The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on March 25, 1947 · Page 14
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 14

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1947
Page 14
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1 I Illl I IV OI HI R M VIU II 25, l! 17 The Firing Line 1 "rru: SJ2L - ,I12SSS,5: North Tenth Residents Threaten Suit Mil iOtMII SUCKS TO Miritr P If T i I lC OI V P IHK LOC TIO SM OM) Kl I'Oli I These requiren Im - Ker squad, hut a ack Dick Mutton. attempt to Ket the a change its mind. 3 Mortfe Lta ning order and an injunctmn tgM tne city anri the asso ,auon to prevent construction of the ball park "in their backyai & " PRIVATI lit KIS(. Although 100 North Lincoln v. err seated in the council chamber Monday afternoon awaiting a public hearing un the question, the city council Raw fit to hear the association's side of it in private A. Q Schimmel, Emmett Junge. Rev. Harold C. Oosnell, John Lawlor. Earl Coryell, W. W. Turner, and Attorney L. R. Doyle crowded into the mayor's office at Mayor Marti's invitation to tell the council, in effect, that they were not going to budge. Schimmel spoke first, stating that the council's ominitti - r of MeMaster. Weaver, and de - Brown had met with association representatives and had discussed the proposed alternate location west of the junction of the SYA and North Tenth street cut - off highways, near Oak Creek lake "We find the alternate site WRESTLE ROYAL! Wed, MB Mar. 26 THRILLS!! SPILLS!! 6 WRESTLERS t REFEREES in the Ring At Thf Same Time Free For All! Joe Dum Den Plechae Jaek Conlev Frank Taylor Red Vanone Leo Jenaen FREEMAN Cigar Star. Through the ups and downs of changing timet, folks in Nebraska have learned co respect Old Constitution as the symbol of enduring qualify. Ask for sound, reliable Old Constitution Brand Wine. Old Constitution FRUIT INDUSTRIES misinformed ;oiH nni o .11 felfHt the ball park location After Director D. L. Enck - son pointed out that the license requLfd filing of detailed plans before work began, and that work had begun with no plans filed, Schimmel hastened to assure the council that the plans would be filed "as soon as possible." Adjourning to the council chamber, the objector's arguments were heard Attorney George Craven spoke in brief concise statements to tell the council that he represented at least 127 North Lincoln property wners. that the group was not against the game of baseball, that it was against locating it at its present site. It W It I I M'lSANCE? "Baseball is not a nuisance in itself." Craven stated, hut it is a nuisance in a residential ( raven cited the bright lights to be on late at night, the noiss of cheering and auto engines Arhta people wished to sleep, both day and night, the hazards of traffic in the area, and the ft ils Of trespassing on private property, all of which would be attendant to operation of a ball park in North Lincoln. "Their only recourse is to sell their homes at depreciated values and move out." the attorney argued. "We propose to fight to the finish." Craven too asked if plans had been filed in accordance with the license provisions. Shortly after he spoke, plans were placed in Erickson's hands. However, they were not the plans desired and required, the director said. "If the council wants to cancel the license," Craven suggested, "that alone constitutes a ground." Kl Ml TTAL BY DOYLE L. R. Doyle arose in rebuttal to state that the f 1 o o d 1 i g h t s would be directed at the field, there would be only 60 games in Lincoln, all to be over before midnight, city police and park attendants would take care of parking, trespassing, and debris problems, and that the noise would not be as great as the stadium noise in the fall. He turned to the assembled North Lincolnites to say "We do not want to hurt anybody," only to be drowned in a chorus of vocal protests which required the mayor's gavel to quiet "In regar dto the park being in your backyards." Doyle, said. "I don't know, maybe I would not like it either." Again the chorus of voices came with "You know you wouldn't." Rev. C. E. Gabler, one of the ' ministers who protested a week ago. came forward to tell the crowd that after talking to the association leaders, he believed that the residents of North Lincoln were misinformed, misled, and had been encouraged to protest by someone with ulterior LTD. SAN FRANCISCO HONOR TO UTE PIVOT John F. Coffer triht) tourney trophy to Vern Gordner, (left) blond Utah cei of touted Kentucky In the Invitational final. Tiammi Utah Upsets Kentucky HfMU V 1.9 - IS S l HP HiS E Of H I L DC JITS OI E HSHABOWS OKI l. - IOI CHOSS TILT NEW YORK (INS) The NC.A.A. basketball final between Oklahoma and Holy Cross at Madison - Square Garden Tuesday niiiht will be merely an anti - cli - L tah s sensatioi ai truunpn over all - powerful Kentucky for the National Invitation title. Utah s "Cimh Ki.1 . oied the court upset of the season Monday night by defeating Kentucky, heavily - favored defending cham pions. 49 - 45. in the btg game or the year. I he amazing feat of the "Upset tes" in making fabulous Ken tucky bite the dust mav be a sum that Holy Cross, another red - hot quintet at the moment, could trip ip OKIahoma in Monday night's game. The Crusaders have won their last 22 starts. However the Sooners, with 11 wins in their last 12 starts, also are right on he ball. 1 I KKR VS. KAFTAN. The flame likelv will develoD into a pivot shooting battle between Gerald Tucker of the Soon - d Gerfle Kaftan of the Crusaders. Kaftan is the leadine eorer in N.C.A.A. play. He tallied 15 points against Navy and 30 against ity i ouege ror a total of 45. Tucker scored 17 nointa acainut Oregon State, and II Saturday night when the Sooners nosed out Tucker holds the all - time Big j Six scoring records of 175 points in xen games ami jo points ior a single contest. Kaftan, through out tne regular season, scored 233 points, two less than Dermott UXonneii, his team mate. In the "consolation" onener. Texas clashes with City College, which lost to Holy Cross Saturday ugnt. WILDCATS CRASH Basketball fans Tuesday still iere talkine about Mondav niflht's superduper which saw the down - other members of the Association to step forward with their views, but none of them desired to speak, apparently having said their sav in the private meting. "I regret exceedingly that you people were not heard before.'' Marti repeated his remarks of a week before when a smaller group appeared to protest the ball park location. 'T believe t r hat contracted wit' and cannot ba we will take it department." and :ed stated that "th rity of the council feels that tered into a definite contract and that we are obligated to perform under that contract." PLANS FILED. been assured that lans will be filed within urs and Directors Erickson tenner will inspect them diately and if they seem ' the council will hold a il meeting." City Attorney Max Kier had called the contract valid, no opinion had been expressed aa to a possible violation due to failure of the association to file M Golf I flouts To Begin Sunday olf will get fin rials Sunday, according to Coach Bud Williamson. Play will be of the medal variety over an 18 - hole route at HiUcrest Country club. Looked on to make a strong bid for team berths are Don Waite, Vern Strauch, Bernie Mortensen, Don Pegler. jr., Don Stroh. Harry Meginnis. Willie Polite. Jirn Leg - gitt. hod acxaro ana raui Hyland. Players who do not have transportation will be picked up at the Veterans Hospital bus stop on O street at 9 30 a. m.. said Williamson. unti the meet valuable player in the National Invitation C who Monday night iod hit team to a ttartllnq 49 45 upset i. unidentified, look on. (AP Wirephoto.) fall of Kentucky, the nation s No. 1 quintet which had won 33 out of 36 games this season. Including tournament plav the Sooners have a 24 - 6 record while Holy Cross, riding a 22 - game winning streak, has a 26 - 3 slate. This is the third N.C.A.A. for Oklahoma, but the first time the Sooners reached the finals, and it is the first time in the N.C.A.A. for the Crusaders. The contest also marks the sixth meeting of eastern and western N.C.A.A. winners, westerners having won the five previous times. The probable starting lineups: hoi.y cRoea poi Coach Cuts NU Squad . . . To as i. the knife to the University Nebraska football squad and cut it down to 6S members as snrine drills progressed into the second wecx Monaay. "To accomplish more." said Bernie, "We have .to get our squad down to a workable si; Bob Sim. Fred Hawkins. John Sommers and Jerry Calhoun, line - centers; Del Weigand and Joe Gutschow. quarterbacks; and Don rmstrom. t,eorge aosiwicK. May Magamen, Marshall Neihardt and Richard Novak, halfbacks. GREEN QUARTERBACKS. In absence of Joe Partington and Dick Thompson, who had late classes, freshmen Bruce Bergquist and Carl Dilldme were quarter - backing the varsity backfielders through a series of drills. A lengthy passing drill, stressing a double pass in the backfield with the halfback finally tossing to an end, was staged. Of the halfbacks, only the veteran Jim More lin than backfield braved Ihe Moi ding Gordon Hall and r. tackle lettermen. tressing fundamentals m.. Coach Bernie con - ickling session between md the halfbacks. The until 5 p. ducted a t bolstering of the end and quarterback departments still is the No. 1 headache in the CornhUsker camp. Hold Up Hearings I V YANKBROOK f lX U By GAYLE TALBOT. investigation into "who said some - anything." which is creating ma - pest, has been continued until Fri - riav and shifted to St. Petersburg i.v Baseball tomm ; Happy) Chandler. Ch mued the one of the prin cipals. President Branch Brooklyn! to appear, being called to Ohio by the death of his wifes brother, John Moulton. Rickey's chief opponent, Lar - jrv MacPhail of the New York mm lm r . i Yankees, was to present his on hand, however, j L. fc , IOHNNY LEHL Thb Raymond. Neb. native will be on the ring police force In the rossle royal Wednesday night. SETTER Wrestle promoter Adam Krie - ;er will serve up a fancy dish sa;sss melee six grapplers will be simultaneously for in the ring i full - fledged 1CTher sextet that will commit this legal assault is composed of Joe Dusek and Dan Plechas, Oma - lhM. lark Ctmimrn Denver: Frank rav lor. Toledo; Red Vagnone. Mo - bile. Ala.; and Leo Jensen, Tulsa. over two years ago. The others are well known here. The match will be under d j barreled iforceraent. Krie - nas hired two refere . d Johnnv Lchi Lehl home mond; Kreje is an from Minneapolis. rne rassie royal is elimina tion bout to determine who will ! usual prelim, semi - final and main in the to be ousted nrelim. the next two in the windup and the last pair of a event. Vox ( ominils Suicide: Threp Hounds Hie Too LURAY, Va (AP) The quick Piney mount) Hunters Tc and George much about manage to pursuers. The fox and three founds drowned. The hearing, heralded as baseball's spring house cleaning session, droned on for five hours as the lesser men involved in the reported to Chandler on their knowledge of the affair which stems reportedly from remarks made bv Leo Durocher and Rickey unfaltering to MePhil. As baseball's smaller tered the hearing rhamher to make their contributions to the testimony, reporters waited to buttonhole them on their exit, but as each man left the room his sole remark was no comment." Durocher. manager of the Dodgers who had just left his movie actress - bride, Laraine Day, in a nearby hotel, spent 45 minutes with Chandler. "Chuck" worked with Llvn and H; ers' road lext. Chandler heard them all, in - luding Augie Galan. who played vith Brooklyn last year and who After the hearina. Chandler irvrSS? did Training Camp Briefs 1 QSil - . . - esccue one of the 1 .4 Timmm lent on the entire proceeding. Four NU Athletes Ineligible . . . f or amity Four University of Nebraska athletes have been declared ineligible for future varsity competition. Athletic Director A. J Lewandowski said he had been advised by Dean T. J. Thompson The four are Bob Means, Waldo Wintei, Ncal IfOUff and Bernie Bieterman. DiTOCtOI LOwOndOWlH said. nal A A IT basketball tourna ment at Denver as members of the Nuthouse team of Lincoln The Big Six Conference ruling declares that any student enrolled in a Big Six school forfeits his eligibility for varsity competition by participating on any team not sponsored ny a memoer scnooi, Lewandowski said. In a letter to Athletic Director Lewandowski, IJean Thompson to meet the letter of the ence rule concerning outside participation. Went Ahead. "It is a matter of rearet to me that these students, despite then knowieMe, have gone ahead wt their own personal plans and ha' "There is no alternative but that I. as Nebraska's facu tv athletic representative, shall and do declare them ineligible for further college participation until such time as they shall have appealed to the conference and have been reinstated." Haelroll OutAtOU . . fin lili. Director lhbs ? hp' ptUwod ' of his duties athletic director at the University Cross said the decision was reached at a meeting of regents last week but was not announced until Monday. CAREFl I STI'DY. Cross said in a statement "the regents considered carefully the activities and finances of the athletic department during the past year and came to the conclusion that Mr Haskeil should 1 not have charge of the depart - No successor has been named Haskell was not available for comment. His release wis announced shortly after he conferred with the university president Monday afternoon. The 48 year old director was graduated from the university with a degree to geology in 1922. ' He was a member of the cham - Valley conference OLD TIMER. He joined the athletic department staff in 1927 and became di - tu - s in 194 . suc ceeding Tom Stidman. Haskell was granted leave of absence in 1942 to accept a commission m the naval reserve, and at the time of his release from the navy, in 1945 held the rank of commander. rector of athletics in 1941, sue - m ceeding Tom Stidman. Haskell ft J was granted leave of absence in i f ' sn Diego ('pen - KBrHHi Ted beat by test, by larm ctucaso (NL,0 - 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 OOnV performance), by 'armor pref - 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 1 WiieVLVeVeVeVeVMm fnc Sure - Grip's famous L.dT uictif H.nywsV.r' u knd vIMbFBHB O - P - E - N C - E - N - T - E - R tnad schKfins. LivinBfn WWr mMM MM 8 llk an xtra hired hand. JPFjHB mm This time - saving tire gets in kBir MKtKK fL there and gets the work Wf AWffmmmJ M don in le" Ume - ua ior MIAMI A P HHBH Fir iBPJS a lrJ:Lbi' I iiyervfe I secretary, wen ,.f;! ' TfTiJS tfEESBS) GOODYEA1 AC that canac.1 for the f f'h time Lincoln held the AAU championships first m 1927 . . Other veterans of AAU executive committee?, who are on the current board, are Erie Campbell. John Selleck and the Rev. D. B. tu onnor lexas U is expected to nave the and Pen v Samuels, ran the I ( K) 09 5 in hieh school and a thiid member of the bOTMftorn relay team, Allen Lnwler. won the Southwest conference title last spring in :09 7 ... On the basis of one regular season comparison. Nebraska prep basketball is superior to Iowa high school pl.iy . Sioux City Central, runnei up to Davenport in the Iowa state tourney, was easily beater by Lincoln high. Nebraska luunerup. by 41 - 35 in a match at Sioux City. Feb. 1 . . . Hartinps college's track squad was in an uproar last week when a co - ed was seen trotting around the Bronco track with several male candidate "She joh g.Hecfc got around about as fast as her hoy companions." u. rites Bill Madden . We'll wager that a reducing motne was involved In the Illinois state high school tourne. the sportsmanship trophy was given to a player about to entei the final game with his team ... He was then ousted from the finale for striking an opponent. NORTHEAST Mffe eked (,ut Mu prising 45 - 44 victory ovee the alums in the Bob Allen benefit :une recently . . . Frit Davis' 14 points paced the hiuh school kids, who won the game on a field goal bv Bob Knight with 10 seconds left . . Cliff Squiies piesent WYslevan star, paced the alums with 10 points, followed by Rollio Delaney with nine . . . Knight and Gayle Voller pitched in nine each for" the Rockets . . . Big Al Kirlin, Corn - KUfttOf cauer. was held to three points bv the scrappv preppers ... A total of $250 had been raised with some of the rOOtiptl still to be counted Tuesday noon . . Allen, as you will remember, is the little forward who suffered a fractured skull in mid - C QUIGIEY. Kansas U. athletic director, has been ipertd - ing his days lately in the Kansas legislature . . . F. C. is lobbying for a measure to appropriate $650,000 from state funds for a new fieldhouse at KU . . "No school anywhere has fewer - facilities for handling the winter sports program," Quigley told the state house assemblage ... A squad of 110 reported to George Sauer for spring grid drills at Kansas in 1946, but only 36 stayed out . . . Now George is starting with 13R and hoping over half of the aspirants stick around . . Phog Allen, who was forced by ill health to forget coaching the KU basketball team at mid - season, is now back in the harness . . . Phog is all set to - tart spring cage drills after a winter in sunny California . . . Phog's annual spring blast against gambling in college basketball is nine days overdue by actual count . . . The Northeast h h student body and track squad are clamoring for completion of their cinder track . . . The oval was started in 1944. then abandoned without any cinders spread or work done since . . Consequently, Bun Galloway's cindermen are working out on a dirt surface which hardly give them an equal chance in competition with cinder - trained track teams. Hunker thrill Ducat Prices iiiioiiiiccmI Football ticket prices for the University of Nebraska 1947 home season were announced today by Athletic Diaector A. J. Lewandowski. For the five home games Indiana (September 27); Minnesota (October 4); Kansas (November H); Oklahoma (lovemoei 22); Oregon State (November 29) a season book will be $12.50. plus the $2.50 tax, or $15. Season books for students, faculty members and university employes will be $6. plus the $1.20 tax, or $7 20. Single game reserved seat tickets will be $2.50 plus 50 cents tax, or $3. Single game b. . H Ur was the chain vUien - i : . i dash i Zaff tfau Battle French Fighter NEW YORK (AP) of the 2iMh Century Snortuu: . during the illness of Mike T, ike i middleweight title bout between Marcel Cerdan. European champion, and world titleholder Tony Zale if the Frenchman whipped Harold Green in Madison Sauare Garden Friday night. San ale's manager w ho scene, said, how - KINSEY'S

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