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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
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Thursday, October 18, 1928
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- ~ ^yjyf^. 4if SSff. T?f; Last Session of The (layette Free Cooking School On Friday Afternoon TOMORROWS PROGRAM. Daily Gazette's Cooking School. Lecture subject "Pood Prejudices and How to C come Tlif-m." « » * Musical Program, * » » D«mmi *t ration. Haddock In Aspic Mustard Dressing • Lace Cookies Marshmallow Loaf Cheese Biscuits Jellied Orftpcfnilt-Prcan Salad Escalioped Liver. Doors open at J. p. m. Admission Free No tickets required. Illlnl Theatre. * • » The budget plan for tho household was discussed very intelligently by Mrs. Dorothy A. London the home economics expert, who is conducting The Gazette Free Cooking School this week. In her lecture- demonstration Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Louden urged the ladles in her audience to give the budget plan a trial, on a real business basis, not for only a few weeks' time but for six months or a year. She suggested that the beginning: of the new year would be a very fitting time to commence the plan and work it out. "Budgeting doesn't apply to the women folks alone," said Mrs. Loudon, "but to the whole family. I believe that the wife Is as much a partner In the marriage firm as the husband, and should have a band on the purse strings too. She nan a much better knowledge of the household needs and costs than any other member of the family." The flret thing that the demon- There were oth- rr policies on McAllister's life, but It was not Indicated in whose fnvor f»re | MAN MYSTERIOUSLY KILLED TO OF Apparently Killed At Railroad Oro»si»f But, The Developments Have OfMWtci An Investigation rf At Farm. other under investigation. A mysterious attack upon McAllister two week? sgo at the Carroll farm Is one o them. Th« state's attorney was told that the farm hand «,R« while walking to thp Carroll cowtmrn. No report of the BS- snult WRs.niBde at the time. Another circumstance was thr manner in which McAllister's bod> was found following the automobile accident Dr. Lorrar, who took the farm helper's body from the machine, BiUd It was wrapped In n, blanket. Members of the train crew also testified Bt the inquest that McAllister's legs were, held together by n olanket. McAllister's .skull we- fractured in front and from behind Carroll's account was that McAllister was on his feet, trying to get out of tho car when the train struck. Carroll escaped with slight 111,, Oct. 18.—(AT) — Sn » «frtd-? crash last wwk had become today something of a mystery. McAllister WM a farm hand, working on Emil CarroU'ii pl»e*. He was killed about 2 o'clock last Friday morning when the Automobile In I which he »nd Carroll were riding was struck by a train at the crossing of a lonely country road. There was nothing about the accident, a coroner's Investigation found, to mark It from any other Ermde-crossinK tragedy. Since the inquest, however, the state's attor- ne}''s office has become Interested, chiefly because of five Insurance pol- on the farm hand's life. Each policy names a* beneficiary Mrs. Emll Carroll, wife of the dead they were drawn or the amounts. I cuts and bruises. RELATIVES E Hassell And Cramer Will Be Center Of The Rockford Celebration Tonight (Contlnued on page (wo) (NEWS SUMMARY) <By The Associated Press) Domestic. Washington—Work charges Hoover Is victim of whispers; state department declares candidate has always been U. 8; citizen. New York—Smith In letter promises aid to Indians. Washington—Mellon and Work answer Smith denial of Coolldgo economy. Chicago—Smith arrives lor two and a half day stay. Little Rock. Ark.—Atheist leader goes to jail, in protest against $25 fine for propaganda. Chicago—Hertz, Yellow Cab Company head, receives death threats. Washington — Coolidge to take brief Thanksgiving day holiday In L Virginia. — . San Quentin, Cal.—Hickman enters death house for execution tomorrow. New York—Eckener seeks Americ&n capital for bigger Zeppelins. St. John*—MacDonald unreported on solo hop for England. Bucharest—Queen Marie ill of influenza. Mexico City—Two communists arrested for placing anti-Americas posters. „. i Bluefields, Nicaragua —-Marines rushed to guard San Juan Del Harts as attack is reported near. Bremerhaven, Oennany—Thirteen arrested In plot to smuggle aliens into United States. "" Chicago, Oct 18.—(A.P.)—Met by a throng of cheering Rockford relatives and friends. Bert Hassell and Parker Cramer, whose attempted flight last August from Rockford to Stockholm, Sweden, ended when their plane was forced to land in Greenland, arrived here today from the east. Among the flrst to greet Hassell was his mother. Mrs. Elizabeth Hassell of Rockford. who wept with joy on hsr son's shoulder. Disappeared in Fifteen Mile Flight Over Green Bay To Menominee, Mich. BULLETIN. Menominee. Mich.. Oct. 18—(AP.) —Thomas Mitchell. 27-year-old commercial pilot, and his wife, missing since they took off from Sturgeon Bay, Wis., for Menominee yesterday afternoon, were found safe and uninjured today marooned on Green Island where their plane had crashed in making a forced landing during a terrific storm. STARTED OVER BAY. Menominee. Mich.. Oct. 18.- • (A. P.).—Fear that a Sturgeon Bay pl- They had not seen each other since | lot and his wife had been drowned Hassell's flight started. His wife iqxd two children met him in the east ftoa lilm here. A large delegation representing the Rockford Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored the flight, arrived at the -Uniort station shortly .before the fliers' train pulled in and told the aylatojs,_ot-ihe great In Green Bay through the crash of their airplane was growing today as coast guardsmen and fishing tugs Ventured out Into the fog which shrouded the bay to search for them. The pilot is Thomas Mitchell, 37, flying the "Miss Door County." fear passenger stinson Plftue of tne VraUon" planned for them when they arrived at Rockford this evening. The party went to a hotel where plans wero to be made for the part miles, over Egg Harbor. Farmers of the d.iy to be spent here. Among and residents there saw their great Cherryland Airways company. With JbJmLwas -his, »*if e_ — ..... ----------- — Wednesday afternoon, they called friends in Menominee from Sturgeon Bay and told .them they were over. They headed north, 17 the plans considered was a meeting with Governor Alfred E. Smith, the democratic presidential nominee. red and green plane head out over the bay on the 15 mile over water flight across the bay to Menominee. UCUiWV'* *»wv« L** «^a»fc*w*« *.***» **v»«*«*#»v--**« . -• _.-_..-.. _.__ „ — The fliers met his opponent. Her- That was the last seen of them. bert Hoover, and President Coolidge Last night, gales lashed at Green Bay and huge waves were rolling BO high that venturing out on them In the east Among the Rockford relatives Detroit—Mor^arty resigns a< »S«r ol Tigers. Pittsburgh—Dreyfuss denies* .Bush •will leave Pirates. , Philadelphia—English women beat ABaerican hockey team, 9-1. v . State. ' i R«*fGrd—Robert Barr. RocWord football star and a companion, Charles King, disappeared from their honnes. fever can be by immun- pewms. Dr. welcoming Hassell besides his mother were Ralph Hassell, a brother, and Mrs. Evan Anderson and Mrs. J. C. Martin, sisters. Mrs, A. W. Noyes, Cramer's aunt, and Mr. and Mrs. James Woodbury of l»a Grange, cousins, greeted Cramer. -A— welcoming -«ommitt«» representing Mayor Thompson and a Shriner drum corps also greeted the filers at the station and they were accompanied to their hotel by a motorcycle escort Governor Slimmer- man of Wisconsin, who happened to be &t the station when the party arrived, joined enthusiastically in the celebration and accompanied them to their hotel. Later plans to call on Governor Smith were abandoned. Instead the 'filers were luncheon guests of the Bhrtnsrs and Intended to leave for Eocklord shortly after noon. HasaeU said that he and Cramer would like to try the flight from Roddord to Stockholm again next June or, July but would nave to find out first whether financial backing couM be obtained. He said thai nothing would be done for & lew weeks, adding that what he intended to do next was go fishing. SLAYER OF TWO FASCISTI PAYS WITH HIS LIFE Hoover Listed On British Election Rolls Beeatist He Leased a Houst By James L. West. (Associated Press StafT Writer) Washington, Oct. 18— (A.P,)— A statement by Dr. Hubert Worlt, chairman of the republican nation" all committee, published today, de« nounces "one of the most unjust whispering campaigns in the history of presidential contests." "Whispers," the statement en* plains, arose from the fact Unit Herbert Hoovrr was listed on llsh voters' roils without his knowledge years ago, Saying that he has been informed that American detective agencies »nrt apposition newspapers havw taken photographs of these rolls attti propose to produce them in the United States, Dr. Work's statemenl says thnt to circulate this material is on outrage on Mr. Hoover and a fraud on the American people. The listing. Work explained, was done by English officials under requirements of law because Hoover as the lessor of a house paid taxes which carries the right to vote. Never Any Question. Dr. Work's arraignment of this whispering campaign was made public yesterday after the state department had issued a formal statement declaring that "there never has been the slightest question o) Mr. Hoover's American citizenship." This statement was in the form of a letter written to the representative of an unnamed newspaper which had asked for a record of the dates when Hoover registered at the American consulate in London. Signed by W. R. Castle, Jr., -assistant secretary of state, the letter said that Hoover had registered In 1008 and that passports had been issued to him on five occasions from the years 1909 to 1818. V. 8. Hi*' Residence, ' "In al laplications for passports,' the letter said, "as well original the United States && hie permanent resident*.'. "I might add, although it does not bear directly upon the question of_cjtlS5nj]3!p,_wh!c.h, I take it was the reason for your inqiiry, thai as long ago as 1020 the department leard a rumor that at one time in his career Mr. Hoover had applied or British citizenship. Merely as of passing interest, I may say that careful inquiries were made at that ime and it was proved 'to the en- ire satisfaction of the department hat this rumor had no basis." After quoting this letter. Dr. Work said he wished as chairman of the republican national commit- was not to be thought of. Coupled I te8 *°- denounce "this whispering with that was a stinging rain. In campaign and I trust that the dem- that terrific storm, it was feared' ocratlc national committee will join Mitchell and Ills wife may have lost then* lives if they bad not already drowned. This morning, fog covered the bay. It was BO thick t.hut feet ahead of them, but they started out resolutely on then- search. • FEDERALS WHIP REBELS IN HAND TO HAND BATTLE Mexico City. Oct. 18 — (AJP.) — Fierce hand to hand fighting between insurgents and government troops was chronicled today in Mexico City newspapers. A dispatch from Queretaro said that ten insurgents were killed when a band of 180 waa overtaken by me in this repudiation,". SAY1ITM ET C By Pooling Buying Power They Can Compete With The Chain Stores Chicago, 111., Oct. 18.—(AP.>— The merchants and manufacturers of Illinois met today, 2,000 strong. izwg ail Lucca, Italy, Oct. J&— (AP.)-Ml- chela Delia Magglore, a communist convicted of assassinating two Fas- Baltsar Leyva. One soldier was killed a»d eight wounded. : ^- -^—--------The troops had been pursuing the band since &n attack on the town of Colon and when the soldiers approached the insurgents withdrew to & hilt and entrenched themselves behind an adobe walL For five hours a furious battle [raged and then Colonel Leyva personally led his men in storming the insurgent {toslUon. Desperate hand to hand fighting took place. The band was ejected from the entrenched position and fled, abandoning ten dead and carrying wound* Samuel S. Wtansr, chief district health officer at th» IKa^^ Health Departnseat. told th* lean Public Health ajjjj gfe& fare Associations. Chicago- Dr. Jo^jih fit'.Qfetr wJ socialist, died. He fiaaneed ' taiis delegation at Gtmyf m&qi-ta its saarch to Wasblflftom fas BpriGgfleld—The R*bekah hly ol inmate " etected~ MS. Biiirbto* of Waukegan as and voted indorwinieut ol Daughters ol Rebekah's clubs. oJf leers aamed included Bit*. Im Ctowsll, Rockford, president; lit*. OUve Williams. Salem, elsti. was executed this morning be- j ed away. hind the Pottle Buggiaaese eeme-| AS the insurgents continuedia ter y- i flight across the country another Magglore is the first person to be' military column encountered them condemned to death in Italy since ! and six more of the band were kili- 1860 and his execution was in the! ed, form usually reserved for military offenders or wartime traitors, Bella Mafgiojre was tied to a a plattKku of twelve Fascist saen fifed *md killed him out- FUEL TANK OF EOALD AMUNDSEN IS FOUND and Mrs. Emiua F. 'furotr, Copeiihajjen, Oct. It— (A.P.) — A Tft ti*6 end the condemned man fuel tank believed to belong to the l&sl rites of the;Pr*aeh Latham plaae in which which a priest stood ready ;Roald Amundsen and five compan- I iuus are presumed to"have perished oomnftiintet had confessed to j in an attempt to reach survivors of tUbttGaMia- the defense the ili-iated dirigible Italia has been : ttu&tee fejUied the Fas-; loiuid. The motorboat Keif arrived at Waidersmid with the lank last night, having iouud it Saturday at latitude ^*?V**"*** •ft ' Monday, Oct/a2, George "chairman of a dtl-| • **' " «* ** « SfSSf ^ their merchandising the annual meeting gl the Illinois Chamber of Cwnmerce. A two day meeting was scheduled with group luncheons this noon and Uws annual banquet of the chamber tooight. Edward A. Pilene, Bos- toa merchant and eeonotnlst, was the principal speaker at the retailers' luncheon today and L. A. Downs, president of the Illinois Centra! railroad, addressed the transportation group. Another section was to hear a discussion by expert on ' the Illinois waterways scheme and the need for barge and rail facilities at terminals. The independent retaUejr can meet the competition of chain stores by pooling his buying power with that of other independents, by offering to the public tiie best quality goods on the market, and by telling the world about It Th»t formula was presented today by Mr. Fliene. "Competing drug stores," said Fi"&a*« formed buying pools, and with BO other common interest or have m*t and defeated the of chain drug stores. That has teen possible because ship aiid yrmnagwoent, had the in- U Macdonald's Little MotJi Plane Is Not Equipped With Radio Outfit 8AMTNT FACTS ABOl.'T MAC DONALD IMPLANT. N>T York, Oct. 18.--fA.P.)--• Salir-nt foct-s on the Gypsy Moth I)'- Havllland biplane In which Lsrut. Conuisander H. C. Muc- I-'ntriid took off from Newfound- lasul for England follow: It Is the smallest piano In which a Song ocean flight ever has been attempted. It, ha.-? an open cockpit thereby rxposing its lone pilot to the elements. The majority of previous ocean flights have been in cabin planer;. Tt has a wing spread of only thirty feet and when folded this is reduced to 9 feet 100 Inches. Its single motor is a four cylinder of 85-105 horse power. It carries no wireless. (By Tho Associated Press.) England and Ireland were anxi ously scanning the **st*rn sky to day for the tiny Gypsy Moth Dr Ilavlland plane Us which LletjUnan Commander H. C. MacDonald hop ped off at 11:51 a. m. eastern stand ard time yesterday from liar bo Grace, N. F. With favorable conditions it had been hoped thai the daring yotuog flier vroald strike the coast of In land in about 20 hoars. At 10 o'clock eastern standard time, 22 hoars af ter hi* lake off, no word had bt*n received of his cisbUnjr- Visibility along the Irish coast was generally poor and there was the possibility that hr had conUnwcd on to Croydon, near London, about 400 mites east of the sooth Irish coast This would bring him in abort, noon eastern standard time. Weather «ondlU<ms were none too good atone the Irish and English coast, feat as the afternoon wore on Improved somewhat. No reports of MacDoaaM'a alght In the netthborbiwd of U»« gpteat circle conns* over which be w«» flying:. II w»a that th carried in MacDonald'a 21 foot Biachlne could keep tilui til thi air for at least 24 hours, or unti about noon today eastern standard PASSED OVEE SHIP. London. Oct, 18—(AJ».)—A wireless message from the steamship Hardenburg, by way of the Leviathan, reporting the passage of an airplane, presumably that of Lieut Commander H. C, MacDonald shortly alter midnight, Greenwich time, was received here late today The message read: "Airplane passed steamer Hardenberg latitude 53:29 north, longitude 41:30 west 00:30 meridian time. Aster." Greenwich NO WORD FOB 23 HOURS. Dublin, Oct. 1»—(A.P.) — At 3:30 o'clock this afternoon, or about 23 uouw after his start from Newfoundland, there waa no word of Lieut. Commander MacDonald, the British aviator from any point In Ireland. Weather conditions, which were bad in the morning, improved as the day wore on and were entirely favorable along the Irish west coast by mid-afternoon. London. Oct. 18.—(A.P.)—Watch- ers oa this side of the Atlantic today were having an anxious wait for Lieutenant Commander H. o. Mfc«CHmald attempting to span the AtMnttc alone from Newfoundland Q ft liny moth piano—a feat never beftws accomplished. At 11:34 a. m. (6:31 a. m. E. 8. T.) bent &&d been no reports of ills progress since hopping off from (Goatinued on page fifteen) tuaaagex sau» MtenUoa tiiat no hired and through this power were able on a price to tr««x la ing by must ad- the w*at and will TeU the exact advertisements, be- to uaadterstaie 1 "' the good tbis «etood. Tn*n im- preve th« value ol what you are uptil it is wore surely: tee b«6t valve on the umrk«. Then courageously." I TS&2E ACCUSED OF THE MUEDER OF MRS. STULTZ sakhart, Ind.. Oct. 18— (A.P.) — Charges of first degree murder were-fUed to city court he*r today againat Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reyher of South fiend, and Harvey Smith, missing detective nought lu conneetbm with the slaying of Mrs. HWKMAN WILL FORFEIT LIFE TOMORROW FOR GIRL'S Ml'RDKK His Removal To Death Cell Last. Night Regarded Having Closed His Last Chance Of Postponement. from ;i!i 1 "d r'i~ Quf-nSin. Os! Off IS.—'A P.> j tr> dif und —WUIfarn Edward Hl' - Kmftn. Kansas 1 City murderer, today a^B-ltrd his i t<» thp dfsih honw. fat« in the ri<»a!!i cell of Ban Q»wn- i Tl>« preliminary dpnth narch war Mrs prison. His exrnition for the ! » weirdi one. A bright nuhimn moon kldnmplng; «tid hruUl murder of 13- {lllumln»t*d tli« quadrnhKlf cuntain- yrsr-old Mnrinn P^rkT in l<vs An-i ing th-" tiers of r*ll« in which con - Sfl^a la«it DTrrnbpr is s p t for ).0 j tlpmrwd row is located. Although ft. m. tomorrow. ! It wjw time for "taps." every pri«on- His rf moval to the barf 1 cell in I rr was on his feet, preying a«a!n.«t th? execution chnmbrr last night , the bars. Yard Captain, John H. wa«i rrgardrd an hnvlntr closed his < Carjwntpr. unlocked thp rc!I In inst chance of a «!ny of esrctjtion,: which Hickman and Ru.'.sfH B^lt?*!. although .Irnmif Wslsh and Rich- another convicted slayer from Lo.^ ard Cantillnn, his aftorneyi, con-j Ancrles. were housed. Untied their pnorts to save him. i "Oood bye. Ed," said Beitoll, They worked far into the night j who personally appealed to Gov. collecting «(TldavIt» «» » possible j Hickmsn walked with Carpenter and means of bringing about a sanity two guards to the stfpn lemdinsr to hearing within the prison walls to- the execution chamber, climbed day that would delay the hanging, them and went In. Warden Won't Art, Warden Janifs B. Holohan. In whose hands caUint? of such a h-ear- Ing rests, has paid Informally that he would not act Hickman has declared he Is ready i son goodbye rome time »go. Thomas Hlckman of El Paw, Tex., who personally apepaled to Oov. C, C. Young Tuesday to spars his son's life, b«do Hlckmnn farewell yesterday, Mrs. Hickmsn told her Commander of Graf Zeppelin Wants To Raise Necessary Money In U. S. New York, Oct. 18.—(A.P.)—Dr. Hugo Eckener, commander of the Oraf Zeppelin, hopes that before he sails for home next week his dream of a regular transatlantic air sen-ice will be nearer reality. Ke hopes to interest American capitalists In his plan for four great dirigibles, bigger than the Oraf Zeppelin, running 'on a SO hour schedule between Europe and the United States. He need* *i5,000,QOO to fln- an» the undertaking and hopes to obtain it In this country. He believes an airport near Washington or Baltimore with the European terminus in Switzerland would be the moat feasibJ* because of weather conditions. A conference among himself, officers of the Goodyear Zeppelin corporation of Akron, O., and others he hopes to interest in the project was arranged for today at Lakehurst, N. J., where the big Zeppelin is berthed. To See President The conference %vas the first break in the round of social activities through which he and his companions on the ocean flight have besn passing. After tht conference he goes to Philadelphia, where he and his officers and crew are to be guests of the city at a reception and banquet and then on to Washington Friday for breakfast with President Coolldgs and other social activities. Next Tuesday Dr. Eckener expects to start hte air tour of the United Secretary of Treasury In Statement Says That Al's Figures Were Wrong Washington, Oct. 18 — (A.P.) — Taking Issue with Governor Alfred E. Smith on the latter'a criticism of "Coolidge economy", Secretary Mellon has flung back at the democratic presidential nominee charges that his speech of Tuesday nighi at Be- dalia, Mo., contained inaccuracies in citation of figures and exhibited a "most superficial knowledge" of government fiscal jiff airs. On two points in particular he disagreed with the New York governor. These had to do with Smith's difference operating States Th "the Oraf Zeppelin, it Is expected repairs on the Zeppelin's damaged fin will have been completed by that time aa well as the overhauling of her pnginos and refueling of her storage tanks. • Captain E. A. Lehmann, the Zeppelin's first officer, said the tour would be only a two days one and that the ship would then return to Lakehurst to take on more fuel and hydrogen for their return trip to Friedrlchsha- fen. BA£ NEWS MONOPOLY. Berlin, Oct. 18 — (A.P.) — The government press department announced today that Dr. Ernest Brandenburg of the German ministry of trausportatlon, who was a ssenffer aboard the dirigible Oraf Zeppelin, has been instructed to see to it that Utere be no news monopoly on the Zeppelin's return trip assertion that the tween the cost of government Us 1831 and in Uic deference between waxtlmi _„ peacetime eada toad that the cost of all the departments of the government was $200,000,000 more la 1927 than in , -The trouble with the first eon- tention''' Mr. Milloti" iaia, "Is that, the war had been over for two and a half years when the republican ad- erament in 1921." ' Turning to Smith's statement with respect to increased expenditures between 1924 and 182? Mr. Mellon declared that Governor Smith had been grossly misinformed. "The total ordinary expenditures of the government, which does not Include the expenditures payable from postal revenue," he said, "ag- greated in 1824 $1.828.000.000, and in 1927 $1.857,000,000 or an increase of 139,000.000 and not $200,000,000." THREAT AGAINST LIFE OF YEtLOW TAXIOAB OHI1F WAUKEGAN THIEF OAPTUEED AFTER CHASE ON ROOFS Pranasuung Attorney a. R. yer iited the charges and &ald the H«yba» would fee teaugut ta £lfc* Iwrt today to await arr&igument. Ttsa fikull-cfUilieU boay of Mrs. Btultx, mksing for six mcwitJis. wa* la a liiueitoae mound near MoiMiay afternoon. The de- SMJ said by Mrs. fteyher to Juvs beau bked to "get Mrs. StulUs put of town" because of tier alleged intimacy with Beyber. Smith iii said to bo traveling with a eamiysU to Alabama. South Bend yesterday said ttay iutew Ida prooited lua «p«> goon, ItiNOHANff. M8, mt&B (at concert): 8h« has repertoire, ha&u't eiie? V«s. aiid that dress ! wcaritw makes it l«* all ttie Waukegan, 11!., Oct. 18— <AP.) After a thrilling midnight siege across the roof, tops of Waukegan's jusmess district with machine guns ear bombs, pistols and the fire department. the combat ended yesterday in the capture of "the lonely one," Wtiukegan's mystery burgler who for eight months has had the city witnessing » real-life drama of a saus&Uonal crook lu- played hide-and-seek with the police. Tlie prisoner is Qrville We?«nt, 23-year-old Waukegau youth who began last February his weekly prowls* through the business district, deliberately looting store after store and then writing letters to tlie police and newspaper* to tell them how he did it. Weyaai, escaping miraculously with his life after the seosatioual capture through ujitchme guu and pMol tire, contested his burglaries which numbered almost 40 m the last eight months. He was filially cornered in a tailoring shop early yesterday niter hs had led police un a desperate chase across the toys of dowulowu build-' hvuyf through a raiu of zua- chin<; gun ftte wiuch iwd jauuwed dowit a caiUHiey beiiuid «Jriii;ii he: Chicago. Oct. 18— (AJP.)— A threat against the' life of John Herts:, president of the Yellow Cab Company, has stimulated grand jury<act!on to rid Clilcago of Its "bond trust" and taxlcab war. Harts told police yesterday he had received warnings that his life would be taken. Subpoenas were preparec at once for Robert McLauglilin president of the Checker Taxi Company, and two Checker company ittoroeys. A grand jury will question them concerning alleged disputes between employes, of tht two " " ' Smith Denies He Delegating- POWOT To Tariff OommiiiiOE By D. Harold Oliver fAswmfpd Frew 8t*ff Chicago. Oct. 18. — (A.P.) by th» arrual of the part? Iwarrr in their midst for a visit, Illinois dr-mocracy wma In? around the banner of Smith today awaiting the brings to this normally stAt* In th? seventh and last earn- pa!?n speech of his present sturajJ- Ing tour. Tomorrow nlnht In the 131st refl* msnt armory the democrats pwri- dential nominee will deliver his Cbl- srtdress. and 8at^o-d»y ing will Hml to muster -his reserve strenftJs for the final week and a halt drive cf the campaign. Arriving in Chicago at 10 o'clodte last night after an all-day ride Bedalla. Mo.. Governor Smith given a noisy ovation by a throng that. crammed every available spaoe in the Union Station train shed and waiting room. Typical GreeUnff "Hello boys, how are you?" wa* hSi greeting, and as flashlights boomeri and a tremendous cheer went up from the well-wishers, he doffed hi* brown derby and wnlkd his be& campaign smile to those on the floor. the marble stairways, and the steel rafters, to which scores of youngsters had climbed to get a bettor view. • Bo dense was the crowd that several members of the governor's immediate party were separated troaa the nominee and Mrs. Smith, Mrs. John A. Warner and Mrs. Francis S. Quiliin&n, the two Smith daughters, and Mrs. Charles Dans, Gibson wees pushed to and fro for about ten minutes and finally gava up trying to get close to the governor and waited for the crowd to clear. Once in their autonajbites. th* and hia pa^y wife whisk^t Ijml-C^ftlffiB'R OC^il^fl^fft^Tf • tftt UnSi w Hotel tbrouc^t another great crowd o£ dietrtog wfilqoowrj, Torches, protruding wrery ten or fifteen feet from cmiceg In t«» sidewalks, lent a splash ol color la the ac«n«. ' Upon reaching the hotel, tlie nominee was treated to another big demonstration and when he finally (Continued on page sixteen> Graft's Nose Battered And Its Envelope Sipped By Severe Storm Following the fatal shooting of a Checker driver, two Yellow Cab garages were bombed three weeks ago. A few days later the Hertz rating stables at Cary. 11!., were destroyed in a $200.000 fire la which 11 thoroughbred horses were burned. The grand jury, whose work is to begin tomorrow, will Investigate but all bombings of the past few but all bombings ofthe past few weeks. THE PATR1AOHB MIUTAHT WILL OONVIHE TODAY Springfield, III., Oct. 1&-- (AJP.)— Adjournment of the Grand Lodge aud R«bek&h Ai^embly, and convening of the Patriarchs Militant and Us auxiliary for a two day Wiaiou, marked ihe state convention of orders of I. O. O. F. today. Mrs. Grace Bair&tow, Waukegau, Is newly elected Warden of the Re- kmh Assembly. Other oisem etect- sd-..ttgEei Jfty.'iijyjit.-lya-M. ftnywll, ftockiord: vice -president, Oliv* WU- -uas. aale.m: ^ecretai'y. M*e £. Crowell, RocWoxd: treasurer, ' Eauna F. Turner. Cambridge, aud ehi«f Instructor, Ida G. Sherman, Chicago. of UH) day will vote an the resolution provide educaumn tot ehiktrau leave Uw Odd FeUows tuid u kvy on th@ m«aibcj- iar the purpose of buildinf ah addition to iu? old follu' hotue. Ht-i«.-kit)o uiiuiu-a iheir Ui'w n«*a today. Scott Field. 111.. Oct. 18.— <A-P>.-»The RS-1, the army semi-rigid dirigible which was damaged by llrie squalls while returning from San Antonio Tuesday, will be repaired and placed in service again, Captain K. S. Axtater ol Scott Feld e&ld here today. The craft's nose was battered and its envelope ripped in ft storm near Memphis, Tenn. The cost cf --repairs was estimated at $23,000. "The cost of repairing the RS-1 will be comparatively high." Captain Axtater said. "It is a training ship aod the parts that will bo replaced are ^InflliVfijuaXr; litfhTJaimeel must be turned out bylt«elf. There is no question. I think, of the RS-l being returned to service in excellent condition." The ship will be repaired at its hangar here. It is 383 feet leaf a&d has four separate gas fetga ing an aggrei^ feet of helium. ol TJOJ960 Captain Axtater said of Captain W. E. Kepn«r, c»m- of the RS-1. his four fellow officers and crew of Bine who were aboard during the ship's struggle with the we&ttier, "the men all reported tor duty today after a thorough' rest."" .................... ' ..... ~~ ............... POLITICAL TALKS OH SAJMO T0HHSHT New include: Oct. over is— (AJP.)— » rastto ftmaior at 8 Former war-to -of-Ke»ever WJZ. Curtis, , tuam Carndsn, N, omr. W. W«td*~ a m 4 over WEAF qeteorfc. rally WBA0 am «haOu-

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