Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 19, 1928 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1928
Page 2
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; 7?ILK¥ fn T?l»* f? *y<<"-I ??j* t f..l I IJ II f j l|PPI" f f s T^ T ' !.««» Fpt ef Seh fir* up tiy Mr*. »h? for»*1 f-x a, in Iwr if . . iv>rc-thir A. Lou- tsr» fws <| cmnf* to msk« s stogy 0f ^t lo rpl*t)t«n (« .h* f^rjing of thlS ^,5.,, family, *>nd for wvsr*! y*>i»r* VPS * hospital dtettUsn. Both In hospital wnrk and th» extera&an fSHti <?b4» h*« h*f<! claw** on TOrtau* phft«w nf wieht pith as ftw- proM*m of ovmwijrrit snrf tmdenrfight. Mm, Loudton toJd the fad!** »t th* cooking school yesterday that nhe dowi not believe in f«ddi food «i.f- Itwtimis, but rather to give th* piain ewryfeody sttfgfsttwa and ideas which will Insure the best ot health for e-vpry rormber of the family 8hc rarrfuily explained that beinir underweight is as danirenms a* 'being v .- --"—••» and that the causes for these two conditions must first b* eliseoTTml snd the person must b« v *o gain or lose before dieting should be cotninfiDced. "Whether you Rre underweleht, or i ;:« »!t of c,->ofc»rr. that, by which fvr-j-y s,)f« ^^ ^^ P!id,«nr^d in the muxi* of bt» Hr nnrt fr!rn<K tin.; !w n gs, *_-«'• ine «t!rrvuhw in tb«* horn !irriin.c smj Rock F»(l--. ookinj; school »f, which iwr ifthod* and principle*, in et>i.., with th* appliance* snd furnish med, have bp«n ^ frankly" " r»},**ed that eTt»ryorjf> was Jjj s lion to judge for t hntwlw** m-M unable in th* big job of run Ring their homes, planning menus JrwikfiUng, budtrettihR, find evfn into the more scientific realms o ri»« ftiMl child feeing. To worn*! whose housework always hsi more or less irtootne. »eTwe« or overweight," said Mrs. London, "you r general isealth has K>methlnu to do with that condition. Family tmdJ- uon-s as most pfopls think havs little to do Trith & person's health." The lecturer told the ladiea that automobile an --.-,,, ^,*,., i'i*jtt t » *(?:$% ij(i,%| tsoti to take hold of the duties n hand lias been given. And to tho5» for w.jom owkcry and housekeeping bold a natural fftscinatton, rsov- piiies hnve been introduced to a the work even more interesting. The recelpes demonstrated today were ns follows; cheese. Wsciiits. Jellied grape fnUt, pecan Ralad and gfts on which to c o operate. A nervous, thin type of ncr- »on needs more energy than » person who Is not nervous, because they use up so much more energy. Mrs Loudon steted that Ehe bclicvea the thin nervous tJTX> of pcw>n will re- nsra underweight until the cause /or the nervous condition has been discovered and remedied. Teeth, tonsils and organic diseases cause many of the underweight and overweight conditions, according to Mrs. Lotidon, Many times the rfood th*t la eaten by a fat person does Jf \E£S aa * h the right channels ?Lf ^ but Bfocs to fat, while the food consumed by the nervous e U p f OT energy before , n cscallopcd liver, haddock In aspic mustard dressing, butterscoch pie chocolate Kx>kies, ice box pudding' olftsies lace coonies. marshmaliow af. Tlic scene upon the platform after the close of the school loaf. wa« o A chanca to become fat. ftps. Ixmdon has conducted ^v- nutrition health centers for im- el f» l chlldre n- and understonda cuioes which the mothers have to bringing the undernourished child - atresBed the point of having the children's teeth, eyes and tonslla examined, and said that JSf,,!^ 10 ? w £ y a 8Cho ° 1 nurae to » Wiluable to the community. • " A person who is trying to re- duoe." «y, the food expcr^ ~wante to ootout for things that are f° t -i ««Urur, such aa the sweet and Sf^ 7 !°°^L ^^ butt€r - cream and fat meats. Do not throw them out <« your diet entirely, but do not cat several kinds of food that produce fat at the same time " ° r 1 examle of foods that are Loudon 8U « rest celery, cabbage, lettuce, toma- «wlss chard and green vege- 0 ^ 8 that produce fttt M* said aj« cream, potatoes, _, „..,„ „, v».-^ w,*»w'j| l w«a i$ joyous affair. Many merchants were present to answer questions relative to •Kpplianccs displayed and to further explain their various time and labor-wiving leatures. Mrs. Ixm- don gave repeated expression to her pleasure over the ardent, reception that lias been accorded her work here, and to the splendid cooperation of all the merchants who have worked so earnestly to help make the school a benefit to the womenfolk. Mrs, Ixnidon again expresses regret that she Raa been unable to accept the many Invitations to address local clubs and societies, and to accept the very cordial invitations for other social affairs to which her company has been sought. Mrs. Loudon is reluctant to leave the hum- dreds of well-wishing women who nave been coming KO earnestly to the school, and expressed tha hope that the future will make It possible to renew the friendship* to among our women and with merchanta of the city. Staff- Uf i»i" fn ttrt Mr" t!i!<-i) <9TSS OCt, Whi**>, Mrs. t ? W«!!sr« recent Ir <- Kfhvi K«ilirk tlt« hr f i-Tpnis ciab of • ••• i irmtsittert to Th* at in U r,f th" tors of th* y**r» of »«>-?»_ tts hy the coT!ff*t.nnt.'; c*et from ststio-n WMAQ t ».nd <s p. rrt. Ofh^r romj s re from Altor,. Chirnpn 'r io Blopminston, Aurora pr.rl The winner will t»f r mpdsl (inrl vSH !>n tfl participate m th» r-»n,,-,..,»,., Which will Include the winners 0 each of the wren ^, in the mid w«t division. Thr TTtnr.a of th mld-wwt divKinn Will compeie !r the finals with nine otlirr ynnn. ladles of other of the 'unit , ,, z ,_,„ u,.. Hi ^ , , J J , J -^J, , J J -, j,j i J If 1 f 1 J|| ^ sd States for the rimmpiomhlp o Onltsd B!*t,«s, wh'.ch will carry wltl t B music con*<*n'Rtory ,wholnr?h![ *^rtird as Wipll ms s lsrg"f> c?\£h pri?:(* Thoiwunds of radio listeners 'n! •n-er Illinois will serve RS principal udgrs of the competition Rahirdny night, and If there nre any of (hs readfrs of The Gazette, no matter where they reside, believe Irmt Miss Wallace Is worth? of recognition as re? state champion, letters or Jrie- Erams to radio station WMAQ Chi- *8t>, IH., will go n long wnv towards bringing the state honor* to Miss Wallace. Miss Wallace Is a dramatic EO- rano and those who have heard m **75 Predict that she will rank with the best of the competitors In om hicago Saturday nlRht. Each of the singers lias • ubnlt four been , . 8 - r°™ which the Judges will make the selection of the number to 'je sung by the contestant. Among the se- *i*«nltt*d by Miss Wallace . by Curran; "Mid-October" Robert Yale Smith; "O Mi'o oianni by . On Saturday night. Oct. 27, James merllng Holmes, baritone, who has won acclaim many times from Ster- the ratio!). .*-'•-- ".s*^?3sf5 ^?.?e . or vvi.srnnrlr). Mm. Wilwa gn fJtft^h of the life of RiSff, 8»vrra1 of hu pwrns wsra Blvpn with , ,., h i«,« OT j Wng . pJ< to srcortHKiny each. Th* first "When the rrost. Is On th« Kin," with n shock of corn folktwf-tl "Thr Hired Oir!," Don't Cry." ' Urnnny " "That Q )r j BwwU^ar. of Mint?," "7710 Know of Old Ojory." The pos» were y^,-., effective wiih Hi;ht,s dimmed aiv' 1 colored footllqhts. " O Ht4rt of Min?" wns Ming by Mrs. Whit®. Oupsts of tho tiub were Mr& cy Grnybill and daughter andl Hviffo Nnff-incrr. New rawaeg^-, this rear nrf- Mi.-s Elizabeth White M ~ Daie cratK nnd Mrs. MJrtem' stcr Kclgwln. FOTTO _ j a pet* ' "T1^^"9f?T1^ OrS?fe^B^ftjjQB ^l^ywv nfi (2^€% | Hii!sdal» ftnjm«gi Men's Amoctation. j 1 lie tnfttim WM hsM to ttMf dfftee j vato^«jmf»my. Tb« purpose «t trw jrral welfftre of th® entire cammun- , ity and to seek wholesome entertain; mrnu at interrato to be given in . HiilwJale. j The folltrs?lris officers were eSe<7k- r.i for two ytsrs: President, H. A. , Daily; vice pnwfafent, M. B. Scho- I mrrus: wcirtary, J. F. Hill; tiess- nn?r. W. a 8erraenneker; by-laws committee, jr. p. Kill, J«M Hanna nnd _^ Hl ^* Rl *on«y. Th« regulwr AT HILLSDALE GOT. 26 imisdnK 111. oct. 19.—(Special) —The U. G. Department ot Agriculture will hold n drmonstraUon Oct 20, day and evening, on the Overlook Farm, owned by C. J. Ctolden and son. seven miles •west of Hillsdale, with the Hillsdale Business wen'-a association co-operating. The demonstration commences at 10-00 o'clock In the morning. The exper- mental plot work will be in chance Of Dr. J, R. Holbcrt, U. a D A. agronomist. He will speak at 10 a' m on the following subjects, "Corn Jlseases and Their Control" and 'Resistance of Certain Strains of Corn to Disease and Cold." At noon lunch will be served by the Cordova unit of the home bureau. The program for the remainder f the day Is: 1 p. m, f summary of plot work and lt.i practical application. AS Tl>* »-^s-i|lsr r?!!»»Hr>f nf Mnm'.-f Stftr chapter O, It. S vw* h#ld Wsd- n»«»jap e*»-ninir. Th« rtinirjf r«wm «•»« b&swtlful in nutumn *nd Hot- tewe>n /leeomtVoTO!" <5on« by the c*)mmHt4», Mr*. T. A, Pferts>, crislr- m<\n. TJ» walls rt«?jrs***f with ai- B»,C and Wth*<F*wi>*t tarries snd th» (*fe« ami THtc?M>,i, The tsblr with blnelc smd ornnfc Cy«>pf> ^«5»r, annyf cwndle stick* and b'ttt*rswest! Delicious refreshments of sa««l" pick)**, pumpkin pic wJt!i cretim and eoffpf were The rem«-tndcr ot thrt eve- wa,s spent playing ' ' A dignified black browJcloth two- ei* suit, with broadtail trim, gets * frivolous look from « big hlscfe bow. on the i?ft shoukJer. Work tm the sf.ntettnre K»n m.n4 »* will j» r»«rfT Apr«.J 2. ISao. THE clmAH M«!p, Twin., Or*.. 19. ___ A P. —Sir Fortes Ormtsby Ren««rvei mrDpd by the El.mwoftd Farm'! De*r field. 11).. WAS ftdjwfsed the gran* 1 Big^ Clian^e In Face Powders A Rtxjd fac* powder today must do more than merely remove shine—it should stay on longer, prevent the porea from getting larges. spread smoothly, and leave a peachy look on the complexion. A new French Process Powder called MfitLO-OLO docs these things. MELLO-OLO is truly wonderful You will simply love It Btckford's Pharmacy.—Adv Sometimes you dance, sometimes others dance -But when Swanson's Sumn-EE Stompern play, we all dance. They play at the MOOSE HALL SATURDAY NIGTH, Oct. $0th Everybody Come JL«s/ JL $L SL %•* \Jf M, J[ J[' i SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY Matinee Btxilj/ The year's greatest melodrama. Fine When she closed her talk the urged the housewives of this ^ to include spinach. lC all other foods that are rich In low value on their dally menus, Everyone within hearing or see- ILLINI Tonight and Tomorrow EXTRA BIG SHOW 8 tthni, et the mini theatre will long re- inember the closing session this afternoon of The Daily Gawtte's Free 2222 g *, 8ch ? rt ' wwch has ^"^ *S^^ uUon to f"r readers and friends and has met with euch popularity during four days t The audienc«. which to combine in Biz* all the women who had teea attending the previous three lectures. O f cSir*. aad when Mrs, Lou' by9 to "»* crwd of they gave her a most im- expression ol approval and ion for the Bpiendld wwk that has been done In this city. Cer- tatafc -Mrs. Louden will carry away gthher a glowing picture of the es- You'll Surprised Slmrissippi Barbecue bffers new attractions- Enlarged, Newly Decorated, Equipped with Tables and Chairs. * 1^ Our piping hot Sandwiches, with your fa- 5 vorite filler—and one of our famous hot Sun- 9 daea or hot Drinks, Daniels' is the popular p y5-« you re hun £ r y for something good- and different. fc ORANGE AND BLACK BRICK ICE CREAM Order early for that party or dinner. HALLOWE'EN NOVELTIES All kinds of candy favors for party and dinner decorations. "Try Daniels' Home-Made English Toffee— the Candy with the Reputation" I Barber Work For Women, Men and Children Popular Prices 4 — Barbers at Your Service — 4 A Strictly Modern, Sanitary Shop. M. Blum Barber Shop Beauty Parlor in Connection Academy Building Best of all- delicious Added Feature »rt / V t?$p o Added Thriller S % „ t , POCK S Light Lunches Telephone 100 MAKTBIUAN "Oh, Helen, I just received a wire that brother Peter, his wife and two children will be with us over Sunday. Don't you think we'd better have Sunday dinner at Ye Coffee Shop. You'd have your worries trying to manage it at home." Too, too, ishonia plan on atee chicken dinner Snaday at Coffee Shop. The b«st fn-oof of tttt quality of good fwwH i» in the *We Imrlte yon," Imchea, nwals and short a* aU times. Always "Just Good Food" W9 First Avenue ILLINI Premier showing in ike State of Illinois outside . of Chicago. , ! MOW., TUES., WED n 'THVRS. Matinee DaUy SATURDAY NtGBT, OCT. 10, im Academy Ball Room 'A Special Attraction The A laskans" "A cold name but a hot, snappy band." Coming Soon, "The Virginia. Ravens" 8:45 to 12:00 p ar k Plan Dancing Admission lOc SATCEOAY S Ttffi 11 €ont. TODAY in , nl|| , a|i7^-;i|,i,7,||^iM^.^^ Lincoln..:': TODAY and TOMORROW DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM WIUJAM POX and 9 -those same BARBECUE SANDWICHES Barbecued daily. Choice , Pork, Ham. Sinnissippi C&ming , t Thum, Added Try and trump thia program of mirth and thrills _ Su/niay f&r $ D&y# The year's greatest melodrama, *«l»n »;».<?*»«.»., JP££»J?e» Are Good! I» but one of the oui&y eutpressioiia of deiiaht that we Mve h^urd about our new ^^ Kialwich Toasted Sandwiches You'W «ay eo too when you have tried one or mor* laade with one ol the doseti d«Ucioi» fllkra OQ our menu. •««»• »«* ««• To complete your lunch we have »"w*b Koiae Finest Hat Cfeeoeiatw, »eiici&us f««i, Tern or MOk. • , «««««» for Saturd&y and Sunday: SA1TEJD (Salted iu our own Fresh Pecan Kuiis O J J^« *ll Grill COLLEEM the "sweetheart-mother" to ung* daredevil* of Use oky. what happen* whea all are or to "Ufce off at d&wn and don't COBJ« tUI you're shot dowa." . EXTRA ADDED Miss Lucille Kelly Dance Instructor, and Miss Elsie Neff in 'Donee DeLuxe* Fall Hats More and more new Velvets and Metallic* have arrived. Our assortment is now complete and we invite you to see the new models before Popular — wjKygr gMjr -j Hat Shoppe 31* Pint At*.

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