Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 24, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 8
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NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Many Wounded Yugoslav Men Removed By Planes Rome, Aug. 2.1-(UP)—Some 000 wounded Yugoslav parti;ian.i and a few Allied airmen were whisked right out from underneath the Mn'/.ls' noses in the war's greatest air evacuation of wounded. The unarmed transports — big C-IT Douglas skytruins - were escorted by Mustangs and Spitfires during tlioli 1 flight over hundreds of miles of German held .Balkan territory. .How many transports actually performed tho feat i.s not known! but it's estimated that at least '10 would have bei'ii needed to handle the 000 wounded. The mercy p lanes I'I'.'W !nw through twisting valleys df the Yugoslav mountains to a nimv.-iy built especially for them among wheatfiekls within sound of the guBS of a nearby battle. There they found the partisans, who had been drifting In on foot, or in litters carried by women stretcher bearers. Wing Command James Poison, of Glasgow, Scotland, who WITH along on. the trip says "a great sea of wounded were lying among thiida/r/ling white rocks and shrubs which surrounded the strip," And he goes on to add, "Sonic of them had marched for month;! before reaching the strip. They considered as walking cases anyone who could stand upright and breathe." Local Man Named In Alienation Suit A suit of .•illeimUons of affections Involving Sin.OOO was .filed in Wiiterbury Superior court yesterday ii^uinst Joscnti Stoponnitis of Llie borough by John JSorube, of WnUTtuiry. it was reported this The plaintiff has suffered trreat mental distress as the result of losinj,' his wife's affection to the local man, according to the complaint. AITOINTMKNT ANNOUNCED Stori's. Aujr. 2-1— (UP)— A professor speci.'illr.inK in a>rrictiltural en- jflncLTinjr lias been appointed to the staff of the University of Connecticut College of Agriculture. He is George W. Crowthcr, forinerly of the University of Maine. Crowther will serve with the extension service of the college. Reserves of natural gas in the 17. S. were set at from GO to 100 trillion cubic feel, according .to estimates of the national resources planning commission. BEACON FALLS ' Correspondent's rhone 4384 Shop Early— A&P Supermarkets in Naugatuck Close Saturday at 6 p. m,— Open Friday Until 9 p. m. Its time to turn to AtR FOR YOUR MONEY SUNNYBRQOK Slrittly Fresh Native PULLET "" EGGS Grade A DOZ 29' Your host buy , . aai. Pullet Eons ( prox. 40 o;i.) cost th.-in 1-cloj. L.Truo (.tpprox. 2<t 02.). V/.int to be lure your brcnti is always fresh? Choose Marvel "Enriched" . . . it's tinted ->***/<• ' "fresrt" daily rioht on the rtjl y^, wr.ippcr. Made of top-quality \\/ / inatori.ils ... Marvel ;s * exlr.i delicious, extra fresh. Its priced to s«we you money, too. Marvel Bread ^fozK12 C Sandwich BreadlK" 13° Plain Rye Bread Raisin Bread 100% WHOLE Wheat Cracked Wheat Vienna Bread Dated 20 o;' 11 c LOAf I I 20 OZ 4 -\ c LOAf I I 20 OZ If C LOAf I I 20 or 1 4 r LOAf I | 20 O-' LOAF 11° 15 C your - money back .( you^ don't agrco that doxo is equal to or bottor than any ohcrtening regardless o( prico. LB 22 C .63 WAGS ARE NEEDED... in army hospitals to care for wounded soldiers. Enlist in ths Wcc Hospital Corps today! CHICKENS FOWL LAMB FORES HAMBURG FRESH PICNICS SMOKED PICNICS SKINLESS FRANKFORTS FRESH NATIVE FRESH NATIVE A TO 6 IBS. BONED IF DESIRED 1 POINTS FRESHLY GROl/ND LB 27 s^ «> SWORDFISH HALIBUT SLICED FANCY SLICED 29 C 37 C LB 59 C FANCY ELBERTA LARGE SIZE-2^25" BUSHEL $C rrM^^— I CLDLr\ir\ ur\iN\_ji_ jit. PEACHES .59 48 LBS. CLEAN DRY NATIVE APPLES BAG ONIONS NATIVE TOMATOES WHKE CELERY POTATOES PLUMS NATIVE 4 LBS 25° 10L.49 6 2 3s15cC 1 5 BCH NATIVE GRAPE JAM NUTLEY MARGARINE MUSTARD 1 LS ANN PACE JAR 1 LB PKG J «yc 2 POINTS I I ANN PAGE 1 LB 4 4 C SALAD TYPE JAR I I ••linn BJIBI I/WHlftHOUSE A 14HOZA7C EVAP. IVIILK 2 Points for 3 Cans O CANS // CASHMERE ~S8? 3« ES 27 C Swan Soap 3 C A E K?b17 c Swan Soap 3< iCE IVOry SOap SCAKM!' ^THE GREAT ATLANTIC it PACIFIC TEA CO. =,29; iitij-jgt to market chanflj.s, We reserve th} right to limit quanti_ti»i. _ Requiem High Mass Friday For Sgt. Patsy Desiderio A requiem high Mass will be sung for Sgt. Pntsy Desiderio at St. Michael's church tomorrow morning at 0 a. m. Sgt. Desiderio, the son of Mrs, Josephine Gaetnno of Highland avenue, was reported killed in action after a flight over Austria, April 23. First listed missing in action— the notification reaching his mother May 12 — the War Department, sent further word on July 1 thai he was killed as a result of the action of April 23. T-Ie entered the service in August. 19'I2. 144 New Voters Sworn In Last Night THURSDAY, AUGUST (ContinucU from Page 1) On KurlmiKh Pfc. Joseph Na'.owicK, son of ill's. M IL r y • Nut.rjv.-ic/'. oi: M.'iin street., is home on ;u .short, t'ui'- louph. Pfc, N:itowicx, ;L monibur of the U. S. Mru'inc Corps, ia .•j tionud ;it Gump Lcjctme, N. C, Krliifiis to Duty PVL, lEdmurul SiurkowsUi, \\'ho li.'icl been spending H furlough with his iKirenlK on 'Vtilrficlcl place, returned to duly at Fort. Alc:idc, .Maryliind. VIIRACI.E WALL FINISH PER GALLON G. C. Murphy Co. Jeanne Brennan, : Ahnc Wclton Bristol and Vci'a E. Brown. Also Jilixaljcth Chambers, Gcne- vicvc Chiullo, Catallna .Cuebas, Ceciie F. Gushing,' Dorothy Dai- lius, Mac Daikus, -Mary Arm Doyle, Edith Evans, Concelta Galluc'ci and Margaret Gaudenxi. And Ruby Hun-Is, £ladys 1-Ioppe, Margaret O. Hunter, Ann Judy, Nornm Kaufmun, Znbelle N, Kax- anji.-in, Ruth A. Kirlf, Elsa Kram- |)etx, anil Joan Lambert. And Julia Mahan, Madilinc Malcolm, Stella Marchlewslti, Wanda Ma/.andkl, Jo Ami Mollica, Ka.Ui- ryn Morine, Genevicve O'Dca, and Teresa Oldakowski, Also May belle Osbornc, Marion Peck, Claire ' IPctrosIsI, Marcella Pinhnsik, Mary Rakowski JL-.iylis's T. Kanslow, Maude N. .Reynolds, and Doi-othy Roberts. And Wanda Kojowski. Catherine Rykowski, Doris Sandell, Ruth Stuart, Josephine Tangrcdi, J31ix.a- beth Thomas, Ekuiche Thurston, and Barbara Vangini. Also Gladys Wall, Ida Wcyman, Gcnevicve Whitchill, Metta Wilcke:i, Phyllis Wolfe, Ruth WoodHeld, Virginia ZiipalUu, a.i:U Mary Za- patk;'.. Men sworn in arc: George Ashman, George B.'ibic, Charles A. Baxter, Victor • Chambers, Anthony Chiulli, Nicholas, Maurice Cushman, Anker Dalsgaard, Antonio DC Oliveira, Michale Doska, TKorrws Domroski, John Knamait, John Galeski, and Joseph Golaz. Also Gustavo Goldbick, Casimi- i-o Da Costa Gomes, Edwin.'<Hahn, James Hanson, Chai-lcs Han-is, John Jurly, John Kaufman. Kos- innty Kcci'.merski, Henry Kruin- peLM and Aime Lugiiultc. And Rnlph l^ynn. Jr., Joseph Mc'Kco, James Malcolm, Manuel Matos, Anthony Micle, J-ci'oy Mor- iiie, Charles Momsjsa, Anthony Kuvickas, Jifugh O'Keefe, John Peck and Liberate Pctrucelli. Also Sidney Pinluisilt, Walter TlioTiia;; Wrinn, Arthur Ravenscroft, Edwin P. Reynolds, Judson Rogers. 13dward, and Andrew Koxinn. Albert Slavas, Rudolph Smith. Victor Stnsonis. Frederick Siumpf, Edward Sullivan. Oscar Tampel- linli Peter J. Thomas,'John. Weyman, Richard Whilehlll, and Cyrus Wilcox. And Dale M. Wilson, Piiul"Wlt- bcck, Stanley Wojda, Felix Zebra- kus, Bronislaus Zembi-uski, Charles Pesaitis, and Adolph" Karalis. . The next meeting of the group Will probably be held -in September. . ; The selectmen are: Mrs. John Elcdcrmun, Mrs. Catherine Nnr- dcllo und Caaimcr Galcslii. Henry Zwick rind Cyril Tuohy (ire the registrars. Miss Janet Eyon filled in for Town Cleric Raymond J. St. JoWi who is on vacation in Maine. The -case of Sam' Ba.rto, a serviceman who applied for the oath, showed u rejection, us there was an apparent error in the filling out of the application. According to his application, he was loo young to be swnrn in. But Miss'Evon checked the birth records this morning, nnd found the error. It is believed he will be accepted at the next meeting. Social_News frank. Kosko Given Surprise -Party On -His .Birthday j Temperature \ \ Report \ The weather was actually cold this morning and afternoon as a strong wind brought clouds that covered the sun and a.lso brought a little cold that caused iocal residents to put on coats. But Rod Hermans stood staunch and strong, strolling up and down the street in light summer clothes. Red is a rugged individual any way. It was SS at noon yesterday—70 today. "-Midnight • G9 Frank 'Koiiko of Woostcr street was tendered a uurprisc birthday party ut his home recently. Those attending' from Niiuga- tuck were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kosko, Mr, and Mrs. Louis Kosko, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kosko, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kosko, Mrs. John Kolod/.icj, Mr. and Mrs, Harry SawcKuk, Peggy Anne Konko. Harriet and Gloria, Rose Kosko, Gladys Grocbcl, Mary Lou Kosko,. Nicholas and Samuel Kosko. and John Kolodziej, Jr. Guests from Waterbury were Mr. and Mrs. John Roi-.diiski, Mr. and Mrs, Thomas Rozum, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Forte, the Misses Mary ana 1-iclcn Kor.dilski, Kva Roxum, Jerry Preslopski, Thomas Ro/.dilski, and Vincent Forte, Jr. Former Resident Announces Birth Of Son 3 i.i. m. G a. m. 9 a. m, Noon .. 1 p. m. .66 ......... 00 ................ '.70 ................ 71 O— Weather Report Holland Furnace Co* Furance cleaning- with big- power suction machines. Also g-as proofing- and furnace repairs. — Trlcpllolli, 1 — Natgatuck 5629 Waterbury 4-1OO3 746 East Main St. Waterbury, Conn, Maine", New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts. Connecticut and 'Rhode Island—Clearing tonight, tomorrow fair, and con- tinuod cool. Enstport to Block Island—Small craft warnings are displayed. Mr. and Mrs. Irving Bienvcnue of Lake Plymouth, Conn., an- nooncc the birth of a seven-pound baby boy. Mrs. Bienevcnue is the former Dorothy Hubbell of Sweeney street.' Washington Residents Visiting Relatives Here Mr. and Mrs. Arthur York of Washington, D. C.. are spending a few days with Mrs. York's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peterson of Millvillc avenue. ||TA|UIHI» (III ROGERS-PEET CLOTHES IN SERVICE DEFYING WORSTED F A B RIC &jj YEAR ROUND SUITS FOR The mileage and comfort will exceed your highest anticipations —hand done to the last stitch— good to the last thread — hand styled in the New York manner —they represent all that's good in hand tailoring and style— and they're good to look at to the end. Henry Titley. On Vacation Henry Titley, Cherry street, an accountant at tho Naugatuck Chemicai Co., is spending his annual vacation at the Mil ford shore. Visiting At Home Of Mr.-Mrs. S. L. Howard T\VO AHKESTS MASK Hartford. Aug.' 2-:—(UP)—Police have arrested two Springfield, .Mass.. ;:ici) for illegally conducting Bingo grimes in Hartford. Harry Spector ,'ind Matthew Carney are accused of operating Bingo games undo:' licenses issued to religious a n d fraternal organizations. FUNKK.AJ. OF CARDINAL Vatican City, Aug. 2-1—(U P) — Funeral services for the Into Papal secretary nf state—CardinnI Mng- lione—wore held this morning. The rites were- condi'.cted in Casora. near Naples, where his body was buried hi Uic family tomb. Mr. and Mrs. Harold O. Howard and children, Joann and Harold L.. of Troy, >N. Y., arc visiting Mr. Howard's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Leslie Howard of Park avenue. Marshall Griffith In New York City Marshall Griffith of South Main street is vacationing in New York city where he is registered at the Hotel Tudor. Registered At Hotel Abbey, N. Y. Sgl. and Mrs. Jesse Severs o South' Main street are rcpistcrc at the Hotel Abbey, New Yor! city, where they are visiting fo several days. ; Spending Vacation At Pcnd Point Mr. unU Mrs. Edward Bor:is:t and children. Marilyn and Ed ward. Jr., of 20 Diamond streci are vacationing at Pond Poin Milford. Day Nursery Association Meets Friday The Nauga.luciv Day Nursery sociation will hold its morithlj meeting Friday at 10 a. m. at the nurscrv rooms on Water street Visiting Relatives In New York Miss Florence Rosworth of Salem street is visiting relatives in Albany, New York. * * * ¥ * * CAN ALL YOU CAN! Most of us have bigger Victory gardens than ever before. And we should call more than ever before! The preservation of fruits and vegetables has a direct bearing on the outcome of the -war. Every bit of waste helps the enemy. Every saving helps our allies, as well as ourselves! Everv jar of food you preserve for your family means just that much less you will have to buy—just that much less you will take from the nation's supply, nnd a saving in your food stamps and your food dollars. Food is an implement of war. Food fights for freedom! Do your part by preserving now. Can all you can! PLAN NOW FOR A MODERN KITCHEN FOR YOUR HOME AFTER VICTORY 1 ?"!5^§I^Mlft- B '*y V ' S- Wur Bonds and Stamps every payday to Wfr" *m^9fi^ 1tel P bring victory to the United Nations, The bondt m ^'t-if^/fSs^^^ y OU ij U y t ol ] (l y are insurance jor happinets tomorrow. THE CONNECTICU IGHT & POWER Co. * * * * * * * * * * * VISIBILITY Taft guests clearly see the value that has made this greet modern hotel so popular! 1000 ROOMS, IAIM AND RADIO HOTEL »iF«t» uwts. MOB. TAFT NEW YORK'i TIMES SQUARE AT RADIO CITY 8INC * »ING MANAGEMENT ^^r FIRST STEP IN EASY WALKING J Norwash Shoe Store LOVJXK KI.ECTRIC CO. 8 Church Slrcct '< I We Now Have A Fine. .Selection Of ENAMELWARE SAUCE 2 QU — fiOc DOUBLE BOILERS WASH BASINS OOc Dish I'iins Kettles SI-10, SI.00 TEMPLETON'S N'* COK-N1SR WATEKBURY DIAL 4080 (No Toll Summer Dance' Program! For Friday, Saturday and • Sunday Kveningn JOE KOCK and Mil'',: ROCK ;in<l BYE B.OVS In rolkao und Modern Dt*x Music Sunday Dancing S to 9 P. White Eaglt Restaurant Naugatuck's Thrifty Saved $57,409.59 With This Bank Last Week Were You Included? START YOUR ACCOUNT NOW NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut ~ QUALITY RUBBER FOOTWEAR • Made In Naugratuck Is Serving: All Over The World UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn. !?'• Ford Charcoal Briquets NOW AVAILABLE We have received the first shipment since the war beg-an of charcoal briquets for civil- . ian consumption. "Packed in 20 Ib. bags. Burn twice as long as ordinary lump charcoal. Quick heat in convenient smokeless form. Get a bag- for that picnic before they . are gone. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St. Phone 5236

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