The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on November 27, 1950 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1950
Page 9
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. tarrowN ••.:.::-i^ri;/.--vW : -^^^ .;:"..,• "•:•-:' ^'.•^•^•S^^A-f^y^iSyy^^^Je^S^^ti : . - :..V..V.-.:: :••-•• V-:-X>S::',-::A-.,-.<^^*:^5K.^--V5.V;ii|;S-?:«to'-S ^MONDAY, To Snap Longhorn Jinx Turkey I "--.*,.. . ^B .'> . .• :. - ^^^^^P • •. ,.• ".r- -- •••-.• '• ••' •'"" -~*—'' ^.•'.7' : --- ' •:-'•'.•-..• - : -.-•-.•".••• i.-> ,-^.' ••:•'-.•..;•?•- •/>..•'•:•• --^".^ ~~~' : ^^r' ~i^" ^ ~:i.-'^ : ; ... •=.• '•-.-.'•••W • :••• i;" .••=--.-- . . ^^^^ i;. -,-. .';•:-.-. v :..•--. '•.•: " ' •'•" . • i' v-. • " •"-• • .-.• i^:' •-";; A-.,-: ,->< . -'-V;.-^ •:-.'.. .>:- . .V.^T-P-•."•:>£' .'.;.-;•> ^ JO Years Since A and M leaf Champion Steers CURLY KAYOE — by Sam Left l-rtje 1950 Southwest Conference football race comes to fn * jj. c iimactic conclusion this week, but if the pattern followed plenty of fireworks still may flash across the *Yh2e the University of Texas Longhorns have sacked up ' title and a Cotton Bowl spot against Tennessee, their f.«tional game against Texas A and M Thursday at Aus* has much at stake.-*\''s the No. 1 game, but chinS- Baylor's surprising ^ E ow on the inside rail jhe chase for runner-up ^ meets Rice at Waco; and Southern Methodist Texas Christian at a couple of others will bear Big City Playoffs Will Open Friday, Jefferson Favored Longhorns have a string of without a loss to the to protect: not to mention Sowed mark of never having jo Texas A and M on Memo- sod. skiing away present the Leghorns wouid like to give Coach v.-hilc Class AA ~*~Cberry a championship with- f our outstanding a blemish, something no other ; titlist has ever accom- Tiss or defeats have r. rre _3 aH the previous Texas _ispio!iEhips. [71,2 Aggies, in addition to tryin, By UNITED PRESS The Texas gue's City Conference, beleived •wobbling on its last legs, launches its championship playoff this week, will settle ihe positions in its playoff bracket. Defending Champion San Antonio Jefferson, which opens bi- district play against Houston Reagan Friday night at Houston, was favored to repeat in the big city PERHAPS THIS WILL CONVINCE fOU :.' Sugar And Orange Bowl Committees Pant For Sooner* Oklahoma, belle said they hope the Sooners decide, squad are;sophomores i of the bowl ball, picks its partner to call "it quits after the regular yet been, tea New^Year's Day ; season. The Big Red has gone to the in New .Orleans or Miami. Sugar Bowl the last two years, beat- sion to play would have to ' .. ing ^forth .Carolina. 14-€:*jnd. 3Lx>u.i--'imous, out'..the. 13:. seniors ~-are' r ex-> *****^ ' iana State 35-0. . . . pected- to yield to their'younger play their But the yea-or-nay is up to the. teammates without too much arm- -'jgjim.e-n players — and 36 members of the twisting; •'. •• West Texas State Wins Border Title . today—if it -wants one. .„.- . . Coach Bud Wilkinson said the unbeaten, untied Sooners would meet this afternoon to discuss whether they want to go to & bowl game after closing their regular season against Oklahoma A and M next Saturday. "It's up to the boys," Wilkinson sadi. "1 -.von't make any recommendation. The coaches will give them the picture and then leave the room; the captains will take over and the boys will decide what they want to do." It's no secret that both the Sugar and Orange Bowl committees are panting for the Sooners, who not only own a record 30-game winning streak but are generally regarded the No. 1 team in the nation. They topped the United Press coaches' . _ „, . -.,• .••- • „"-. outscored wm over Cot ^ u ? .^P?** fo ' * Jf 1 By T5NITJED PRESS The Border Conference season lacks one. game of being past history, but West Texas State, had all the honors sacked up with -Tenipe State the only club coming close to compiling as Imposing a- record as the Canyon Buffaloes. West Texas -wound up its regular season last week ern, 4S-7 outside . . , , , ratings last week and Nebraska 49-35 Saturday. Wilkinson said Saturday that no bowl vote would be taken until . mark - *** same 'compiled; by. Tern- P«. - R - hicJl finished with «. 48-21 ict over Idabx>, Tcmpe'a. loss after the Oklahoma Aggie game, was in loop play, the.Bu.ffS; to non- But since then the bowl pressure conference ; Trinity; on the Sooners has , . mendously. By UNITED PRESS Texas Christian's spset these Texas hopes, will be c i rcu ; t which " reav be aooi j sned within the next few weeks in favor of a proposed Class AAA Divi.-.„ its post-season Presidential sion. Ghost," Sophomore Gil Bartosh. is o ? game against Georgia Decem- Fort ^Yorth Arlington Heights, stepping: into the "Mr. Perpetual |f. a in Washington. ^ which meets DaHas Sunset in Dal- Motion" shoes vacated by his pre- Baylor which knocked over SMU i as at thc same time, was expect- decessor on the TCU campus, Lir.dy Bartosh Top Offensive Man Granger Ghost Runs All Over Rice built up tre- .,, . _, Both are bowl bound. West Tex^ to ±he Sua ^^ Tempe; to It goes like this: until Oklahoma Sa j ad ^owl. ~- V '- -•'* Flagstaff State lost 66-12 to Pep- Derdine to c i ose its "season last ' '"'•' "~ h :o clinch a tie for second place /tee standings and carry a better Presidential Saturday 3-0 in its usual f lout- Is cf the form..chart, must defeat [ice to snare • oiPwin second place aright. ed to be Jefferson's final foe. Berry. Paznpa., one of fouiu undefeated- Although second with SS2.3 and TCU third 'Granger at 332 . Texas led in defense with a 254.5-yard average, followed by Baylor's 264 average and SMU's 283. SMU's 227.5-yard passing average decides whether to be a headliner or a sideliner January 1. the Sugar and Orange Bowl people apparently won't pick their No. 2 team—to go against Kentucky and Miami, respectively. At the same time, teams that might get into one of the big bowls can't decide whether to try for the jackpot or take a 52 offer in one of the smaller "classics." Faced with this responsibility. crippled much of the compared with Baylor> 129.4 yards, Wilkinson decided to end the sus- untiearcrass AA- elevens left, can-: season. Gorgeous Gil has taken over. whi!e in rushing the Aggies had rack up the District 1-AA spot thc Southwest Conference total of T Averaged 2S5.2 yards to TCU's. 204 If Baylor and A and M both bow, th|a weefc fey beating . Borger. which fense lead with a margin that" y . a !; ds - pense. The coach and Dr. George L. Gross, OU _ president, already have j'oBT-way tie for rucnerup honors i exist between those clubs. Rice i the winner of the TCU-SMU IrCU, which displayed the form •eted of it In -pre-season fore- ; as it trampled Rice 26-14 with last of its cripples well, will be out - continue its harrassment of re- Sest years against SMU. Tnis week's play will wind up the & play, hut Texas still has 'an ttcrsectional bout with Louisiana > at Austin on the same day the play in the Cup game, and i Cotton Bowl date January 1. \ Arkansas -wound up its season : week by bowing to Tulsa 2S-13. he Porkers finished only two vJc- |:ngs Ja 10 starts and only one of ; conference games to wind up :he cellar.- :: . •.-••' -. • - - could throw the race into a tie if seems almost insurmountable in-the it -wins. one game left to play for his chal- .-El Paso Austin and El Paso lengers. :••'':••• ,.-.,-. High close 4-AA play close 4-AA play this week with : Austin getting the nod if it wins and El Paso Bowie being'lie choice if Austin loses., "" v''" A three-way tie with a district committee decision necessary to fi! Ithe playoff berth will be"nee- Rice ]ast week cssary if Paris beats Gainesville in 7-AA. Sherman and Denison already are tied, but Sherman would gst the nod if Paris loses. " - . -, . - v - - , Port ..Arthur and Port Neches ?^scnd of T««s^l,_y«d»)^4 are unbeaten Jn 11-AA play and their game will settle the Issue. Lubbock. San Ar.gelo. Breckenridge, Highland Park. Texarkaiia, Conroe, Baytown, Temple Austin. Alice arid Harlingen already have And. he's setting the pac'e. in ntem-** :r of plays in which jlie's ;l?een * ie< key^man. having handled the, on 261 plays, 138'pa., running plays and 123 on passes, for 1516 yards. He got 343 yards against „ - ,.,..,... u- --i, He ranks fourth in rushing• vuh . yards behmd Bob -Sm^ of Texas A and M .(122o yards), Bvxpn SON STAST>EN*G I, 1 3 3 3 clinched playoff spots with Breckenridge, Vtnur' «ViOr .... f-ice snd M - Irk. 200 S3S 150 161 151 130 156 :OXFEREXCE STAND CSTG loss 5 'l and i[ 6 Baylor S EMU u 2 125 304 76 96 72 S3 73 Kyle Rote of SMU (698 yards)';', third in passing with 892. yar hind Fred Benners of; SMU yards) and Larry Isbell of Baylarft, (lf}42 yards). . " •. • .v^-fVS? Smith's 1225 yards was bis iiear^ est competition on total ofXesise',: Texarkana and Port Ar- trailed by Benners' 1213 and Rot^'sV ur the. only other perfect record 1149 yards. Rote's 2W_ plays; ams.besides Pampa. "" ' """'''"'him''ffie"'tn'pst~active^ayer:;;."^*;i^: JJJJ . : Texarkana and' Conroe will meet Harold Riley of Baylor" 119 at Conroe and Harlingen and Alice to lead the pass receivers with 50'2- f T ,1 at Harlingen the nights of Decem- yards on 32 hauldowns. followed^ by ' " '- games. 'Ben-White of SMU (430 yards.j'o&J; 24). Bill Howton of Rice (415 and Johnny Champion of SMU (410 on 29). . . :.•'•:• .^v*- ; Isbell inched his top punting age up to 41.2 yards, trailed" 3Tale~ Lary of A and' M. (39.4)v who "also.- is the top punt returner' <23.2--; yards). : In team statistics, SMU has the top total offensive average with 3S3 yards per game, A and 3i was 163 183 146 163 6S 169 SS 79 122, 103 103 ber 8 in their bi-district Others have not yet been set. Four Sophomores Make All-Pacific • Coast First Team tyDrVEDTJAL SCORING vpr, Team TD PAT TP Snith. A and M .14 P-ote, SMU .......... 12 ;0»3send, Texas .... 11 Parker, Baylor ...... 9 ?o, TCU .......... S long Beach To Play |n Junior Rose Bowl S4 72 66 54 4S SAN FRANCISCO —<UE>— For the first time in history, three sophomores made the United Press 1950 all-Pacific Coast Conference football team sinounced today. The club, selected with the aid of West Coast sports writers, had on it three men each from California and Washington: two each from UCLA and Stanford and one from Southern California. The sophomores named to the squad are Center Donn Moomaw, UCLA: Guard Ted Holzknecht Washington; and Fullback Johnny Oiszewski of Califomja. .. . - _ However, the stndouts in the Nwts in speed, passing and de- balloting. were big end Bill Mc•will represent the West at coll of Stanford, a junior, who was tne 3950 Junior Rose Bowl game, it named on every ballot, Les Richter, California's fine linebacker guard: and Don Heinrich. Washington Wharton, Tyler In Texas Rose Bowi Snbwidl^ ., _, , -. ^enn/State ^needed virtually, snow] Texas Tech, -which rapped New Mexico 37-12 last week, still meets Hardin Simmons In the final -title of the year, hutTTexas: .West- • Purina Feeds . • Fresh Garden Seed • Ride-A-Mower • DuPont Paints .; Baytown Feed i Farm Supply 305 N- Main* T>5 - 1 *"' SPECIALS For TlllPAY AND WEDNESDAY -- NqVEMBER 28 We Will fee Closed All Day thiirsdoy. Nov. 30. For Thanksgiving Calif. — itlE) — Long City College's Vikings, spe- announced today. sponsoring Pasadena Junior Clamb lo n of the M T estern standard bearer ;: the fifth annual junior college classic December 9 was made TYLER — CO!)— Wharton County Junior College at Wharton. Texas, has been chosen to meet -Tyler Junior College in the- fourth annual Texas Hose Bowl game "here the night of December S- Announcement of the : selection was made by Henry Bell. Jr., chairman of the sponsoring Tyler Junior Chamber of Commerce's. bowl committee. The Whartori college. won the South Texas Junior College ;Conference this year with a season's er of Commerce said>elec- Quart erback, who was named on ~^X^£^2. ^££d every ballot except one. Completing thc backfield were Hugh McElhenny, Washington. to 66 points for opponents. Ty:er Junior College, with the basis of Long Beach's nine who barely edged out ppressive victories this season. Contenders were chosen at a week d meeting, and announce- sent of the Eastern team was ex- tomorrow. - .'-::. - - '.- Pete Schabarum; and Jim Monachino. the third member of the Bears' "terrible trio." Bob Wilkinson. UCLA's fine pass-eatchthg- end, was an easy. ..--..:..•. .,' •:.[ .' ."-... ,"v ..second:in the balloting for a wing- America's only bolt factory., post; while Russ Pomeroy. Stan was at Marion. ninnin»rt!- fnrA vf&s a run-away victor in thi 0,'ifnrn'a^ Same left against Ccmpton. Cali- Ca.iforn.a. ^.^ jiinior ^^ ^^ Friday •night, has a record so far of eight wins and one loss. They have scored 343 points so far while their foes -were getting 98. FRESH DRESSED, PLUMP HEN S FRBSH BOSTON BUTT N1SHNA VALLEY WHITE CREAM STYLE FRESH DRESSED HOME KILLED ' Big No. 2'A ..... ,,.......,....,..,,,.........-•••• ........ ...wan --.. • TENDER BABY BEEF IFHY JLLLI DITTFURTH'S HOWE-KILLED Sp 1S39 was at Marion, Cbnnecti- ford, was a run-away he "IF IT'S AUTO PART* SEE US"> TED'S Brake Sho«s Ready to go. Also Clutch and pressure PJates for all balloting for tackles. The second tackle spot went to Volney Peters of DSC, who edged out Breck Stroschein of UCLA. CINCINNATI, The team as a whole averaged UU 201 pounds to the man and was av, age 20S poSs To Fight Tuesday tomorrow night, ac- Jake Mm,, Charles'. cars.-1200 X. MAIX PHONE 4083 TRES and TUBES or Retail Also B«tr«*<b an a BepWm DUDLEY MYERS r- R ! STONEl 'tmE SERVICE M.m St; . ; D i.1 4259 Ohio—(UP.)—Neither Henry Andrews, the Becker brothers, nor a blizzard will stop Heavyweight Champion Ezzard Charles and stood S feet, 2 inches "tall- from climbing into the ring in a That would just about be a coach's 15-round championship bout against dream team—at least in size. Nick Barone The club is made up of three cording to sophomores, four juniors and four manager. se n iors Minte said after a high-pressure. '_' meeting of the managers and .the There is no pare of Bear Lake promoters last night that the show '-- - • w ould go on as scheduled. Andrews, manager o? Barone, and the promoting Becklcr brothers finally called off the argument—but decided to try to talk Mintz into., a postponement again at 4 p.m. today. The Beckers and Andrews argued .that" the heavy snowfall would^ seriously cut the gate but Mintz insisted that the fight go on at the scheduled time, ...'•'....•• . ';• : 'county in Idaho under 5500 feet K The Norns. were the ;;Fates of Scandanavian.. history., .They were three young women who rcpres< the past, the present and ,the •turc.. v; WV.>V - OCEAN SPRAY . ';• • Large Stalk U. S. NO. T FANCY SUNBEAM TUNA ...Flat Can SCCH MINCEMEAT BAKER'S GOCOANUT Pkg, SOFIASIUK CAKE FLOUR PET OR MILK. KEYKO COLORED OLEO IN QUARTERS FINEST IN FROZEN FOODS HONOR-BRAND CAULIFLOWER S 21 HOXOR BRAXD GREEN PEAS HONOR BRAND BROCCOLI ONE BLOCK NORTH OF RETTIG'S FtEkTY OF FUBE

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