The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1949
Page 11
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RITUY, MARCH 4.1949 Bt,YTHKvn,i..B CARK.) COURIER NEWS . * r e s t Volcanic Island •appears Into Sea N. 7... March 4. PAGB ELEVEH a m e inRton yesterday from the Naval frigate Hawea. The Hasvea reported Indications of underwater volcanic activity and a strong sulphurous smell when I Paleon Island-small milnhab-' * sl '™'8 sulphurous smell when I volcanic member of the Ton s « : lu.^used to be* 1 * 01 ™ hf ™ "" '"" k' s advice was contained in a i Falcon Island was heaved up by lu the Navy office at Well- ' a volcanic eruption i n October, 1885. IABY CHICKS Healthy, Slvirdy [• Buy (he lU-sl' « Master Mix Feed None Kinor [Lewis Poulfry 119 Kas( Muin I'honc ;ttl7 NICOZINE Ml'O/lN'K, » Dr. He-it product foi wortiiltis [HiHets, coutilni Mrotine bfnuniile and i»Utnothia£inr. A rmnlilnatioii of these ihree Inxitd- i.-iits, in U. S. n. A. lests, was «?; efreclivf In ri'movlnt r^cal unrt ndiiuiuiirnu. Sirn/lNE coiufi In lewder lor (loch treatment (In Irnl) and lahleis for tndlyirtual dositi<. Woods Drug Store USD A Coins Word, 'Chemurgy;' It's Use of Chemistry to Find Broader Scope for Agriculture 1'ust what you need to MOVE OR LEVEL DIRT FAST! • You f,-i»'t lien! a Danuser All TI17J FOR Purpose Blade for grading, clean- DITCMINO In* feed liils, terracing, difchiue, lilliiiK gullies, or moving snow. Allrtclics quickly (o Ford Trnclnr. Lifts and lou-ers by Hydraulic Toiifh Cmiirol. [ieversihlc blade adjusts fur angle tilt and pitch. See one soon! REVIB5U FOR f] IACKFIIIING Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Allen Hardin, Mgr, |S. Division Sf. 1'hone 2171 WHAT MAKES THE ^.STARTENA? THE BIGHT INGREDIENTS IT All ADDS UP TO ? RESULTS ...AND THAT'S WHY JT'S AMERICA'S FAVORITE Wiih today's cost and today's profit opportunity you con t afford to feed your chicks l ess than the blsif We honestly IhiriUhal fhere' snO chick »tart. r bett.r than Purina Cluck Startena. In every bag of Slarlona you gel tll , p urina J<n<JW> how and research thai mean «« u // s . Quality in gre d.en [s , scienfific blending of «,„. ingr.di.nt,, lab. oratory and farm rea.arch-lh.y m a k« th. diff.r» n c«. Ask lha folks who feed Puiina Chick W» can Ml you many of lh» oulstanding records th.v'r. ' »aV,,, ? . Slartena has a/way, |,.. n 9oorf _ but ^ ar u's L etler lhaa , W| ,„ Lif . J^ G «' l « for your Siartena and all your chick needs. ' 4493—Telephone—4493 L. K. Ashcraft COMPANY Block Smu, By Douglas I.Arscn XKA Stjfl Correspumlcnt WASHINGTON. <NEA>—"Cllem- uiRy" is a word that may become very popular in the next .lew years. Coined by scientists of the u. S. Department of Agriculture. It means I the use of chemistry to find greater I uses for farm products. Chpnuirgy I already Is responsible for the giant i soy bean Industry, with nil of its • by-products, to name just one beue- jtll. Ii helps the farmer and makes ' Hie more comfortable for everybody. ' One of the most significant , clu-niurfiical projects lutrler way In USDA laboratories might help to | relieve the crowing drain on U. s. i petroleum reserves. It's 11 brand new aiipronch lo that old idea of using a'.cohol. made frmn waste farm I I products, as automobile fuel. The I lariners and oil companies have been kicking that one around for years. Up null! now U has never | I 'Jc-en found practical to use alcuhul | I ;<s a tnotor fuel, or mixed with unso- 1 hue, because the alcohol lias been I li>o expensive. j Alcohol Injerlcd t Tlie new approach of USDA srirn- t ti-sts is a method of injeciiiiK alcohol into the cylinders of n car when it is going up B hill. Marling, or In <'thpr need of emergency power. This would eliminate the need lor Inch test or premium gasoline, they !•»>'. It would save petroleum, because tn Hie refinlni! process you get more regular gasoline from n barrel of crude petroleum than you net when refining 11 for high test •gasoline. Widespread use of the alcohol Injection method would permit the big refining companies to reduce drastically their production of hi-;h oc- Une tins, nnd thereby Rive ihein nn estimated 10 per cent more gaso- !ine from their crude petroleum. Previously some bi» oil companies either turned up their noses nl. thc idea or using alcohol with gasoline or fought II. nut with dlminlsliiiiK petroleum reserves and new hii'.h crminresslon motors, now they nrn suddenly interested. One automobile maker Is following tlie tests closely, with the thought of junk- Ing alcohol injection a part of slan- dnrci cquimncnt. A large taxi company in Chicago plans to try it mi a fieri of cabs, and there are devices on the market which enable you to adapt Ibe idea lo any car engine. Only Small Tank Necessary Making engines Unit use alcohol injections Is relatively simple, the scientists sny. And only B small tank (or the alcohol Is necessary because very little Is used. The Injection into the cylinders is automatic when the pull on the engine increases or lor starting. The driver has lo do nothing with U e.xccpl occasionally fill the lank. Experts working on thc project believe that it would be fery effective on the higher compression engines now being held back by shortage of high octane fuels. Tests indicate that alcohol Injection is pracllCBl and economical. Excellent results are reported by private persons who arc using it on their cars. A grade of alcohol produced from waste corn cobs and other farm products is used. Chemurgy also is nlxml to revolutionize the frown food business Although the sale of frozen foods nas increased enormously since before the war. the industry is limited by Ihe high cost of transportation, n reritiires refrigerated trams, trucks, storage places and display counters. This is obviously very expensive and limits Its ability to compete with noii-froien foods First Komlix Good ' Chemurgy is attempting to discover how much water can be taken out of food before freezing, without affecting taste. In an attempt to cut down the high cost of transportation and storage. First results have been excellent. It has been discovered, for instance, that 50 per cent U of A Develops Tomato Especially Fined to State ol the water can be taken out of peas, and when followed by <|iiick j fiee/.lllg they lose none of their' flavor. Tests on other vegetables have shown similar resillls. Ordinary rooking restores the water, The list ol chemurgicnl discoveries Is long. A continuous process of manufacturing lurpenllne and resin has been developed lo supplant the old butch method nurf will revitalize tlie whole industry In Hie .soulh. j SiMD-Ktioniil tvmk has been done in (leroloplnt; certain cotton plants ! thiil produce excellent ntlr« for i tire fabrics. The goal Is to Imvc I every collon fanner raise » .vpc- : cific type ot cotton for a specific industry. A new pci-im nuioe Mom citrus ( wastes has been discovered that will j jell almost anyihin;; wuhoiu \], K ' nriMl for sii".ar. It promises to be- : come an excellent food mid candy covering. ' . Thc men who are dolnR this work ; claim that there is prnctlcnllv no limit to the Improvements that' run ; be made In modern living through i ctH-imstry. Farm Youths To Observe 4-H Club Week Mississippi County^ many <-!! Club members will join with almost two million others throughout the state nnd nation in the observance of National 4-H Club which begins tomorrow. Many Arkansas clubs have planned special programs In observance of (he special week set aside for members of rural farm clubs. Some will launch Intensive membership drives during next week while others have planned special exhibits of the work of (heir club. No special program has been planned by North Mississippi Clubs. County Ascjit Keith Bllbrey has announced. Observances of the week will bear out the National 4-H Club theme "Better Living for a Better World " Newspapers and radio stations on both state and national levels, arc preparitic to salute 4-H members during their week. Everything will be designed to tell Ihe slor.v of 4-H Club work, which lo Secretary of Agriculture Charles Branntm means: ".. Seller living to the young people who lake purl in It. to their families, nnrt their communities. It hns meant better living tn the way of better food because the club members learn what to grow and how to prepare it. Better living In the way of comfort and culture because the boys or girls in the family take nn Interest In Improving the home. Many n community enjoys more of the good things of live because, ten years or so ago. thc 4-H club boys and girts brought In heller livestock. 1 sincerely believe we have a better rural America today because of the aims and Accomplishments of 4-H club work." ?-. Ark, Mar. 4. i .-I'i -A new variety of tomato, especially fitted lo Arkansas conditions, was announced recently by Dr. Upper! S. Kills, director ol the University of Arkansas /V.rlcullurut Experiment stutlon. It ha.s been named fortune. The nev.' variety was developed by Or. V. M Waits, ot the University's lloniciillure and FVne.stry nepartir.fin. He .say.s It I 5 equally desirable for commercJal grott-eiYi and home gardeners, H ts the re- Mill ol K cross between Rutgers and Pan America, winch was developed a few years a«o by Ihe US. Department ol Agriculture. Watts explains that lAutuue possesses all of the good (luulilies of Ilutuerfi and, In addition, hns Inherited n hl>;h degree ol will resistance Irani I'.in American. F'usarltim wilt is n real problem in most parl.s <if Arkansas, accmiliu^ lo Wnll.i. Hccniisc (he tll.scnse lives in llii' soil for several years, H :s especially IroubU'.'.ome on lield,< where tomatoes arc grown liv- Th« new varlcly bus been tried extensively throughout Hie slal'> and through the south, and u hns performed well wherever grown. Seed of the Portiinc variety Is available Irom a lew rommcreUl compe.nles, Walls repoils. In addition, the experiment station has « supply of seed for distribution. State Farmers Feel Big Drop In Farm Prices .rm.l-; HOOK, Mim-h 4. M>; •- kniisus tnriuers have lell. tlie drop In prices. I'rls'Wi rei-eiveil by lilrmer.s IDAS. nionili lor tbclv Kuril-nil lire pro- The Women's Christlun Temper- mice Union piew out of die women's crusntle, sinned In Will, by ihe women ol Hlll.sboro und Wn.shhiR- ton i:ourt Home. Ohio, to llgnt suloons. scholarship nwards arc ollered, and clonus, arc: ntulonul nchieve-mcnl. Nallonal Committee on Roys ami Clirls Club Woik; belter methods electric, Kdncullonnl Fouildntlon; cunning, Kerr Glass; clothing. Spool Cotton Educational lliireou; dulry production. Km It f-YxxIs; farm .safely. General Motors; field crops nnd frozen food.s, Inlermtioiml llarve.slcr; lootl prc- pnralion. Scrvcl; torc^try. Ami'rl- can forest Products Indnstrics; Harden, AllLs-Chalmers; girls' record, Montgomery Ward; home Improvement, Sears-floebiick Foundation; knlltiiiR-croclielinB. Spinner!;! Vain; leadership. Kdwtird P. Wilson; meat animal. Thos. K. Wilson; iwultry, Dearborn Motors; soil conservation. Firestone, and [racio'- iminlensnrc, .Stanollnd Oil an-l Gas Company and six allillaled oil coiujxinies. All of national 4-H awards programs urc conduclwl under the direction ot thc CoopenUtve Exlcn- sion Service. ducts were six per cent lower than (liiKso iibtiilni'd in Jnnuary, Ihe Cup lleporitus Service said. Tin; drop was "tlie uuxst pro- iiiimuTcl lifeline for any one month •••luce Ihe pine tmid sdMlcd (town- wiird In July. HUB," the B «cncy of the UK, Ueparlliu'llt of AKlltultme K'lHirtcd. I're.M-nt prices me nlxml. 15 per <cm lower than the level a yea;jinn, ii'id 'j:l per cent below the nil time hliih r.sluniuiiFit in October, 19M Tlie service also said last month'i prices slipped about 17 p«r cent under the high level eaUbllahtd after World War I. Safely expert* ,ay trui »ccldent» to lurmcrs cause eitouth lost Umi aninmlly (r, produce more than htll of lltf! average annual US. wheai crop. The wolverine Is > memkwr ol th« I wea.sel family. You Can Pay ANYAMOUNT at ANYTIME Notional 4-H Club Scholarships ere Boosted to $300 ,Collc«<! scholarship awards h«v« been increased from S200 to «30a In nineteen naliona) 4-H programs, the 4-H Committee h»s announced. One hundred and twelve members having highest rating reccuds in their project-i will receive J300 scholarship awards totaling sIM.GOO a i u, e 1949 National 4-H Club Congress In Chicago next November. Programs in which (he increased Whan you hov* an Equitable Society FARM LOAN Tim lamoiu Farm Income Privilcgs ii written into your loan agreement to save you money and In help you own your [arm free and clcir, sooner. See rj.i for /ou'-cosf, tfmorlizerf /o^rn. TERRY Alistrat'l &• Really Co. 21.1 W. Walnut rhon« 2.1B1 Forma 11 Tractor ENGINE TUNE-UP SPECIAL! Tune-up Engine Clean Plugs Retime Ignition Check Compression Clean & Refill Air Filter Clean & Adjust Carburetor Adjust Fan & Generator Belts Adjust Governor Adjust'TappefJ Adjust Brakes Flush Radiator Tighten all Radiator Hose Inflate Tires to Correct Air pressure Steam Clean Engine COME IN THIS WEEK TO INTERNATIONAL^HARVESTER 312 SOUTH 2»P ST. Landowners DO YOUR DITCHING AND SPOIL BANK LEVELLING NOW Free estimates. The Triple "A" Program pay* a portion oi the cost. We will aa'nt you in securing prior approval and will prepare and submit to thc Triple "A" the necessary forms to enable you to draw this payment. PHONE 31H Offiet 3581 Residenct PHONE OR WRITE Missco Construction Co. Wilson, Arkansas FOR A HAPPY MARRIAGE MfUTinRe is often likencr! (a Ilir rnnslnictiiin rif a ImildiiiK. Ujion Uio secure nnd slin-<ly fotintlii- liun is buill your ('iiinily, your home and eventually your retirement. Kiiinuuiul sei'tivity gives you Die iM;iloria|.s will) uhich to build i( happy life for ymi and your loved ones. I'll a I j a w |,y it j s So j m . )Mirl:inl. I'or yon lo l,e K in a ivxiilur snvings pvo- KIHIH. Come iu anil u|tcn a saviinfs acvotuil. today. FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Only National. Bunk In Mississippi County

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