Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 18, 1928 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1928
Page 6
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-->- -««, 5 y f ,, , ,, .„ ;„ t, ,n „, rV , i M)<jir j, t ,.„„,. . , ,. r , .', r ~ '»b »>"•!*<• i «;>,»> .„ In" ivfMi *>«"?" of fn fs rl rr ?«-.*ri h i H r>»-" v"- 8 " "" J J » r r f* 1 ** ftf 1} -r"|- -ij-"1 i N^.,' 5 },« 1! v u| r*tS' T^tJ'iJ? of rr-* 1 »1 nf K*->n,» ft f c ° 11ns m« r r.H'E » ! "K srt'1 at th* cunts arid th* 8 c«r oW Ui» paving and ran Into the hole gtriklng thf rir-w pavinf unrt the tires ftTTf r«{ oprn. Fo th» occupants of th? car with but MiKht bruiser,. t \, OUTLINE TOPICS FOR MIETIWOS OF THE WALLACE P.T.A. ON EIFRIOEEATION Th* fidvniirrmrn' in <hp linf of elerfrio rffriprrntjon w«i recounffKi 1n »n cnliehtf uSiip talk glvfn by Ham Hnmilton. pnlrs manager of the FYiKichirp romp»ny, before the Stfriini; Linn? ' !uh Tursdny PVfning JollowiiiR !hr supper nS the Lincoln Tavrrn. Mr. IIsmiHon Sold of Uie many diffrrrnt kinds of refriprralinn , dwlRrinu thst thf.v arr in M~C;, \atyinK from one Rm«l! enough to fit In a HUlr nook in the kitchen, to one 281 f&et long and 12 Trn wide which ws& recent- Jy tmtfllled in » large caslcrti factory. Hr fitalrd that the refrigerating business ts not limited to the fuitttnrr inonUis, as one mlaht believe. but. that the demand for their installation Is just as great in the full and winter. To support this statement, hn pointed <o tho fact that eight percent of the factory's production was sold during Novem- btr last year. He staled thnt & re- frigemting plant hns just been in- in nn overnight 'bus, o|>cr- between Darenport end Dos Moines. Announcement that his corapany hfcs Invented a machine or plant ior installation in homes to control the tempera tun? to any point desired In the different rooms, was an interesting statement of Mr, Hamilton. The Sterling Lions have entered the national attendance contest. which started two weeks ago and will continue until April. The membership has been divided into two twins for a local contest for the purpose of Increasing the interest la the national campaign. The losing team will banquet the winners. One member from each of the five leading cluba at the close of the contest wii be rewarded with a trip to the national convention of the Liom with all expenses paid. SOCIAL AFFAIRS Lust Sondsy's edition of the Los Angeles Times, printed at Los Angeles, Calif., contained a social item concernirnt former Sterling ladles, which might be of Interest to many fcere. The item read as follows: Mrs. William Myers of 335 South Orange Drive entertained Thurs<J*y of last week with a delightful luncheon and bridge party, assisted by her daughter, Mrs. Grace James. Covers were laid for Mrs. M. Bickford. Mrs. Frank Walter, Mrs- Edward Wahl, Mrs. Doi&, Mrs. Walter Bxeiding. Mrs. Charles Gets, Mrs. Harry Fonderimlth, Mrs. George McCaUister. Mrs. Ralph Palm, Mrs. P. Fehrenwn, Mrs. Etta Ahrens, Mrs. Anna White and Mra. P. Barringer, high scores being won -Mrs. An addrrsj on !h*» c?r* of the lerlb by Dr. Smith of Di*on Blv-; rn at meetlnst of rsrrnt-Teachers asso>:inlioTi at Wsllac- 1 school' nn Tur.-'jay «! was lirnrly, tn thai many vmStmbir surges'inns w?rr ofTerrd that wil )l>e helpful In thr prfparafion for thr drntal cliriio fet !he scluxsl In a frw u-f*ks. Community sineinsr led by F 1 !*'* 1 Phllipp find ninisic by fhe Rchnol or- ohff?!rn. n-slstrrt by Unrrls Bsrgh, .Ir , utid f-rvrrai high ..cnool ,«tudcnt-s, prftcpclrd the program. The prograrn commit (rr, of which Paul Philips Is chairman, reported that plans linvr bc«>n worked out for B Rfrifi nf mrrtitigs, at each of which xpriour, prohlnn 1 ! of the r, nti-i j-rhnol rhikh^n will be up (or riiM-u.v-ion. Tiie question of recreation for childrrn. thrir rest hours, thrlr food and diet, the kind of rlothinp thry &liou!d wear, (heir health problems nncl how parent* c«n hrlp ttietr children with thn f,chool work air ^'•\Tral of the subjects Included in thr program as mappefl out by the committee for discus&ion at the rri!nlnr meetlnRs, which occur on tho third Tuesday evening of each month. One reel of moving pictures, with valuable information on health questions wis shown. *•»«•> «r-l?-«g-9 1 *M o r )• uff '.)«* j<sf n frrm 8) to $'&.?»«». *?t» pnr- raits of f^rontis Am*TiCRtl« on flv BTvTwWT: i dtfl, jjjy h«*4. • B»rt m .hj hM»r It fsvf?" <»f trt» s «ns*! !n f thf 1 fc'n'Vat fT^fioil Jr| *!<** poTlfl- = t i\n oittist to the ses. Iowa: vtuttjr portion; rt^itly In WILL ATTEND THI5 FUNERAL OF WM. DRENNAN IN WIS, Mrs. O. A. Jenkins of Rock Falls has received a message announcing the death of William Drennan, which occurred at his home In Bhoe- pher, Wis., Wednesday afternoon at 5 o'clock. He had been ill for the past four months, suffering with heart trouble. Mr. Drennan was a resident of Sterling for a number of years, and his many friends here will be grieved to learn or his death. Eight yearg Rgo he moved to Bhoepher, Wls., which city htd been his home since that time. Besides his widow, who was formerly Mrs. Gencvieve Smith, he leaves three daughters and two sons, also two step-children, a son and daughter. Funeral sen-ices are to be held Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at tho home of Shocpher. where interment will be made. Mr. and Mrs. C."XT Jenkins and Mrs. I. McKinney of Rock Palls, wno have long been friends of the Drennan family expect to attend the funeral. Colonel Paul V. McNutt ami Mrs. \IcNutt. whom If met while In mining ramp in UUR. NEW IKtilON CHIEF DIDN'T ;KT TO FRANCE.—The national •ommander of the American Legion s one of those unhappy Americans vhose services durlnc the World War were highly essential but not at oil 8iK)c3.RCular or exciting. Colonel Paul V, MrNiitt, the 37- enr-old chief t<iln of the soldiers' irganiaation, knew too much about lelci Rrtlllery for his own Rood. Be•au*e of his knowledge the army au- horltles kept him at Hnn Antonio. Tex., where he just won election o the Legion's highest office, traln- ng artillery units. He was consld- red one of the foremost theoretical field artillery instructors In the country—and that was just hard uck. w% Motorist Is Fined R. V. Chappie was fined $3 and costs by Judge Mitchell yesterday on a charge of failing to stop his car before entering upon an arterial ughway. Meeting Of Farmers Farmers, who have banded themselves together into an organization known as the Farmers Protective Association of Whlteslde county for the purpose of co-operating to prevent thievery will gather in the municipal building at Morrison at • o'clock . Friday evening to discuss inatters of importance to the organization. CHURCH AfFAUlS 'Hie Women's Social Auxiliary of the Rock Kails Methodist church, met Wednesday in the home of Mrs. E, M. Coe where a busy day was apent in tewing and quilting. Over twenty members of the organization attended in s>pita of rainy weather. and enjoyed a picnic lunch together »t the noon hour. Will Open Bids On Site Bids on jthe site for the: jyflpaaed Sterling municipal coliseum will be opened in the office of Attorney C. E. Sheldon at 7:50 o'clock Kriday evening. Parties, who desire = to offer property for sale, should have their bids filed with Mr. Sheldon at the earliest possible moment. Uew Arrivals Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Foulds at the Sterling public has pltal Wednesday, a son. Make Grebner's your Hosiery Head quarters /" Leading Hronds of Hosiery mid here: Carticelli—Pointex We have your she, style and shade. Hundreds of women customers declare our hosiery gives tetter satisfaction. Why not be ol tile many. II M to W Wm I Third Strtit •imninstiom to tho^ 1 R»i»«4 by Mr. McOee in his t*!k at the Rotary rluh. as reported in W*$fiesd*y's MttA, Tii* rtnwm rtie «f tt» rirmilar states that th« baftatl of fnjrravtni; Is worfetng on tht \nw and evtntimlly all of Ibe TOW in circulation will be replaced with the bills of th* same fiiaa as the circular. The Bizw of the new Mils wilt be (55-lfi inches long and 2 il-18 de^ Th« bill* now in tins 77-19 Inches long and 33-1S hPs wide. The new bills will use much less pnprr stock thmn the present ones, will cost Jora to niaJk?. win weigh lew for shipping and will bs easier to carry and to handle. Mr. McOtee said that blllt of th« raw haw been Issued In the Philippine Blanda !»nd havs proven rnjotf satisfactory than the larter bills. As Koon as the new bills arc made in sufficient quantity to begin issuing them, all supplies of dollar bills wnt to banks will bt of the new and the old bills presented to will be collectc-d and turned in to thn treasury to be exchanged for new bills. The bills of larger denominations will be exchanged for the new RtsR bills later, after the new dollar bills liave |on« into general circulation. Sentenced To Jail Mike Ryan of Dixon was sen- •enced to serve 21 days in the county ail at Morrison yesterday by Judge Mitchell. He was charged with b ng drunk and disorderly. Local Weather At 6:30 o'clock this morning the mercury registered 54 and at 1 o'clock this afternoon it was 57. It lias been cloudy all day with an occasional drizzle. OTTLEiOCAiS Telephone No. 42—Two trunk Ilaco. Mr, and Mrs. George Mathew, Leroy Mathew and J. O, Dowd will motor to Champaign Friday to spend the weekend with Miss Doris Mathew, who is a student nt the University of Illinois. They will attend the Indiana-Illinois football game on Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hutton Mr. and Mra. John McAleer arrived noroe Wednesday night from storm Ice, Iowa, where they spent the pact week with William Tillmari 'amlly. formerly of Sterling. Frank Johnson, proprietor of the Gait House, is confined to his room ANNEXATION WOU1UP BE Chir«en. Oct. I»— (A.P.5— Harsh words arc no rww thing to Ohte*- po's ears, but the commtnt yesterday of Dr. A. B. HmUori, profsssor of political science at Northwestern University. Bvan.'tan, was particul- Brly poti*?ii.. Annexation of Evanston to Ohlca- po—which was the subject under .it;cushion by the Ex'anston Klwanis Club—w»s looked upon RS akin to calamity. "Chicafto's political dwneracy." aid Dr. llatton, "mnkrn nnnrxation omcthlng unthinkable." BITTEN BY BOG AS HE GOT OUT OF HIS CAR TO FIX A TIBE Manager Bedell ofthe Illlnl theatre got a real scare night before last and la nurgiug ft eore &rm M the result of a dog bite. Mr. Bedell was driving his car on the Lincoln highway about a mile cast of Morrison and ho thought he had a fist tire. He got out of his car" and walked around to the back of the car and something grabbed him by the arm and pulled him down to his knees. It was pitch dark ami raining hard and nt was unabta to figure out what happened until he saw a dog run ahead of his machine in the range of his headlights. . It wac a large ahepherd There wax a puncture et the akii the aharp teeth of the dog on one side of his arm and the other tide was bruised and scratched. He went immediately to the ofltoe of » physician upon his arrival home and had the wounds dressed- His arm is still sore, and he_haa hardly gotten over the fright""occasfoofid oy the dog's act of grabbing him. Hospital Notes Miss Ucta Owens underwent an operation this morning at the Sterling public hospital for the removal of her appendix. Paul Flynn. Mert Lane. Loren Weckesser of this city and Mrs. J. W. Shank of Gait have been discharged. DINNER PARTIES Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Wilcox. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. McKinney entertained 40 guests at dinner at the Rock River country club on Wednesday -evening. - -. — you can do magic in your home with DUCO Y OU, yourself, can beautify fettly with brush or couv®. ?*%!)*» #>1ri Ittmifiirrffc^Mfintal* •%<«»««*> k«sn<i.*«%***««*' "W^ *i.*l<t*« b*ad-spr*yer. No delay •or * - — ^ JLyour old furniture— finish unfinished pieces —glorify waste-baskets, «sh trays, va**s is dry. Duco will met* and a multitude of other ob- e»efy oe«d. In cwecij ^^u^^,^^^ iotrely colors, four I* i* aiauoiegly sim- ' pie. You will find it Duco ^•se* Cteur, DUCO—dries quickly—easy tti apply HagluM Hardware •&, Sporting Goods Co* QUEEN MAE1I QUIfl ILL WITH THE FLU Burhnrcst, Rumania, Oct. 18 — f A P.)—Three medical professors wre rushed Jo the royal residence at Balcik on the Black sea today to attend Queen Marie who Is confined to her i-oom there by an attack of influeuca. It was stated at noon that the queen'* condition had "shown no 1m provement. CIVIL WAR VETKBAN WAR CRUSHED UNDER TRAIN Lincoln. 111., Oct. 18 — (A-P.) Robert Weaver, 86-year-old Civil war veteran, was crushed to death beneath a freight trala at a street crossing here lat« yesterday. A nearby merchant said that Weaver crawled under the guard gates and tried to run acres the tracks. Specials 3.50 tesff Men's Osfords, ' 4.60 'value ... Men's Oxfords, J* AA 6.00 value...... «J«W Men's Work Shoes, pair .... Women's Slippers and Oxfords, to close out, 4.00 and 5.00 values, pr. 1.95 and 2.95 Women's Strap and Tie Slippers, to O A K close out at O.rttJ Children's Shoes and Slippers, per pair 2.15 and 2.45 irls' Oxfords, per par 2.50 and 2.89 Boys* Oxfords, 2.50 and Men's Work Pants, pair .. Men's Dr^ss Pants, pair .. Men's Sweaters at Men's Sport Sweaters .... Hen's Union Suits at Men's Union Suits at per pair 2.69 1.48 2.89 1.25 2.50 89c 1.50 Boys' Union Suits at 75c and 1.25 Men's Caps, 1.00 and 1.95 Boys' Caps, 69c and 1.00 Henry Goldfus III IICI Mrs. Dorothy London "One of the most important factors in house keeping is properly decorated home." Your health depends as much on pleasing surroundings as It does on properly cooked food. The greatest Money Saving Wall Paper Sale of all lime is now in full swing*—Don t miss it. Better Paint Store A. C. CONDE West Third SI. _-• .*.. D NEW RUFFLED CURTAINS Helpful Counsel ami as values in ruffled curlolm; shown ^ a large variety ef patterns; in the only complete curtain department in Sterling. Voile Ruffled Curtains •WU_hfrinted_yalance t Set $1:00 Made of good grade voile overlooked with iastraas rayea and have priaicd \oilc valaaee. Tbe cetera are t, Mae, gold and green. Voile Ruffled Curtains Of Extra Quality - * Made ef good hard twfeted yarn wevea lute a dear, eWa veil*. Tbc cartaiut. are cut 2!» jrartis BOBK; tfery CWBW la hpry Voile Huff led Curtain* Double Stitched Kuffie Bayea Vatanee. , Each Set corUUiutg of ejntra luud twbte4l ymro. lis texture makes it very beanritif^. IfSse Barred Swim Ruffled Curtain Sets, ettth - 8wfa« ot«riacked with «s»t«tit» tevc ifetfbte esriaia vai»* »t r»y«l aad Si inch Pin-dotted French Sets, emeh *' , ever for Sttk-like French Seta t it MN& Very fast. ffet A L I T Y 1928

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