Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 24, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 5
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 1944 ~ Ship Named In Honor Of late William L Phelps ' smith Portland, .Vnln<>, AUK. -•< — ((.'I') -Tho S. S. Wllllnni I.yon l'hi>lp:< - homirinj: the- noted Yale uriifi'ssi-r, author nnd li-prurt'r— slidi'S down the \\-nyn today in tho Xcu- England Shlplniildlnp Cot'- IHinituin yurd. Known to hl.t thousands of stu- ili-nfs ti.-- Billy 1'hHp.-!, the I'nniou.s houK- critic taiiKht at Yalo unlvei si:y rmiii ISsi- until his tvtirenu-ri i:i ;;>":'.. Hi.- conducted the fir:: I'niirsi 1 in fdfiti-niporai'y fiction and drain" over jri'-'cn in an Amur K':I;I university jtnd lor many your; ror.ilurtiMl thi 1 hook di.'pai'lnujtK o Srrititit'f's inn^a^int' in hlN "Aw I.iK,- H" ciilunm. Hi- dird last yea i- Si'iinsor of ihr shi[) Is a niucc ,if i hi- li'iu-h'M-- -.%trs. Wllliiuu I'\IKH CiKk'i'iHl oi' i:''ltii(iii:, .Mas.-:. Tho vi'.i- f ,-l :x tin- IJlOth T..llu:fty ship built :i ; tin- Smith Portland slsip.siird. ,)K\VKI.KY STOl.KN -hii-a, Ma:;*., Alt;,-. 2-1 —(UP) - hi'ft Hi' ji'Wnlcy valued at ?•!,s under police ini-o.iti^.'Uiun. n'.ii'S will that tho juwols ^lulrti I'rum thu sal'i 1 In t-lit 1 r cil' ,\tfs. Adi'laido .Spluln, tfu' TlJ-yrar'-ohl u-oni.'in v.'as ir!it in a hospital. Politic lic- that thi- safe WHS oponod :iii'i>[ii! who knuw tliu com- NAUGATVOK DAILY NEWS Back On Home Soil f.intMc sioor hide will provldi- f (lie li'R'.hi.'i- nefcilud to outfit AimTii.'.-m suUliers for onu full U.S.Rubber Co. Broadcast To Be From The Garden Currying a wnlkiiii; stick. On. 1'liilippr Li-CIcru «ocs u.slioro III Normandy ti> lalic IIVIT n French fetnk ilivisiun riirlilitiK 1 (.In; Nii/i.s llu-rc. This is ttic K''i>i:ral's first visit to his native- land In four years. Hi- led French troops afrainsl. the (lermaii.s in Nurih Afric:i. Signal Curl's pilot". (In- termitiuiUil) .Tn order that the disappointet thousands w^ose requests for tick els far exceeded the supply, tin United States Rubber Company has completed arrangements to broadcast the final concert oftheii Summer scries of the Mew York Philharmonic Symphony from Madison Square Garden on Sunday, October 1st. In this way .the many who previously were unable to attend will huve 'this chance to hear one concert during the summer season. • Conductor for this occasion "will be Dr. Artur Kcdzinslci who is responsible for.the success of the Winter series. Guest soloist will be the distinguished star of the Metropolitan, Helen Tr.iubel, dramatic soprano. Miss Traubcl is expected to do some of W.'iRner. Those desiring, to attend the concert at Mad'ison Square Garden on October'1st are requested write at once to the United Slates Rubber Company, Radio Department, 12'M Sixth Avenue, -NYw York I'D, New York. The program to date has not been completed. However, it is expected tu bo a varied and exciti/ij.,' one. World War ^ A Year Ago August 24,1943 Jump Ends Hours Of Suspense o- - (By United Press) , The sixth Churchill-Rooae'vc war conference onda- in Quebec both men pledge that the Axis wi .^oon Ceul the coordinated stro of thn two .nations all over" th i,'lobe. French htavy destroyers, Fantusque and' Lc Terrible joi the United Nations Fleet. In th Mediterranean, British and Canadian fliers dro; more thun 1,800 j-ons of'bombs 01 Berlin .nifht o( Xug-. 23;. 38. out 6 : 00 planes fail to return," Russian forces cause heu.vy Idssai, n enemy equipment nnd men as Curman troops flee fi-om'.Kharkov. American bombers strike at Bbr- leaux, ; . TKANSFBR I'LANNKO ' C.'imbrid^'e. Mass., Aui,'. '2-\ —fUPi —The Army'Chaplain's school a! I-.I a !• v ti r d university is K'-'ttinj: ready for its transfer to Fort Dcv- ens. Tho school K'raduatud its |«sl. class of 336 chaplains at Harvard yusturdav. Clothing, Trinkets Show How Nazis Robbed French MEATS - FISH . GROCERIES - FRUITS''AND VEGETABLES * * MEAT DEPARTMENT SPECIALS *.. * Fresh Dressed hickests Grade "A" Strip aeon in tfte Piece 4 Ib. Average for Roasting z lb Average for Broiling; Smoked With Troojxs Eoyond Trun. Auif. ai — (U P) — French clothing .u 11 d trinkets sc.attercf amid the wreckage of the German seventh army show how tho Naxis continually robbed the French— even while fleeing Allied armies! United Press Correspondent Edward W, Beattie reporcs tho fields and hedgerows hcyond Trun are strewn with the small goods stolen from thousands o_f F r e n c. h homes. Tlie Naxis held on to their loot until the last minute — even after fUhliii!,- i.v|!iipti:eiit was discarded. Jn fact, war nionu»ntoes- were abandoned only a Her the .'Germans threw away their tin' hats and surrendered with hands clasped behind their heads. • • • One prixo unions the wrecked war n-.achinox' was in •imit.iticin caraCLi) capo, shining 'under :the hot sun. Another was a pair of women's shoes —si/.c nine. And i' were LL few pink underclothes made of artificial silk.* In del-man field kitchen were six French cook-books, The company chef • probably thought he would open a iv-ilaiirant in Germany after the war —a fancy -restaurant with no corned beef or cabbage stews, . '•'....: Passenger Travel Will Set Record Page Five Ji; Buvcrl.v, :f:~-,vrr,r-nl(l Nfj;ri> honsi'maid, is Ciiutrlil: hy Uir; cam- IT:I as she Iva.pml from a lonlli-flonr window of li (! r cmpll.yi.-r's O»- l.rul Turk Wrst apartment in Ni'w York city. .For hours slu- had n:- inaini'd Iwliod in Ui<> ujKirfjiii-nl's )>:illiri>oin, n-fiisirij,- to conic out and UijTati'iiinj,", lo jump. Manhattan police, usod (ln>'n l/> spn.;id a lifi'-saviriK nut. which is visible (ImUnin) two floors down, and 'I Li; woman fell into Unit. After I he rescue, police held her for ol»- scrviif.fiin. (International) ' VOU'ril DUO\VXKD New Milfoi-d. Aiif,'. 2-) — (UP)—A yo'.in^' sailor lias drowned while KWimminpr ir. I^nkc Cnndlewond at Now Milf.oi'd. The yomh, IS-yanr- old John Rojiors of Philadelphia, was on a. furlough visit with friends nt the time of the tragedy. J. K. STORES WEEK END FRUIT VEGETABLE SALE! POTATOES S I'. S. NO. 1 (Ck YELLOW ONIONS 3 )••.•>. V f. 'V NK1V Cfe SWEET POTATOES.. 2 .,, .»«, SWEET CORN Ear S NATIVE GRAVENSTEIN Cft APPLES 2 «» CAIJF. SUNKIST 25C . S ORANGES. . . . si«o do?. 39c 15c You'll Save on These grocery Dept. Specicls JELLO PUDDINGS ... 3 pto ti'-K. »r Drip iDKf. MO.VTK COFFEE II. Jar (JL'ICK OU ICKCiULAR A QUAKER OATS . J P« SK.M.KCT * A tan A fy n EVAP. MILK Ooans ^7 C .^JOTT'S CITRUS Ilex. 23- MARMALADE, . . 2 ». jar r:AMl'l!KU/S C* TOMATO SOUP. . t> «»ns 3 1Cc jars BOUILLON CUBES . . I'll- WASHING POWDER . '>ir HAND CLEANSER. . "KARDSI.EY'S riiKPAKKD MUSTARD... l-'l:rSf;lE's FKKSH APPLE PIE. . ; . I;IO.\I:I:K EXTRA QUALITY SWEET PEAS . I'liUon I'ridc Whole Kernel pl:ir 17c tlcan TOMATO JUICE 2I C F.-1KCY QL'ALITY SPINACH FKinN.'VS OVUN 0AKED BEANS MGIIT 110VSK CLEANSER. . No, 2^ r cans 28 oz can 2, 17c 3»:, lOc Despite a steadily mounting tidi of convention cancellations, .. Anther abandonment of non-war co'ri noctod meetings is essential in fh interests of war time' transportation conservatio, the Office Trnnsportatinn said today. Passen- U'or travel by rail and bus—troop movements, furlough travel, and vital war production transportation —continues to establish all-time records, the ODT reported. 3n a letter to orp.inixn.tipn executives, it" is pointed out Ui'rit necessity for ,1 further curtailment of convention ravel has been empha- sised by the invasion of western Europe nnd the resultant increased demands upon the transportation facilities of tho country. The letter explains l.hat convention travel hl.inkets the transportation and hotel facilities of the convention city, thereby seriously impeding the essential military and commercial traveler. 1 CUT RATE LIQUORS - WINES BEER 396 North Main Street Union City, Conn. opposite. SlIKLr.. CAS STATION 392 Baldwin Street Waterbury Corner K. l.ihcrl.v Street IMPORTED BRANDY YOUR 5th CHOICE Gal Ceiling; Price $5,22 3.39 Marimba Rum ..Culling 1'ricc $->M ciioicii; Cuban Rums £5*3-19 Ceiling Vricn to J4.-U Bacardi Rum Silvi-r - Anil 5th Gal ilin.; rricc SI.15 qt. HP •'U cans 4—1000 TOILET TISSUE...s»eet roll. MOTT'S APPLE JUICE RED WING ' 12 oz. CHILI SAUCE Jar RED HEART OR TARD A DOG FOOD , . . . OP«** VEGETABW; JUICE 46 o/ V-8 COCKTAIL: . . can GEUBEIl'S STRAINED BABY FOODS K.VO.VS SPAKKMNO GELATINE &s GORIIAK'S SILVER POLISH \KOMA TEA BALLS OHIO BLUE TIP MATCHES. . kE'.st Food of Champions VHEATIES. . 17c : IMPORTED SHERRY WINES DUFF GORDON NINA $1.79 DUFF GORDON NO. 28 ....,,.. .82.19 DUFF GORDON CLUB DRY S2.59 . H;<> Proof SOUTHLAND LIQUOR .^$4-09 Cf.'ilillKT .Trio- ?;! YOuii ciioici-; G 1'N WJS2-.79 Ci-iliiijf Prico In £1.1 [j Imported SCOTCH from \VI5 HAVE •» - ODIl r.-VVOKlTK BKAN1> Whit.- Morso - Bhitik .t White i'«':irs - Tenclu-rs - V:>t fi!l nifT * IlMijr - Mjit.ins'V. V. O. 15(0. . . . KIC. Green River WHISKEY Electrical Supplies [Lighting Equipment KOMI! 'KM WITH BOMB* Victor — ColmnliKi — Ucccu SWAN •'•' ELECTRIC CO. 15 CJIUKC'H ST. TEt. 2374 Wilson's WHISKEY SKAC'UAM'S T CK'OWX WHISKEY We Have Your Favorite Brand of Whiskey in Stock PADRE DRY WINE 5th Gal. 73c Sweet Wine 5th Gal. 89c Vermouth 5th Gal. 9Sc Plt / 8of 39c J!5^ *. lie qt. 0-f f»l Sweetheart O SPRAY ... bll. «A" SOAP . . ^ 11rl Aa slot | SAUCE btl. 27c 'Clynu's of Course'' ! That's right. Clyno's is the pl'uco lo go for hamlsomu Kifts, priCts that are treasured Just a Co.w, steps from Exchange Place. < Drop in. We've been helping j W.-i'.urbiiry pick gilts "for 20 J 3 CLYNE GLASS SHOP 29 Harrison Avc. Waterbury SKIRT or PANTS FREE with order, this week only, 100 Church St. DEEN'S Officer Spends Leave In Boro Lt. Clifford Kirk, son of Mr. and Mrs. Omr.'cs Kirk, of 1.1.9 May street, j'a spending a 7-day leave" in i.."!"e "borough. In the service for over two y<!.irs. Lt. Kirk has spent over a. ..year in tho C5arilih«an ihc.iler. He •received his commission in February, 1'MZ. He will report to Carnp Swift, Texas, upon the completion of ?ii.s Jeave. A brother, Donald, is in the Navy, stationed at Sampson Naval Training Ease, N. Y. BUY WAH BONUS AND STAMPSJ ^ZZ* I'or ijcpcnclitlifc Auto ; ;., See-' Union City Insurance Agency •Io,r;ph V. KnMkn, A Kent .! Union Street ; 'J>:I. . Smart DRESSES Wools- Crepes Fall OUR FAMOUS AUGUST LAY-A-WAY EVEMT A BRAND NEW SHIPMENT OF ST.. MARYS HAS JUST ARRIVED! Made with the most infinite care in the carding and spinning of the choicest of wool—the fine craftsmanship of skilled expert weavers—double napped to provide countless tiny air space* for maximum warmth and comfort Bound with ' celanese rayon satin—double bed size and in colors of French Blue, Dusty Rose, Celadon .. Green and Mulberry. $14 98 ea. You'll find all the facCs .vou need on this ChaUiam label. Join our Blanket Club SIZE 72"xS4" • We are p] eased to announce that we have acquired the Ag-ency for Naug-atuck and Vicinity of ''Bellows" Fine Whiskies Priced From 3.56 5th Gal. SO .I'rof Four, or more years old We Koscrvo tlic Uifflit Co Limit Qiiantitii-s — None sol.l to <lc-il«-rs Get Ycur Holiday Liquor Supply NOW. OUR CHATHAM "WOOLWICH" A fine 100% woo] blanket in an almost four-pound weight— Jots of warmtlj for years nnd years to come. Rich satin binding. Double bod size. 72 x S4. In rose, green, blue and cedar Each OUR CHATHAM "MARLEY" A brand new ChaUjam number-made .of 50% wool—50%. cotton nnd full four pounds of Winter-weight warmth.' Pour pretty colors—bound wiUi rayon satin AH Double bed size, 72 x 84 Each $7, OUR CHATHAM "SUTTON" Chatham's "bargain buy" made of 25% wool—50% ravon— .20,0 cotton, maeicnHy Wended into a warm bed coverinu at a tl-rif,.y price you'll find hard to believe. Double bed size, -a x 84. In rose, green, • blue and cedar .,, Each — JOIN OUR BEDDING TEN PAYMENT PLAN The MILLER & PECK Co. All Items Are Also Available at Our Cheshire Shop

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