Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 18, 1928 · Page 15
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1928
Page 15
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STEP. DA ;, i t f ?f?*T, Fi Mafwr P?" I - J1 11 ' RALf-' frr-n Fruit SAT.R! "34 t-or» ti?"^ ft •34 WU..I..YS i, tfoo, eev.p*, fM^f io *. *ias. ' CHRTPLSft TO sit w-fl nrirth of H. H. ofn rl * ^ ft '" rt. A.. jo?t! OOOO huU, 38 old, Breirn , A-l iit. ?03r,. CHRYSLER 70 fix jwl'.n. I/ runi rxtrn R"o<1. *7P5, I HUDSON coach. grxxl r',ib*»t«r !nt, mo'oT perfect. ft*50. DOE tourlne, run-! Hue. $?!0. *)! r»rit?«. tttit* fmt Terms '*:;MKl. trades. Open Mnrvrjay, \%'c<tnjW<- flfty and Saturday nightu anrj BuiMlny ,,, lorenoonn, BELT, MOTOR LOCUST 0T, PIIOW15 9M-J *1B38 FORD coupe. hJUS84 PORD touring, good aide eur- < tains. A good e»r. coup?, very fine CHEVROLET fshupc. TELEPHONE (V8S b* straight «s«<j alright nsrsg-s, LynSiWi. It!. f'fff7ffTi?"«vS'ip; Just frp«h lean pork. «!M!llefi5rti*Iy B**a*on«l. Try s jxn»f»<S for bnr»lr.f««t. 010 M. No rt'b!l« Kii!p*f, !.•. Wl*. Thlrrt St. 'lS t! rig nnd~i5i>S.J hf *. ft, Cminty 803-S. ™" Bsn. Jnssh*!. McCarthy's F««l Store, l*hon« 17O3, Hook. ?i'o<*fi" B9 tlful that it harra<jnS«fi with th« very latwt ftunltur*. It 1 * n*ttir*l walnut effect Is meehtslenllf r*pro- In pore' lain, nil enamel flnlift. ,,- A. o. Romk, HI W. Third Bt. COPPKB CLAD «r'vfn that !n p'.irjmsncf of 9 detrf-ft of wfd routt rrturt" ?n?J *nt»r<*d on the 10th <5sy of October A. tV, 1P9R, t^» !?n{!?r- Tt'RTspii. Bp**'l*1 Mn*f»r in Crmnwry «•!!!. nn »h» 19?. h ij«y of HorstnbsV A. D, loj>fi_ »t thf hour ot flfvrn o'clpf.-S !n th» forrnr-nn of th»t ?!ny, f>t- thft wiiith frnnt door of the city HMl !n tt-^ City of et*rlln(t. In e».M <xnintT. ffii «t public v«Bdu« to th» hifh^t snd buit btdrtw for c«*h, the fojlowlng d«y«rrlb»d prrml.wft, to- wit: T?l* Hottnswt QuMHcif of Ui* North«»^t Qanrr-w of Section JPIftwn (16) Township Wlnetwn (19) Korth, RaiiK(» Three (3) East nf the Fourth Principal M^rlttttti. WliHesUjR Toun- ty. (cstrpptint? H «tr!p of land !8 roil* wide off th(? tMt skip MARKETS GRAIN" (API - Af **f «f nhl- !>»<! <5«mon- CHEVROLET 513-515 LOCUST ST. .1823 FORD tutfor .BtJICK coupe, A-l Bhape. 1933 NASH six touring, good running ' Wtter. 1 1&S4 HASH «-door coupe, good shape •' throughout,' •1824 NASH 6 4-pasaenger coup«, A-l '. «h*ps tliroughout. ',1029 rORO ccmch. BTEBUHQ NABH 8ALE3 sedan, driven 34 miles. §BTAR six ccwch, A-l eh.Rpe, FORD coupe. ESSEX coach. E '"27 ESSEX coupe, like new. RECONDITIONED and ready to go. W« want you to drive them. V. E. BROWN MOTOB 8AXE3 118 W. THIRD ST. PHONE 367 DOHT FOHGET tW» Btratlon next w*«lt »* Myltn SIB Mit TlJlltt St. BEDRObrf" null*. d&iTMlport. Ublc, rocker, »«mU gaa eto^s. Overland eetlon ftnd other articles. Seventh Are. Phone 1864-J. 604 WATKR FO new motor, llkfe liftw, (8; hew CJotliM r*ck, »1. 1005 Ptret machlnt, tMUMwartng wringer, Rood conrtlUon. Inquire after 8:30. 207 Ave. B, Rock ?Wls, Fourth Rock Fa.Ua. Phone new. Inquire at 117 B. Third Bt,, jMj»w_b*rb«r_ahpp. ^_^^^ DININO ROOM~sulte, also brtST'becr. Call ot 808 Locust Bt. CHINA CLOSET, extra good condl- Call 6K)«W. Arid one hundml eighty (180) ncrM en follow*: Lot Thrr-p (3) the Bant Half of lh# Nortliwpst tjxmrtrr unO. lot Six (6» bring trip Bant Hnlf of the Southwest. Quarter of Bcction Blttpcn (1(5), Township Nlnr- tern (IB) North. Rang* Three (3) Enst of the Fourth Principal Mprl- «!nn. in thn Counties of \Vhll*fMtI? anc5 Rock I»l»ncl. Also All that part oU the Southeast Quarter of Section Sixteen (16) in Township mn«twn (!P) North, Range Tlitpe (3) Enst of tim Fourth Princi- pnl MprldlAn. that Is situated In Rock Inland County, snd lying next to the southwest line of WrsltMlcio County, containing nineteen nnd 83-100 (19.53) Bcrcs morp or IPS*. It being n!l of Bsld Boulhratt Quarter of «airt Section eixtwn (1C) thRt !!<>» in Rock Island County, containing In all two luindttK) less. Or BO necessary to (satisfy sold decree. Dated this 18th day of October A. 11.. 1828, Jacob J. Luden«, Special Mafltcr in Chancery of said court. John M, Stager, solicitor for com- PLAN STOtK Oct. ! In i?is!n » its inrfpt!f"i in the r»!go, th* B<~«rr! pf 'Itf>i1i< !i»ri fricn S?«l If*! entry Into Ui" fl*tii ?4f curltlM trading by ! b !ipr • 100,000 to prepare fr-r thP of it* own storfe «>)!ciignc» M?rrsb«r« of the board Mfty to empotcrr th« rttrcctors to wl(l» en th» *cop* of tmdlng, and th«i ftp- proptlMton w*« tsKen todsiy «W to" dlc«tlon that thp dtrsctorn hlrt definitely rlpfrmlned to cn.rry out the «*w the n finnnclAl of ChlcnRo's r*c*nt gtowth m*rk«l by n i-cmark»bl* csp»n»lon of tmdlhf on tb? ChlcsRo Stock Exchange »ntS tn* InftuRurRtian of a Chicago Oxirto |Jt JR "o, Ih ( A r >1 *i ^ i«> r* *, ^ ijjth btl H»tf!-r« MI lnt tinf'i *li» rTil ? nr* "P r n nnr !rnc r r *'t m»H ealc' ' It I" » ' iv ^ti"! N her for ')'' T •» - nf rf 75 f$,5f).. : fri, ml! to ch->l" common, *SOft nn.'l rhr. «n »9.r>0; f^mtnon and 47. 711 « 10,(XK5; Cholre. . *13.40. lb, down, good and *ia,35« 13.40; during the p*st ye»r. A committee of three m*mrx>r« of th? rxmrd win be uppolntpd to ftr- tangc dst*lls of the listing of stock*. . medium, t n.35 iJtJa.35: cull ami common. »77,'>.*ll.a5. Ewes, medium to if,o ib. down, $tOO«*fl5fl iMiibi. Rood »ml choicp, $12.85 F«*rlrr CntCAOO OHAtN REVIEW By John P. Boughan (As&OGiftt*d PrtM Market Editor) Chicago, Oct. 18.— (A.P.) — Ideal weftthsr »nrt crop eloven (211) acre* more or much thereof as may be pteinants. Oct. 18, 25, NOT. I WICK "28 Etandtrrt coach. _:CK '28 Standard acdBn. \aOlCK. *24 Wester coupe. 'BUICK *94 Master touring. W3SEX •SB coach, lUcn new. STTJDEBAKER "26 Staadurd coach. OODOE •»« coupe, overhauled. TWO BOTCK tourings, run good, $13 ' 30. cnr MOTOR »ias. MOTOR CO. awian. lat« njodeTT._ tbroughout. Good buy atr •winter. Price $300. CtU M 810 West tlSeventh at. Moron «m c» DAY AND KIOfiT H. THIRD ST. ;V1DS PHOtfS 1887 ,.. WORD itirdor sedan, new tires; also wringer, incubator and three clocks. _ LARGE County 033-3. VICTOR Vlctrola with all records; solid oak unhol*t«rod rocking ch*lr. Call at-008 13th Ate. Phone 17S0-J. VtcanttS Appnfci " ~& ___ ^ UTTLB iOYS^MtfoRfilT "W WlUWI BO at W.BO. H. J. Mueller, 310 Locust St., basemtnt, Waniea—To Roy «i OABH »0ft OiAO BoehePa 4Utit DHAD DIBPCSJAL COMPANY Phone 857-W-_ ZtMIGHT. for sale or trade. If you want a cer worth the money aee this trgajn. Call 671 -M. RD ton truck, good~runnlng coudi^ an; also Ford coupe. re. Phone 845-J. 1310 First J-J824 FORD coupe. A-l condition, new |Sar*e. aiso. L. H. Oltmans. Rock Falls. IS ^ Auto Accessories, Tires, pant •i^OUTjL~LIKE~"Te!Uico" oil in your 1-car. E. F. Vlerins, Texaco Service •I -fitfttlnn. «OQ Ptrat Ave,, Rock Falls. East Third St. at Third Ave. Btpalrtng— ServSoe Stations 10 at. and »ec trio CAfik for dead a&imal*. Phone ldd-J or 335-W. Schnder'a Rendering Works, Sterling. ESS) HINMAM County 988-3. Rooms on& Boor TWO ROOMaT every coa»*al«fice. eafi w»t«r.'hot and cold. Qentlemsn, 106 Sixth Ave. ttooins for TWO OR FOUR-room lijmfihid oot- tagea. with garage. Children, welcome. Mrs. Quy Sanders, first RwJt Palla. Service BmSsMtk Berotct*TOftered fS wiUi aurop truck. Junk bought. Used p*rU for . Rock PaUa. Phony in acacyieaa end arc weirtlng. Bogotfa Repair rear of SUrliug Oarage. ~ clotJj S W. fourth Wr*. ~ "Qittr* dOJ 1816- W. mployment IS^Sok order* for nunxsryT and hire agents. (50 weekly. -alia territory, ~ — ^ or girl to help wttfa h<Hi«>- work in country. Owxl ws«e». Ad- Has 38. Route 4, Rock Fall*. wanted. Phone 1533-W. and bench work. Apply by the buab«L , Morrison, 111. aioAern room*, nioe- Pleasant home for permanent adults. Phone _ia«0-W. TWQ~BbOMa~fiS3iEed lor flight hciuwkeaplag, over store. Inquire B. DeOrott, d31 Locust St. LKOAL .NOTICK ~— State of Illinois 1 County of Whltesidc Jsa. City of Sterling | In the City Court of Sterling, To November Term A. D. 1988 Maud Boyd, Complainant, vs. Harry Boyd. Defendant. In Chancery. Affidavit of non-reaidence of the above named defendant having beeh filed in the clerk's office of the City Court of sterling, notice It hereby given to Harry Boyd that said complainant has filed her bill for divorce in said court on the chancery aide thereof {"that a. surnrmna ~ in THJCI «*use thereupon twued out • Of said court ajfaiJMt said defendaat raturn- abl» to aald court on tha flnt day oTttss-riext Kojwfaber ««rm-thereof, to be held at the Court House in the City «f sterling?. WhJteslde Cfounty, Ullnola. on the third 7 Monday of No- wmbcr, 1028, aa U by law roquired, which cauio la etill pending and Undetermined in said cotat. Roy B. Baer, Clerk of eaid court. Van Sixnt & Besse, compUUnant's solicitors. In Argentina dltl much today to about 6 lower average In wheat val- uw here. Kiport demand, tool was both for United 8t«te« wheat nnd Canadian. However, notable strength of the corn market, based. on keen demand for corn available* to be used «t one*, helped at time* to rnily wheat. Trade ftuthoritie* w«r* predicting that there would be no big arrivals of new com before the 16t- t«r part of November and that la the meantime slocka of old corn would DO down to the vanishing point. Bears in the wheat market today attached special aljjnlflcance to report* that Argentina is pressing to sell wheat to Europe at cheaper rates. In this connection, it was pointed out that Argentine shipments this week were larger than last week, and were nearly double the totals of a year ago. Some notice ws.a also taken of the fact that the world's available supply of wheat last month increased 84,651.000 bushels agWast 33,673,000 bushels increase for the month last year. .,On the other hand, reports were current today to the etlect that dft- me«tSc Hour trade ahowa Improvement, and that buying of wheat for mills is tending to give a steady ton* to the market for cash wheat. *It was also asserted that notwithstanding a large stock ot wheat at Minneapolis and generous coun mated row: CatUn 3,000. Hog!- 18.000. flhffp I>,000. tn, Oct. JB, — (A.P.) — Esti- livestock receipt* for tomor- PRODUCE (.'IlICAQO FRODL'CE Ro, Oct. 18. — (A.P.)— produce market quotations arc &s follows : Butter hlRherfB r«c«plU 4,423 tuba: creamrry extra*, 45 1-2; atAndard*, 48 1-4: extra firsts. 44r»44 1-3; ftrata. «S 043 1-3; Hcpndj, 41 #43. Egga higher; r*c«lpt« 4.740 cases: extra flrsta. 371-3338; fU8t«, 34^37; ordinary firstfl. 38 ©32. Poutoet receipts 170 c«r». on track 4C3 earn, total U. 8. shipments 1010 <surti; trading v«ry slow, market dull tmd hard to quote owing to wide variation in condition of offerings from the north, most cars showing slight to henvy blight and iomo field frost. Wisconsin sacked round whites, $.60® l.oo, with very lUUe R&OVS so. Mlitneeote and North Dakota tacked Irish Cobblers. 60068, tnoatly 60® 75; mcKHA Bed Hirer Ohloa, ».8S®1.05. SouUl Dakota sacked Early Chios, 05 «B8. Idaho s«ck«d Rurkla, »S.30; Mdked Russeta, Il.78e8.00. Live poultry «ury; r«c«lpta 8 cars; fowls, 33; spring*, 331-3; , 30; turkeys, 28 a 30; duclu, 17©25; gees«, 18 (3 lo. the Oct. 18. 35. marketings for future deliveries wa$l la evtdeaoe, and that wheat stock* { •outhwett ar* decr««al&|[, . s Wheat cloaed unsettled. 1-f" to t-* to 6-a cwat net lower. Corn at 8-8 to 1-3 to 11-fl cent advance, Oats 1-8 to 1-4 cent up. and provisions Varying from aso denlln* to a 'tut ol 476, FLOL'B MARKET Minneapolis, Oct. 1ft—(A.P.)—Flour FINANCE . NEW YORK STOCKS Jfttvr -STork. Oot. IB. — (A.P,)— A ittfp tipwttrd pMc< tcriflency ch«r- h<» Bh* '" nf r mt r «\ to fly Atlantic some time, but hue! no he lnt«!Kl(r(.} to jiSftrf. so p?jitn." . who wsUwl of Itif! !onf Rirrnrsn . ly consclou? of th» fact, that hn no wlrPl?«s piu!»nrnt ah Uiat ft' f '\ r f«i*f th p., ^T-i«h ri <r. on OMfP -- <AP i Cohh rr-port^rt at 1 n. m. fhs,t »! *?rofiK pal? w»Jt Mowih^ frorh Mh»*! wrsi flcrompftOlM lij? hrnvy VisihUily was Rood «nd i but U fot*rt; ar fe l||ll hill s«tftin<it Hw Cmn tr-r*«raph . rlo«e NOTICE Estate of James ilcCormlck, deceased. The undersigned having been up. pointed executor ot tlia last will and testament of James Mccormlck, 1*U ot the County of Whiteeide and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that he will appear before .the County court of Whlteside County et the Court House In MorrUwn, at the December term, on the first Monday ia December next. *>t which tune *il P*r»ww : having claims against tuM «*tet* are ootlfled and nquuted to a^na for the purposo ot having tits lifht houSSceplng roomc in Bock. Pftils. Call at 605 Ave. A, Rock Falls. THREE all modern furnished rooms tor light housekeeping, private bath $3 per week. 604 Fourth Ave. T1IREK furnished rooms. Inquire 310 euxth Aw. Phone laie-R. Real 8etate For Rent required, Inquire rtW. W. H.! •iaoo. IW BUM ______ _____ _ 11 peirtly owdern Inqui» lW)i pgbtb 1st. •ted, wltb i .at uewiy deeor- in. B. L. De» children. 001H filth Av*. Fbo m-M. _ 6EVEir~HodM boui* at saFDii Ave., Rock FK.U*. Phone County aac-t. .. Monty to „; est, Stsrltng ' anil , erty. Ajxiotiiils of Uwstti, Cattle, bicycle,, nearly new. SOS Ave. A, N«w blood for old custom* Morrison. Rloaa. S08_DiKon_AwB z »ock Hauled to BiuT f~fiOD»mH Small «' or 7 room will take lt**e. Carl E. or 1H4. WUkln*. WWtf 'fSghorn'c-cxAaelii vcMl«aa», « ewste. W. a. fettl. 440 g. Vmttt St., luasUos, ' All persona Indebted to said estate arc requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned. DaUsrt.thU nth 'day of October Wm. F. McCormlck. Executor. Frank J. Bowman, Atty. Oct.-11, 18, 35 LKGAL. NOTICE' State of Illinois ] County of WhJtteide \ M . City of Bterllng; j In the City Court Of the City of Bterling ' To the Noveftiber Term, A. D?1828 John Hackbarth, Complainant, WllUam M. Mawn, if living, ana « det4, tfee uakoown helr« ftLd / or dertsew ol William M. Maaou, de- ^eed. the unknown wli* oX William S«. M»»oR t if any iia ^»i, aA9 kndwa owner or owaars at (8) to Slack Flv* (6) Wwt «id» County. Illinois. —BnVta jjVUet title. NoUcfl It hereby given of clancy of the *b$i ' tweea tts* abova •awl the ttbovi m th« above entltli ^JT ^ 1 i^T^ . • " " ~' » i in w •••» fammons m amid oau»« in returnable to said court OQ th* uiiieteeatfa day o* Kovember A. D. 1828. at ^> Cltj Court room in the City TT»H la tfaa City of StirllDK, Wblt*tlde Cfouaty JlUiioic. 4 Roy B. Baer, Clerk of mid court. Jacob Cantliu, solicitor for complainant. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN Chicago,- Oct. 18.—(A.P.)—Today* cash grain market quotations are aa follows: Wheat—No. 3 red. 81 3S; No. 3 hard. $1.17 1-2; No. 4 hard, J1.08 1-i; No. 3 northern epriDg, «1.16; No. 4 northern spring, » i-a. Own—No. 3 mixed, D8; No, 3 mixed 07; No, 4 mixed. 85; No. 6 mixed, 08' No. 3 yellow, 91.041-3® 1.06; No. 3 yellow, 81.04; No. 4 yellow, e.e8(*1.02 1-8: Ho. 5 yeJlow, e.S9<al,00 1-8; No. 6 yellow, 89®07; No. 3 White, $1.03; sample grade, Q2@04,' O*t*—No. 2 white, 4S@481-8; No. 4 White, S8o4l 1-3. Rys. No. 3, 91.03 8-4, B*ri*y, 67@<J8. Timothy seed, W-SOaaAO. Clover seed, 822.00 a 80.00. CHICAGO OEAIN KANGE (By Associated Press) High Whsat— U»c. l.lfili March 1.!10^ Low 1,18 1.305, &** Corn— Dec. Marco May Oats— Dec. Marcja •8*'/ Lard- K. &n »«ii ^*B»- fi«... ' &*•, .481,4 3.03 1.04% l.«4 11. eo 11.65 11.83 3.05 1340 1225 13^7 13.80 1.0114 1.04H 11. £3 11.&8 UJ5 la.oo 1396 n, r i& dose ^1% .83 H •86% 1.01 u 1.04 fc 1.06J4 H.86 11.S5 -ia.oq la-is 13.76 12.00 13.67 13.00 12.76 LIVESTOCK Oct. 18. 35, Hov. 1 1 State of Illinois WhitwsWs County City of Sterling I In the City Court. To the November Term A D. 1928 In Ciiimccry tesander A. Ooulding, Couiplain- fciil, aoj) C. 8t£&dmau, Luciua buad- . the unknown hciis or devlaaeg of Amos C. aveaduiiu, dec., joha V. tlw wskii0w& widow and the unknown heirs or d*¥l*e«* oZ John V. 1. dec., the unknown widow of B. Sh$id«M*/8<iiUi I. BuUw.' L, McCuiw. onlchcB McOuot, OBlCBgo, Oct. 18.—-(AJPO—Hogg ,*. cclpte 35DOO; unevenly 16 to as cents ™ : ^LM* .^ ?*» «*9win« to 80 ID. 3.000, u but Baaie a, Bttwwwui. 14. ««lt, ll* a Jrwi* Akia, sts4 kaowa tudu* tr« or V. M. Op»- V. oi AmM C, th* lua- Aluuo C. «*. uaktwwii widow Wid (he uukuyv. u . only possibility of hcarln?? from him on his 1WK) mlJc voynpr over the WRtcrs WM the t-lmnrr of his hri..^ fiiKhted by sonic ship which would report by radio. Kwp Kwn lookout. Tlie keenest lookout wn.<s kept along the Irish const, which was where the first glimpse of his tiny machine might be cxptrtrd R5 tills WM his unnouncetl lantifn!!. Weather conditions thrrc were none too propitious with squalls of rain. VislbUlty was bad, making it possible for him to get to land unsern. act«rl««d the opening of totlRj.'g mock market. Montgomery Ward opened 7 1-4 points higher nt 315. CSrRticl Store* 33-4 at 84S-*, and Johns Manvllle 2 *t 161, all new high record. Untile showed an initial gain of 31-2 points and Southern Railway and General Motors ri-a ana 1 point, re«p*ctlve- *>'• , IUc»pitallBaUon rumom contlnutd to »tlmulat* tho buying of high pric*d ntcoks. Montgomery Ward ran up from 1U ojwnlng price of 815 to 333. an extreme gain of H 1-4 points, In the Ilr*t half hour. DuPont opened 6 1-2 points higher •t 48 1-3, ft new high recorfl. Victor Talking Machine, Jew*l Tta, Murrey Corporation, Warner Quintan. Kansas City Southern and Mnrlln Slockwcll also attained new penh prices, tho gains ranging from 1 to 3 1-3 polntt. Speculation In the motor aharc* WM renumed on » large ncnle. Hud- •oa opened with a block of 10,000 ihftrea at 03 and then moved up to 03 1-4 poinU, and General Motors more tlum * point. Allied Chemical, Amer- can Unwed* %Vright Aeronautical and International Hnrv«it*r nold 3 to 8 points hlg!j«r. American Smelting w*« one or the few soft spots. Foreign exchangea opened steady, with at«rUng cable* unchanged at W.85 1-3Z. Dortalrl pSnnf had no*, A Onlwsy Kt 3 p. m. which rtr* «Q{y ; the lifr- vi th? p«jl*>, bat inlred in color to itjlt IncUnatiem of ttw HT- LOCAL MARKETS MARKED (Reported by Dillon Elevator) ! Corn. 83. O*ta. 33. They are bargains in used cars you can*t afford to overlook. 1927 Chevrolet Imperial Landau Sedan. 1926 Essex Coach, 1926 Chevrolet Truck, stake body. Ford Truck, gear shift, grain body. Buick Touring, 2 Dodge Tourings, Ford Coupe and several other cars m the cheaper class. Open Sundays and Evenings. Telephone 879 Jos. A. Lauff &Son Third Street :e SUITS AND >—- —- ^^^— n NUB V^NBW Consider vour Clothes in terms of mileage and days of w£an_Tlien figure on the~€dbuomy offered by this store.-.- Our idea of great values includes the superb" styles, fine woolens and good tailoring that you'll find in these Suits and Overcoats. .That's why these Clothes are such values.

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