Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 25, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, More Lenient Meat Rationing Is Not Expected - Washington, Aug. S!>—(CJD— Hopes for more lenient meat Honing appear to bo ondcd new restrictions on the distribution of pork. Beginning Monday. the Wiu Food Administration says pucUort ' must reserve about one-third o: nil pork production' for the mill tary forces. WFA officials say the action Is necessary to assure adequate supply for the armed services. Hog marketing is repoi't- ' cd at a seasonal low and .10 por cent behind last year. However, the overall meat production i« expected to ri«ich the all time high of some 25-&il'io:i pounds this year. But as far us civilians arc concerned, they fil- ready have had their biggest share. Assessors Started Annual Survey The annual survey of checking •find assessing of new buildings .was begun Uiis week, it was reported today and will last until Oct. 1. Assessors Luke Comiskf.v and John Kroderick are making the survey. Buildings which were in the process of construction Oct. 1. 19-13 will also be appraised, it was said. New permits will also be appraised each evening through September. Wants Authority Of Government Agencies Reduced Washington, Aug. 25 — (UP) — A special House committee wants Congress to reduce the authority of government agencies. (n u report proclaiming the need for speedy action, the House com:n i t t e e investigating executive agencies,charges that administrative bureaus are assuming more and more of the actual government of the nation. Temperature Report Re-Claim Rubber Is Definite Factor (Continued from Page 1) DUO!' !>' IVKMIUiKATUKK Boston. Aug. 25---IUP)—This morning's cold weatht-r was only eight degrees above the all-time- low for this date. The weather bureau said that the temperature dropped to 5-1 degrees early this morning. This Is only eight degrees above the record-low which was established four years ago. However, the weather bureau expects a high of Tl degrees later today. MIRACLE WALL FINISH GALLON G. C. Murphy Co. schedules. During recent months, Mr, Rice declared, the need of water dispersions of reclaim rubber has become vitally important for the coating of rayon and cotton cord fabrics used in heavy, duty military and truck tires made from synthetic rubber. The Naugatuck Chemical plant is the leading supplier. Mr. Rice stated of water dispersion re-claim in the country and is expanding operations as rapidly as possible for this purpose. [ The development of water dispersions, Mr. Rice pointed out will call for substantially greater reclaim rubber, as time goes on. The local factory head indicated definitely that any statement to the effect that re-claim rubber was not needed, that the salvage of old tires was not necessary or that rubber was rotting away in storage, is entirely unfounded and is a gross mis-representation of facts. Mr. Rice pointed out that reclaim rubber in relation to the production of rubber articles occupies a similar position as that of scrap iron to steel, one is a definite component of the finished product of the other, from the angle of cost, ease of manufacture and general effectiveness. In closing the interview today Mr. Rice pointed out that rubber was being re-claimed here in .Van gat tick when its market price was much higher than that of crude rubber on the international market, so necessary was the reclaim to the effective manufaeture of uven natural rubber goods. Shortly .after . 5 o'clock this morning, the indicator on the thermometer outside the News olllcc touched the Ilfty, mark, which fact caused Red Hermans to remark thut it must've been cold this morning "I didn't mind," the redhead added, "for I had a couple of U. S. Army blankets on top of me. Those things are pretty warm, you know." We said we didn't know. J Midnight G3 3 a. m 57 C n. m 50 9 a. m ?0 Noon 70 1 p. m 79 Roosevelt Says He Has Talked With Wiilkie -O Weather Report Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut — Clear and continued coot tonight. Tomorrow fair with slowly rising temperature. East Port to Block Island— No small craft or storm warnings. Washington, Aug. 25 — (UP) — Commenting that he sees lots of people privately, President Roosevelt snid today that he had been in private contact with Wendell^L. Wiilkie. Mr. Roosevelt/under news conference questioning, said he knew of no plans for a "private" meeting with the J040' Republican pres,- idciuial nominee. Then he went to say he might meet him;bui that no date had been set. Asked whether he had been in touch with Wiilkie, the president said, well, yes; privately. "Does privately preclude any," n reported started to ask. But he was quickly cut off by the president who said yes, it precluded. County Jail In Jacksonville Is Under Siege Extended Forecast Here is the New England c:< tended weather forecast: The temperature in New Eng land 1 during ihe next five days wil <ivcragc near the seasonal normal. The normal, or mean, temperature in Boston and New Haven, Conn., at this time is 6S degrees. In Portland, Maine, nnd Concord, New Hampshire, G-l degrees. In Burlington, Vermont, and Nantucket, Mass., 66 degrees. And at Eastport, Maine. 09 degrees. Cool weather tomorrow will be followed by rising temperatures Sunday and Monday and a return to moderately cool weather Tuesday and Wednesday. Rainfall will average between one-half and three-quarters inch and will occur as rain and scattered thundei-sliowers about Monday. PROTEST FILED JIKADji MISSION Marshal Tito's Headquarters, Yugoslavia, Auc. 20—Colonel Ellery Htintington of Redding, Conn., has arrived at Marshal Tito's headquarters In Yugoslavia. He is heading an American military mission. The nolonfl formerly practiced law in New York. Groton, Conn., Aug. 25— (UP)--• The Independent Shipbuilding and Marine Engineers union is protesting the firing of three union officials at the Electric Boat com- apny yards. The union says it has filed charges with the National Labor Relations board a-gainst the disciplinary action which followed four-day strike at the submarine yards. The strike was called by Uie union. Savage Battles In Streets Of Paris (Continued from Page 1) ol.s in thu villftKC of Rambouillet— 20 miles west .of Paris — describe the .situation in the capital .is serious. They say the Germans dcfinit^:- ly nro in control of the center of the city^ — and have trapped a proup of French partisans, The correspondent declare* that French armored columns that arrived at Rumbouillct en route to Paris -were held up by Nazi mines and artillery shelling. The French were forced to wait for additional strength before moving up. North of Paris — the Allies have the Nazis badly on the run. Mauled and tattered .Wehrmacht divisions are falling back toward the Marnc valley. They are evacuating the robo; bomb coast with 1 the speed at their command. An official German news agency commentator tacitly confirms the Nazis' retreat plans. He says the German military blue-print calls for establishment, of the western front "on the shortest possible ine falling short of the German frontier." This Ereat rearward German movement comes as ' four Allied armies sweep through the demor- •Jacksonville, Fin.. Aug. 25—(UP) .—The Duval county jail at Jacksonville, Fla,, is in a slate of scige. Military troops and civil officers have opened fire on jail windows after a of men entered the ''jail, armed the prisonrs .and barricaded windows and doors. J. Authorities said the men, whose reason for breaking into the jail 'was not immediately known, came to the building in a highway pa- Collection Of Valuable Coins Will Be Sold Plttsflclcl, Muss., Aug. 25—(UF) —The will Of a Siockbridgo provides for the sale of his $10,000 coin collection. Loyull Allen Osbornc was n. retired executive of various house companies. He dirccto'l his executors to offer the collccUim $10,000 to Henry C. Hires of Newark, N. .!.' If Hincs declincl to "purchase, his executors rmist t trol car this morning. The patrol- to sell-it elsewhere. Then tho proceeds SvTH go to Mr. Hincs, Mrs. Osbornc,- and the estate—one-third man was said to be kidnapped. Sheriff: Rex Sweat planned to ,usc tear gas to drive out the intruders. 'A supply of gas was requested from nearby Camp Bland- '•\ng. Some of the prisoners were said -to have armed themselves from •the jail arsenal. It. was not known immediately whether they returned the fire of officers on Uic outside. The leader of the . trio, who drove the patrol car to the jail. was said to bo wearing- a navy uniform. Officials outside the jail said they had no word of what had happened to the personnel inside the building or to the patrolman. Bus Line Favored For Developments (Continued from Page 1) to each of them. Naugatuck Included On Proposed Line (Continued from Page 1) MYERS >'AMED Hartford, Aug. 25—Harold E. Mitchell, chairman of the Republican State Central committee, announced today the appointment of Milton H. Meyers of Waicrbury as radio director for the 19-i-t election campaigns. Under the chairman's direction, ho will be in charge of the Republican party's radio activities in the coming campaign. A Rainbow of Fall Dresses t In <:\ §1.39 t $2-98 -•- trt •• to SI .98 Slv.c.s SO.29 to IK $0.98 $0.98 CHILDREN'S DRESSES 5 } Corduroys! W""l.-! "I'U'IIK: Sivcs ,'i to Hi J J SQ.98 $7.98 5 ! d ^ • j X-**^**^****^*^****^***^**^****^**^****^***^^** JUMPER and JERKIN SETS $2.98 to $5-98 1CO% ALL WOOL SWEATERS $1-98 t $3.98 CHILDREN'S SKIRTS $1.98 $3.98 to •+rf+f+r~r*+r+tfr*f-i CHILDREN'S UMBRELLAS { New Lot 10 Rib Type 49 . . . OFF TO THE ROSE SHOP- THEN BACK TO SCHOOL! ! In getting Bud and Sisters' wardrobes ready for school this year, Mothers have an eye on practical, long.-wearing clothes as well as good looking ones. Ycu'll have nc trouble choosing from our outstanding collection for we have everything to outfit them from head to foot, and at Rose 'Shop's famous "little prices." Boys' Jr. Longie Suits 10.95 » Boys' "Finger-Tip" Coats* $6.95 JEEP HATS To Match — 98c J JUNIOR LONGIES and KNICKERS \ 5 Herringbones! Tweeds! CO C)g J Solids! Sizes 6 to 12. •**' up BOYS' SMART NEW FALL SPORT COATS $7,95 up BOYS' ETON SUITS $5.95 up BOYS SWEATERS $1.98 t $3.98 to BOYS' SHIRTS $1.59 - $1.98 "FELT HATS $1.98 - $2-98 ROSE SHOP 87 SOUTH MAIN STREET OPEN THUKSDAY TILL 9:00 P. M. alized remnants of the Nay.i seventh army. The- quadruple threat is advancing at a pace that 'indicates the battle of the Seine has reached its closing hours. British and, Canadians from the west drove 10 miles into the enemy pocket between the Rislc and Seine rivers. At the same time — the American first army raced in from the south ir- a c drive that promises., to smash quickly into the great channel port of Lc Havre. An unconfirmed Algiers radio broadcast says British air-borne troops have landed near Lc Havre. The Allied surge continues un- ubiitecl in the south of Franco. An American column has captured the fiirhou.s rcsoi't town of Cannes. The Yanks are reported battling the Germans only 1C miles boiow the Rhone valley industrial center of Lyons. The city's fall would cut all ihc main escape routes for Nazi forces remaining in soXjth- west France. Other United States detachments pushed -12 miles northwest from liberated Marseilles to within eight miles of Aries on the Rhone. The French drew their net closer around the doomed enemy garrison in Toulon. They captured the arsenal inside the city — and occupied a town two and a half miles to the west, * General Sir Henry M.'iitland Wilson — supreme Allied commander in the Mediterranean — says 20,000 prisoners have been taken so far in the nine-day- old southern French invasion. Radio Berlin says American bombers from Britain and Italy delivered aor.ther double attack on Germany and her allies today. The enemy broadcast reports one force flew over, northwestern Germany and the Baltic area — while the other swept over Austria. Robot bombs fell on London during the daylight hours today. Last night the .capital had its first night-time respite in a week. The State department announces General Eisenhower has given Frenchmen a part , in . the government of France's liberated areas. The delegation of power comes under the terms of five special agreements with General De Gaulle's French Committee of National Liberation. The arrangements became effective today after an exchange of letters between Eisenhower and General Koenig, portation available for workers who reside in the new .section to reach factories in Naug.'ituck or "W.itcrbury without entailing the use of the individuals' cars. In regard to the apartment house on Bridge street, stons would be favored noar the Hop Brook bridge, only a few feet from the apartment house, making for particular convenience for the new area. . Confidence was felt in .. some •quarters' here today that if \he application is made, bus line heads 'will nof object to the proposal, due •not only to the service plan itself as it would affect some hundreds of persons, but nlso because as contemplated, the schedule could bo arranged with little addec! cost or inconvenience in regard to pres- .ent operating schedules. Work on the bus schedule is. expected to go forward immediately as occupancy of both the ap-'trt- •me"irf buildings nnd the hom« .sites 'is now only a mutter of a. few 'weeks away. Conn.; Watcrbury, Conn.; Bristol, Conn.; Plainville, Conn.; New Britain, Conn.; Hartford, Conn.; Simsbury, Conn.; Thompsonville, Conn.; Springfield, Mass.: Holyoke, Mass.; Chicopce, Mass.; Palmer, Mass.; Ware, Mass.; Soulhbridge, Mass.; Webster, Mass.; Putnam, M.-xss.; Woonsockct, R. I.; Milford, Mass.; Worcester, Mass.; Clinton, Mass.; Marlboro, Mass., Hudson, Mass., and Framingham, Mass. Should the All American group receive the franchise for air transport for passengers and freight for Naugatuck and vicinity, stopping points could be either Bethany air field or the Mount Tobc field- on the outskirts of Waterbury. Passengers pickup could be at eithc-r field, while freight could be picked up at Bethany or Mount Tobe and trucked to cither place in a very few minutes, "Naugatuck industries arc said io be interested in the possibility of the town having a direct air contact, and are understood to have indicated their use of this facility to some extent, whenever it is available. NOTICE CONFERRED WITH POPE Rome, Aug. 23—(UP)— Prime •Minister Churchill 1 has conferred in a private audience with Pope Pius XII. Th'o Vatican announcement says the meeting of the British premier with the Pontiff took place Wednesday morning. Too Late To Classify FOUR family'house for sale. Central location, in e.xcellent condition. Brass piping throughout; oil burner. Frontage sufficient for extra lot. Priced reasonably. Address Box "S" tare of Naugatuck News. District of Naugatuck, ss. Probate Court, August'25th, 39-1-!. Estate of Herman Pwinge, Naugatuck. in said District, deceased. The Executrix having exhibited her administration, account with «nid estate to this Court for al- owance. it is ORDERED—That the 29th day of August A. D. 19-i-i , nt 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon at the Probate office in Nuugatuck, be and the same is assigned for a hearing on the allowance o£ said 'Administration Account with said Estate, nnd this Court directs the Executrix to cite all persons interested therein to appear at said time and place by publishing this ordvr in some newspaper published in New' Haven County and having a circulation in said District, nnd posting a copy on the public sign post in the town of Naugatuck. where the deceased last dwelt, :* least three days before said day assigned. STEPHEN J. SWEENEY, j Judge. New Naval Blows Against The Japs (Continued from Page 1) landing above Dutch New Giiinca, The enemy says Allied forces tried to invade Mapia island—]25 miles north of Manokwari on the western shore of Gcolvink bay. The enemy claims our invaders were thrown back with heavy losses. Again, there is no Allied word of such ;in operation. But, such a move, if successful, would complete the bottling up of sea routes to the big Japanese Manokwari base. General MacArthur already has flanked the stronghold on both sides. His leapfrog jump from the Geelvink bay islands of Biak and Noemfoor to the western end of JN'OW Guinea bypassed Manokwari several weeks ,igo. 'Utah has 11 mountain r^caks more thnn 123,000 feet high. NEW HATS . . SO CHARMING have completely rcvolu- tioncd the fashion picture for Fall! ! '. • .. gracious and feminine beautiful colors, delicate hair setting for the' nntirn new look .way of dressing-. Many to choose from. M. FREEDMAN GO. •NEAUY BUILDING NAPGATUCK. CONN. MTA0klSMI» 1MI BAYBE YOU THINK YOU'RE HARD! ON CLOTHES — PUT $50 INTO YjQUfc NEXT SUIT—AND GET SERVICE MILEAGE. This $50 suit is a bear for wear- it's a close grained, sturdy, smooth face worted in a conservative grey tone all men like. It's an every month in the year suit—discard the vest when not needed in August—you'll find it handy in September and. later. SPECIAL: 2-CUF" S I LE X COFFEE M A K E R TEMPLETON'S TEMPLETON'S :WATERBURY DIAL 4080 (No Toll Char B c) Summer Dance Program! l r or Friday, Sattirday *JM Sunday Eveningi .rOK ROCK and Hh- , ROCK and BYE BOYS In. PolKas and Mtnlcrn Duet Music Sunday Dancing 5 to 9 P. ] White* Eaglt Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut Restaurant Association'^ Naugratuck's Thrifty Saved $57,409.59 With This Bank Last Week Were You Included? START YOUR ACCOUNT NOW NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed QUALITY RUBBER FOOTWEAR Made In Naugatuck Is Serving AH Over The World UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn. Ford Charcoal Briquets NOW AVAILABLE We have received the first shipment since the war began of charcoal briquets for civilian -consumption. Packed in 20 Ib. bags. Burn twice as long as ordinary lump charcoal. Quick heat in convenient smokeless form. Get a bag- for that picnic before they are gone. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St phone 5236

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