Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 25, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 1944 NAUOATUCK DAILY NEWS Personal—Social—Fraternal I fourteen Girls Returning From Camp Penke, Me. After elK'ft weeks at Camp j\>nko o« Luke Cobbosseocontoe, U'inthrop, Maine, 1-1 girls from NuuK' ltllc ' < w ") l ' otlll 'n home this week-end. They nre: Leilu Jnm> Alderson, Rockwell iu'eniii'.' Barbara Anderson, Salem strict; .iuily Carroll. Park place; Carol Idhfll and'Susaiv Little, Klll- nicle avenue; Barbara Is'oru-iish, ji al -lv place: Carla Popporman, Wowclluwn avonut>; Janet Schmlt-/., Moore avenue; Ann Schrcck, Hill- 'sitle avenue; Carol Wnlkor- and Sully U'.-tlkor, Mlllvillc avenue; «'im!rn \Vitherwax, Rockwell avenue; Charlotet Wood, Dark avenue, nnd Marilyn McKcnna, Wa- tefbury. Named To New Post Recent Visitors Of Relatives la Borough Avlminn Ciuli't John A. Bronimn, w)»' »••' stationed at .Sioux Falls, <;, p., with his si.xters. Sirs. E, D. Gilil'Tjil'Wi' ol' Searsilnlo. .V. Y., iiiul Mrs. William S. Givuzcx of Xew Havi'ti, won 1 recent jruoHt.M ol thi'ii' aunts. Mists Mao Bronnan jind Mrs Stephen Sltai- of Churcli street, Leonard Ma'rchlewski j Is Transferred Pvt. T.conarcl Mnrehlnwxhl. son of Mi 1 . ai»! Mrs. Sylw.xrcr March- lewnki "( 'il'< iVorth iMnln slrvi't. h:iM bri-ri trnnstVrri'd for ailcunod tniinluK tn the medical departnu-nt technician school, Lnwson Gen- Guests Of Michael Young Retvtrn Home Mr. and .\(rM. Gi'orjjr Votlilf.' itnil family of Dayton. Ohio, and Harold Yountf, U. S. M. A., of U'est Point, N. Y., who have ln-en visit- inK Michnet Yulinjf of ISP U'urd street, h n v a returned to their homes, t Applicants For Bowling League Pfans Schedule^ For New Season Are increasing . A hot-dog, ,an,d corn: roast was? hold recently' at the. home of-Hel-' on Mai, Rubber' avenue, Millville, 1 (' by the members of this Girls' Industrial Bowling', league. About 15 members attended and the bowling schedule for the new season beginning- Sept. 13, was drawn "up. For School Or Play : Mil!*. IJOROTUY WUiFECK imniiiiii'iil. Nau,',':ituc.k rositli-ut who has boon appointed office administrator nf (In- SiTvl<v KOI- Vi-tcKiu.s which will opoii Its o/fici* horn (in \Vi-clnrsilay, SoptrmbOr (i. Visited Relatives In Worcester Returaed From Visit To Delaware Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Woods of Rockwell avenue have returned from Orlawuru where they won 1 vacation In.IT for the past sc-veral Vfftl'ltM, Parts of the new Alaska highway are surfaced wlch wood. Miss .t..vdia Meyei- of Sheffield Innc has re'airned from Worcester. Ma.-.«., whore she visited ho,r broth'..'[• find sister-in-law, Mr, and Mrs. Edwin Meyer. Vacationing- At Quonochcntaug', R. I. Mrs. Harold Brown and family of North Church street are spend- InK the summer at Quonochon- tausr, R. T, Farmers' i-ash income for the first four month.s. of IB-l-l amounted to Sfi.OOS niiliion, as compared with $0,305 million for iho 'same period iv year a^'o. Combined Outing- And Service Sunday; A combined outinfi- and service will be held Sunday by St. Paul's l^van^elical X/uthernn church at thu Tiaytkwieh farm. The service will start at 12:30 p. m. Parish Education Ccmraittee To Meet The committee on parish education ot" tile Salem .Lutheran church will meet nt S o'clock this evening at the church. Spent Several Days In New Haven Mrs. Dorothy Wulfock of Ter- r.ico avenue has. returned from Xow Havon where site spent the past sex-era! days. Wooly Willie ACCURATE-R&liA ana WAT Don't wear a,watch the! is old and not reliable, Evory minute ic precious on your important job. So- l«cl your Jiow watch iror.i Kayo largo aoloction ol dopondcbic, nationally lamouD wcit FAIRFAX $4930 $1,25 A WEEK aft»r down paymtnt 17 fowoli — H kt. rcto gold Cdio. BULOVA $29" $1.25 A WEEK • !t«r down p»ymin* 17 j»w«l mov«rniint. Complef* with !,K ^ FAIRFAX $24- 75 $1.25 A WEEK affor down paymonf D«p«nci«bl» y«t fflodoralo in coif. BULOVA $3750 ji.2s A WEEK ' »flftr down p«yfntnt famout "Goddoii of Tlrno", |7 jowoli. ' FAIRFAX 1942 PATTKUX J!)-I3 Makn this pretty pinafore sun dress wit.h matching bolero in light, isay, washable cottons in two-toned materials or all of one material. Grown-.up's' summer pinafore set is exactly like it! Do them in the same fa-bric. Barbara Bell Pattern No. 19-13 :s designed for sixes 3, 4, 0,,.6, 7 and S years! Size -1, surj dress, rc- quire.i 1 3-1 yards o£ 39-inch material; bolero, 3-1 yard. Barburii_ Bell Pattern No. 19-13 is designed for sizes li, l-i, 16, ig, 20 and '10. Sixe !•!, dres?. requires 3 1-S yards of 38-inch material; bo- loro, 1 1-S yards. Fresh ir.spination for home sew- inj; ii: our new Sprint," ABC Pattern Book—just off the press, Price 10 cent's per copy. Order an ABC Pattern Book with a 15 cent-pat tern for 25 cents, plus l cen postage'. , For these 'attractive patterns, fend 20 cc-nts fo'r each, irn coins with your name, address, pattern number and size wanted to Barbara Eel!, Naugatuck Daily News Post Office Box 99, Station G New York 19, N. 1". . IN NO. 1 I'OSITION Huntsville, Alabama, Aug. 25— (UP)—Tlie chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority reports that the project is now the nation's largest producer of electric power. The spokesman said TVA figures Cor the second quarter of 19-M place it for the first time in the No. 1 position arnon^ both private and public power producers. FIRST STEP IN EASY WALKING- PATTEKX >'o. K21.3J This curly little lamb makes a-n ideal baby companion, as a stuffed terry-cloth cuddle-toy, a .bib ornament and a little nursery picture. Pattern envelope contains hot- Iron transfers iind complete directions for all three indicated uses. Our GO-pafrc multicolored book ]f Noodle Arts containing five free >altcrns, nnd many other sufrjrcs- lions for dressing up your home ' and yourself, is now available. Send your request for this book to the ad'dres-v listed b-elo.w, enclosing twenty cents (20c.) in coins to cover .the cost and mailing charges. •Send 11 cents (coin) for above pattern number to Naug-atu Daily News, Nuedlc Arts Dcpt.. P. 0. Box. 172, Station D, New York, 3. N. Y. Please include your postal zone number. Norwash Shoe Store • $1,25 A WEEK • fttr down payment Accur«t. 17 j.w.l STRIKE ENDED Providence, E. I., Aug. 25—(UP) —Seventy-five hundred boilermak- crs nnd riggers .are'filing back to work at the Walsh-Kaiser shipyard this morning. The workers— members'cf two .A-F-L unions — ended a jurisdiction;!! dispute last nipht, after they had refused to return to .their jobs following a ! meeiing: Wednesday night. The two-day walkout slowed production on 32 combat cargo ships ;ind threatened to mtilto S500 other yard workers idle. EYEGLASSES SHOP C ff • n* . . • Tomlinson Ncary Building Jfnugutuclt, Conn., STORE CLOSED ALL DAY EACH MONDAY DUBIJfU JULY AND AUGUST. HEAVY CRYSTAL GLASSES 12 for $1.00 CENTER ST. DIAL *+++**+»+**••+++++*•**++ .V^JHarMord, .Aug. 25^(UP)—Ap- 'pllcat'ions for unemployment cbm- ponaation arc increasing: -throug-h- 'out the 'slate. ..; .... ... f, v The Department of J^abor re- •porta, that an. ,Increasing..number of :layolTa in war plants has caus- eci .the upswing. i!i claims .for job- •lbss,,b'enerits. ' , /Hartford—which . is listed''as a number one critical .'labor, 'area- reports an increase of "some COO per cent ,for applications the week of August .12th compared', with applications at Die beginning of the year: ' "• . '. A total of 1,300 persons applied Tor compensation during the onc- .wcek period. This is more than the combined total for New Haven and Bridgeport. Gov, Baldwin Asks Boys And Girls To Help Harvest Crops Har.ttord,'. Aug : ..','25 — X.UP) • — Governor Baldwin is appealing; to adults and boys and firirls to help harvest crops this season. The governors aid thousands pf j part-time workers will be needed ' to bring in the apple, peach, potato and 'Corn crops. In addition, more workers are needed in the. tobacco fields. The governor' said schools throughout the suite would open at tbe usual time regardless of the farm labor .shortage, but . said school children 14 or older arc'per- j mltted to stay out three weeks a i year to do necessary farm work. , j Public Warned Against labor Day Traveling Nc,w York, Aug-. 25—(UP)—The people of New ' York are -warned not to travel over the Labor Day holiday. The director of the Office of Defense Transportation said today only actual service with the armed forces or business vital to the war effort justifies taking- up space on trains at this time. He reported any .extra holiday traffic would swamp railroad facilities, delaying essential travelers. Shown 'posinir with her. "Ml«s Elorielii" trop'liy is jirotty Virginia . Wiirreii of Miami. She lius bci:n Kcli.-cU'iI us "Miss Florida of KI-JJ" uml will represent home stale in the animal beauty pajfi-iint to l>e held in Suptcmbc-r at Atlantic Clt.y, N. J. (International) Portugal Cancels Functions Of Vichy Representative ASKS COOPERATIOX Rome, AUJJ. 25—(UP)—Italy's minister of finance has asked for Allied cooperation to halt .the inflation of the lire in liberated zones. He says currency circulating- in the territory held by the Allies has boon increased 50 per cent since the armistice. JJshon, AUR-. 23—(UP)—Port-J^prime minister has cancelled the functions of Vichy's diplomatic representative to Lisbon. A government communique says the action taken following the declaration of Marshal Petain that ho is a prisoner of the Germans and unable to exercise his duties .is president of the Vichy regime. A broadcast from Spain—heard by the Federal Communications Commission—reports the Vichy ambassador had informed Spanish oiTicials thai his "mission is ended." Other broadcasts report the break of diplomatic relations be- twcen Sweden and the Vichy government. Of every dollar paid by a passen- rer for mil transportation, 31 cents ;oos for tnxes. Presents.. the largest selection of . Millinery . . . 2500 LOVELY FALL HATS • All Styles • All Colors • 'All Sizes for • Miss & Matron . OTHERS SI.4!) to 85.08 Near Conn. Lt. •* 1'b.w. 49 CENTER ST." • Thuis. P. >t SCHOOL SUPPLIES • SCHOOL BAGS • PENCIL CASE'S • iincs • PADS " • PENCILS • DICTIONARIES • FOUNTAIN PENS • ERASERS • SCHOOL WALLETS • PENS COMPOSITION BOOKS — EVERYTHING YOU NEED — Your Stationer SWEENEY'S ART AND STATIONERY STORE "Walcrbury's Friendly Department Stort". The Back-to-School Parade of Young Fashions Starts at Howl and-Hughes RAIN COATS $5** Trim as an officer's coat— finely tailored of superb gabardine. Blue onJy. Sizes 7 to 16. LINED MODELS WITH RAGLAN SLEEVES — $7.98 Colors are: natural, red and blue. Sizes 7 to 16. GIRLS' SKIRTS Box and side pjeats. Comfort and stvle combination — easy to vwar, easy on the eyes — plaids, and checks, solid colors, loo, in grey, brown and red. Sizes 7 to 16.' . • • •• • CARDIGAN SWEATERS $429 Jo well knitted they looS hand-made! Colorful novelty buttons. Popular shades of pink, teal, yel- Jow and 'l«d. Sizes 7 to 1C. PULL-OVER SWEATERS $ 2 59 The ever popular pull-over styli. Long sleeves. Some of the group are all wool. Colors are pink, yellow, coral, teaJ, navy, green and red. Sizes 7 to 16.' FASHION FLOOR . From Our Boys' Shop : BOYS? KNICKER SUITS I.9S '..'; Fully lined coat, single breasted .style. Herringbone and checks in brown, tan snd grey. Sizes 7 to 14. BOYS' Single Breasted LONG PANTS SUITS >*••• Nicely . tailored, coat , fully lined. Checks, . Herringbone and Horirxmtal Stripes. Choice of light grey, brown, tan i»nd .blue. Sizes. 10 "to 20. BUDDY BEST DRESS SHIRTS C.ripe and check print* in blue, tan and green. Sloes 8 to 14. PASTEL COLOR SLACK HOSE THE BOYS' SHOP LOWER FLOOR Made by Westminster. Sites 7 tola. - .. .„•'-.. ' From Our Anklet Bar CRUSADER WOOL AND RAYON SOCKS 79* 50% rayon, 5Q% wool, add up to a 100% sock! ,100% .favorite for all. Colors to blend with '.every costume! Beigei brown, navy, red, blue and uiaJzc.- Sizes 9'to'lOK. TRIMFIT IN CORALAC 50^ pair (Cotton and rayon Trim numbers which bear repeat- Ing. Generous size cuff tops. Colors are: red, b)ue and brown. Sizes 9 to 10M. TRIMFIT ARGYLE COTTON SOCKS pair Colorlul, bewitching plaids in basic tones or brown, tan, red and blue. Elastic top for smooth lit. Sizes 9 to 11. • ' .. STREET FLOpB For Victory Buy War Bonds and Stamps .3-

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