-o right!) But we want you to know that many of us call you the colum .ist who dares say what, she thinks, not wlvxf Mrs. Grundy dictates. Thank you for bringing "al* matched life and told of a growing love between herself and'a mm who could make a -.wirm ,i;id wo'.vhrful home for her and the children. You didn't backhand her with a quip, in the "popular" lovelornist fashion. Instead, you recognized thaf all human problem? are different a.rJ rigid morality can't always apply. You said, "face this thing honestly," implying that she might discover a change of vice" up to date.-MR. AND MR.*. T. C. Doar Helen: How dire you con* done divorce! Don't you know marriage vows are sacred? If a womaa thinks she ttMde a wrong choice, it's her duty to live with it. Think of the children!— SHOCKED Dear Shocked: I did— and that's one of thi> reasons I suggested honest currsideration of divorce, rather than blind obedience to marriage vows tha f numi nothing more than legal S9X. My stand is only surprising because it came from ai ail- vice columnist. Somehow the public expects us to dish out rigid, unreasoning morality while the rest of the world switches to "situation ethics" — \v\mL\ evaluation mixed with common sense. It's high timo we shed the crinoline, •From now on you can expect m .1 :'e .ind m >re straight talk from in - I've broken out of the mold, and it's great, being free!—H. Dear Helen: Our son is in the service. He ran up a lot of bills before !v? left, and we ex- pacted him to pay for them with his army checks. Inste.nl, he's sending all his checks to his fiance. Wo don't know \viia f she is doing with the money, though he says she's saving it for their marriage. We're getting dunned for his bills. He even charges his phone calls to her on our bill. His car isn't paid for. He bought a suit on our account. He still owes u.9 for it. I don't want to m.ike trouble, but we can't afford all these bills, What should we clo?- Monday, April 29,1368 DUNNED PARENTS Dear Dunned: Send your son an itemized account of allmnney owed, and tell him the bills m;?t be paid, or you will turn them over to his girls' parents. If a fellow is old enough for marriage, he should be old enough to issum? financial responsibility. Start teaching himt -H. This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU, She will also welcome your own amusing ex« periencos. Address Helen Bottel in care of The Hope Star. Copyright, 1968, King Features Syndicate, Inc. HUMPHREY from Page One has declared his own neutrality. Similarly, Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana and Sen, Warren G. Magnuson of Washington are avoiding taking sides. Sen. Edmund S. Muskie of Maine, who heads the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, is taking the favorite-son route to stay uncommitted. In Iowa, Gov. Harold Hughes, who is believed to lean toward Kennedy, said Humphrey has "strong, broad-based support" among labor, farm and business groups. But he said he will wait until after the May 24-25 state convention before backing a candidate. The Humphrey announcement didn't bring Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago openly into the vice president's camp with the 118-vote Illinois delegation. Neither did it seem to alter the favorite-son plans of Gov. Richard J. Hughes as head of New Jersey's 82-vote delegation. Neither were there outward stirrings in Ohio, with 115 votes, or Pennsylvania, with 130. Humphrey's official announcement Saturday, before a crowd of abou 2,000 supporters who cheered him to the chandeliers, wis counted by all con- cer Humphrey's official announcement Saturday, before a crowd of about 2,000 supporters who cheered him to the chandeliers, was counted by all concerned as a social, political and television success. The 56-year-old vice president spoke vigorously of maturity of judgment, national unity and priorities for peace he left no doubt he felt he was best quail- fied to achieve. Germany's Ultra-right Party Gains STUTTGART, Germany (AP) — West Germany's ultra-rightist party won seats in another state legislature Sunday and got its biggest share of the vote to date. Willy Brandt's Socialists were the big losers. The election in Baden-Wuert- temberg was the last state vote before the federal elections next year and was considered an important indication of political trends, Public interest was reflected by a 70.6 per cent turnout of the 5.6 million eligible voters, a record for an election in the state. The ultra-right National Democrats, whose opponents charge they are neo-Nazis, were campaigning in the state for the first time. They won 12 of the 12T legislative seats and collected 9,8 per cent of the vote, The three-year-old party now has won seats in seven state parliaments, All parties agreed the voters were Influenced by the leftist student demonstrations and riots in West Berlin and other major cities during the Easter weekend. The National Democrats took a hard line toward the students, and the party chairman, Adolf Von Thadden, accused the Socialists of a fuzzy attitude toward the demonstrators, Brandt's son Peter was a prominent demonstrator, Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger's Christian Democrats remained the strongest party in the state, but with 44,2 per cent of the vote, it had 2 per cent less than four years ago, Brandt's Social Democrats took a harder loss, winning 29 per cent of the vote compare] to 37,3 per cent in 1964, The Free Democrats increased their share of the vote from 13.1 per cent to 14,4, DESSERT DISH GOLD BOND With each $3 additional tmrchas* excluding tobacco products. 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