Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 18, 1928 · Page 14
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 14

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1928
Page 14
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-f *'5~ ?•" T5 T TV? «•'! Tn ATI '"€' /"* A '•"" 1~" "'" •-"• r 1 -> t i-,i"i,|,f i^i * t..r/\ t i.y It llAsfjf". * i r-, -. ' |t x ; it WM Mrrt?* trt* ' M*r«h can d« that rurtly, to p*rt!«tit.v. hrr,it»r! info th» hftu«>." «h» «;?»i<5 j hT. A It wjn *sir5 ».irnmt ' *! bir« jf'tins h*«»lf fe* n«.t';:.- ! m^!''m ! My ftwsfiSa; fm!t!" «'iflt].v. Jerrr *ronrf' s n»d !f h*T firs? : —find nn* »h«> «m« etvlnf h'.f- ft "Tht*r)rs. but I'r« got 'o?i of Siirn hndn t h**n too coif) .^houidfT, If li* WMt hurt . . nbiut iretUns th* tri^n h*>ri» to f .. f.s n*.r, »r*!n t jmrtt,: V?>'« Mv.nV th-r: •«•?• ?r«n t b*«-k for I'm hsrtn® * «!?rry *hf»k her h?ad. Jfrry Hstfnpd a-irl^-FT !!. he'd probably hurt & ir th» plane." D».n *«!d jrrwrTly. afraid of rrmkins ft br*»k, whir- pp, (rf*«i fnr M.TrtJf lo ran »n^ hsrliwuril, hat Inn !jstf! When Jfrrr r*jr»f U> «hf hcrtrff hr-WJ In *trr?n|: urmr* nnf»mi1Ur hut kt.ndly hrrs with w»nr*rn. to tfi wp. Hot her He»«l hart, .Iffry wimnajpfs to gri Bp »n^ S»»TS *hf H rtftt in «f«! t»f |H? doctor that DAN RARVfiY MIJ-<« h? Is go- int f»r. J^rrjr Irsirn 1 ? l.h»t tfs»> plane in n»i *rr4n«<i!T «t*rB»jrr4 uni! that U I* Bwnrd by rnnnit ALKSTEH ('ARSTAIRS—thr isthfr m*wbfr of Ihrir informal callrrs. whit spoln- (m wrrrhins ihrir ramp and i** 1 ? to ryplac* 1 «-TerrthInf. 'Thank you." Jerry s.aid vrry CHAPTEn III. qii!«",h, Irtoking at. Aicstcr, Dan Harvey turnwl nbruptly Bway Hr started toward the car in «hich tir had brought Dr. Balden to thr wrnp. Half'wny to II he halted and canir back for • word with Mvrtlr. • I «•»* piloting thf .%hip," he wild. and I'll be glad to pay for the damage to your tent and things. I'll come back after I've taken Dr B?Jd«i to his. offlce and help you pet fixed up for the night." Myrtle looked about her. "Gee, where tl we sl«i>? This tent's torn to pieces" "We'll ris up R shelter for you on the porch," Dan offered. "And tomorrow, if you care to so to town with me. I'll replace the things that were destroyed." "That won't be necessary." Alester broke in. "Let us know what their !™ !^ift»t,h*r. Rhp felt, ccld in bathing nut. And himspT hadn't got fgrilirr than B wli*n their tlrrppwl from sV.v. »Ione somethinjr for thflr brfdkfftst too," she hpsrd Alester Marsh. Weil, if hf -nm thsf hf'd probably b« e!«.d to thai they hadn t unythsng left for supper either. She walked over w>th firm pur- p«*". "Ant! you might pick up a, cold chicken while you're over there. Mr. M*r?h." Myrtle s»ld firmly, but qunking a little In awe of the man. He reminded her unpleasantly of Mr. Gear, the sislr man in the (ac?- department til i Fan?'*. Jerry pa.jrped. "?.tr. Mansh!" Holy hat. Mr. Carstairs would thin': they were R couple of boobs whod never seen R Broadway show In their lives. But a!l the butlerR on Broadway were named Meadows. "Never mind, Meadows ... or is it Marsh? We've had our supper," she said nonchalantly. Myrtle barely suppressed a squawk as Jerry b«nt a forbidding Kiance upon her. Alcster caught the. little byplay. It amused him. "I'm frightfully hungry myself," he remarked earnestly. "You might Just collect a little snack for supper while you're about it. Marsh." he added, to Myrtle's satisfaction. • • • "I'd like to get out of this wet STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY iffiS "**"»"*' u**M*+*p,yu.»f i.^y.-.v^-y^—^-^T-^f^ip-^^r-,^-,".^ ^ "f ^-g;.^,^ i^i^J-™^ j^ w.^uJLL --^ Jo^Lk^ii^ -^^jB^raMff!?^=S^KJgBraq JiSSiSSSl^ OUT OUR WAY Wiliii«a» OUE HOUil Bf Oil Bargains Pennsylvania Light, Medium or Heavy. PJAf* Per **vL GaL In barrel lots. Special price on larger or smaller quantities. Telephone 920 Chapman Bim .Ifilter Street. Just West of Gas Plant E n OUT IN Face Disiigurei Lost Rest Cutjcora Heak " Fxrcna broVs out in a neib on my forehead. My akin dry »nd scaled off. It Itched and burned all the time and ray (met V,T>- dl»on account of it. 1 lost my rat at night. I uaed «cvcr»l re»t- dlc« rteornHvendcd for U but without •ucotst. " I read (ua advertisenient for Cull cum Soap and Ointment and iei for a free asm.ple. It helped roe so I purch»ed more, aad after u»iag two cskea of CuUcura Soap and on« box of Cuticura Ointment I was heated." (Signed) Oba E. Douglas, 36 Smith Si., Athena, Ohio. qan OinttTtgftt an cusn are ideal for daily toilet oaes. Cutbnra Sbnfat* Stick Ue. / / Owuw CME 1WEV HAO / UE^T , AMD T WAD "TO , I wArT. FOP? HVM TO COME For Dress-up Stylish Footwear Young ladies who are going out to parties can welcome the new Fall styles which we are now showing in footwear. The combination of the best in style and a saving price can be found in this store. STYLES THAT PLEASE! PRICES THAT ARE POSSIBLE! BEAUTIFUL SILK HOSE Every woman will appreciate a pair of these hose at our remarkably low price— Sl.QO pail- New Style for Men Men, we carry a wonderful line in black or tan, narrow or wide, high or low shoes at t h e s e low prices. $5.00 $5.85 Sterling Bpotery Street, , ILL. N4tM EFT-SAW MUCV4. u t MT. err. eIMS. rr HU MMWC i CAESAR, OF "THIS CASE I LEFT oXl life -TABLE HERB 2 ~* El£^S-4p, SPBAK OF?"—*^«. WAS VdOR Poe 1^ l>fe ROOM, At TVte : SSo'a 1 1 oti-f 6F1HA-T UMCLE AMOJ^/^x ALL I J?IP WAS pEfd-TH 7 POORS I 1 PEEK 01= rr j —*^- U1AJ SALESMAN SAM Sam's Right For Once By Smxii :O1H' OUT Tft LOMCN, "\ TOO -«\5K KITTV tf I /KVt-tS' 3UST WEMT BORROW HER, /OOT HE /'TOOK TH' . 5HOOT WITH '. AW "\ CHUCKS I C»'WAM wec.L,l WOULD, OM p» OOM'T &£. t'PN Mep.RL>f 1 . < WOULOM'T FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS More Worry For Freckles VWWQ2£'S TUe LAD PEEL BAD IS 4UST A 2£ 60ES.'/ OUT OP *7ME WOUS£»>tOU SEEM 6NEN "*>?»£ , pop JLtpUSE 7?i>ajrM£MASJU(?r CALL IS POT I Si poaTwe DOCTOCL . . Opal Is Up In The Air BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Dfcli PW*. ' HO .tVx SIKXQ OW *||P Or AWFUL _ »ai Jjjgt, i m tii»gt J *

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