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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1875
Page 3
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abetting , gribmt. WED5ESDAT..i.,.i...rPBlI, T, 1875 erred by Carriers, 1 cents per Week . TKIBtrNK SUBSCRIPTIONS. Order may belejlalthe Cigar Stare of Walter Smith, mmthtcat corner Of roadway and Seventh. And ml the publication office, til Sroaititay, vp K bimlgnati- -.Are reported to arrive to-night. Wanted. i JLematt jtwyjo ran erraudatc. 50-cent column. Better than Netblojr. - Plymouth" Arentie' Church netted 'nearly $100 by their recent concert. l?f wb Cvs - . CapU Ned Wakeman is lying dangerously Mat hU reaidenceinaafpak-land.' . ' - Oace Atore. ; ' The irrepressible Hurll casa will be attended to by the Supreme Court this mnntinfl. i - I .'I A aO,0OO Cottage. .r ? C F. Hample is erecting a cottage on East Fifteenth street, East;Oakland, to laseaie Natleet - f -There win be a stated meeting of Alameda Chapter J0- 86, BVA. M., this erening at 1 o clock. will be ready for occupancy early next montb-Q one. Superintendent jaioxms .us. " . ' v ' " Vat Jait Nw.' .. The new .building intended for the Schreiber Bros, willnotbe erected till Mr. Defger gets back from Europe. 8C - W-'. A i S t Social Dance, The regular Wednesday evening social will be held at" the Academy of Music to-night. All are invited.. Fifty cents admission. . . . T k Hf umrtd. . ; . . . 'Mr. A. D. Pryal is atout to mote bis i depot from Broadway and Fourteenth keet-io the -corner -pt Third-and Mi son, on his own lot. v . . . s,. mwwmm '.. . ' Tne arteaten Well , . ? On Gen. Williams' residence property on the east side 01 Ltake uernit is down nearly 100 feet. It is probable a flowing atrean or pmre water win oe sxrucir. ArrtTal ef ( Fine Horees. ' - 'Twelve thoroughbred horses, imported from the East, by James McCord, for eyeralSaa Francisco millionaires, went over on the Thoroughfar yesterday. Another New Bleek. Francia Bloke intends shortly to erect, a number jot extensive buildings on the corner of fourteenth and Broadway. This 'quarleria befngf rapidly improved. ; 5 ' - - . & 'CJmmandeiT'Baagerhal filled in the deep pit between his park and- the railway track, at an expense of $3001' The locality, is somewhat improved 1Q consequence. T On. Bis Wejr Baek - VJ- ; j A. v . - V IT flnnttkM wrli. was w.itlm eml nearly killed with a sand-club on Brush street. In this city, last fall, ia now with his family, on his way from New York to this city.' - , Mftj'John Watson, had ewt boggy robe stolen from his baggy on the corner vi iuu Alien street uia muxuuig, abost 10 .aVJoo.k. whila Tie watt abapnfe from the vehicle, v :. ' Onklaatt Onard. -- - - - - The member tot the Oakland Guard - win. as ner official notice elsewhere, as semble at their armory to-morrow even- insr at 7 o'clock, for review and in spection! Vf Xaeutenant-fccloneVSmed borg, Divisioo Inspector. :; -Were busy, jesterday examining witnesses' in the case of CbArles Hansen, ' charsed with seven dinerenc burelanona offenws,jfyptmp5t has; flight considerable trouble upon the head of his grief-stricken mother. Un account oi departure oi the own ers, Mark Ezekieh vUl veil itt.attction, on the premises,: Seventeenth street, two doors frdnr Ban' Pablo Avenue, twnor- , row Mrnkig,ommeMeingat-lrVlock, - The fallowing gentlemen have been I elected Vestrymen of the Church of the! Advent, East Oakland, for the ensuing .-i'-t':ii:ii.v. ' year: Capt. A. i. Jiodgers, Lu 4. liec-tor, D. Butchlnsf Mi Tatnbull, C. M. 1 Nichols, J. "West Martin and E. G. "Mathws.H Jsr. Tn-lirw mte TtKftl(L. aavMw;Tt 'l .fnnnl the card of Wm. Helmer, TJadertaker, 9H Z iri. . - - - J , TI?If?BW!! erything requisite for funerals can be supplied bv Mr. H. The office of the Coxonorist at. thiB establishment, also the Morgue.' fHf'S? ':- . ; ' i r tea i '. j fr-t.-V-'i , New wai'snai CmrrM.- :: ''' '' , Bar. Frederick Heinle will organize a demsj?' Lutheran Evangelical' Church next Sunday morning, at Knights of Pvthias HalL on Franklin:' street, pe- twaen Eleventli and Twelfth streets, and hereafter everv Sunday mornins at 10V. o'clock there will be divina service at the same place. TtM eauTn. . v am lames are tropin compieung ar- rangementsjor uie,ining iesvai7 u Joan's cnurcn, to oe no at we Academy of Mudc, commencing on the 21st. aob m wiu ue a success wo have every reason to. believe. A nun 6et xl- attractive novelties wHlbe intro Anrp. and a fealnr -mAVX V,m - v. --- -- uuug va uw ara-r. .J cntenainment. The ladies 'will a a ' a."--...- pe Peiuna me age n uey aon't have spelling bee. - A Bonaeta In Fnmitnre and Tn. hcl ,'. . y guodsv To reduce our immense stock ea i fiTid In store, and at factory, we will sell at iioi-.saie faotorv prices for 0 dvs only, at 0 t mio and icrooios, Kos. l'to and 1066 1 na-., , Bear-'l we'r'-, Block. "' -idtiSTEa. MIR niTV' rnnnaTndc I alnairt Tui- iab I FU Beard Money WantedA Sin. ffKlar Opialeu OlvUom ef C1h : r ee Saperlateade'nre Bepert Departxaent AVeMrtw be ?, 7 Sold Other Blatter. The Board of Education held a regu- lar u.u.k iiceuui; Messrs. Swett, Kellogg, CaryJ Bowell, Hamilton,' FolgerPresident bole and Superintendent Campbell. '! i An"application froni F. C. Sutherland for s position in the Department was read and appropriately referred. MKAXS kkkdkd. Mr. Howell reported that the city water had been introduced into the Lafayette and .Grove-street Schools. The Committee: on School-houses and bites recommended that the Board consider the propriety of selling some of its property in East Oakland one-half of the old Franklin School lot, and one-half of the new lot to raise money to pay off Jhe mortgage on a lot, or to use in fin- ianwg,ux.lorantBOhOol-honae. Th dssiott'W the matter jras inferred uni til the Board would be ready to co into -i .. . , - o". ulu I buuuuiuee oi ue unoie. .. i The Finance Committee renorted on the question of the advisability of rais- ing the mortgage of fi.500 on tho block in East Oakland, referred to at the last sffBeSUsssagsa uie jjoaru to pay ine mortgage from the I general school fond. A Dart of the oniric ion they concurred in, but another part they were sure was not sound. The opinion of the City Attorney was to the effect that the Board could . use the money in the general fund to raise the mortgage; that the Board has the power to use the school money in any way they may' deem proper; that the Board has the same power over the funds in the Department as a private citizen has over his own funds. With this last remarkable proposition ,the Committee dissent-edjja$ieflarjrestrict9 the Board in many ways. The' Committee, however, deemed it unadvisable to raise the mortgage, on account of an anticipated shrinkage of the Department money; bags. ' .The following bills were ordered paid: FrweJl & Carrigan. painting ; $28 SO Home Mntnal Insurance Co 02 80 Home Mntnal Insurance Co i 12 SO A. Hunt, hone hire for Superintendent. . . 55 Dp Total. .158 GO SUPKBDJTENDBHl's EE POET. i iThe Snperintendent presented his report for the Your weeks ending April 2d. Whole number of boys enrolled 1,483 Whole number of girU enrolled 1,502 Total.............. ..2,985 Kurnber of new pupils ......120 " pupils suspended........ 4 " cases of truancy. . . . 8 " " cases corporal punishment 22 " visits of teachers to parents 86 , " visits to schools by Directors 42 visits by Superintendent 53 ' - DIVISION OF CIJLSSES. The enrollment, 2,935, is the largest ever reported, being forty-six in excess of that of January, the next highest. Mrs. V rooman's (eighth grade, Lafayette school) has 84 pupUs enrolled, and Miss Merritt's (same grade and same school), 71. - The Superintendent recommended that one of these classes be ; divided. Mrs. Carey's class has 80 pupils, and the Superintendent also recommends its division. In the four classes already divided, the number Jtaught is as follows: Hiss ElUott'gclass.'.r.'.f...::-.... .1 92 Miss Clow's class .....j. .. 97 Mrs. Kingman's class. s. . .148 Mrs. Winchester's class 86 Total .'. 424 -Of the two classes which have been divided at the Prescott school, Mr. Strat-tcm reports that they are doing well. . TEMPEBATUBE 0T SCHOOL-BOOMS. ! The reports on the temperature of the school-rooms, from the various teachers. were presented. The Superintendent stated that the plan was attended with good results. The report from Miss McCall's room, in the northwest corner of the High School building,!! shows that the temperature cannot be regulated in mat room as it snouid be. fl4 accordance with the recojpinendaj uon oi tne supenntendont, the classes oi Miss Memtt, Mrs. Yrooman and Mrs Carey were ordered to be divided. The Committee on Classification and Course of Instruction will attend to the matter at once. . ELECTION OF A SUBSTITUTE The election of a teacher to fill the vacancy caused by the transfer of Miss Kent to the Lincoln School, which was left in a dead lock at the last meeting of wotAHouu, duudauea iuit Alter van. siaeraoie aiscussion, Miss Lucinda uraf- felman was elected. MISCELL1NEOCS. Miss Towle. was granted leave of ab sence ior tne remainder of tne term. The Committee- on School Houses and Sites was instructed to examine into the advisability of re-painting some of the scnooi Duiunngs. : Ane Jt'resident and Sunenntendent were instructed to draw a warrant every uiouw ior tne interest aue to tne Hiberms bank on the lot purchased from A number of new bills were read and referred to the Finance Committee. 'Abe term of the old Board of Exami- ners having expired, the Directors con- eroded tQ p into as Section for Wnew Board. The "qualifications are 'that ?acllers noioingf a 8tat certificate. - After some discussion I it was decided to postpone the election. The Board went into Committee of the Whole, and adjourned to the Superin tendent s office. 'After an absence of about half an hour, the Commit te rose thevhad considered I the advisabilitv of aeHincr ttronertv nf " ru ' uXfrTS W the Committee on School Houses and Sites be instructed to advertise for pro- posals for the sale of the southerly half 1 V1 auaooi Julie" on Amr- i teen avenue. East Oakland. Tne Board then adjourned. Paper nnd Paint. Messrs. Farwell & Larrigan,864 Broad- w7 jos added to their usual fine "rt0.01 goods a laje sad varied assort mPtHwi.M.TyIntertaii "P18 w patterns. They have also se- I onred the ageney ot the Pacific Eubber Puint. -wbich ia m k mnM, mnM durable economical and bdome 'Uian any article in' this line ever? nlaced In Hpn , v ww nan hvm . uva v market: . It has been used for several - - . . ' - T; - yearsback on this coast and in the Eas- , tern States, and from the array of eerti ttol satisfacUon, including twofrom promineni citizens of Oakland, it bids rtHux w superseae everytmng oi tne, fcuia . J now In use. ;Soe advertisement under "New to-day." r. -t i - mt 11 "i; B.A SenreeJshaa av larire I : . assort-' at meut of runos for sue and to rent ST w Pnatasrranhle - tmiin. Uessrs. Dunham 4 Lethrop's beautiful new Art Gallery, on the vest aids of Broad wat i mLU mna iuh BtvAAta tm nnw nwn mm m. i SeeSfiet children's pictures. iiTrk.eoeTin tad aalargUis of 0.4 pictures, eto. muwu inL huau. j uuit ,uuri... I tit stWEK. BEBANi I OYERLAWD ARRIVALS TO'NICHT. I ; i Being: ,Kete ef Travel lander. by an Oak. After leaving Oakland wewrent directly to Liverniore, nothing of interest irnnfznii'tnft T.nnvinn-Tiivei-iniA wa nm. ceeded Mode8to in our conveyance. m v ... thfl neTil of peril of all concerned, especially the horses, as I invested in a new whip before starting. At Joaquin City, Maroh 28th, it. rained quite j hard, to tho gratification of the farmers; at least, I judged so, as they were as full of whisky rb the soil was of water. Joaquin is a place, surely. It stands along the bunk of the San Joaquin liver, and is made tip of a residence, n saloon, 'and a barn. 1 . ! Ten miles farther on we took breakfast at Grayson, and crossed the river for Modesto. The road was sandy, " more sandy, most Bandy.. The wind blew a hurricane, carrvincr one of our hones out of sight, ice couldn't see him for dual. r a v i . i. e Stood bravelv tn nnr Trnflr. nrnvino . r sarely at Modesto at 2:30 o'clock, March V " "ways nas been Jumping ofif place for passengers for Yosemite and the interior. Nothing very startling occurred there, and we l- - co u,"ra 'i" " cbjjicu b nujuutr-y Horseman approacning mounted on a jackass followed at a little distance by a train of cars, at which the jackass took fright, ran a."piece, till the cars came alongside, when jack stopped all four feet at once. The man went on, some twenty feet, and was nearly buried in sand. I wjent quickly to his assistance, and enquired after, his injuries, when he repliedl 'give me some whisky." Kot having any of Local Option Turner's Sly Bitters with me, I bid him good morning, and drove on. Merced is the finest city on the line of the road here. The railroad company have a fine hotel here, managed by H. A. Blots. It is the stopping place for tho Big Tree passengers. The Court House, built by Mr. A. W. Burrell, of Oakland, is a handsome structure, and reflects great credit on Mr. B. It is four stories high, of brick, plastered and painted outside, with the statues of Justice" and "Peace" on either side. The inside is beautifully grained in black walnut and laurel. It will be heated by steam in the winter. At present the climate is such as to afford one pleasure, attired in a paper hat and straw shoes, with suspender attachment. Mr. Frank EvCotton, of your city, is superintending its completion, which will be in three or four weeks. The public school house, also built by Mr. B., is finished off similar to the Court house. Plainsburg , was our next . stopping place. Nothing interesting. Indian Gulch,' an old defunct mining camp, with saloon, store and blacksmith shop, is a relic of the '49 excitement. We are now at Homitos, a lively little mining town. The mines are paying fisst-rate, which gives life to the place. Til - -- 7 1 . . 1 . . i ... xiria quue iiveiy at present writing blowing houses and lots around promiscuously. In all the country. I have been over I do not find any place equal to old Oak- 1 .1 I XT land. K. Terrible Accident. Yesterday afternoon, about 2 o'clock, a lamentable accident occurred to John Hansworth, a nephew of Captains John and Edward Hackett, of the transfer boat Thoroughfare. ? -The3 young' man was engaged in his duties on ene of the freight cars which was being tr. inferred to the boat, and by some mischance he fell off and under the wheels of the heav ily-laden car, jfcrushing his leg into a fragmentary massj He was rescued from his terrible position as soon aspos 8ible, and every . aid rendered him by those present. Late in the afternoon he was conveyed to Sfl Mary's Hospital, San Francisco, where he will receive every attention but his injuries are such that it is thought it win be impossible for him to recover. Hens worth was a promising young man, only 21 years of age, and lately arrived from Canada. ; ; Street Work. ' The following resolutions, in addition to-those published in- yesterday's Tbi-bune, relating to street; work, were Bed by the City Council on Monday night: , .... ... Authorizing the Harshal to notify all persons now wring the sewer -on Brush street, and having Us outlet under the bridge, near Ban Pablo Avenue, to discontinue the use of said sewer. 9 ,to P1 V1 """f ordering a cement pipe sewer in filbert street, from Seventh to First streets. Orderina a sewer In Chester street, from Ball- . road Avenue to a slough 100 feet south of Third street. Ordering sidewalks on Campbell street, to be laid from Taylor street to Bailroad Avenue, on the east side of Campbell, and from Twelfth street to Bailroad Avenue, on the westalde, Of Intention to order the sradins. curbing and macadamizing of Bailroad Avenue, rom Wood to Center streets. ; -- VI intention to order the grading of Twenty. second-street, from Ban Pablo Avenue to Ade line gtreet. Ordering the grading and curbing of East Sixteenth street, from Tenth to Thirteenth Ave nues. Of Intention to construct nlank sidewalks on West Twelfth street, from Wood te Campbell streets. Cnanire ef Flrna. jrj ,.it The firm of Coffee & Kohn, dry goods merchants, 837 Broadway,' has been al tered by the. withdrawal of Mr. Kohn and the going in of Mr. J. Furst. The new firm offer superior inducements to the public to invest their coin at this estab-Ushinent, or. in, addition to obtaining I ary Roods, ladies ana cnuaren s slioes, i ele at Auction prices, Our people can or 018 gwtlMnly I J l I a.i a- - Bui vuunegns, vreatmens at vuo annua oi the new corps of j salesmen. See adver tisement Under "New To-day."" f More New Balldtnga, B. F. Mathews is buildinsr two houses I for Jolm Potter on Washineton street, between Second and Third, and a $2,000 one for Bobert Swarbrick, at the 'corner of Castro ana Third street&f ImpraTlng-, John - Wedderspoon has had plans drawn for four $6,000 houses on Myrtle street, bet ween Tenth and Twelfth." That I -Bememner No. 0T Crand Central Btl, is tbe pUc to get Pluos and Organs. Anthentle Table of ladoa trial, Afrt-caltaral, and Olber Statistic of Alameda' Ceantjr for - , tne Tear 18. . " " The following statistical-information of Alameda county for the year 1874 has been compiled expressly for the Evening Tetbune from the records of the Surveyor-General. They are accurate in every particular, and can be referred to with safety. As they have not been published before, they will prove interesting: WHEAT. BARLEY, VtBHAIU, ETV. Acres of land enclosed -.- Acres el land cultivated Wheat (acres) J Wheat (bushels) Barley (acres). . Barley (bushels)..' i. Acres wheat sown in 1874.... i . Acres barley sown in 1874. Oats (acres! Oats (bushels) Bye (acres) Bye (bushels) Corn (acres) Corn (bushels) Buckwheat (bushels) Peas (bushels) Beans (acres) Beans (bushels) Potatoes (acres) Potatoes (tons)..... Onions (acres)........,..' .... Onions (bushels) Hay (acres) Hay (tons) Hops (acres) Hops (pounds) 12.",i72 . . 116,911 . . 63,139 .. 1,450,33a ., , 80,273 ... 875,612 . . 73,042 24,603 1,489 32,450 45 1,000 v. 1,450 39,600 61 1,022 821 8,502 1,474 2,461 ..1 203 16,000 18,225 32,741 22 10,000 i sm ueet (tons) . Butter (pounds) 88,250 Wool (pounds) 624,256 HiTes of Bees ivi Flour made (barrels) 26,000 Corn ground (bushels) 1,000 Honey (pounds) , t 'l.seo suitBEB or racrr tbeks. Apple.......... - 62.738 Pech 13,423 Pear 23,150 Plum 26,591 Cherry 38,087 Nectarine J 2,756 Quince 1,865 Apricot 2,511 Fig 1,180 Lemon 94 Orange '. 550 Olive , 679 Prune 7,871 Mulberry ;.j 1,150 Almond 59,299 Walnut , 2,413 Grape Vines C27.611 WIN 8, ETC. Wine (gallons) 100,000 Brandy (gallons) 2,000 Number of Breweries 8 Gallons produced 226,200 LIVE STOCK. Horses Mules Asses Cows Calves Beef Cattle Oxen .. Neat Cattle 8hp Cashmere and Angora Goats Hogs 8,747 632 8 6,600 3,629 3,351 30 18,172 60,338 1,640 3,068 ASSESSES VALUE OF rBOl'KBTX. Beal Estate (23,664,946 Improvements 5,324,779 Personal Property 6,081,149 Total valuation. 35,070,867 Tbe New Oakland Ferry Slips. S Work has been commenced at the foot of Clay street, San Francisco, on the new wharf and ferry slips, under the direction of W. H. Martin, who was awarded the contract by the Harbor Commissioners. The old Commercial street wharf is being removed. This work will be completed to-morrow. A San Francisco paper Bays this is the oldest wharf in the bay, and is in a bad condition. The pilesf. as they are pulled out, give evidence of the work of that destructive marine insect known as the terredo. This insect bores into piling, and honeycombs it completely in a few years. The new wharf will extend -from the north line of Market to the south line of Clay street,.; being .380 feet, in length. In this wharf will be made four slips three for the use of the Oakland ferry steamers. This work will take 2,600 piles of Oregon pine and 1,000,000 feet of lumber, and will cost $75,000. This includes the cost only of wharf, slips and approaches. The work is to be completed by July 1, 1875. The Market- street Bailroad Company are already ex tending their tracks to this point. This improvement will work radical changes in the business of this part of that city. The Italian fishermen will move, and this will cause the removal of the many little saloons, cigar-stands, restaurants, etc., the business ot which has heretofore been derived from this class of cus tomers. The bnck boats will land at Mission bay: ' T. J. Arnold, of this city, Engineer for the Harbor Commissioners, exercises a supervising control of the work."..' ""' . . Swiss Bell Stlng-ers. The Alleghanian Vocalists and Swiss BellBingers will be with us on Friday evening next. They appear at Bray ton Hall for one night only. This troupe is the oldest one traveling in this special line of business, and have for years received the highest eoomiums of both -the European and American press. We ad vise all of our readers desiring an even ing of first-class enjoyment to attend their concert . Beaerved seats can be feer cured at Sanford, Eelsey it Co.'s drug store without extra charge i sea.. Dw with the Oast. The principal streets of Oakland are to be well sprinkled this Summer. , The City Council has directed the City Clerk ta advertise for sealed proposals for sprinkling streets, as' follows: Eighth street, from Broadwav to Wood, with 9,000 gallons per day. ' lTveutn street, irom tne xweutn-streei mage to Market street. 10.000 sallons per day. East Twelfth street, from Twelfth-street bridge to Eighteenth avenue, 8,000 gallons per wav. from Fourteenth atrect to Bay Place, 4,000 gallons per day. , Aeiegrapn avenue, irom uroaaway to ute charter line, 4,000 emllous per day. Webster street, from Eighth street to Bay r urce, e,uw gallons per aay. We are fond as any one of indulging tn little pleasantries with our brothers of the quill, but when it comes to printing such pointless' filth as was elminated from the vulgar brain of the Monotony'a reporter this morning, we-beg leave to pass. . .v - . -'.' . , Flrst-C laaa Bnaananker. For the best of work in. the boot and shoe line; give John Baker, 617 Broad- way,'near Second, a call."" He is a firsts class workman is anxious t6 please: hit patrons and establish a permanent busi ness in onr city. Ineresulng-, There ate 2,985 enrolled pnpila attend ing the publie aohools of Oakland, the highest number rrer reported. Stack After Elalae." About 557. ladies, 73 duldren, and 17 nurses vert oyer to-day to seethe recum bent "Elaine." A Gang- of laborer at .Worst tne . Second 'Seeile. tl ' J- ( ' ii This morning the Alameda3 Macadam izing Company practically commenced their labors upon the second section of the Main Sewer, which begins at Adeline street and runs to the bay on the west. The Deputy Engineer visited the extreme end and ran a line, and a gang of Chinamen were put to work immediately digging the trench. This section of the sewer will be composed entirelv of wood. j The brick work will eomineneo at Ade- irae street and end at ltrnow. which will bo the first section! Frqia Broadway to the XaleHthS composition of the sewer will probably be composed of brick. The greatest depth necessary to attain will be in the vicinity west oi rsan jf aolo Avenue, where the sewer will have to be sunk about thirty leet. A he whole length of the sewer. when completed, will be 1 1,374 feet. The City Council will meet on Mon day evening next to consider the propriety of re-letting the contract for the construction of the first section, the original contractor, Mr. Jordan having been en joined from further labor upon it. POLICE MATTERS. This morning, in the Police Court, WmYr Connelly, for drunkenness, was fined $6, or three days below. The case of Felix Dolan, on same charge, was continued till to-morrow. Edward Burke, same charge, fined $6 or three days. 1 - Geo. Williams, the youthful burglar who robbed John Thomson of Jk 0-nld - o watch and chain last week, plead guilty, and was held to answer before the Grand Jury. The case of J. Quintero, for fighting, was set for the 9th. JohnWidner, disorderly conduct, fined $30 or fifteen days below. The case of Charles Powers, charged with petty larceny, was set for the 9th. Francisco Cassella, for peddling with out a license, was held for sentence. To be Promoted. It is said that Captain Ned. Hackett, commander of the transfer boat Thorough fare, will act in that capacity on the new ferry Chrysopolis. ; Blaalcal Aid Ball. The Musical Aid Society will give their first ball at Bray ton Hall to-morrow night. The tickets are placed at the small price of one dollar. Chico, April 6. Milton Cain, the muraerer oi dames JUorland, was cap- a a m . .r lurea 10-aay omy lour nmes irom tne scene of the shooting, by Sheriff Daniels and posse. He is now lodged in jail here. Bararafns In Real Estate. There are some excellent bargalna in Oakland Beal Estate offered by KELLY. See list at his office. Lots on Chestnut street, $250 each, and lots on Adeline street, $300 each. Excellent bargains. Call im mediately at office and secure them. KELLY, 4ii seventh street. Gas Fixtures. John Bpencer has Just re ceived s fine assortment of gas fixtures of tha latest patterns, elaborate and cheap, and intends to sell at San Francisco prices. Plumbing and gas fitting at reasonable prices, . and : all work warranted. Seventh street, opposite Broadway Station. 50-CT. COLUMN 9f Such pdvertitemenU eu teet, Hmrnd, for Sale, To Let, Wanted, Club and Society Notiee$, net exceeding itx lines, interted tn Viii coltmnfor SO Ccntt per meek. Wanted. WASTEDA SMABT ACTIVE LAD TO 1CCT& errands and do general work about a store. Aaaress a," xbibunx omee. For Sale. A COTTAGE CHAMBER BET COMPLETE, consisting of Bed, Hair and Spring Mattresses and Beddine. Oil Cloth. Cruet, etc rrlce. Clon. for particulars Apply to Mrs. Canning, at Chase A josser s sure, vauana roiiu. Private Room and Board srmmr room and good board A. CufT Pin Wost. ; LOST 80MKWHEKE IX OAKLAND, A GOLD cuff Din. marked " L. L. K." Invaluable from association. The finder will be suitably rewarded Dy leaving tne mme at uie TBiBtms emce. - - To-Let.-- k;-. 4 HOUSE OF 81 JtOOMS, SITCATED ON JX. Thirteenth street, between Broadway and Franklin, suitable for a nrst-class lodslnc bona. private boarding house, etc. On tbe sunnr side of tne street, nicely ramienea ana sunpuea with AU the modern conveniences. An exi it chance toes- tarnish a paying DOMneim. German Midwife. ItTBSi JULIA 'SCOTT (GEBMAJT MTDWTTE) a.u. yas removra irom no. osi to oh Bevenw street, yetween LMT ana jenerson. '' ; Lost. T OST.1 KEAB GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL, XJ March 31st, a white horse, which strayed away rrom nit owner in Aiameaa, , i ne nnoer wm pteaee leave it at jnevteverty a nomii'i asnion dumn, Broadway, near sevanth streeb, Pig Loat. ; T? SCAPED FROM THE CORNEB OF BROAD- AJd way ana second streets, a small Diara sow pig. The finder will be rewarded bv returning it to the grocery store, corner eecona aoa uroaaway.i . Wanted by an American Clri. AVERT RESPECTABLE YOUNG AMERI-can rlrl desires a situation. Can give instroc- tlons on the piano and saw. Is willing and obliging. A rood home desired more than warea. appiy at Ladles' Employment Office, 470 Tweli 70 Tweifin street, aner Aprs IS. ,. -i .j. MADAM CAVALL. For Sale. -r.Tnrntv7 mna mn mm TOR -HALF X cssb, balance tn 13 raonthly payments, without Interest; title perfect; deads n-ee: location, Junction of Adeline street and 8aa Pablo avenue. Call ea L. W. KIMBALL, 811 Eleventh street. J;y i For Sale or Rent.' y T?OPR ELEGANT SEW HOTJBES. JUST COM X pletlno-. with all tbe tnodern improvement! attached. Apply to W.J. GURSETT. or to Real Estate Agents. . I Flne Property For. Sale. UDWABD ROGAKD PROPERTY, OX THE ean raoio roaa, a eaa Pablo road, between Eighteenth and Twen- tietn streets, tor saie. xoe lana is manea on in kjia. a atneta. tor sale. Persons buy Ins from the proprietor wil be allowed a mt arranaementa aceerdlnc to rar heesea ea the premises ibr ommlulon. AU other acreesaent. also, tear l ate. Houses for Sale-Installment Plan 1 A A-MOXTHLT PATMEIfTg 0 43 WILL Xt ourchase a .0OO hovse and lot: or 144 monthly nayments of leg M wUI porchsse a IS. noose ana kx. appiy m uuaiuAJxu, stssa Business Corner to tease ' AIM I S7.t?7 C A X . AI 1 XlBi SUUISKUI corner of Eighth and Webster streets, will be teased for a tera of yeam at reasonable rental. The house now en tne land win be wmcvid. Inqrnre ef Children to Board. . f '. apaaasB "r WANTED BY A LADT-CHTLDRE3I TO TT board, from one nonth. to eicht years oM. who wUI have a another's care and love. Apply to Mrs. Lottie WakelUur. Clay street, second door be low 16th, Oakland; or 74 JOsstoa street, San Fran Followingit sUef paAaengersto arrive by the overland train due here this erening : 'oka Atchison, Bait lake; W. C. Quimby sad wife, Atlanta, Oa. C V. Manh aad wif , Clarence Harsh, James Clarke. - Chicago; Edward Clarke, England; A. E. Adam. Boston; P. D. Jewett. Bakerafleld; William Vandever, Iowa; John Donaldson and wife, Quebec, Can.; Mrs. Dr. Drake, Miss Emma Drake, Miss M. L. Bust, E. W. Hudson and wife, Detroit, Mich.) A. 1. Lewis, Mrs. B. Childs, George Child, Ban Fran, daeo; J. 8. Christie, Yokohama; J. D. H. Wing, field and wife, Virginia: W. E. Johnson, Los Angeles B. M. Field, St. LouU; Mrs. C. J. Wsmsley, Master Frank Wamsley. Augustus Wsmsley, Pennsylvania; Mrs. C. H. Monroe, Toledo, Ohio; O. D. Kicbols, Chico; James Love, Kntacky; Miss Emma Pike, Wyoming; H. B, Batley, F. C. Connor, Dehnrare; Edward Kerry and wife, Missoori; H. Huier, Pittsburgh; B. D. 8. Clayton, New Hampahtre; D. S. Balca, Em. pire City, Minn.: D. Wertheimer, Pioehe, Key.; A. M. Jayne, wife and child, Iowa; P. O. Was. rons, Saginaw, Mich.; J. H. Baafleld, Illinois; W. Sharp, Des Moines, Iowa; Mrs. McCune and five children, Evans ton; E. W. Clark, J. B. Clark, New Hampshire; James Colliater, Belle- plane, Iowa; Mrs. Whitney, Illinois: Frank K. j-eariey, new Msmpsnire; a. Sayer, Vermont; I, Francis, Bangor, Maine.-. .it- . ; ADVERTISEMENTS. '4 HARRIS BROS. . V .. mponum Tbe proprietors of the above Baawdestabniiluuent beg te leave inform tbe cltlzena ef Oak land and vicinity that their OWN IMPORTATION of fc SPRING GOODS Just arrived DIRECT FROM SEW YORK, which they oflcr to the public at EXCEEDINGLY'-LOW EATES. ods consist of tb latest styles of Castar Deaver Dress Suits, Black, Blue and Brown. TINE DIAGONAL DRESS AND BUSINESS SUITS. CAS SI ME HE SUITS, rrench aad Domestic at n prices and styles. Boys' aad Youths' Suits of everj-descrtpUoa. r .t.. U' Gents' k Boys' Furnishing Goods. NT" Aad.4 Sbod ataay ether geods toe anmetous te aat tlon, wia ba sold cheaper than at any other ustmuer establlahment this side jrt the Bey. Come one and " aaaad t fS i!" .- JTS' ". m Examine our Goods and Prices -a r- j, Befoie pnrchMtof elss where. , ' :'- ' f t 7- - tr ...7- a'j CC3 Crcadwcy, OakJand. Slothing m i.-i .w a 5 WOODlVAnCSf 4: Real Estate AGENCY, f h 1 1 No. 058 Broadway 1 - M s i Ve 8. F. OFFICE 238 Montgomery. 7-. ? i ? 7 1 Desirable Property for sale In all parts of the Si n 4 it City aad Suburbs. .11 CataloueiPriGeList - t.. s r. 4 .. .j.? a z'j avis . DE8IRACLE FROFERTYj YOB BALK BY ; CV7.7C0DT7AI1D fi; CD. r f - 5 A .tr ADVERTISST.ICriTS. rOH'YOTJIt GArFIKTORES GO j TO SESSION'S CLOCK. f Broadway Oalilaade BEST STOCK, AND Clicapost Goodo ! V AS kinds ef Phunblng and Om rittm' "Work . attended to.f The trade supplied With a fuU assort-: meat ef Ftambers' SDd G ntters' Haterlals: GEI1ERAL IIEVS DEPOT, 457 ITintli Street, ' 3 Doors Above the PoStolHoo. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OT i' . ' GENERAL STATIONERY, f : c AU RATTEENS AND TINTS OT LETTER AND ROTE f PAPER, ' School Books, Legal Blanks; : - "'2Cotioiis; Kto. ' CONSTANTLr OS BAND AT toTS BATES." -. r.. . , - . . , . .- - J,- - . Agents for all Eastern Papers and liagaxines. Sobecriptions received and papers delivered to any part of .the dtj rxzx o chabok. ' AUID k BARFBED, Proprietors. On Uxa Wrong side of the Street! "al. W. MORRIS -min ik a CHOICE GnOC35B.TT.r3, , .Wines, ligwm and CSgars. FOB CASH ONtT. Nav tl Broadway bet. Sa ana Ut, V : , arm ! GoodsdeBvered tree te aB parts ef the dry. ' A. J. SCHUEIDERi BasM.'iactcfy, 4 -"a BIIOADTVAY, jr or o,; a. SBk 19 C East Side. Bet.- etrr and loth. ALL KINDS OJ Baskets and Children's Carriages KADE AIST BEPAIBJEB. - ' 1 1adies',:: Faacy; Basliets. CANE CHAIRS RESEATED. ' - s.-v, MH Confectionery Establishment 1 -:--Wa ! i' fV 1 MRS. FOCARTY, No. 46S Twelfth Street, Besweea Bi east way aad Waal4tte, fUMAXD." ; , " Ksees ea band the mtrest and most Aendous tn- i dies bom the best makers, and manuieeteres a.l kiwis or Fancy rastr. cake a specialty. - Vi eddlnf and christeslns OAlaXAITD Ifeedstobe, 03 NINTH STREET,- K E A B BROADWAY. o toGRADlFIill m O LANDOTJ ee CO., sre ! ees. B. Teraea. - SoUet of Partnership. i BiAthmof a eo-rrtDerthlp between r--"--i . .. vdiM-. Charlea B. Sneer, and AlpbuV. It,- -r. i for tbe purpose of carrying on bn'i7ff f and Harness makers tn the city of 0s'na. A eoenty, taiifomia, ander the arm tuuue 1 A w- : . !,-"-': . f -luaBa.. - - f CHARLES B. 6LIC1 : ' ... . ' ALPBEL'S W. PALM r n, ... - - . .. . , . . . OttAiAtid. Oakland. March Kth, 18TS, r r.iAcnoLiA" d.T. iOCI T, 464 Twelftli Street, let Broadway aad TTaslir C .1 Board t the day cr wek at mh Frir . 0 r Sfeper meats served t r "" "J'. itoewKtwa. .. - vaja. ROBERT MLK ,r-- . '--,.i-.;ti .:.. - -.r-Hjx - - '--sV '..iM.if.liV r 4 ' " K 4- - T ' ti f - f- , ' - -C r II I . . f ' .rf' 1 . . ' ' " W " ' ' "."" 5 -' ".J I. - iX -C3'" li DMCilPORTAMS:

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