St. Albans Daily Messenger from St. Albans, Vermont on December 23, 1954 · 1
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St. Albans Daily Messenger from St. Albans, Vermont · 1

St. Albans, Vermont
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1954
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STRENGTHEN YOUR FAITH IN GOD BY ATTENDING CHURCH REGULARLY gyFRANKtiN Count AN INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER FOR ALL THE PEOPLE ' NO. 301 ST. ALBANS, VT., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1934 PRICE 5 CENTS EDITORIAL To Bring Not Peace But A Sword The joyous Christmas bells and carols ring out to celebrate the birthday of the Prince of Peace. But His was not a coexistence peace. He strove for peace on earth for j men of good will, not for evil-doers. He brought the message that peace IS possible on earth ONLY to men of good will. 4 As has been so ably pointed out by Rev. Chalmers Coe of the historical Mt. Vernon Church in Boston, Christ said : I came to bring not peace but a sword. In contrast to the co-existers, the namby-pamby people who blink at any evil, any wrong, for the sake of remaining at peace inside the nation or with foreign nations, the Son of God had a sword of righteousness. His angers were holy angers. Jesus whipped the money-changers from the temple at Jerusalem. He waged a bitter war on the Pharisees and Saddu-cees, the established worthies of His day. As Forrest Davis emphasized in a recent column in the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER: He was a highly conten- tious prophet, a stirring insurrection against the authorities and the existing order of things. Davis also affirmed, it was not Our Lord who uttered the consoling phrase. Peace on earth, good will toward men, but the herald angels. He, Himself, was always ready to draw the sword on behalf of those who were right and against the wrong folks. What must Christ think today of ministers who urge support for the UN, where no praver to God can be offered? YL Would the Christ who drove the money-changers from the temple, the righteous Christ, be content with a comfortable nation such as ours, who goes its careless way to a happy Christmas, while. American boys, guilty of no crime, rot In the torture chambers of Communist China? Would Christ support co-existence with the very devil himself? Americans know the answer, but do the politicians in Washington? Let us celebrate the birthday of the Prince of righteousness, but let us also follow in His train. L; JU Communist Party Is Subversive Court Of Appeals Upholds Security Act I WASHINGTON (U.PJ The the Soviet Union. United States Court of Appeals The ruling supports the 1950 has upheld the law that calls Internal Security Act that re-the Communist Party subversive, j quires the Communist Party to The court, by a two-to-two vote, ruled that the Communist Party in this country is run by Catholics May Eat Meal On Friday, Dec. 31 Announces Pope VATICAN CITY (U.R) Pope Hus has released the worlus Roman Catholics from the traditional Friday abstinence on New Years Eve. I r Tie Sacred Congregation of The main provisions of the SWANTON A community ' the youngsters,. Donald, Darrell the Council, with the Popes ap- 1950 law lequirc the Com. caroling program will be held to- and Janice Bottelson, lit match- j pi olio Cases ) r-A-a. ruled that Cathodes are F arty to register as a subversive ni?ht beginning at 8 oclock un- -s to nnd what they wej-e look- authorized to eat meat Decern- organization, to list its mem er-1 th sponsorship of the Swan- ber 31st this year, despite the ship, account for its finances and ton Village Recreation 'Depart-fart that it coincides with a Fri- lub.l mall, it also denies pass- j ment in Memorial Auditorium. day. . Pvts to Communists. . Alj age groups are invited to ffiv-n a repentant thief a merry This was done, the congrega-! Judge Bazelon, in his dissent, take part in the singing and the j Christmas. The man stole a tion said, because New Year's said the Internal Security Act of program of carols which will be I Christmas tree bus rpun-ruvi ve is traditionally devoted by 1930 is, in his opinion, unconsti-'the faithful to thanking the Lord tutional. He said the law violates for benefits received during the the filth amendment. The year." I amendment says no person shall v v Catholics normally are forbidden from eating meat on Fridays, but . exceptions are made by spicial Papal dispensation when a Friday coincides with a major holiday. TIIE WEATHER Cloudy with snow flurries and a little warmer this afternoon. Light snow tonight except mod-fcrat amounts extreme in north portion. Not so cold tonight. CIouciv tomorrow with snow flurries and colder CV- 4 Publisher register with the government as a subvirsive organization. Sitting in Washington, Judges Barret Pretljcnan and John Danaher upheld the 1950 law. Judge David Bazelon dissented. The majority said it could see no reason for the government to permit certain activities of the Communist Party. In addition, the court believes it proper to withdraw from Communist Party numbers certain legal privileges and safeguards. The court decision saiij, "vie perceive no basic reason why that government must stand help.ess before activities such as those descno-tu in the 1950 law. The main provisions of the be compelled to bq a witness against himself in any criminal case. Today's ruling is the first court decision on the legality of the internal security law. The Com- rrunlst Party now is expected to ly as several trips by roving car carry the - case to the Supreme I oleis will be held later In the eve-Court. nlng. Eisenhowers Open Many Presents; 700 Go To White House Staff Party WASHINGTON (U.R) President Eisenhower moved a small mountain this morning. . .a small mountain of Christmas presents The President and Mrs. Eisenhower gave out 700 gifts to members of the White House staff. This year's .Christmas gift from the first family is an 11-by-14 reproduction of a portrait of George Washington, done by Mr. Eisenhower. last night, the Eisenhowers, including the Presidents mother-in-law and sister-in-law, opened hundreds of presents. But the I resident and his wife saved their personal gifts for each other until Christmas morning. i Evidence.- Shows That Superhighway Would v Seaway, Highway To Greatly Aid Vt. Says Aiken MONTPELIER (UP) Senator George D. Aiken is optimistic about Vermont and the nations future farm outlook. Aiken said today good times appear ahead for farmers during the forseeable future. He noted that milk consumption in Vermont was up by five or six per cent and that the outlook appeared good for a continued rise. In an interview at Montpelier, the Senator said he doubted that there would be any major changes in the GOP farm program under a Democratic controlled Congress. He noted that a decline in farm prices prior to passage of the Administrations agricultural procram this year was leveling off. Vermonts senior Senator also no ed that research, education and development of new markets, will play a major part in insuring a brighter future for the nation's farmers. He estimated a 10 per cent gain 'n farm exports during the coming year and a hike in wheat shipments because of poor crops elsewhere. On the state political scene, Aiken defended his foie in the rnt gubernatorial election. He. said the Democrats had openly attacked his farm program and hen he was extended an invitation to come into the state and tell the truth he accepted it. He termed the State Republican Committees plan to attract nw blood to the party a good idea And agreed that the close- nf-ss of the gubernatorial election made it vitally neorssary. The Senator also stressed the need for improved highways, power development and new in-dusiry in Vermont. President Eisenhower's proposed 50 - billion highway program he held would be felt in Vermont within a two-year period. He expressed the op'nion that the coming Legislature would act to secure additional power from the St. Lawrence Rpflu-av. These two actions he be-lrtves will attract new business to the state. . led by Mary Fearon, wife of Swanton 's Recreation Director. The singers will be taught several new Christmas songs from the Little Book of Carols, a new song book especially prepared for community groups. Those who plan to take part in this community program of caroling are asked to dress warm- After the Christmas reception this morning, the Eisenhowers got their things . together for heir flight to Augusta. Ga. Theyll spend the holidays at the litt'.e White House at the Augus-,a National Golf Club. As for Christmas weather, the forecasters say there will be no heavy snow between now and Saturday. Northern New England is one of the few sections that will have a wh.'te Christmas. Servicemen in the republic of Korea are being visited by Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York. He arrived in Seoul today to begin a five-day visit, his fourth consecutive Christmas in Korea, WAITING for cold Christmas shoppers to drop in at the Masonic Lodge for free coffee and snacks are (standing)-Mrs. Frank Hunton, and Mrs. Thomas Duffany. The Masonic Lodge will be open to the public today and tomorrow. (Staff photo by Walsh.) j i John Murff, Formerly With Immigration District One , Goes To Buffalo, N. Y. A former St. Albans man, John tive along with the scheduled re- abolished, along with St. Albans. Murff , has been named district director of the newly established, Buffalo district of the US Immi-1 gration and Naturalization Scr-1 , VIC(- I District Director Ernest E. 1 Salisbury today confirmed the appointment of Mr. Murff by t Commissioner Joseph Swing. The i assignment becomes effec-' Christmas With Tragedy-Kindness t Children Die In Fire; Police Forgive Thief By UNITED PRESS vlrn his conscience botherel ah investigation showed the rT-eTon' AnQ tWS 0116 I FtMs w'orWng at twojobs" to pay is no CALepuon. hospital bills and support hissix- Three children who could not 1 nnnth-old daughter. Police v ait for Christmas tried to get clipped m and put up a fully-a peek at the pi events in a cio et , per orated Christmas tiee at the in their home at Austin, Minn. home The closet had no light andimans Iome' Deadlines Advanced For Fridays Edition Deadlines for page one and other sections of the Daily Messenger will be advanced several hours Friday, December 21, so that this newspaper can go to press early with that day's edition. i We are doing this so that much of the work for the Sunday edition can be completed Friday afternoon and thus tnabie us to keep only a holiday news watch Saturday. Swiss Arrrst 11 Persons In Big Espionage Case BERNE, Switzerland (U.R) ether nations are having their own spy troubles. The Swiss government has announced the arrest of 11 persons In an espionage case Involving a foreign power. Sources say the foreign power was France. And in London, diplomatic observers said Britain may expel Ivan Barabanov, second secretary of the Soviet Embassy, for his part in the case of John Clarence, a British spy. Clarence was convicted and sentenced to five years in Jail for selling information about anti-aircraft installations to the Soviet Em-j bassy. Industry organization on Januery 3. Mr. hturff, a former assistant enforcement officer in the St. Albans district, goes to Buffalo, N: Yl frm Baltimore, Md. where he has acted as district director since his departure from this city several years ago. The Baltimore district, Mr. Salisbury said, was among those STATE Mem Briefs MONTPELIER Ten children are being treated for poho. in Washington County. Dr. Maynard H. Mires Jr., of the State Health Department fays the cases result from a minor epidemic in four communities in the county. Mires, Diieetor of the departments Division of Communicable Disease, ays the epidemic has passed Its psak tut more cases are probable. He noted that all of the cases kie of the serious, or paralytic type, and involve children under i!x years of age. Five of the cases were discovered in Montpelier, three members of one family in Middlesex, and one each in Northfleld and Wai-erbury Center. Mires said it is believed the disease was transmitted by personal contact. BURLINGTON-(U.R) The na tions foirner ambassador to the United Nations, Warren R. Austin, will be honored January 30 for his Voik in establishing the state of Israel. A testimonial dinner to be given Austin at Burlington will be attended by Israel's permanent ambassador to the United Nations, Abba-Ebam, and other top Jewish leaders. Saul Spiro of Burlington savs the dinner will cite Austins work in the United States Senate. He (See BRIEFS, Page 2R in the agency's reorganiation plan. The newly-appointed official, who originally was 'scheduled to return to Vermont as a member of the Burlington Regional Headquarters staff, was in St. Albans recently and Inspected the various facilities hers, which will fall under his supervision. Mr. Salisbury, whose resignation from government service takes effect on December 31, said this morning no official information has been received from Washington, concerning the border patrol sector headquarters, which will be located heie. However, a persistent rumor from the nation's capital indicates that Donald Rex Kelley, now stationed with the central office, has been named to head the local office. Mr. Ksiley is no stranger to St. Albans, for. two years ago, he was placed, in charge of an investigation which resulted in the crack-down on a smuggling ring, operating across the Canadian border. Mrs. Charlotte St. Pierre Hurt In Automobile Mishap At Georgia Three accidents took place yes- Pierre, 64, of RFD 2, St. Albans, terday but personal injuries oc- ! a passenger In the Loomis car curred in only one On a side road was taken to Milton for treat-off US Route 7 near Dead Mans ment of facial and knee bruises curve at 6 p. m. Wednesday, a and six stiches. car operated by Harmon Loomis of RFD 2, St. Albans was in collision with a vehicle operated by Robert Burnor of St. Albans. As the two drivers discussed '.heir plight a third car owned and operated by Airman Kenneth Johnson, 19, of Ethan Allen Air Force base approached the cars and was in collision with the Loomis vehicle causing appoxi-mately $300 damages to his car and $125 to the Loomis car, j-ooprrs said. Mrs. Charlotte St. Notice Dr. Dempsey Will Resume Practice Monday December 27th Office Hour By Appointment. BANKING HOURS Thurs., Dec. 23 D A.M. 5 P.M. Fri., Dec. 24 9 A.M. 3 P.M. Thurs., Dec. 31 9 A.M. 5 P.M. Fri., Dec. 31 9 A.M. 3 P.M. Regular Hours Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday FRANKLIN COUNTY SAVINGS BANK TRUST COMPANY PEOPLES TRUST COMPANY OP ST. ALBANS To Modem Highspeed Thoroughfare, Advocated By Loeb Newspapers, Would Provide Jobs, Prosperity By HERMAN A. LOWE WASHINGTGON Theres important new evidence in support of the proposition that a modern highspeed superhighway through Vermont would add new industry, new jobs and new prosperity to the state. The National Highway has Users Conference has just reported on a .survey of Route 128 in Massachusetts, the six-lane road which sweeps in a wide semi-circle around Boston from Gloucester In the north to Hing-ham in the south. Purpose of the road was to relieve Boston's narrow streets of the added burden of through traffic, and to relieve travelers of the burden of moving- through( crowded Boston. " This bypass is completed to its full width for only half its length. Yet, it is proving so attractive that industry is beginning to settle along, or near, it and real estate prices are soaring on either side of it. Thus far, more than 40 new industrial plants have opened on Route 128, some of them such big payroll operations as the $11,000,000 Army Quartermaster research center, the $20,000,000 Air Force research development center. General Motors, General Electric, Sylvanla Electric, Sunshine Biscuits, etc. More companies are buying sites all the time. Here they can construct modern plants with plenty of space for employee parking and, most important, easily accessible by truck and car. They don't worry whether the railroads will pull More Yule Pictures Today On Page 5 Page 5 of todays Messenger is devoted to pictures of Christmas parties around Franklin County. Our staff 1 photographers. Paul Rixon and Joan Walsh in St. Albans, and Charles Love-iette in the county at large; plus readers who submitted pictures for use, have kept our Fairchild Rcan-a-graver busy turning out cuts. We hope that pictorial spreads this Christmas week have added to your holiday spirit and proved welcome additions to your scrapbooks. V. M., State troopers reported an accident at 1:20 yesterday afternoon in the Town of Richford when a stake body truck owned by Arthur Marston of Montgomery and operated by Lawrence Garrow, 30, of Montgomery went out of control Rnd plunged off the left side of the road causing $250 (See ACCIDENT, Page 2) NOVELTY PARTY Every Sunday Hite St. Jean's Hall Lake St. Angmented Prizes DANCE EVERY THURSDAY NITE LEE GUERIN ORCIi. FLOOR SHOW Notice Order Corsages And , Cut Flowers Early Garrett's Ghs. TEL. 1614 See Classifld Ad ' V ermont up their tracks and depart. Trucks can move in material and carry off the finished product on modern, fast roads. This is what Vermont needs to 'help attract new industry ro important to its growth. The Loeb newspapers have long advocated a Boston to Montreal superhighway swinging through Vermont. , More recently, Senator George D. Aiken has urged hat Vermont get busy on its section. He recommends a tollroad from White River Junction on the southeast, swinging up past Barre, Montpelier, Waterbury, Burlington, St. Albans and thence on to the Canadian border. Eventually Canada woulJ build on up to Montreal. New Hampshire is currently constructing a tollread from the Massachusetts line north through Nashua and Manchester to Concord. Plans call for an eventual extension to the While . Mountains. A natural development of this will be a western arm to Hanover and then to White River Junction to meet the .proposed Vermont Turnpike. ' Big roadblock at present is a segment of Vermont opinion some In high official position, that the state should remain a rustic reservation for tourists. The fact that this results in Vermonts youth emigrating to other states for Jobs is not regarded as important. - But Route 123 in Massachusetts is teaching a lesson which should interest many Vermonters. Theres lots of room for industrial improvement. The Army has Just completed a survey which shows that it handed out 47,028 contracts, aggregating $1,-470,864.000 in the Federal vseal year which ended last June 30. Only 28 of these contracts, for $1,535,000 were won by Vermont (See LOWE-DOWN, Page 2) Two Local Motorists Uninjured In Crash On South Main Street Two local motorists escaped uninjured here last night, when their vehicles crashed at 10 p. m. at the Intersection of South Main and Stowe 11 strets. According t o Police Chief George E. Hebert, a 1946 model sedan, owned and operated by Mrs. Barbara Roberts of South Main street, made a left turn off from Stowell and onto Main street, and was in collision with a southbound 1949 model sedan, which was being,driven by Stevens Barnes, also of South Main street. The investigating officer estimated the total damage at $C25. FREE SHOW For The KIDDIES I Hour Cartoons I Western Feature FKEE CANDY Show Starts At 10:00 A. M. Friday, Dec. 21 BELLEVUE THEATRE

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