Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 29, 1968 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1968
Page 5
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HOPE (ARK) STAR, Printed by Offset Monday, April 29,1968 iHttif nurt innrj ainn, rnnieu uy uusei If It's Worth Buying Or Selling's Worth A Low-Cost Ad! PR7-3431 WAN? AS RATES All Want Ads ads will be aseepted tht tetepttone and 63, Sewing Machines 90, For Sale aftceamts allowed with ««..,*„*.«.•.... so x 10 TWO BEDROOM '65 thfe UftdttfStaftdtng the account is piyabie when statement is Up to 15 16 to20 21 ts2S 26 to SO 31 to35 36 to 40 41 to45 46 to 50 Nctfflbef One Four Six On* Daystteys Days Days 1,10 2,35 2,90 8,40 1,30 2,80 3,8010,05 1,80 3.25 4,0011,55 1,70 3,704.5013,05 1.90 4,16 5,0014,55 2,10 4,80 5,5016,05 2,30 5,05 £,5017,55 2.500,506,5019,05 Initials of one or mote letters, group of figures as house or tele* pftortft fttimb'irs count as one word, CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 Timo -$1,25 per inch per day 4 Times-$UO per inch perday 6 Times - $.95 per inch per day STANDING CARDS An * 20,00 per inch per month, CO. Sales & Service, call PR7* 8313, New Singer Zlg Zag portable Sewing machine $88,00, payments of $5,00 month, The Fabric Center, 107 South Main, your authorized Stager Repre« sentative or the Singer Com* pany, 221 East Broad Street, Texarkana, Arkansas. 4-29-tf mo* del mobile home, See at 1224 West Avenue D, Phone: PR7- 5501 before 8:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. Also pasture for rent, . „„ ., 4*25-4tp BEAUTIFUL FULL BLOOD German Police Puppies, Bill Collins, West 16 th Street. PR7-4894, 4-27-Gtp WIN AT BRIDGE Card Located By Deduction By Oswald and James Jatoby >JORTH A A 29 A 8 fi 5 4 A Q .] 8 EAST (D) 4 KQ 107 54 V Q 9 fi 5 3 68, Services Offered 91. For Rent UNFURNISHEfi ADS FOR CARPET AND braided rug cleaning, see Curtis Yates. For free estimates, call PR7- 4670, 4-tt-tt FOR PECAN GRAFTING, all standard varieties. Call Cliff THREE 4 - ROOM APARTMENT. CallPR7-9954. 4-25-6tc Rates quoted above are for consecutive insertions, Irregular or skip date ads will take the one-day rate, All dally classified advertising copy will be accepted until 2 p. m, for publication the following day. The publisher reserves the right to revise or edit all advertisements offered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted, The Hope Star will not be re- Stewart PR7-5521 or J. W. Secrest PR7-2709. 4-3-lmp ILLNESS AT HOME? Convalescent needs for home care can 94. Apartments Furnished ROOM FURNISHED Apartment. Call PR7-5653. 4;29-ltc_ 95. Apartments Unfurnished comments?" Oswald: "I see Fred does not approve of my two diamond overcall. 1 don't cither by modern methods, and it wasn't much of a bid even then, but 1 liked to bid in those days." Jim: "You still do. but I agree that you wouldn't open your mouth with that hand today. Was that the way experts bid before I was born 0 " Oswald: "No. Just this one expert, and I didn't make that kind of bid very often. Anyway as the subsequent bidding sho'ws, my partner never let me of! the hook and eventually I found myself in a diamond slam which depended on my avoiding the loss of a trump trick." Jim: "Fred points out that you won the spade opening in dummy and immediately led out dummy's king of hearts." Oswald: "Exactly. The normal correct play with 10 of a suit missing the king is to finesse. This gives a 50 per cent chance for success , while the play for a drop only Oswald: "Fred Karpm s g j ves a 26 per cent chance. On new book entitled 'Winning the other hand East had WEST 4» J83 V A 1042 • 73 *K 4, 10972 *4 SOUTH V 8 4 Q J 1092 * K 6 5 3 Neither vulnerable West North East South I A 2 * Pass 2 A Pass 3 * Pass 4 * Pass 5 * Pass 6 * Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—A 3 THE WELL CHILD Migraine Headaches Are Hard to Prevent By WAYNE G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. mother"w r i t e s that her cleft palate'.' Is it hereditary? daughter. 7. has migraine Q—Since more than one headaches and would like to child in a family may show know how to prevent them. If this defect and since the mci- this child has true migraine dence is higher in infants one attacks she is lucky in one re- of whose parents had it, spect—she at least knows what heredity is believed to be a she has. Thousands of persons factor.' When a woman who who a v e subject to attacks of has had a child with cleli one-sided headache preceded palate is given supplementary by a zigzagging blind spot vitamin B-ti and folio acid for 30 to 40 minutes and as- during the first three months .». . >. ,. %.« II 1 I 1 I £., V • • «-- ...~, ,__-- sociated with vomiting don't of pregnancy, t h e chances know that these attacks are that the new baby will have the defect are greatly reduced. migraine. Insofar as the disease is hereditary and often a specific cause cannot be found, the attacks are hard to prevent Q—I am nursing my baby. 1 eat a well-balanced diet and Recent studies indicate that drink plenty of fluids but I the a 11 a c k s are associated also eat ab(Hlt /'^V A,, r with a drop in the blood level chocolate candy a day. Could of serotonin and that an injection of this substance will be bought or rented at your p j - n Tournament and Dup- opened the bidding and it Village Rexall Pharmacy, Ex • ^ cs ^ e Bridge' is a must for i 00 ked as if the diamond king bridge columnists amples: wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches. 3-29-lmc PAPER HANGING AND Painting. Interior-exterior, professional work, Call PR7- 5408. Earl Schomlmrg. 4-16-lmc FOR LEASE at Hillcrest and Imperial -1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Utilities paid. Some furnished. $100.00 up Pr7-3363 or PR7-5744. 4-1-tf It includes was to be misplaced for sponsible for errors in Want Ads COMPLETE PLAN SERVICE unless errors are called to our residential or commercial. No attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then or ONLY the so many hands that may be me when West produced the used in columns." ace of hearts, the chance of a Tim- "It is mighty good successful di a m ond finesse ' for any player since dropped from even money al- shows example after ex-most to zero. East needed the of expert play. One of king, plus distribution for his . his'first hands shows your bid. So I played for the blank 102 Peal Estate For play of a slam in the 1931king and was lucky enough to LV4 . neai CiSiaie rur ^ derbilt H ow about somehave the play work." (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) t Sale One incorrect insertion, Phone Prospect 7-3431. porterS PM-5331. •"-"- 3-14-tf '•!'Job Printing obligations. Choose your own pr a f 0 fo fr^r- builder. We solicit the contrac- 10^. Real Estate For tors - plan business. Call Joe PRINTING of Quality. Letterpress or Offset. Call Yukon 3-2534 collect. ETTER PRINTING COMPANY, Washington, Ark. 4-5-tf .. «••«•••>•« PW-WWH..-1P*----.!-"- — --«--«• — 2. Notice COMPLETE Quality Film Developing Service—Photo's and movie film BARRY'S QUICK SAKNo. land 2. 4-24-tf I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any debts other than my own . . . Cora Mae 4-29-4tp STATE TAX RETURNS due May 15th, also bookkeeping service. See Dorsey Stringfellow at the H & R Block Location. PR7-5416. TWO LOTS FOR SALE, lots 9 and 10 Block 15. "Hills of Hope Addition." One block off Rosston Road. $1,000 for quick sale. Eugene Arnett, 300 Floyd Street, Winnsboro, Texas 75494. Sale GOOD INVESTMENT 2 ACRES lovely landscaped plot with three motel units Fur Q—The bidding ha* bec-n: West North East South You, South, hold: nished & 5-room living quarters. *K876-t VK 10 5 3 2 *5 l *3 A 1n 1 o* •""""— — u-i^vm uruig nuancio. 4-19-12tp $1 5/0 00, only $5,000 down, Dal- 4-18-lmc ance like rent. DULL? WE SHARPEN mower blades. Delaney's Grocery, 202 East 2nd. PR7-3701. 4-16-lmc 73. Jewelers FINEST WATCH & Jewelry" repair. All work guaranteed. Party napkins for all occasions, personalized, .prin- • : - ted. Stewart's Jewelry Store. 208 South Main. 68. Services Offered Termites CALL ALLIED For Free Inspection D. MIDDLE BROOKS, JR, PHONE PR7-3467 5. Funeral Directors 9 °* F ° r Sale All Work Guaranteed AMBULANCE SERVICE, Oxgyen equipped. Two - way Radio, Burial association. HERNDON Funeral Home. Phone 7-4686. 4-28-tf AMBULANCE SERVICE, Burial Association, OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME, Dial 7-6772. 15. Used Furniture LUCK'S USED FURNITURE CO. See me before buying or selling. H. E, Luck, 904 North Hazel, PR7-4381. 4-7-tf WALKER'S NEW & USED Furniture, PR7-6233. 213 S. Main, Give highest prices for your furniture, Will sell - trade -or buy, 4-7-tf 21. Used Cars WANTED- Late model used cars and pickup trucks. See James Gaines Used Cars. 203 West 3rd. 4-24-tf MW«IBWH*«*PWIVW*)l9w*«IW<lt«B«l>IMW«**WW* 35, Truck Rentals Fully furnished. $1500. Call PR7-2062 after 5 p.m. or all day Saturday. 4-25-4 tp HOME FOR SALE-622 South Elm Street. Phone: Grady Williams at PR7-6212 after 5:30 p.m. 4-17-tf THREE BEDROOM MODERN Home. Forty acres land, pond, Improved pasture. 22,000 capacity chickens. Call PR7- Contract With Allied Low Cost Protection 3-27-2mc MONEY MAKER 7 ACRE Resort with 14 rental units FULLY furnished & equipped near Lake. Priced to sell. GOING-DAIRY SETUP 170 ACRE dairy set up, with 45 Holstein Cows, Bull & 3 tractors, & hay equipment, crawler, trucks, everything needed to operate, 887 Ibs. BordonMilkbase*. Priced right. STROUT REALTY 620 W. 3rd PR7-3766 What do you do now? A—Bid four spades. No guarantee goes with this bid, but if your partner can't make four spades there is a good chance that the other side can make game in a minor suit. TODAY'S QUESTION You bid four spades. West and North pass. East doubles again and West bids five clubs which is passed arouud to you. What do you do? Answer Tomorrow 4-25-4tc 107. Restaurants 5225. 4-ll-lmc 1968 CHEVROLET CAPRICE, loaded with factory air conditioner, power brakes and power steering. Like new. Must Sell. Call PR7-5884 during day or after 5:30 p.m. PR7- 6212. 4-19-tf NEW AND USED JEEPS. . .can be seen at the G. and S. Manufacturing Company on West Avenue B. Telephone PR7- 6714. 4-2-tf SUPER Stuff, sure nufl That's Blue Lustre for cleaning rugs and upholstery. Rent electric shampooer $1. Home Furniture Co, 4-29-6tc HAMBURGER'S DELICIOUS "FULL OF MEAT" Shakes - Sundae's - Malts Large Parking Area BOBCAT DRIVE-IN Win with Jocoby! Oswald Jacoby, coauthor with his son Jim of (Name Paper's) popular column, "Win At Bridge," hoi written a 64-pcge booklet of expert advice for his readers. Get your copy of "Win At Bridge" by sending name, address with zip code and 50 cents to: (Name Paper, Address, City, State) or (Name Paper, Box 489, Dcpt. A, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019). WORLD ALMANAC FACTS PHONE PR7-5444 EAST 3rd 4-25-fitc 102 . Real Estate For Sale The Most Talked About Home In Hope !! More than Star" home. 3,000 have viewed this magniHcient "Blue RENT • A • TRUCK save over WE SELL HAVOLINE OIL, by 70 percent, refrigerator dol- the case or by the cans. De- Ues, loading ramps, furniture laney's Grocery, 202 East 2nd. pads etc. furnished free. Move 4-16-lmc anything, anywhere, anytime, ""•--" .............. no red tape, no delay, Only license required is your driver's license, Free esti* mates and reservations, PR7» 5733, PERRY'S TRUCK REN- tal, at Perry's Truck stop, Hwy, 67 East of Hope, 4-14-tf 6. Insurance WHY WORRY 7 If you need or have questions about these types of Insurance: GOURMETS SALON .... (formerly called kitchens) with walnut hand rubbed cabinets and Caloric all-gas built Ins, Dishwasher and disposal too, of course, 2-PERSONAL CARE CENTERS .(formerly called bathrooms) that are indescribably beautiful. 3-BEDRQOMS (we believe you will agree that words cannot describe the luxurious master "Slumber Roum" with 3 wardrobes and dual crystal clear dressing mirrors H In iafi'J, John Wesley Powell made the first detailed exploration of sonic 1,500 miles of the Colorado River, much of it through the Grand Canvon. says The World Almanac. The one-armed Civil War veteran made the ha/ardous three-month trip with nine companions in four small rowboats. Powell contended with rapids, desertion, dissension, boat crashes and near-drowning. give prompt relief. Q—Our daughter, 6, has frequent attacks of tonsilitis. The doctor a 1 w a y s gives her Chloromycetin. I have heard that this drug has dangerous side effects. What do you think? A—Most drugs have some undesirable side effects. Your doctor understands the risks and prescribes them only when he thinks the benefits will justify their use. The danger is minimized when the dosage is small and the drug is given for a limited period. Q_0ur s i x - m o n t h - old daughter is very bowlegged. Can anything be done to correct this? A_Bowlegs due to a vitamin D deficiency is almost never seen any more. A child who has not yet started to walk may appear to be bowlegged. This is exaggerated by wearing thick diapers. Your daughter may outgrow this by the time she starts to walk. If she does not, light braces will help to straighten her legs. Q_\Vhat is the cause of LEGAL NOTICE In The Chancery Court Of Hempstead County, Arkansas. Sam Bishop, Plaintiff, vs Hattie Denmon Bishop and Mary Ellen Denmon Williams, Defendants, No. 9318 WARNING ORDER The defendant, Mary Ellen Denmon Williams, is warned to appear in the Hempstead County Chancery Court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Sarn Bishop. Witness my hand, as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on this 25th day of April, 1968. Jim Cole Clerk F. C. Crow Solicitor for Plaintiff Norman M. Smith Attorney Ad Litem for Mary Ellen Denmoa Williams Ayr 11 29, May G, 13, 20, 1968 I.I Tl I RBI (J HMD BAUYI.ON, N.Y. (AP) A I DHL' Island miilorisi, Herbert M. I iilinum of Liiulenluirst. learned thai freedom uf the press does not include throwing a newspaper in the face of the law ( iilim.iM was lined SIO in Nassau OisiruM Court for littering. Lite court was told that the newspaper I isliman threw out his car window I,iniled on the windshield of Patrolman Richard Russell's Patrol car, all this chocolate harm him? A-No. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Please send your questions and comments to Wayne G. Branditadt, M.D., in care ol this paper. While Dr. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters, he will answer letters of general interest in future columns. Political Candidates The Star is autnorizea to announce that the following are candidates for public office subject to action of the Democratic Primary. For County Judge FINIS ODOM For Tax Assessor CARTER SUTTON For Sheriff & Collector JIMMIE GRIFFIN For Prosecuting Attorney BILL DENMAN 8 JR. For Circuit Clerk JIM COLE For Representative ARTHUR L. STRECH TALBOT FEILD, JR. For Treasurer HARRY HAWTHORNE For County Clerk MRS. PAT McCAlN For County Coroner J. T. HONEYCUTT SHORT RIBS Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every Weekday Afternoon at the Star Building STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex H. Washburn, Sec. - Treas. 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas 71801 Alex. H. Washbum Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. C. M. (Pod) Rogers, Jr. Circulation Manager Billy Dan Jones Mechanical Superintendent Second-class postage paid at Hope, Arkansas Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Member of the Associated Press The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to tip use for republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. Single Copy 10c Subscription Kates (Payable in advance) By Carrier in Hope and neighboring Towns — Per week 35 Per Year, Office only . . 18.20 By mail in Hempstead, Nevada, Lafayette, Howard, Pike, and Clark Counties — One Month 1.20 Three Months 2.90 Six Months 5.25 One Year 10.00 All other Mail in Arkansas One Month 1.10 Three Months 3.30 One Year 12.00 All Other Mail Outside Arkansas One Month 1.30 Three Months 3.90 One Year 15.60 College Student Bargain Offer Nine Months 6.75 Nat'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, .Ino-.,- 3387 Popular Av., Memphis, Term., 38111; 960 Hartford Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N.Y.; 1275 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; 683 Shrivll Tower, Oklahoma City, Okla. All RI6HT, WHO'S CAUS/AJ0 THESF B!<3 GROCERY BILLS? Display By FRANK O'NEAL An you! all brick-wood burning fireplace that will astound RALPH MONTGOMERY custom Slaughtering. Meet for your 4eep freeze. We buy cattle and 4-1-tf CUSTOM Slaughtering Beef or pork cut arid wrapped for your deepfreeze. Contact BARRY'S GROCERY, 7-4404. 4-i-tf Medicare Supplement Group Or Pension Get In touch with the folks wlio know what it's all abut. Call Duffle D. Booth in Hope at: Anderson-Frazier Agency PICTURE ALL THIS ... IF YOU WJLL ... IN A SETTING OF SWAYING PINES AND STATELY OAKS!!!! PRIVATE SHOWINGS BY APPOINTMENT FOR G DAYS' ONLY 1111 |Q7, Restaurants after PR7 4481 or hours at his home PR7-2682 L BfAiry J i f- Q BOX 216 HOPE. ARKANSAS 71801 CATFISH PLATES. All you can eat for $2,00. KMd's Cafe at Buls 4' Arc Uke. 4 . s . lmc INSURE TO BE SURE 448-tf PR7-5741 PR7-2407 4-24-Otc Ki:r;i'i\<. lire, this 111:111 in»J;-ls a m-\\ .uhrit sui! madf in land and ch'MtfW'il. |i<-rha|»v lor .1 a in »• s I*«»"i d. Wou-n from wool and llaiui'-rcsisl ant ^ > nl lit' I ii liber, suil \\ilhstantls lin a>i (lrntun in shows. 21 Ti Chateaubriand hi.'roini' Cumuli I 2 W/Kl.M Hum,in beiiii 1 , Till Mr :,p<;t III ( aid 1 . Swain|i> l.'iinl Dossil i (itrhxi Beast u| burden ACUOSS 5 Trim with beak Display (i llarciii rooms MaKnihccnt 7 I'ui'e honey spec taele K Order of Kuro|>ran cil> mammals 10 ll.'i'H! ilou/i loosi'ly 11 Showy \'Z Kxalts Kl Killer 17 Al u diblaiur '.U Mai/c Z'l Wheat (lisi'a'.e '2'\ One o( two l!. r > At this |ilari' 27 l'iOMi|p|"r,e Syiit|>honv 2H Helix :if> False -,| L».l llusc-liall t.Tln :«'p UnsxiK ' 2 win (Is ' W S.mells .'II Seaweed ashes :H HcctliPiven's Third' .'19 Ceremonial clianihers of •11 Kr Vi I'.!, Indians (.'ui i ii's (toll i Wounded Turn li> Moll'IKC I'ulc tnttipnic Ann )

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