Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 29, 1968 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1968
Page 4
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Monday, April 29,1968 Television Schedule MONDAY. APRIL 29 6:30(Color) SIX THIRTY MOVIE "The Ttue Story of Jesse James" Robert Wagner,Hope Lange > 8:30(Color) PEYTON PUCE 9:00(Color) BIG VALLEY _ lO:00(Color) TEN O'CLOCK REPORT ' 10:30(Color) JOEY BISHOP '-- 12:OOM SINE OFF •"TTUESDAY. APRIL 30 6:45 AM TEST PATTERN '•"'' 7:00(Color) •• : 8: 30 ;" 10:00(Color) '•' 11:00 - 11; 30(Color) ;.;, 12:00(Color) !!.'. 12:30(Color) l:00(Color) l:30(Color) ;:. l:55(Color) ' 2:00(Color) 2:30(Color) 3:00(Color) . 3:30 5:00(Color) . 5:30(Color) BOZO'S BIG TOP SHOW DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Sullivan's Travels" Joel McCrea,Veronica Lake DICK CAVETT SHOW BEWITCHED TREASURE ISLE DREAM HOUSE WEDDING PARTY NEWLYWED GAME BABY GAME CHILDREN'S DOCTOR GENERAL HOSPITAL DARK SHADOWS DATING GAME DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Curucu, Beast of the Amazon" John Brotnfleld ABC NEWS 5:30 REPORT 6:00 UNION PACIFIC 6:30(Color) GARRISON'S GORILLAS 7:30(Color) IT TAKES A THIEF 8:30(Color) N. Y. P. D. 9:00(Color) THE INVADERS 10:OO(Color) TEN O'CLOCK REPORT 10: 30(Color) JOEY BISHOP 6:30 Tnc Monkccfi K) C (C) 7:00 Kownn find Ma> i.in Laugh-In Nr.C (C) 8:00 Danny Thoi.ias iii'-C (C) 9:00 I Spy NBC (C) 10:00 News and V/enl.'.iCi- (C) 10: 1 *> Lo.ini.c Glhbon.'j Sports Show 10:30 Too Tonight Ssiovi M!'.C (C) (, :/ ; . r i i:FD v:iil> V-ob Luico (C) (,-.rj. r i f'o; nins n.-.voticKiSi (C) 7:00 Tlu- Today Snow M'C (C) 7:/>.fi A- h,.nr;rn Nci;s ( Wc-^.ei: (G) 7:30 ']'•>•:• Toe!.-./ Show ;••'.•"• C (C) 8:00 V',..- Tochy S'.'.ov: M5C (C) 8-2J A-l-.a.isa.T Nov.'C , r Wc-atluM (C) fi'.:«0 T-in Today Sacs; Nl-C (C) 9; 00 Sn" 1 , 1 Juc^,t'ii:oiil; i'1'C (C) 9'.2'J Tnury Dj.rluTSO i Kit , tno !*WK --C (C) 9-30 CoM.'i>i>l. .-it J on N">0 (C) 10:30 IVrsonality X'.C (C) 11:30 Uy.:-' Ci'^s N"',C (C) ' ' • • - ''If f *"" ^ 12:00 Uttl'- :\ocU Todr.y (C) 12:10 Lr L ' .•:• Mr.ke a D-al i V 'C (C) .,1:00 !):.••!; of Ou.- LrVvss :"G (C) 7] J30 vi-"r Dooio. R :::;c (c) j;/:00 A:.o;ivr \'orln .-HC (C) ~?:?0 Y<r.» l)o-'L Say . V .'.-C (^.i £3:00 Tne Mllu; Doupln.o Shcc; (C, -,4:30 1 Love Lucy j:00 F-Ti.-oofi 30 lli'.nl. Icy 1''." ink.l c;y Ri'poi'L NliO 6:00 New.-; and Wc.vit.irr Uc?.im-t (C) 6:30 1 LVc;n, of Jr-riiiiic NV>C (C) 7:00 Jorry Lewis Show N'l'C (C) 8:00 lui>sc',.-:y My.! it at Liu* ;\\ver "Just. For You" vv'Hli )>ing Crosby ;md Jnne Wyinar ]('.; 00 Nt-.'f: nnrl V,'o;;l 'i'-r (C) !():!') Lonuir Oiblnms Spoil;.. '.• :cu 10:30 Ti.c Touifclit S.uv N:.C (C) MONbAV ,_ AC-RU. : 6:.10PM THE MONKEES - C •7-00 ROWAN (, MARTIN'S LAUI.H-IN , 8 '.00 DANNY THOMAS HOUR - C 10-00 NEWSCOPE (NEWS, WEATHER, • SPORTS) - C 10-40 THE TONIGHT SHOW - C 12!00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL TUESDAV ,_ APRIL 30. 6s20AM MORNING DEVOTIONAL 6:25 TEXARKANA COLLEGE - C 6:45 F-ARM DIGEST - c 7:00 TODAY SHOW - C 7:25 TODAY IN TEXARKANA - C 7:30 TODAV SHOW 8:25 TODAY IN SHREVEPORT - C 8:30 TODAY SHOW - C 9:00 SNAP JUDGMENT - C 9:25 NRC NEWS - C 9:30 CONCENTRATION - C 10:00 PERSONALITY - C 10:30 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C 11:00 JEOPARDY - C 11:30 EYE GUESS - C 12:00 TV PARTYL1NE (COUNTRY MUSIC) 12:30PM LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C 1:00 DAYS OF OUR LIVES - C 1:30 THE DOCTORS - C 2:00 ANOTHER WORLD - C 2:30 YOU DON'T SAY - C 3:00 THE MATCH GAME - C 3:25 LAFFALOT CLUB - C 4i30 HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL - C 5:00 MARSHAL DILLON - B & W 5:30 HUNTLEY-BR1NKLEY REPORT-C 6:00 NEWSCOPE (NEWS, WEATHER & SPORTS)-C 6-. 30PM I DREAM OF JEANNIE - C 7:00 JERRY LEWIS SHOW 8:00 TUESDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES "TRUTH ABOUT SPRING" - C Hayley Mills, John Mills 10:00 NEWSCOPE (NEWS, WEATHER {, SPORTS) - C 10:30 THE TONIGHT SHOW - C 12s00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL KATV 6:30 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:15 10:20 10:30 7:30 8:30 9:00 9:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 :00 :30 :55 :00 :30 :00 :30 :00 :30 :00 6:15 6:: ') 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:15 10:20 10:30 MONDAY. APRIL 29 KATV Monday Night Movie "THE KENTUCKIAN" Burt Lancaster Diana Lynn Peyton Place - ABC (C) The Big Valley - ABC (C) Arkansas News and Weather (C) World News (C) Bud Campbell Sports (C) Joey Bishop Show - ABC (C) TUESDAY. APRIL 30 Bozo's 813 Top Comics (C) Dream House - ABC Wedding Party - ABC The Dick Cavett Show - ABC Bewicched - ABC Treasure Isle - ABC (C) The Noon Show - Live (C) Newlywed Game - ABC (C) The Baby Game - ABC (C) The Children's Doctor - ABC General Hospital - ABC - (C) Dark Shadows"-' ABC-CO' 1 Dating Game - ABC (C) Bozo'i, Big Top Comics - Live Bob Young Evening News - ABC Truth or Consequences (C) Arkansas News and Weather (C) World News (C) Bud Campbell Sports (C) Garrison's Gorillas - ABC It Takes A Thief - ABC (C) N.Y.P.D. - ABC (C) The Invaders - ABC (C) Arkansas News and Weather World News (C) Bud Campbell Sports (C) Joey Bishop Show - ABC MONDAY APRIL 29 6:30 Gunsmoke 7:30 The Lucy Show 8:00 Andy Griffith 8:30 The Monday Night Movie "Hollywood Story," Richard Conte, Julie Adams 10:00 News/Dodson 10:25 Weather/Bolton 10:30 Carol Burnett Show 11:30 Sea Hunt 12:00 Weather/Vespers TUESDAY APRIL 30 6:25 Economics (Mon-Thur) 6:25 Across The Fence (Fri) 6:55 Your Pastor 7:05 CBS News/Benti 7:30 Bob & His Buddies 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Candid Camera 9:30 Beverly Hillbillies 10:00 Andy Of Mayberry 10:30 Dick Van Dyke 11:00 Love Of Life 11:25 CBS News/Benti 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 News/Owen 12:30 As The World Tunis 1:00 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 1:30 House Party 2:00 To Tell The Truth 2:25 CBS News/Edwards 2:30 Edge Of Night 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Gilligan's Island 4:00 Rawhide 5:00 McHale's Navy 5:30 CBS News/Cronkite 6:00 News/Owen 6:25 Weather/Bolton 6:30 Daktari 7:30 Red Skelton 8:30 Good Mom ing World 9-.00 CBS News Hour 10:00 News/Erwin 10:25 Weather/Griffin 10:30 He & She 11:00 The Lieutenant 12:00 Weather/Vesper.-; HOPE (ARK) STAR, Printed by Offset Eosf Track Team Seems Hove Edge DERBY TOP eonTENders HORSE FORWARD PASS ALLEY FIGHTER CAPTAIN'S GIG WISE EXCHANGE IRON RULER VERBATIM DANCER'S IMAGE DON B. PROPER PROOF OWNER Calumet farm Cragwood Stable Cain Hoy Stable Isidor Bieber H. Forfeit M. Miller H. Jacobs October House Farm E. Yowell Elmendorf Peter Fuller Don B. Wood Mrs. M. R. Fisher KENTUCKY SHERRY Mrs. Joe W. Brown A. Richard Iflfttfat By RALPH BERNSTEIN Associated Press Sports Writer PHILADELPHIA (AP) Figures supposedly never lie, but they don't always tell the truth, either. With that in mind, make what you will of a Penn- Drake Relays comparison which gives the Eastern track and field carnival an overall 9-7 edge with three ties in 19 events. Only college and university events are Involved in the comparison which shows Penn competitors had better times in five track and four field events; Drake in five track and two field. Two track and one field event provided identical figures. Villanova, which won an unprecedented five relays at Penn, wound up 2-1-2 against Drake counterparts. Coach Jumbo Jim Elliott's Villanova runners won the distance medley in meet record time of 9:37.9 against a 9:41.9 for Kansas, anchored by the incomparable Jim Ryun. Villanova turned in a 16:27.4 four-mile, superior to a 16:39.7 by Drake, the host's first victory at its own show in seven years. On the other foot, however, Villanova's 3:19.8 in the sprint medley wasn't as good as Prairie View's 3:19.0 at Drake, and the Wildcats' 3:06.1 mile couldn't match a 3:05.2 by Texas. In the two-mile relay, Villan- LOUISVILLE, Ky.—(NEA)—Here we go again with our ova and Kansas recorded identi- annual quick memory course. Attention, Mr. and Mrs. cal 7:21.8 clockings. America, and all you two-bit bettors who don't know from Kansas set a national collegi- Phar Lap and Man o' War, not to mention Equipoise and Cita- ate record in the 480-yard shut- tion. . tie hurdles as the Javhawk Every year, approaching the first Saturday in May, its Sfartrf 2,n in¥fi 7 YiiP Eha necessary to cleanse your thinking of all extraneous detail 00™- nJanf of D««n in so ft and absorb the names of the nation's finest three-year-old same event at Penn in 59.0. thoroughbred horses. Both Lennon Burgher, the Ja- An eyes> as they say) tlirn to Churchill Downs, a musty old maican at Nebraska, and Aaron pile of woo( } w j t h a bricked courtyard and an ample supply of Hopkins of Toledo shattered the m i n t juleps, for the 94th staging of the Kentucky Derby, the national collegiate record for proverbial Run for the Roses. the triple jump. Hopkins, how- "It will," Kelso Sturgeon assured us immediately, "be a ever, was a little better at Penn traditional wide-open race." with a mark of 53 feet, $k inch- Now Kelso Sturgeon's a name you've got to remember, but at not because it's entered in the race. Kelso stands 18% 52 hands high and is appropriately thick through the withers, though he doesn't qualify for the Derby because he gallops on two feet. He's not three years old, either. Kelso is the public relations director for Churchill Downs, and with his kind co-operation, a list of the prospective horses to watch in this Derby can be memorized. Retention isn't vital—after all, how many people even remember that Proud Clarion, instead of Successor, won the Derby last year? The usual crowd of 100,000 ("This will be a real 100,000," promises Kelso) must bone up on one of the largest fields in years because no one horse dominates the Derby picture, TRAINER JOCKEY 0, Brumfield L. PJneay Jr. W, W, Stephen! M. Ycoto J. C. Meyer E, Belmonte B, Baeto J. L, Rott L. C. Cavoloris Jr. R. Ussery L. G. Holt J. L, Mosbocher D. Pierce J. Sellers J. Combest •SPORTS EDITOR NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATION lamer Tech Athletes Die Crash in Names Are the Thing BEAUMONT, Tex. (AP) — A fiery plane crash that killed the coach and five members oi the Lamar Tech track team has sent the campus of the south* east Texas college into shocked mourning. Seven persons, including the pilot, were killed when the private plane, returning from the Drake Relays in Des Moines, crashed in a rice field a mile JOCKEY Don Rrumfleld Is , expected to be up on For* ; ward Pass as he sets his > sights on the 1968 Ken* t tucky Derby, a race he " won two years ago aboard Kauai King, ' Fights Last Night Weekend Fights L By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS OAKLAND-Jimmy Ellis, ISft, Louisville, Ky«, outpointed Jerry Quarry, 195, Los Angeles, 1,5, Ellis Won World Boxing Associi- tion version of heavyweight championship. v Travelers Come From : Behind, Win LITTLE ROCK (AP)-Quique Rlvera drove ta two runs shnrt of the alrnort here earlv SmSav a Ptoch-hit double in the bottofo es to 52- Drake. The old feet, 8% inches. for as was f His Wins on a Split Decision By JIM CHURCH. , ---Associated Press Sports Writer enticing all owners who Can ante up $1,500 to put their nags ! "-- -'•—'••—- gate. Eiehteen horses are expected to °**rt belter tha " 7 ' 2 lsn Sunday. The plane, which exploded after impact, burned with heat so intense firemen had difficulty approaching it. Members of the board of regents join school officials on the platform for the memorial services today in McDonald Gymnasium. Classes were dismissed at the 7,000-student school for the memorial service for Coach Tyrus "Ty" Terrell and the five team members— Randy Clewis of Palestine, Don DeLaune of Lamarque, Mike FavazsA of Beaumont, John Richardson of Beaumont and Waverly Thomas of Galveston. of the eighth inning as the Arkansas Travelers came from behind Sunday to defeat ttie Amarillo Giants 64. . Rivera's double scored Lep Boyer who had singled and Sonny Ruberto who had beaten out a bunt. \ Amarillo scored three times in the fourth inning without knocking the ball out of the Infield. The damage was done with two walks, three errors and a fielder's choice. Arkansas first baseman Mike Christine drove in three runs with two home runs. ', ..... The Travsf.-., starting jpitQher, Clayton KirbyV' got credit'for the victory despite being lifted of the world now has somebody the eme eche.on of prospective winners. er of six, laid claim to the World Boxing Assocition title Dancer's Image Saturday night when he won a Forward Pass split decision over Jerry Quarry Captain's Gig of Bellflower, Calif, in the i ro n Ruler WBA tournament final, W ise Exchange won the Flamingo at Hialeah and would Ellis, of Louisville, was the nav e been the favorite in the Wood at Aqueduct if an ankle underdog going into every one hadn't flared up. Hirsch Jacobs, who has saddled more win- of his tournament fights, includ- ners than any trainer in history, still hasn't won his first ing the 15-round whipping of the Derby. Wise Exchange could be his ticket. , , . u , 22-vear-oid Quarry Dancer's Image won the Wood with a brilliant stretch ef- next for Ellis who was fort and has momentum. Don't count out Iron Ruler, which ueAi 101 E-ma, miu nao _. ^ ^ ( n — ,.;„;„!, lirio TJQ'C oiuravrc in contention and The Lamar Tech mile relay for Rivera to tne eightn< team-DeLaune, F a v a z z a, ^ Antonio's Gary Ross Thomas and racoon-broke Manked raroemphis on four Mts the Drake record with a 3:07.3, ^ ^ Missons defeated the one-tenth second under the old B lues 4^) 3^ moved into first mark, but placed second to Tex- p i ac e in the Western Division of as whose team ran it two sec- the Texas League. Rlck^Pierni onds faster. nearly tournament? "I want to be a fighting champ," Ellis said. "I think all the fighters in the tournament and those in the Top Ten deserve a chance." "I have two words for Joe Frazier," said Ellis' manager Angelo Dundee, "Al Jones. He is my policeman and the Florida champion. And he has the same record as Frazier, 21,0." Jones is another fighter managed by Dundee. Frazier defeated Buster Mathis and is recognized as the champion by New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maine and Massachusetts. Ellis said he would like to fight undefeated Casius Clay, for whom he was a sparring partner and from whom the WBA title was lifted because of Clay's conviction of draft evasion. Cox Made a Mark on the Pro Ranks BOURNEMOUTH, England (AP) - The giant killing feats of British tennis star Mark Cox could make a lot of difference to the lives of both professional and amateur players in the next few months. Cox, 24, is the amateur who upset two professionals, Pancho Gonzalez and Roy Emerson, in the world's first open tournament-the British Hardcourts Championship. Move open contests are on the way. And the pros are working ou the assumption that there are more Mark Coxes lurking around the tennis courts of Ka- rope. American promoter George MacCall, who has six of the top pros under contract, said: "We know perfectly well that will get a heady ride in the Derby from Braulio Baeza. In a big field. Forward Pass has an advantage because, in horse parlance, he always "lays close to the pace" and won't have 16 or 17 horses to go around. He has never finished worse than fourth. "He's also a sulking blankety-blank," noted Kelso. "You never know for sure when he's going to run. Otherwise, he'd be the favorite." The class of the Derby, as far as breeding, could be Captain's Gig of Capt. Harry Guggenheim's Cain Hoy stable. "He is impressive," wrote one racing pundit, "except for his physique. He is light in the rear." To put it delicately, his derriere is out of balance. He also hasn't run anything more than a T's-mile this year, and the Derby is the first mile and a quarter test of three-year-olds' stamina. Right on the heels, or let's say hind legs, of this group there's another quintet of hopefuls. Focus your eyes on them: Proper Proof Verbatim Alley Fighter Don B. Kentucky Sherry Samples of their credentials are Proper Proof's victory in the California Derby lover Don B., who was a 3-5 favorite); the romp by Verbatim (also temperamental) in the Gotham; Alley Fighter's winning of the Santa Anita Derby; likewise Kentucky Sherry in the Louisiana Derby. Now if you really want to put your retentive powers to a test try 'digesting these added possibles: TV Commercial (lovely name, huh?), Francie's Hat, Trouble Brewing, Gleaming Sword (possible sleeper), Blarney Kiss, Subpet, Problem Solver, Te Vega . . . arid so on. The ultimate test, of course, will come at the cashier s window. By that time, all you'll need is one name. The twin-engine plane, piloted by E. W. McCall of Beaumont, left Des Moines at 7:02 p.m. Saturday and crashed at 1224 a.m. Sunday. The Federal Aviation Agency said the pilot had made a routine request for lauding clearance and "there was not indication it was in any kind of trouble." Belgian wins Billiards Title DUEREN, Germany (AP) Ray Ceulemanns of Belgium captured his fifth straight world three-cushion billiards championship Sunday by not losing a single match. He had no penalty points and 480 points. scattered seven hits as El Paso defeated Dallas-Fort Worth 8-4 and Dick Armstrong pitched a six-hitter as Albuquerque beat Shreveport 9-2 in other Texas League action. Mercury Wins Virginia Meet , MARTINSVILLE, Va. (AP>-; Cale Yarborough of Tlmmonsf. ville, S.C., averaging 66.686 m.p.h, in" a 1968 Mercury, won the Virginia 500 stock car racp Sunday at Martinsville Speedway, adding it to his Daytona 500 and Atlanta 500 victories.. Solomon's Reign : It is not known when King Solomon came to the throne of ancient Israel, but the Bible uses the round number 40 years when speaking of tjje length of his reign. Hockey NHL Playoffs By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Finals Saturday's Result Western Division St. Louis 4, Minnesota 3, overtime, best-of-7 series tied 2-2 Sunday's Result Eastern Division Montreal 4, Chicago I, overtime, Montreal wins best-of-7 series, 4-1 upsets of this kind will occur again. Our boys, already busy on the professional circuit, must find time to prepare properly find time to prepare properly for Wimbledon and other big tournaments." Ken Rosewall defeated Rod Laver 3-C, 6-2, 6-0, 6-3 iji ajiall- professioual all-Australian t'iaal Sunday. Harvard Finally Wins a Game CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) Harvard's most embarrassing streak has ended, The Crimso defeated Princeton in lacrosse for the first time since J985 Saturday, edging the Tigers 10«9 in overtime. B A R BS By PHIL PASTOR*! The fellow who says he could tell the Old Man how to run the shop usually has enough discretion not to try it. 1 arc f/if days yot raw. ivii hands li\»n washiny cluthes. They note ytT Vw from u ; re«<t<i»y with dt'f ;>-/n>Jt'»< food pucfc- ^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ "^^ ^-" '^Hollis Refrigeration • Authorized Dealer for Carrier Heating & Air Conditioning WISHES TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF A GENERAL Sheet Metal Shop All new and modern equipment Call PR7-5317 or PR7-4658 • i For all you, Sheet Metal needs or stop by our Shop on Country Club Road. We Service What We Sell Hollis Refrigeration Service JOE HOLLIS - OWNER JOE HiCKiY «IWf 8 t

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