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Newport, Vermont
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PAGE FIVE THE NEWPORT DAILY EXPRESS NEWPORT VERMONT MONDAY JUNE 13 1969 day may be the men and women of this decade have the training the abilities and the qualifications to face them if they will face up to their The Los Angeles Dodgers won 15 of their last 20 games to win the 1959 National League Senators Aiken and Prouty and voice your interest If they are to work for this they must be informed as to what you are thinking and just how interested you are This may be a last ditch stand for something that is vital to the Northeast Kingdom If support is not gained this time it goes without saying that the project will be lost If you keep in mind the values that are to be received and forget that this is in part an old issue certain the support necessary to conquer the project will be WEDDING COMING UP! can help build or tear down the world It can dignify or degrade a business or profession It can bless or curse a home It can enrich or cheapen a community It can advance or hinder solutions to social problems It can be a credit or a disgrace to the kingdom of God Are you going to live Life At Its I believe you The baccalaureate service was held at the high school auditorium The service began with an organ prelude rendered by Darryl Drew The processional and followed with Miss Ruth Craft and Peter Garon class marshals preceding the graduating class of 1960 The invocation and responsive reading were given by Rev George Johnston tbye Scripture reading and pastoral prayer by Rev Paul Lockhart Preceding the sermon the by Hoppin was rendered by a high school vocal group The services closed with the benediction by Rev Mr Johnston followed by the recessional Romaine rendered by Darryl Drew Jap Leftist (Continued from page 1) RECENTLY WED Mr and Mrs Cedric Leonard Gilbar who were recently married at North Troy They will reside at Derby Line parliamentary opposition to the security treaty and Prime Minister Notousuke Kishi were reported now undecided what course to following during visit It was considered possible that they might want to wash their hands in advance of any violence that might mark his stay A spokesman for the Communist wing of Zengakuren said: may slow down the car but we will not stop it Students will line the streets around the airport and perhaps even go up to the terminal but we lie down on the runway or in front of his The outlook for the Eisenhower visit was brightened somewhat with the decision by the Democratic Socialist party to join the government in welcoming the US President to Japan they entered to the music of The next event of the week will be Class Night which will be on Wednesday evening at the Community Hall Graduation exercises will be on Friday evening June 17 and will be followed by the Graduation Ball Decorations for commencement week are as is customary in charge of the junior class This decorations are most NVDA Report By GORDON Exec -Sec If variety is the spice of life your NVDA must be as well seasoned as any organization in the country After six vfeeks of roto section for which we met the deadline last Saturday the NVDA desk has gotten piled rather high with unfinished work Now with the odds and ends that will have to be taken care of on the roto section we should be free to work on some of these things No major project is known of Routine will let us get back abreast of the times And then The mail brought us a telegram from Congressman Meyer Notice of a new hearing for the Victory multi-purpose dam has been posted A statement from NVDA is requested and we know that without the faintest hope that we can comply we have been asked to appear in person Working under these conditions you do the best you can with what you have So the weekend turns into a study period You pull out all the files that have information on the Victory Dam and the present bill These are studied Then you pull the clipping file and reread everything that the local papers have said about the project especially the most recent articles which make the whole idea sound a little fantastic Actually the fantastic part of the whole idea is that one project could do so much for so many The one venture could turn our last two towns to be without a public source of power into humming recreational areas with a sound economy The project could also be a vastly important step in the flood control picture It would have the value intended in control of the Moose River which affects an extended area including a very important segment of St Johnsbury and ill joints south It also would be a lesson in flood control and conservation that could have a most beneficial influence on the recently formed Passumpsic Valley Watershed Council It also should be pointed out here that this project is not one to be considered as or Essex It is a project that if brought to reality would have a far reaching effect on the entire Northeast Kingdom Now is the time to support the program If over the years of bouncing this project back and forth bringing it up to date and being highly encouraged and then discouraged your interest has worn thin you cannot be blamed But now is the time that your interest should be revived because this could be the most important phase of the whole project Write to Congressman Meyer and Cremation of a watershed and following the fire will come floods and erosion With its protective covering burned away this watershed can no longer function properly Rain waters will run off unhampered to create floods The unprotected soil will be washed away and soon the stream below will dry up It only takes one careless spark to destroy a watershed upon which thousands of people may depend ycu be the cremator of a watershed This message sponsored by: Select your photographer with as much care as you do your wedding gown Select a photographer with the widest possible experience Your loveliness be retaken Make your appointment as far ahead as possible as soon as you know the date The best wedding photographer is booked far ahead Scribner Worns UVM Graduates BURLINGTON If mere survival is our ultimate goal democracy in the United States cannot long exist Undersecretary of the Treasury Fred Scribner warned yesterday In an address at the University of Vermont commencement Scribner said if substantial numbers of Americans no higher aims than the living of comfortable placid and unbothered lives our national purposes will grow dim enough of our people come NHS Graduates (Continued from page 1) Argentine Military (Continued from page 1) to consider not a single na- tion has today the form of government it possessed when our Con-! stitution was signed an institution has long i existed gives no assurance that it is He told the 619 graduates that far more will be expected of them than those before because world is so smal and we as hu-mais posses such frightful instruments of first decision needs to be the right However on a note of optimism Scribner said am firm in my conviction that there is great hope as the problems of to- to believe that mere survival should be their goal then we would cease to be a nation with great or meaningful "he said educated men of good will solve the problems of this Scribner add present form of government cannot exist i very He told the graduates Richardson Studio 251 Indian Point St Newport Vt free nation without Feronists and In addition to seizing the San Luis radio station the rebels managed to get control of the provincial government headquarters and put Alberto Domeni-cone the provincial governor under arrest Frondizi sped from his residence in the suburbs to Government House and made a quick assessment of the situation with his military leaders Then he called in newspapermen for a 3 am conference am happy to announce that the armed forces as a whole have obeyed their regular he said Baccalaureate (Continued from page 1) such tasks as these is so necessary physically mentally and spiritually He asked can a man do to help our confusion without knowledge without belief in God without faith and hope and love? We need determination stick-to-it-iveness concentration Speaking to the class he said you really want to live if you want to make your life count if you have a desire to throw your-j self into the balance on the right side do not wait Start the cru- sade even if you think you may be alone To sit back and say the use? What difference does it As we look out over a moral ocean whose tides seem set against us will never solve the problem of difference does it The graduates of 1960 left the hall at the close of the evening as with wrong purposes their lives on trickery and greed Selling their souls to causes that see to snuff-out the freedom of man People everyday people living not only in other places but here in Newport as well aimlessly drifting morally loose living for themselves indifferent to the ways of God and man with no thought of sacrifice and service These people perhaps more than any other group unknowingly and unwittingly contribute to the breakdown of democracy and to the encouragement of u-nism The speaker cbntrasted At Its as lived by Jesus and noted: had no earthly trappings no lace of gold no car or airplane to ride in no radio television or newspaper to convey His thoughts He who had never travelled beyond the confines of His own little country is revered and treasured by people in every corner of the Lived Toward Great Goal Rev Mr Smith stressed the fact that identified Himself with a great idea He lived for a supreme objective namely the Kingdom of God Jesus had a main-tract nind He would not be side-tracked He refused to fritter away His energies He delivered the full impact of His total life toward one great The speaker noted that Jesus multiplied Himself by the sheer effect of truth and goodness and was not one to live to and for Himself He urged the young men and women to emulate life and powerful personality and he advised: be satisfied with life by doing things because the majority do them Be willing to invest your life in something worthwhile Make up your minds on town affairs community activities national and internationl situations and in making up your minds be intelligent by seeking the be advi C(e searching out the facts be objective having in mind the greatest good of the greatest number then stick to your guns until you are proven Help Build The World Rev Mr Smith concluded: young life however humble can exert influence conscious and un-consicous far beyond itself It MR FARMER Get complete farm liability coverages including hired help plus medical coverage all in one low cost policy Ask about our low farm auto rates for select risks Farm Bureau Ins Co Paul Doyle Agt Barton Vt NOTICE OF TAX SALE The resident and non resident owners lien holders and mortgagees of lands in the City of Newport in the County of Orleans and State of Vermont are hereby notified that the following described taxes assessed by the City of Newport as hereinafter set forth for the following years remain either in whole or in part unpaid on the following described lands premises and property In the said City of Newport to wit: PARCEL NO 2 Name of taxpayer: A Blanchard Est CO Agnes Moquin 138 Fairfield Street Bristol Conn Description of property: A lot of land on the easterly side of Hoskins Avenue at the intersection of Duchess Street and being all and the same land and premises deeded to A and Blanchard by Eastman and Tripp by deed recorded in Book 6 Page 21 of said Records Tax: 1959 of $1049 plus costs fees and interest Important Import PARCEL NO 3 Nameof taxpayer: James and Ida MacFadzean Derby Line Vermont Description of property: A lot of land with buildings thereon situated on the southerly side of Clyde Street and being all and the same land and premises deeded to James and Ida MacFadzean by Leo A Bergeron by deed recorded in Book 18 Page 377 and being all and the same land and premises deeded to James and Ida MacFadzean by Myrtie Doyen by deed recorded in Book 13 Page 253 of said Records Tax: 1959 of $6291 plus costs fees and interest We build better roads We retain traffic engineers to make them safer We pass traffic laws -hire officers to enforce them Then-we junk all these safeguards by speeding passing lights ignoring warning signs Does this make any sense? Not when such law violations PARCEL NO 4 Name of taxpayer: Francis and Jeannette Cheney Westfield Vermont Description of property: A lot of land on the southerly side of Fair-view Street and being all and the same land deeded to Francis and Jeannette Cheney by Alesio and Mary Marandola by deed recorded in Book 11 Page 170 of said Records Tax: 1959 of $350 plus costs fees and interest breed accidents that injure and maim thousands daily! The remedy? Drive safely-drive lawfully Where traffic laws are strictly obeyed accidents go down! Support your local Safety Council WE MUST FACE THESE FACTS Last year traffic accidents injured 1400000 disabled them beyond the day of the accident Millions more suffered the pain and misery of injuries 150000 were children 5 to 14 Last year traffic accidents killed nearly 38000! 2500 were children of grammar school age And this year an INCREASE jn deaths is threatened! How long must this go on? the men and women behind the wheel can answer this Because YOU are the No 1 cause! PARCEL NO 5 Name of taxpayer: Jean Gratton and Roland Roy Derby Line Vermont Paul Precourt 1003 East Main Street Description of property: A lot of land with buildings thereon known as Paul's Cleaners on the northerly side of East Main Street in the rear of the East Side Restaurant and being all and the same land and premises deeded to Jean Gratton and Roland Roy by Noble Craft by deed recorded in Book 18 Page 306 or said Records Tax: 1958 of $38443 plus costs fees and interest And so much of the described parcels will be sold at public auction at the City Clerk's office in the State Armory in said City of Newport- on the 8th day of July 1960 at 10:00 o'clock in the forenoon as shall be necessary to discharge the aforesaid real estate taxes costs fees and interest respectively assessed and charged against the parcels aforesaid unless previously paid Dated at Newport City Vermont June 6 1960 Eugene Lalime Constable City of Newport Vermont By GRACE TH0RNCLIFFE THE bikini is one import from Europe that is slowly becoming popular ana will be seen at all beaches whether the closed exclusive type or the popular public beach This brief beauty is of elas-ticized cotton knit in black and white A tab and button detail makes the bra and pants adjustable Tabs at the waist hold the drawstring in place The shorts can be raised if a little more coverage is da sired fubiished an effort to save lives in cooperation with the National Safety Council and The Advertising Council.

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