Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 20, 1963 · Page 7
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 7

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1963
Page 7
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7 Biilftt Aft. •JO: Bttwthtwii II. CALVAMI wilUltUft~AMMMlU.f t. south it, H J Walf «rmMi it. pettat Sunday .tehool 10; motnlng wor* ship, Jir Y.P. 6:30; evening ie*v* ices 7:30. •A* ill* ALLEN PAJUh BAK11HT Affiliated wltn seuthtm Bafititi Convention. KennetA V. Moweu. p— teg. 1701 Mulberry at. Bible sChool .BiiB; afoMfiip ettVtM 10 :46: B.T.U.. «:«H evening etrv- lee Ije. BK1HAN V BAPTTSI lAetooieted wlUi G.A.R.B.O.). Dr. Paul reteeli. oaetot 173 fi. Strtlrtiotw Si. Sunday school 9:46', morning Mf«« lee, 10:55*, evening service, 7; youth fellowship, u; midweek Bible study end prayer, Wednee- day, 7 JO BfcTHfcl. BAPT1S1 Donald G. Peterson, eaatn*. HUH N Academy St Bible school, 9:30; worship, 10:30; evening gospel service i. Poet highs ana seniors at • Jo. BETHESDA BAPTIST Whitesboro etreet and Orand avenue Robert B. Morgan, •unday school, 9:45; morning «ror> •hip, 11; midweek eervloe Wednesday. 1 JO. BIBLE BAPTISl" Clifford Dartt, >astot. Corner of Brooks and Lombard atreeta. •unday school, 10*, morning worship, 11, gospel preaching: evening service. 730; Bible study Wednesday. 1J0. FIRST BAPTIST (American Baptist Convention) Cherry end Tompkins streets. Malcolm O. Shotwell, pastor. John D. Kem. associate paater. . g:30 and 10:30 classes for all ages; worship at iu .an including sermonette for children. Identical services of worship In Memorial Chapel. Supervised nursery and kindergarten, 9:30-11:30; children's extended session, 10:45. BYF 6:30-8. Midweek service, Wednesday, 7-8. HENUKKSUN STREET BAPTIST (Independent Fundamental) Henderson and North streets. William Thurber, pastor Bible school, 9 JO; morning worship, 10 iSOe evening worship, 1; midweek service, Wednesday, 7 JO. SECOND BAPTIST 805 S. Cherry St. C. L. Coleman, pastor. Sunday school, 9:30; mornlns worship. 10:45; evening service, 1J0. BIBLE MISSIONARY 1640 Moshler Ave. Larry Roberts, pastor. Sunday school, 9 JO; morning worship service, 10:30; young people's meet, 6:46; evangelical service. 7J0. GRACE BIBLE 714 E. Fremont St. David Funk, pastor. Bible school, 10; morning worship, .11; evening service, 7. Midweek services. Wednesday. 7JO. APOSTOLIC TABERNACLX 562 W. North St. Affiliated with United Pentecostal Church. Roy Mast, pastor. Sunday school, 10: worship, 11; evening service, 7 JO. Wednesday Bible study. 7:45. CATHOLIC CORPUS CHRIST! CATHOLIC Prairie and South streets A. B. Curran, pastor: Antbony Lane, J. Callanan, assistants. Sunday Masses,' 6, 7. o, U.^u and 11 Holy days, 6, 7. 8 and 9; evening Masses, every Wednesday, first Friday and Holy day at 6:1s. IMMACULAT& HEART OF MARY CATHOLIC At end of North Broad etreet In school chapel. J. E. Lohan, pastor; Richard Slav lsh, Thomas Kimball and William J. Stratman, assistants. Sunday Masses at 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 a. m. and 12 noon; daily Masses at 6:15 and 8 a. m.; evening Masses at 5 JO on Holy Days and first Fridays. SAINT PATRICK'S CATHOLIC John Horan, pastor; Joseph Mae- Poland, assistant. South Academy and West Third • streets. Sunday Masses, 0, 8. iO and 11 <*. m.; daily Masses, 6 JO a. m. except Saturdays and first Friday, 5:30 p. m. St. Joseph's Convent, 6 JO a., m. except Saturday, 7 a. m. CHURCH Of CHRIST 955 Lawrence Ave. Forrest Shaffer, evangelist. Bible study. 9:45; morning worship, 10:45; evening worship, 7 JO; Thursday Bible study 7 JO. CHURCH OF CHRIST 1591 E. Losey St. Bible study, 10; morning worship, 11: evening service. 7:80. FIRST CHRISTIAN James E. Smith, minister North Broad and North streets. Sunday school. 0J0: worship services 10:45 Galesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg. III. Saturday, July 20. 1963 :1.,.)!: DIRECTORY of QALESBVRQ CHURCHES ADVENT CHRISTIAN Donald Macs, pestof 1673 N. seminary, at* ^ t4i prayer —rvtos. |> FIRST CHURCH Of CHRIST SCIENTIST Broad and Lossy stMSts^^ Sunday school and ssrvlcss lit Wednesday, I. Reading room. M B. Prairie St, COVENANT ^ Dayton and Jsflersos) sussis d Harold Ahiberg ojetor Sunday school, 0; worshlj. 10; evening services, 7. C^R^^NS^CIATIONAL w T. Llppert, minister, southwest ™rn« «• Public araarjr Church school (nursery through junior department) and worship at 10. UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST EAST MAIN STREET CONGREGATIONAL Main and W hltesboro strosta. Leon WUhlU. trdniater CMircn school. 0:4sj worship loss. 11. '•. GRACE EPISCOPAL, Mramt . Prairie and Tompkins atrasta. George W. DeGraff, rector. Hold 8 Euch.rist. 7:30; morning prayer, 1st. 3 and 5th Sundays, Holy Eucharist. 2nd and 4th Sun days and sermon, 10; church school (nursery through third grade) 10. Weak days snd holy days ss announced. EV ANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN Dale Catlin, pastor Sunday school, 9 JO; worship service. 8 JO snd 10 JO. EVANGEL I'EMTLE Ira L. Bevsrd, pastes 82 Illinois Avs. Sunday school, 10; worshl! evangelistic service, J JO. Thursday. Bibls study and prsysr, 7 JO Tin CHURCH OF GOD 1530 Brown Ave. Ernest Moates, pastor. Sunday school, W; morning worship, 11; young POopWs meeting. 6*9; evangelistic service, 7 JO. Wednesday. Prayer meeting, 7 JO: YPE service, 7 JO; Junior YPE meets In small auditorium. FIRST CHURCH OF COD 1614 E. Knox St. Henry A. Stainm. pastor. Sunday school. 9:45: morning wor ship. 10 45; evening vespers, 7; youth activities, 845. CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 857 W. Berrien St/; Sunday school, lot morning ship. 11 JO. THE ISRAEL OF GOD'S CHURCH THE W.H.A. Comer Knox snd Holton streets. . Elder Dewel Taylor, pastor Sunday Mess, 10 JO: Sunday school, 5: evening worsiilp. 6. Friday, Testimonial and prayer service, 7 CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS 360 E. Ferris St Donald E. Pont, Branch president Priesthood meeting. 8 JO; Sunday school, 10: Sacrament eervloe 6:30. Tuesday, Women's Relief society, 7 JO. Wednesday, MutuaJ Improvement Associstlon. 7 JO Saturday. Primary, 10. REORGANIZED CHURCH OF JB6US CHRIST OF LATTER- DAY SAINTS 53 N. Henderson St Thomas Poplett, pastor. Church school 9:45; morning ship. 11; evening service. T. UMiyERSALIST-UNlTARlAN Woman's Club, North Prairie snd East Grove Streets. Church school. 10: worship ssrvlow, LUTHERAN FIRST LUTHERAN Seminary and Waters streets. Ordel) W. Peterson, pastor Richard Kenndey. Intern. Morning worship snd Sunday school hours. 9 JO and 11. TRINITY LUTHERAN Kellogg and Ferris streets. Ralph D Anderson, Intern. Worship, 9; junior church service, 10:10. ifiSsa^ lettCetMn AL^oKm A. * ft. IM s^ TOfApkrM •! •vsnMihtue servtes, T3§ attt*r< a sed aursety dtirmg terHeei. ... MwMk pray at and Wble eiaa* wednaaday. ^£1, EMMANUEL MBTHODIBT KeUofi and_Wstats ttreeU , Ralph H •unday school, nTmotnUm — ship, in MetftodtM Youtb ral lowship, 6:30, FIRST MJNMO011T Northwest oornar Keiiofs> and Ferris •treat* . Joseph C. Hoffman, pastor; Orta Watson, minister of education. Sunday school, 9:46; worship. 11; B re-school children are cared for i the nursery. teclULLUM itfETHODlftr* Perry Bishop, pastor. Seminary eno Fnurtr (treats Worship. 9; Sundsy school, 10, WESLEY AN METHODIST M. 3. Bailie, pastot. 857 N. Farnham St. Sunday school, 9:45: morning worship, 11; evening fellowship hour. MAZAREJIE FIRST CHURCH OF THI NAZARENE Webster and Elm atraete. Floyd H. Pounds, pastor. Sunday scnool, 9 JO: morning worship, 10 JO; NYPS 6:18; avsngo- llstic ser/lce, 7. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7 JO; Missionary meeting first Wednesday of each month. FAITH CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Monro* and oen.aro streets. Arthui Rurnsido, pastor. Sunday school, 9:46; morning worship, 10:00: NYPS, 6:45; evsnge- Ustlc eervlce, 7 JO. F1HST CHURCH OF. THE OPEN BIBLE Ubti W. Losey at. Weldon Davis, psstor. Sunday school, 9:46; morning worship, 11. Overcomers, 6:30; Jet Cadets, 6 JO: evening service, 7:45. Wednesday, midweek service, 7:45. Saturday Men's prayer meeting, 7 JO. PENTECOSTAL FULL GOSPEL PENTECOSTAL 719 W. Knox St. D. H. Walker, pastor. Sunday school. 9:45; Praise servteex 3 JO. evangelistic service. 7 JO. DELIVERANCE TABERNACLE 260 N. Chambers St. A. D. Snyder, pastor. Sunday school, 9:45; worship, 11: evangelistic service, 7 JO. Wedn—- day, midweek service. 7 JO. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES 426 S. Chambers St. Sunday: Public talk, K watchtowex study.. 4:16. Thursday Ministry school. 7 JO; service meeting. 8 JO LIVING WAY BIBLE CENTER 74 S. Seminary St. Dorothy O'Connor, Rachel Stroops. Adelaide Carter evangelists. Sunday school. 10; worship, 11; evening service. 7 JO. Thursday service. 7 JO. FOURSQUARE GOSPEL East South and Pearl streets James UhJer, pastor. Sunday school, 4:48; morning worship, 11: Crusaders. 6 JO: evangelistic service. 7 JO. Wednesday midweek service, 7 JO. Saturday men's prayer. meeting, 7 JO. PILGRIM HOLINESS 137 Arnold St., (corner of Summit). L. S. Lancaster, pastor. Sunday school, 948; morning worship. 10:45; Pilgrim voutb service 7; evangelistic service, 7 JO. Prayer meeting Wednesday. 7JO. RESCUE MISSION 66 Public Square Sylvester Sanford, religious director. Meetings each evening at 1:30. Free beds and meals for homeless men THE SALVATION "ARMY 147 S. Cherry St. Capt. Howard Pettys, officer in charge. Sunday school at 9:45, holiness service at 11. Young People's Legion at 6, street service at 7 and the Salvation Service at 7:30. Mid-week prayer service Wednesday at 7:30 and Ladies Home League Thursday at 1:30. FIRST UNITEXTPRESBYTERIAN Prairie and Ferris streets Kermlt W. Petersen and Joseph R. Boatwright. ministers Church school and worship at 9 during July and August. JEW 1SH Temple Sholom, Monroe and Wesi North streets. Bishop Hill Group Marks 40th Year BISHOP HILL—The 40th anniversary of the annual church school attendance luncheon was observed recently at the Methodist Church with more than 70 persons in attendance, Harold Nordstrom, church school superintendent, introduced Mrs. Harold Lewin of Galva, who BTHE BIBLE B 1 SPEAKS B TO YOU SUNDAY * 7:45 A.M. WGIl - 1400 kc. This Week's Christian Science Program "Overcoming Discord At Home and At Work" was the former Marjorie Peter son of Bishop Hill. Mrs. Lewin was one of seven who received Sunday school perfect attendance awards 40 years ago. Others who received awards, but not present, were Mrs. Marian MaJmquist Peterson and Bertil Malmquist of Chicago, and Richard Peterson of Palatine. Others, now deceased, were Miss Harriette Nelson, Paul Myrtengren and Mrs, Mary Olson. Awards Presented Awards, presented were as follows: First year, Debbie Nelson, Allen and Michael Wexcell, Debbie Holmes, Danny Holmes and Mrs. Francis Nordstrom; second year, Gregory Dowell, Connie Nelson, Sherry Peer, Christy Nelson and Mrs. Albert Florine; third year, William, David and Debbie Grice, Vicki Dowell, Eva Spets; Dial A Devotion A Thought And A Prayer To Help You DIAL 343-3119 A tervic* provided by the toard of Deacons FIRST UNITIP PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Prairi* ana! Forrii StrtoN OaUtburg, Illinois, GALVA 324 Main St RUSSELL ALDBRMAN Correspondent Phono Wfi 2-2090 Storm Damage Is Recorded GALVA—The community was drenched with 3.05 inches of fSlft early Friday morning and gale winds snapped a number of tf«fc» causing damage to at least two houses. Lightning apparently struck a tree which crushed the front porch of Mrs. A. D. Alderman of 12 SW DISPLAY WINNING POSTERS—Janet S. Hough (left), Lombard Junior High School pupil, aod Susan Blake (right), Galcsburg Seniof High School pupil, display their posters designed to help promote employment for handicapped people. Miss Blake won first in Class 1 competition and Miss Hough gained first honorable mention in Class 2. Winners Are Announced in Contest to Help Handicapped Winners were selected this week in a student poster art contest themed in interest of promoting jobs for handicapped people. Posters pointed out certain skills that handicapped people are able to perform for employers. More than 100 posters were entered in the two classes. Class I is for senior high students in grades 1st St. Ten birds were found dead beneath the tree. A falling tree also damaged the home of Mrs. Clara Barnes of 108 NE Fourth St. Another tree blocked U.S. 34, four miles west of Galva at the Bishop Hill Junction. A state highway maintenance crew removed the tree shortly after rain stopped at 6 a.m. The downpour was at its height at about 1 a.m. fourth year, Teri and Sheri Chilberg, Mark Nordstrom, Joyce Melton, Carol Anderson and Janice Engstrom; fifth year, John Laub, Ronnie Johnson, Carol Nordstrom, Bruce Nordstrom and Francis Nordstrom; sixth year, Bobby Oberg, Galen Chilberg, Cathy Nelson and Kathy Laub. Others were seventh year, Barbara Johnson and Martin Nordstrom; eighth year, Roger Scott, Mary Beth and Roger Engstrom, Carol and Dianna LaMaster, Robert Schumaker, Sammy Lindberg and Mrs. Floyd LaMaster; ninth year, Sharon Armstrong, Peggy Chilberg and Pat Leff; tenth year, Michael and Lynn Nordstrom, Charlene Jeffries, William Schumaker; eleventh year, Donna Armstrong; twelfth year, William Anderson; fourteenth year, Mrs. A. Gunnar Borg; fifteenth year, Mrs. Lloyd Conrad and Mrs. William Dowell; nineteenth year, Karen Conrad and Miss Nettie Nordstrom, and twenty - second year, Mrs. Alice AJstrom. Tribute was paid to the Esther Class which was chartered in 1911 with 20 members. At one time the class could boast a membership of 40 members. The class disbanded in 1963 since the membership was depleted by death. Korea's "kisang houses" are similar to the geisha houses in Japan. 10, 11 and 12. Class 2 is for junior high students in grades seven, eight and nine. Posters were prepared during the recently completed term of school. The local area winners' posters will be sent to Chicago and entered in the downstate divisional contest and compete for more prizes which include scholarships in art schools and U.S. savings bonds. Sponsored By Chapter The Galesburg area contest is sponsored by the Robert W. Hardy Memorial Chapter of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and is under the direction of the Illinois State Employment Service. This is the 19th annual "Hire the Handicapped" poster contest to be held in Illinois. The statewide contest is sponsored by the Illinois Department of the Disabled American Veterans which provide a total of 12 prizes of equal value for winners of the three state divisional contests. This "Hire'the Handicapped" poster contest has materially helped focus the spotlight on the annual observance of National Employ the Handicapped Week Oct. 6-12. Local contest winners were announced as follows: Class I—First, Susan Blake, 643 W. North St.; second, Karen McKnight, 1657 Beecher Ave., and third, Polly Heller, 1582 Beecher Ave. First honorable mention, Sandra Forbes, 718 E. Brooks St.; second, Susan Blake, 643 W. North St. Class II—First, Cheryl Drake, 959 N. Broad St.; second, Julie Kirkpatrick, 973 N. Seminary St., and Pat Slaughter, 248 Fair Acres, all Churchill Junior High School pupils. First honorable mention, Janet S. Hough, 746 E. South, Lombard, and second, Wanda Smith, 592 N. Academy St., Churchill. Judges were Mrs. L. E. Ubben, president of the Galesburg Civic Art League; Wally Walker, commercial artist, and Roger D. Peterson, chief technical artist, Admiral Corp. The California big tree, giant Sequoia, grows in the high Sierras above 5,000 feet. Williams field Club Tour Announced WILLIAMSFIELD — Plans for the annual tour were discussed by members of the Sugar 'n' Spice Girls 4-H Club at its July meeting held in the local. Methodist Church. July 19 tour plans were completed with the girls deciding to visit the Coca-Cola bottling works and the Singer Sewing store in Kewanee and LeClaire Hotel kitchen and dining room in Galva. The program consisted of seven demonstrations: "Brownies," by Jacque Mackie; "Putting in a Hem," Linda Murdock; "How to Fringe," Shirley Stevens; "Gather a Skirt," Harriet Coe; "Beverage," Cheryl Stodgel; "Modeling Your Garment," Kathy Hulin and "Pressing Your Garment," Cynthia Gomes. , Refreshments were, served by Cihdie, Sandra and Cheryl Stodgel. Hold Achievement Day Achievement day for the club was held Monday in the Williamsfield Methodist Church at 1:30 p.m. First event on the program was a demonstration on "Finger Salad" by Cynthia Gomes, followed by the share-the-fun skit. Girls who took clothing the past year presented, their style show. Participating were Connie Way, Harriet Coe, Cindie and Sandra Stodgel, Nina Sue and Ruby Kay Spencer, Linda Harpman, June Gale, Ann and Sue Josephson, Shirley Stevens, Carol Machin, June Cain, Cynthia Gomes and Kathy Hulin. Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Charles Flickinger presented a Homemakers Extension lesson, a demonstration on "Dairy Foods." The exhibits of food and clothing were inspected by County Home Adviser Mrs. Lois Taylor and other guests present, Refreshments were served by Carol Machin, Kathy and Barbara Hulin, Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Flickinger. Wilson Kin Has Reunion, Prairie City PRAIRIE CITY — The Wilson family reunion was held Sunday at the East Park with a basket dinner at noon. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. George Donaldson, Mrs. Ghlee Wilson, Mrs. Herman Talbert, Jeff and Julie, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilson, Becky and Cindy, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wilson and sons Mark and Mike, of Galesburg; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kugler, Mary Lou and Claribel and Mrs. Ivan Stoneking and Peggy, of Macomb. Also, Mrs. Louis Yadevia and sons Douglas and Dean, Philadelphia, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Merle Waller, Debbie, Teresa, Scott and Ronald, Vermont; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wilson, Kenyon, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Murphy and Gregory, Canton, and Mr. and Mrs. Murray Wilson, IVir. and Mrs. Sam Harding, Ben and Lynn, Mrs. Nina Arnold and Wilbur Wilson, of Prairie City. The youngest person present was Gregory Murphy, 1-year-old that day. Coming the greatest distance was Mrs. Yadevia and sons who are making a 2-week visit with her parents, the Murray Wilsons. An afternoon caller was Miss Lucia Turpin, and eight of those present were, at some time, members of the Sunday school class taught by Miss Turpm. Quell Shop Blaze The Galva Fire Department was called to the John H. Best & Son factory on Railroad Avenue Friday afternoon to put out a blaze that had started in the carpenter shop. The small fire was put out by employes before the fire crew arrived and no damage was done to the building. Methodist WSCS Features Program Thirty members of the Grace Methodist WSCS heard a program entitled "Care of the Mentally Retarded Children" following a business meeting Friday. The program was presented by Mrs. Emma Morris, assisted by Mrs. David Bloomster and Mrs, Lawrence Swanson. Members were reminded 'of the following future church activities: Tri Mu class will hold a hobo breakfast Aug. 1 at Washington Park, starting at 8 p.m. Class members will observe 50th anniversary of the group Aug. 18. Mrs. Malmquist will show slides of her trip around the world at a church meeting Aug. 8. Next WSCS meeting will be held Sept. 6 with hostesses Mrs. Raymond Peterson, Mrs. Seth Hudson, Mrs. Leonard Larson, Mrs. Charles Girven and Mrs. Clyde Nichols. Picnics Planned Two picnics will be held by Galva organizations Sunday noon and one on Wednesday. The Galva Grange will meet at Wiley Park and the Neighborhood Club will have a picnic in Bishop Hill Park. The local chapter of the Order of Eastern Star will have a picnic at Washington Park Wednesday, starting at 6:30 p.m. Grange and OES members are asked to bring their own meat, covered dish and table service. Stark County Old Settlers Group Honors 'Bill' Hagerty TOULON—W. L. Hagerty of Wyoming will be honored on this year's Stark County Old Settlers Badges. Bill, as he is better known, is the same age—86—as the Old Settlers. . They were both born the same year—1877. He was the son of Thomas and Anna Quirk Hagerty OUR BOARDING HOUSE-Witb M*r. Hoopl- DOf ^ v T TELL MB THE STORY BEHINJD THE5WAMI HEADGEAR,' 3AKE -***• LET ME 6UESS/ YOU WERE COMlMG HEf?E WlTK A FAT gANKteOLL Atv)D HOO WERE HELD OP At^D f?OBB £D/, NOW ALL TOO NEED 16 A FEW WEEK^ CREDIT TILL YOOR OIL WELL COMES IN " CROSSING HER UF> New Windsor News Briefs NEW WINDSOR—Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Flack July 10 brought their daughter Virginia to Western Illinois University at Macomb to pre-register for the fall term. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Johnson spent Wednesday and Thursday at Des Moines, with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanders. Mrs. Earl Nimerick was dismissed from Moline Public Hospital Thursday and brought by ambulance to the Nimerick home in New Windsor. Gregory Goben of Rock Island spent a week with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Charles McElroy of London Mills, Mrs. Doris Wooley of Milan, Mrs. Edwin Lyons of Orion and Mrs. C. A. Swanson of New Windsor have returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Calkins at Loveland, Colo. En route home the group also visited Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Swanson at Emporia, Kan. Gary Flack returned home July 14, after spending 10 days with his brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs. Donald Kerner at Annawan July 7. Mr. and Mrs. Kerner and Gary brought Pfc. Eugene Kerner, his brother, to Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., where he is sta tioned. The Brownie Scout Troop spent Wednesday evening in making jewelry boxes from plastic bottles in which detergents are sold. Treats were served by Jamie An- and was born June 20, 1877 on a farm near Toulon. In 1882, the family moved to the farm just west of Wyoming. Hagerty lived in that house until 1916 when the house burned and he built the home on the farm which he has occupied 46 years. He and Mrs. Hagerty moved into Wyoming June 24, 1963. Hagerty attended Winn and Cox grade schools and was graduated from Wyoming High School in 1895. He was married Oct. 3, 1905, to Effie Colgan and they have one daughter, Mrs. James (Dorothy) Elbert and one grandson, John Hagerty Elbert of Tokyo, Japan. Hagerty has been active in school, county and township activities. He was a farmer all his life until he retired to move to Wyoming. He is a member of St. Dominic's Catholic Church in Wyoming and walks to services and downtown to keep in touch with daily happenings. Churchmen at Maquon Sponsor Picnic MAQUON—The Methodist Men of the Maquon Orange Chapel, Douglas parish sponsored a picnic Tuesday evening. About 75 gathered at the Warren Stevan's lake for the affair. After the picnic supper Rev. Ira Moats and Stanley Pumfrey gave devotions. Mrs. Dora Jean Clark, Bea Rhea Piatt, Linda Knox, Alberta Faucon and Sally Leffingwell presented a varied program and also led in the group singing. DR. I. ERNSTEIN OPTOMETRIST CONTACT LENSES EYES EXAMINED LIVING SOUND HEARING AIDS GALESBURG OPTICAL CO, 343-6317 or 343-3017 339 E Maui Hour»i » A.M. 10 b P.M. Friday*: 9 AM to «:30 PH. W«dn««d»y'f TU Neos- derson and Vicki Wadhams. Attending a dinner in the home of Mrs. Florence Powell at Abingdon July 14, honoring her brother-in-law and house guest, J. L. Nelson of Chicago, were the following relatives: Mrs. Arthur Flack of New Windsor and Miss Dorothy Powell of Abingdon, fier daughters; her sons, Edward K. and George K. Powell Jr. of Abingdon; also her grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kerner of Annavvan, Gary and Virginia Flack of New Windsor. W. L. (Bill) Hagerty AlWood Girls Attend Camp OPHIEM — Barbara Larson, Cheryl Lindsey, Vicki Bowman, Joan Wirt, and Carolyn Rice, Al­ Wood High School students, attended the George Williams Camp Williams Bay, Wis. The cheerleaders were sponsored by the AlWood Girls Athletic Association. Mrs. George Oaks and family of Lansing, Mich., spent Sunday and Monday with her brother, Richard Miller and family. Lodge Convenes At Kirkwoocl KIRKWOOD—Various semi-annual reports were adopted when Kirkwood Rebekah lodge met in the Old Fellows Hall Tuesday. Mrs. Dorothy Coulter, noble grand, named the following ways and means committee for the third quarter of the year; Mrs. Hazel D. Dean, Mrs. Hazel Dean, Mrs. Doris Halford, Mrs. Sarah Akers, Mrs. Lucille Poling and Mr. and Mrs. John Coulter. STARTING SUNDAY See ELVIS in "IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR" THEATRE Knoxville EARL 'Denny- • X for your ihouqU^ Appears Every Tuesday and Friday FOR PERSONAL ADVICE WRITE TO PENNY" C/Q GalesbMrg Rtglittr-Mail.

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