Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 25, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 1944 Portable Storage Tanks Made By U. S. Rubber Co. Are Used In Combat Areas A French Boy Comforts His Pal U^ccl For Transportation And Storage Of Gasoline, Oil And Aromatic Fuels portalili* synthetic rubber tanks ill',- now bt-injr oxlunsivuly used in cninliat areas I'tir both the trans- portatiuii and utorntfi! of gasoline, oil nnd aromatic fuels, to Insure nn adequate supply of those vital ;if, (ill timo.x. IWi-lopi-d by United Status Uuli- |n-r company, huKe coIUipsi- lih- tunUs can lie sec up or taken down very quickly. Advantages of tin' synthetic rubber Cuol ttinks fur uvut'seas use iu'i> 'that thny am col.'ap.-dl'lr nnd can bo shipped in Kiimll space.' '['buy lire lijjht In weight. easily canKjul'luKoi! In the ilolil nml can In- quickly set up or |;inM"li<-d ilnwn foi 1 transportation in a in'W locution by n very small ci-i'w. r.ei'oiv their ii!«\ stoul tanks ttri-f needed !'o:- sturiitK or trans- Tanks fin- transporting fuel fii'c mailf with 7;"fi trillion capacity, car- nix! nn a standard 2 .1-2-ton truck iiiul with 2700 Ka'lon capacity, ihive of which arc ciirriud on Cine raili-iiiul flat car. Stmak'i' tanks, usucl for 'advance rumliat or rt'.-u-rvu supply back of '.ln> lines, will hold either .1,000 pillo.'is or R.nitU gallons of KUSO- World War | A Year Ago August 25,1943 I u— __: ( . In speech to 30,000 Canadians in Ottawa, President Roosevelt warns the Jx'unis to surrender because "surrender would pay them better now than later"; also says that the Quebec conferences wore devoted to discussions of our common purpose' In this war—that purpose is "a determination to achieve victory In the shortest possible time." Maj. Hnrol<! L. George, chief'of the U. , S. Transport Command, predicts economic collapse for Germany by the end of the year if the air offensive can be continued. BrltlsH" Mosquito bombers return further to damage Berlin. Russian troops capture Kenkov, SO miles northwest of Kharkov, and GO other places. j lui" 'I'lii' rullapsililo fuel tfinUs are made of mildew-proofed 1'abric cuatrd with two types of syn- th'-tic rubber. one with a low dlt'- fi:»iori fad.' and the other with hiv,-h udh'.-Hive quiilitios, Tanks must withstand hoat up to XtJG du- Kiei-.-; I 1 ', and sold to zero, since they an- 1'einf; used In youth Pacific operations as well as in Africa and /Caly. Witt) uvury rank is hipped a manual with full instructions for assi-mlily. maintenance, repair nnd .•••packing, as well as an equipment chest includintr fittlnfjs and repair materials .Tanks can be re- pairi-il in th..> I'loltl a.s • easily and speedily as a tire's inner tube. Americal Division Buys Most Bonds Somewhere In the Southwest Pacific—(UP)—The Americal Division, veteran of two major cum- puiKns anaitist the Japanese in the South Pacific, led all other Army divisions In this theater in purchase of war bonds under the Class E allotment plan, it was announced by L,t. Col. Edmund F, Bunyon, division finance otllcei of Eelmont, Mass. The American Division was the Cifst 0". S. armed force to see offensive action against the Axis in World War H when it fought th Japs at Guadalcanal. Finds Another/Copy; Of Bill O| Rihts Providence, ••,)!-— An original , copy; of-'tlfie rBlllVbf- Rights' has ibeen 1 unearthed by.* Ming Mary T. -'Qulnn, state tti'chl'yjgf,,/ ' -' The copy,, which tia'd' been tiled with" a miscellaneous collection of maps, Is In .perfect' condition. Miss. Qu'jnn says -that only seven of . the 14 originals, are known to be In existence".;,Flve.JU'olhcid. by states; •one is' In 'the 'federal archives "and the seventh is on exhibition in 'New 'York'. " '" '•'" '" " ' ' ." BOBBY PINS DEFACE POOL '••• San- Diego,' ,Cal.—(UP)—Thcre'8 no scarcity of bobby pins here—in one place, anyhow. San Dlcfso Club authorities say one of the hardest ,j Ijarts of cleaning the club'n swlm- ming pool i» the removing of runt spots caused by bobby pins-on the bottom. WOHKS IIAKD FOR X Mass.—- <UP> — Although totally blind, 71-^ear-old Mrs. Clara Anctll of Fltchburg has knitted 58 .sweaters for her 20 npphews in the -armed forces. .., , , . Tlifcf.-rlght. atynifi't* the P»<X •to go ror'h»ndiom« glfU, Kffto that'arc treft«ured ' Just a f*^r .step" ' from '" Exchange Pl(c«. Drop In. We've been helping Waterb'ury pick gifU for 'JO years! ' '•••'• ••• ^ CLYNK GLASS SHOP itt llurrluin Aye. .. Wmt»rtHLr r GREAT COMEDY IS CURRENT LEAD AT THE LOEW THEATER WUO.VO OX TU'O COUNTS .Mt. Vprnon, Til,—(UP)—Two Mt. 'Vrrnori boys were ordered to work fur tin- park when they were found l.'tiilty of breaking an ordinance iiKainsi throwinff missiles In the l>ai'i<. Thi' police magistrate warned them that the throw/up of pop buttles must stop ,no only because "C (liinccr to piM-sons on the Ki'Oimd. but because of a scarcity of i'0p bottles. "It Happened Tomorrow," now at the Strand, is a funny Now At Strand . picture. . .which is a flnC' thing- to be able to saj' about a comedy. The plot of the film, which stars Dick Powell. Linda Darnell and Jack Oakie, is a Rone Glair natural, It deals with the stranfce and rib-tickling tribulations of a young reporter, yaunjr Larry Stevens iDicIc Powell), of the Eve'- nin^ News, of 1S90. \\'hen he is >riveri a copy of tomorrow's newspaper. . .today. The source of this desirable arrangement ia the fatherly ghost of one Pop Benson, for- of the files of the As AiiierUain shells scream nvurlicad, a little Fnmch lioy uon>fort*,l|ij» frijrhtcncd il«jf li.v cliiNpIng him chisi; on a ntri:i'(;t In St ftinntidV AlthmiKli the <;onciissii>n has shattered windows and ruined g\i\n» \ down mi him. till' yomiKStor, eyes skyward,-only has thoughts ,for his U-rrlfliid animal. V. si. Si;,"ii!«l Corp* .jihuto. (International Sound- photo) ,. Argentines To Study Stars At Mt. Locke SeabeesRaid Junk Pile To Make Scooter Austin, Tex.—CUP)—TDrs. Carlos' Washington (UP)— The cvcr.Jn- U. Ccsco and Jorsre, as- j ~ C nious Seabces again -uphold will do research-work at McDonald! thln K OUL o£ nothing. Observatory in West Tcxns soon.i Two Soaboes on a Pacific isle cx- Dii'U Powell stars as tt gay, <lH.s«- ing and (juick thinking reporter in "It Happened Tomorrow," (he Aniolil I'l'esstiurger ]irriil|ictlnn playing now at tin: Struiitl tlic- iiti-r tliroiigli United Artists rc- ll'ilSI,'. FREE SKHV1CK Phone Us! Waterbury Heating Co. !.'! Spring St., \Vtl>y. 'I-W78 Smart Full DRESSES Wools - Crepes mor keeper News. As a, result of his possession of the newspaper, Stevens is able to predict tomorrow's weather and sundry other events u-hicii ultimately li-ucl hitn to the calaboose. For the police, not believing in, his natural prowess, suspect him of very real and practical knowledge of several crimes. Managing to fret out OL' the criminal charj,'u against him. your.R Mr. Stevens finds himself first u hero then a rich man as a result o his pre-ordained winnings a 1 , tin races, and finally retid.s his own obituary in another edition of thi. phantom paper. Tho climax to this disturbing situation (for Mr. Stevens; is a clover and complete surprise. \Vc will maintain our good standing in the ranks of reputable reviewers and ui'Ke you see it for yourself. Mr, Powell is thoroughly rijrht as Larry Stevens, contributing: that charm which is so singularly his own to create a likeable por- 'truit of a likeable, if harassed, yotini; man. Aiding and abetling in the vn- oiantic ioad is lovely, dark Linda Darnell. Miss Darnell portrays Miss Sylvia, a clairvoyant who puts on a fake crystal-fja/.inj; act with nor uncle. Jack Oakie. Columbia's "The Racket Man," the cxcitlnt,' picture which exposes America's latest billion dollar racket, the black markets, is also on the same program. Tt features Tom Ncal and Jeanne Bates. Dr. Otto Struvc. McDonald director. has informed -University of Texas regents. .Dr. Sahade and Dr. Ccsco [il-ovi- ously' have 'used • the 82-inch te'e- pc^ — second targesL in the wor.'d — for photographic material which was analyzed at, Yorkos Obser'va- traded a few odds .and ends from the island junk pile to build an electric scooter, which they now ' arc ridinp- about in envied style: and comfort. The scooter! more than 20 miles per hour; and' can cover 25 miles on a. single j The vehicle was built by' electri-- too-. University of Chica^, D''-1 dan's mate I'-c H^-ry Venu-csca of Sl.-uve said. ArrangemoiHs arc being made for Dr. Sergei Gilposchkin, forme Russian usiror.omcr, now a me ber of the Yorkes staff, to work McDonald Observatory in Dcou ber. Built by the University of Texa and staffed and operated' by th University of Chicago, the Me Donald Observatory is located a to C.TflO-1'oot Mt. Lncko" in \Vos Texas. A .Si-nnl of $900.000 by til Iriti.' W. J. McDonald of Parisf Tex. provided original funds. 'Land foi- the observatory wn: deeded by Mrs. Violet Locke Me Ivor of Concord. N. T-I.. bavin; been part of the original Up-and Down ranch of C. S. Locke, foi whom the mountain was named. "All astronomers who hnve uset the teloscopo acree that it is the finest and most efficient piece of astronomical machinery that thob have cncounlcrod." 13r. Slruve said The instrument's driving mcch^ anism makes it po.ssible for the observer to follow the stars Inruujjii the heavens. A recent arr.intrumont permit!; Indiana u.-iivorsity to use Llie telescope tun clear nights a year by contributinc; to its operation^ fund. STOLKN" J'OMCTC CAU rOCM> Toledo, O. (L^P)—Police souc-ht one of their cruisers for 15 hours he other day in the belief that it lad been stolon. The car turned up n the city garage, where it was. Talk Over Invasion Exploits I'nr DependikbU' Auto Iii.suruncc Sec Union City Insurance Agency •lo-eph v. Ko.sUo, 'A«enl'. 3 t'nion .Street Trl. .|!»2M-S!>">3 SKII4T i>r TANTS FREE i order, tills week only. S ,100 Church St. - — !^^^^^»"^"*""P"" _'-__ ^i^-^J^^ Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment I50MU 'KM n'lTII llOMUn Victor — Coliiniltlii — Docca SfiO Grand Ave., New Haven, Conn.,' and oluctriclnn's mate 2c Charles': C«laifr, of 232.( Gouid St.:. Fort 1 Worth. Tex. Thy junk pile ingred'i-' ents included three 12-volt""aii;-i Iilanc Ijnttci'ics. a broken puUputt I'rtiiiic, .1 cast-off biljrc j)ump mo-- tor. some lengths of bicycle chair, two smn'.l scnoter whucls, parts .tor'. a brahu, iwa. star.ter,' buttons, an old ammeter aiiti 'od<J bits of wire. tindcrg-oinft- repairs. The officers .W> whom the cruiser was .nssirrnoVt said the car was taken .from.' 1 ; a parking lot without their, knb'wlr (Hiiro. ' . ! SWAN .'• ELECTRIC CO. CIIUKCll ST. ^TJ'X. 25M A fresb coat of paint oo the wood work and walls will make that room new agaiiv And if you use the right paint, you can easilv keep it clean and new • looking with soap and water. We . recommend Murphy Paints Exterloi • Inferior ' ' CANS, lh|i MAPLE STREET-X v TEL. 3507":>.;:-•& NOTICE! TO OUR NAUGATUCK'' STOKE CUSTOMEKS!?" ,. Due to ivnr time con<lltlon«;.- r .v^e uro compelled to close our.NaU- CUtuck Ntorc. "• CALL us I ? or the day our Route ManVwU] be on your street. of u Kl'"l unit:, Mure Kniiiiiut (loft), who jolnti-d Amoricitn XTN wln.-ii tlii'.v lmi(li-d In snutlicrn Frances and was wfiiuul- cd, ujM-iiks to 1'vt. Wlilfrod 1>. KIISOU \vliiisi> lift: lie saved whrn ho dropped hi-lilnd <!noiny lines, Sniolilni; :i ciff:ir*'lto (collier) i.s ;i .Frencli jflrl, armed with n .45, who led our men »: ( > ;i grmip of liiddon* Ger- 'iiinn trooj).*. Orficiul U. S. Army SiKiuU Curps Uudlopliolo. ([nturnu- tional Soiindpholo) * Free Telephone Servfce For Nuiif^atttck Customer*';. X Call Enterprise 4700"--.; SHALETT-LUX l'.iiiiiidur<>r.4 — . 28 E. Main St.. Wutcrbury> Main Office & Plant, 22 Walnut St. Ext.. Jvt Watertown — Mlddlcbiiry m Notes— by ENGELMAN'S Cotton blouse with ' floral Bccent. Sites 1 10 14. . . • • . $1.9* New American teen plaid blouse. Collarless with bo*" tie. J2.9B 100% wool boxy sweater In a rainbow 01 colors. Sizes 10 to 18. 100% wool iklrt with a I l-M-ound ptcati.. Sim U U 16. 100^ wool grey' nannel wlth c 'pleat Sizes 10 us 16. • " Ail-wool nannel skirt Several colors. Sizes 1 to 16. $3.98 (1) Pur felt cloche, $3.98 <4) fisherman fur felt, J3.98 Sketched left to right: (2) Beret in wool felt, $1.98 (3) Fur felt topper with fringed back, |S-M (5) Topper In wool felt, $1.98 (6) Fur felt Dutch creation, $3.98 (7) Fur felt Scottie, $3.98 Brown elk side l nc e d Joarer. Leather sole Sizes 125i to 3, rrrr Hand sewn brown, moccasin by Dr. Posner, Rubber so>i. .- Sizes 12 li to 3 $4.95 , Sizes 4 to 8 ' :• .' *5.95 ;! *., Shoulder 'strap alll- '/...:' gator grained hand.- bag,'' ' • |1.6» pliu Ux Adjustable Tyi-olcon suspenders with clips in a myriad of colors. Two tone all wool nannel suit.. . green jack et Piped with red . .. red sklrt .3,^7X £ We Invite Your Charge Account Shop Now In -.; Air-Conditiohed ^ * •' '• >\I Comfort u ,: !'• *•"! '•.'.'. .-. 'j.'-.: • , ..'..-.TV/t^*: I I I

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